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Alona | Ucrania Galerías: 4
Foto de Alona


Foto de Alona
Nombre: Alona
País: Ucrania
Peso: 50kg
Altura: 173cm
Edad: 18
Ocupación: Modelo

Primer rubor

Alona no ha hecho más que comenzar en el mundo del desnudo. Sabemos que pronto estará metida de lleno en este medio y dejando una fuerte impresión.

Es una joven de 18 años del cosmopolita puerto de Odessa en Ucrania. La atmósfera vibrante de esta ciudad ha tenido un efecto estimulante en ella. Hasta ahora se ha dedicado al modelaje de moda, en lo que se ha hecho ya un nombre. Pero poco a poco se ha acercado al desnudo, lo cual ha sido un gran cambio para esta deliciosa morena. Esta es una chica que antes de conocernos ni siquiera se había tumbado al sol topless en las playas del Mar Negro. Las líneas del bronceado sobre su delgado cuerpo son la prueba de que estaba más acostumbrada a cubrirlo que a mostrarlo.

Todo esto nos habla de una chica con encanto natural y atractiva personalidad. Florecerá frente a nuestros ojos.​​

Alona Galerías COMENTARIOS

Alona inocencia blanca | September 14th, 2011
Alona inocencia blanca
bruce westoby Estados Unidos de América

movment..... you have a beautiful model standing..doing nothing...no stretching, bending, sqwating....lets have more energy...like Yanna...or Thea...posesors of beauty and strength....

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, it worked for me!

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

'The way she is' Alona is beautiful the way she poses, I like the diffrence your photographers use the models to pose, she does have a beautiful body and love her buns, the tan lines are somehow erotic to me and so many poses with being able to see the small of her back and butt is nice, that part ( small of back ) is I find one of the sexy parts of a woman and why I love being back there..keep the unusual coming...the more diffrence in posing the better treat for all of us..what do yall have in store for a halloween theme pose?....

Simon Suiza

Combine that great smile with some 'tension' in the picture and I'd like it much more.

Rob Alemania

Thanks for her! Great eyes, great model. She looks very innocent and I love her tan lines. Hope there will come some more sets with her. The first four set show us the same studio location and it seems Alona works with Petter only for one hour? For me she is the most beautiful model on Hegre-Art since the last few years. Please Alona, come back for more nude-modeling and reveal us all your beauty (and youth). You are an Angel!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Such a great beauty Love her natural breasts and powerful eyes. You could have a gallery just of headshots and I'd still get aroused.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Alona I love how Alona`s beautiful smile enhances her already perfect body. Love the poses. This set rocked.

Hannes Alemania

Very nice pics of a beautiful girl.

JJ Estados Unidos de América

Sexy Alona One of the most beautiful, hottest and sexy women here. Love her body type and figure. Her tiny butt drives me wild. I only wished there were several more pictures like the one in the first set of her in jeans. And starting out wearing a top also.

Hadlow60 Francia

RE: Such a great beauty I'm with you on that one !!!!

. Estados Unidos de América

Alona, you have the most delicious young ass !

Jerry Suiza

I'm totally in luv with this stunning beauty : keep it up with Alone pleaaaaase !

Alona juventud | August 25th, 2011
Alona juventud
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Lovely lovely!!!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

ALONA AU NATUREL - BELISSIMA How long must we wait until ALONA is featured in AN EROTIC MASSAGE VIDEO??? So easy it is to become lost in her eyes, like a Siren beguiles a sailor on the high seas with her song as she swims alongside the ship or perches herself at dusk on a rocky or smooth, leafy peak jutting out of the sea.

John Reino Unido

Nice Cute girl next door. I like how she's so obviously new to all this - the patchy shaving in 22, for example. How much more is she going to open up for you Petter?

tobsch Alemania

alona has wonderful eyes!

rob Alemania

great - want to see more from her. She is still my favorite model!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Alona Gets down to the essence of Alona's beauty. Completely nude in every shot. Beautifully done.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Belladonna eyes Love the peach fuzz on her belly and the lovely, big pupils.

Pete Reino Unido

All over tan Alona is a very pretty girl with a great body and could really go on to great things, 51 and 56 are great shots here but she needs to sort out the tan as I find it very distracting at the moment.

Thunderman Estados Unidos de América

Absolutely spectacular - completely entranced by pic 18 in the super large format - you can see those glorious lips and that fine hair. What a beautiful young woman. Thanks for sharing!

