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Foto von Flora


Foto von Flora
Name: Flora
Land: Argentinien
Gewicht: 50Kg
Größe: 170cm
Alter: 22
Beruf: Model

Harte Verführerin

Voller Stolz und nicht auf den Mund gefallen ist Flora ein hartes Mädel, dass genau weiß, was es vom Leben will.

Ursprünglich stammt sie aus Argentinien, ist aber nach Mexiko City gezogen, als die Rezession anfing, sich bemerkbar zu machen. Flora ist bereits ein etabliertes Modell, das kürzlich schon für den mexikanischen Playboy abgelichtet wurde. Kein Wunder, denn sie hat einen perfekt geformten Körper mit total schönen Titten. Sie ist eine wahre Naturschönheit und das weiß sie auch!

Flora will die Welt sehen und auf Reisen gehen. Mit ihrer knallharten Einstellung wird sie sich diesen Traum sicherlich auch erfüllen. Sie ist unabhängig und hat alles unter Kontrolle – eine richtige Herzensbrecherin!

Keck, stark und total sexy - Flora ist dazu bestimmt, das Beste aus ihrem Leben zu machen.

Flora Galerien

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Flora Galerien KOMMENTARE

Alex und Flora Sexuelle Anziehung | November 14th, 2014
Alex und Flora Sexuelle Anziehung
Deltascott Vereinigtes Königreich

Alex and Flora Sexual Attraction Brilliant series of images today!

mace75 Deutschland

Flora an Alex A phantastic and really erotic und very sexuall series, well done Petter. You can really feel the good atmosphere between Flora and Alex in this series and that they both fit well together. Hope to see more of them...and hey Petter, it might be time for Flora and Alex to enter the next level :-)

Simonas Vereinigtes Königreich

Alex & Flora Sexual Attraction gallery Gorgeous and highly erotic photos. Such a FIT pair, he has the looks of Adonis and she is a fitting Aphrodite. Such amazing sexual chemistry between these two. I particularly like the last two pictures in the series, where the juxtaposition of Flora (and her intimate caress) to the stunning contours of his abdomen - showing his 'Adonis belt' - is just wonderful.

Spitfire Vereinigtes Königreich

Awesome!! I just wish this was me with Flora!! ;-)

MrEarl Vereinigte Staaten

Amazing! More!!

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Amazing Flora Flora is amazing and erotic. Would love to see her go all the way with the man of her choice.

Ferrari Impulse Vereinigte Staaten

flora the hardest working girl at hegre. always entertaining and willing to suck D.

harry Deutschland

we want to see the happy ending of this!

ailefroide Belgien

Alex and Flora sexual attraction Très beau donc c'est de l'art. Art may be Flora and Alex.

TopCat Vereinigte Staaten

Penis Envy Flora appears quite spellbound by Alex's magic wand. Yes, I am jealous! Lucky Man!

Flora Dschungel-Studio von Alya Teil 2 | October 29th, 2014
Flora Dschungel-Studio von Alya Teil 2
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

somehow, this pales in comparison to the first half! but, flora is lovely

Bernard Niederlande

Chat Sainte / Holy Cat I really want to tame this beautiful arrogant graceful unassailable almost holy Argentinian cat ................

Marvin Deutschland

Goddess Flora is a goddess. The Body. Can't get enough of her.

Bom Vereinigtes Königreich

Nice Setting Flora is as alluring as ever. The jungle setting compliments her feline qualities very nicely. Proof , if it were needed, that Alya should stick to pointing the camera at others rather then herself.

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

I miss Flora I hope Flora is back and these are not pics from an old shoot......

TopCat Vereinigte Staaten

Eco-friendly! Flora is definitely some sexy Fauna!

ailefroide Belgien

Flora jungle ... Encore novatrice. Ever surprising.

Alex und Flora Penisposen | July 17th, 2014
Alex und Flora Penisposen
Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Mmmmmmmm Flora is so fucking hot.....would love to see Alex's cock in her......

Canchahel Frankreich

Flora the Great There is no doubt that the series “Physical attraction”-“Penis passion”-“Foreplay”-“Penis posing”-“Portrait with a penis” could awaken the dead. That is why it is all the more regrettable that Flora, a star of such beauty and class, becomes rare in Hegre-Art, recently.



Simonas Vereinigtes Königreich

Alex and Flora Penis posing Flora is an absolute favourite, so FIT and so sexy. this series is just terrific, she so loves her partner's dick - lovely pictures towards the end as she puts her head on his stomach and cradles his dick. More scenes like this would be just great........

Slickwilly Vereinigte Staaten

Alex must have been one horny lad when this shoot ended.

mulethief Vereinigte Staaten

I prefer it when a pussy is the focal point.

XT Gee Vereinigte Staaten

This is one of the better sessions of I seen on this site- please more like this!

gustavo Chile

amazing, flora is super hot

harry Deutschland

can we please see a full penetration?

Pat Kanada

This is perfect, a gorgeous big penis framed and a adored by and even more gorgeous girl. The sexual tension is palpable. Love seeing this.

mace75 Deutschland

Flora and Alex Great pictures, Flora is absolutely gorgeous and you can see, that they have fun together. But why you hesitate with a full penetration? Alex was already almost in Flora, so why not do the last step? The time is ready for this, Petter :-) Or an oral stimulation until cumshot? :-) We are ready, Flora and Alex are too :-)

Bezork Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Slickwilley I am just hoping, fantisies ing, that the session ended off camera ;>)

Boom Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Flora the Great Flora: as sassy and beguiling as ever. More, please!

Doc Vereinigtes Königreich

Alex and Flora Terrific shoot, and this prepares the way for a full penetration Gallery, which would be best seen in a Gallery rather than a film or massage format, I think. Good work!


Drives me cracy to see how she is holding his hard cock againt her peachy and doesn't let him inside....that is SO super hot....I bet her bf was horny as hell after the shooting :D

Alex und Flora Körperanziehung Teil 2 | May 2nd, 2014
Alex und Flora Körperanziehung Teil 2
Doc Vereinigtes Königreich

Alex and Flora pt 2 OK, did they or didn't they? Fab pictures, as well.

The Grey Vereinigte Staaten

Alex & Flora pt 2 pics 50-59 beautiful

Michael Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Alex and Flora pt 2 They did not! See the video about this shoot. It is still a very nice shoot! Thanks Flora and Alex.

ailefroide Belgien

Alex and Flora Who is the most beautiful ? Both are equaly beautiful. Great. Thanks.

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Alex It is in their great looking beautiful bodies, we see truely excelent attraction. I am very pleased with the way these pictures are shown. Their completely naked bodies touching and moving with so much intended intamicy. This is exactly why I like this side so much. Great works, many thanks.

Flora und Alex Actionfiguren | April 13th, 2014
Flora und Alex Actionfiguren
MojoMa55 Schweiz

Flora and Alex - Action Figures One might have expected more personal interaction between the two models. Here, they almost ignore each other.

mcnasty77 Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Has Flora ever looked more gorgeous?

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Alex In these poses Flora and Alex show their beautiful bodies for great images. These close interactions of the complete nudity of Flora and Alex is caugth in excelent pictures with wonderful viewing pleasure. Hope to see more of Flora and Alex.

Pearce Vereinigte Staaten

This shoot I don't get this shoot at all. What is the point? Their other series and videos were wonderful...... Pearce

Bezore Vereinigte Staaten

WOW, what bodies! Nuff said

Alex und Flora Portraits mit einem Penis | March 28th, 2014
Alex und Flora Portraits mit einem Penis
Vereinigte Staaten

Great pics but we need more videos of Flora and Mike (or Flora and Alex). Videos of Emily with either of those two gentlemen would be nice as well.

mulethief Vereinigte Staaten

Less penis and more pussy please.

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Alex Stunning attraction all over. I love this foto shoot. Flora is in full controll of her pleasure. Do bring us follow ups and further explorations.

Funboy Norwegen

RE: It's funny how some people think they get to lay down the law. This site is meant to please different people, some want male & female interaction, some just want pussy in an artistic layout. Get over yourself, and don't watch if you don't like it. It's simple...

Dave Frankreich

Flora you are beautiful (as always). I'm sure every (male) visitor was dreaming about how it would feel to be the lucky other half of this Gallery. My congratulations to your partner.

enraptured viewer Vereinigte Staaten

Portraits with Love the trend in these galleries and videos with Flora. The minimal backgrounds eliminate any distractions to what the models bring to the sessions. I look forward to more penetrating portrayals.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: true...we don't like it, we don't have to look at it. but, #1: I think this section is here for us to give our opinion. that's what mulethief did. #2: when most of us joined this site, there was not a dick in sight! there was no penetration. it was all soft female nude art! as I've said before, it's funny how this site changed it's name to include the word "art" in the title, and it was only at that point that it got pornographic!

oldgardener Vereinigtes Königreich

portraits with a penis This is an erotic masterpiece

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Alex and Flora - Penis Portraits Both the penis and the vagina are worthy of appreciative contemplation as aesthetic-erotic symbols of human sexuality. The massage videos/films are usually excellent - both in artistic presentation and instructional value - as are a majority of the still shoots. The site caters for a variety of tastes/preferences and should continue that policy and develop it progressively. So long as Hegré-Art continues to shew both the penis and the vagina in reasonable parity - perhaps even together - I have no serious complaint about either although, occasionally, the technical quality of the shoots could be better. To complain about pornography is to fail to appreciate that the models (and masseurs/massesuses) are allowed to take their time and increasingly to react in ways authentically natural for real life intimate situations and to get appropriate satisfaction from what they do. So far as I can discern, there is no blatant 'fakery' of the kind that is common in pornography. That is part of the charm of the site.

Caz Kanada

Alex and Flora posing nicely. Alex and Flora seem to have done it again, he is a lucky guy and she seems to have a great body to pose nicely around him.

Max Australien

OMG This is so hot ! Well done Hegre, keep it coming. Flora really knows about sensuality and how to communicate it. I just want to see the missing photos that happened after #34. Well done Flora & Alex.

Boomboy Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora & Fauna Flora once again showing that she is the most captivating model on this site.

Bezore Vereinigte Staaten

Pole Dancer One can only imagine, and that's just what i have been doing for the last 10 minutes. i wonder if there were any accidental slip-ups........I mean slip-downs

Flora ärztliches Experiment | March 17th, 2014
Flora ärztliches Experiment
MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora- Medical Experiment More of a gymnastic, than a gynaecological, presentation. The coach/doctor should have been present for the occasion.

Bezore Vereinigte Staaten

Monotonous Too much vagina! Flora's physique is so beautiful and sexy, way beyond that one body part. My favorite photos are 1, 2, &3. The rest are pretty much the same.

Letti Deutschland

Flora medical experiment It's clear, Flora has one of the beautifullest body and pussy

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

now all you need is a speculum and a pen light, and the medical fetish set will be complete

freal Vereinigte Staaten

Excellent amount of beautiful pussy! My favorite photos are all of them!

Canchahel Frankreich

Thing in itself « Monotonous »? Come on! As if there could be any monotony with Flora! She is alone a symphony, a polyphony of beauty. As a matter of fact, I think this photo series, like “Gyno circus” and “Medical student”, offers us many approaches, from varied angles, to what “Petals” exposes simply in its glory: the object, per se, of universal desire.

Michael Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Monotonous Have to agree. Flora is gorgeous, the photo series does not do her justice. There are some interesting photos, but as a series, is too focused on one part.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Monotonous "Too much vagina!" there's something I never thought I'd read on here! but, I agree...the gyno fetish thing, and guys getting blow jobs, has turned this once very beautiful, artistic site into run-of-the-mill pornography! anyone can do that! I like porn as much as the next guy! but, I've been a member of this site for so long because it was something DIFFERENT!

Mangate Vereinigte Staaten

I would have enjoyed seeing some sort of examination, hopefully involving some sort of anal exploration!

Laury Luxemburg

Excellent sequence, although there´s nothing medical than a gynaecological chair. The photos 61 to 76 offer very attractive exceptionnel perspectives.

Vereinigte Staaten

If you're one of those people that thinks the explicit material on this site constitutes "run of the mill" pornography, you are terribly in need of an education as to what, in fact, constitutes pornography.

wheeler-1 Vereinigte Staaten

RE: do enlighten me

dutch Neuseeland

Flora's beauty this collection of Flora is superb,, as there is one place on earth that is divine and Flora has the best,,as with all of Flora's work just so beautiful ,,

Jeff Deutschland

There can't be too much pussy on this site. In fact, we need more dripping wet close-ups!

maggie and Pete Vereinigte Staaten

Wonderful Sexuality can be beautiful. Flora's bottom, her legs, thighs, crotch, labia (inner and outer), mons, tummy, feet, and everything else are exquisitely beautiful. Get off your porn-baiting high horse and appreciate a wonderfully sexual AND beautiful girl, who just loves to show off.

Man2060 Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 82 I would love to fuck in the ass.

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

Oh come on!! This is Flora at her erotic best and she oozes sexuality in the true sense of the word. Some of the comments here are downright ridiculous! 'Too much vagina!', 'monotonous' & 'pornography'! what the hell do some people join this site for? At least she usually does what the subject title says and very well at that. There are more and more model pre-madonnas coming on this site promising the goods and not delivering which is not what I and others I suspect keep subscribing for. I love the diversity of this site but in the end I expect to see pussy and hopefully in glorious close-up ('V' take note please ) Oh dear you probably won't list this now as I have made another negative comment on a certain model who in my eyes has monotonous galleries, this is certainly not applicable to Flora

Alex und Flora Vorspiel | March 9th, 2014
Alex und Flora Vorspiel
Hans_4 Deutschland

Flora and Alex Fantastic gallery ! Can´t wait to see part2. What comes after the foreplay? ;-)

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Alex Flora and Alex have found great attractions in wonderful images. I love these shoots to continue.

Flora Fischnetz Teil 1 | February 26th, 2014
Flora Fischnetz Teil 1
zorro Vereinigtes Königreich

always great to see Flora of course, but I was hoping she would rip those tights off!

Odni Dänemark

What a wonderful world She´s so beautiful, she makes my day!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: zorro maybe she's waiting for us to do it??? :P

Delta Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora (Fishnet1) This is a disappointing set of many repetitive photographs of this lovely model. Unfortunately it is not up to the usual Hegre-Art standard.

Alex und Flora Penis-Passion | February 21st, 2014
Alex und Flora Penis-Passion
Canchahel Frankreich

Hard Well played.

ScorpioNC Vereinigte Staaten

I know some people have an aversion to "hardcore" on here, but it's not straight up porn, it's artistic expression. There's an art here that so happens to penetrate an orifice. I'm sure for every one person who doesn't like it, there are at least two that do. I wish there was more of this and less of Jon's pics and less solo poses. I like interaction. Flora so happens to be extremely sexual and I'm glad that she, Alex and Petter let us share in it.

Dave Frankreich

This is a really good gallery. Flora is great as always and I'm sure every man looking at these pictures has closed his eyes and tried to imagine..... Lovely!! Keep pushing the frontiers Petter.

Flyer12345 Vereinigte Staaten

Very HOT! Flora has to be the sexiest woman alive! Never get enough of her.

draco Vereinigte Staaten

male models... Where does Hegre get all these males with the ugliest penises ever. Can't you find any males with normal penises that also look normal??? --- We don't want or need long dongs - we want nude art - and the males on Hegre are far from that....

Bob Vereinigte Staaten

I want his job! what a great job to have! How do I apply?

maggie and Pete Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful Penis What a gorgeous natural penis! What a beautiful Flora. The more turned on she is, the more beautiful, and obviously this huge penis with its perfect foreskin turns her on totally... Of course the man attached to it might have something to do with it as well.

Maggie Vereinigte Staaten

RE: male models... How could you possibly think this penis is ugly? Take it from this girl, it's beautiful... long and thick with its natural foreskin; strong and perfectly shaped. Only people who are culturally ignorant, and think that the mutilated male organ looks "normal" could think that this is not the way a penis should look.

Rainer Deutschland

Herrlich, wie Flora mit seinem steifen Spatz spielt, schade, dass sie ihn nicht in ihre Scheide einführt...

slevin Vereinigte Staaten

more This site is about accentuating the beauty of sexuality. I love beautiful girls and the beautiful penises and fantasy they represent. I want more beautiful women playing with huge dicks because they are the life I wish I had. Thats what makes me horny.

ailefroide Belgien

Alex and Flora Perhaps this is the future. When everybody will assume his/her bisexuality. More or less bisexual.

Alex und Flora sinnliche Massage Teil 1 | February 10th, 2014
Alex und Flora sinnliche Massage Teil 1
MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Alex and Flora Massage Let's not have to wait too long for the sequel(s).

windmill Niederlande

RE: Alex and Flora Massage In between Flora and Alex we can see a slow build up of tension, feelings and obvious mutual attraction. Knowing the level of exitement they are willing to show, sequals will show many great pictures and movies. I agree hope they will be online soon.

mazungu Vereinigtes Königreich

Erotic Massage cant wait to see the next episode or even better a film version would be icing on the cake

Michael Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Erotic Massage One video has already been posted!!! See the Bondage Femdom Massage video! I am almost certain that the male is Alex.

Max Australien

Stunning Is that the most perfect body anyone has ever seen? (Flora). Once again she shows her erotic playful side. Definately looking forward to part 2 and more. A Flora month would be a good idea.

ailefroide Belgien

Alex and Flora Pas mal ... (litote). Not bad ... (understatement).

Alex und Flora körperliche Anziehung Teil 1 | February 1st, 2014
Alex und Flora körperliche Anziehung Teil 1
windmill Niederlande

flora & Alex A lovely and tender shoot with a hint towards excitement still to come in part 2. After their sensual massage video these pictures are of another category. I love the obvious fysical attraction between Flora and Alex.

M-A Vereinigtes Königreich

It's a shame Flora no longer works with Mike, there was something more erotic with those two.

Canchahel Frankreich

The devil is in the details Flora’s eyebrows are overloaded. As her eyes (and her whole face) are magnificent “au naturel”, they don’t need it.

Flora hartes Licht Teil 2 | January 22nd, 2014
Flora hartes Licht Teil 2
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

looks like Ms Flora is ready for cirque du soleil!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA - NIGHT MOVES FLORA in light and shadow. Body sleek and sinuous. !Que gloria!

Laury Luxemburg

That's a real art object! My compliments to the photographer and model Flora. Affaire à suivre, j'espère.

MM Vereinigte Staaten

Flora, tight body AND stretched out. Excellent set.

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

! Absolutely superb gallery and extremely erotic seeing her pussy in stark relief. All we need now is to get Victoria out of the clutches of Jon and onto this set!!

Flora Studio Sitting | January 9th, 2014
Flora Studio Sitting
Kanar Costa Rica

Flora studio sitting I am amazed! Flora is the most beautiful and delicius girl here. Is there a part 2 with Mike?

Canchahel Frankreich

Star above the stars Flora is simply the best: nothing is wrong with her. Just like Ryonen, she is forever.

murf Vereinigte Staaten

cute perky and cute image. flattering and lovely.

murf Vereinigte Staaten

image of the day Flora's image of the day would make a sensational black and white study. It would take something sensual and make it more arty and perhaps more appealing to a wider audience.

LDNboy Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora is beyond beautiful and beyond perfection. She is literally breathtaking! We need a Flora week on here and another set with Mike!

Jon Vereinigtes Königreich

Magnificent Flora is magnificent. Flora obviously also keeps fit - that body is outstanding.

Herr Lich Deutschland

This Body is a Monument! Yet, lovely Flora, you look like you are in pain. Where has your spirit gone? I hope the planned break will cheer you up!

ailefroide Belgien

Flora studio sitting Flora is a flora by herself ... (pl floras or florae, but Flora is unique, the singular is sufficient !)

Pog Thailand

All I can say is. Wow

gr8hitr Vereinigte Staaten

So beautiful, picture perfect, the body of Venus and much more!

windmill Niederlande

flora Flora is more beautifull now then ever before. This is an outstanding series of pictures of excellent classical poses in supurb quality.

freal Vereinigte Staaten

Gorgeous, beautiful pussy.

Man2040 Vereinigte Staaten

RE:flora beautiful ass Photo number 35 she is so beautiful and her body is just perfect, but her round ass is just amazing. I love this woman's ass.

Flora und Zaika tropische Romanze | December 22nd, 2013
Flora und Zaika tropische Romanze
ailefroide Belgien

Romance Are you loving you ?

Herr Lich Deutschland

I do Both of them

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

Disappointing 2 of my favourite models not really getting up to anything at all. They are both sex on legs but this gallery failed to get my juices flowing

Flora Gyno-Zirkus | December 1st, 2013
Flora Gyno-Zirkus
KlerHegr Belgien

Flora and her strong personality With her strong personality and an amazing sense of humur, Flora proposes a new way to use the gyno chair. I would suggest her to show one of those excellent pictures next time she goes and see her practitionner, just for fun. What a beautiful body ! Strong abs and legs, perfect breast, Thanks Flora !

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

favorite Love Flora to bits and I bet she is a demon in the sack, especially eating that gorgeous pussy of hers. Just hope she had giving up smoking as her New Year resolution as I was shocked when I saw her on live cam at the amount she smoked. Still one of my all time favourite models along with Yanna and Emily

Flora Medizinstudentin | November 8th, 2013
Flora Medizinstudentin
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

speechless! not sure if that's a good thing yet!

Herr Lich Deutschland

Spectacular It is hard to believe that god made THIS just to sit on. Lots of other activities come to my mind when I see your perfect bottom.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA SENSUAL Seductive and sultry. FLORA es Afrodite sin ropa.

Isurus Australien

lick May I lick it?

Flora und Zaika Sex im Meer | November 14th, 2013
Flora und Zaika Sex im Meer
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA & ZAIKA - THE TERRIFIC 2SOME During one moonless night on a roiling, wine-dark sea upon a group of slippery, cobalt-blue rocks could be heard a group of sea lions, whose throaty growls made for a symphony. Of their number, 2 dived into the sea to play and frolic. With the arrival of morning, they returned to rest upon the rocks. By this time, their group had gone and at first light, transformed into 2 lovely, slim and tall women, fully nude, asleep in each others' arms.

Jimmy D Vereinigte Staaten

WTF Komet ????

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

nice little tease. would love to see this set go further!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Bobbing Bare-Naked Buns! What joy to see those bare-naked buns bobbing in the water! Photo 6 the best! And as a devoted Zaika fan so great to see Zaika nude again!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Be nice to Komet Jimmy! He's got his own way of expressing himself and that's the way it is. There is room at this table for many different ways of expression. We should all be joining together in a joyous celebration of Nude Beauty!

Flora Dschungelstudio von Alya Teil 1 | October 24th, 2013
Flora Dschungelstudio von Alya Teil 1
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

Flora...Queen of the jungle! very nice, ladies!

dexter Vereinigte Staaten

more Valerie please I think it's about time you give Valerie her own website. Of course she can have her lesbian lovers on there too like Kiki

hello Vereinigte Staaten


B-8 Vereinigte Staaten

wow, just simply wow...

joe Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Would love to see a film of her dancing in that little wrap

joe Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Would love to see a film of her dancing in that little wrap

tact sharp Vereinigte Staaten

I love Alya, but lets leave the photography up to a professional.

windmill Niederlande

Flora by Ayla With Wheeler I agree Flora is a queen with her beautiful body in great poses. With Joe I disagree for the wrap is not making any additions to her great body or the pictures. Flora is pure excitement just by her self in complete nudity. I disagree with Tact also for in my view Ayla has made a great attractive set of pictures again. Hope Ayla will remain focused on complete nudity. The nude body can express so much so very clearly.

Alya Frankreich

Dear, Members! All thai series was my first try to work for hegre-art as photographer...

delavignette Belgien

Flora Nice name. What fauna does she love ?

Splendor Frankreich


mcrimea Vereinigte Staaten

Is there a part 2? Would very much like to see a Part 2.

Flora gefingert | October 9th, 2013
Flora gefingert
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

now all you need is a speculum! to REALLY get deep in there and explore! lol

kalonphile Frankreich

Intimism We hope that Flora has much appraised this fingering.Sure,miss Flora owns appetizing labias and the masseuse has got long elegant fingers. There is very little action. Well we are more with Ravel's BOLERO than withWagner's RIDE OF THE WALKYRIES

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Just plain Weird Call me old fashioned but this and the last two massage films appeal to those who like their women in a passive role. The recent film featuring Emily and Milena was filled with passionate sexy intimacy, a rare treat and a welcome change to this dispassionate masquerade...

Dave Frankreich

Flora Fingered This gallery really did something for me. Just the idea of lying back, naked and eyes closed, letting someone explore with their fingers the most intimate parts of your body... I hope Flora enjoyed this as much as I imagined I would in her situation.

Rock Schweiz

I wanna be this fingers

Flora und Zaika sandige Versuchung | September 12th, 2013
Flora und Zaika sandige Versuchung
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

two dirty girls! what could be better? know

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y ZAIKA: DOS SIRENES Two Sirens, blown ashore overnight by a wayward tide, awake sleepily at dawn, both bodies caked in fine, powdery sand, their scaly tails transformed into firm and shapely legs. FLORA & ZAIKA arise unsteadily together, embracing and kissing each other with rapturous delight.

roland Vereinigtes Königreich

sandy seduction Beautiful light and subtle eroticism however i wish Zaika would assume a more dominant role. It is Flora who plays the more dominant figure and it is Zaika in my opinion who is simply the more mysterious and beautiful.

alarik400AD Kanada

great sequences of two luscious women in primal setting and embraces!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Zaika Again Great to see Zaika again! Taking nothing away from Flora, but I am a dedicated Zaika fan. Favorite photo #5: love the straight-on look at her gorgeous bare buns with her lusciously full cunt lips peeking in from underneath. Thank you Zaika!

Lion_01 Niederlande

I'm in doubt about the added value of the sand. In my opinion it obscures what are otherwise to extremely fit and desirable bodies. And #61, my god, if only that were oil instead of sand...

ailefroide Belgien

Flora and Zaika sandy seduction 18/20. Never seen greater harmony betwen two women.

Flora und Mike Körperformen | August 24th, 2013
Flora und Mike Körperformen
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE - LA PAREJA CALIENTE Yin and yang. Free and unfettered by clothes, FLORA & Mike stand together, living art made flesh, delighting in each other's embrace.

PacoEco Mexiko

Gain some pounds I'm sad to see how Flora have lost more pounds than she should, she have the most beatiful face I ever see, but is thinner than normal

nomy Frankreich

I want a new video of these as soon as possible. Don't make us waiting too long

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Mike Flora & Mike in body sculptures are such wonderful creations. These two beautiful persons complement each other so well and with so much sensual attraction. In my view these sculpting images are truly making dedicated complements to the female beauty so important to this site.

Fract Niederlande

There's goto to be some real-life ting going between these two, right? I mean: their chemistry is so obvious I'd be surprised if there wasn't. But in either case: I love contrasts, in every sense of the word. And no two models can express this more beautifully than Flora and Mike can. Wow.

Flora Körper im Bett | September 20th, 2013
Flora Körper im Bett
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

sleeping beauty! woke up for a second!

Rudi Deutschland

RE: Photo number 20 Fantastic close-up of her stunning bare soles !

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Love this girl Beautiful body.....perfect legs.....absolutely stunning....

Coxa und Flora Körperbalance von Alya | August 7th, 2013
Coxa und Flora Körperbalance von Alya
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

two naked wet lovlies! what could be better? know my answer to that!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y COXY - DIOSAS DE LA NATURALEZA Two Sirens, beguiling to the eye, emerge from the depths of the seas to take delight in the summer sun and surrounding landscape (if only for a few hours).

Letti Deutschland

Coxy and Flora body balance Sometimes I can see which gallery was made by Alya. She has her own way to see the girls. Lightning is very good, I like it very much

geroki Deutschland

Dear Alya... Dear Alya, I really like your shootings, even if I can yet see the differences between your work and Petter's, sometimes ;) Even if the "master" is 99% perfect in focussing and frame setting... you are very close. And sometimes you have amazing ideas for your sessions (i.e. Coxy mirrored, sessions with Coxy+Flora+Thea, Zaika with fishnets)... great! Go on that way, you are a real talent... and try to use a tripod more often :P Anyway... my compliments for your work, Petter got the right "apprentice" :)

JerseyJoe4 Vereinigte Staaten

Bathing beauties A beautiful set of images with two of the loveliest models on this site. Not as erotic as some but nicely done by Alya. Splish-splash, you're getting me wet!

