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Foto de April


Foto de April
Nombre: April
País: EUA
Peso: 52kg
Altura: 176cm
Edad: 25
Ocupación: Modelo

Perfectamente en Forma

April nació en Virginia, EUA, pero vive en Nueva York desde hace 7 años. Su gran oportunidad de convertirse en modelo se le presentó a los 17 años, cuando el reconocido fotógrafo Rankin le tomó unas fotos para los carteles de una campaña publicitaria a escala nacional. También ha sido fotografiada por el ‘tren desbocado’ de la fotografía de desnudos, Terry Richardson.

April acumula energía a raudales y se toma muy en serio lo de mantener en forma su cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Asiste a clases de Pilates y yoga varias veces a la semana, se ejercita corriendo en el Central Park y sigue una dieta estricta. ¡Claro que en su bolso siempre lleva una ‘barrita de energía’ para masticar cuando aflojan las fuerzas! La recompensa palpable de tan arduo esfuerzo es un cuerpo increíblemente bien formado.

No cabe duda de que la rubia April es el ejemplo perfecto de una mujer novayorquesa con éxito.

April Galerías COMENTARIOS

April lavandería | March 20th, 2008
April lavandería
Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

When April smiles she is radiant. Wonderful body and appears to be having fun with this shoot.

Jim Estados Unidos de América

April A little bit of April in March. Nice to see her again. She's got legs to die for.

sirstefanofb Australia

Petter, you and April have really set a challenge here... in fact I had to call on both the 'Roissy Meter' AND the 'Peter Meter' to assist to evaluate this set... Oh how lovely to return home and find April toiling away in the laundry... that would surely send things into a 'spin'.... Anyway, back to the evaluation... the first thing picked up on the 'roissy meter' was the dangerously close proximity between the jar of pegs and Aprils outstanding doubt an occupational hazard... eventually 'Roissy' rated the laundry 85/100 and the 'Peter meter' rated April at 92/100

Luclaf Canada

April poses Cute model, good quality pics, but poor poses from April. She is hiding most parts of her body on each pic. Did not like her set. Just my opinion.

Michael Canada

She seems rather engaging-very perky

JP Estados Unidos de América

Underrated U.S. Beauty Glad to see that not all the hot girls are in Eastern Europe. April's got beautiful legs and a "european" sexiness about her.

AW Estados Unidos de América

WAXED ARMS = GROSS. keep em fuzzy and cute she is blond people stop the weirdness

sirstefanofb Australia

Just love a Girl with clean feet... My Mum always told me.... "If you bring a Girl home, always make sure she has clean feet"... guess it kinda 'stuck'?

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Got to see April smile a bit in this one, very nice. I really like the shots where she was laying back and stretched out, her tiny breasts all but disappear and it emphasizes her incredible erect nipples.

mark Estados Unidos de América

Perfect 10! Totally gorgeous head to toe. BTY WAXED ARMS = BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

April chica americana | April 16th, 2008
April chica americana
fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

april not sure what it is about april but whatever i like it

Jim Estados Unidos de América

April Very intriguing looking lady. An interesting beauty. This site is so great, Petter. All the women are sooo different.

sirstefanofb Australia

Wow... Petter, what more can I say... photo 11 on page 1 says it all... That photo of April, with her back to the camera, is one of the most captivating and erotically thought provoking photographs I have seen in all my decades of admiring the female form... Should April ever contemplate a short 'holiday in Paradise'... Then I can provide accomodation, ground transportation and introductions to the editors of major publications, such as Penthouse etc, and also night club owners, which could lead to a very lucrative income for April as well as a holiday in 'paradise'... Sir Stefan.

sirstefanofb Australia

Sorry Petter.... I was so distracted by April's body that I missed count.... it was actually photo 12 on page 1 that does it all for me.... most 'provocative'... Rrrrrrrrr!

mark Estados Unidos de América

most beautiful girl on the site.

April sillón blanco | August 14th, 2007
April sillón blanco
steven kanor Estados Unidos de América


Alya Lover Tony Puerto Rico

Poses I didn't realize one could have so many poses and still not show anything. Amazing.

Jim Estados Unidos de América

April Just found the April pics. A late discovery. Man, she is solid! what beautifully sculpted legs, thights, and butt. See if you can book her for a return engagement.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Don't you just love those little blond hairs on perfect plump pussy? She fills me with desire.

April ducha abierta | August 27th, 2007
April ducha abierta
alex Reino Unido

april april is simply stunning.

Bob Reino Unido

Absolutely glorious!

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

April open shower April has a beautiful dancer's body and dancer's feet. This is her best series of photos! Makes me want to scrub her back for her!

Justin Abserver Estados Unidos de América

when april showers, she shows her 'flowers' or April's shower opens her flowers or april's showers may bring us her flowers (I crack me up) She is so beautiful. hot. wet.

gman Estados Unidos de América

April April has a quintessential female figure. I found the water from the shower in about all the pictures, made it tough for me to really get a good visual of her though. Look forward to seeing more of April!

fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

april omg april showers water runs so nicely over her body there is no doubt april showers are my favorite

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Pure speculation here, I bet April's nipples become erect the instant they are touched. They probably get erect just brushing against the fabric inside her blouse. Incredibly sexy woman.

robert Estados Unidos de América

skin color She looks more beautiful mainly because she looks likes she is blushing

April sueños de Manhattan | September 25th, 2007
April sueños de Manhattan
rj Estados Unidos de América

great lady She's great. totally lovely lady and I appreciate the fact that she is sharing her beauty with us. Ty lovely one from New York!

sirstefanofb Australia

oh April, I adore your 'stand-out' nipples, was it just the cool air or are they always that way??? Reminded me of a former girlfriend who had permanently erect nipples 7/24.... Fantastic!

