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Veroni Profile

Name: Veroni
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 47kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowgirl

With her everyday blonde hair and blue eyes you’d be forgiven for thinking Veroni was just another average model.

After all, country girls like Veroni can be found hoping onto buses searching out a more glamorous life by the truck loads. But Veroni is different. A first year University student, she is shy at first, and maybe a little cautious, but Veroni still knows how to set her sights on a goal and will never give up until she gets there. Just starting out as a model, she spends her weekends doing catwalk shows for local fashion shops and felt working with Petter Hegre might be her big break into the business.

Making her nude modeling debut on Hegre-Art.com, Veroni has a very long road ahead of her, but whether she is hitting the books over a cup of green tea or showing off the latest fashions, she has plenty of energy for the journey.

Veroni ready in bed October 6th, 2006
I think I`ve just seen the hottest set ever. That was unbelieveable.
A gorgeous blonde girl which exposes all her assets for the pleasure of our voyeur's eyes: That's what we want. Wonderful. 10 +++++++++++ etc..
veroni makes me feel vary canabalistic... just would like to take a bite... maybe just a nibble in any case a tasty morsel of unmentionable delights!!!!
Veroni certainly isn't shy, and I think we know why, she has a wicked rear. Excellent
The best part of this gallery is how excited the model is. You can see just how moist she is!! She is definitely enjoying herself. And she's beautiful
veroni is a very sexy woman,great set of pictures.
Sweet spot
Wow, this is so hot. This girl looks ready alright. I can see her wetness glistening in the pictures. And her face has a beautiful come hither look.
hot hot hot Veroni
Whoa Petter! Veroni is a beautiful fantasy! Thank you!
Veroni in Private August 29th, 2006
Veroni in private
Veroni is beautiful and seems 'good fun'.I particularly enjoyed her version of Dominika's famous assets but I wish she'd kept still long enough for it to be appreciated. Still, it's downloaded and I can view as often as I like and it will be often.
veroni is so yummy,good enough to eat
her body moves in mysterious ways.. hmm jumping on the bed ...i wonder any way nice film and veroni is delicious
Veroni bed session June 4th, 2006
Veroni bed session
Was the 'session' before or after the filming? I am so jealous.
veroni is the icon of a beauty one must have and i do love the pink my most favorite color on a lady
Oh, that smooth, straight from the razors blade, pussy is pure bliss... Sir Stefan
very very sexy!
Veroni is Stunning
Petter you have excelled and Veroni is absolutely gorgeous and proof again that slim girls are very sexy. I agree with David, she has adorable arms and legs, a great skin tone and very cute tits. A perfect model shot as always to perfection by Petter and picture #10 must be the most erotic shot I have ever seen!
Diamonds and gold ! ! ! You are a treasure.
very sexy very nice... maybe more galeries btw beauty smile set of by most perfect set of teeth and gumline....
Veroni bed session
What a stunning, perfect woman Veroni is! I love her slender, delicate, beautiful arms and legs. They are amazing! Her breasts are so cute and perfect and adorable, and what a nice treat that her nipples were enlarged. Veroni's eyes are stunning. She is beautiful beyond belief. Oh, and I haven't mentioned Veroni's perfect, white skin. Picture #14 made me very thankful for the 6000 option, as Veroni's pussy is so pretty.
Maybe you should start a portrait section for those who are swept away by faces. For an artist who has a self-proclaimed "Pussy Book" you don't focus much on pussies.
Perfect Model
Certainly, Veroni is very beautiful. So is Olivia the one that will be coming tomorrow. I am so glad that you have 6000px with perfect models so I can see every detail of their skin like me sitting next to them. My 6 month subscription is up in one month, and I have no doubt to subscribe for a year cost.
Veroni Bathtub April 4th, 2006
WOW! Veroni is stunning in this video. It is a refreshing change from the usual anatomical study of the female genitalia. Instead this is a celebration of the female body in a sensual, not merely sexual manner. I loved seeing her standing and letting us feast on her whole body.
veroni is fantastic.