Pacoq Mexiko

I had some time out of the page and I notice that Flora has lost more weight than she should, from my perspective, she need to gain some pounds

gustavo Chile

Flora amazing, love her face, estas tremenda Flo ;)

Flora hartes Licht Teil 1 | August 2nd, 2013
Flora  hartes Licht Teil 1
HJ Vereinigtes Königreich

perfection photo 45

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA - ANTES DE LA LUZ Regal, resplendent, a beautiful woman majestic & nude caressed by the shadows in a darkened room.

Canchahel Frankreich

Mistress Flora Flora is the gym teacher of our dreams. I assume that she could be an excellent yoga teacher, too.

Letti Deutschland

Flora hard light part1 Wonderful pictures from very beautiful Flora. very good lightning,-super!!

Ricky Vereinigte Staaten

Cleopatra? Those last few photos seemed as though Flora was channeling Cleopatra! A marvelous, artistic series from the fabulous Flora.

Flora super Körper | July 22nd, 2013
Flora super Körper
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

fab body indeed! another painfully SHORT set!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA SUPREMA Unabashedly desnuda, FLORA is triumphant, bold, and full of pasion caliente.

Max Australien

OMG Stunning

Flora Fantasie Teil 2 | July 13th, 2013
Flora Fantasie Teil 2
Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Fantastic Series! As a devoted butt lover, love this series! Shot after shot of straight on butt shots that really deliver! Lovely round bare buns, full butt-crack, tight little butthole, shown fully for all to see, and full wanting cunt lips from penetration! It's all here! Thank you Flora! Wow!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA EN CELO ARRRROOOO!!! FLORA is in her element here. Ella tiene el espiritu de la LOBA.

Rico Portugal

Flora super sexy and teasing all the way .... can't get enough of this behind shots from flora . I get hypnotize with this photo shoot . Thanks Flora . just missing some " juice "

Variable-43 Vereinigte Staaten

That is just about the most delicious-looking anus ever. Completely lickable!

jimmy Australien


Alya bemalt Flora | June 1st, 2013
Alya bemalt Flora
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten come coxy didn't get butt prints???lol

Basia Polen

photo 28 Peter! photo 28 a beautiful piece of art! You are the master of light!

artistpg Vereinigte Staaten

Alya You're a team! Stunning painting, photography, and woman.

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Strandfitness | June 6th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Strandfitness
heliumflash Kanada

Let's keep it in focus Quality subject matter, but maybe stop down the aperture a bit; there's no reason why one person should be out of focus when they're three feet from the other person. It CAN be artistic, but in this case it's just annoying.

Erekhart Deutschland

Spice it up I like the idea and the setting very much. However, I would have appreciated if you had added also some much more voyeuristic pictures to the series. E.g., when the girls are on all fours and lift their legs sideways, shoot from behind, from a low perspective.

Eddie Vereinigte Staaten

Awesome setting, awesome setup, how can I get this guy's job. Looks better than mine.

ailefroide Belgien

beach fitness Discrimination ? Why is our friend not nude ? Nevertheless, Thea, Flora, Coxy, and Zaika, that's paradise on earth.

Flora und Alex Master und Mistress von Alya | June 16th, 2013
Flora und Alex Master und Mistress von Alya
windmill Niederlande

master & mistress Thank you Ayla for jet another great set of images of this beautiful couple.

chris Frankreich

beautiful perfect body in perfect place with perfect photographer!!;-) again and again!!

Flora Horizont | May 14th, 2013
Flora Horizont
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten


wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

another WAAAYYY too short!!! but nice, while it lasted!

Variab;e-43 Vereinigte Staaten

Somebody got a great shot of Flora's ass, just not us.

searley09 Australien

Flora Flora is skinny,but so erotic,my balls start to EXPAND when I see her,Girls like her are so HOT!

Mike Schweiz

Die Brust von Flora hat die perfekte Form. Ich mag es, Frauen beim Ausziehen zuzuschauen, während die Arme über den Kopf gestreckt werden.

Flora und Alex Mann und Frau von Alya | May 1st, 2013
Flora und Alex Mann und Frau von Alya
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y "el otro hombre"? On the whole, a nice photo series that would have been better with a few more photo featuring SEXY FLORA and "el otro hombre" from closer angles. My only question now is: When will FLORA y MIKE be featured in an outdoor photo series??? (So far, la pareja [couple] have appeared only in studio shots.) I would suggest placing FLORA y MIKE in a beach scene in the afternoon with the mountains in the background.

Gary Deutschland

Hot Flora and flacid Alex Wouldn't that be a better title ;)

Basia Polen

He is not excited at all... with Flora around? Terryfing.

A Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Hot Flora and flacid Alex That's hilarious....

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Alex Flora and Alex do show a certain chemistry that appeals. Alya has found good images to show us. I feel a good forward movement in more shoots of Flora and Alex to come.

beleevit Vereinigte Staaten

man and woman Not enough chemistry to get him hard. Too far away to see ANY chemistry! And she is one of the hottest women on this site!!!!!

chris Frankreich

disagree beautiful shot, two beautiful body posing as a couple ... very successful. And the guy is not placid at all ... just look at the videos of massages with faby .. just perfect! this is not sex or porn, but art, erotic, sensual, charming, and they emerge in the poses and looks much more interesting than a cock in a hand. if you want to see porn is not the right site. Aliyah thank you, I love. and thanks of two models, more of them...

maggie and Pete Vereinigte Staaten

More Like this. They are both gorgeous. More like this and hotter and hotter. Let them get more and more sexual please!

windmill Niederlande

RE: disagree In these pictures of beautiful naked male and female models there is indeed much more then just the sexual attention. Of course it is the whole of the body and the many interactions possible that will make them so attractive. The special attention to genitals is natural to the whole set of perspectives. It is a highly attractive part of the human body in all its beautiful expressions.

John42 Vereinigte Staaten

Nice Couple Nice to see Flora with someone else because the Flora-Mike theme has run its course. Nothing wrong with Mike but enough already. Hopefully we will see more Flora and others not just the same flavor of the year in between solo and girl-girl sets.

Flora cremt Mike ein Teil 2 | April 24th, 2013
Flora cremt Mike ein Teil 2
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE - LA PAREJA SEXY Livrados da roupa, FLORA & MIKE together once more. Surely, an extended video featuring both of them is forthcoming, non?

lukebr2013 Brasilien


diesel Vereinigtes Königreich

PLEASE let them finish what they've started! A week of them and new film is needed. Maybe Clover or Pamela with Mike?

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Mike It is so very clear Flora and Mike fit well together in pictures and films they have so much fun and excitement to show us. I am looking forward to the ongoing continuations.

Blatch_wg8 Australien

Mike I do wish Mike would show a bit of reaction sometime - he can't not feel something with Flora's hot little palm around his cock, but he looks as though he's wondering whether the price of steel is going to rise on the stock market!

Coxy Flora Thea frische Farbe von Alya | April 22nd, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea frische Farbe von Alya
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

you ladies need help cleaning that paint off??? :P

Tom Deutschland

Coxy Thank you for the close-ups of Coxies pussy.

John Vereinigtes Königreich


Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Vrry creative and very interesting.

arps Neuseeland

FAB Every now and again, there is a set that is pure genius, and this in my opinion is one of them. Beautiful.

Nav Vereinigte Staaten

Klimt never looked so hot.

Flora Femme fatale | April 15th, 2013
Flora Femme fatale
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten


wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

painfully SHORT! :( but sexy!

Prime Oddity Vereinigte Staaten

This kind of set is the primary reason I decided to not renew my membership. I love Flora, she's beautiful but damn 14 pictures...

Herr Lich Deutschland

14 is a good number ...for a pictorial featuring lovely sexy dreamcometrue Flora. AS LONG AS THERE IS A DECENT NUMBER OF ZEROES BEHIND THE "14", FOR EXAMPLE 14,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

Best of the best to me, Flora is simply the best of the best! Even with one photo, my annual membership is well spent. You know what I mean if you ever had live chat with her :)

Coxy und Flora Poolparty von Alya | April 12th, 2013
Coxy und Flora Poolparty von Alya
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

almost sorry they took off the suits! gotta love that see through stuff!

Tom Deutschland

brand of suits? Great suits. Does anyone know the brand? American Apparel?

michrisna Vereinigte Staaten

RE: brand of suits? I was wondering where they got the swimsuits as well! Would love to buy one for my wife!

Tom Deutschland

RE: RE: brand of suits? I have found it on american apparel. Stretch Lace Diamond Grid Bodysuit. productId=rsals302s

Flora Penisposing | April 6th, 2013
Flora Penisposing
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA AMA EL CHOCOLATE CALIENTE FLORA, ahora libre de la ropa, avidly fondles and pleasures herself with some of the sweetest, hardest, and hottest piece of chocolate she could find.

JeffK Australien

I feel sorry for Mike, all this excitement and no release!

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Mike This now is purely teasing. Clearly Flora likes to play. I Love these pictures because of that extra attitude in Flora. With the whole of both their beautiful bodies, in my view these picture will gain viewing pleasure.

beleevit Vereinigte Staaten

She is so hot you'd think she'd actually DO something with that dick other than either admiring it or hold on to it. She doesn't need any hints about where to possibly put it, does she?

Saldo-1 Vereinigte Staaten

Just eat that cock!!

soldiermedic Vereinigte Staaten

Flora and Mike have such a good series. I've been anxious and ready for another puzzle piece, and it seems others are too. I know there's a bigger picture...

Nav Vereinigte Staaten

Alright, Flora needs a new dick to play with; I volunteer!

Flora und Alex Athleten | April 3rd, 2013
Flora und Alex Athleten
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA & El Hombrito FLORA, fully nude and free, is as radiantly sexy as ever. But the "hombrito" is little more than ornamentation here. He shows no passion at all.

Fed Up Vereinigte Staaten

Komet, give it a rest already Enough with the "fully nude and free" crap. Learn some new words. At the moment, you're just as annoying as a mosquito.

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Alex Indeed there is little visible passion. There is exciting interaction in build up. These are great images of 2 beautiful bodies investigating how to create more attractive images. Touching naked man and women in pictures without obvious passion remains great viewing pleasure.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

Some mots for FED UP from the USA Dude, no need to be testy. Clearly, you have no sense of poetical language and are, um cão cheio de bobagem.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Komet, give it a rest already it is what it is! and, he likes it! we're not claiming to be poets.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

Some Bons Mots for FED UP in the USA Cala-se, Fed Up in the USA! Enjoy the benefits of Hegre-Art. Não seja um americano feio.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora and Alex - Athletes Sex is fundamentally erotic. I doubt if many members only watch these productions for their purely aesthetic presentation, important though that is. These images are intended to be erotic as well as aesthetic shoots, so some emotional interaction should be visible to produce the intended effect. Some will deplore the visual representation of that, others welcome it. Disapproval can be expressed politely; there is no need for anyone to make bad tempered comments.

Sean Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Flora and Alex - Athletes I'm not really sure how "emotionally interactive" or "turned on" these two can really be. They're on a wood bench which appears to be in the middle of a park somewhere in broad daylight. It's not like they can just get it on and have animal sex with each other. Mu guess is they are photography models, not porn actors.

chris Frankreich

re: Flora and alex - athletes I completely agree, the photos are erotic, but whithout esthetics peter will not have the same success, it is above all the quality of these photos, it makes us unique places share and especially beautiful models ... it should therefore not neglect the quality depends on the erotic. And as stated sean, conditions are met for beautiful artistic pictures but not for more ... Both are superb, two perfect body in the studio this duo can be really hot ...

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

Oh Dear There must be something wrong, I couldn't be within 5 feet of a naked Flora without a full erection regardless where it was, she oozes sex!!!!

Flora Blume | March 28th, 2013
Flora Blume
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA CALIENTE FLORA beguiles and teases laughingly with feline grace. She exults in being fully nude and free.

peterswiftt Vereinigte Staaten

cotten mouth You know, every so often you hit it big, mainly from taking heed to what your fans and viewers have to say. In a word, "WHY THE DROUGHT??????" I am not the only one who has noticed the inverted nipples and and the desert dry vaginal area. Do you just want to go through the motion or do you want to capture true art and realistic emotion? if it is the latter, add some stimulous prior to the photo shoot and get these girls lathered up prior to taking each lay-out. the difference is CREAM, get it?

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely flower...among other things

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Ah, too enjoy in the aroma and taste of that delicate and lovely flower.

Basia Polen

RE: Photo number 45 Like Greek sculpture ;o) simply beautiful!

Herr Lich Deutschland

you're right, peterswift! I volunteer for watering the flower.

Mike Schweiz

Flora's Blume ist wunderschön. Ich mag ihre glatt rasierten Schamlippen und die perfekte Form ihrer Brüste.

Armpitfetish Kanada

Professional Flora Flora is the model that get the best poses. She is a true Professional because she always get my attention and more... )

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika 4 Diven | March 23rd, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika 4 Diven
Mr T. Neuseeland

Thea Flora Coxy &Zaika Individually these ladies are beutifull in their own right,together though, the photographer in my opinion has failed to bring them together as a group,no apparent sensual feelings for each other,no bonding,just another beach scene with the girls!!!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

some lovely ladies, not doing much!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

A FABULOUS 4SOME THEA. LA FLORA BELLA. COXY. ZAIKA. Four Sirens frolicking at water's edge, fully nude and free.

Flora and Mike bed session | March 19th, 2013
Flora and Mike bed session
MjoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora and Mike - Bed Session So near and yet so far!. Some reciprocation would have been welcome.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE - EN CELO FLORA y Mike continue to be the ideal couple of Hegre-art. Both are filled with a joyous, smoldering, primal passion for each other as they celebrate being fully nude and free.

Smee Vereinigte Staaten

Poor Mike Dammit. This set is giving ME blue balls. I hope someone is taking care of this poor guy after these shoots. I can't even take looking at the photos.

Jonathan Schweiz

nice... ...set - just strange they never look at each other, or smile...?

Torsten Deutschland

Flora and Mike Great. A dream team.

Daniel Deutschland

When will Mike finally slide his cock inside Flora's pussy?

Saldo-1 Vereinigte Staaten

I want to see Flora jack that cock and blow the load into her mouth.

abby Vereinigte Staaten

Hmm Flora is beautiful as always. I like how her hair gets kind of ruffled in the middle of her shoots. But how come Mike kept looking at the camera the whole time instead of at Flora? If she had her feet up on my shoulders, believe me, I would NOT be looking anywhere except between her beautiful legs. I am now one of the many hoping that they really get it on at some point!

Geert Deutschland

Flora und Mike Hallo Flora , kannst du nicht diesen wollüstigen Liebesstab in deine schöne Muschi verstecken. Warum gehst du nicht deinen Gefühlen nach!? Es ist bestimmt die schönste Serie.

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Mike This bed sessions adds very well to their steaming hot encounters. These are the shoots I like best. Touching with deliberate intentions. There is still so much more to explore.

ohtone Kanada

Great! What a spectacular penis!

ailefroide Belgien

Flora and Mike bed session To suggest a bed session is better than to show it in details.

Flora nackt am Strand | March 14th, 2013
Flora nackt am Strand
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA EN LA PLAYA FLORA is in her element here, fully nude and free. For it was from the sea that she emerged, transformed from dolphin to Woman.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten the wet and messy stuff! nicely done ladies! (model and photog)

Big Al Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful picutre Pictures 9 through 18 are the poses I really like. Thanks to Flora and Petter, and I'd like to see other models in this pose.

Spacehog Vereinigtes Königreich

Nice gallery. Thankfully focussed on overall beauty, not just close-up pussy shots like a few too many recent galleries. Lovely girl, lovely setting.

marelo Deutschland

what a wonderfull muscular, but sweet body! ...and her amazing,gently gace :-) i love her... 1000 kisses from marcelo ;-)

Flora Gefühle | March 8th, 2013
Flora Gefühle
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA EN CELO FLORA, fully nude and free, is as colorful as a spring flower in bloom. She is at one with the earth, wind, air, and fire, dancing seductively and teasing men when she unabashedly pleasures herself before them.

herveda Schweiz

I can't stand the torture anymore. I feel like I want to make love to this model. Unbearable. Too hot.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

pic #64 back atcha! lol

peterswiftt Vereinigte Staaten

moisture A beautiful session, but . . . a little too dry to look natural and for my taste.

Michi Deutschland

Case for the Magic Wand !

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

All nude, all beautiful.

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Flora has no flaws..... I just wanna lick every inch of her body.....

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Flora has no flaws..... Flora has no flaws except...cum too much :) my record with her, 20 times and 4 wet blankets! Lifetime experience...

Saldo Vereinigte Staaten

Perfect body

Mike Schweiz

Die Brüste dieses Mädchens sind wunderbar, wie auch ihre perfekt rasierte Muschi...

Rocketman-2 Schweiz

Wow Flora you make me wanna explore your body till you are dripping wet and I wanna feel my cock between your fleshy pussy lips and fuck you all night!

Flora Leben im Bett | February 26th, 2013
Flora Leben im Bett
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

LA GATA FLORA Fully nude and free, FLORA exudes a relaxed feline gracefulness in bed.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

"life in bed"...sounds like something I could get used to!lol

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Absolutely breath taking body I would luv to massage Flora.....

windmill Niederlande

flora life in bed Flora is hot and sensual in every expression of her body. In each shoot film and massage it shows ever so clearly her life in bed. There is so much radiating attraction to her body, naked male company will always make a great contribution to all images of Flora.

armslover Vereinigte Staaten

Nice arms Her arms are pretty hot, artistic, very sexy, unique! Her biceps are cute too! Not many have those in USA, unfortunately! She is my favorite model.

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora shades of Yanna Most erotic girl on your site who is totally at ease in any pose. Reminds me of my all time favorite erotic and sexually excited model, Yanna. Keep up the good work

Flora und Mike fester Griff | February 20th, 2013
Flora und Mike fester Griff
Tom Deutschland

Flora & Mike One of the best sets on hegre-art. Great! Flora is hot and Mike's body and cock are desirable.

rsmitty Australien

this whole series is sensational. Was it all shot on one day?

windmill Niederlande

flora & Mike Oh yes again great pleasure. This can be continued in so many attractive possibilities. looking forward to this.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE: LA PAREJA DIVINA Fully nude and free, FLORA y Mike emerge from the foggy abyss, stronger than ever. Both bodies sleek and well-oiled, the two embrace each other tenderly with a passion that is at once fiery and explosive.

Vereinigte Staaten

What is there not to like about this set, leaves one breathless for more.

Kurt Vereinigte Staaten

flora & mike What's there not to like about this series; leaves on breathless and wanting more

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora and Mike - Solid Grip Mike seems a stoical chap; one would expect him to smile more in such situations, as Flora does.

herveda Frankreich

Flora's presence This is the best. Flora is one of my favorites; such a vivid personality. She has such a presence. I am imagining these two making love. That would be a killer movie.

Flora Fantasie Teil 1 | February 16th, 2013
Flora Fantasie Teil 1
Rainer Deutschland

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei, ganz nackig zeigt sie ihr feuchtes Fötzchen, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA IN SLEEPY REPOSE Fully nude and free, FLORA, with languid eyes, leisurely pleasures herself.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

eagerly awaiting part two!

RAMI Israel

flora I love your body Pretty face Beautiful breasts Perfect pussy What needs more

Maggie and Pete Vereinigte Staaten

Some day we have to see the completely hot and beautiful Flora fuck!

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Flora does a lot of sexy pictorials but something about this one is fantastic

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Absolutely stunning Flora has by far the best body....

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika nasse Körper | February 14th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika nasse Körper
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

the family of sexy sirens, ready to pounce on the poor unsuspecting sailor!(nice way to go!)

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FOUR WOMEN FULLY NUDE & FREE Day aborning upon a sandy beach with gentle surf finds 4 Women fully nude and free, caressed by the sea abutting the shore. They have the freedom to explore and take delight in the land's bounty, til dusk, when once more, they revert to 4 sleek, majestic sea lions welcomed back into the ocean depths to frolic and feast upon fish, seaweed, and shrimp.

gooz Vereinigte Staaten

Actually Komet... ...they would be sea lionesses...and they aint' goin' back to the ocean depths at dusk. They're headed straight to their ocean-side cabanas for a bit 'o wine, a pillow fight, and some pedicures!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

RE: FOUR WOMEN FULLY NUDE & FREE Well put again Komet! I agree. There is simple joy in the naturalness of totally naked and free girls out in nature's light.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

RE: I'll be sure my boat has a leak!

Timo E Vereinigte Staaten

fully nude and free Apparently the only way I'm going to avoid "fully nude and free" will be to stop reading the comments. Or to find a different photo site. No offense to the women in this, or in any other Hegre set; you're all gorgeous.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: fully nude and free what'd I miss? you don't like nudity? then,'re on the wrong site!lol

John Vereinigtes Königreich

@Timo E I'm so glad there's someone else who's tired of the 'fully nude and free' schtick.

Cambridge UK Vereinigtes Königreich

@Timo E & John I've been torn between the hilarity of it, the extent to which is annoys, but then also the creeping desire to analyse. How can one seriously write that about every photoshoot? And what is it with this "free" thing? Don't you find it misogynistic? That women are described as "free" because they are liberated of their clothes and showing themselves to men? Don't get me wrong: I enjoy these photosets as much as the next guy. Maybe it's me and I should relax a bit. Maybe it's just a bit of fun. But really. I ask you. "Fully nude and free"? EVERY TIME?

Flora Webcam-Action Teil 2 | February 8th, 2013
Flora Webcam-Action Teil 2
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

ooohhh...twist my arm!! I must save up and try these cams!! :(

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Flora is beautiful You can tell this was shot a while ago because Flora has put some weight back on as evident from her last video. I prefer Flora now....she was way to thin....

Biggy Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Webcam Would love to see a video of Flora on cam. She is so sexy she forces me to orgasm for her. Would love to see how much cum she causes from others!

Flora und Mike 69 | February 4th, 2013
Flora und Mike 69
MojoMa?55 Schweiz

Flora and Mike - Sixty-Nine Can we have a film (5-10 mins) of this performance?.

Petra & Rodolfo Schweiz

Wow!! Super sexy!! Now we would like to see how this huge hard cock slowly slippes into Flora's wet pussy.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE EN EXTASE (69) Fully nude and free, FLORA y MIKE avidly pleasure one another, wholly consumed by a fiery, unquenchable passion. Son dos amantes en celo.

geno Vereinigte Staaten

flora and mike 69 When I flora or pamela gonna suck on that...enough teasing...we want something real

Rainer Deutschland

Endlich sieht man mal Mikes steif hochstenden Spatz. Schade, dass er ihn nicht bei flora ´reinsteckt...

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Fucking hotttttt This set is by far the best work ever by Peter.....can't wait to see the next set with mikes tongue in Floras soaked pussy....

pixie Vereinigtes Königreich

Another lovely set of this couple,who suit each other very well. More please.

windmill Niederlande

RE: indeed a wonderful performance to be continued in teasing appetite.

Saldo Vereinigte Staaten

Come on!!!! She need to take that cock!!

diesel Vereinigtes Königreich

Please dont stop! Lets have a Flora and Mike week with no holds barred! Or Get Pamela together with Mike! Your viewing figures will hit the roof.

Neo Korea, Republik

RE: I agree she needs to just brainstorm Mike or ride him reverse cowgirl and have it on this and video.... u would get alot of viewers

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

So fucking hotttt I hope there is a video of this session.....

mamber Vereinigte Staaten

Request I would love to see the movie on Making of 69... This is so teasing pics... need more of this kind ... and Flora is amazing....

Flora Schaukel | January 26th, 2013
Flora Schaukel
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

more lovely scenery...of both kinds

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA - RADIANTLY SEXY FLORA fully nude, free y feliz on a sunny beach. What more could one want?

Vereinigte Staaten

nice pic. What happined to mike?

texasr Vereinigte Staaten

wheres mike?

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful Body How hot would Flora look in a black leather mini skirt and high heals.....

Max Australien

Magnificent Stunning girl, sunny day, perfect beach, free and naked in the sun. Her perfect body is in its element. Magnificent set, well done.

Basia Polen

She is so young and beautiful! And Peter please organise us your workshop on chosing the seetings on the camera depending on the light available - those pictures are so perfect as if seen by the eye not by the lenses of the camera! I wish I knew how to do it!!!

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

An amazingly attractive and perfectly proportioned woman.

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika großes Gespritze | January 24th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika großes Gespritze
Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Beauty of Zaika's Soft Cunt Lips I could stare at Zaika's soft cunt lips all day. Some excellent standing nude shots in this series with fine cunt looks such as photo 11. Interesting also how Zaika's sandy cunt lips in photo 19 are not nearly as pleasing as the newly washed and clean lips of photo 26. Thank you models and Hegre!

bobbob Vereinigte Staaten

I hope I hope this means that Thea is back. Her "Double O " ( really triple O ) massage video was the greatest. Thea's rosebud is truly hotwired and when it is oiled up and massaged her whole body was on fire; here screams were music to our ears. Please oil up her rosebud again and let the music begin, long and loud!

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika tropisches Studio | January 15th, 2013
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika tropisches Studio
Benno Belgien

Sorry Thea, Coxy, Flora and Zaika... ... but I would like to ask Alya to make new solo sets again. She is as beautiful as in her early days and I'm so glad to see her in the background. Although I really would like to see her in the foreground again ;) Please Hegre, please Alya :)

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

thank you for giving us a glimpse at your lovely self, Ms Alya!

Flora und Mike orale Domination | January 12th, 2013
Flora und Mike orale Domination
stiffy Vereinigte Staaten

Just the tip! Ahh you tease....great set though. Would love to see how far Flora can go!

erector Singapur

she actually did it

Stretchnu Vereinigte Staaten


RAMI Israel

flora I love you You are very beautiful You have a perfect body Perfect breasts Perfect pussy

El_terekus Griechenland

At last! ;)

Variable-43 Vereinigte Staaten

Well, if you are going to show Flora sucking Mike's giant black cock, the least you could do is show him blowing his load all over her face...

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE: EXTASE On the whole, a very nice photo series. BUT it would have been better with fewer abstract shots and more photos which highlighted both FLORA y MIKE fully nude bodies from head to feet. (FLORA, eres una delicia para los ojos, desnuda y libre.)

BillyBob Vereinigte Staaten

I hope Flora at least gave him a good "massage" after walking all over him. Poor guy.

Pixie Vereinigtes Königreich

Thank you, a really lovey set. These two are both beautiful models. Like the way that Flora makes eye contact with the camera. - Very erotic. And also the way she has her foot on Mike's penis. Would love to see a film / video of this, or similar shoot where Flora gives Mike fellatio to orgasm, or gives him a foot job to climax. More please!

herveda Frankreich

Awesome and wildly exciting. I want pics of those two making love.

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Fucking hottttt This will be your number 1 gallery.....wish that was me with Flora

windmill Niederlande

RE: FLORA y MIKE: EXTASE Well put. I completely agree. Flora and Mike show more tension in the last part of the pictures, showing there complete beautiful naked bodies interacting.

Tom Deutschland

Flora Flora is currently the hottest girl on!

daytonamike Vereinigte Staaten

Floa Oral Domination This is absolutely the most beautiful and erotic thing I have ever seen. This one gallery is easily worth the membership fee. Now that Flora and Mike have passed the "hardcore" threshold - please shoot a full sex scene with Flora and Mike WITH ORGASM. It is worth whatever you have to pay because you will easily make it up with new memberships If you do I will buy a lifetime membership!! Good work Hegre-Art.

fan Vereinigte Staaten

Flora and Mike Flora and Mike are the reason, and the only reason, I am a loyal member of your site. You have a goldmine with these two models. Please give us more and more off these models. They never get old. And please go deeper. Flora fellating Mike to orgasm would become one of the greatest creations of erotic art ever conceived. Please make it happen.

fanboi Vereinigte Staaten

More Flora & Mike MORE!! DEEPER!! You have been teasing for a year. Please go all the way.

