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Foto von Tigra


Foto von Tigra
Name: Tigra
Land: Ukraine
Gewicht: 52Kg
Größe: 171cm
Alter: 25
Beruf: Studentin

Fit und katzenhaft

Tigra hat sich neu erfunden. Der neuen Tigra geht es um die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden, die ein aufreizender Körper austrahlt.

Sie ist ein Mädchen mit viel Erfahrung als Modell. Abenteuerlustig wie sie ist, tauchte sie in die Amateur-Pornobranche der Erwachsenenunterhaltungsindustrie ein, wo sie in ihren Rollen großen Erfolg hatte. Ihr freches Lächeln gab eine Vorahnung von ihrem lebhaften Wesen und besaß eine große Anziehungskraft. Sie ist ein gutes Stück vorangekommen, als sie ihre ersten Auftritte in den Hegre-Art Massagefilmen hatte.

Ihre weitere Reise geht wieder mit einem Richtungswechsel einher. Jetzt konzentriert sie sich auf Gesundheit und Fitness inklusive Laufen, Schwimmen und ganzheitlicher Ernährung. Ihre Modellperformance zeigt die Früchte ihre neues Lifestyles. Eine ist ein fitter, definierter Körper, auf den sie uns mit Freude ein paar Blicke gewährt.

Tigra Galerien KOMMENTARE

Emily und Tigra Körper zu Körper Massage Teil 1 | March 21st, 2014
Emily und Tigra Körper zu Körper Massage Teil 1
zorro Vereinigtes Königreich

well, that was quite lovely. bring on part 2.

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

superb Another imaginative and erotic gallery of 2 little minxes I would love to be sandwiched between!!

Tigra am Baden von Alya | January 19th, 2013
Tigra am Baden von Alya
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

oooohhh...alya!!! you've started the tease too??? I gotta say it...VIDEO PLEASE!!!

Scofield Vereinigte Staaten

Such nipples! What a beauty! Great muscle tone, a beautiful smile, captivating eyes, clearly a playful disposition. And, oh my, such incredibly edible nipples! Outstanding!

snizzle Neuseeland

with nipples like that she deserves a massage!

ScG Vereinigte Staaten

You Can do better ! So Far none of the photo sets come ANWHERE Close to her beauty. Her amature pictures are so much better. Im sorry to say.

Tigra feucht und verrückt von Ayla | December 15th, 2012
Tigra feucht und verrückt von Ayla
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

what was that in the beginning? a yo yo??? lol anyway...super hot! here's hoping a video is forthcoming!

Yum_Yum Australien

Tasty Nice series, was wondering when we would see more of her and that tasty pussy.

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Very nice nipples Very suckable nipples... Nice tight body... Love to see her on the table getting a massage and cumming for us...

Vereinigtes Königreich

Nice to see Tigra in her own right, a long ime coming since her bed play with Engelie in August - Welcome back Tigra!

Max Australien

Nipples She has amazing nipples and lovely little breasts. Yum. Some more of her of her pussy would be good. Her personality really shines through, she looks like a fun girl to be around.

Apple Vereinigtes Königreich

Also see set with Engelie

redwingo13 Vereinigte Staaten

Tigra Great girl! cant wait to see more of this tiny tight beautiful woman!!

Hannes Deutschland

Little Cutie Cute and thight beauty, fantastic little tits with very nice nipples! Great babe, please a lot more of her.

TUVERIR Frankreich

fantastique tigra Enfin voila un mannequin qui est heureuse de vivre. Elle est trés belle et elle sourit ce qui manque a de nombreux modéles. je pense qu'elle reussira à nous enchanter visuellement si elle nous découvre tout son corps dans les moindre détails.Bisous à TIGRA ET BON VENT;

Armpitfetish Kanada

WOW Tigra is really the type of woman to drive me nut. Delicate body, small boops, big nips, hairless... just WOW.

Engelie und Tigra Bettkumpaninnen | February 8th, 2012
Engelie und Tigra Bettkumpaninnen
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

ENGELIE & TIGRA = SAPPHIC BLISS ENGELIE has an unerring knack for exciting the passions of woman (and man). As a 2some, ENGELIE and TIGRA blaze forth like a fireball birthed from a volcano.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

Tigra???is she gonna get a bio page?

JB Vereinigte Staaten

Engelie Engelie is an exciting new addition to the list of beautiful models you feature. I anxiously await more of her and or more of her with other women. Her massage with Kiki was super hot. Hopefully, we will see a lot more of her in the near future.

Ian UK Vereinigtes Königreich

Another gorgeous set Thanks Petter...another gorgeous set of two super sexy ladies. I love that the girls are completely naked in a vast majority of the set which shows off their assets. As I love bums, legs and feet I always adore your work. Many thanks!

