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Photo de Maria


Photo de Maria
Nom: Maria
Pays: Japon
Poids: 52kg
Taille: 168cm
Age: 24
Profession: Star du porno

Super Mannequin Japonaise

Toujours star du porno et à présent supermodèle, elle a le visage – et le corps – d'un ange.

Une des mannequins les plus célèbres du Japon depuis ses 6 dernières années, Maria Ozawa apparait dans des films bukkake et a encore fait la couverture de FHM magazine. Ce sont des qualifications impressionnantes, mais pas tant que ça si vous regardez d'un peu plus près les mensurations parfaites de cette mignogne à croquer.

Un phénomène aussi bien sur YouTube que sur YouPorn - elle est yin et yang, le meilleur des deux mondes. Sexy et innocente, douce et excitante, et elle adore s'acheter des chaussures.

Maria Ozawa est une icone et célébrité japonaise unique, de bien des façons différentes. Et à présent on peut le voir sur Hegre-Art.


Maria Ozawa massage nuru gelée | July 25th, 2011
Maria Ozawa massage nuru gelée
wheeler Etats Uni

I would LOVE to see that nuru gell utilized in a video!!

Zeppelin Allemagne

No need to ask for the movie, wheeler This IS the movie. At 2.67 seconds a very short one that is.

wheeler Etats Uni

uuummm... Maria doesnt have any movies yet!

Fishman Etats Uni

Maria has perfect tits!

Simon Suisse

Maria w/o Jelly please I know you left Tokio, I just hope you have captured some awesome pictures w/o this ugly jelly.

Roger Etats Uni

Debt to Maria We all owe a debt to Maria. In this appropriately all nude set, just look how she lets her big tits hang out free, shows her sexy round bare-naked butt and then spreads her legs wide to proudly show us all of her hairy cunt! Just gotta love her! I approve that she does porno. I adore the nude female form, and it is also great to see a nude model get fucked once in a while. Thank you Maria! Replies?

BlackIrish Etats Uni

Maria Ozawa! She's one of my all-time favorite JAV models. I can't wait to see her in a massage video (hint, hint).

avidsatin Australie

lips Such a beautiful face - you can glimpse something of her personality from the images. Superb eyes, sensuous lips, elegant nose. Then there are her delicate fingers that are made for touching.

Jewel Royame Uni

Adoration I've always loved Maria, I always will, but I'm not sure how much longer I can last without some 'harder' photos (or even a film) from her!

Magraal Australie

I too would love to see Miyabi in a massage video more than anything else, but would also love to see her in a girl-on-girl shoot (she's done a couple of girl-girl JAVs but she's notoriously shy about it)

bigwill2361 Etats Uni

maria massage jelly shoot maria is the hottest bitch in japanese porn hands down a 10 out of 10 without question it's nice to finally see her pussy unblured for a change this shoot shows her beauty off looking forward to more sexy photos of this hot model/porn star

Maria Ozawa gelée rose partie 2 | June 11th, 2011
Maria Ozawa gelée rose partie 2
Marc Allemagne

I whish there are comming more from this jelly!

wheeler Etats Uni


Cliff lee Etats Uni

I don't get it. This is just messy, not sexy.

tdonna4 Etats Uni

Beautiful woman hiding behind the ugly jelly!

Simon Suisse

Finally Maria is just georgeus. The pink jelly is really not my thing. But the first set that get closer.

Roger Etats Uni

What a sexy girl Maria is! Curves fore and aft! Shot 45, with the arch of her back and lift of her buns, is the best of the butt looks, while 48-65 is and outstanding cunt and tit series, 57-63 arguably the best. I heartily applaud the Japanese models like Maria and recent hard-core addition Hana Haruna, who appear in a variety of genres: the tease of bikini non-nude Gravure idol, erotic nude art like Hegre, and hard-core. For, while it is a joy to watch a beautiful girl in a bikini, it is also great to see her take off the bikini, and, finally, so great to see her get fucked! Thank you Maria for displaying eros in so many appropriate ways!

Jewel Royame Uni

Mmmm The divine Ms Ozawa and happy memories of her bukkake days - albeit considerably less explicit!

PinkPanther Etats Uni

I love this crazy set One of the things I like about this site is the sheer weirdness of some sets - this being a great example. It fits with the weird fetishy quality of Japanese adult material. I'm delighted to look past the bizarre pink jelly at this absolutely gorgeous woman - Maria rocks!