Flora's #1 Fan Vereinigte Staaten

Video? Please tell me you videotaped this session.

fanboi Vereinigte Staaten

Hell Gorgeous. Go the rest of the way.

EtherealShot Italien

Flora and Mike, nice couple Man and woman playing in the art of discovering their bodies, the natural sympathy of the smile of Flora, not thinking about sex, but friendship without limits.

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

something missing? A truely erotic set but disappointed that Flora did not show more arousal of her pussy at these more intimate shots. From my point of view I wouldn't have lasted very long with her lips near my cock!!!!

Rainer Deutschland

Endlich ist Mikes Spatz mal so richtig steif, wie es sich gehört bei so einem schönen Nackedei...

rodge Deutschland

foot domination Wow! Please show more of these feet on cock!!!

schmidtum Deutschland

Videos I would like to see more Videos with Flora like these Pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Flora aus Buenos Aires | January 8th, 2013
Flora aus Buenos Aires
Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Delicious Flora has a beautiful body......

Lars Schweiz

Picture 47 Flora is very cute. She has a sweet face and the the most beautiful breasts in the world.

RC Vereinigte Staaten

Flora I'm in true deep Love.

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Kampf im Bikini | January 4th, 2013
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Kampf im Bikini
Erector Singapur

The bikini set Finally there is the bikini set of these four

doogie Kanada

I HOPE there will be a video of this to follow!!! ;)

TUVERIR Frankreich

attitude du groupe J'adore voir ces filles séparément ,mais lorsqu'elles sont toutes les quatres vous devez les gronder ou culpabiliser car elles oublient que lorsqu'on est manequins de surplus de charmes ,elles se doivent de sourire et non pas de faire la gueule. Bisous

simon Schweiz

Wow What a sexual tension in this set. Step by step. Artistically the best set sine a long while. And i did not expect that when looking st the cover, which was great.

ailefroide Belgien

Bikini "battle" What a peacefull battle ! Vive les batailles aussi pacifiques ! 19/20 !

Flora cremt Mike Teil 1 | January 2nd, 2013
Flora cremt Mike Teil 1
MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora Creaming Mke Still waiting for the full video of this complete shoot.

Tigertaurus Deutschland

Flora + Mike. Hegre-Art Thank your for another fine set of high standard pictures. We all will be thrilled into thinking that part II will come closer to what we crave to see and like to do- beautiful, emotional und intelligent sexuality. To omit pictorial intercourse in your work is unnatural, since sexuality is clearly the topic. By omitting sex in sex the user community is kept praying, yet hungry, but childlike, which seems inadequate. We are adults (at least we have credit cards), and we want you to show us the art of high class pornography, better than xart. aThank you Petter for taking this into consideration!

Erector Singapur

Cannot wait to see part two of this picture set.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FLORA y MIKE!!! FLORA y Mike are "the fab couple" of this site. Their chemistry begins here as a slow burn, which sparkles and sizzles into flame. (Perhaps, Hegre, in a future photo session/video, you could pose both FLORA y Mike as the two fully nude lovers in Rodin's famous statue, "The Kiss.". Who wouldn't luv to see them both painted as erotic, bronze statues?)

Vereinigte Staaten

Love this set. Why can't the sets with Coxy be this hot?

KongDong Vereinigte Staaten

So close

Flora Sonne und Meer | December 27th, 2012
Flora Sonne und Meer
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

very nice! nice to see there's still some art coming from hagre art!

Stefan Belgien

I agree with wheeler it's nice to see some galleries with outdoor shoots and images not just concentrating on the closeups of the girl's spread legs. It's what made the site different from porn sites and the reason I joined in the first place.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA CALIENTE (de los Mares) FLORA has the power to bewitch, delight, and seduce with only a look or a swaying of the hips as she bestrides the shore fully nude and free.

rowdy Thailand

super tight freaking body.... Go FLora... HIT IT

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Reflektionen von Alya | December 23rd, 2012
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Reflektionen von Alya
kram12 Vereinigte Staaten

x give us dominika. pamela...some of the older gals.. how are proud to show it.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

you just get better and better, my dear!

Flora und Mike Sexrobaten | December 11th, 2012
Flora und Mike Sexrobaten
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA Y Mike: LA PAREJA BELLA The frisson between FLORA & Mike is soo palpable. Both seem to have a winning rapport with each other. Sleek, oiled-down, fully nude and free --- as it should be. FLORA & Mike have set the standard here for this type of photo series. May there be many, many more.

Tom Deutschland

man and woman Great pics. Flora is wonderful. But also Mike. He has a great body and a nice shaven cock. What about a pic series only with him?

d1mobeta Vereinigte Staaten

Sexrobats or Exrobats If you are going to categorize Sex as part of the title, at LEAST let there be SOME of Mike licking Flora's pussy, Flora sucking Mike's penis, and big Mike giving a representative piercing of Flora's pussy! Sex - is an act after all, and poor Mike & Flora here are being totally teased while they could be ardently pleased!

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

Excellent! perfect couple...if only i can be in this gallery for funny effects :)

Max Australien

Bravo Amazing set, fabulous poses and such beautiful bodies. More please.

jose-2-2 Spanien

Why is not possible, at least in one photogram, see Mike introduce hard dick into a tender pussy?

damazta Deutschland

OMG cant remember when i saw something this outrageously sexy...the first 8 pics make the entire shoot. (cant say i care too much for the acrobatics after that tho) flora and mike are just...i keep imagining what flora is 'saying': "look at what i've already got - will you join?" or "can you match this?" or "this is mine. but i want more" or "this is my toy. wanna share?" or "can you imagine what he can do with me? i KNOW what he can do with me!" or "can i? can i?" or "lets see how long he can stand this" or "i love this dick" or "i wonder if it shows how my pussy is tingling?" or "i need him back inside me" or "i want you to watch me".... oh hell...I'll just imaging she's thinking all of that at the same time. ;-)

windmill Niederlande

flora & Mike in every shoot these 2 make a great couple. The casual ease of the poses and body contact generates excellent attraction. All images are so well captured. There is far more to explore in male female poses, please try more.

ailefroide Belgien

Flora and Mike I beleaved I am hetero. Perhaps am I a little bi. Felicitations.

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Outdoor-Studio | December 7th, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Outdoor-Studio
Shaun Kanada

This set was a real disappointment. There seemed to be no vision or theme. And what was the point of the completely out of place native headdress? It was like someone declared it "silly hat day", and someone else decided to take pictures.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Aesthetic Anomaly Once again, the model wearing shorts is aesthetically anomalous. There seems no logical nor artistic reason why she should not be as naked as all the other models in the shoot.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

5SOME et Homme Alya, GET FULLY NUDE!!!

gooz Vereinigte Staaten

Dum-de-dum-dum dumb!!!!! Good to see things get back to pleasant reality with Pamela tomorrow.

western Vereinigte Staaten

I don't get it.

grayhair Vereinigte Staaten

Outdoor studio Very weird. Not sure I like it. Can we forget this motif?

herveda Frankreich

Bizarre...Beautiful people though

Zeppelin Deutschland

Two Phase Ones? Since the pictures featuring the Phase One are 80 megapixels in resolution I suspect you've actually got two of them. Are these two IQ180s? I'm really impressed!

jake Niederlande

ALYA please show us your naked body

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: 5SOME et Homme she has many times! check the archives! click her pic at left

petley Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Photo number 1 I agree that there seems to be no particular point of the format -or indded the headdress As a new member I have been very impressed by the stadard up to now but this wa dissapointing. Am I mising something?

don Vereinigte Staaten

can we take few steps back i can't see the trees

Flora Netze | December 2nd, 2012
Flora Netze
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA LIBRE FLORA has just emerged from the chrysalis fully nude and free. Body sleek, firm, muscular with pert breasts, sensuous hips, and nalgas firmes y sexy, she yawns and stretches, removing the vestiges of a web-like substance, which, hours ago, formed part of a steely structure that was her home for a season.

Tom Deutschland

Flona is just fantastic Her breasts, her butt, her pussy, her eyes and her whole body. She it so beautiful, I can not get enough of her!

Mike Deutschland

flora nets Best pictures of flora so far. Beautiful girl, beautiful colors.

Flora arschlecker | November 24th, 2012
Flora arschlecker
Rainer Deutschland

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

very appropriately titled

Cosworth Deutschland


KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA - !que nelgas! A beautiful woman with a yummy backside always gets my attention. FLORA is resplendent here, displaying esas nalgas firmes y deliciosas to full effect. Purrr.

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful tight pussy.....would luv to taste you, Flora

Pixie Vereinigtes Königreich

A lovely set - Flora is becoming one of my favourite models...

barrabooka Australien

Flora No doubt that this slim beautiful lady has one of the best cunt/ass hole combos I have ever seen. Not only does she display her assets in an uninhibit4ed fashion, she has the assets to display. Love the way her butt cheeks open naturally and are not floppy fat cheeks

erro08 Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Asslicious Maybe a more fitting title may have been "Flora de-ASSlicious!! Flora does look very tasty.

sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

Wow Another blow you away gallery from a delicious model who is really comfortable showing us her assets, pity all your models didn't follow her lead occassionally. The mind boggles at Ryonen doing a set like this. Please-pretty please!!!!!

Rainer Deutschland

Wie herrlich schamlos Flora ganz nackig ihre intimen Öffnungen zeigt, macht mich geil, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Mangate Vereinigte Staaten

I'm not sure how I missed this set before, but it is fantastic. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to suck on that ass and pound it hard. Beautiful.

Flora Thea Zaika Doppelbild von Alya | November 22nd, 2012
Flora Thea Zaika Doppelbild von Alya
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten are very close to being upstaged here! very nice, alya! (and, thanks for a short, but lovely, view of yourself!)

Letti Deutschland

Flora Thea Zaika double vision by Alya Once more a great praise for Alyas good regie ideas, very nice!

Jacky Deutschland

Smile....'re on camera...!!!!

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

brings back memories! Nice to see one of my all time favorite models Thea re-appearing. Any chance of some new! solo galleries of her? Another re appearance I would love to see would be Yanna who used to blow my mind away. You must have some naughty unseen galleries of my 2 favorites models in your vast vaults of material you could post, that would make a lot of our diehard members happy!!!!!

Erekhart Deutschland

Great idea with more potential I really like the idea of having the half-naked Alya photograph herself via the mirror while taking the pictures. I'd really like to see more of this type of shot, maybe with some modifications: 1. Having only one model before the camer instead of three. For me, three plus one is just too much, I just get confused. 2. Having Alya take the shots while being completely naked herself, without the pants she had here. 3. Maybe add an additonal mirror for an additional perspective on the photographer (here it gets tricky...)

Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sandig | November 16th, 2012
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sandig
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

dirty girls! mmmmm...SEXY!!! :P

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

COXY, FLORA, THEA & ZAIKA - SAND & SEA What an enchanting motif! Four muses, fully nude and free, delighting in the interplay of sand and wind on their bodies.

thytte Dänemark

How tall is Zaika??

Flora zur Ansicht | November 9th, 2012
Flora zur Ansicht
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely display of a sexy mermaid

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA - SEXY & TRIUMPHANT FLORA doth bestride the margins between sea and shore like a Colossus, fully nude and free. Bellisima.

mercuriale Frankreich

Flora is grace and poetry, a new kind of models

BigHarry Deutschland

Technical Quality I love this picture style! Perfect girls at perfect locations with perfect photographic ideas. But I must complain about an issues that bothers me for a while now: Very often the plain of sharpness is not correctly adjusted. The focus is obviously in the wrong distance. e. g. see the first two pictures of this series: the area of the highest sharpness is not on the wonderful body but on the beach ... And this happens quite frequently - what a pitty!! You don't need pictures of 10 Mpixels if they are not technically correct. A bit more depth of sharpness would help. Hoping for improvements - could bring me to an even higher level of adoring this site!

jbruins156! Vereinigte Staaten

Flora on Display What a beautiful woman and photo shoot. Expressive poses and stunning body.

coreysurfer Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful What a beautiful set..the surroundings are beautiful as well as her body..such a wonderful Rear and back...

Ignacio Mexiko

Felicitación Me gustó mucho este estilo de fotografiar a la modelo. Es más artístico y bien elaborado Y con buenas poses. Además de la belleza de la modelo. Muy bien por Ustedes. Saludos desde México.

western Vereinigte Staaten

The shots with her shiny, round, wet ass were amazing. I am not a large labia fan, as such Flora is one of my favorites with her trim, tight pussy. Good work.

western Vereinigte Staaten

The shots with her shiny, round, wet ass were amazing. I am not a large labia fan, as such Flora is one of my favorites with her trim, tight pussy. Good work.

sedtus-1 Vereinigte Staaten

This set is truly well done! Kudos to both model and photographer :)

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Flora is very hottttt....beautiful legs

Vereinigte Staaten

perfect woman

Oh Flora Vereinigte Staaten

magical Flora is a magically beautiful woman. Thanks for frolicking around naked in front of the Hegre Camera. I agree about focusing the camera, sometimes everything looks in focus on the camera's screen but when you blow it up, you can be meters away from the subject.

castor66 Kanada

Flora is very hot! Nice pictures!

simon Schweiz

surprisingly creative

Norcal Nudity Lover Vereinigte Staaten

Nice Once again, Flora gives us a nice view of her sensuously slender self. I thought the open-legs, frontal poses were overdone (you don't ever want that view to get boring!); but the shots of her delightful behind were lovely, and pictures 47-56 give us a great look at Flora's beautifully muscled torso!

Armpitfetish Kanada

Pics of art Amazing poses of Flora with a stunning and beautiful background chosen by a photograph artist.

Man2040 Vereinigte Staaten

I would love to sodomize.

Man2040 Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 1 she has a beautiful round ass.

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Skulpturen | November 8th, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Skulpturen
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely greek godddesses!

green Honkong

talkingabout sculptures Good. But talking about sculptures, you seem to miss Valerie in this set

sill Deutschland

nonsense to me.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

THE FIERY 5SOME FLORA, ALYA, COXY, THEA & ZAIKA --- 5 MUSES ALL --- DANCE AND STRUT FULLY NUDE AND PROUD. What were once 5 tall and sturdy trees swaying in the breeze on the forest's edge are now 5 sleek and sexy Women, who love to dance and play.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Sculptures I've been trying to work out if the girls are supposed to be spelling out some verbal message through their poses; but I can't find anything readable.

Nando Kolumbien

Coxy Coxy is in a league of her own. Her body is smoking hot and she has a beautiful face to match. My girlfriend and I want to see more of her in massage vids, maybe with Mike in a mutual massage would be nice.

thytte Dänemark

Fantastic series if you want to compare bodyparts. Sexy?? - nope. And terrible tattoos Thea spent money on. An expensive way to ruin a beautiful body.Floras too.

dmire Vereinigte Staaten

Alya Alya, your new hair cut is supper sexy. Hope you do a photo shoot alone soon.

Egrise Vereinigte Staaten

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Stunningly beautiful, but rather too static for my taste.

Timo E Vereinigte Staaten

art? This must be the "art" part.

barrabooka Australien

sculptures Maybe I am being picky but personally I do not like women whose bum cheeks hang down a great deal lower than their pussies when shot from the front. Looks unnatural to me but then I am being pedantic.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

MAIS ALGUMAS PALAVRAS Alya would have been much better shown in this photo series wearing a loincloth. Cast off the pants, Alya!!! Be fully nude and proud.

Smee Vereinigte Staaten

Coxy and Flora I've always thought Coxy and Flora were delightful, but putting them next to other very pretty models makes me realize just how amazingly attractive they are. That's not to insult Thea, Alya, and Zaika (they are all still beautiful models), but put them next to Coxy in particular, and Flora, and meh..

The Chef Schweden

Erotic Bodyart I like this set. It's fun to see something different than the standard sets. Also it seems the girls are having a fun time too! It's the variety here at Hegre so many of us like. We had a fun moment in my restaurant watching this set. Alya, Coxy and Flora: you rules!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Sculptures What an absolutely fabulous way to show four great female nudes. Beautiful!

jake Niederlande

alya please more series of this fantastic girl

Alya Ukraine

Alya's reply Thank you everybody for fantastic comments.) I think its my destiny to be here again with Petter. He saw me growing from a child. I was always trying to put my nose in to his photo shootings with me as stylist. Couple of years ago I have decided that my passion is photography. But not only this I am artist inside and I always try to torn useful things into my way. You can look my autoportraits later and you will see what I mean) With Love from Alya!

Mike Sahneschlagen mit Flora | November 2nd, 2012
Mike Sahneschlagen mit Flora
MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Creaming Reciprocation due?

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA'S VENERATION (by Mike) One could imagine FLORA and Mike as having once been 2 bronze statues in a large, leafy park, who, by some miraculous stroke from the heavens one hot summer night, were made flesh and are now together delighting in the sensation of touching each other.

D.L. Vereinigte Staaten

Intense I'd already be flowing with pre-cum if I were Mike. She is very hot.

windmill Niederlande

RE: FLORA'S VENERATION (by Mike) well said. this should promise much more to come.

Norcal Nudity Lover Vereinigte Staaten

Mmm... Getting to touch Flora *all* over...I am so envious! This photo shoot was very tender and heartfelt, and extremely erotic from start to finish. Thanks to all involved (Mike and Flora especially, of course!) for another job well done.

Pixie Vereinigtes Königreich

Thanks for this. A nice shoot - and a bit unusual. What I would like to see now please is Flora 'creaming' Mike, literally...

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Fotosession | November 1st, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Fotosession
jake Niederlande

I wassurprised Alya is back please more of her

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA-ZAIKA-COXY-THEA & ALYA ON THE RISE Fully nude and free, the 5 Women reign supreme while the man-beast seeks to curry favor with them all.

Zeppelin Deutschland

Nice with mistakes - where I come from, the chiefess NEVER wears pants - Coxy's fur destroys symmetry (I don't like it anyway, I admit) - that guy looks too ordinary. I'd rather have Mike

Jash Vereinigtes Königreich

That was boring as hell! Bring back Flora and Mike!

The Chef Schweden

Humorous Erotica! I think this photosession have a humorous touch. I like it! The girls are sweet and I am convinced that they had fun during the shoot. Erotica can be many things: beautiful, exotic, sexy, sweet and also funny. Everybody have their taste. Its the variety here at Hegre-Art that I like. And all the sweet models. Thank you!

Timo E Vereinigte Staaten

silly That's just silly. And as a person with some Native American ancestry I'm a bit put off by the "Indian headdress".

Jean-Pierre Luxemburg

RE: Nice with mistakes me too, without being a racist , I prefer Mike who has a dark skin, which will create a srtonger contrast with the girls. And why is alya wearing pants ? Otherwise nice photoshoot and happy to see Alya and Thea back.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

would have been better with the natural background, IMHO. more realstic. Hey Jake! lovely alya is an aquaintance of mine. I'll tell her you miss her! :)

Benno Belgien

Great to see Alya again Wonderful to see Alya again. She is my all-time favorite here. Hope she is back for more ;)

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

One word, why?

Jacky Deutschland

Could.... you please tell me the type of weed you guys all smoked when shooting this scene?

Zeppelin Deutschland

RE: RE: Nice with mistakes I don't care for Mike's ethnical background. He's special, this guy isn't.

Max Australien

Alya yummm Alya still has the finest breasts, its good to see her back but hope to see more of her in front of the camera too. Did anyone notice how aroused these ladies are doing the shoot with a guy? IMHO seeing their erect nipples and red, swollen sex more than makes up for his presence.

simon Schweiz

RE: Could.... I'm gland I'm not the only one that does not understand this setup.

Andreas Norwegen

Cool I like it. It remindes me a little of Helmut Newtons work. Experimenting is important. Go outside the comfort zone.

Thor Vereinigte Staaten

Moving off track Who is this guy? Please no more. Nobody on here likes this guy. Stick with Mike. Also, we need more with Mike and Valerie. Those sets are rated highest for a reason. Also, more lesbian scenes included with Valerie would be great and where is our video???

Fract Niederlande

Just awesome! Thea's back. That alone makes my day, nay, whole rest of the year! Add to that that I adore concept-shoots that feel like a jam-session, and I am a happy Fract. Very happy

rixco Frankreich

the guy is hot ! ! Hot photos ! => best is the guy, he fits perfectly to the girls ! would like to see more and hotter sessions with him , e.g. with a brown hot ladie ! But why do they do the shot in front of a white wall ? there is so much of pardise behind ! i dream of seeing this hot perfect guy on beach with the girls ! !

Smoky Vereinigte Staaten

Not a gay site Enough already with putting men in these photoshoots. I subscribe because I love beautiful women. That is what I expect to see in every single gallery on this site. It seems like this site is catering more and more to the few guys who beg to see penises but pretend that they're not gay, they just want "reality". Whatever, bud.

jadar Frankreich

great pictures I love the pictures ! The setting is exotic and creative. Also I disagree with Thor's and Zeppelin's comments : I find the guy serves well the 5 women. Mike would attract too much attention on him, whereas this guy fits perfectly well !

jadar756 Frankreich

great pictures I love those pictures : the setting is exotic and very creative ! Also I disagree with Thor's and Zeppelin's comments : the guy serves very well the 5 women. Mike would have attracted too much attention on him. We don't need that... Whereas this guy fits perfectly well !

gregou666 Frankreich

amazing photo shoot, the light and the setting is outstanding, great cast, beautifull girls, i love the new direction of putting a male model in the setting, this new guy match perfectely in the story. look foward to see more editorials with all of them.

Philippe Griechenland

Nice Job Nice job, certainly different from other ones. The beautiful bodies of the girls are perfectly highlighted in this "more artistic" shooting. The concept needed a man to serve the girls and this guy was the perfect match.

Philippe Griechenland

Nice Job Nice job, certainly different from other ones. The beautiful bodies of the girls are perfectly highlighted in this "more artistic" shooting. The concept needed a man to serve the girls and this guy was the perfect match. Great choice.

Alya Ukraine

Alya's reply Thank you everybody for your comments. I am very happy to get back.) I hope you like what I do. Of course it will be different because its totally another experience for me to be on other side of the camera. Is not easy) But I will be happy to hear your comments and get better and better every SHOTS. A lots of Love from Alya.)

ailefroide Belgien

Alya come back. Don't leave !

Flora und Mike Dicke Kanone | October 17th, 2012
Flora und Mike Dicke Kanone
MojoMa_55 Schweiz

F/M - Big Gun Film please!

lol Dänemark

lucky lucky Mike

StanvF Deutschland

Phantastic pictures - although a little bit of "almost insertion" would have been nice - or a little bit of "oral" I love the way Petter is going in moving towards more explicit photos......

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE - PAREJA CALIENTE My only criticism of this photo series is that more photos were not taken. LOVE THE INTERRACIAL THEME.

Petra Schweiz

What a "gun"!! Flora and Mike! They make me and my partner sooo horny. I'm simply "Niagara falls" again and his cock is hard as Mike's. We'd love to see the two gorgeous models have sex!

Nav Vereinigte Staaten

Flora is such a goddess

That Guy Vereinigte Staaten

Erect penis It's nice to see Mike's penis has finally come alive. There were too many shoots where he had beautiful women crawling all over him and his dick was limp. An erect penis makes the shoot more realistic and easier for red-blooded males like myself to identify with. This is an excellent shoot.

Scorpio Vereinigte Staaten

Damn I so badly wanted her to put that in her mouth!

D.L. Vereinigte Staaten

Wicked hot. I won't lie. I wanna see her get him off.

Max Australien

More? Beautiful girl, beautiful cock, why leave out the rest of the photos? Come on dont tease us so much, give us part 2 of this set ... pleeese

Simon Schweiz

I can't imagine that those two did not gave sex after this shooting and the massage.

Pixie Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Wicked hot. Yes, a lovely set but I would like more please. I want to see Flora perform fellatio with Mike to a natural conclusion. Flora is becoming one of my favourites - And these two are very well suited methinks...?

Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful set. Would love to see Coxy step it up to this level as well.

sexy123 Australien

very good

stiffy Vereinigte Staaten

Flushed Flora is flushed faced in these shots. Despite the teasing of oral contact you can tell she is aroused and wants Mikes penis in her mouth. I love seeing him erect near her face and on her shoulders. These two work stunningly together. I hope with all the shoots and massage video they did, there is footage of Flora making Mike ejaculate!

Flora Körperkunst | October 29th, 2012
Flora Körperkunst
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely!please keep a steady flow of this kind of set coming!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA EN FLOR Here is FLORA at her best, fully nude and effervescent. !Que cuerpo lindo!

Timo E Vereinigte Staaten

visual treat When I first looked at this photo set I thought "Haven't I seen these same shots before?" But then I realized that it doesn't matter because Flora's sparkling personality makes even a repetitive series that would be ho-hum with most other models into a vibrant and, er, stimulating visual treat. I love Flora!

Norcal Nudity Lover Vereinigte Staaten

Yes! I echo what Komet said. Lithe and slender, with a stunning body and glorious skin, and best of all a woman full of joy and exuberance who loves to move and dance...Flora is truly a work of art.

Rez Vereinigte Staaten

In love again I always fall in love with Flora again each time I see a new set. To spend an evening over a meal with her would be a joy just to be able to soak up her personality and see her smile in person. Of course to see her beautiful body on this site is always a joy.

Flora und Mike Sex | October 23rd, 2012
Flora und Mike Sex
DrKissKiss Südafrika

Hide his penis I wondered whether the sex would be for real.....obviously NOT....hey least try hide his penis, from view....thanks for great eroticism, anyway.....getting closer.....Dr Hegre.....

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora and Mike - Sex So near and yet so far!. An action film would be nice.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE JUNTOS EN CELO Man & Woman, both fully nude: Two people sweetly merging, moving as one. FLORA eagerly receives his chocolate duro, thrilling in his steady thrusting. Both embracing, loving, jodiendo y gritando como 2 bestias en celo. (THIS IS THE BEST PHOTO SERIES YET.)

Heartbeat Deutschland

It ain't necessaraly so You can't play sexual lust, when it isn't there. So two statist give a landscape. I don't expect hegre to enter this field.

nillynoy Vereinigte Staaten

damn, i bet they must have both been waiting for that.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well, you porn hounds ALMOST got your wish! (although, if it was supposed to appear as though they were REALLY having sex, you need to hide mike's schlong better in the beginning! LOL)

windmill Niederlande

well done well done this is exactly the unexpected thrill in the attraction of 2 beautiful naked persons joining together for great artistic pictures

David Vereinigtes Königreich

Sex is not a shame, Hegre, pls make some real actions

Smooth1001 Vereinigte Staaten

Well, almost Not bad! I have to admit this is a surprise. Keep going, you are almost there.

AmyLynnB Vereinigte Staaten

So well done... I simply love the images. You've managed to capture the contrasts and the sensuous love of two people of different cultures coming together. Bravo!

darth neo Korea, Republik

Know he was mad!!!!! You could tell mike wished that this was real, would love to see him try and put all of it inside of her watching her scream in pleasure as it is going in slow and deep and to finally watch her O face as she gets creampied by him...

bobby Vereinigte Staaten

Jesus, He must have wanted to go inside so fucking badly

lakeshore22 Vereinigte Staaten

fakeness the fact that it is obvious that he is not inside of her really kills this photo shoot. c'm Hegre, step your game up!!!

tuzhdop Vereinigte Staaten

Flora What kind of "sixty-nine" is this ?

Wanderin Vereinigte Staaten

I understand what seems to be Hegre's desire to steer away from hard male-female porn. His stuff is a cut above (or maybe uncut above), very sensual and sensuous. I expect one day he will figure out how to incorporate some of the greatly desired penetrations in as classy a fashion as he has handled so many female orgasms, etc. (He has photographed a small handful of classy cumshots, so it's possible.) Gotta have the right male models and the right females to make it work without getting crude. I mean, males can get pretty animalistic -- i.e. not beautiful. The previous Flora and Mike film was great, although it had no penetration. Good sex is not all male dominant. What's explosive is a two-way street (or 3-way) which Hegre proves with his all-female shoots.