Smarty Vereinigte Staaten

My Bed Buddy... I plan to post photo# 7 in my, Engelie sees Central Park everyday :) Life is great!

d1alphaman Vereinigte Staaten

DYNOMITE!!!! Again, a photo set that is worthy of epic notation! Engelie, YOU are so Beautiful- from that awesome hair on your head to the very tipsy-toe's of your feet! Tigra, you a beau also and I just LOVE your Audacious ASS!

BN_ Vereinigtes Königreich

Wow! To very hot, very happy looking ladies. Excellent work. Is there a video? Please? :-)

Jewel Vereinigtes Königreich

Phew! What did they get up to when the cameras were turned off?

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Paired Naked Buns of Photo 31 Oh what exctasy to see two pairs of naked buns in photo 31!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Further Comments on Photo 31 As a long time afficionado of the female nude, I confess it would be hard to top this shot. Review what we have: not one but Two gorgeous girls, fully nude, both in that most erotic of poses: kneeling down, butts in the air and looking over their shoulders back at us. This is indeed the most erotic of poses! Look closer at the details: such pretty faces, two (can you believe it...Two!) beautiful round bare-naked butts, each with delightfully round apple buns, two wonderful butt cracks shown straight-on, two full soft pairs of cunt lips on full display, and, as the cherry on the cake, Engelie's tight little asshole! As a bonus, each girl has a tit peeking out, including Engelie's big full one hanging down! What a shot! Thank you Engelie and Tigra!

Tigra Massage KOMMENTARE

Girl Girl Body Body Massage | November 5th, 2013
Girl Girl Body Body Massage
MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Girl-girl Body Massage - Emily and Tigra Beautiful video. Only lacked a strong climax and a little natural interaction between the participants. Tigra is herself worthy of featuring as the recipient of an erotic massage.

incognito1 Vereinigte Staaten

easily one of the best massage videos. I loved how the massuse has super hard and perky nipples, and the other girl was nice and creamy! outstanding!!!

walpar Belgien

girl girl No more massages with Emily PLEASE. Silent orgasms give no pleasure to the viewer.

Gluteluver57 Italien

Variety We need more variety...More Girl/Guy massage videos..PLEASE...Personally, I love "real/natural" female orgasms. Some of the models are "too quiet" for my taste...I like sounds and smells, so hearing it definitively is desired.

windmill Niederlande

RE: Girl-girl Body Massage - Emily and Tigra Yes I agree Emily and Tigra are beautiful in this video. Tigra as the nude masseuse is a joy to watch with here delicate strokes. She uses here hands and much of her beautiful body giving Emily great sensations. This is the way I like massages to be seen.

Lion_01 Niederlande

Tantalizing Congratulations on this 100th massage video, and a very good one I must say! I've grown to like Emily quite a lot, so much in fact that I've completely fallen in love with her after a recent chat session. Consequently I have no reason at all not to like this video. Seeing Emily's silky white skin receiving such a tantalizing treatment was highly erotic and entertaining. Tigra is a skillfull master and enjoys it very much; I'd very much love to see her on the receiving end of such a treatment!

Jeff Deutschland

Tigra Very nice to see Tigra again. But who gave her this awful minipli haircut? That really looks like East Berlin back in '87

free2eye Schweiz

RE: Variety I also love true orgasms ! But I prefere the truth of a silent orgasm to simulated sounds ...

Ed Italien

Great Video Did anyone notice how wet Emily's pussy was? I love my self a wet pussy and the people from Hegre really know how to bring it to our screens. Emily's pussy was wonderful not only was it nice and wet but it looks like the smoothest pussy i have ever seen. The only bad thing is that i was not there in person to enjoy the show.

Der Hinkle Vereinigte Staaten

Emily's Feet Emily has the most beautiful feet. I would love to massage her sweet toes for hours...

stargazer444 Vereinigte Staaten

Stunning Video Thank you for this wonderful video! Emily is absolutely mesmerizing in her beauty, and Tigra is extremely erotic with her incredibly perky nipples. I hope these ladies are featured prominently in your NEXT 100 massage videos!

Baldy Vereinigte Staaten

Great Video This video was the best I have seen. It was a little more life like. The massuse should ALWASE be nude. I would have liked a little more dialog. Especially pillow talk. Tis film proves "bald is beautiful"

pete Vereinigte Staaten

not so wet . . . @Ed: I didn't think she got wet at all. The only wetness I saw in this video was from the oil the masseuse applied. Hegre has certainly featured some models in the past who were really flowing, thanks to the tender ministrations of the masseuse, and those are my favourites. But this wasn't one of them.

freal Vereinigte Staaten

RE: not so wet . . . From about 8:15 to 8:40 you can see she is creamy inside.

Doc Vereinigtes Königreich

Emily massage That could be Thrush....