Lizbeth Etats Uni

Maria I realy like the jelly nice sexy feet to.

alemof Mexique

Wonderfull Wow Maria you are very beautiful ¡¡¡ and the pictures are amazing

bigwill2366 Etats Uni

Maria pink jelly shoot pt 2 once again maria delivers the goods the hottest bitch in porn and even hotter as a nude model instant hard on every time a unblured pussy is what we men want it's what we get thanks to peter kudos to hegre art getting a fine ass bitch like maria a no question 10 out of 10 model / porn star to give us men the eye candy we deserve more maria please and hegre art has a member for life

Maria Ozawa deux boîtes | May 5th, 2011
Maria Ozawa deux boîtes
wheeler Etats Uni

we have another acrobat here!

albertus Italie

probably one of the sexiest women in the world!

albertus1971 Italie

probably one of the sexiest women in the world! when we'll see a movie or a massage?????

Roger Etats Uni

Another fine series from Maria! She is appropriately totally nude throughout. Maria is a "fore and aft" girl: blessed with wondrous full tits and oh so fuckable round buns behind. Not to mention her beautiful face! A wonder! And how fortunate we are that she shows her nude beauty to us!

Jacko Etats Uni

I don't like the tats but just a fucking great body

Jewel Royame Uni

Patience? I adore Maria but these tame photo shoots of a woman who we know can do so much more are a little, shall we say, dull.

Mark Etats Uni

Maria Ozawa two boxes Great nude study of Maria! Love the use of the two boxes to accentuate the body. Maria looks fabulous!

Mark Etats Uni

Maria Ozawa two boxes Great nude study of beautiful Maria. Love the use of the two boxes to accentuate her body. Well done set to appreciate her beauty.

Henry Etats Uni

Bush Baby While Maria is undoubtedly one of the hottest models you have on your site, I am still a little let down by her galleries. What are the chances that you'll be able to get her to show us some pink? I really think that is what we are all clamoring for!

Maria Ozawa icone Japanaise | April 12th, 2011
Maria Ozawa icone Japanaise
KOMET Etats Uni

MARIA OZAWA - BESTIA EN CELO GRRROWL!!! She's a hot, sexy beast.

wheeler Etats Uni

lovely indeed

simon Suisse

I'd like to take here home. My ATF here.

frederic Suisse

shave it I like her, but why doesn't she shave her bush? This is, what I hate on this japanese-pics... the only one with sexy bush is Silvie...

Mark Etats Uni

Maria Ozawa Outstanding! Completely nude in every shot! Bravo!

Jewel Royame Uni

You're beautiful Maria - but I want to see just a little more if you know what I mean!

tintero Etats Uni

you are gorgeous Maria. you are the reason I paid my second year membership.

Roger Etats Uni

I agree with Mark: Outstanding! I like the purity of total nudity, the essence of eroticism. Maria has such an outstanding ass! Finally in this series we are getting to see it in all its glory! Favorite photo #52. Japanese girls are all so pretty, but seeing one with a sexy round ass is such a bonus! Like finding twenty bucks in your pants pocket when you take it to the cleaners! (OK she is half Canadian...So maybe "Oh Canada!")

Jacko Etats Uni

Her ass is all world awesome

coreysurfer Etats Uni

Where is she? Hi, bring her back, yes her ass is amazing but her curves other places are superb as well, we need some more Maria!!

Maria Ozawa Luba t-shirt squelette | March 22nd, 2011
Maria Ozawa Luba t-shirt squelette
Ray Etats Uni

Luba Skull Shirt You found a new way for Luba to get to our heads.

brittus Allemagne

Without any doubt it is a remakable idea to publish a japanes girl with a skull on her shirt in the present situation. Unbelievebel!

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: Luba Skull Shirt Luba???huh???

wheeler Etats Uni

super sexy!!!

palonazo Espagne

RE: RE: Luba Skull Shirt Um... the t-shirt, the skull is made up of Luba photos, the set's title... get the idea?

Maria Ozawa rêve humide | March 7th, 2011
Maria Ozawa rêve humide
vector-4216 Japon

Who is that man??

dave Taïwan, Province de Chine

good smile and body figure Maria was such a great porn actress with great smile and body. But the tattoos destroyed all the texture of her skin.