Bezore Vereinigte Staaten

Imagine I can only imagine, hope, that they got to fulfill their lust off camera. Or, maybe there are some photos hidden from our view.

don Vereinigte Staaten

RE: make it real?????

Flora weiße Laken | October 9th, 2012
Flora weiße Laken
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA IN THE THROES OF PLEASURE FLORA is shown to fine effect here, looking radiant and unabashedly sexy. Desnuda y libre. Love that Argentine.

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Sexy Flora A beautiful woman with a beautiful body.....would love to see back to her body weight of a few years ago....

gator Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Very sexy model. Some incredibly provocative photos. Too many redundant shots.

Rainer Deutschland

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, mein Spatz wird ganz steif...

Armpitfetish Kanada

Flora professional poses Simply magnificent poses from a Professional model !

Flora Blütenblätter | October 3rd, 2012
Flora Blütenblätter
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

I was a bit worried by that poster!was afraid it was another whole set of crotch shots! not that I dont wanna see it.but, she has lots to look at!

marc Luxemburg

the beaty of a women Dear Flora, the natur has given to earth some thing really wonderfull, you are just amazing... my compliments

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA segmented (!que horrible!) Of all the photo series featuring FLORA, by far this is the most disappointing. Hate it when a woman is reduced to a vagina. Aside from the first few photos (which showcase FLORA as she should be showcased - in toto), I don't like this photo series at all. I prefer to see LA FLORA COMPLETA and hate to see her reduced (as she has been here) to a piece of meat.

Noise Grönland

Flora Flora is a Queen :) - nice erotic photos

Nav Vereinigte Staaten


Peterswift Vereinigte Staaten

Tiny Bubbles The last four frames says it all, lovely lady enjoying her work and the sweet bubbley juices proving it. The dry ones might as well be statues, this beautiful lady is alive!

Du2 Dänemark

My kind of flower

jim Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Looks like she's the new Olena O. Reinvent yourself, then come back for a whole new series of much sexier and more revealing poses. Nice.

owen Australien

beautiful thanks flora, thanks petter , simple and beautiful

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Delicious.....would love to taste sweet and wet

Charly Ecuador

Angels exist Flora is a goddess!! She´s Hegres one of the most beautiful models.. her face, body is perfect.. love to see her and also the other Argentinean models.

herveda Frankreich

Best ever. Exceptional. Thanks..

Geert Deutschland

Flora Blutenblätter Hallo Flora, wunderschön deine vor Geilheit mit Mösensaft überquellendes Vötzchen

simon Schweiz


gator Vereinigte Staaten

Flora's Petals Outstanding ! The greatest collection of photos of one woman's vagina I have ever seen. The woof woof photos are classics.

Heywood Vereinigte Staaten

Pussy petals I must congratulate you on some of the most beautiful pussy photos I have ever seen!

Norcal Nudity Lover Vereinigte Staaten

Delightful view Thanks Flora...

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA - NULL INFELIZMENTE Of all the photo series featuring FLORA, by far this is the most disappointing. Hate it when a woman is reduced to a vagina. Aside from the first few photos (which showcase FLORA as she should be showcased - in toto), I don't like this photo series at all. I prefer to see LA FLORA COMPLETA and hate to see her reduced (as she has been here) to a piece of meat

RAMI Israel

flora Perfect One of the beautiful things I seen .

cb51 Kanada

RE: Tiny Bubbles couldn't agree more - the only thing stickier are my fingers as I type this

GEERT Deutschland

Flora Blutenblätter Hallo Flora, herrlich anzuschauen deine immer feuchter werdende und sich weit öffnende " Orchidee". Weiter so!!!

SageArcherV Vereinigte Staaten

Flora...Le Fleur! So very, very nice to meet full 'FLOWER'!

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Petals Simply beautiful

Rpl Mexiko

Simplemente deliciosa la Nińa.

thulium Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Very edible.

jbruins156! Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Petals Iconic.

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

Rebirth of an icon Seeing these poses and the obvious enjoyment she got from it reminded me of another sexually excitable model, my all time favorite Yanna. Any sign of a Yanna comeback?


RE: Photo number 26 really juicy and edible

Jon Vereinigte Staaten

Flora one of the most beautiful vaginas I've ever seen. wow, just wow

Mike Schweiz

Wunderschön wie Flora ihre Beine spreizt, Bild Nr. 17 gefällt mir sehr. Freie Brüste, ganz glatt rasierter Venushügel und Schamlippen, wunderbarer Anblick dieses nackten Mädchens...

Rainer Deutschland

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei, herrlich, wie sie ihr Fötzchen zeigt, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

schmidtum Deutschland

More Please, please, more Videos of Flora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamesrjs Vereinigte Staaten

Lovely A beautiful set of the beautiful Flora's beautiful, perfect pussy.

Flora Webcam-Action | September 28th, 2012
Flora Webcam-Action

Flora The most joyfull smile of all

owen Australien

thank you thank you what a wonderfull photoset. Flora is hot, horny and beautifull. Am glad you are finally showing models smilling and enjoying themselves , no more dry fanny robots please . Keep up the goodwork.

Nav Vereinigte Staaten

Such a beautiful face.

MM Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 10 LOVE this shot - I only wish she had been standing. Elbows high, stomach sucked in, breasts thrust out - perfect

gatto2 Italien

flora so beautiful and wet pussy

Ondese Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Flora is amazing..Plainly she makes me hard. I have enjoyed everthing she has done and my aching cock can't wait for the video of this shoot. Please please don't ever let her escape you again.

Jean-Pierre Luxemburg

Flora's reaction photo nr 12 : hmm she saw an extra big or extra small dick.

Mike Rock Kanada

She has the perfect figure. Perhaps slightly too thin, but none-the-less, she has what it takes. I love her chat persona. She is sweet, and always bubbly. Keep this sweet chick as long as you can, Hegre.

Flora Bettflirt | September 20th, 2012
Flora Bettflirt
John Vereinigtes Königreich

A few more pounds Flora is beautiful. I love her face and the personality that comes through in her recent cideo. But she was even sweeter a couple of years ago when she had smooth lines instead of her current angular look. She doesn't look completely comfortable now.

pierhart15 Italien

slips of Flora There are some slipses too . Without slips the gallery would have been a good gallery. Very erotic.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Pale and Wan Flora has lost the lustre, the sensuous glow that swathed her once achingly beautiful body...

gator Vereinigte Staaten

Really ?


kinda must agree with laurie on this one! I looked back at flora's pics from 2010, and I cant believe it's the same girl!

Sean Vereinigte Staaten

I personally like these kind of sets. I like the simpleness of a beautiful woman facing a camera at close range, preferably with fewer clothes.

Flora Strandmädchen | September 14th, 2012
Flora Strandmädchen
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA - SIRENA DE LA PLAYA When FLORA goes skyclad on the beach, both sea and sky eagerly embrace her, while the sun and the moon ensure her a clear path from shore to shore. (FLORA, te adoro.)

farnorth Australien

Flora too skinny Flora is too skinny to be atractive

Nav Vereinigte Staaten

Flora has a perfect body and a gorgeous face.

Timothy Vereinigte Staaten

Flora arrangement on the Beach Just overwhelming beauty, poise, and confidence, not to mention sexiness!

Sill Deutschland

Special Flora is beautiful. seductive. she connects with you in a very intense way. I also feel she should gain a few kilos. Still she is exceptional. Looking forward to see mach more.


RE: Flora too skinny I'm glad I'm not alone in not liking stick thin models. IMHO flora is right on the border. as long as she's not too scrunched up, I dont see ribs protruding, and I'm happy

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Regret I have looked back at her earlier galleries, Flora has lost her gorgeous fullness, charismatic beauty and sensuous presence that I found so captivating...

Greg Vereinigte Staaten

Too skinny Flora is way too skinny now and too hard looking. She needs to get to a healthier weight, she is way too lean .

Norcal Nudity Lover Vereinigte Staaten

Just right the way she is... I think Flora is gorgeous just the way she is...tight, toned, lean and muscular is extremely sexy!

Zeppelin Deutschland

Tastes differ I totally love her new look. The absence of pubes does its part. Why didn't she bring on her old pal Ama whom I miss a lot. Talking of missing: Any word from Anna S. yet?

Rainer Deutschland

I love it to see Flora stark naked. My sparrow is aways very stiff, regarding her pictures.

Flora Perfektion stramm und fest | September 9th, 2012
Flora  Perfektion stramm und fest
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA - A VISION OF SUPREME SEXINESS FLORA is one hot and sexy woman. Her recent photo shoot (spicy & boldly erotic) with Mike ("SMOKIN'!!!") broke ground, and I trust, will herald more interracial/cultural photo shoots and videos on this site. Here FLORA is simply stunning! Fully nude and unabashed. Bravo!

rowdy Vereinigte Staaten

Tight is Right Yep.. that is definitely a Tight Body.. oh man..... the positions you could get Flora in... woohoo

Rico Niederlande

I want to see her in a massage movie...I think it would be great!

njdan42 Vereinigte Staaten

Thanks! Flora, thank you for sharing your loveliness and flexibility via the camera. It's a delight to see your images. Fine figure, like the short hair. Please keep doing photo sessions! dan

Peterswift Vereinigte Staaten

LOVE THE CREAM! Nothing , I mean nothing compairs to a model who gets into her work! makes you wonder how the others stay so damn dry.

Longtimefan Vereinigte Staaten

Want to hire her First frame is killer. So many layers to what she is conveying. Wish I could fly to Europe to shoot with her. Petter, you still have my dream job. Flora, love the hair cut. I know you don't need to hear any more kudos. I know you KNOW. Thanks for sharing yourself and those moments Petter caught for the camera. Best, Longtimefan

Nav Vereinigte Staaten

Every perfect inch.

sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

perfection Utter perfection,beautiful and extremely erotic photo set which obviously turns her on a bit. More please, and I second an intimate massage video. Wow!!!!!

Maggie and Pete Vereinigte Staaten

How Stunning This is a smokingly hot girl... and that her posing so open made her wet... How perfect!!!

lars Schweiz

sporty Ich mag es, wenn sich so wunderschöne Frauen nach vorne beugen und ihre Brüste herunterhängen, mmmmmmmmmmmmh...

Flora und Mike Körperfitness | September 2nd, 2012
Flora und Mike Körperfitness
Guest Vereinigte Staaten

Mike the more i see Mike, the more i love his poker face :)

MojoMa Schweiz

Mike's Virility This Gallery-shoot should put at rest most doubts about Mike's virility. His response seems normal enough. (Vertical erections don't happen, except for those with an up-curved member). I'm glad that Hegre has acted quickly to vindicate their superb male model. Incidentally, in comments about Mike's shoots with Valerie and Coxy, I wrote that I hadn't seen any ithyphallic images on Hegre-Art, except in massage videos. I should have added that a couple of Gallery-shoots/films starring Clover were exceptions to this general impression.

T Man Vereinigte Staaten

Finally Finally, we've found a woman that can make Mike's dick hard.

Jean-Pierre Luxemburg

the lady is sexy but something is missing.. I 'm not gay, but I think an errected penis would be much more erotic, a better combination with a sexy lady. An erected penis is not only porno, is also an art.

Petra Schweiz

Flora and Mike This is it! Thank you for this erotic shoot with beautiful Flora and Mike. Go on with such marvelous awesome shoots. Love to see an aroused Mike.:-)

Tiger Vereinigte Staaten

I can't really decide if Mike has the best job in the world, or the worst.

Torsten Deutschland


Jacky Deutschland

WOW SO HOT! Dear Petter, do you run a bootcamp for your models or how come that Kiki and now Flora are in perfect athletic shape? ;-)

longtimefan Vereinigte Staaten

Flora - keep hiring her, pay her even more - one of the best sets in a long time Petter, Flora was a special find back when you both worked together in Mexico. Obviously she is evolved since you last shot with her and her presence now is intense - its difficult not to look at her. She is pulling from some fashion experience (guessing), see a little bit of Daria tone — and that's a wonderful thing. Mike, playing it cool is perfect for this set and for Flora, as she knows she is in control. Flora, what your giving to the camera is rare. Your energy/strength/confidence in front of the camera is wonderful-and seems very you. I would love a chance to shoot with you. Petter, keep her in the queue. I'm betting she has some good ideas to try for shoots. This work is much more interesting that what I have seen in a while and it starts with the talent. Kudos to Flora, Mike (seriously-you were perfect), and Mr Hegre, I still wish I had your job. Ps. Hi to Luba. - A fellow shooter.

new member Deutschland

i am new here. Wher can one find making of this photoshoot?

new member Deutschland


KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE: THAT EUREKA MOMENT FLORA is proof positive that sexy Latin American Women have a power and seductiveness that can move heaven and earth. In this case, Mike's manhood. By far, this is one of THE BEST photo shoots I've yet seen on Hegre-art. I have a soft spot for FLORA (!que mujer caliente!) and, frankly, I envy Mike. It is my sincerest hope that a video version of this shoot will soon be forthcoming.

Vashti Australien

Body fitness Lovely set of pictures - but ti does seem to me that Mike seems quite fit enough with out such enthusiastic attention from Flora - who seems specially keen on exercising one particular muscle. By the way, Flora, there are more adventurous ways of exercising it.

MojoMa Schweiz

RE: Best/Worst Job? Probably both. Best, because it must be great for a man to take part in such erotic shoots with beautiful women; and worst, because it is difficult to keep a 'hard' on when, for much of the time, you're concentrating on the poses rather than the girl. The advantages, however, should certainly exceed the disadvantages!.

Tom Deutschland

Nice job of Flora and Mike. Great pics!

Frank Vereinigte Staaten

Hot Shoot! Twwo great looking models erotically photgraphed. Mike's cock is eminently suckable - would love to be in a threesome with Flora and Mike, sucking Mike's cock and fucking Flora's beautiful pussy!

cardHE1234 Spanien

idea Still not understand why not Mike introduce Mike his dick into woman´s pussy, although only a little. Should be great.

horsethief Vereinigte Staaten

It seems to me that Mike is more prop than model. Interesting.

lorenzo Vereinigte Staaten

I'm predicting that this will soon be the most view gallery.

windmill Niederlande

true nakedness this is how extremely attractive naked bodies in seductive and provocative poses can be. Hope to see much more of these male female shoots can be expected.

bobo Vereinigte Staaten

They had to have had passionate sex after this erotic shoot!

Norcal Nudity Lover Vereinigte Staaten

Mmmm... I'd looove to have Flora give me a "tug" like that! :P She is quickly becoming one of my favorites here. Thanks for another great photo shoot!

Flora ist zurück | August 23rd, 2012
Flora ist zurück
GnuSqueak Deutschland

Nice new haircut!

Tom Deutschland

Welcome back Great comeback of Flora. Actually fully shaved. More of her, please.

durvman Vereinigte Staaten

cream You know, there is nothing more lovely than the sight of that "butter cream" oozing out from between the lower lips as in the secont two to the last frame! Simply sweet!

Guildenstern Vereinigte Staaten

Having fun It is particularly nice to see that Flora is enjoying this as much as we are.

longtimefan Vereinigte Staaten

Flora is a keeper LOVE that Flora is back. Would hire her for a shoot in a second if I was in Mexico, Europe, etc. Haircut is beautiful, very sprightly. For those of us back in the states, please keep hiring her - she is a gem.

Newtown81 Vereinigtes Königreich

Milky There's the merest hint of milky vaginal discharge in the second last photo. Hmmm ... she must have been as excited as I was ...

Green Vereinigte Staaten

What a magnificent body! She's beautiful!

Geehrt Deutschland

Flora Halloo Flora, Schön bei den Übungen deine saftige Muschi. weiter sooo!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA EN FLOR !BIENVENIDOS DE VUELTA, FLORA! Te adorooo. I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE BACK IN THE FOLD. You are a fine example of the loveliness and sexiness of las mujeres de la America Latina. Hope we see much more of you in both fotos y videos.

Nav Vereinigte Staaten

Perfect form; Beautiful lines.

Sandt Deutschland

yum, Flora is hotter than ever .. more of her please!

Rainer Deutschland

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

SkinnyKnockout Vereinigte Staaten

Thin and Lean Flora appears to have lost some weight. Her boobs are slightly less plump. I liked the fullness before, but there is nothing to complain about. Flora is a knockout.

Ama und Flora auf dem Tisch | April 20th, 2010
Ama und Flora auf dem Tisch
JMHthe3rd Vereinigte Staaten

I've been waiting for this for months Ama and Flora really do go good together. Both very beautiful. I especially like pictures 8-14, with the legs drawn up and side to side.

Carne Asana Vereinigte Staaten

Dream come true! Two absolutely exquisite girls close to be camouflaged but totally apparent due to their undeniable beauty. The geometries between them make for wonderful photographs.

ED BYRNE Vereinigtes Königreich

A match made in heaven! You are the main corse you both look absolutely delicious extremely nice you make a lovely pair a match made in heaven I think!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

another awesome bird's eye view! this time doubled!

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

I would love to be in the middle of these two. Very beautiful women. Thank you. Paul Mcg

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

AMA & FLORA: A TESTAMENT TO THE LOVELINESS OF LATIN WOMEN Both Ama and Flora juxtaposed together in this photo series makes for a veritable treat. Hegre, I trust you have in mind to have Ama and Flora together in a video with their bodies displaying that sleek, oiled-down look. Let them dance!

Flora im Bett | April 6th, 2010
Flora im Bett
Carne Asana Vereinigte Staaten

Flora is effortlessly hot. Her eyes speak only to you. That big gorgeous bed and her choice of gladiator sandals (her feet rock) add even more to make this one heck of a gallery.

JMHthe3rd Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful as always. Your site is populated with beautiful girls, but I'd have to say Flora and Ama are my favorites. I guess I just have a thing for the girl next door look. Or Argentinians. Anyway, I've noticed in the travel section that the two of them were evidently on the same shoot together. There's even a photo of them both laying on the table. Any chance of them having a set together? Or better yet, a video? I'd love to see a Flora video.

ED BYRNE Vereinigtes Königreich

Sexy! Flora you look beautiful in that bed I only wish it was mine!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

STUNNING!!! the girl is stunning!!! What more needs to be said?

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

I must say that Flora is quite easy on the eye. Every gallery that she has been in is just wonderful. I do hope that we will see much more of her. Thank you all so very much. Paul Mcg

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Blooming Flora is Deliciously Fragrant The only blots on an otherwise excellent portrayal of this beautiful girl with the flawless figure are the impressions on her hips and chest. Surely the models should be allowed time for the flesh to relax. And forgive me for saying this but those things on her feet are awful, completely out of context with the delightfully seductive ambience of the bedroom. I especially love the first page images. She is stunning.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Eight Nine & Ten Are utterly stunning images of Flora. Simply bewitching!

Flora Vogelperspektive | March 19th, 2010
Flora Vogelperspektive
ED BYRNE Vereinigtes Königreich

Very nice! You can be my bird anytime sweetness. Just lovely!

Paul Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora - bird view How utterly delightful.......lost for words

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Somehow missed the overall beauty of Flora prior to this set. Delightful.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

beautiful girl. very cool idea!

Longtimefan Vereinigte Staaten

Flora is really really beautiful Great to see her again. Exotic face, really authentically intriguing woman. I would imagine she is amazing to shoot. Like the perspective and background. Like a painting almost. Kudos to Ms. Flora, and Mr. Hegre.

Carne Asana Vereinigte Staaten

This is really inspired. Flora on a rustic wooden table floating in a pool of paisley. Following the footsteps of her last gallery, the groovy "Flora on Fire," I dare say she is our number one candidate for trippy visuals. She's so beautiful and fresh-looking, like the embodiment of Spring itself.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

neighborhood girl I wouldn't say Flora is exotic. Flora reminds me of one those tomboy girls in the neighborhood, when you're both 9 or 10 years old, playing stickball or football, and she hangs with the boys and she's the coolest girl, and then you turn the page and you're both 16 and suddenly she's beautiful and you both sneak a beer and one thing leads to another and you're in the basement and the clothes come off and you have the best, most memorable and pure sex ever, skin and heat and youth and innocence coming together. Flora is beautiful.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Lost in the Horizontal Flora has the finest figure among the Hegre girls. Statuesque and elegantly proportioned ~ perfectly viewed in the vertical her stunningness somehow lost here. I am, though, tickled pink with 23 - 25 and her flaunty demeanour is simply bewitching.

Gus Brasilien

Fantastic. Beautiful.

DANIEL Vereinigte Staaten


DANIEL Vereinigte Staaten


JMHthe3rd Vereinigte Staaten

Cute tomboy looks I think Mark's right. She does have a good tomboy appeal. I like the freckles on her nose. Very girl-next-door. I'd love to see a video of her.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

neighborhood girl I reckon Mark is spot on with his assessment here.

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

I was just thinking about Flora the other day and was wondering about her. Now I know and she is just as beautiful as before. I do hope to see more of Flora. Well done. Paul Mcg

sunbook Frankreich

Gorgeous I like her little haired pussy : let the hair grow please ! Nice body anyway...

HJ Vereinigtes Königreich

OMG Photo 23 omg but then photo 25 OMG!

Flora brennend heiß | January 14th, 2010
Flora brennend heiß
Paul Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora - on fire Exquisite. That yellow/orange rug should have a very large smile on its face

ms h Vereinigtes Königreich

I'm smitten.... what a gorgeous girl Flora is.

Mike Kanada

Flora This lady has to be one of your top models. She is stunning.

kcasey Vereinigte Staaten

Flora is a great looking woman head to toe, artfully posed. Would enjoy seeing more of her.

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

I like the way you did this gallery with the colors of the rug. Flora has a body to die for. Hope to see more of her, thanks. Paul Mcg

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

I am Distraught! It was a culture shock to discover this graceful beauty doing pussy-pouting on her back ~ there are already girls who do the dirty-naughty stuff which I also enjoy. But classy Flora appealed in a very different and alluring way and her galleries on the balcony are really very sensuous even though much is left to the imagination. I am disappointed and feel she has been abused and stripped of her mystique which I found so bewitching and arousing. Oh and by the way, that rug is hideous and unbelievably covers the lovely tiled floor which would have complimented Flora's skin tones? I must say though she is quite the most stunning girl.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

I've seen alot naughtier! I must say, I like variety!

Kaleb Vereinigte Staaten

Two forms of art in 1! Petter, I love how you incorporated the rug with it's artistically exquisite designs into the pictures. I think the designs and colors of the rug compliment the photoshoot beautifully! Excellent idea!

DANIEL Vereinigte Staaten


Wookie Vereinigte Staaten

Excellent photo shoot!

JMHthe3rd Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful I'm glad we're seeing more of Flora. She is truly beautiful. Any chance of getting a video? She certainly deserves one.

Carne Asana Vereinigte Staaten

In The Words of Austin Powers Yeaaaaaaah, baby! Flora for the win, this is an outstanding shoot. I fully agree with Paul Mcg and Kaleb regarding the rug, to me it's really psychedelic. The whole package makes me think of those great 60s Brit mod movies like Robert Freeman's "The Touchables."

8874042 Vereinigte Staaten

This is why i signed back up more flora pleasa

will Vereinigte Staaten

At last... an indoor shoot with this lovely woman spread wide fully revealing tender petals and ass cheeks spread open exposing her butthole... Well worth the wait. Please let us see even more of her glorious womanhood soon!

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

Who put the fire out? Just when the posing started to warm up the fire went out. A little too cold for me, she needs to enjoy it and it doesn't come across she does. Have a word to Yanna.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

You could be right Sandy But I think this classy beauty should eschew the tasteless and adopt the graceful eroticism for which she is so perfectly suited. Elegant on those lovely legs, she is perfectly cast.

Flora Göttin | January 1st, 2010
Flora Göttin
Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora Goddess of Flowers and Spring Images 12-17 arouse deep erotic desires. She is absolutely stunning with a sublimely flawless body. Peace to all aesthetes for 2010

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Strong and sexy I was so aroused when I saw the cover image of this gallery displaying Flora's strong muscular legs, perfectly plump breasts and ripe pussy. Nice calves.

DANIEL Vereinigte Staaten


Carne Asana Vereinigte Staaten

2010 Starts Out Brilliantly! The BEST Flora shoot to date. Wow! She's built like an athlete and mountaineer who bathes in gorgeousness every morning. Predictably, my favorite shot is #7 because of that smile to side. The fountain and wall form a terrific frame for work of art Flora. I cannot get enough of this series. Happy New Year!

Paul Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora goddess Panty-elastic marks on her lovely bum + a plump furry pussy........Petter, this is a wonderful, wonderful start to the year. Happy New Year to you, Luba, the girls and the team.

KOMET (aus der U.S.A.) Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA - !que belleza! FLORA is emblematic of how incredibly attractive and SEXY many latin women are. Hegre, I hope you will feature more women from Latin America (and wny not Cuba?) in 2010.

Bruno Vereinigte Staaten

Flora What a beautiful A$$ !!! Thanks Flora!

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Happy New Year What a great start to 2010. I'd like to see a lot more of this strong athletic model in the coming year. Love her strong legs and shapely breasts.

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

flora sexy as hell

Rob Deutschland

Flora is one of your most beautiful models. Hope there is coming more soon!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Pet Shop Urchin Like a little boy with his nose impressed on the window I want to press my nose between her seductive cheeks and delight in her musky fragrance. She is utterly stunning!

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

Sorry I missed this one. Flora, looking good as ever. She really is a true goddess. Happy New Year. Paul Mcg

will Vereinigte Staaten

Nice display A wonderful set, the high res versions provide wonderful views of her ass, teats and pussy... still hoping for a studio shoot complete with wide open close ups (please don't lose the fur though).

Scott Vereinigte Staaten

Love that ace !!

halopalm Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

Stunning Year Leader Best set of January 2010. Flora makes a gorgeous start!

Flora blaue Bluse | September 15th, 2009
Flora blaue Bluse
Mike Kanada

Flora Blue Blouse Awesome, just awesome.

ax Vereinigtes Königreich

flora sexy so sexy

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

Wowey, Flora, I think I love her. What a body, very nice gallery as always thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

Carne Asana Vereinigte Staaten

It Has To Be Said Rosita: I was thinking later, you could kiss me on the veranda. Dusty Bottoms: Lips would be fine. -- Three Amigos My god Flora is phenomenal!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

I would love to be your neighbor!hehehe

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Strong legs, soft hairy pussy This girl has got a killer body. I especially lover her shapely, strong legs and plump, hairy pussy in the last few shots. I'd love to see more galleries of this girl showing off those amazing legs, maybe squatting with her pussy hovering.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Great pictures I find myself admiring the quality of the colours in the pictures and the way the set was shot more than Flora herself. She is definately an attractive model but I dont think it helps her being sandwiched between the stunning Thea and Marlene.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

A Uniquely Beautiful Aura Winsomely wholesome and more than equal to the challenge.

Flora Sommerkleid | August 2nd, 2009
Flora Sommerkleid
neil Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora Great Model - need to see her in a studio shoot rather than outside!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Images 4 ~ 5 Pure Class Cool frock ~ really cool girl and so sexy.

don Kanada

Flora is a knockout. Great Figure pretty face etc. She is Argentinian but looks more like the models on this site from the Ukraine.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

simple and sexy... must say I like to see models in natural just looks more...well...natural!

al Vereinigtes Königreich

flora fantastic body,very sexy

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Athletic Body Flora has a very strong athletic body. I'd love to see her in a film like Anna S. did when she was running. Sexy, shapely legs.

TasteTester Vereinigte Staaten

SUMMER BREEZE... There's nothing so naturally delightful as to catch a glimpse when a wisp of the wind lifts a LOVELY WOMAN's SUMMER DRESS! Thank You Petter for conjuring such a fanciful treat as FLORA (and her dress) to 'LIFT' my late summer spirits!

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

This is a very beautiful galler of Flora. She looks so nice. Thanks. Paul Mcg

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Great legs Flora has great toned legs, does she jog to keep fit?


Can we please, please have a movie starring flora?

Flora Kette | July 12th, 2009
Flora Kette
TJK Vereinigte Staaten

Flora has one deliciously round behind. Beaufiful!

