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Foto de Jula


Foto de Jula
Nombre: Jula
País: Ucrania
Peso: 51kg
Altura: 173cm
Edad: 18
Ocupación: Estudiante

Jula - Afortunada de Nacimiento

Con su belleza única, inocente y joven y su silueta de proporciones perfectas, ¡Jula es una chica de lujo! A sus 18 años recién cumplidos, esta estudiante de arquitectura, dotada de unas facciones finas y una melena de leona, es verdaderamente impactante.

Jula tiene una brillante carrera por delante, y Petter Hegre ha llegado a comentar que tiene todas las probabilidades de ser coronada como Miss Ucrania en cualquier momento. Con una personalidad tranquila y bondadosa, Jula es el sueño de todo fotógrafo, pues reúne atractivo, cuerpo y buena actitud. Le atrae todo aquello que resulte estéticamente agradable y su interés principal es la moda.

Hermosa en más de un sentido, Jula es una jovencita que allá donde va derrite corazones.


Jula ojos azules | October 14th, 2008
Jula ojos azules
Magoo4 Estados Unidos de América

Sweet Jula Wow!!! What a way to start the day. Her eyes are to die for. What a body. One of your best. Thanks. Magoo4 from New York

kw Estados Unidos de América

I would have loved to seen pic 15 shot from behind or from overhead.

traque Alemania

there is a distinct development of Julas appearance in front of the camera. Very well done, Petter!

chris Estados Unidos de América

jula lovely young woman,great shots.thanks petter!

tdonna1 Estados Unidos de América

Jula What is with the HANDS??? Please don't tell me she is SHY!

Roger Reino Unido

What a gorgeous model Jula is. She has an amazing body.

Pablo Grecia

Jula Blue Eyes Jula is absolutely beautiful, such an amazing woman, such depth.

Larry Estados Unidos de América

Gorgeous, but fashion advice She is LOVELY, LOVELY! But put some heels or nice shoes on the girl! A++

Laurie Reino Unido

Blue Beauty Eyes blue as a cloudless sky. Mouth fresh as spring morning dew. Fine down gossamer light.

Laurie Reino Unido

Bluebell Bluebell baby blue-Love you-Truly do-Truly truly heavenly you-Eyes divinely blue. Eyes blue azure blue sapphire sky indigo too-Every hue truly blue. Love you do-Baby bluebell blue.

Kevin Reino Unido

Jula. Hallo Jula. I think you are georgeous (like you yourself do) even though I have never actually seen your pussy (unlike 99% of Petter's other models). Jula, guess what, there's a model as georgeous as you (in my opinion)and guess what, she shows her pussy in a totally uninhibited way. In fact it could be said to be scarily intimate. Her name is Patricia. You will see that she has just had light epilation in a film. Jula, move with the times. I think you and Petter better have a conversation about what you are going to next to excite us. Another subscriber mentioned having tattoos or a piercing in a film. I'm thinking of a piercing of the clitoris. The model would have to go along with that 10000001%. If they did it might be good viewing. I'm in two minds. Thanks for your time. Kevin.

Jula horizontal | July 19th, 2008
Jula horizontal
Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Jula Horizontial Flawless beauty with eternal youth. Beautiful photos.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Getting Better Alright, finally, we see Jula in a different pose than her patented hands on hips routine. Also, I think this is the first time that we've actually glimpsed Jula's tight pussy. Perhaps a preview of things to cum?

Kevin Reino Unido

Jula horizontal I think I have to agree with JP. I think this is the first that isn't her 'pouted, arn't I the most beautiful on this site' stance. In photo 64 she shows us that little glimpse of what looks like it could make interesting viewing. Jula, a question to you. Why is Yanna so popular. Why are the galleries where Yanna is 'wet' so highly rated. Come on, it's not rocket science!! Yes, you are good looking. Now, let's see more of you.