The Guy Etats Uni

Actually I was hoping we'd get a better look at the tattoo on her back sometime. OK, so the dude wanted pictures with Ms Ozawa. You didn't have to post them. Destroyed a decent set.

D.L. Etats Uni

Weird ending. I was enjoying this set when all of a sudden I said, "WTF is that?!" Heh. Be that as it may, this girl is freaking gorgeous and I hope we see more of her.

Wideangle Etats Uni

Maria's Career Such a beautiful woman! She appears to be very charming, but of course that is the role a good model is expected to fulfill; cause the viwers to look! Understanding she is hoping to leave porn behind as she proceeds with her career, I genuinely hope she succedes with the transition. Had her description not mentioned her being in porn, I never would have suspected it, because she appears to be so healthy and wholesome.

cyclonefreak Philippines

RE: lucky b@stard :p

Adorer Suisse

great she is just extremely beautiful. great, great, great

girlfreak1988 Etats Uni

Haha, nice! Hilarious ending. XD

Maria Ozawa torero japonaise | February 27th, 2011
Maria Ozawa torero japonaise
wheeler Etats Uni

LOVELY!!! now THIS is what I call "art"!!!

tintero Etats Uni

ole great pictures, amazing girl, I am in love with her.... please more of Maria Mr Hegre.

Canchahel France

Very nice, even nicer than the first serie ("Maria Ozawa pornstar"). Is her dress a japanese traditional one or only a fancy ?

Will Australie

Bottomless Bottomless is so beautiful and erotic !! The best one is Gloria and Nicole (we love Barcelona). I know bottomless is a very small "niche" market but I sure hope you do more and more good bottomless in the near future !!

Roger Etats Uni

Outstanding! What an ass this girl's got! What a joy to see it in all its rounded glory! My favorite nude shots have always been the straight-on bare butt shots with buns and lovely arched ass-crack shown fully, with the hairy cunt lips peeking out from underneath. So photos 32-35 and 60-61 are my favorites. Maria is a "full service girl:" She does great bikini tease videos, nude erotic art like Hegre, and fantastic (and a very funny newscaster!) porn. All I can say is "Way to go Girl!" and thank you and Hegre for sharing your nude beauty with us! Strong work!

DanDen Canada

Legend Maria is the real pro! Hegre you immortalized and paid tribute to this legend! Waiting for the polaroid!!!

Jacko Etats Uni

Love that ass

Jewel Royame Uni

Maria remains truly beautiful and I was worried that we might not see any more of her now that the Tokyo trip is over. However, I hope that there are plenty more up Petter's sleeve. I have to confess though to expecting a little 'more' from such a groundbreaking woman - or maybe she's moved on?

kantundcunt Etats Uni

This is a very nice pinup series for this model. The costume is unique and flatters her body and skin tone. Lighting is well done. And of course the model is superb.

Maria Ozawa non censuré | February 8th, 2011
Maria Ozawa non censuré
Lars Danemark

Wonderfull body - not one of those skinny ones. AND she smiles, even laughs. Uhmmmm

wheeler Etats Uni


The Guy Etats Uni

Beautiful But hardly uncensored by Ms O's standards

Al Etats Uni

Maria Ozawa Maria is stunningly perfect. Unfortunately there is not a single photo of her ass in this photo set. ?!?!?!? She must have a perfect ass just like the rest of her body - why didn't you show it to us?

shunji Japon

RE: Photo number 37 beautiful. Wonderfull girl

Rob Royame Uni

I don't really get the title. Uncensored they may be (in a purely literal sense), but generally this term is used to indicate very explicit content. I am disappointed on that score, as I would dearly love to see Ms Ozawa's more intimate, feminine features in huge detail...

KOMET Etats Uni

MARIA OZAWA: Absolutely Yummy! MARIA OZAWA is "uma mulher gostosa que qualquer homem desejaria a amar e foder."

Jeff D Etats Uni

Love the Tits - Hate the Tats Goergeous girl, awesome rack. Why spoil it with tats?

albertus Italie

she's a devil, she's an angel! hope to see her in a deep massage video..

JP Etats Uni

Resemblance This chick looks like a younger version of my mother. No wonder my father got together with her. Damn!

