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Nikola Profile

Name: Nikola
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 42kg
Height: 156cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Coming out of her shell

Nikola has come to us fresh from her home in the Czech Republic. When we say fresh, that’s exactly what we mean.

She is as refreshing as a light breeze at dawn. 18 year old Nikola has a fragile charm. She manages to be both mysterious and naïve at the same time. This is a rare quality. Her photo assignments with us are the first major ones she has undertaken. Until now she has concentrated on her studies at a business academy. Very recently that she has come to see that her beauty is as much of an asset as her intelligence. Gradually she is becoming aware of how powerful her sexual aura is. She is looking forward to exploring it.

Nikola is like a new-born colt. Awkward and stumbling at first, it quickly becomes a graceful and powerful creature that is full of passion. Nikola will be transformed. We can watch the amazing process unfold.

Nikola Power Rack August 12th, 2014
She is so hot and sexy! I'm just salivating; she is making me so horny. I love her pussy. It must be warm and moist.
lovely! I do love the day-in-the-life type vids!
Nikola is the most beautiful, natural girl on your site ... let's have some more videos of her soon. Some of the photo shoots taken in 2012 were great - were videos taken of these ? if not what a waste !
superb erotica
I'd forgot how beautiful Nikola was and this film must rank as one of the most erotic on the site albeit a little disjointed! More please especially showing her aroused pussy whilst working out and an erotic massage where she is not in control of her arousal. Superb film all the same.
Very nice, but not much shown of the power rack isleading title should have been called naked on the beach
Welcome back Nikola !! You have a perfectly proportioned body. Wow You are beautiful and sexy woman. Wow, one more time.
now she may have never been with a man before but I find it real hard to believe that at 18 she has never rubbed one out. great video though but I am pretty sure she already knew what her clit was for and how to make herself cum
Nikola petite mystique May 28th, 2012
Bella, ma, manca un tuo sorriso.
Please smile Nikola
So incredibly beautiful I just wish she would smile...
Nikola is actually the only girl on this website that really does it for me. Came across some stills of her elswhere and just signed up to get to her. She is so stunning it hurts.
Captivated by the Smoulder
The streets and coffee houses are full of smouldering girls with gorgeous arses and I love 'em. Nikola is simply stunning...
Kinda agree with Geroki, I think she is trying to do "smouldering" but this often comes across as sad. Shame cos she is really cute
in general
Okay, Nikola is a model who thinks her face looks only good in half side-face, lol. Anyway, a cutie.
I hear music...
I can hear it... Music, like stardust, like inspiration, in each image NIKOLA creates. She's like a song in the nighttime, sweet sensuous breezes, freshening, so lyrical she moves her body making poses into her personal art. Each pic as intimate as a lover's whisper, as a lover's wink, laughing, toying, surrendering but never passive, sharing the moments, entering while she's entered. I never thought I'd live long enough to feel this good vicariously -- thanks, Petter.
NIKOLA is the embodiment of feline grace and an understated sensuality. Fully nude, she exults in her freedom, occasionally snarling in a teasing fashion.
Another fine totally nude set from lovely Nikola. Love the way the series opens up, if you will, starting with photo 16.
Some repetition in the opening sequence, whatever, this exquisite creature is simply breathtaking. No oil, no water, natural beauty delightfully presented, Nikola resides comfortably at the top with Ryonen and the Oriental girls.
Nikola is a mystery
oh my Nikola is amazing, with deep dark eyes that draw me in and follow me. Such a lovely lady with long hair mmm my kind of woman, beauty, mystery in her eyes. and the last picture shows fully Nikola's total charm and beautiful firm arse, long legs and hair. i am indeed intranced and held by such beauty.
Nikola bed gymnastics April 30th, 2012
RE: Photo number 27
as an asshole lover, this shot is pure ecstasy!
If the main sex organ is the brain then what kicks it off for me is the main sexuality of Nikola's face, her eyes, her lips, her subtle expression changes. She makes even the most banal poses, the most trivial, average, everyday pose seem burning with sexuality. I have trouble sometimes figuring out where Petter's focus is in the closeups, where he wants to take us, but luckily anywhere on Nikola's skin is sensually intimate. My brain gets the message.
One of the many things I love about Nikola, she always brings it home.
Gorgeous Nikola let down
Lovely girl, and loved the smiles but why the unflattering,demeaning poses? Please give us some good missionary "I'm having a great screw" positions. Let's steer clear of these semi-perverted artificial poses. Why not aim to attract mainstream not perverts ... there are many more of us!!!
Wonderful Bungholeful!
Sweet little Nikola! She has such a tasty little bunghole, but it always looks greasy. She must always be ready for a hot tongue I think!
not unflattering
hi, cannot understand that you think she is unflattering! Not at all. I like these pictures very much - especially her pussy is so great (when taken from behind even more). Very arousing.
RE: Repetitive and Unflattering
You are so correct.
Repetitive and Unflattering
And lacking in imagination, this pretty girl surely inspires a better outcome...
here we go!!!
this is what I'm here for! nikola makes me wanna go to the gym!
Nikola blue beach April 3rd, 2012
Again, it seems as if you and Nikola are getting warmed up and ready for something, the edge of something real and new, and then it's over... She is so lovely, mysteriously erotic and yes, enigmatic, and so my curiosity is aroused... but it ends almost too soon for anything else. Knowing you, Petter, I know you have more... Knowing her, I know she certainly does too. Please...
RE: "23 Exclusive" Images
Still more than "photo of the day" :) stay cool !
very nice, if WAY too short!!!
NIKOLA, a mermaid marooned, pines for the sea. Only the night before, she with a bold stroke of her large, dully florescent tail, broke the surface of the sea, dazzled by a train of falling stars in a darkly azure sky.
"23 Exclusive" Images
Can I be bothered, seriously!
Nikola sun rays March 22nd, 2012
I like how you have brought her to light. She is like tabula rasa, my desire written fully upon her, all my wishes and regrets, she is promises and corners not yet turned. In your work with Nikola, she is like a leashed wild creature, so full of things we can only guess, of things glimpsed just beneath a divine surface. There's a sure art to doing that. Thank you, both.
Yum yum
Mm, yum yum, tasty pussy
So great to see sweet little Nikola back again appropriately fully nude. Exquisite series. Wonderful cunt looks in this series, bathed in sunlight. I heartily agree with Wheeler: I too approve of the natural lighting trend. Thank you Nikola and Petter.
She, with body full nude, oiled-down, sleek and in repose, fangs and claws bared, arises with the thought: 'Who will be my prey today?'
anothet WAY too short set!though, I must say I love the trend of natural light, lately!