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Yara Profile

Name: Yara
Country: Austria
Weight: 56kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Alpine scale

The time is ripe for real women with real figures. Step forward, Yara.

Ripeness is exactly the right word to describe this luscious model. Naturally she has a great personality. But there is no denying that what stands out at first glance is her amazing bosom. She has gone straight to the number one spot in Hegre-Art in this respect. She is all real too. These are no artificial creations.

Yara is our first Austrian model. Maybe the fresh mountain air has something to do with her unrestrained vitality. She will not let herself be confined by anything, least of all by tight-fitting clothing. That is just as well. It would be far too distracting for anyone nearby.

This is the first time she has revealed her voluptuous figure on any website. Take a look and get ready to be impressed.

Yara fitness April 19th, 2014
Wow, looks like the fitness training is working. She looks even better than a few years ago.
Too me, Yara was the most beautiful girl ever on this site.
very motivating, indeed!!!
very motivating indeed!!!
Lovely girl with great boobies
I was just bemoaning the other day that we haven't had a Yara series in a long long time. THANK YOU Hegre! Yara is just so beautiful with exceptional features. We need more pics & more angles of her grandeur.
I would love to have Yara as my personal trainer anytime
There are too many near duplicate pictures of her holding the weights, wearing the boxing gloves and taking off her shorts. I feel like one or two of each would suffice and leave room for other, more interesting and imaginative pictures.
even more beautiful than in her previous shootings. I agree that it would be nice to have a good look at her pussy ...
Yara is still so beautiful I hope we get more photos/videos.
New fans
Even though I do prefer the very lean type, I doubt that this will earn Yara any new fans.
Yara and her pussy
Splendid breasts and splendids hips, but where is its naked pussy in close up? It doesn't exist in her galleries till now, a gallery with her pussy in close up
Yara bikini ready May 22nd, 2013
Envoutante et fascinante
Quelle femme fabuleusement belle. Bravo et merci à Yara et Hegre Art pour cette gallerie juste incroyable à mes yeux ...
RE: Photo number 118
lovely ass.
A girl like Yara doesn't need a bikini. You do not hide such perfect tits.
The perfect woman. You have many beautiful women on this site but lady is top of the list.
RE: Yara
Totally agree, not one for the matronly figure myself, and getting tired of waiting to see her pussy as I suspect others are. Give us more of Thea or Valerie type people who are proud to show their bodies off, warts and all!!
Loss of weight
Yana definitely lost some weight. AND I DON'T LIKE IT! Compare her boobs and body to the first sets. Very sad!!
Let's see more of this woman soon, and get her into a massage video ASAP.
Congratulations !
Extarordinairement stupéfiant ces photos de déesse! Pour moi, vous êtes les plus belles femmes de rêve de ce site XX!
Yara - full-bodied model
It is such a pleasure to see a full bodied, figured model such as Yara. Just makes the viewing of a beautiful female model that much more genuine to be able to see the realistic curves instead of exposed, scrawny, bony ribs. YARA, YOU ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL ALL OVER!!!!
I just don't see what the big deal is with this model. She's got big boobs .....great. Now move on ! Not even the slightest tingle.
o yes
It doesn’t matter if Yara shows her pussy or not. For me she is the best model on Hegre-Art.
Yara bikini ready
......but the pussy in close up, where is it?
Love this country girl !!!
"FREE! FREE! FREE!" YARA exclaims joyfully, upon divesting herself from the tyranny of being dressed in a land perpetually fruitful and tropical. A land where to be nude is to be natural.
Yara flying high April 14th, 2013
Yara flyinng high
You look so happy ... Great.
To see the film from this shoot...
19 year old tits
Dear Labia vs Breasts These are 100% real tits, and the discussion has been had before. She is just young and perky. I agree they need a few years before they look more natural, but they are!
When we will see the set 'Yara spreading wide'?
Waiting for the video shoot of this picture shoot. I am sure that it was taken. I wish that she would show her vagina in it full beauty.
labia vs breasts
All ladies should realize that implants are seldom sexy, especially such obvious ones. Now a fantastic vagina like Yara's , that IS sexy!
Livrada da roupa, YARA graces us with her gracious curves and smoldering sensuality. (It is good that YARA has returned, for she has been much missed.)
