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Anita Profile

Name: Anita
Country: Italy
Weight: 53kg
Height: 177cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

Body Formula

Anita combines brains with beauty and this is exactly what contributes to her unique appeal and charm. She is presently studying at university.

As well as having an enquiring mind she is also an appreciator of the arts. Anita particularly enjoys theatre and opera and has herself, a beautiful singing voice which has been described as angelic.

She likes to keep things simple and told Petter at the beginning of their shoot, “clothes are a mess!” opting instead to pose naked right away. Anita loves to eat and hates to exercise, though you’d never know it looking at her petite little body and perfectly rounded ass.

After finishing her studies, Anita plans to move to Mongolia, to expand her horizons and continue on her quest for more knowledge.

Anita Italian marble April 1st, 2008
Wow! What a huge, beautiful ass! Amazing.
What a beutiful, well composed set of photos. Well done Petter.
Beautiful setting and composition.
pubic hair
Finaly a girl with pubic hairs.
Well we can't say we don't get variety with Petter's Girls.... Today we have the 'squeaky clean' Anita... Whilst it looks like we will be getting 'down and dirty' with Ira tomorrow. Well done Petter.... catering for both ends of the spectrum.
Anita Tuscany bath March 14th, 2008
Botticelli Angel
Anita has the same sweet look I see on the faces of Botticelli's models—I wonder if some of them are her ancestresses? This set, with it's simplicity and emphasis on Anita's long, lovely hair, reminds me sharply of old Sandro's work. Bravo, Mr. Hegre.
I must agree...in part... with comments below, but for me it is simply a case of... Too little of Anita, but too much of Anita's 'bush'... which brings me to the question, which I address specifically to those viewers who are, like myself, addicted to the hair-less woman...Should these girls 'shave' or 'pluck' for our pleasure?
Anita set
Quite original pics set.
Anita Tuscany Bath
Beautiful girl. Too much bath ... not enough Anita.
Once a year not enough.
Anita makes only her 4th appearance since 2006. Petter, we need to see more of this Italian beauty! Such lovely, long legs.
very nice set,very attractive woman.
Anita princess in bed August 19th, 2007
Best set of august 2007. Yes, Anita is a princess. She has graceful looks, snowy skin and beautiful curve of body.
Anita Princess
Absolutely stunning beauty and beautiful photos! Princess indeed!
Very nice series from this beauty! Hope we'll be able to see her on film too in the nearby future...
Anita statue of love October 8th, 2006
Better warn Anita about what happened to poor Pygmalion, and us, too. Those 6000px files are perilous! Magnificently erotic set.
Bare Foot
This model should have been bare foot.You should show more feet in your future photo shoots..
statue of love
Ideal. Beautiful model. Beautiful statue. Oil them up and...WOW. Just WOW.
Alice statue of love
You would do much better to focus on Alice alone and nix the stupid statue...
Alice possesses a form that is magnificent. The aesthetic and proportion of her body is just lovely. Hers is a grace that inspires poetry and song, exhibiting the classical beauty ideal from times past, but in the present, it all its glory. Bravo, Petter Hegre snatched a little bit of Heaven with his camera.
if you go to 6000 pixel size you can be as close as you want to be ;)
Howcome you could not have more closeup pictures? Almost all the pictures are full body.
Anita sweet dreams September 16th, 2006
Great bed
I love that bed. No problem with the wide perspective... in 6000px I get all the details I need anyway ;-) SlimBob, why do you say high res is missing... it's there man. T
Alice Sweet Dreams
Why so far away? This is supposed to be about the girl, not the room! At least high res available so they can be cropped into photos that are what the web site is supposed to be all about!
I very much liked the voyeur aspect of this photo series. Nice idea. Great butt on Alice, too. She ranks up there with Naomi.