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Powerful Body I'd love to see her strong beautiful body in motion on film. Maybe like the one where Anna S. was jogging.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Flawless Flora Flora is really quite delightful though, such a perfect body.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Missed Creative Potential This gallery only comes to life in the last 4 images ~ on the 5th page! This setting offered so many creative opportunities and diversity.

Hegre fan Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Really nice posing options and im guessing she has an experienced background. Beautiful and strong forms, thank you Flora for sharing yourself with us all. Best.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely girl... can't wait to see more of her!

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

The reason ... The reason I am a loyal subscriber to this site is photo essays like this one of Flora. It is excellent is every respect. Flora is truly an artist's muse.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Stunning Flora is stunning in this glorious location. Petter's pictures are beatifully lit giving a really spacious feel, and Flora's bush, neatly trimmed looks extremely lickable. The only distration is the bikinni line. Flora needs to get naked in the sun alot more. Petter, what about a beach set with Flora?

gareth Brasilien

natural beauty, breathtaking scenery, simple pleasures.

Hsung Korea, Republik

she is soft, perfect. she is beautiful. face, body line, breast....and so on. Hegre Art is Wonderful Site.

Flora monumental | June 27th, 2009
Flora monumental
Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Gorgeous Gallery ~ Gorgeous Girl A beautiful set of images especially 24&25 and the last 3. Delightful setting with Flora deliciously mellow in the glow of the late sun. Shame that her lush vulva was revealed in such an awkward and unflattering pose. Other wise really gorgeous.

Stuart Vereinigtes Königreich

clasically beautiful images of a gorgeous and elegant girl wonderful work!

blake Vereinigtes Königreich

Eiffel Tower Amazing body, the late poses are delicious.

Paul Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora monumental Ah, Petter..........wonderful, wonderful. I so much prefer these imaginative sets you do, including ones like "Ama shadows' to the studio 'open-leg' sequences. But I guess you have to try and appeal to all tastes. Well done, beautifully a photographer too, I think you have handled light and shade with great skill and effect.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

why do I suddenly wish I was a bird bath?

al Vereinigtes Königreich

flora sensational young woman

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

Quite the looker I must say. Very nice. Paul Mcg

luv_yanna Vereinigte Staaten

I like this model. Nice set.

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Best of the new bunch Love her ! Anna S. quality breasts.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

New starters From the crop of new starters thnk Flora is the best. These very artistic pictures certainly enhamce her natural beauty

heinrich Irland

remarkable labia;she exposes so well that glorious pussy back and front;she is lovely and arousing

GérardF Frankreich

Where is ... Luba, among other familiar, confirmed beauties such as Lune, Jennipher, Dasha, Orsi, Jenny, Nika, Mia, Marlene, Olena O...?

Flora Unterwasser | June 21st, 2009
Flora Unterwasser
Zeppelin Deutschland

Not your best one Shouldn't you try to make your models look at least as godlike as they do in nature? This time you did not succeed. The light on Flora's face is too hard and she doesn't look pretty at all.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well... I thought it was interesting.I like the experimentation lately!

LostSqueak Japan

I really appreciate models with some pubic hair. The all-shaven variety has been dominant for a very long time, I would love more models having some pubes.

AG Portugal

Not my favorite update so far , i think too much light . Sweet model Flora .

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Nice symmetric tits... I love Flora tight breasts. Beautiful nipples. Like the latest pussy hair trend.

DANIEL Vereinigte Staaten


Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Out of the pool I like the pictures frpm 59 onwards, especially 67 onwards, where Flora is arching her body. These pictures show her natural beauty and her nice tight body. Agree the submerged pictures seem to lose some of her natural colour. On the bush front, this amount is fine, I say keep the bush well trimmed.

Flora grünes Grass | June 6th, 2009
Flora grünes Grass
Paul Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora - green grass What a lovely, lovely model! I adore her and the natural nature of this set.......and, that you allowed some tufts of the natural on Flora too! Great stuff, Petter.

paul Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Lovely and beautiful fresh faced girl. Long slender legs, slim figure and a delightfuly plump rear end. Perfection.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

simply sexy!

mstar Türkei

hi thanks hegre;really wonderful body and eyes...

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

Flora would look so nice on my lawn. Very beautiful woman, as always thanks. Paul Mcg

DANIEL Vereinigte Staaten


luv_yanna Vereinigte Staaten

Very nice introduction! It only took a few images and Flora got a new fan. Great body, I'm looking forward to seeing more sets from her.

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Grass Love both the green and brown grass!

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Natural Naturally attractive and a great set to introduce Flora, she seems relaxed withe the camera so will be good so see more of her.

francesco Italien

fresh and beautiful, but... Nice, fresh and beautiful. But hairs hide her slit: make her pussy shaven, so that clit and lips can be seen

impressed1 Vereinigte Staaten

image 81 i have to say, just imagine laying down with your face at that perfect sex and feasting for hours...pure heaven to eat this goddess

POZ Vereinigte Staaten


miki Belgien

Flora she's wonderful ,she remember me Uma Thurman

gary Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 31 So arousing! Her soft, inviting thighs and such a beautiful pussy between them!

gary Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 35 those soft, chubby, inviting pussy lips!

gary Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 82 Oh, to gently part those pussy lips and burrow inside!

Flora Balkon | December 2nd, 2009
Flora Balkon
Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

The very last Image The arched back, raised bottom and the presentation of the pudenda are amongst the strongest sexual stimuli. Artists, writers and poets, in the quest for creation, have always viewed bottoms with a lusty enthusiasm. Gorgeous image ~ gorgeous girl.

Paul Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora balcony Gorgeous, what a bod. Beautiful face - she will just get better and better. Lucky handrail!

ax1 Vereinigtes Königreich

flora elegant,beautiful.

Paul Mcg Vereinigte Staaten

Flora looks so stunning. So nice to have her with us. Please, more of her. Thanks gang. Paul Mcg

DANIEL Vereinigte Staaten


Carne Asana Vereinigte Staaten

Five Paw Prints I'm no tracker but that's a trail I'd gladly follow. The two other balcony shoots featuring Flora are hot as well but this one smolders, as practically everyone is mentioning, because of those last two shots. We beheld that treat the very first time we saw Flora, on the June 6 "Flora Green Grass" and it's quite welcomed again!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora Goddess of Flowers and Spring That last image has burnt itself on my consciousness ~ read her eyes as she flaunts her delightful femininity. Hauntingly erotic.

gareth Vereinigte Staaten

lovely photoset perfect breasts, pretty floral dress, hot tanlines, perfect round booty, and a GRRRREAT trim kitty...

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Wild about the Girl That last image stubbornly refuses to fade away and I am consumed with a wicked desire to embrace her from behind and rest my hot tumescence in between her seductive cheeks.


Alex und Flora Backstagepass | April 15th, 2014
Alex und Flora Backstagepass
S Vereinigte Staaten


FFF Vereinigtes Königreich

Great film. As you say quite short. Feels like there should be a part 2

murf Vereinigte Staaten

great lesson As amazing as the video is - I really appreciated watching Petter work with the models. Let's see more of those videos as well.

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Alex Flora and Alex do show all in their videos. From innocence at the start it is turning hotter each time. Like to see how this progresses.

Canchahel Frankreich

“You know what? ... I’m happy.” (Tribute to Tex Avery) This is an interesting documentary on the good way of organizing this kind of photo shoot. Of course, with the (stage) presence and the style of Flora, things are always easier and better. Moreover, we can see that she tries to understand and control what she is doing; she is a perfectionist: perfection suits perfection. As far as Alex – or “Nikola”, or whatever – is concerned, the Maestro has trained him well: not only he is at Petter’s beck and call but he seems more natural than before, especially when he wags.

suaviter Frankreich

Congratulations to performer Alex How can Alex keep calm while Flora is working him so tenderly ? He must have incredible strength of character !

Maik Deutschland

backstage In many cases looking behind the scenes footage destroys some good portion of the magic, but not here. This is different and perfectly underlines this special atmosphere you deliver with your shoots and films. Thanks for taking the risk. It's great to see more of Petter doing his outstanding work and all three of you finding a great balance between being professional and having fun. I don't think many photographers succeed to work this way. Flora's presence is extremely special, every time. Flora is... well, Flora. Her name stands for so many things. She's amazing. And with this film, it's really cool to have more proof of what i always expected from her. Her involvement into the process, her amount of control and of course how she enjoy's all this make a huge difference. Great peak behind the scenes and a nice lesson too. Thank you very much.

jfwilly Kanada

Alex and Flora Great film and behind the scene action. But its time Petter to let Flora and Alex have their way with each other! You've teased us long enough.

mace75 Deutschland

Flora and Alex Wonderfull film with a very erotic atmosphere. I hope for a part 2 and dear Petter, let them find a way to each other :-) It´s about time :-) Alex is never allowed to cum with Flora. This could be a start, maybe with an oral massage :-) looking to the future and enlarged my membership :-)

tilc174 Deutschland

Last step is missing Fucking hot! What about the last little step?

Alex und Flora gemeinsame WebCam Session | February 18th, 2014
Alex und Flora gemeinsame WebCam Session
NEWWWWW Vereinigte Staaten


HOMO46 Italien

Beautifull Cosa sarebbe Hegre sito senza Flora..... veramente , ma veramente Peter devi fare una performance di Flora e amica che giocano con si si per favore..

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

"don't be shy today!!" you have that effect on us, my dear!

TeaTime Deutschland

:) Question: Is there a chance we see "real" B/G-Sex instead of only teasing like BJ, 69, Massages etc.?! BTW: I luv this clip. :)

TeaTime Deutschland

I luv it ... but what about some "real" B/G sex instead of teasing only?

mamber Vereinigte Staaten

ohhh myyy goddd This girl is amazing... i cannot have enough of her... every time i see her movie or pics... she amazes me so much... can't wait for more to see...absolutely love her..

Hans_4 Deutschland

This film is great! Wish, more models like Emily or Milena would shoot films like this one. But is this the announced " backstage pass" ? I miss the scene from the still, where he is standing behind her and she is about to suck him...Will there be a part 2? Please move on in this direction ! Thanx a lot !

hazed17 Vereinigte Staaten

Hot but... Might as well have penetration...

Victor Double Kanada

Flora, Flora, Flora. Sigh. This cements it in my mind. Flora is the most erotic internet model I have ever seen. The only thing that makes me wistful is that I'll never be the recipient of her sensuous touch.

windmill Niederlande

flora & Alex Again it is hot with Flora & Alex. Great viewing pleasure. Please bring the sequeals soon.

maggie and Pete Vereinigte Staaten

The difference? So there may be some kind of a taboo difference in your mind between the stunningly gorgeous and sexy content of this film, as far as it goes, and outright f**king, but we can't figure out what it is... except that you deny us the beauty of these two people actually coupling. We can't think of anything more perfect than that. Why not just give the people (and most probably the models) what they want?

Ben Vereinigtes Königreich

Film of the week You're such a a tease! How long must we wait?

Maik Deutschland

Very very hot. Capturing Flora's exuberant sexual energy on film and video results always in something special. Great film, at the limits again, but not porn not just a B/G-scene. It's real fun and thats fantastic! They make a great couple, the chemistry between them shows and makes a big difference, and well Flora of course. There is no other girl like her. Let her do whatever she want's, let her be the boss! :) I'm also glad to see a guy who know what is important, making the girl happy. Thank you both for sharing such intimate fun and Petter for letting Flora push the limits of your work, again.

Canchahel Frankreich

Stimulation and simulation Let’s be clear: in this movie, everything is good but not everybody. Of course, the concept is excellent since it is the same as in “Shopping Spree”: realism and vitality, Flora showing great initiative and never looking at the camera (except, fleetingly, once [08:05]), what gives us actually the impression that we see without being seen. Here, this impression is even increased because we are privileged compared to the online voyeurs, which is a good idea. Technically, the movie is good though there are some useless blurred shots and we could perhaps have watched more displayed comments/questions from the chat (Flora has clearly a lot of fun reading some of them). But I’m surprised that one Flora’s profile, which is disconnected once from the soundtrack [3:27], had not been cut in the postproduction. Flora is a natural-born actress whose beauty, charisma and calm make her a great one. She has not only an exceptional body but a magnificent face (Art Deco style, which is too rare now) and, moreover, she is as photogenic (see Flora Webcam Action I & II, for example) as videogenic. Flora has also a voice that sometimes can be incredibly deep – like a contralto but with a silvery tone –, sometimes flies away, touching on a little girl voice, what is not the least of her charms. In the end, the whole film rests on her. Now, Alex is probably a nice guy but, here, he seems to be lacking in commitment and conviction, specially between 06:30 and 07:54 then between 17:26 and 19:05. Flora – who could wake the dead! – is on the bed, naked, by his side or even above him, and he has no reaction where it counts, as if he were thinking about his taxes or something like that! It would seem that he wanted to “play cards”. Ironically, Flora says: ”This is not real life” [10:23] and, in this context, we could add “fortunately” because no normal man in this world could act like that. Everyone knows that, with regard to desire, a man cannot simulate and, in the real world or on the stage, Flora is irresistible. She doesn’t even need to stimulate: she IS the stimulation. Sadly, that unseemliness somewhat damages the force and the credibility of this good and interesting film.

Flyer12345 Vereinigte Staaten

Well, that was fun! Terrific film. Totally sexy. Flora is THE BEST! Her orgasm was spectacular. Would like to see them both cum. More like it!

archcon37 Vereinigte Staaten

Flora This is very well done, but omit the damn computer. Nothing is more erotic than seeing a man and a woman make love to each other, with their hands and their mouths in constant motion, caressing each other and showing both orgasms, not just one

PC Vereinigte Staaten

Maria is such a beautiful & sexy girl! Hope to see more videos of hers.

Skymaster Kolumbien

ahyyyyyy mi flora linda !!!!!! love U

Harpo Vereinigte Staaten

Alex&Flora Flora is VERY sexy and looks like she is actually enjoying what she is doing. Not sure about Alex though....maybe he is not a very good actor? Now Petter, I know you believe you are bringing 'Art' to the concept of Erotica, and in some aspects you are, but, in a real sense you are simply playing at being 'arty'. If you are going to show boys and girls naked together, and boys with nice hardons, for gods' sake don't be hypocritical; give us the real coupling and the cumshot! Make the fountain an exquisite artistic statement too!

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Alex and flora - Cam Couple. The computer was both too intrusive and too disruptive. As a consequence, there was no real spontaneity here, which is a pity because Flora is nothing if not spontaneous and she certainly enjoys sex. Also, the camera angles were inadequate and there were no alternative viewpoints. Having got Alex to the very entrance of Flora's sex it was hypocritical, if not almost criminal, for him not to enter and complete the action. (No doubt that happened afterwards but, on in a shoot that went so far, it could have been shewn to the delight of the watchers and the pleasure of the performers). Let's be adult about this. We've seen many male and female orgasms on the Hegré-Art site, so seeing the natural culmination of sexual foreplay - i.e, actual intercourse - is unlikely to shock anyone watching.

MojoMa55 Schweiz

RE: Alex&Flora In such an intimate situation, in real life, a man should not have to act or perform; these should come naturally. In front of a camera and potential audience, however, many men cannot sustain an erection - especially when frequently distracted by the cam screen - no matter how sensually stimulating a partner may be. Despite fantastic Flora's best efforts therefore - and bearing in mind that the couple were probably told NOT to go all the way - poor Alex was left looking inadequate. Hence, I don't criticise him for that, but the format itself which limited his options.

Kel Vereinigte Staaten

Seriously, I could watch Flora read a phone book! She's just beautiful in every way.

Marko3930 Polen

Flora jest super, ale chciałbym zobaczyć coś nowego z jej udziałem. Prawdziwy, zmysłowy sex. Ten film już raz był !!!

M.J. Naza Vereinigte Staaten

At first you almost feel sympathetic for alex being teased over and over by flora. Then you realize what he gets to do with flora and then all of a sudden you feel envious. Although i wish to see flora take in all she is worth. It is still sexually stimulating to watch her tip toe on the edge of foreplay and intercourse.

JuanL Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Flora is quite possibly the sexiest woman I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen a great many, thanks to cyberspace. I'm glad I finally stumbled upon this site. Please continue to bring us as much of Flora as possible!


wonderful orgasm It always such a pleasure to watch her getting an see her sexy hot abs contracting....WOW breathtaking

Flora Erschütternde Folter | August 20th, 2013
Flora Erschütternde Folter
o Norwegen

chair my wife would love that chair!! where can i order one of them??

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora - Trembling Torture 'Torture' wasn't the right description; it should have been 'Pleasure'. Flora certainly seemed to enjoy the experience. It would be interesting to watch Flora - or another of your brave girls - tied tightly to a Sybian for 10 minutes and see the number of orgasms she experiences.

SpotTheWonderDog Vereinigte Staaten

Whew Wow, that was so erotic. Flora is amazing and to see her muscles and tendons twitch in utter delight was mesmerizing. I wish I could have had the sound turned up but I didn't want to wake my wife. The chair did not seem comfortable; too high and Flora didn't quite know what to do with her feet. Maybe that was the torture part but it seemed distracting to her, and me.

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Love Flora Absolutely stunning.....beautiful body and very pretty....

Rio Portugal

Loved it ! Absolutely amazing :) , what a great erotic moment this one . Specially with Flora and her amazing body ... well done PETTER !!! More please :) !

Neo Vereinigte Staaten

So yummy!! I bet Mike can make her scream like that!!!!

jizz Australien

pussy twitch just watching floras tight pussy twitching and her deepthroated gasps as she shuddered thru her multi orgasm sent me over the edge and i fair flooded my girl. this site has done wonders for our sex life and now we are scouting eastern europe ourselves in search of another flora to join us...

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

powerful erotica What a superb video which was real and extremely erotic. Flora is a rampantly sexual woman and not afraid to show her feelings. Only complaint is that why didn't we get any close ups of her tortured pussy before, during, and after her ordeal as that would have been superb to see her wet and aroused pussy. Flora you are such a beautiful and sexual woman, I love your submissions . Someone is a lucky person who gets to enjoy sex with you, I only wish it was me!!!!!!.

Auricman Vereinigte Staaten

I would like to see other models given the "chair"

suaviter Frankreich

a matter of vocabulary 1/ thank you for this highly exciting set. 2/Just because all that is "for fun"I can't approve of the use of the word "torture" I hope that none of us would like to see a model beeing tortured .Except for BDSM lovers.

king_penis Deutschland

Idea: These videos are great! But wouldn't it be nice to see a girl riding a sybian? She would sit in the same position but I think it could be more intensive...

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: Idea: I agree. It would be interesting to see a shoot, (in the Film section), where (say) a nude Flora and/or one or more other adventurous models sit astride a Sybian vibrator. The aim would be to see how long she/they could stay astride and how many consecutive orgasms she/they could experience. If more than one model is involved she/they could operate the controls so that the one then on the Sybian could concentrate on the experience itself. Since this powerful machine is rather noisy, it could be placed on a cushioned base -- mattress or bed -- to minimise the sound of the machine.

Sexydiva Vereinigte Staaten

Aww She's so cute. This is my fave vid so far!

Evie Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Flora - Trembling Torture You could tie me to the chair for as long as you wish I think it is fantastic

Flora und Mike heftige Anziehung | July 16th, 2013
Flora und Mike heftige Anziehung
MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora & Mike - Extreme Attraction Superb!. Excellent empathy between Flora and Mike who both achieved a 'Happy Ending'. What else can one say, except: "More!...more!...more of the same!.

Herr Lich Deutschland

Bloody hell! I was not ready for that.

meonhere Vereinigtes Königreich

Just like I said! Well, I emailed you recently to say that my membership was dependant on male/female interactivity and particularly a 'happy ending' for the male. So, I saw this video was on, and I rejoined straight away! Sexy solo women are nice too! But no solo males please!

Yum_Yum Australien

Can I be Mike? Can I? Can I? Please??

DC Australien

Flora&Mike Extreme Attraction Petter, this is the best film yet. It is a long time since I have seen anything as elegant, sensuous, and so extremely tasteful, between a man and a woman. Congratulations. It was made even more so when the two people are Flora and Mike, and so perhaps this was inevitable. These two have been demonstration a connection for a long time now. Wonderful.

Herbert Deutschland

REALLY - BEST - I wish more of such GREAT films ! I am happy to be a member here and come back with pleasure again and again. Please more of such couple films ... Thank you

Herbert Deutschland

RE: Flora & Mike - Extreme Attraction Exact: More, more and more and more ... :)

Leon Frankreich

anther piece of beauty No need to do or say anything, it is just a great moment of astonishing contemplation. Many thanks to the team

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

one angle Absolutely stunning film which was superb except for one thing a somewhat one sided film. Although there was obvious arousal and stimulation from Mike's point of view there was little detail of the reciprocation of Flora's arousal and climax. Please give us more please more!!!with this detail addressed as this is one of the best of your films without being crude, just honest, in that there appeared to be no playing up to the camera just doing what comes naturally

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE: POETRY IN PASSION SET FREE In crafting this video, a milestone has been reached. In measured tones, we see a well-matched couple pleasuring each other, wholly oblivious to any watching eyes in the cyberverse. Bodies sleek and well-oiled. Making sensuous rhythms. FLORA y MIKE's passion for each other takes on the force of a waking volcano, with its show of sparks and echoes of crackly thunder. Thus, for FLORA y MIKE, their animal selves are at long last free! (Now that a new standard has been established in Hegre-Art, may there be more videos of this genre wherein fully nude couples may pleasure and indulge themselves sans limites.)

Rico Portugal

amazing piece of Art. What a fantastic piece of art this movie .. what and excellent combination between Flora and Mike . The details on this movie are just a delight for the eyes !!! keep more couple movies with this quality please . Not enough words for the last part of the movie.... maybe " mesmerizing " Thanks Petter.

Jean-Pierre Luxemburg

silence is real and erotic This video as well as the one before ( with Alyia and Valerie) are my favourites among new hegre videos. Why, because it's real. The models are having real pleasure. So this is not a cheap porn where models just have fake pleasure ( over-exagerated reaction and screaming) to please the male viewers. Definitly not. Porn is porn because it's fake, not because it has jumped over the wall of moral. So congratulation ! I hope hegre videos will continue in this direction in the future.

Canchahel Frankreich

In Praise of Slowness (tribute to Carl Honoré) This movie is simply excellent. It will be a benchmark, like “Behind the Scenes”, with Alya and Valerie: staging, lighting, image quality, close-ups, etc. and, above all that, maybe, this slowness which always suits intimacy and sensuality. Flora is a real star: she has not only one great body and two marvelous eyes but also exceptional qualities and gifts. Go on, Petter: it’s the good vein!

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

Flora & Mike chat with Flora in livecam about this video...seeing is believing...really broke my heart :)

Smee Vereinigte Staaten

10 out of 10 Finally Mike gets what been coming to him. This is a near perfect video, and probably one of the best I have ever seen on any site.

John Vereinigte Staaten

WTF, Over! Enough of the dickfest that's infecting this site. I come here to see nude women not this so-called artsy fartsy male-female porn! Like most of the male viewers here, I seriously doubt any of us would shed a tear if this is the last dick ever seen on this site. For the love of God man, give it a break with all these dicks running around this site! Please come back up to the standards this site was originally known for, beautiful nude women.

figaro2 Australien

How disappointing! You can show Mike having his cock sucked, but not Flora having her pussy eaten. What's wrong with your film maker? Stuck in the old porn cliche about the money shot? Is cunnilingus taboo on Hegre art? Or, as with most low-rent porn, is the male orgasm always the main and only event. Of course, there's always the possibility that Mike is gay and doesn't like pussy, and Flora was faking it.

Buttman57 Italien

Best Ever! This is the best video on this site! Bare none! More of female/male eroticism. I will re-new my bi-annual membership for videos like this!

xtgee Vereinigte Staaten

I am so very pleased for Mike- and, imho this is probably the best video on the site. Flora and Mike seem to have real chemistry when they were on projects together!

ScorpioNC Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful That was truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced. No story line, no lead up, just what it is: artfully beautiful. I know sometimes this graphic of subject matter is frowned on with this site, but it's still art and it's still beautiful. I'm not saying do this all the time but I think those who want just posing, etc. get their fill with this site. Those of us who like a little more depth, get their fill with this site, as well. A balance must be made to us who pay our money just like everyone else, but want a little more graphic scenario. This was well done, with great models who have amazing chemistry together. Thank you Petter for filming this and allowing us to see it. Thank you Flora and Mike for being involved. Truly amazing.

Rodolfo Lavandino Italien

Flora e Mike extreme attraction E' fantastico.Beautiful blow job more, more,more. I desire an acttraction with Mike and Valery.

Basia Polen

beautiful view 21:56-22:05 Oh... perfectly beautiful and beautifully perfect! For me the most artistic part of the film are minutes 21:56 to 22:05 - the lighting, the curves, the beauty of the two bodies... it cannot be better! But... knowing Petter - there will be even better films soon. I cannot wait! Thank you Petter!

buzz Vereinigte Staaten

That was a pleasure to watch and wish I was in Mike's place!! Flora is hot on so many levels...

John Vereinigtes Königreich

Oh my god That was simply the most arousing, exciting thing I've seen since...En's massage. Absolutely stunning. You are to be congratulated for capturing that, and Flora and Mike for enjoying each other so much. I would like to have seen what Mike was giving Flora, but that's not a complaint. More like this - real, intimate - please.

burner69 Vereinigte Staaten

Flora & Mike WOW! This is Art at it's Fineness, with the Perfect couple. EPIC!!! Like to see more video like this. Great Job Petter!!!

windmill Niederlande

Flora & Mike Stunning, breathtaking excitement in great seduction. Flora and Mike are so great together in their shared intimacy. Their beautiful shining oiled bodies in close movements connected. In this excellent film I see the difference and all the reasons for joining this site. Great work to be continued and explored. Many happy days to come.

sedtus Vereinigte Staaten

Brilliant Amazing video! Simply amazing.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Bloody hell! lol is that a good or bad thing?

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: WTF, Over! glad I'm not alone in my opinion

Hardy Deutschland

Film der Woche Ich bin mal wieder begeistert! Großartig die Beiden. Flora und Mike habe mal wieder alles gegeben. Mehr davon...

Mike Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Flora & Mike Mike here! Working with Flora in this film, I die as the happiest man :-)))

dan4hegre Vereinigte Staaten

The Sensational Flora & Mike Nothing but compliments for this well done and passionately performed film of erotic pleasure, not only for Mr. Hegre, but for the sensual Flora and the artful Mike, depicting the two lovers extraordinaire. The entire scene was captured so magnificently... subtle, but yet so sizzling hot. One could actually feel their tender touches building for the emotional and physical overload shown by Flora's elegant expressions and Mike's satisfied example of his ultimate ecstasy that Flora coaxed from his manhood.... absolutely beautiful and poetic sexual bliss for the both of them... and for all of us. I will definitely extend my membership as long as there is promise of more films of this nature and quality. Bravo to the cast and photographer for a job well done!!

JerseyJoe4 Vereinigte Staaten

Beautifully erotic This is at once a beautifully erotic and an erotically beautiful video. Mike and Flora are fantastic physical specimens and two of my favorite models on this site. Their deep physical attraction has been obvious in previous shoots and films, and it is satisfying to see their intimacy slowly build here and reach its climax almost simultaneously. Like others, I would have preferred some shots from Mike's perspective, but I understand the desire to focus where their mutual satisfaction is seen in one frame. Fine work, Petter. Please, more of this.

Pixe Vereinigtes Königreich

Beautiful and sensual Flora and Mike - Finally the video / film that we have been waiting for. This could be the best Hegre film ever?! Really gentle and considered film making of the highest quality and caliber. Mike receiving fellatio from Flora - and Mike returning the favour by eating Flora's pussy, 69ing. Mike being masturbated by Flora to orgasm and spilling his seed - Lovely and sensual. And Flora obviously having an orgasm too. So tastefully done - More please.

G-Spot Deutschland

It is just fantastic. Pure eroticism. Flona is so hot and beautiful (and Mike of course, too ;-) ). And poor Mike is finally allowed to have an ejaculation. In the past it has sometimes been felt sorry for me. Still, I wish I had put in his place.

