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Darina Profile

Name: Darina
Country: Russia
Weight: 54kg
Height: 177cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Teenage Promise

Girls at the age of innocence are not only exquisite subjects to photograph, they embody all the promise of life in its fullest meaning.

THE TEENAGE years can be traumatic or blissful. In the past, girls have felt hemmed in by traditions and taboos that are fading in the age of the New Nude and creating freedoms that have never existed before.

In that sense, Darina with her full, lush breasts, great swath of dark hair and dark probing eyes personifies the joy of meeting the freedoms of the new age in acknowledging her irrepressible physical attributes as a gift to be shared with the camera. Without a moment's self-consciousness, in her first nude session she lazily shed her clothes and, like a well-fed she lion, stretched out on the leather sofa, not posing, just being herself.

From the sofa to the swirling whirl of the Jacuzzi, Darina had found her vocation.

Darina delight December 5th, 2006
More Darina please!!
Such beautiful breast!
Darina on sofa October 14th, 2004
perfect smile
I just love this girl! I hope you have more of her coming!
Darina in jacuzzi August 22nd, 2004
Huge Puffy Areolas
Wow, Darina gets to show us her huge puffy areolas which students of ethology will probably understand may work as supernormal stimuli to most human males. They certainly do for me, even though I also love smaller boobs. For instance just think about some of the cartoon and comics illustrations with such large somewhat pendulous breast often equipped with large puffy areolas. There is something not at all subtle about such incredibly strong visual sexual stimuli. Darina embodies such an erotic ideal often only seen in drawings.
This young lady had awsome potential. What wonderful breasts. Attitude, but spread legs would be important. Bring her back. Consider a massage session.
Love the big boobs !!
Very nice, she looks absolutely sexy as can be !! Love the big boobies.
Darina in leather chair - Part 2 November 12th, 2003
Darina your body, your face, your pussy are marvellous
Darina in leather chair August 18th, 2003
Lovely young woman--wish you had a few more galleries of her
crystal clear
I'd like to see studio galleries that are crystal clear, i.e., well lit with sharp focus. You use beautiful women but keep them at a distance with your techniques. I'd like to see them as I might in real life, flaws and all, as if they were right beside me in a well lit room. The galleries of Darina are good examples of what I’m getting at.