Laurie Reino Unido

Bluebell You are beautiful so breathtakingly beautiful. You are still a child and life is so short but heed my advice and resist the clamour to titillate salacious old cynics.

hp Taiwan, Provincia de China

Wallpaper Best set on July 2008. Jula's horizontal photos are the first priority to be computers' wallpapers.

ak Estados Unidos de América

pussy shots please...such a beauty desrves every inch focused on

halopalm Taiwan, Provincia de China

Ideal of nude art Bravo! This set is my favorite and the best of 2008 entire year. Jula is not only a stunner for men but also a treasure for photographers. Fortunately & successfully, Petter shoots these images far beyond expectation. Being a member of many sites, I consider Jula an ideal of nude art, and therefore pray my Goddess giving more works.

Jula brillante | June 1st, 2008
Jula brillante
alex Reino Unido

jula effortlessly beautiful

frank Estados Unidos de América

yep that's jula same poses same jula almost perfect girl just never willing to be more risky

frank Estados Unidos de América

but god she's always so hot

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Jula I never write about Jula, because up until now, she really did nothing for me. Ya, ya, I know that her body is spectacular, but there was always something about her. This set of pics, though...........wow! First of all, she actually opens up her legs a little bit, and it looks sweet. But the number one reason I like this set is how she loosens up in the second half. She has always had a stiff quality to her poses, and here she finally seems to go with it and have some fun. And in the process we get to see her smile. Petter, that is an amazing smile. In my eyes, she went from sort of pretty to drop dead gorgeous as soon as she showed those pearly whites. One of the best smiles on the whole site. Please have her smile more.

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Jula Shiney I love these photos! Miss Perfect Body!! I especially love the photos where a smile graces her beautiful face!!!!

Luclaf Canada

Jula pic set Even if Jula is not in my Top 5, I must admit that she knows how to pose. Oily with nice poses forced me to give her a high score. Good work Jula.

Cams Reino Unido

Who got the job... of rubbing the oil in?

Castor Suecia

Absolutly a perfect photoshot of a perfect model!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Bod but, then again, nearly every girl on this site has a beautiful bod. What separates the best from the rest is an attitude that comes through the camera and imaginative posing. I've always said that Jula has the raw tools, yet every gallery of hers seems to be some variation of: stark naked beginning, put hands on hips and squeeze breasts, turn around and show off (magnificent) ass, then turn around again, gallery finished. I'd like to see Jula strip off some clothes like Anna S. just did with the top or do some imagnative on the ground posing like Evi. If she did that, I think she could easily top them all.

Inamaru India

Julia Getting better, I am sure in the next one Julia will be as good as any of the best girls. So beautiful girl, for sure will give us a lot of pleasure in the near future. Inamaru

traque Alemania

yeah really she's getting better. from now on i will notice her.

Ken Simpson Australia

yanna_burning_oil Dark haired and dangerous with a shiny chassis and prominent headlamps. She would rather run you over than run you in.

Laurie Reino Unido

Beautiful Bluebell Blue You came to me last night Precious sapphire shining bright Sweet warm lips light upon my cheek Alas your ethereal visage in vain I seek.

hp Taiwan, Provincia de China

To Petter Best set of June 2008. Thank Petter for shooting Jula in pure perfection.

Jula joya | April 6th, 2008
Jula joya
JP Estados Unidos de América

New and Improved Jula has always had fantastic physical features: voloptuous body, killer "Linda L.-caliber" breasts and cute face, but she seemed to lack a variety in her posing. This set shows some improvement especially the poses on the chair although at times they border on "Lisa Marie-inhibition." I would love to see Jula's version of Yanna's standing one leg up rear view of her ass, Ira did in the last shot of yesterday's gallery.

sirstefanofb Australia

Linda is pure beauty... but, she is addictive, so like others I would like to see more of her.

dax Australia

You're all misguided! I think some of you miss the point with Jula, she's a stunning girl with a flawless natural body. She doesn't need gimmicks, she doesn't need to hang upside down from something or spread-eagle herself in a porn fashion. She's glorious as she is, how ever she positions herself. Can't we just enjoy her beauty and stop fretting about the small stuff? I for one am just happy to be able to gaze on her sensual face and body...that'll do thanks. Oh and I love the gorgeous peach fuzz, as nature intended.