Basia Polen

RE: RE: Flora & Mike Mike ;o) you really enjoyed that :o)

Funboy4U Norwegen

RE: WTF, Over! No need to complain about stuff you don't like. No one is forcing you to watch it. From the other comments it's clear that quite a few people like it..

Member Vereinigte Staaten

Wow by far the best hegre film i have seen.. . more please... best duo..i wish i could have seen mike's tongue in action..

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Absolutely astonishing Been waiting 14 months for a video like are finally on the right fucking hot.....Flora is gorgeous.....would love to see Mikes cock fucking Flora slowly and then cumming on her swollen lips....

Herr Lich Deutschland

Re: Bloody hell! Good or bad, who knows. I consider myself a VERY big fan of Flora and I have spent hours talking to her and listening to her on livecam. I absolutely know that everything about this website is an illusion, yet it feels like we have a certain level of connection. She has shown me things, she remembers me, etc. This video really excited me and it has changed my illusion of her. Which makes a difference for me.

Lol Dänemark

Lucky Mike wou

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: Flora & Mike I'm happy for you!lol doesn't change the fact that this is not the site that I joined!

Maikel Deutschland

Flora&Mike Not a normal Movie! For me its one of - or better: the best video ever seen! Thnaks a lot for this piece of ART!

Barney Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora is the one that made me sign up for a year. More of this quality performance and I will be in for another year. P.S. Where is Muriel?

pinky Deutschland

not bad, but ... well, Flora is a naughty girl we see didnt expect a bj movie with her .. great movie, yes BUT I dont really care about bg or bj would be much happier about seeing her masturbate for us I really hope to see such a movie with her someday ;) cheers!

420247 Vereinigte Staaten

Best. Video. Ever.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: Flora & Mike I'm sure that, for reasons of time or space, much of what happened -- including the 'pussy-eating' angle, which can be difficult to film effectively -- was cut. Indeed, if I have one small complaint, it is that there were too many editorial cuts. But, to experienced eyes, the outcome for both Flora and Mike was genuine, not faked, as Mike himself confirmed in his comment.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: WTF, Over! Please don't spoil others' pleasure. Many members -- no pun intended! -- want to see the models interact with each other in ways that are natural in sexually explicit contexts. If you don't want to see dicks, there are lots of videos, probably a majority, on the Hegré site that don't shew them -- in both the Massage and Film sections -- so you can watch those. The quality of the Hegré videos, (whether or not dicks appear), is usually so superb that they are worth watching as artworks in themselves.

wheeeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: Flora & Mike I'm happy for you, Mike! lol

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Where is Muriel? Barney, I second that question. I left thoughtful comments on several of Muriel's films such as Nude Beach, Fitness Ball and Elliptical Cross Trainer. As a fellow Muriel admirer, I would welcome your, or other members, responses to these comments. Thanks.

BigBear Vereinigte Staaten

flora and mike great film. i would like to see more films like this where both partners get complete satisfaction without the usual "porn film" penetration. this film was very erotic, without being pornographic. more please!!!!!!

Tricia Frankreich

Sweet... Très beau film, sensuel, doux...merci

Moose Vereinigte Staaten

Really? Very well done video; it appeared Flora and Mike had a great time even with the cameras, which is what I want to see. As for the whiners: it was obvious from the banner pic what was to be in this video; you were surprised? First time on the internet? If you are afraid of a penis just wait for the next video. The verity is what makes this site great. I notice some of the same people bitching about some of the themes getting old and boring that complain about new stuff. Constructive criticism is one thing, the preview of the site lets you know exactly the verity you are in for. You are just bitching; Bitching about this kind of thing makes you look like an idiot.

amy Vereinigte Staaten

Mike Thank you so much for this beautiful film! Both models are so artistic in their movements and beautiful in appearance. You have highlighted the contrasts, not only of skin color, but between male and female and shown their interaction as naturally as any I've seen. I find Mike especially enchanting, and you show him, not as some "black thug", but as a sensuous lover. I hope you will make more of these kind of videos with him included. Thanks again!

darth neo Vereinigte Staaten

RE: WTF, Over! Dam Flora brainstormed the hell out of Mike... his bains were being sucked through his dick... and Mike brainstormed Flora... she was giving birth to her brains....

Runkeeper Vereinigte Staaten

Flora and Mike Perfect. Teasing is what it's all about. You can not see much in the angle when Flora is getting licked but we can figure this one out. Clips like this one is great!! Sexy, tease, and finishes with the woman excited and of course Mike could not fake his.

Pipo Schweiz

Most amazing erotic video! Beautiful art!

ourfirstbbc Vereinigte Staaten

Very Nice, Need More like this!!! Beautiful work!!! Need more like this, black on white, sexy man sexy woman. Mikes big dick is mesmerizing ! Wife is in love with that well hung man! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

artist Vereinigtes Königreich

Mike aqnd Flora Absolutely wonderful and real.I look forward to more of this.

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

GREAT!!!!!!! I knew Petter could do it, make art out of intimacy that many would consider porn. The angles of the shots, the timing, the artistry of Flora's lips, everything made this movie great. I wish we could have seen Mike's tongue on/in Flora - maybe another time. I disagree with those that don't find artistry in the penis. Both the female and male form (especially a male like Mike) are beautiful and can and should be captured. I think Petter is capable of making pentration artistic and wish he would do so. (Petter, maybe a companion site for those of us that would like the see your models in more intimate ways - I'm sure you have the films and pictures already :)). I joined the site for the beautiful women and would be disappointed if it did not continue to feature those women. But variety is the spice of life and adding males to some of the shoots and movies is nothing but great.

kenneth9998 Vereinigte Staaten

Awesome! Not just beautiful bodies but sex on a higher plane. More please.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: GREAT!!!!!!! Since they obviously enjoyed the oral stage of their relationship on film, Flora and Mike might eventually volunteer to go to the next level on film. But let's give them -- and any other couple -- time to decide for themselves whether that is what they really want to do. I would not object if they did. I think the Film site is preferable to the Massage site for this more intimate kind of production. That would ensure that those who do not want to watch explicit sexuality do not have to do so, whilst those who are happy with such a development can enjoy their preference. The key factor in all this, of course, is that the models' opinions and feelings are paramount; they should not feel under any pressure to conform or perform. Voluntary mutual consensuality is essential.

vintage47 Vereinigte Staaten

flora/mifilmke ditto,ditto,ditto. awsome

mango Vereinigte Staaten

Awesome I would like to see them go all the way :)

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: GREAT!!!!!!! or, better yet, it's own site!

Jaime Mexiko

Mexico Super! Very exciting

Enchanted Mexiko

Awesome! Great film! My fantasy woul be to join Flora and Mike and do all they did with each other. I wouldn't know though who I'd start with. Tough decision.

geoff Australien

flora & mike loved it , lets go all the way. would love to see Valerie do a similar film.

Zakk Vereinigte Staaten

one of the most erotic videos i have ever seen. the tension builds and builds. very, very well done.

Gregor Brasilien

Coment It is not difficult to find explicit sex movies with beautiful women, now it's very rare to find a movie with a sexuality so authentically natural as this. Loved the sensuality of Flora and I enjoyed the delicacy of Mike. Flora and Mike, please make another movie like this, if it is possible. The producer(Petter?) You transformed the vulgarity in art. Beautiful work.

Bill Australien

nice to see male/female couples. It would be great to see more videos of women receiving massages from men. Female:female can get a bit repetitive. Not sure how many women watch this site but my other half does though only the male:female videos. Might improve sales to that "market".....

Aram Schweiz

Wow. This may be the sexiest film I've ever watched. So tense, so natural and real, and so beautifully shot. It's the first time I've seen the realism you usually only find in amateur video being combined with the visual beauty of professional erotica. Petter, I think you may have just reinvented porn.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora and Mike This beautiful, slow, natural consensual sex between two handsome people cannot properly be described as porn. The film is simply superb. More like this would be welcome.

kmike77 Kanada

love male/female films ..

Blatch_wg8 Australien

Film Gorgeous: this is what makes this site so good - real tenderness plus eroticism; loved to see Flora's still at fellatio, though I must confess I would have liked to see what was going on between those beautiful white thighs, which roused her to such a convincing paroxysm. Apart from anything else, though the fellatio was great to watch, it really went on for a very long time, and despite Flora's best efforts was perhaps in the end slightly repetitive. Not sure why we weren't shown the cunnilingus, which was obviously equally skilful. Obviously nto because it's never shown . . . so, another time, maybe?

Luckyfucks Vereinigte Staaten

Interracial Sex We think this is 'in vogue' and extremely erotic. More please.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: Ying Meets Yang The sexual chemistry between Mike and Flora was evident from the very start of the film. I don't think there was any faking; both of them obviously enjoyed the experience. If anything was missing -- apart from the cunnilingus -- it was the final culmination. But maybe that will be shewn eventually. One has to progress step by step whilst keeping the aesthetic quality at the highest possible level of artistry. The site has already gone a long way in a relatively short time, so a little more patience will surely be rewarded.

owenss Australien

flora n mike this is a great( erotic, sexy, fun , horny, pornographic and fuckin A) example of two consenting adults allowing us to watch them have sex. so why is viewer discretion advised ? if you don't subscribe to this site you don't see this. This movie is why I came back to this site . MORE PLS

CB13 Vereinigte Staaten

Incredible Flora and Mike make a perfect couple, and this film is incredible! Please pair them up again.

Demora Norwegen

Once again you have naild it. A beauty of two adults making most intimate thing. Difference between this and any other blowjob film is that, in this film you can actually see the sexual attention between of these two. Only thing that I was missing was a perspective of Mike. I wish someday we can see artistic and beautiful penetration on this site. Also I wait to see massage that ends to squirting.

El Artista Vereinigte Staaten

The shot would of been for her to take it down so her lips were at the base of his shaft and then give her sexy look to the camera. Keep practicing Flora, you are wonderful.

darjin Vereinigte Staaten

Yes. I came back because of this video too. I hope to see more like it. Artistic hardcore is beautiful.

Blackman Schweden

More interracial This scene was great. Lovely to see the movie. Finally they get in deeper touch with eachother. I would like to see Coxy or the new girl Milena get in deep touch with Mike or any other black man. Those interracial scenes with really dark black men and beautiful white girls is great!

Simonas Vereinigtes Königreich

Mike & Flora Terrific film; one of the most erotic films on your site, and indeed on the internet. Slow, subtle and really intense, from beginning to end. I envy Mike hugely however.......

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora and Mike This is how a sexual massage should be; slow and sensual physical interaction between the partners leading to mutual satisfaction.

Knight Wing Vereinigte Staaten

Flora and Mike I loved this video. Totally hot. The only thing that would have made it better is showing angles of Mike eating her out. I love licking pussy so that's what I would have loved to have seen. She looked like she had an orgasm so why not show how he gave it to her>

Knight Wing Vereinigte Staaten

Flora and Mike Makes you wonder if they are a couple because the have really good chemistry. I hope you film them getting each other off again.

Knight Wing Vereinigte Staaten

Flora and Mike Maybe the next time you film them they could take turns. take turns giving each other a massage and an oral happy ending. Flora 1st. Like I said I love eating pussy so that's what I like seeing the most.

Ben Vereinigtes Königreich

Going further This is so hot! Your classy, sensual approach is second to non. As you are getting a little more daring, it would be amazing to see one of your boys enter one of the girls, in the high class way that only you could do.

Davbru Vereinigte Staaten

Great Film !! This is by far the best video that I have seen on this site. Flora is so erotic and sexual. She has set the 'Standard". This goes to show that 'real' sex can be extremely erotic and artistic !! I would love to see more films like this. I am certainly looking forward to the next video with Flora. She is one beautiful and confident woman !! That Mike is one heck of a lucky guy too !!

bsausage Vereinigte Staaten

Really??? Are we serious?? When are we going to see these gorgeous girls get pounded??? I mean, let's be honest, and stop all the bs comments. They're having more fun off camera than on, we know that. Back me up here, man. They're not going to take your membership away because you called it out. Let's see some action!

JW37 Vereinigte Staaten

Climax Scene Great video that was wonderfully shot as all of your vids are. My problem with this video is: I watch the climatic build up for over 20 minutes and when it's time for the release, for some reason I can't see it well! The flowing juices are blocked as she pulled him into her body blocking the view! Then it is further obscured when her arm blocks the action even more! 25+ minutes and I can't see what I have been waiting to view! Also as another viewer mentioned, why not have them take turns pleasuring one another. We would enjoy seeing him pleasure her as well.

WanderinStar Vereinigte Staaten

This vulgar comment You know, I have been viewing Hegre stuff for years, and it's absolutely consistently beautiful. Why is there always somebody who wants to make sex vulgar? Action. Pounding. Disrespect. If a close-up cumshot is all that gets you off, you have a problem. There's plenty of ugly porn out there. Why don't you go find some and leave the rest of us alone?

Gil123 Frankreich

Wouh!!! Absolute beauty! Certainly the most beautiful, most erotic of your short films! A show for young people aged 16 to teach them what a healthy love! A true desire from each other, so far all these films classified "X" are that degradation to the woman, and an image of the man so degrading! I want more time!

tony ling/graphene Vereinigtes Königreich

flora + mike agree with all other comments that this is really a superbly made film, beautiful and erotic, with two wonderful 'actors' - can hardly imagine how it could be improved. Many thanks for this However, this begs the question: why are there not more films like this on this site?! Nearly all the other films seem to be from a different planet compared to this. Can we expect to see more quality stuff like this?

Roberto Vereinigte Staaten

Acadamy Award I have been a member on and off for several years. If you had more performances like this I would be come a year round member. I have watched this so many times and each time it has brought me great pleasure. I only wish you had caught a little on what he was doing on the other end. I don't watch the other porno that much because it is just the same old thing all the time and they do not respect the girls. Making love is a two way street and should not be dominated by the male. You have great photography and beautiful girls. You need a lot more updates. Two weeks after I join I am really bored with looking at the same thing over and over. We understand these girls and boys are not Hollywood, but I think they could handle a little more performing on their part. I would like to have some one answer my comments. Thank You

Rajah Vereinigte Staaten

Loved It Great film...i would like to see more like it....I think the two had great chemistry......More...More..More

Mazungu Vereinigtes Königreich

What a climax and what a pair .love to see more of them having some serious climax.thoroughly an enjoyable film

Johnnyp Vereinigte Staaten

Well, after all that time, Mike comes and we get to see Flora's arm! Great work, cameraman. thanks a whole lot.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora and Mike This is the most sensually erotic massage film that Hegré-Art has produced todate. The spontaneous interactions between this pair were so natural that one can believe they both really enjoyed the experience. This is how erotic massages should be presented; slow, sensuous and full of feeling. I would like to see many more superb films like this.

scooterbum Vereinigte Staaten

Very Hot! I am new to this site. What an awesome scene! More videos like this will keep me here forever. Sensual massage with both having a release at the end...very exciting. I know this is not a porn site, this is sexy and tasteful. But, a little intercourse every now and then would be awesome

wildhorses Vereinigte Staaten

Flora I can't get enough of Flora. More please.

brian and melissa Vereinigte Staaten

flora - wow We realize that the director does very erotic and sensual filming. He does seem to have a line that he won't cross, although that seems to be changing ever so slowly. We got the impression that in this video there was no intent to show oral as graphically as they did. However, Flora was so very turned on she could not resist. That first time she inserted him in her mouth you could see her body and breathing alter. Nothing was going to stop her from doing this. The director let things happen. Flora knows how to give oral and she completely enjoys it. After a while she clearly wanted to pleasure him completely. I am certain she wanted him to finish in her mouth but decided not to. We are also certain that she wanted to have intercourse with him right then and there. If the intercourse barrier is broken on this site, Flora and Mike would fog everybody's computer screens. We agree with others comments on this site - full penetration if done correctly and with passion - is not pornographic. Please allow that passion to happen.

Mix_Bit Italien

The expected final After many photo sets and videos of this beautiful couple, it was nice to see that between the two was born a beautiful complicity. This is only for art, maybe so, but it is nice to think that there is an intimate friendship.

love064u Trinidad und Tobago

perfect combo!

Man2040 Vereinigte Staaten

flora I love her ass.

Kel Vereinigte Staaten

RE: flora - wow I agree 100 % with every point you two have made. I thought I was the only one that felt that they went further than was originally intended, and that is what makes this video so great! The passion and tension is so strong between Flora and Mike, it's almost like you physically touch it. The turning point for me seemed to be when Flora instead of just being on top turned into her clearly straddling him as if to silently say to Mike: "Yes, you may". And from! There's a reason why this is the top rated non-massage video (as of me writing this) . Even though it seems pretty obvious it's going to be Flora with somebody else besides Mike, if Hegre decides to take things to the next level, Flora and Mike should absolutely be the vanguards for that new level reached! Great video!

MojoMa55 Schweiz

RE: RE: flora - wow I agree. Flora and Mike are such a beautiful couple, and so natural together, that it would be great to see them fully consummate their physical relationship in a film. I expect, however, that we may have to wait a while before Hegré-Art takes that next step.

MojoMa55 Schweiz

Flora and Mike Every time that I revisit this outstanding film, my opinion is reinforced that the perfectly matched Flora and Mike have presented us with a demonstration of genuinely aesthetic eroticism of the very highest class. I hope that Hegré-Art will produce more masterpieces of this type and calibre in which natural interactions between the participants are permitted, but with more interesting viewpoints and fewer editorial cuts that tend to disrupt the smooth flow of what is happening.

windmill Niederlande

RE: Flora & Mike Flora and Mike in this video are definitively at their best. They may be out of control. Their outstanding performance is something to revisted often. It is true Flora and Mike together make magical erotics to show here.

blah_blah Vereinigtes Königreich

I'm sure it's 'art' but i really feel sorry for the poor bloke...


Breathtaking..... This was such a super hot and sensual video....please add more like that one :D !!!

Flora und Zaika Tropische Romanze | March 5th, 2013
Flora und Zaika Tropische Romanze
Art Vereinigte Staaten

Follow-up? It’s a neat story. How about a follow-up? What they do next?

Chen Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

Privilege I want you to know that it is like a privilege to see your life together. Thank you Flora and Zaika.

Walt Vereinigte Staaten

Perfect vacation This is what would make my perfect vacation. These girls on a tropical island are a dream.

Finbar. Irland

RE: Perfect vacation That is OK up to a point Walt. Like you say it is a holiday-style setting. More of the erotic and, let’s face it, the sexy as well should be there too. It stops where it should start.

Farren Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: Perfect vacation I like it just the way it is. It creates a mood. It is one I like because it is relaxing and soothing with lots of erotic suggestion.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Double Butt Fun I love butts. There, I admitted it, and this video is a butt lover's dream. Butts in the water, walking butts, butts on the beach, butts in the shower, and finally butts on the bed! Loved it! Thank you Flora and Zaika!

Rodrigo Brasilien

No action Zaika's been blue balling me for too long , her and coxy as matter of fact , i want to see them in more action than this , be it in a massage or a film , but please make it happen , i'll agree with the guy that said this film ended where it should've started.

windmill Niederlande

RE: RE: RE: Perfect vacation Indeed I agree it is the sensual mood in this excellent film caught so well. Flora and Zaika are so natural in all of their movements and touching. A great pleasure to see.

norcalsoup Kanada

Those are two stunning looking obviously completely heterosexual woman! As someone w/ a penis I applaud their choice in sexuality and commitment to the shoot!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Follow-up? YES!!! Ms Alya, PLEASE tell me there is more to come in this story???!!

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

To be continued? Two stunning ladies with beautiful bodies.....

herveda Schweiz

This is the BEST of the best for me. Totally awesome; it feels like Peter's best work. I am in awe: the sound, the rhythm, the profound expression of feminity, the beauty of the young shaktis, the location, the filming. Unbelievable. The models seem so delicate and genuine. I love the vibrator massages and I love even more this type of delicate, super pro, erotica. I want hard core stuff and I want this kind of exquisite work. Bravo. Thanks. I am grateful. I wish I had the opportunity to come to your photo workshops and chat. By the way, where is this hotel? I am going to go there with a group of advanced tantrikas. Perfect place for tantra work.

Franco Italien

Wordefully stunning Delicious films, I appreciate the beauty of model and their delicacy, Flora is wonderfully stunning, and finally thanks a lot to Alya, every her works is a masterpiece of beauty.

Fritz Vereinigte Staaten

Tropical Romance Very tender. Amazing.

b Australien

Cold? The film showed signs of becomign interesting one minute before it ended! It was a long time to spend under running water - I hope it was warm, though the pert nipples suggested otherrwide!

Starscout Vereinigte Staaten

The setting Flora and Zaika and the setting are magical...Hegre brings far away places and women and make them feel like we can touch them...makes his audience feel a part of the entire scene. Remarkable. Naturally, would love to next see the beautiful ladies romantically under the stars or at sunrise together...

CoxyFloraTheaZaikaNacktesWorkout | January 8th, 2013
Daly Vereinigte Staaten

Pleasure This whole movie is a real pleasure to watch. Every time at the gym I am thinking what the babes there would like doing their thing nude. This movie takes me there.

Mitch Australien

Relax Like the pace. It is slow and easy and I have played it in the background to relax to.

Donna Norfolkinsel

Speaks for itself It’s good to see a movie which lets the girls’ beauty speak for itself without trying over-hard with the setting or the action.

Anders Südafrika

More close ups OK but I think there must have been plenty of chances to get more of the close up shots that are there at the end, though imho there are not enough of them.

Tim Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: More close ups Remember the saying “Variety is the spice of life”? Just watch it for what it is. Beautiful women.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Film of the Week, 8th January 2013 Shouldn't the male model be 'dressed' like the females?. We see male genitals in other films and massages at Hegre, so why not this time?. It looks like sexual discrimination. I am not 'gay'. I just believe in sexual equality.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Public Service Annoucement for Zaika Butt Fans Attention all Zaika Butt Fans: best viewing of Zaika's butt in this film is from 3:12 to 3:50, doing squatts, and from 620 to 818, standing, bending and then kneeling. Most revealing views from 6:53-7:05 and 7:42-7:48. Brought to you as a Public Service from the Zaika Butt Fan Association (ZBFA)

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

I think all of these ladies deserve a nice massage after that workout! (and, thanks to Mr Instructor for keeping your britches on!)

nice one Vereinigte Staaten

funny to imagine thanks for the workout scene! these girls probably have the urge to work out daily. why not add a new tab: Workout Videos ( and give us another video every few days to enjoy. besides, the ladies look like they need more strength and flexibility training and if you watch videos of yourself it improves body awareness. it seems only flora has body awareness among the 4 females.

Zeke Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Public Service Annoucement for Zaika Butt Fans Thanks Roger!

Flora und Mike - Die Produktion der "Die dicke Kanone" Fotosession | December 11th, 2012
Flora und Mike - Die Produktion der "Die dicke Kanone" Fotosession
MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora and Mike -Making of Big Gun I would like to see a 15-20 minute film of this, in sequence but without the intrusive photographer. That should be quite erotic.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA y MIKE EN CELO All in all, a very titillating and teasingly delightful video. FLORA is absolutely perfect here, showing her firm, shapely cuerpo to full effect. She has lots of gusto and sin verguenza, takes especial delight in oiling-down Mike's body and toying with his rock-hard chocolate penis. For his part, Mike enjoys it. Both he and FLORA have a winning rapport here.

Kirsty Vereinigtes Königreich

Impressive Mike you are as impressive as always. I have been waiting for your next appearance. It is as good as I hoped for.

Marcus Vereinigte Staaten

Enjoying herself I love the way Flora always looks like she is enjoying herself. That is not always the case with models, not by a long way. But Flora always shows she is doing something she likes.

Gerry Portugal

Solemn Why is Mike so solemn almost all of the time? I admit he lightens up a little bit in this but I think he should relax more than he does.

Marcia Vereinigte Staaten

Stops He is just getting going when this stops. I wanted to see some more of him.

Andy Australien

Slow down I think that they should slow down. There is too much rushing in this. I know it is not the movie itself. It is about making the movie. But erotica needs time to develop a mood.

rsmitty Australien

Flora & Mike These two just absolutely dominate!! So intense!

Scorpio Vereinigte Staaten

Nice I find the tease to be very erotic. That was, I believe the whole purpose of the shoot. Although, to see just a bit more of real interaction, other than stroking, would have been nice. Not full-on porn but a hint. Flora seems quite comfortable with Mike and he with her. I didn't mind the photographer (who, by the way, is the reason we even have this site), as it brought a little more artistic value to the shoot. One that truly turned me on.

Basia Polen

slow down Yes, I love the set, however I would slow down the things. Let them to have the time so that the rapport would be seen and felt very very strongly. Now I think it is that they have like 1h session and they need to do it right within that time. What if give them 1h together first massaging themselves with no rush, and then make 1h photo session. I think the erotica would spark all around ;o). Well, that is my opinion. I would to that ;o).

MarcusA Niederlande

teasing Nice shoot, the couple obviously had fun doing it. Good to see that Mike's gun can get hard. In many shoots it seemed he couldn't be aroused. This is much nicer, and seeing him laughing as well. Some firing would be ok.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: Nice I well understand that these scenes are stage managed' but -- the point I was making -- the appearance of the photographer takes away any illusion of spontaneity. It would be the same if it happened in the massage videos or other films. We all know the photographer is there with several assistants otherwise the images would not appear, and we are obviously very grateful to them and appreciate their talents -- but they should not be visible in the shoot. The 'directorial' elements can be edited out before transmission.

D.L. Vereinigte Staaten

Oh My God Flora is incredibly hot and this guy is a stud. I pretty much would Love to watch him slide it inside of her. I would be happy just watching her stroke him off until he cums. We've seen that and it is awesome. Just two ridiculously sexy models and the arousal state just keeps your heart pumping the Entire five minutes. Loved every second of it.

Pixie Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora & Mike behind the scenes A really fun film to watch. I think that in many ways Flora and Mike are the perfect couple? Would really love to see a future film where Flora massages and strokes Mike to a natural conclusion, where it ends in an orgasm with her hands and possibly also her feet too? A scene where she performs fellatio on him would be icing on the cake! More of these two please?

windmill Niederlande

flora & Mike Every time Flora & Mike meet in your shoots there is a clear and positive sensation in the air. Their beautiful bodies respond and interact in such attraction to each other, so well caught in your images. Great to see more often.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: flora & Mike If Hegre-Art ever goes that far it would be best on the Film site, rather than on the Massage site. That way the 'purists' won't be upset and the Libertin(e)s can indulge their interests.

windmill Niederlande

RE: RE: flora & Mike All images and films of Flora & Mike do show excellent interaction of two wonderful personalities in beautiful bodies. In my view it is not about investigations into limits for certain categories. Exploring all positions and interactions of these two persons has only just started. teasing each other is such an attraction for our viewing pleasure. Well intended and deliberate touching of bodies has so many angels and perspectives. It is my expectation Petter will be able to find many of those to show here.

pcedv Deutschland

WOW Hi there I really hope we can soon see the complete film, As many other there I really like your films and especially the massages - I am here because of that amazing peformers and pictures. Please my wish for the new year: more updates in massages and films - more girl and boy films and more of hotter .... action ... Happy new year

nivuol Kanada

films nice work peter ! who's the music artist playing ?

Flyer320 Estland

RE: slow down I agree totally with you Basia you are totally right it needs to slow down its so nice subject and super color and contrast and the expressions of her it realy needs to slow down not to loose the value of this super session

Pacman340 Vereinigte Staaten

The vid. She sure is cute and he sure has a great body. Too much jumping around here, no consistent theme.

Flora Workout nackt am Strand | October 16th, 2012
Flora Workout nackt am Strand
Alan Vereinigtes Königreich

Great personality Flora you are doing brilliantly. You have a great personality and it comes across strong in everything you do.

Chuck Vereinigte Staaten

Cutest ass Flora has the cutest ass I have seen in a long time. I hope we are going to see a lot more of it real soon.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora Beach Workout Body beautiful, superbly filmed.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

very motivating!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: and until the last 3 minutes, it looked like flora was gonna be the only nude one on this nude beach! :( nice to hear voice, btw!