Hadlow60 Francia

The one thing I've been watching the most was actually her eyes . She got the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Finlandia

Number 13 is a perfect shot, love the tan line, and a great shot of her anus.

Alona desnuda | August 4th, 2011
Alona desnuda
Pete Reino Unido

Girl next door Very girl next door but with fantastic eyes, great asset to the site but I think she needs to invest in an overall tan.

Stever Reino Unido

tanlines Tanlines - well, untanned areas - on a naked girl are sooo sexy. Kinda highlighting the bits that you should not be looking at. Naughty...

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Welcome back Alona, it's been awhile since you've graced us with your beautiful blue eyes and amazing body.

Kevin from Hertfordshire England Reino Unido

Hey Alona. I love your eyes. I love your body that has those 'not tanned' bits. Hope to see more of you.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely! (another vote for tanlines here)

paul Estados Unidos de América

Alona Sweet, sexy, beautiful and love those tan lines.

Rob Alemania

Thanks for her The prettiest girl I have seen on Hegre-Art since the last one hundred years. I hope there will come more! Love the tanlines too!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Reply to Stever I agree completely! Tan lines add to the excitement as we see what the bikini had oh so frustratingly covered! Welcome back Alona! You are gorgeous!

finderweb Italia

When you come back? We miss you, Alona!

Retti Estados Unidos de América

A shame that there are only 4 galleries.....please more!

A guy Estados Unidos de América

Alona, you have the nicest Ass I have seen in a long time. You also have a very nice pussy and perfect breasts. You are perfect all over and a very lickable and fuckable young girl !

Alona primeros desnudos | July 9th, 2011
Alona primeros desnudos
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely addition! What happenned to Gloria and Nicole?Certainly no offense meant to this lovely angel!She's gorgous!Can't wait to see more!Just curious!Hope we get to see that gallery too!

Nick Reino Unido

Welcome A warm welcome to Alona, looking forward to more galleries and videos from her.

Andy Estados Unidos de América

Cute girl. Love the tan lines.

albertus Italia

very beautiful eyes! she's shy, but fuckable....she'd improve

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

BITAEMO ALONA!!! Albertus, I echo and endorse your sentiments. ALONA is yummy!!! Such a lovely woman. I'd luv to see her in an extensive photo (and video) series with Valerie in which both of them are fully nude together and their bodies oiled-down.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Alona Welcome to Alona. I always like the first time reveals, the first time a model poses nude. She is very cute and has beautiful eyes. She has real potential as a model. Nicely done first time shoot.

Zeppelin Alemania

Adorable! Yet the hairdo leaves room for improvement...

Doc Estados Unidos de América

very lovely...please more pics and video

Hannes Alemania

Alona-First time nude Very nice pics of a lovely beauty. Thanks to Petter and Alona, hope we see a lot more of you ;-)

alsama Canada

Verry nice indeed! Cute face &...well everything else also! ;)

Simon Suiza

Welcome Nice intro

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Joy of the First Time Nude Where to begin? Innocence unveiled is such a thrill. All the elements are here: only 18, shy girl, pretty, first time ever nudes. The jackpot! The fact that she is clad in ordinary jeans, as any unaffected girl would wear, as opposed to a deliberate model outfit, only accentuates our sense of innocence unveiled as she slowly reveals herself. Same goes for tan lines: they tell us we are seeing the Forbidden, the parts the bikinis that drive us wild always maddenlngly cover. I miss tan lines! It is great to see them again! Breasts and butts look so cute, adorable and therefore sexy when milky white. Welcome Alona! Thank you for joining hegre-art and for showing your nude beauty! Petter, excellent photography! Applaud how both sides of lovely Alona are richly displayed.

Rob Alemania

thanks for alona Congratulations – she is one of the most beautiful new Hegre-girls I have seen in the last two years. I Hope there will come many sets of her in the future.

Pete Reino Unido

Stunning eyes Welcome Alona, what about a joint set with Ama who we have not seen for some time.

alictedman España

Alona Stunning,.. eyes, hair, skin,... what a beautiful girl,...

Rob Alemania

Please more! I'm waiting for the next set of Alona! Hope it comes soon!

Palonazo España

VeryAvedon Can tell Petter worked with Avedon: No modelling lights: huge pupils. Beautiful.

peterpan Alemania

skinny small breasted girl...topless in jeans....love it...!!!!!!!

Jerry Suiza

the most stunning and beautiful girl seen here for very long ! Thanks for hiring more of her ! cheers

Alonalover Reino Unido

My god I'm in lust of Alona