Laurie Reino Unido

Bluebell Strewth you blokes are pathetic. Get a life and leave this delightful girl alone. Opportunities exist on this and other sites to indulge your fantasies. Yes I also enjoy the more intimate pleasures. But I would not engage in criticism or comparison with other girls.

Laurie Reino Unido

Beautiful Blue Eyes Bluebell came to me last night Eyes sapphire sunshine bright Sweet warm lips whispered upon my cheek Alas your heavenly visage now in vain I seek.

hp Taiwan, Provincia de China

Chair Best set of April 2008.It's great to see Jula again. I crave for being the chair!

Jula posando | March 12th, 2008
Jula posando
JP Estados Unidos de América

Competition Jula seems to be stepping up with her posing. Right now she and Orsi or the heir apparents to Linda L. in the full breasted model category on Hegre.com

Ortis Reino Unido

This girl has a great bod but she doesn't really do it for me, I don't know why?

sirstefanofb Australia

Thank You Jula for sharing your gorgrously magnificent body with all of us.... perhaps you would be so kind as to dispense with that 'landing strip' that, in my personal opinion, somewhat 'spils the vista'

Jula diosa Venus | February 8th, 2008
Jula diosa Venus
Harry Noruega

Venus Jula is a very sexy and beautiful woman. She's on top ten amongst your models, no doubt.

sirstefanofb Australia

Oh, yes, Jula is certainly well endowed with assets.... now if she would just 'shed' that ugly 'Landing Strip'.... Then, in my opinion, she would be Miss Perfect

Marconi Brasil

trully a godess.

Roy Hobbs Estados Unidos de América

Jula Venus Goddess Thank you so much for Jula's presentation. I want particularly to thank you for keeping this stunning model in black high heels throughout the shoot. High heels enhance the female form. I love her in the heels. These photos are exquisite.

Inamaru China

She Her beauty is overwhelming, She has one of the most perfect body we have seen, but She isn’t a Petter girl. She is too professional, too cool. Just a little of intimacy and She will be the Goddess of all us. Inamaru

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Fabulous! She is incredibly beautiful. I'd love to see her with a full muff. Then she would be a perfect natural beauty.

thomas french Estados Unidos de América

vote for IRA Ira is clearly the best!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Jula is a goddess Jula's body is so smoking hot! She has the kind of body that should be nude wearing only black pumps! Keep her in pumps in all her photos! Absolutely beautiful!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Black Pumps This photo set is another shining example of how amazing it is to have the model nude wearing only black stiletto pumps. They enhance the beauty of the nude female form perfectly. The only accessory a beautiful naked woman needs! Stiletto pumps rule!

beachkick Alemania

Jula This girl is a perfect 11. Everything on her is awesome.

Jula camisa negra | December 3rd, 2007
Jula camisa negra
alex Reino Unido

jula scorchingly hot.

GG Reino Unido

Shame we can't go a little further and see a little more. I need more compromising angles to really turn me on. Great looker, but i wish you would take all your models all the way.

Tre Reino Unido

Jula A girl who knows how to work the camera. Hot.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Voluptuous Beauty Jula is a remarkable beauty who has had an impressive debut this year. An amazing, erotic presence. She is everything Lisa Marie could only hope to be.

Petter Hegre España

ALL THE WAY hi dear members. please understand that this site is not about always going "all the way". take for instance jula. she is a beauty pageant and crowned miss lvov. she will next year run for miss ukraine. these high caliber girls do not go all the way. they are top models and honestly we should be happy they are willing to even drop their clothes. jula is an 18 year old emerging super talent of the model industry. enjoy her beauty. and I can promise you you will only find her naked here on hegre-art.