Jewel Royame Uni

Truly stunning But not quite uncensored - I expected a little more you tease...!

LEO Etats Uni

pink petter need to see PINK!!!

kantundcunt Etats Uni

Spread those legs, girl! You are awesome.

girlfreak1988 Etats Uni

RE: That would be awesome!

romy Inde

O Maria Mesmerizing.....

Maria Ozawa nus | January 29th, 2011
Maria Ozawa nus
charles_72 Allemagne

Maria Great!

Tuco Royame Uni

RE: Photo number 49 Maria has a very pretty bottom! Thank you for sharing!

wheeler Etats Uni

lovely! nice and simple...lovely poses, with no background to distract from the lovely subject

randyleo Royame Uni

Stunning - beautiful face and body - lets see more of Maria.

KOMET Etats Uni


Alex Wilhelm Etats Uni

Maria Ozawa O, Canada!

Jim Etats Uni

ORIENTAL All of these new orientals are lovely women, but I am overdosing on them.

tdonna4 Etats Uni

I could not agree more with Jim!!! Very beautiful but an overdose just the same!!!

tintero Etats Uni

I can't get enough of her, "overdose me" Mr. Hegre.

Jf Etats Uni

I agree!!! keep them coming!!! More Asia! More asia! they seem to be so inspired and into it. good looks good scene ideas good poses good photos thanks H-Art.

B Etats Uni

on fire She is hotter than fire. Great shots.

Roger Etats Uni

Wow! More of this girl please! Such a ,sort os a "bonus," to see such a sexy round bottom (and great full tits too!) on a Japanese girl. Can't get enough of her butt!

Jewel Royame Uni

Please don't tell me that this is all we can expect from the divine Ms Ozawa (reference your comments on Day 9 of the Japan travel diary). I was kinda hoping she'd be a regular...

Mark Etats Uni

Maria Ozawa Nudes Bravo! This completely nude study of gorgeous Maria is fabulous! My absolute favorite way to capture the beauty of a woman. You get to appreciate every wonderful aspect of Maria's beautiful form. Outstanding!

Mike Etats Uni

she's so sexy. just wish she would shave

Maria Ozawa collant American apparel | January 16th, 2011
Maria Ozawa collant American apparel
DanDen Canada

Maria is sublime It is the first time I see Maria doiing acrobatic moves and it is very delightful. I'm proud that she has French-Canadian origins!!!

michael Royame Uni

At last : the whole real deal. Mature and entirely sexually astonishing

Mark Etats Uni

Maria Love Maria's look. She is very beautiful with the different look she brings. She has a fabulous body that looks best completely nude. The pantyhose is sexy but I like her best when she removes it and she is captured completely nude.

Bruno Etats Uni

Maria Exquisite! Love the body stocking!

Kevin in England Royame Uni

She is a pretty girl. 113 photos is far to many though.

wheeler Etats Uni

if you're worth looking a, you're worth los of pics, IMHO

B Etats Uni

Wish I could be in a movie with her.

Ted Etats Uni

Japanese photos Let's get back to your previous content -- enough of the Japanese types.

tintero Etats Uni

to many photos??? Maria is worth 113 and other 100 more. I could never get enough of her.

Mark Etats Uni

Maria is incredibly gorgeous! She has beautiful breasts, and an amazing smile, and she's just plain beautiful to boot! ... She should never have tattooed herself however.. her body is a work of art in itself. As for this set.. I liked the way it was going with the fishnets... the acrobatics were a distraction compared to where she was going. ... But overall, Oh my, she's gorgeous. Next question: where are all the videos of all these girls? 2 weeks is just too long to wait.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: lol *at *lots grrr!!! my keyboard is dying on me!

samurai Japon

RE: Maria is sublime And Japanese as well,,,

Jewel Royame Uni

Pedestal She's certainly on a pedestal in my books! And some shots of her beautiful pussy at last as well. More, more, more...

lupo001 Autriche

RE: Japanese photos I could not agree more!!!

kantundcunt Etats Uni

spread legs Damn! A great body, pretty face and attractive smile (when she uses it). But which spread-legs shot is the best?!?

Laurie Royame Uni

Twattoos? Can't strut the porn without the branding, it would seem to be obligatory. Pretty girl too, shame girls can't find the strength of character and individualism to resist the trend which is strictly for the grunts!