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Flora beach Workout It was probably a bit early in the day and relatively cool. Anyway, most nudists would tend to keep well away from film cameras; they don't want to risk appearing on Youtube or whatever.

Jean-Pierre Kanada

Revealing positions Yoga has lots of scope for revealing positions. How about a class for several models?

Tim Vereinigtes Königreich

Intrusion Why are there so many people passing by? I think they are an intrusion and they break the spell.

Tyler Vereinigte Staaten

Re: Intrusion I do not think that is true. It creates a great situation when you have this beautiful nude girl put right in the middle of an everyday setting.

Paradygma Spanien

If anybody is thinking seriously about naked girls working out videos, and I say with ripped models as Flora (ashuda ashuda, -para comerte a besos, flaca- ), expert advice on fitness, and good photography, then I'm in. Seems to me like good business. By the way, a group of naked girls doing yoga... that's already done by the boss here. Well done actually. I'd love to see more yoga, pilates, bodybuilding... whatever with nude models and PH habilities.

Tercel Deutschland

cold water- nice girl, but -sorry- too skinny

A Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Paradygma I second that. There is nothing more erotic than nude women doing exercises

Timo E Vereinigte Staaten

too thin? Yes, she's quite thin, but Flora has all the right pieces in all the right places. Perfect breasts, beautiful butt, and just enough jiggle. And she has a fun-loving personality, too. Who could ask for more?

StevieJay Vereinigte Staaten

RE: too thin? Not at all. Great body! Actually, if her breasts were a tad bigger, she'd be perfect!

aretino Schweiz

RE: RE: too thin? No! Even her breasts are perfect. Adorable girl! And what a face!

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a stunningly beautiful film. What a superb model Flora is as she is extraordinarily attractive, lithe, totally at ease and superbly erotic in this movie. She is fast approaching Yanna as my most favorite model and she appears to enjoy her work as much as I enjoy watching it. She is a dream girl and deliciously sensuous and erotic. More please!!!!

Flora süße Schwingungen | September 18th, 2012
Flora süße Schwingungen
Eddy Vereinigte Staaten

Sexy thing This you just have to see. Catch the way her lips quiver at 7:58. It is the sexiest thing I have seen in a long time.

Carlo Vereinigte Staaten

Terrific show Flora you are fantastic. It’s so good to see a real woman making no secret of her pleasure. Thanks for a terrific show.

Gina Portugal

Want one I want to know where I can get one of these. I have never seen one before like this. But can I get a silent one please?

Ted Australien

Re: Want one About Gina’s point I’d like to say that the noise was the only drawback to this film. I thought it was a distraction from what is going on.

Piet Südafrika

Xmas present This has solved my problem about what Xmas present to give my girlfriend. Thanks.

twobe1 Vereinigte Staaten

just delightful Kinsey would have been proud. Delicious.

Frank Vereinigte Staaten

Progressing to a beautiful orgasm A really hot video. Flora knows she is putting on a show, but at the same time is experiencing increasing arousal and progression to a nice orgasm, no doubt helped along by the knowledge that she will be inspiring others to follow a similar path. The video is especially arousing from about the 7:00 point, as her hips start pumping, her moaning increases in frequency and intensity and she grabs the back of her chair for support, with it all culminating as her orgasm ripples through her cunt, followed by several spasms and the afterglow and recovery.

Bittersweat Deutschland

What is the name of this toy?

MojoMa Schweiz

Getting a Buzz She should try a Sybian. It's noisy but very effective.

lukebr Brasilien

I love videos of the model FLORA.I would like to see the Flora be massaged in a new video. I would like to see also the Flora flexing her muscles, specially arms muscles!!!...please!

MojoMa Schweiz

Orgasmic Vibrations For rapid, whole-body orgasms try using a Sybian. This is a large, electric, powerful machine -- with variable speed and intensity vibrating dido and clit-pad -- upon which one sits astride. It usually induces a strong orgasm within 2 minutes. If the sitter has enough strength of will to stay on it, she can have multiple orgasms in rapid succession. I have seen the Sybian in action several times; the users look as if they are euphoric and -- when they've recovered from the experience! -- invariably express lavish praise. It is more noisy than the discreet little orgasmer in this film, but the pleasurable benefits it delivers are said to far exceed this problem because, after the first few seconds, the machine's noise is 'blanked out' by the user's intense physical sensations.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA EN CELO Here is a beautiful, sexy Latina unabashed in her pursuit of self-pleasure. VIVA FLORA!

stever Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Orgasmic Vibrations I think you'll find that 95% of the people on here will be familiar in one way or another with the Sybian machine ;-)

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: Orgasmic Vibrations time to invent a male Sybian machine...with that i might not be here anymore :)

kasey22 Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora's lean muscular body is so beautiful. Her abs are perfect. She made all the right noises and the shuddering body as she climaxed is exactly what I want. Thank you for this. The only thing lacking from this video was sweat. I love to see a girl sweat. Apart from that, just fantastic.x

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

A Sex Toy? Never in my wildest imagination had I anticipated this development, I skipped through the film in seconds and saw nothing to excite. Yes I can understand her sexual thrill but it was not an erotic experience for the voyeur...

patricedu78 Frankreich

orgasms One or two orgasms for Flora ? And when Flora for an intimate massage ?

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

RE: A Sex Toy? Girls with toys are very interesting to me; especially how each girl enjoys herself differently. This little white toy is cute in a way that it doesn't go inside girl's body. A perfect foreplay for my fuck buddies! :)


well, it worked for me!

Pixie Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora's vibrations Love this video and find it very erotic to watch. And I especially like Flora's facial expressions - she has a beautifully taught and sexy body too! Now let us see Flora being massaged to the point of orgasm and beyond by a male masseur please, with her giving eye contact to the camera...?

Josie Vereinigtes Königreich

Vibrator The vibrator in this video looks very much like a high end designer vibe by UK product designer Tom Dixon to me. Flora puts it to great use in this video. Amazing.

Rene Deutschland

Please, can you tell, where i can buy this kind of Vibrator in Germany or Online? Thanks

Norcal Nudity Lover Vereinigte Staaten

Delightful... Watching this is a delightful experience. I love the perfect view of Flora's beautifully lean stomach muscles and torso getting a "workout"...this is what "fit" looks like! It also occured to me that the vast majority of women in this world would never have the guts to show off such a thing for everyone to a million thanks to you, Flora! You are a treasure and a delight.

Yoga33 Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA It seems a bit odd to be envious of a machine. After watching Flora with the vibrator, I am enviuos of the vibrator. How sweet it would be; to be able to bring ecstasy to Flora as that vibrator did, in person!

Onewoman Vereinigte Staaten

Flora I was to see Flora in an orgasmic massage video. This video is incredible.

Sandyves974 Réunion

Sextoy Please, can you tell, where I can buy this kind of Vibrator in Europe (France) or Online? Thanks

Mike Rock Kanada

She's even better in the chat.

Dirk Vereinigte Staaten

Vibrations This is a sexy. ornery looking young lady. She is a good actress and has a nice clit.

Angelcruise Vereinigte Staaten

Love her Accent, & Beautifully Hot Body that Knows How to Come***

Starscout Vereinigte Staaten

Uhhh.... I don't know what to say...maybe thank you Flora for one of the most amazing and intimate orgasms I have witnessed on this site? Yes, THANK YOU Flora for one of the most amazing and intimate orgasms I have witnessed on this site.

Matt Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Flora Sweet Vibrations That vide is a "Femblossom Heat" - They are not difficult to find.

matt Vereinigte Staaten

Fount it! That vibe is a Feblosoom Heat - you see early on where she says 'warmer and warmer and warmer"... Awesome video, Flora is the best!

Bezore Vereinigte Staaten

I'll have what she's having please. Yummy!

qwerty_dw Vereinigte Staaten

beyond sex Erotic photography alone may not do justice to this girl nor can the word "beauty"... Artists and poets need to see faces like hers in order to function... I hope she breaks a lot of hearts and looks for her own...

Flyer12345 Vereinigte Staaten

Awesome stuff I can't imagine there's a sexier woman on the planet than Flora! Totally terrific film!

Batdan973 Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora`s sweet vibrations This has to be one of my very fave P H films. You really get to gaze upon the most incredible parts of Flora`s amazing long body ... her eyes, that mouth, her lovely long neck, her perfect breasts. And to me that fantastic stomach moving is just epic!! Thank you.

Flora Massage KOMMENTARE

Massage vom Meistermasseur | May 6th, 2014
Massage vom Meistermasseur
flower Kanada

sensual massage Great video, Flora is the most beautifull and sexiest woman of hegre art. What a nice pussy but i would of like Flora to grab the masseur penis and masturbate him and let him come on her thighs. Maybe next time!!

JerseyJoe5 Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful vaginal massage Flora has a beautiful pussy. Great way to highlight it in this massage video. Towards the end she is ready for much more.

chaz4 Vereinigte Staaten

This masseur must have icewater in his veins. He must be uninterested in women not to get an erection!

MojoMa55 Schweiz

Master Masseur Massage Alex may be good masseur, but I thought that there was a lack of empathy between the couple on this occasion. There was scope for interaction, but it just didn't happen. And Flora didn't seem to get very aroused, let alone orgasmic, so the video was rather disappointing for me.


I dont like excsume me but I continue to dislike these type of massage. i dont like to see men I like to see women. The massage should be made by a masseuse with interaction. an alternative could be to repeat oral massages or penis massages, but giving a real cum timing (it is not representative a men that lastes one half of hour massaged or sucked by so beautifulu and expert girls, it seems a competion to last the most possible, massage has to be real representative of standard men duration)

Umberto Italien

Great video but... Once again another great video with the outstanding Flora, she's such a beauty, but why no interaction with the masseur? It was clear that she was ready for somethhing more or at least to have some fun with him. It seems like a missed opportunity...or maybe there's a part two?

MojoMa55 Schweiz

Master Masseur Massage Once again I cannot find my original comments which, I admit, were not entirely favourable. I do hope that there is no censorship involved. I wrote to the effect that Alex might be a good masseur, but I thought there was a lack of chemistry between him and Flora in this video. There were opportunities for natural personal interaction which didn't happen and Flora seemed almost unresponsive, let alone orgasmic, by the end, so I was disappointed. I would add here that, (unless I doze off at the critical moment every time I see this video), Flora certainly didn't scream in orgasmic pleasure as implied in the blurb. Apart from some twitching fingers, and perhaps a faint smile or two, she was almost inert throughout. I want to make plain that I do approve of these more explicit videos and films - they can be both highly erotic and usefully instructive - but I object to censorship, (either of images or of comments), on a site that asserts its erotic content and whose paying members are all consenting adults. This is currently the best site of its kind available but, without honest comments, improvements cannot occur and it will stagnate. I do not want that to happen.

MojoMa55 Schweiz

Master Masseur Massage Pleased to see that my original and follow up comments have finally appeared, for the reasons which I gave therein.

MojoMa55 Schweiz

Master Masseur Massage These videos and films are edited to save time and money. That must be obvious. So there are probably 'recovery times' that occur when the man can relax and reduce the tension between the filmed sessions. It could also be that he has had so many previous genital massages that he needs longer to climax than is habitual for most men. Or he could be an experienced Tantra practitioner who has learned how to control his climaxes until the director, or his partner, tells him to let it happen. The aim is to give an impression of 'real time' activity, but the reality is that a 30 minute video or film may actually take more than an hour to shoot. It is difficult for most men to maintain an erection for such a long time, so the participants cannot always be blamed if there is sometimes an apparent lack of natural spontaneity. The art is to create the illusion, but that is not always possible, which results in a sense of disappointment in the viewer. Overall, however, most Hegré-Art films and videos are successfully satisfying for everyone, whether participants or viewers.

freestyle Vereinigtes Königreich

clothed I would have to say I did enjoy this massage,without doubt I prefer watching females massage other females but the male masseur in this film was skilled and had a nice touch,however as with most of the female masseurs I would prefer the male to be clothed...that comes down to sexual preference of course and I guess the site will cater for all members:)

Maik Deutschland

RE: Master Masseur Massage Finally watched this massage. I agree partially, but i'm not disappointed. It was nice, but yes, it's not under the best, something is missing here. I'm not talking about screaming orgasms or more action but more the subtle things we mostly can find in other films, things like tension, excitement and chemistry. The male masseur being naked is a useless addition here, i'm not a big fan of that. This time it looks a bit more like a job being done than normally. Don't get me wrong, a job being done for Hegre-Art is still way better than anything else, this is nagging at a high level. And of course, someone, me included, who saw Flora's previous films (and the cover of this one) did expect something else. So coming back to this kind of a more "normal" massage might surprise a little. You probably should have released this one before her other masterpieces. But putting things into a different perspective, it was nice to see Flora enjoying it and letting go in a different way, more silently and with less control over the situation. Don't worry about censor-ship, it just takes a while sometimes before a comment gets posted, especially if you write more than a few words.

archcon Vereinigte Staaten

massages I agree with other comments. How about showing some real feeling in the massages, both seem so emotionally detached from each other. How about showing some strong emotion and sensuality and fun. How about some double massage action from both, not just one. You can do this without it being pornographic, please show us some real passion, real intimacy and the man and the woman having fun.

NoCoPilot Vereinigte Staaten

Mutual Massage "Without becoming pornographic", who are you kidding? Movies of genital massage are inherently pornographic -- it's the sensitivity that separates Hegre. I'd like to see more mutual massage / mutual masturbation, where both partners climax. Girl-girl, boy-girl it doesn't matter (boy-boy, meh, maybe not). This could be done to Hegre's standards, and would provide a real thrill. I'd also like to encourage more dildos, lifelike Cyberskin ones.

freestyle Vereinigtes Königreich

disagree I really disagree with some of these comments,the massages are lovely on this site,they are what separate Hegre from all the countless other porn sites on the net,there are tons of mutual masturbation sites,countless sites where you can watch a dildo being used but hardly any where only the skilled hands of a masseur brings about an orgasm.This site has an outlet for various form of pornography and that is the film section...please don't change the way massage films are made,they are unique.

NoCoPilot Vereinigte Staaten

Is Alex Gay? I notice he didn't become erect during the massage, even while masturbating the beautiful Flora. Very strange!!!

james michaels Vereinigte Staaten

Flora & Alex I agree with the majority here. Flora is a known quantity and she is hot, hot, hot! I was stunned at how this video ended--last thing in the world I expected from these two. I don't look near as good as Alex, but I do give sensuous massages, and I can say I certainly don't have the control that Alex has nor do my clients have the same control that Flora displayed in this video. I thought the end result was both unrealistic and frustrating.

TantraGuru Deutschland

Master Masseur Massage First of all this is a nice video and i like alex and flora. This is a really sensual massage and thats whats the difference between hegre-art and others. Alex is not getting an erection because he is fully concentrated on the massage and on flora. Sometimes i give tantric massages to friends or private clients. I never get an erection and i am not gay. The important thing is. As a masseur you are just concentrated on giving your client the pleasure he or she wants and is comfortable with. The client should only recieve the massage and is only concentrated on his or her breath. As a client you look inside yourself. You close your eyes and relax. If you try to give something back to the masseur you cant be focused on yourself. During a tantric massage there can be really strong emotions that can come along. Thats why sometimes clients begin to cry during a massage. And even if you massage the yoni or lingam it is possible not to get an orgasm. As a client you sometime can feel the energy floating from your yoni or lingam, through your belly, heart, face to the top of your head. This can be a cosmic orgasm. There is so much more to say about tantric massages but my english is too bad. Just try a real tantra massage. And just something more. A good tantric massage takes more time than just 30 min. If i give massages they start with 90 min and can go until 3h. but most clients prefer 120 min. And there some tantric rituals that would be nice to see as video from Peter. love. Lars

MojoMa55 Schweiz

Master Masseur Massage This was not billed nor performed as a Tantric massage, but as a secular (erotic/sexual) presentation. That's why there was some disappointment. In Tantric massage, there is no reciprocal interaction between the giver and the receiver. It is a sacred practice in which the giver transmits therapeutic energy to the receiver who simply absorbs it. The primary aim is to achieve psychological healing, not physical orgasm, though that may happen. In secular (erotic/sexual) massage, however, different principles apply because the ultimate aim is for the receiver to achieve orgasmic pleasure in which the giver may also participate.

my name Vereinigte Staaten

idea It seems to me everyone is being so critical about things not being perfect to their own standards. Had I been the giver or the receiver of this message I would be pretty happy about it either way. You guys are missing the point in my opinion. Its not about perfection in anybody's point of view. Come on. This was really good. relax and enjoy. This is about happiness and having fun. Could it be better somehow? Sure. Could he or she have an orgasm? Could he or she have one sooner or earlier? Could I touch him or her better? Come on. This is for enjoyment, not criticism. watch it if you like it. if you don't like it, dont watch it. If you watch it but you can do better, then do better. I have NO gripes with anyone here, but come on. I dont look that good. I am not so pretty. Who is perfect? We get to see something really special here in my opinion and I am grateful. Sorry for my typos but please. This is beautiful love making and if you are critical about what you see then move on. I personally feel very lucky to see something so beautiful.

Disapointed Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Is Alex Gay? Alex must be gay.. not only because of this video!! He never reaches orgasm.. the HOTTEST video on this site was the FEM DOM vid.. where she does everything to keep him erect and he cant remain erect. I am so saddened by this video.. this site is about art.. erotic art.. and NOTHING is more erotic than a man and woman reaching orgasm.. Lets get another FEM DOM video with a non gay male model.. and i will return happily.. if not.. to be quite honest.. this site is well over priced in comparison to other sites which are just as classy but allow us to reach climax along with the models!!

Magische Selbstbefriedigungsmassage | March 11th, 2014
Magische Selbstbefriedigungsmassage
Simonas Vereinigtes Königreich

Magic Self Love Massage Flora is just an amazing woman! So sexy and such an fantastic athletic physique to go with it. This is a great video, really uninhibited - she must be going for a record for duration of continuous orgasm!! Anyway, whilst I can see that the Magic Wand is a great sex toy, I do feel that it is somehow a bit more enticing (and natural) to see a woman using her own hands for self-love - somehow the mechanical element of dildos or vibrators detracts a bit - so let's see more (and more) of Flora in different situations. She is a gem.

peb Schweiz

Flora and her sex tool YES, we have seen that now! Promoting these tools might be a good source of income for you but now it is time for new and more interesting features. Thank you.

mamber Vereinigte Staaten

As Always Flora is AMAZING as always... i love her... i always wait eagerly for her appearance... but i think now i am over her masturbation... i want mike or Alex to explore her with tongue and dick .. and i want to see it not just hear it... and same time flora explode and moan and scream like she did in this video,,,hope that will happen..

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Magic Self Love It was great to return from 3 weeks holiday to find Flora performing with her usual vivacity. She certainly gives her all. What a superb body she has!. I do prefer it, however, when she is responding spontaneously with a live, ideally male, partner such as Mike or Alex.

JohnBoy Vereinigte Staaten

Hitachi Magic Wand I need that beautiful attachment for my wife. She would love it but I cannot find that specific one anywhere. Can someone help me?

Ellie B Vereinigte Staaten

vibrator attachment What's the brand/Where did you get that wonderful looking attachment to the Magic Wand-like vibrator? It doesn't seem to be available in the US? Looks like it would be great

Vereinigte Staaten

Flora beautiful as always, but the lack of human contact makes this video a bit disappointing. Its a simple equation, the more human contact, the steamier the video. At least, if handled with taste.

webmaster Norwegen

Hi Ellie! You can order the massager and the extras in the Hegre Shop at

sensual_life Vereinigte Staaten

Great video but... This really belongs in the Film section. Please bring back the masseuse and the sensuality of a woman receiving an erotic massage in bed.

EJS Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora It`s written in her model description that Flora is "independent and in control". Well I would love to see her not in control! A video similar to Emily`s Restraints video would be nice .. blindfolds, ropes or straps around that incredible body and someone else calling the shots would truly be a sight to behold!

mplsnudecpl Vereinigte Staaten

very hot attachments Where we get one of those attachments!?

Magic Wand Dänemark

Vibrator The Vibrator is a Europe Magic Wand So is the attachments.

Jamesrjs Vereinigte Staaten

Flora's Natural Beauty Before watching this, I hadn't realized what a charming natural beauty Flora is. Every aspect of her body and femininity is goddess-like, of course, but her face is simply exquisite. She is so natural, so unaffected. I find gazing at her lovely face--her eyes, her mouth, everything--is as delightful (and arousing) as viewing other portions of her gorgeous body. The more close-ups of her face, the better. There's just something so entrancing about her, it's difficult to put into words. A person could fall in love with that face alone. She seems so natural, so quietly comfortable in her own skin, so lovely, so charming!

WHR1968 Vereinigte Staaten

Petter and Flora Just wonderful! I do not know if it is your wonderful talent and skill as a videographer/director or the beauty of the subject matter. You make me feel just like your models do, which is beyond the realism of possible. This is certainly Pornography for Woman beyond the Ultimate. I have limited myself to on film a day. Do you two have any idea how difficult you make that for us?

Bondage FemDom Massage | January 28th, 2014
Bondage FemDom Massage
Diego Vereinigte Staaten

Hot! This is easily the hottest video that you offer. More of this, please!

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Bondage Massage So near and yet so far, but a beautiful tease for the recipient. Flora is a very sexy woman, so I suppose he got his recompense afterwards. I do think, however, that this video should have been put in the Film category, rather than in the Massage list.

Barney Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora This is without doubt the best erotic movie I have ever seen. Flora is the most genuinely sexual woman I have ever seen. Bless her.

KGG Belgien

It's a shame there is no penetration. That's what he was waiting for, and we too :) Not in the sense of "sex", but still in the sense of massage, the ultimate massage of the penis, inside the pussy. Next time with Flora or Clover would be great...

trion Australien

Amazing! Simply AMAZING!!! Can't wait for Flora's next massage video!!

lajeun Frankreich

merveilleux film Félicitations. Flora est très vrai dans ce massage, elle est sensuelle et érotique. Elle est de plus une très belle femme et je crois que l'homme attaché fait et fera des envieux. Superbe minutes, les plus belles depuis que je suis abonné. félicitations, félicitations et compliments à Flora qui ne fait pas semblant.

lol Dänemark

i like it, its so hot and sensuel wish i cut get the same treatment from lovely Flora

Vereinigte Staaten

Great video, could have been better without a little less editing and some better lighting. Flora is stunningly sexy as always. More of her and this please, its why I renewed my membership.

HOMO46 Italien

La più bella performance Artistica Erotica di Flora! set degno di Hegre luci caldissime e ben gestite ( anche l'ombra fa parte della scelta di hegre ) escalation erotica adrenalinica ottimo audio con Flora che sembrava fosse vicina a me credo che il TOP ora sia vedere una cosa del genere con flora e un altra ragazza interagire su Bondage femdom vol 2 CI SPERIAMO VERAMENTE!!!

Duke Belgien

cum ? Do did the guy cum ? There are some sudden drops of liquid around the 30:45 mark, but I guess it must he hers instead of his...

fenpedric Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora Femdom Flora is stunningly sexy, erotic and so sensual. This is the very best of Hegre-Art.

MrEroticLover Ungarn

Stunning / Amazing... Abselutely amazing... although you never comment on member feedback, you obviously have been reading them because this seems to be what members have been asking for, and boy are you delivering.. (the last massage videos have been incredible!!) I propose a new tab, new type of video / photo updates, at the top of your website, next to massage, entitled "SEX"... Sex, as seen by Petter Hegre. What you are doing in your videos is so new, so incredibly erotic that I am sure that most of your members would like to see you cover the holy grail itself when it comes to erotica... sex. Thanx for a great site.

JohnPy Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Bondage Massage Flora is one of the best models on here and she puts everything into her shoots. I would have loved to see her put the guys cock in her pussy as well. But just loved the way she massaged him with her pussy and the way she wrapped her lovely lips around his cock. I would have loved to see him cum at the end but was happy to see the oral attention he recieved. More like this please. And what a fantastic pair of Models. Especially Flora.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Bondage Massage Perhaps we could now see the roles reversed, where the woman is spread open in restraints and the man free to tease her and even, at the end, to achieve the ultimate conjunctions both oral and genital. If it is done slowly, sensuously and respectfully, it would make another marvellous video. As I have mentioned a couple of times before, I think this kind of fully interactive presentation should be in the Film classification so that 'Massage purists' don't feel that their interests are being taken over by these more 'natural' sexual activities.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

put out a domination video like that with two girls, and I'm a happy guy!!!

dunn Vereinigte Staaten

Well Done This is the most erotic video you have ever produced. Flora is incredible. Kept waiting for the penetration and his cum but Floras orgasm was really the best. Keep it up :)

member Vereinigte Staaten

OMG no word to describe what i saw,.... i haven't seen anything more erotic and amazing in my entire life.. believe me i have terabytes worth of shit... but nothing comes to this close, one of a kind... every time i see flora in new pics or videos, it brings her that much closer to my heart... i just love her ... I am still waiting for 2ed part of mike and flora. 1st part was flora pleasuring mike but i want to see other end too... Great work by everyone... hopefully more of this kind will come soon...

JR Vereinigte Staaten

Extremely hot and one of your best films yet. Many thanks!

clearice60 Italien

Best Kunyaza practice! What happens from min 30 to 31 is the ending of one of the most powerful ways for women to feel pleasure and orgasm. The Kunyaza, rubbing a hard cock on her clit and labia, without penetration; that's the "thing" Flora does. The result a beautiful ejaculation of her, the best thing in sex. It's a shame not to have a closeup of that. Hope Flora make it again. If she does once she can do whenever she wants. And sure she wants. This is not pornography, this is what people loving sex would see ever. Go on.

twobe1 Vereinigte Staaten

Femdom Practically melted my computer monitor.

archcon37 Vereinigte Staaten

Flora This is awesome !!!!! More of this please. Next time , let him be able to caress her body with his hands and she caresses him. More light please and please let the guy have an orgasm. Otherwise, one of your best erotic films ever.

Umberto Italien

Flora Once again a stunning effort by Flora. A great video, thanks to a great idea and as always, a wonderful editing and photography. Thanks to Flora for being the sexiest and bravest model: her body and her ability to use it in order to please her partner is a dream come true!!!

Torsten65 Deutschland

Flora Flora is the best! Very, very sexy.

murf Vereinigte Staaten

WOW Wonderfully erotic. Flora is a sensual treasure and a beauty to watch and enjoy.

GreatDane Dänemark

The best shooting of Hegre Fantastic. Breathtaking. In my opinion best massage ever. More like this, please. Missed a few details but still great. I almost got dizzy. Flora is stunning and sexy.

scooterbum Vereinigte Staaten

Amazing Flora like usually....AMAZING. Great film, great models. This is why I am a member.

John Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora Amazing video. Love Flora's work and hope to see much more featuring her - a really sensual, sexy, stunner!

windmill Niederlande

superb in excellence Flora is at her very best in this hottest of all massage videos. Teasing at its peak. I have enjoyed this very much.

magoo Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Watching Flora I am in shock. I think my monitor may be melting from the heat.

Trip Australien

WOW! This is exactly the type of video I want to see more of. Please more HC with Flora!

Canchahel Frankreich

Heart of Darkness (tribute to Teodor Józef Konrad Korzeniowski) This movie is without any doubt a significant event in the rise of to surpass itself (since it already surpasses all the other websites of the same kind). Technically, “Bondage femdom massage” is outstanding because, first, it succeeds in keeping a good balance between darkness and sensuous hot light, enough to show and even to highlight the scene, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere, what wasn’t so easy. Its slowness is the other good point, with this very controlled progress towards Flora’s dazzling climax (whose intensity was maybe unexpected) and the one, more suggested, of her partner. That last point certainly adds a touch of frustration, but it is fairly understandable in this delicate sadomasochistic work. As for Flora, star above the stars, I think that the more she bares her self, the more she discovers herself… and captivates us. Goddess only knows what other skills she still hides! Bravo, Maestro.