Michael Kelly Canada

Exactly. I like the variety of women, layouts and themes. The same deal every time is jading no matter how appealing. Carry on.

drummer Estados Unidos de América

Regarding "all the way" Petter, thanks for your explaination- I certainly now understand why I and some other memebers don't receive some of the shots we would like to receive and it is certainly understandable (with the exception of Luba! :) Thanks Petter and another nice find of a very hot model.

Nick-z Grecia

She is a true Goddess! Amandine is no longer my favourite! I love her! I love every fiber of her being! Please make a Christmas video with Jula! She is perfect, perfect!

Jim Estados Unidos de América

I like the variety In response to Petter's comment: Most of us love the fact that some models expose more than others. It is one of the things that makes this site so unique. While Yanna, Marketa, and Amandine are among my favorites, I still get great pleasure out of some of the other girls who limit their exposure. It's all beautiful art. As for Jula, she just doesn't do it for me. I don't know why.

Rob Reino Unido

I agree with Petter. Variety is the spice of life. This site is so wonderful because you NEVER know what's coming next. Petter manages to find a new angle or idea just about every time. That must be incredibly hard to do, which is why every other site out there is so bland!

Ralph Reino Unido

Thanks Petter Thank you for clarifying, I said all this before in the recent Luba series. This is why this site is a cut above , yes we have those beautiful girls who are prepared to go all the way in their posing and yes we have some girls who hold back that bit. I LOVE that about this site, the variety, the teasing, the knowledge that some girls will not pose in this way makes this site erotic and not cheap same-old same-old porn.

ken ckancy Estados Unidos de América

Pretty girl, bad photography. You spent too much time teasing the viewer, not enough time showing this beautiful woman.

Petter Hegre España

BAD PHOTOGRAPHY ... ? hi ken. if this is "bad photography" ? what are your criteria for "good photography" ? by "showing this beautiful woman" I assume you mean putting her on her back and lifting her ankles behind her head so you have a full visual of her slit... ? please read my comment below.

Rob Reino Unido

Petter, ignore this buffoon. He clearly has no aesthetic or erotic sense whatsoever. Why is he even on this site?!

Andrew Islas Caimán

I enjoyed this shoot with Jula, and I appreciate your considerable efforts to bring us the best the world has to offer.

Laurie Reino Unido

Bluebell I am irrevocably captivated by your faultless beauty. You have truly touched the soul of this old aesthete.

Laurie Reino Unido

Bluebell Bluebell baby blue Love you truly do Truly truly heavenly you Eyes divinely blue Love you. Blue eyes blue. Azure blue sapphire sky indigo too. Every hue truly blue lovely you. Love you do truly do. Baby bluebell blue.

harry Estados Unidos de América

Eval Jula is indescribably beautiful,and one simply cannot see enoug of her.

Jula arte corporal | January 3rd, 2008
Jula arte corporal
Se Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful girl. I think some of the poses could have been more erotic...but then again, she's just standing on a box.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Her Body Speaks for Itself Jula does not need fancy costumes or exotic surroundings to display her beauty. Her body is a work of art on its own. I love the last few photos of her clutching and squeezing her breasts and hope more models would add this to their posing routine because it adds another dimension of eroticism. Well done as always, Petter!!

John P Estados Unidos de América

Julia What a goddess! Julia is the "perfect" woman Great pictures

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Everything... Everything about this girl is beautiful.

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Jula Jula is another one of the most beautiful people in the world lovingly and expertly photographed by the Master. There is simply not another site like Petter's site anywhere on the web. Where else on earth could mere mortals find someone like Jula in all her wonderful glory?