Laurie Royame Uni

Breathtaking Imagery Maria has probably crossed me off her list, but she is utterly exquisite. Love the gallery, great aesthetic appeal and deliciously nuanced eroticism

Maria Ozawa transparente | January 9th, 2011
Maria Ozawa transparente
wheeler Etats Uni

she actually didn't even need to take that thing off! super sexy, either way!

Joe Japon

Dissapointed Simply shave it.

KOMET Etats Uni

MARIA OZAWA Au contraire, Joe. By all means, Maria, stay as you are with your lovely bush. :)

JP Etats Uni

Beatuiful face Love the bush. Maria, don't listen the shave-obsessed.

wheeler Etats Uni

what komet said!

Truth Canada

Nice, indeed, but need to turn it up a notch.

John Espagne

Too much light and too much dressed.

dgt99x Etats Uni

Maria's tatoos Nice poses, and Maria certainly has a great body and a lovely face too. I just wish I could ignore the tatoos which always spoil a woman's image for me.

Bavarian gipsy Allemagne

What's that? A picture-puzzle? Spot the difference?

Jewel Royame Uni

Moving pictures A beautiful woman and i can't wait for her first Hegré film...

makirichi Canada

Maria, ho Maria Thats a previllege to see these photos here today, when I think of the world class Beauty she have. Just take a look of Peneloppe Cruz (Open your eyes) or Monica Belluchi (L'Appartement) you'll quickly realise that. She had the courage too. As a Japanese she had to brake a lot of convention and fortress. To me she's THE STAR !

dick Sri Lanka

maria Maria is probably the most beautiful of your japanese models, with luscious, sexy, full lips a la Jolie and a fetching body which you can portray with great success in a film!

birdhead1 Etats Uni

innocense lost? maria will always be gorgeous, but after getting dp's, enemas, gangbanged, etc, she does not quite have that innocent look any longer.

EmmSea Australie

Pity about the tats Lovely woman, right up there in the 'Hegre stable of beautiful women', but a real pity about the tatoos. For me, I regret to say, they ruin her!

Chaz Etats Uni

Have to agree with what EmmSea said. The tats totally ruin it for me.

girlfreak1988 Etats Uni

RE: MARIA OZAWA Totally agree! Bush is the best.

Maria Ozawa gelée rose | December 31st, 2010
Maria Ozawa gelée rose
wheeler Etats Uni


KOMET Etats Uni

MARIA OZAWA - sem roupa So sexy.

masterz Grèce

It is boring.., sorry.

Tuco Royame Uni

RE: Photo number 47 Delicious! A jelly covered bottom! :)

Bleucat Etats Uni

New Horizons Pink Champagne anyone? Please continue to explore the 'pink pussy-cat' in Ms. Ozawa! Happy New Year Petter!

samurai Japon

RE: Totally agree Totally agree with you, even I learned from porn expert in Japan that she is very famous actress. NEXT !!

fentura Allemagne

Maria ist very hot, but the idea with the jelly... sorry, that's just boring...

Voyeur Etats Uni

She's so sexy I didn't even mind the hairy pussy.

daniel Etats Uni


John Espagne

Amazing set. Frontal views, back views, dog views, hehehe.

wheeler Etats Uni

well, the jelly worked wonders for me! I have always loved that wet and messy stuff!

harrford Etats Uni

maria Please, please, please bring us more of Maria Ozawa.

Jewel Royame Uni

Segoi Maria is quite simply amazing! Can't wait for (much) more...

gareth Etats Uni

PERFECT way to end the year with a bang!

Jacko Etats Uni

Love the pussy hair and wow love that ass

jjkirnan Etats Uni

she will never be truly naked again maria ozawa is extraordinary. her porn vids can be mind blowing. but maria getting tatoos? that is a tragedy. she will never be naked again

bigwil2366 Etats Uni

maria pink jelly i love the pussy hair maria sexy legs ass and beautiful smile the best japanese bitch in porn the greatest bitch in hegre art models show some pink peter more maria pls

Maria Ozawa star du porno | December 20th, 2010
Maria Ozawa star du porno
samurai Japon

new star is born ! Yo ! Good job Peter. Maria Ogawa is totally unknown girl in Japan, but doesn`t matter at all. I like her with good looking and good body. MORE !! Love to see her pussy shot soon.