DL Vereinigte Staaten

OMFG Okay, I have watched probably tens of thousands of hours or more of erotic video going back to the mid-1990s. And I have NEVER in my entire life seen a more heart-stopping film than this. Truly the most nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat riding, blood-pumping adult footage than this. I actually stopped breathing multiple times while watching this because I was hanging on every gesture, every angle, every sound. This honestly made up for every month of membership where I didn't feel like I got my money's worth. This one right here was the one. This doesn't even go to speak for my love of Flora who is incredibly sexy. Not one inch of her is off, with her amazing hair, her hot ass, her delicious genitals and beautiful breasts. She's just perfect. What a perfect pair of models for this amazing concept and beautifully shot production. Cannot say enough how great this was.

Buhsti Deutschland

Go on! WoW!!!!

Pedro88 Brasilien

RE: OMFG Thats it!!!

networkmike Vereinigte Staaten

son of a bitch!!! this was the best video I have seen. You may have doomed your website because I cant see how you can ever top this one..

Petr Kanada

Oh my Flora, you have played this game before I think. Where does the lineup start to be a "boy toy". This film is amazing from so many levels, Models, filming and production. Captivating !

Greeneyes Vereinigtes Königreich

Femdom Massage Wow! Flora is both skilled and lovely.

Smee Vereinigte Staaten

Perfecg erotica This video excels not only because of its content, but also because of what is not there. I have to say, I almost didn't renew my membership because the price has doubled since last I did, but this video, and the buy 6 get 6 deal you were running ensured I would be a member for another year.

Michael Vereinigte Staaten

Interesting, but..... Interesting video, but not entirely my cup of tea. I found the Flora/Mike video FAR more erotic.... but to each her/his own. But still interesting, particularly since it showed a woman using a man's body for HER enjoyment, instead of the far more common other way around. My compliments to Flora! She is amazing, and it is astounding how much of herself she is willing to share in her videos.

punter Australien

sensual massage Please , more of this , brilliant in every way , so hot , thanks heaps

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

class Thank you for a mind-blowing erotic movie. This has reinforced my view of Flora being my favourite model with her diversity of subject. This movie is Hegre at it's best with ground-breaking subject matter which is extremely erotic, natural and explicit without the sleaze of other similar sites which seem to think people want false screaming and moaning and put on action. You could see that both models enjoyed this movie and just to note, it would have been a very short movie if I had been the star!!!! ( in both senses!) Come on Peter blow me away again!

Victor Double Kanada

This video is, without doubt, the most erotic film I have ever seen. Everything was perfect, or damn close to it - lighting, sound, seeing enough to know what is going on but still leaving an element of tease. The bar has been set very, very high with this film. To top it all off, Flora is absolutely lovely and a pure joy to watch.

LDNboy Vereinigtes Königreich

Flora is mindblowing in everyway! Just a shame she couldn't of done this with Mike :/

Herbert Deutschland

WOW its WOW ! So often I asked for these ... Great erotic sensual and best quality couple films! And Flora - OMG More of this films a lot of members will become livetime members! thanks for this! Herbert

whomever Vereinigte Staaten

Bondage Femdom Massage With this one my membership gets immediately renewed for a longer period than ever before. And, let's see what is revealed this year. Would LOVE to see Emily Bloom in Flora's role and where it may lead.

Ken Vereinigte Staaten

Oh my I can't wait to watch this with my wife. Can't get any more erotic than this. Now that's my kind of massage!

bakbak Vereinigte Staaten

Flora's massage This was the best massage ever done here. Flora is amazing, Hot, Beautiful and Sexy. You guy finally used multiple camera angels to catch all of her wonderful body. We need more of this type of massage of Flora.

Chris Deutschland

The best video ever This is the best "massage video" ever. Great actors and a very erotic story. Keep on producing this kind of stuff.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Bondage Massage It seems clear from the Members' comments that interactive videos --like this and the recent Flora/Mike film -- are very popular, PROVIDED they remain slow, aesthetic, sensuously erotic and empathically respectful of the participants with a 'happy ending'. What is NOT required, I think, is frantic 'slam-bang' functional porn. We want to feel that both the giver and receiver are fully enjoying the experience and not just performing for the camera/audience. The dividing line between erotica and porn is very thin but, (as here), should be maintained.

Maik Deutschland

pushing the limits Ok, this one needs a comment. ;) WOW! Flora and Petter are pushing the limits, again. This was something unexpected. At first i was afraid you finally have crossed the line, but after watching it, i'm glad to say you didn't. This is celebrating sex without doing porn at the highest level. It still has this feeling of being a intimate experience, not a performance. Thank you for keeping it that way while exploring new territories. I applaud you both for your bravery and say thank you, especially to the extraordinary and unforgettable Flora. Great video, pure erotic shot in a very creative and beautiful way. I just can't imagine how you will top that.

Steve Vereinigte Staaten

In a word... WOW...

Ted Vereinigtes Königreich

What restraint. How did she just not slide onto him?

Flyer Vereinigte Staaten

Maybe sexiest 30 min. ever filmed! Terrific film! Flora is soo freaking sexy and is just spectacular from start to finish. Would love to see one with the roles reversed. Keep pushing the envelop. Great stuff!

#believer Vereinigte Staaten

Flora Flora really knows how to suck a cock! I thought she wouldn't resist burying stuffing the hot member inside her pleasure box and maybe she didn't after the camera was turned off!

Simonas Vereinigtes Königreich

Bodage Femdom Massage. This must be one of the most erotic films on the Internet, and in my book, Flora is one of the most erotic women on the net too! She is just gorgeous, and her slow and ultra-sexy approach to everything she does is amazing. I was left wondering however why we didn't see him come - there were some edits towards the end and I am wondering why this was missed. But what will Flora Do Next? I can't wait. Congratulations on an amazing film.

Lago Vereinigte Staaten

I was hoping to see Flora's pleasure box get stuffed.

Joey X. Vereinigte Staaten

That was the most amazing, erotic video I have ever seen. Wow.

Brian Vereinigte Staaten

For a site about female beauty there's been entirely too much cock on it lately. That's 3 out of the last 4 updates now so with all due respect this direction has changed drastically from what I signed up for. I think it's a bad direction to go into HC like the 100s of other websites out there. If this is a separate direction you want to go then open a new portal or something. No offence to Flora, she's amazing. I loved her other videos. Esp the ones on the chair with the white vibrator.

crmike Costa Rica

Excellent film, probably the best I have seen in the site!! More please!!!

love064u Trinidad und Tobago

Totally hottttt from start to finish! Loved that it did not cross into porn but maintained high sensuality. A true celebration of bodies

Eric Frankreich

RE: merveilleux film Bonjour, Je partage votre avis sur ce film qui est sublime de sensualité. Bien cordialement Eric de Bordeaux


The best video massage The film was beautiful. Is among the top two. Coincidentally Flora is the protagonist of the other also.

Chris G Australien

Well thats was one great erotic movie The gladiator was at he mercy Flora had him every which way Excellent Excellent

Vimmer Dänemark

Squirt A great step forward for erotic ( steaming) film on the net. Especially the orgasme of Flora at around 30.15 is amazing. It is very rare you see this happen in this "soft" way. Maybe it is because i am not 20 anymore, but I would love more light.

Jimbo Vereinigte Staaten

Best Ever! This is the first comment I've left on this site. Flor creates such a level of intimacy and eroticism that it blew my mind. My Hegre memberships would never expire if we had a couple of videos like this each month. Forget the stills and lesbian action, for me... this "does it". Great work and I enjoy the artistic approach over the hard core "ugliness" that the competition produces.

hjoe Deutschland

Ugly perspective Is this for man or woman? I don't like this full frontal perspective of a penis which looks like an elefants trunk.

Peter Polen

RE: Best Ever! Here goes my signature! I can't agree more. These words represent my exact feelings about this movie. Great work. I'm looking forward formore produtions like this.

maggie and Pete Vereinigte Staaten

Magnificent! - and go further A stunningly beautiful and heart-stoppingly sexy situation. Two totally beautiful models with great sexual energy, amazing bodies and wonderful genitals (really the most beautiful penis and vagina!)... Petter, was is important is the flow of sexual energy, that is what makes it hot, and what is more important, real!! You can easily cross the line and show full penetration! Certainly between these two, it can only be completely beautiful. The issue is not the "line" of the cock going into her. As long as you keep it real and beautiful and full of passion (not phony porn passion, but the real thing) YOU can keep it great. Wonderful, give us more... go further and go for it!

harpo Australien

bondage femdon flora is magnificent,shame she could not finish him off properly.would love to see Valerie in one of these movies.


BondageFemdomMassage great, thanks to this women man cane learn what it mean to have a good time, I wish this power from more of the women. I like that Thanks to Flora!!!

NorthTao Vereinigte Staaten

Poetic This is beautiful and poetic. It reminds me of Leonard Cohen's lyrics: "She tied you to a kitchen chair, She broke your throne, and she and cut your hair, And from your lips she drew the Hallejulah!"

turner007 Kanada

Femdom Massage I have all your massages handy as I have downloaded them all. this is the best, most erotic one you have done. more of the same please! both models are beautiful and very involved.

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

I came 3x during this video....need I say more?

Diane Vereinigte Staaten

Not bad, but I'd like to make a suggestion. Not all of us like our men bulky, with big muscular arms and broad shoulders. Could your next male model to be massaged be a slender, male model with a less bulky build? Sort of like River Phoenix or Christopher Atkinson?

HOMO46 Italien

Flora e Clover Sarebbe meraviglioso vedere un sequel di questo set insieme a Flora e Clover...vincerebbe un Oscar di erotismo oral glamour

JimH Vereinigte Staaten

More Please This is my favorite video on the site. Please shoot some more like this.

mazungu Vereinigtes Königreich

pure erotic what a video. never seen anything like it . more of it please would be most welcome .nothing but sheer control over total pleasure -anil

simon Australien

Amazing When she gets turned on it is so sincere, uninhibited, passionate and addictively watchable while magnificently filmed. Could we please see more and more of Flora? I am being greedy but I would love to see full penetration and lots more of what you have done already.....massage, and slow oral....

drywaller Vereinigte Staaten

Bondage Femdom How about another of these with Flora and the male from playful penis ,with more lighting ? EXCELLENT

roycep Vereinigte Staaten

fantastic This is my first comment ever on the site, but I had to compliment the chefs: SUPER. SEXY.

Enamored in the US Vereinigte Staaten

Incredible. The best EVER on HegreArt WOW. I watched this film when it first came out and have watched it at least twice a week since then. In my opinion, this is the most erotic film done on this site. I think the music is a little dark, especially at the beginning. Overall......FANTASTIC ! The breathing and moaning are at a perfect volume and timed great. I really cant get enoiugh of watching this film. i see something new every time. What a lucky man in this film.

windmill Niederlande

RE: superb in excellence Flora has put on the restraints. Alex and the whole of his body is there for her pleasure. Teasing him and us is part of her joy. This video remains so very hot and exiting. Seeing all these massages of couples in their stunning complete nude beauty it shows how many great video's are still to come.

maggie and Pete Vereinigte Staaten

Flora The guy is truly great looking, but Flora is heat personified! What a completely sexy woman, so out there and at ease with her own desire and passion. She is beautiful as well, and her orgasms are just wonderful.

Sugar_One Vereinigte Staaten

Stunning !!! This is the hottest film that I have ever seen !! Flora is totally amazing !! I would love to have a session with her. What a lucky guy !! Please, Please have more films with Flora like this. I can hardly wait to see more films like this !!!!

Sugar_One Vereinigte Staaten

A Second Review I have watched this film a number of times. This is definitely the most erotic film that I have ever seen anywhere. I think that 'New Ground' has been reached with this video. It is apparent that Penetration, ever so slight, has been shown on the Hegre sight. The Hegre models are the most beautiful women in the world. Flora is gorgeous !! I don't view your films as just 'average porn'. I look at them as the ultimate in beauty and artistry. What can be more artistic than watching beautiful men and women doing what comes naturally, filmed well lit and in HD ? This would be totally awesome !! I know that some of the viewers seem to be put off by this. However, I think that the majority of us would truly appreciate such videos. Peter, I do not know if you read these comments. However, I would bet you 5 dollars that if you filmed a few of these videos as a test, your paid membership would take a 'significant' increase in paid subscriptions. I would gladly pay up if I am wrong !! How many of you out there share my opinion ?

Bernard Niederlande

The best male bondage film ever Perfect!!!!!

richarader7 Irland

RE: A Second Review I agree with all your comments. The most beautiful and sexiest video I have ever seen! What I would have given for more! Beautiful lighting, beautiful everything. Teasing incredibly well done. Left longing. Thanks for such beautiful work Peter. What a gift.

Medizinische Masturbationsmassage | January 29th, 2013
Medizinische Masturbationsmassage
Daniel Vereinigte Staaten

Turn-on Show us some more of these “medical” movies. I still remember fondly one like this with Clover in it. They are a turn-on.

Vinny Vereinigtes Königreich

Role playing Flora you are getting better and better all the time. Let’s see you in a whole lot more of these role-playing movies.

Evy Vereinigte Staaten

Favorite fantasy This movie captures perfectly my favorite fantasy. Whenever I am at the doctor’s or in a hospital I have a tough time hiding how excited it makes me.

Desmond Südafrika

Nurse’s uniform Nice movie. Can I make a suggestion? For this sort of theme I would like to see the masseuse in a nurse’s uniform. There is something about it which gets me going.

Chas Australien

RE: Nurse’s uniform I think Desmond is right. Just a few props can make a big difference.

xena Singapur

would be nice if she were more vocal to share with us bringing us in with her .Better then the ones before wher the girls were so wooden . This is the right way to go ' When can we have a full bush girl for massage ?? A treat for us bush lovers ?? There are enough clean shaven ones

MojoMa?55 Schweiz

Medical Massage I suppose the leg/rests suggested the tite< but at least she seemed to enjoy the experience.

Krull Vereinigte Staaten

Wow! Just when I thought this section of Hegre-Art couldn't get any better, we are treated to "Intensive Care"! Amazingly erotic, entertaining and stimulating to a degree that defies reasonable description. Thank you for this...keep great pieces of work like this coming please!

aneinem Österreich

would love to see more male aktivity again.

Loo Vereinigte Staaten

Would love to see more massage videos weekly!

REZ Vereinigte Staaten

Loved this massage Flora's beautifully proportioned body always brings a smile to my face. This has to be my top favorite massage so far. Bring us more like this one.

Rey Vereinigte Staaten

Lesbian Massage! You know I don't think I seen a lesbian massage yet. I mean where 2 models massage each other. Yum Yum! Please give it some consideration!

Modestly Vereinigte Staaten

Massage table Does anyone know where I can purchase a massage table like the one in the video? If so.. please let me know. Thanks.. :)

bobbob Vereinigte Staaten

Flora has it all! Wow; Flora has a great body and a great orgasm and she lets it take controll of her body for a much longer time than most women do or can. Way to go Flora; one of the best "O's" ever.

nordered Neuseeland

tigra with her incredible nipples I think tigra is maybe due for the massage table?

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: Girl-Girl Mutual Massages There are a few girl-girl mutual massages in the archives listed below the latest film. Just scroll down the images to find what you want.

Modestly Vereinigte Staaten

Massage table Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a massage table like the one in the video? That is so erotic..

Eupher53 Vereinigte Staaten

Medical massage for men I would love to see a male model put in this position and given a massage. With the legs spread and the female between his knees ...i bet it would be erotic.

susuman Vereinigte Staaten

Flora the Beautiful! Flora and Zana are wonderful in this very satisfying video. Flora has a very nice body and Zana knows what to do with it!

JohnPy Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Flora the Beautiful! I've watched quite a few of these Massage Movies with my Wife. We are both wondering if you have any Models that are unshaven and are Squirters or Gushers. My wifes a Squirter and there's nothing better than when she Cum's. We just love the site and the Models and hope to see more Male/Female films especialy with the Black Lady's

Flyer12345 Vereinigte Staaten

Simply marvelous! Is Flora the sexiest woman alive or what!!! Great film, Loved every minute.

Emily Kanada

Wonderfull morning! This morning my best girl friend Anna is here with me to take a breakfast. After having a short breakfast with her I told her that I have a surprise. I suggested her to view Medical Masturbation Massage with Flora. She was very interested to have a similar massage from me like that one in the video. Unfortunaly I didn't have such a table but I was able to do a homemade table to support her legs during the massage. Anna has a clean pink pussy like the pussy of Flora. The delicious moment we share to view the video together was very exciting for both of us. We had very soft masturbation exhange together and hot and torrid orgasms. It was a magic morning moment for both of us! Thank you Peter to give us these exciting videos!

Mann Frau FKK-Massage | November 20th, 2012
Mann Frau FKK-Massage
Phil Kanada

Full lips Those are lush full lips she has that get their massage about 22 minutes in. Let’s have more of that.

Jurgen Deutschland

Him also I thought that she would massage him also. Can we have one about that please?

Julie Vereinigtes Königreich

Tender I’m loving the way he is so tender and gentle with her. When will men learn that is the way to make love to a woman.

Cher Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Tender You speak for yourself Julie. When I’m in the sack with a man I am looking for a lot more action than this. There is more to it than just a bit of stroking you know.

Vik Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: Tender There is all kinds of things that are erotica. It is just a matter of what turns you on. It is a massage movie after all so this is what you would expect.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Naturist Massage Under instructions not to provoke sexual arousal?.

Nando Kolumbien

Nat Massage Enjoyed this video very much even though I thought Flora was going to massage him as well. BTW, love Flora´s body and her gorgeous ass. WOW!

baldeagle Vereinigtes Königreich

Models Name Hi Does anybody know the female models name? Thank You

micky Deutschland

... I realy dont understand why this site is so disinclinid to male pleasure. As a male orgasm not aesthetic enough ? I woud love to see a movie where he also come on his costs ...


RE: Models Name FLORA

baldeagle Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: RE: Models Name Hi,thank you for the info

Philippe Griechenland

Amazing Video The tropical setting of this video is ideal. Regarding Flora, what can I say? Absolutely beautiful and tempting, as always. But the real plus on this video is the guy who performs the massage. Apart of having a perfect body, he also knows well the art of touch. His firm muscular movements add extra sensuality to an already naturist massage. I'd like to see him in more massage videos, with Coxy too. It will be hot!!!!

flower Kanada

male/female naturist massage Very nice massage but it would of been even nicer if the lady would have grab the gentleman penis and both of them would have an orgasm at the same time

Exotike Vereinigte Staaten

Erección! El video es una obra maestra! Nos gustaría que el obtuviera una erección cuando le toque sus partes mas intimas.

bobbob Vereinigte Staaten

hungey for more You set a gorgeous Thanksgivivg table with a stunning naked girl upon it, and then feed us hot dogs and beans.

gregou666 Frankreich

love it, the guy is very talented and handsome. your best video ever

windmill Niederlande

naturist massage This is plain natural beauty all over. Massaging Flora is any mans dream. In this video he has taken a long time to please Flora touching her skin all over. A pleasure to see and witness. When seeing all other massages especially with Flora they are showing much more excitement.

Jack Zimbabwe

if post more videos about anal massage it will be great ! its new experience and new feelings , something not usual i love it ..

Gegenseitige Erotikmassage | October 9th, 2012
Gegenseitige Erotikmassage
katienbill Australien

We both (Katie and Bill) enjoy erotic massage from each other and also from others. This is a great site but we need to see more women being massaged by men.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

FLORA & MIKE GO GREAT TOGETHER This is a sensual, hot & erotic video which shows beautifully what can happen between and man and a woman whilst treating each other to the pleasures of Mutual Erogenous Massage. VIVA FLORA y MIKE. Desnudos juntos y libres.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

MutuL Erogenous Massage Ah...the stuff of dreams, both male and female!. More shoots like this, please!.

Flesharrower Australien

What's the music playing over the top? Sounds like something from Bladerunner...

Del Vereinigte Staaten

Her ass. Those are great shots of her ass when she bends over him like for example at 10.05. Let’s hope there will be more like them in another movie.

Marie Kanada

Feel it I’m loving the way he just rests his cock on her hand while he strokes her about 16:00. I can feel it myself!

Chris Vereinigtes Königreich

Is it massage? They have a good time with each other but is it really massage? I think it needed more vigour from both of them.

Tina Vereinigte Staaten

Re: Is it massage? Surely you can call it massage if they stroke and feel each other’s bodies for a long time? OK so it is not clinical Swedish style but who’s complaining when you have two people like these?

jim Vereinigte Staaten

Flora I like the way his cock just kinda sits on her hand when he starts massaging her. Just that light touch I find to be a turn on.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: Is it massage? The aesthetic eroticism of this shoot was perfect. Each shewed distinct responses to the experience. Anything more vigorous could have led to loss of control, so they were careful not to spill over into common pornography. I'm sure that, if they wanted to, they could have gone much further before and/or after the shoot. We didn't need to see that on this site.

tommytmk Vereinigte Staaten

Mutual Massage Beautiful & Erotic Wow, this clip of the Mutual Massage is really beautiful and erotic. I love the way they stand together and how she strokes his penis then proceeds to give him a table massage, taking his manhood into her hands and making it as erect as 'steel'. His manhood lying on top of her hand during her massage is so erotic. She could have squeezed it a little though :) I always wonder if they finally get together afterward and go to completion. How could they not? Could we be informed please, that would leave much to our imaginations. Well done, thank you.

Herbert Deutschland

Heaven So Great ! more and more wonderful massage sessions ! Very nice when boy and girl do that massage ! superior erotic between heaven and dream ! thnak you for that !

maggus Deutschland

whats the name of the girl?

Frank Vereinigte Staaten

Next step - insert part A into part B!

Diver65 Schweiz

RE: Is it massage? It's kind of massage. Mike (sorry for that!) seems a little awkward to me, may be timid also a bit. At the very beginning, he appeals even sleepy and both not senuous at all. I like it very much, when I see them smiling and laughing, enjoying that experience, a difficult experience too, not knowing each other very well (I presume) and with all the lights and cameras of the studio around. I agree that more vigour would be fine, combined with more decisiveness AND gentleness to the whole body but this needs confidence, faith, relation(ship), knowledge, ability. And this needs time. I do not agree, that loss of control would automatically lead to "common pornography" as says JoJo Ma, otherwise no real orgasms would be possible on this site - and these for me are the most precious thing on it! When they are treated as precious, by the makers and the users of this website, then the site by itself is precious and will nothing have to do with pornography! So: More massage, also between woman and man, with commitment and dedication, so that beautiful bodies can show the beauty of life!

Frank Vereinigte Staaten

Notice that Mike is fingering Flora's pussy lips and even inserting a finger into her cunt at about 7:50. Hot stuff!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: flora :)

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: Parts If it were to go that far, it should be P into C and/or M. But should it go that far on this site?. There are lots of other places where coitus is shewn in the minutest detail. There, it is usually more a matter of brute lust -- designed to excite the voyeurs -- rather than of genuine mutual empathy. Whilst I certainly support the concept that both the massage giver and the receiver should be naked -- and even shew that they're aroused by each other -- to go further than that is probably to go too far. What happens, if anything, after the shoot is a matter for the participants, not for us. For me, the physical aesthetics of handsome bodies and skilful gestures are more attractive, on screen, than sexual congress; though I do like to see a 'happy ending' to such encounters. Let's leave something to the imagination. After all, sexologists say that 90% of sex occurs in the brain. Let's leave it there for this site.

Luis US-Jungferninseln

Love this video. Is it possible to see them take it to another level?

Pixie Vereinigtes Königreich

Long and Leisured Love this video - both Flora and Mike have beautiful bodies...And they give each other a sensual and erotic massage - But, yes - this does indeed need to go go to another level. We need a part two please, one that continues where this one leaves off? Flora needs to perform fellatio on Mike that leads to orgasm - and Mike needs to pleasure Flora with both his tongue and penis.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: Mutual Massage It needs to be remembered that these films are edited. Since this was the first heterosexual mutual massage, the editor probably erred on the side of caution to leave out whatever may have occurred that might have been thought as too provocative. One might hope for more explicit interaction but, as I've said before, I don't think the site should become crudely pornographic.

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

RE: Mutaul Massage I agree with the idea that more nude heterosexual massages should be presented. My only concern is that they could become pornographic which, I think, would spoil the Massage site. Perhaps the solution, for those who want stronger stuff, is to put it in the Films Section of where those who want it can find it. If that were done, everybody could be satisfied. What do you think?. Those in favour say "Aye".

Loveartist Vereinigte Staaten

Suggestion I think a great addition would be to show prostate massage for the male which is a part of the Tantra Tradition. Tantra refers to it as "Sacred Spot" massage and can be very positive for the health of the man.

xyartluv Indien

RE: RE: Mutaul Massage I agree in 100% to have a separate section of 'films' which are one level above the present stuff. Peter is doing wonders in his work which can be reflected in the real life heterosexual activities without giving it a flavor of 'pornography'. Creative poses, postures and extreme intimate encounters with Peter's imagination will add zest to our own physical life. A very big and loud "Aye".

Hard2Figga Vereinigte Staaten

Suggested Massages I enjoy the site. There are some great massaging techniques and great looking models. I would like to see more male massages however. They all tend to focus mainly on his penis. As we all know, but probably don't care to recognize is that the male has more than just one erogenous zone. Prostate massages, maybe having them in different positions when they climax instead of always laying on their backs? Maybe show a variety of massages like "Foot Massages", "Glutteous Maximus Massages" for both the men and women? I'd personally enjoy seeing two women team up on one guy and massage him. Outdoor massages? Maybe add more male models to the site as well.

windmill Niederlande

naked massages these are the best to experience and be witness to. Please do continue to bring much more of this exciting viewing pleasure. Touching bodies all over with such intended deliberate attention for details is exactly what I am loking for in your sites.

carlos Spanien

el cuerpo de flora Esta mujer tiene el cuerpo más excitante de toda la web. Una conjugación excelsa entre lo masculino y lo femenino, los pechos mejor proporcionados, las nalgas más atrayentes. Viendo un cuerpo así, un hombre olvida en el instante el resto del mundo.

Exotike Puerto Rico

Obra maestra! Es una obra maestra, que mas puedo decir! Los modelos son incomparables, las tomas excelentes, muy bien logrado. Nos gusto mucho cuando el pene de el latia por las pulsaciones del corazón, tema que nunca se explora, pero muy excitante. bravo!

1lastman Vereinigte Staaten

These videos need to have some tasteful intercourse and mutual climax, otherwise, it's just a big tease for the viewer and very disappointing. We all know the point of a nude massage is to lead to intercourse, otherwise, what's the point???

dollarsforsox Barbados

Agree with what Hard2Figga said. Would love to see more girls giving girls foot massages. Nude Feet..a part often covered and sometimes overlooked, highlighted in massage videos for the erogenous zones and beautiful body part they are.

penpal_96j Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Video You may be right about the whole point of nude massage is to lead to intercourse. But there is so much intercourse on the web, this is a refreshing reprieve, in my opinions. Of course you opinion is just as valid as mine, that is why we have this board.

byron1820 Australien

The film A really beautiful film, which reminded one of the very best experiences one has had with masseuses - the very typical way in which her pussy moved against his arm as she leaned over hi, for instance. I loved the way both treated the other. There could perhaps have been just a little more interaction - he could perhaps have gently played with her backside and pussy while being massaged, and certainly I think she could have caressed his backside and cock a little; it would seem a natural reaction while he was massaging her pussy (she has the most beautiful pussy, by the way, and he dealt with it with just the right gentle touch. I also loved the way he placed his thumb on her anus while she was face downward. Altogether, really fine. And we do need more nude m and f scenes, I think; the interaction makes them much more erotic - and more beautiful -than solos.

MrBloom Italien

Flora and Mike Highlights for me were Mike's fingers discreetly getting a preview of Flora's pussy as she massaged him, a lovely glimpse of her anus, and Flora's fingers cupping Mike's prick when she was on her back and then giving it another stroke.

NoCoPilot Vereinigte Staaten

Mutual Massage/Masturbation You've had couples massage one another, and if they're in the nude it is sometimes apparent when they get excited. It would be the most natural thing in the world if they massaged each other simultaneously, leading to mutual genital massage, leading to mutual climax. Please.