Yara is very buoyant! lol and very sexy! :)
Congratulations !
Bravo, vous êtes vraiment très jolie Yara ! Une déesse incarnée !
Welcome back!
Welcome back my little Austrian model. Yara has the best tits of every Hegre-model I have seen. Nice to see her tits bouncing. This screams for a a video! But Yare has also a nice smile and – as we have seen a little peek in this set – very nice pussy lips. I hope she will spread her legs for some pictures later because I want to see every inch of this little European beauty! Yara is one reason I stay with Hegre Art!
Yara plus size model January 18th, 2013
Plus Size?
If this is Plus Size, then I just discovered I'm REALLY into heavy chicks....
"P"size, but not for "plus" . . . rather, for "perfect" . . .
Those tits could feed hoards of hungry people - me first!
Yara: A Work of Art
Yara is so beautiful. I love studying her amazing nudes. It is truly lovely to appreciate the beauty of a naked woman such as Yara. I love every curve of her body. She is a work of art!
Perfect Tits!
I wonder how Yara's spread pussy looks like. It must be perfect as well.
I am a woman who loves women. It is not always about the pussy. Granite I like it too. But, it is the beauty that she expresses in herself that makes it enticing.
Je rêve de voir Yara de faire masser de ls tête au pied.
thank you, Ian!I say again, these ladies are so much more than a vagina! if that's all you want to see, I suggest you read a gynecology book!
She is soo
Wow, I was just about to politely complain about not getting a full view of Yara's vagina. Then I read the comment by Ian from Canada. I do agree. Not getting the full view is making me more intrigued. I want to see more of her but in different circumstances. On a bed, at the pier. Please find someplace where the water matches her eyes. She is divine in the studio and i would like to see her with some natural lighting. Could we get a close up of her feet perhaps?
RE: Ian's comments
Well said, Ian.
Why not just appreciate what we do see, which is a beautiful woman, instead of complaining about what we don't? If all you want is pussy, there's lots of other sites that will cater to you.
I agree. I love Yara, but I'd love to see her pussy spread. Attention Yara, the people have spoken!
Woman dreams, Aphrodite !
Bonjour Yara, Je suis nouveau sur ce site depuis seulement hier soir & c'est grâce à vous, je vous en remercie beaucoup XX ! Je vous ai découvert par hasard en navigant sur un autre site. Il y a quelques temps de cela, mais j'ai tardé malheureusement à devenir membre chez Hegre-art.com Wow ! Mes mâchoires sont tombées par terre lorsque je vous ai vus dans ce magnifique vidéo, du massage de vos superbes seins avec de l'argile. Vous êtes unique & exceptionnellement très jolie ma chère XX ! Vous représentez à mes yeux une femme rêve XX ! La déesse Aphrodite réincarnée en personne XX ! Dieu vous bénisses Yara XX ! Hello Yara I am new to this site only yesterday evening & it is thanks to you, I thank you very much XX! I have discovered by chance while browsing another website. There are some time ago, but unfortunately I delayed to become a member at Hegre-art.com Wow! My jaw fell on the floor when I saw you in this beautiful video, massage your breasts with beautiful clay. You are exceptionally unique & beautiful my dear XX! You represent to me a woman dreams XX! The goddess Aphrodite reincarnated person XX! God bless you Yara XX! Hallo Yara Ich bin neu auf dieser Seite erst gestern Abend und es ist dank dir, ich danke Ihnen sehr XX! Ich habe durch Zufall entdeckt beim Surfen eine andere Webseite. Es gibt vor einiger Zeit, aber leider habe ich verzögert, um ein Mitglied bei Hegre-art.com Wow geworden! Mein Kiefer fiel auf den Boden, wenn ich Sie sah in dieser schönen Video, massieren Sie Ihre Brüste mit schönen Ton. Sie sind außergewöhnlich einzigartige und wunderschöne mein lieber XX! Sie stellen mir eine Frau träumt XX! Die Göttin Aphrodite wiedergeboren Person XX! Gott segne Sie Yara XX!
Time to see the snapper!
When we will can see the pussy of YARA in close up as we have seen the pussy of Dominika C?
Ok Yara, but now lean back and spread your legs.
yara drivin me crazy
i love everything about YARA!!!!!
Venus reborn!!!
Yara best bosom December 14th, 2012
Yara's Breasts
Yara's breasts are divine, amazing and beautiful works of art! She is a masterpiece! One of my true favorites on Hegre!
Her cool blue steel eyes have an inviting depth that is hard to ignore. Her lips, pouty, open, and seems to be waiting to utter the most sexual, or intelligent thing. I cannot wait until my eyes get to see her lips...
I want more coverage, specifically pussy and arse. please!!!
When do we see her delicious pussy?
It seems, she has a wonderful butterfly labia. Why are we not allowed to see it?
the best everything!!!