Dragon India

Jula Oiled Up WOW !! ( Jaw hits the floor, stays there for half a day )

john Estados Unidos de América

jula body art She looks even better without those high heels!

hp Taiwan, Provincia de China

Champion! Excellent photogrpher and stunning model.Jula always stands on the champion stage.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Jula is a work of art Exquisite! Exquisite! Exquisite! Jula is a nude work of art! Love her nude on the box, nude in black pumps, just nude period! Please bring her back for more work of art nudes!

beachkick Alemania

Jula What for beatiful young woman,thats men dreams of

Jula herramientas | February 13th, 2008
Jula herramientas
JoeDoe Canada

Pretty, but ..... Someone please reverse the polarity of the magnets on her knees. Will we ever see those legs more than 6 inches apart ? (sigh)

Igor Reino Unido

no one would argue against Jula's lovely body - but her expression could often be a little more welcoming.

J-Dog Estados Unidos de América

Background... ...way too busy, too much going on. very distracting. like an optical illusion or something. just my 2 cents.

sirstefanofb Australia

No question that Jula has what it takes, and in all the right places.. But JoeDoe makes a good point... and whilst they are busy at work reversing the knee magnet polarity would they also attend to that vertical 'brush stroke'.... it looks so un-natural

aramesh Estados Unidos de América

so beutiful she is so beautiful and sexy , but why always standing postures of her whole series ? it will be great if you put mixture of posturs

Andrew Colombia

OMG are you kidding me with this woman? she can´t be real, she is just too perfect : face, eyes, hair, mouth, body WOW She is truly one of the most beautiful Hegre girls, but I think her photo sets are becoming a bit monotonous, maybe she could be a bit more risky ?

JP Estados Unidos de América

Posing Lessons Jula has one of the hottest bodies on the site, yet she has yet to match the eroticism of Evi, Yanna or Ira. Maybe they could give Jula some posing lessons.

hp Taiwan, Provincia de China

Champion again! Best set of February 2008.Although Jula stands on a different stage, she is still the champion.

Laurie Reino Unido

Beautiful Sapphire Blue This quite stunning creature is struggling against that overpoweringly awful backdrop.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Jula You combine that gorgeous body of Jula and put her in a killer pair of pumps and it is magic! Those great pumps are the only gear that Jula needs! She couldn't look any better than when she is wearing them while nude. One of the main reasons why I enjoy Hegre-Art is that the models are photographed and filmed nude in high heels and I love it. Please continue with that as it is so beautiful to see the lovely models exhibited this way.

Jula luz y sombra | January 28th, 2008
Jula luz y sombra
Doug Canada

A Fantastic Shoot! A very beautiful model, perfect lighting and just the right mood to the composition - what more need be said? Bravo, Petter!

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Jula No doubt she's gorgeous, especially that body, but for some reason, she does not do it for me.

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Wow. Just wow!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Simply Sexy July has the sexiest my voloptuous body on Hegre-art.com

Dragon India

Jula is of my top five gals at hegre art. She got a beautiful face and killer curves. But the most knock-out part of her are her eyes. She is burning two holes in my head with those laser hot eyes. And I am liking it !!

bike Estados Unidos de América

now THIS works(IMHO)with regards to contrast and lighting...one of my favorites! thanks!

sirstefanofb Australia

WOW!.... What a brilliant example of the female form, so perfectly proportioned... and those haunting eyes and superb lips, with heavenly breasts and perfectly proportioned limbs... only downside is the 'brush stripe'.... which I find to be 'un-womanly'

Larry T

Great series but something is missing This set is nice ! However, Jula still fails to turn me on like some other girls. It's true she has a wonderful body, clearly among the best on this website, but her presence is close to 0 : no sensuality in the expression, she is not playfull with the camera as Linda L, Dasha can be and it ruins it. I wnated to like Jula when I saw her first pictures... but I still don't after so many series.

JD Sudáfrica

Jula Wow ! Jula is the most beautiful women I have seen on Herge/ in the world ! More more more !!!