Tre Reino Unido

April April easily has the best ass on this whole website.

Bob Reino Unido

Stunning Stunning photography. I can almost feel the cold, crispness of that day!

Will Reino Unido

Why? Why does April always seem to cover her face with her hair? It spoils the galleries I think.

Tim Estados Unidos de América

It's a shame this series is only 30 shots. April is easily one of the sexiest girls on the site, and this set is awesome. Love the deep blue hue of the sky. And, that perfect behind and incredible nipples. Hopefully we will see more of April in '08!

April libros | June 12th, 2007
April libros
Jake Canada

Books What beautiful blue eyes! And an interesting collection of books.

alex Reino Unido

april april is just so beautiful,more galleries of her please.

fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

april is the magic lady Something magical about her. her eyes are intriguing but that not about her she a beauty

salvador rios México


gareth Estados Unidos de América

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AMAZING body and beautiful face - true beauty!

sirstefanofb Australia

Love the 10th photo on page 2.... it is how the girls present themselves when preparing to greet my crop... Sir Stefan

April chica de la gran manzana | July 16th, 2007
April chica de la gran manzana
FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

wonderous ! Amazin !

lamoid Estados Unidos de América

April Big Apple girl I hate boots. They're covering my favorite parts of April's body.

ardunbye Reino Unido

April Big Apple girl I like apples, I especially like Big Apples but I'd settle for her neat little 'Pear' in my fruit bowl any-day.

April escalera de incendios Nueva York | January 6th, 2007
April escalera de incendios Nueva York
PhotoBob Reino Unido

April NYC Awesome series. Stunning photography and April's behind has to be the best yet!

AJH Estados Unidos de América

A very well done shoot. This model has an extremely photogenic, sexy neck, I'd love to see her show it off in more shoots.

fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

april please excuse me for a lack of a more graceful word but boy she sure has a nice butt

April tejado en Manhattan | February 6th, 2007
April tejado en Manhattan
gareth Estados Unidos de América

wonderful contrast of the blue sky and dark water tower. LOVELY model & body!

Scott Salbo Estados Unidos de América

April Manhatten Rooftop I hope this set was also "shot" in April, or warmer times. If she did it this recently, she gets a 10. Great shots, gorgeous model, regardless.

Pete Reino Unido

Head for Heights Congrats to April a real Head for heights and some of these photographs are pure art, a real juxtaposition of feminine softness against the harshness of the steel and surrounding buildings all set off by the deep blue sky. I love these pics

steve Reino Unido

these pictures are too arty and not exciting

g man Estados Unidos de América

For some reason I just don't seem to like any series when it was shot at a distance. Pretty sky, pretty model.

salvador rios México

good take, excellent model

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

Outdoor nudes Keep the outdoor nudes coming. I liked this gallery a lot, although I hope the model was never in danger of falling or hurting herself.

hp Taiwan, Provincia de China

Wonderful Best set of February 2007. April's stunning body makes a wonderful day for every citizens!

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

April has an incredibly sexy ass.

Nick Estados Unidos de América

wow! April has the body of a goddess! I love her legs and feet.

April fondo Manhattan | May 5th, 2007
April fondo Manhattan
alex Reino Unido

april april is an elegant beauty,just fantastic.

Badga Reino Unido

April Love Wot a stunning 1st session for April, she has the most beautifully toned body, I could travel her with my eyes forever, I would have to stop some times though, to catch my breath,and to take in the breathtaking views. she also has a lovely looking face, which oozes desire. April, you are truly a wonderful find. badga X

glenn Estados Unidos de América

April in Manhattan April is gorgeous. I particularly like the frames where she pulls her long blond hair back.

Jake Canada

April/Manhatten The use of light and shadow here is remarkable. April is stunning.

gozo Estados Unidos de América

interesting model looks like she should be found on the pages of vogue . Nice backdrop for the shoot

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

April's body is superbly toned with just the perfect amount of fat. I love her tiny breasts and nearly perfect nipples.

Nick Estados Unidos de América

I'm so happy to see an American girl on Hegre Art. It shows that not all the nude models here are the 'Playboy' types!

April muro de ladrillo | January 21st, 2007
April muro de ladrillo
alex Reino Unido

april april is hot,one sexy lady.

GERBOU Francia

A breathtaking blonde girl! Pretty face, wonderful body with perfect small tits, magnificent small ass, cute pussy, erotic pics. All is perfect.

FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

ohhh sooo nice

ardunbye Reino Unido

April brick wall Oh! Woe is me. I now have to contend with the recurring fantasy of April against a wall and it's not to take her picture. Still, the Lord moves in mysterious ways. Who am I to complain?

April vista de Manhattan | December 6th, 2006
April vista de Manhattan
Glenn Estados Unidos de América

april in window she looks complex. there is a sophistication to her that I find attractive.

Awalt Estados Unidos de América

great stomach

Pete Reino Unido

Nice! Nice tits, nice body but why was the hair draped over the face, it just started to annoy me. Thanks April for a nice view

ben Estados Unidos de América

very nice lloking vagina and it is cute how thw white hairs form around the labia very attractive.. id get me a chair and sit if front of april and just admire her vagina much like one would watch a beautiful sunset nice body too

salvador rios México

excelen takes as always, thanks

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Wotta Woman Maturity shows in her face and body. She's very sexy.