KirtStrider Etats Uni

Maria Ozawa WOW!! Its nice to see Maria still has her figure and looks going for her. Last time I saw anything on her was when she played Kekko Kamen in the last LIVE versions of the KK Live Movie Series. And Maria if youre seeing this as well Im glad to see you still look as lovely as ever. I hope Petter and the gang can get Maria (again) and some othe the other stars to do some more spreads. Thanks Petter. Kirtan

wheeler Etats Uni

I was never much for arm tattoos on women. they're too...BUTCH! (for want of a better word)otherwise, she's hot!

Taco Jack Etats Uni

Thanks I can't believe my favorite photog shot photos of my favorite woman on the planet - and not surprisingly you made her look fantastic. Great job Peter.

ZYM Australie

Miyabi is Hegre-Art Pretty surprised that Maria entered Hegre World. But she is one of the most popular AV actress. A real hard worker.

B Etats Uni

Fun A gorgous fun girl. Lets see more!!!!

Katsushika Hakusai Japon

RE: new star is born ! "samurai" san, you are "Moguri"! Maria Ogawa is a very famouse AV actress in Japan, as ZYM say, I think. But she is half. Father is French, and mother is Japanese. Surprised so much, good job, Petter.

kigouya Japon

come back to japan... was expecting something a little more... racy? she's a pro, after all, and japan mosaics out everything by law. once here i thought we'd see all of her, so to speak. nice shots, however a little playboy-ish for this site. next get kadena reon--guaranteed to increase traffic on your site!

Big Pays Bas

Awesome Hmm, honestly I had no clue who she is but her body and face is amaazing not mentioning her hairy pussy of course it is just fantastic:) Now I will google who she is :)) I hope more series to come:)

Pablo Etats Uni

Love Nice, excellent set; LOVE!

Jewel Royame Uni

Legendary I can't believe it! The magnificent Maria Ozawa lands on Planet Hegre. Congratulations Petter. She remains Japan's most beautiful export in my eyes. I look forward to much, much more - after all it was a rather 'tame' start to her Hegre career...!

Rob Royame Uni

Well, I have never heard of her, but she is GORGEOUS! (but can we please see more of her pussy?) Thanks

Wise Pays Bas

Awesam Nice body and beautifully hairy pussy, hope to see more soon!

Mark Etats Uni

Maria Ozawa She is very beautiful with a gorgeous body. Please do a totally nude study.

HA Espagne

Amazing. Next models: Zuzana Drabinova, Cikita, ...

samurai Japon

RE: RE: new star is born ! May be I am,, cuz I am not a porn movie fan. I think I have to take my words down. Thanks for my new nickname "Moguri" !! I like it, thank you Katsushika Hakusai-san. May be you can exhibit your porn Ukiyo-A next time,,,,

Setuss Turquie

Maria Ozawa Very nice modelling, unbelieveble model... Very nice... wow... :))

etx Espagne

RE: I'll support this great idea...

Bleucat Etats Uni

Ms. Ozawa Thank You...Petter, for the informal introduction to MARIA OZAWA, pornstar! I'm looking forward to being properly acquainted with the more intimate details of this delectable treat from the Orient..."purr-r-r-r-r-r-r!"

Joe Japon

Attractive even for Japanese men I've never heard of her name in Japan, but I think she should be a star. I want to meet with her face to face in Japan.

usens Etats Uni

very, very pretty woman; lose the wrap, trim the bush and presto, a 10's 10.

samurai Japon

RE: Attractive even for Japanese men Watch out "Attractive even,,,,," Katsushika Hokusai who is an expert of Japanese porn movie,may call you "Moguri" again !!

Carl Inde

Maria Maria Ozawa was born on January 8, 1986, in Hokkaido, Japan to a Japanese mother and a Canadian father,she went to an international school and learned English,which she believes she reads and writes better than Japanese. Her extracurricular reading material during high school included a book which detailed 48 sexual positions, which she purchased for herself when she was 13 years old, Petter can you get her to show all the 48 sexual positions, it`ll be a hit, she`s so very beautiful, amazing body, except for the light scar on her face which she got it while piercing, anyways awaiting for editions to be released.

Knightwing49 Etats Uni

RE: come back to japan... I agree. I was hoping for more since it's not a Japanese site. And A nice close shave to go with it would be even better from all of your Japanese models.