Serge Nueva Zelanda

Amazing Everything about this shoot looks amazing, both photography, lighting and model.Jula looks stunning

Nick the Greek Grecia

Light and Shadow Light and Shadow is the best work of Jula yet. She steals my breath with every photo, she makes me sweat with every frame. If Venus, the Goddess of Beauty and Love had taken form, she would look like Jula. No other woman was so captivating, fresh like the spring rain. She is perfect.

Laurie Reino Unido

Belle Bluebelle Blue Beautiful gallery-ethereal and aesthetic.

raoul Estados Unidos de América

Best of Wonderful With her fabulous body, this model shines in all her sets, but the shadows do the best job of picking out her perfection.

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Jula OMFG, these pictures are insanely beautiful. By that I mean everything of Jula, but especially this set. Where has she gone? Can you get her back into the studio for more modeling? I don't have to tell you that this girl's beauty is about 85 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Jula desnudos | March 26th, 2008
Jula desnudos
Igor Reino Unido

hmm well Jula did break into a smile in the fourth page - but generally I often get the feeling that Jula regards the photo sessions as a bit of a chore. Perhaps its just her idea of a sexy look?

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Jula Incredible body that seems to even be getting better...........but I still get nothing from her.

eFlash Bélgica

Cute girl Cute girl, is she too shy to expose herself a little bit more?

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Perfection I know everyone has a different idea about what is perfection. Mine idea is that sweet Jula is seriously perfect! From her beautiful eyes and her patrician nose to her perfectly sculptured and toned torso and legs; she is the epitome of youthful perfection. Only Petter could have captured her so magnificently. If true “royalty” exists then its name is Jula.

JP Estados Unidos de América

I agree with Jim and Igor that Jula has a fabulous body, but her facial expression project a sense of indifference. She does appear somewhat uncomfortable and expressionless despite such openness with her body. It's quite ironic. Compare her with a girl like Lune (Silver Bed), who seems completely comfortable in front of the camera and displays a wide range of emotions.

fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

well lets see how indifference she can be word jula ! Meet me at the local watering hole Eddies's Place !!! Nice eyes lips and great eyebrows and she has perfect fingers... and ill settle for 1/2 of whatevers left... indifference is so close to indecent anyway we could be buddies sorta

frank Estados Unidos de América

I don't know if you read thiese petter but if you do I'd love to see jula in a shot like, Ira's shot feb 6 intimate part 1, and believe everybody would enjoy that thanx.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

To Igor I dont know how she could show any more than she is!!!And, Petter is the "director", so to speak! HE Tells the girls how to pose, when, and, if to smile, and, so forth!

sirstefanofb Australia

Oh those eyes.... I find Jula's facial expression to be very 'sexy'.... Her eyes, face, hair, lips and breasts are simply ...'captivating'.... and I would love to be her 'captive'

OrozkoMX México

She´s really a beautiful woman. Everything is ethereal, but... she's always having same expression, a forced smile, same poses. She looks like a maniqui inside a showcase. She needs more freshness, natural "movements" (they seem so studied), spontaneous shots. I think she's overestimated by production. I love this girl, but in this moment I see her like an "enfant terrible" or the "Miss" title must be forgotten before the shots session or some other girls like Valina, Laren or Sian, are waiting a space (and we too). Please, understand, women an men need to express some kind of candor and attraction, not robotic classes.

phizz Brasil

I agree with Frank. Petter, can´t we get a little more out of her?

Tim Reino Unido

Jula She is such an amazing looking woman, I could look into her eyes for hours and her body is simply stunning. But she does always look a little too "static" as though she's not really into posing. It's a real shame.

Doug from Oregon, USA Estados Unidos de América

Jula's Beauty She is so beautiful. Perfect proportions. Fit and healthy! I need say no more, she says it all!!!

Laurie Reino Unido

Bluebell The penultimate image, for me, is quite stunning. Her challenging demeanour barely concealing her obvious vulnerability. She possesses a fragility and beauty that is inspiring.

Laurie Reino Unido

Bluebelle Belle, fragile et forte, en meme temps.

Mike Canada

Jula Absolutely stunning lady. Class, beauty, poise, just gorgeous.

Mike Canada

Jula I disagree with the idea that she treats these photo sessions as a chore. She is on of the few who smiles naturally, is clear eyed, none of the droopy eyes that so many seem to have. In my opinion, she is one of the top models so far. She is awesome

Jerry Estados Unidos de América

The ancient Greeks would have loved her.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Jula: Magnificent! Jula is a true nude work of art! I absolutely love studying her nudes! Just gorgeous!

ailefroide Bélgica

Jula 105 photos are not too many ...

Jula abrigo blanco | November 19th, 2007
Jula abrigo blanco
sirstefanofb Australia

Mmmmm love to swap places with THAT coat!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Looking for Mr. Right? Jula, can I be your Mr. Right?

Tewo Noruega

Nice and sexy legs I really like her tanned, long and sexy legs beneath her coat!

IR Estados Unidos de América

I love me some Jula! Beautiful!

steve turner Australia

This is Great This is brilliant the poses are natural the coat is a great prop lighting and composition 1st class -and to make it look soooo sexy with clothes on shows real talent.

leon471 Francia

u re perfect butt show more!!

Jula chica con suerte | November 9th, 2007
Jula chica con suerte
specimens Estados Unidos de América

she is a fantastic looking woman!

Mike Canada

Jula Absolutely beautiful woman. Perfect body, silky skin, everything just perfect.

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Jula From her beautiful hair to her toes ... she is perfect. Petter's photos are excellent!

salvador rios bucio México

perfection she´s a live example that perfection exist.....wow¡¡ thank´s God

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Thigh fuzz Ohmygod! I LOVE thigh fuzz!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Voluptuous!! Another awesome Hegre model. . . it never ends!!!

george Estados Unidos de América

Jula is the whole reason I joined your site. She is beautiful and cute at the same time. her body is fantastic. Besides everything else about her, I especially like the fuzz on her thighs and upper torso.

Jula aceite para bebé | October 13th, 2007
Jula aceite para bebé
Dave Reino Unido

Beautiful ..... but Beautiful girl and amazing body - was really looking forward to this set. But .... I just don't think we're going to get the same level of posing or intimacy from Jula that we see from the likes of Yanna, Amandine, or Linda L. So another girl with loads of potential that doesn't quite deliver? I really hope not ....

sirstefanofb Australia

Love Jula's eyes, hair, face, breasts.... in fact love all of her.... except the 'landing strip' on her lower abdomen (sorry!).... SirStefen

salvador rios bucio México

she´s wonderful, and your aye for this kind of girls, ( inocent and wild, shy and ....)thanks peter and congratulations for this..p.d. God is a man there´s no doubt

Tony loves Alya Estados Unidos de América

Miss Ukraine She has the looks and attitude no doubt, but sadly posing nude will probably exclude her from becoming Miss Ukraine. I think it should be mandatory, but you know those silly people making the rules.

tdonna Estados Unidos de América

How Exciting !!! Wow, I love this new model. If this is the starting point, I can't wait to see more of her. How about trying to get Lisa Marie even this far???

Miguel Estados Unidos de América

Jula Baby Oil Jula is very sexy, just wish the pictures showed her whole body, Head to toe. Just love the OIL pictures!

justin Observr Estados Unidos de América

definitely adore, please show her to us some more! can we see that beauty pagent?

pmadulid Estados Unidos de América

Good God, what I wouldn't give to have her in MY architecture school.

heinrich Irlanda

Great eyes, lovely smile,exciting breasts and just beautful pussy ; thanks for the enjoyment

Jula Películas COMENTARIOS

Jula - Entre Bastidores con Miss Ucrania | February 26th, 2008
Jula - Entre Bastidores con Miss Ucrania
Ortis Reino Unido

Jula Luscious!

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

I've seen perfect bodies but I've seen perfect bodies but Jula defies description. Only youth can defy gravity and make it so beautiful and effortless. I feel so priviledged to be able to gaze upon these beautiful photos and videos by Petter of Jula. Now, please take this beauty out in the daylight and let us see her among mere mortals doing ordinary mortal things.

Allen Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful... I always love to see Jula's beautiful body, and she has a very beautiful smile too, and would love to see it more often. Also, perhaps she could spread her wings a bit more. Thanks.

Walt7000 Estados Unidos de América

you need more unshaved women on this site This is a nice model,however,i have noticed that your site dosnt have too many un shaved women.It would be nice to see more women with a little vaginal Hair.Shaved is cool,but show shaved and un shaved,mostly un shaved.Your site also needs more women of Colout on the site and in the videos..

Walt7000 Estados Unidos de América

more un shaved women please more un shaved women,nice model and very cute

Chris Canada

Beautiful Jula! Jula is one beautiful and sexy lady! You get caught up with her beauty and mesmerized by her! Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of this beauty! I am not so concerned about shaved or unshaved pussy hair as what I want to see is beautiful women. I have been a long time member and it is wonderful to see Petter take the time to show us every type of women imaginable for all tastes here! Jula is amazing so thank you once again!

harry Estados Unidos de América

Jula. Where is she? Her stills and movies are simply incredible; the more you see the more you want to see. Jula has no faults; she is perfect,every lovely inch of her. But what happened to her? Did she retire? Am I missing another source?Or am I just too impatient?

ak Estados Unidos de América

jula you're amazing but more pussy PLEASE. why leave it out in photos and movies. worth shooting perfection

Caliban Estados Unidos de América

Beauty Is there any chance of knowing what has happened to this beautiful young woman in the three or more years since these photos were taken? Did she go onto become a model of renown in Eastern Europe?

MojoMa_cs7b Suiza

Miss Unraine? The first question is, where was Miss Ukraine?. Unless she is Jula's identical twin, I missed Ukraine!. If Jula is Miss Ukraine, the word 'with' in the title is incorrect.

roger1940 Israel

Jula? wonderful clip WONDERFUL JULA

Justplaying Estados Unidos de América

Another Ukraine beauty. I hope this little beauty is safe wherever she is.

Julia Cuerpo Perfecto | November 13th, 2007
Julia Cuerpo Perfecto
Nick-z Grecia

Finally, a true Goddess, in every sense of the word. Even Amandine is somewhat paled before this absolute gorgeous woman. Stunning, sensual, full of beauty and erotism, Jula is the best performer of hegre-art. Period. Is there any way I can send her gifts in order to show my appreciation?

Ulf Alemania

Hot - Hotter - Jula!! Her pictures taken by you during your travel to Kiev (series name "Kiev means streak city") are amazing, but this movie clip tops it off. This woman is breathtaking! Thank you so much, Petter!

alex Reino Unido

jula just perfect,jula is an incredibly beautiful woman.

Edward Estados Unidos de América

Jula Truly a perfect body, but once again, as in most of the videos, there is too much camera movement, too much zooming, panning and too many close-ups. Jula is one of the few models who actually knows how to move. A continuous middle distance shot of her moving would have been much more enticing, giving us time to concentrate on her, instead of being distracted by sudden zoom.

Laurie Reino Unido

Aphrodite Exquisite

david williams Alemania

jula oh my god this is the most amazing video i have ever seen! u have no idea how many times i watch this video over and over, this definitely makes my membership worth it!!!!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Sculpted Perfection Jula's body is a pure work of art! What a masterpiece! I wonder if she realizes how beautiful this film is! This is a contribution to the world of art! When art students study the nude in class and have to draw or paint the nude, Jula is the model that should be standing there in all her perfect glory as the perfect example of the nude!

chuck14u Australia

modle just perfect, what a wonderful body to study.

windmill Holanda

honest smiling eyes on such a small platform, with such a perfect goddess body all tension is released with a greatest honest smile in the end.

roger1940 Israel