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Sveba Profile

Name: Sveba
Country: Russia
Weight: 54kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

Chaste and Clean

Most of the models on Hegre-Art have one thing in common: they want to succeed, any way, any how.

SVEBA IS something of an exception. She is chaste, timid and unassuming. She happens to have been born with the most perfect, full feminine figure you will ever see and modeling came to find her, more than she went out looking for a career in front of the camera.

Sveba peers into the camera lens with such startling innocence, the first time she appeared on the site there was a flood of members asking for more, and that's what we've brought you. At a shoot, she is entirely compliant with the photographer's demands, the faint blush about her cheeks and the ingenuous look in her big eyes delivering results that are always memorable and totally natural.

Sveba does have dreams, though not to be rich and famous. I am, she says, a simple girl, and my dream is to find true love.

Galina, Sveba and Tana in bed March 17th, 2004
great faces such touchable nipples treat
Have I died and gone to heaven? This set is one of your best Petter. The girls are doing nothing, but theres magic in these photos.The girls are beautiful, especially GALINA! So much for blondes. (Could I possibly get this girls address-you know, maybe we could become pen pals!
Sveba in the mirror Part 3 February 26th, 2004
All in you is sensual. When I am looking at you, the desire is deep in me.
Large Puffy Areolas
Sveba along with Darina has very large puffy areolas that delight the afficianados of this particular aspect of the female anatomy. In fact Sveba wins out on the puffiness scale by a large margin.
Swollen areolae
Sveba is incredibly beautiful, and those swollen areolae ("puffy nipples") are so incredibly arousing!
wow, stunning breasts
The "Succulent comes to mind in viewing this set. Sveba is absolutely mouthwatering!
Take a good look because it will never get any better. You can look at 100,000 nude pictures on the net, and you will never see more beautiful natural breasts. It's hard to imagine that more beautiful breasts could exist. Where is she now? Probably married to a Russian millionaire. Bring her back!
Fragrant Sveba
I would happily expire in Sveba's embrace. Laurie
I normally prefare small breasts with well defined nipples. But this young Miss has incredibly sexy breasts,very unusual very sensual. Laurie
Oh my oh my what a beautiful girl. I am a writer, and I have been so taken by Sveba's innocent beauty and her subtle charms that I've written a character around what I imagine her to be. If only my imagination were real.
If looks alone were a cause for a marriage proposal, Sevba has it all. It is with a mix of awe, and sadness that I see her as she reminds me so much of my life's long lost love.
she is beautiful! Hoping for more even a film!
I love puffy nipples and Sveba has them. More of this beautiful woman please!!
Are you real? I love you!
Sveba In The Mirror Part 2 June 21st, 2003
Sveba the russian beauty
All is perfect in her, and her bush is a Wonder.
Find Sveba again and leave no stone unturned!
It's funny but with the sepia tint of these images I almost feel I am looking at vintage photos. This inspires mixed feelings - sepia is nice artistically but emphasises time that passes and the effect it has on youthful beauty. I hope Sveba is happy today and is with someone who apreciates her beauty!
Sveba is absolutely stunning. She has a lovely face, the most beautiful athletic figure and simply amazing breasts topped with those huge swollen brown nipples. I am totally in love with this woman & need to see much more of her....
Very nice
Very nice a good body
I keep returning to this stunning girls galleries because she is such compulsive viewing. I'm so infatuated. Laurie
I would like Sveba for Christmas!
Dropping bathrobes June 2nd, 2003
Dropping bathrobes
No better sight than when those robes hit the floor! That is when you get a true appreciation of these lovely ladies' beauty. I love the three lady set as you can really get a great perspective on what unique qualities that each beautiful lady brings to the shot. Each is beautiful in their own way and it is wonderful to be able to bring that beauty together to create such lovely nudes. Terrific photo set.
Petter, this is one of the best photo sessions I have ever seen. Three beautiful women - all very different-looking but all equally deilghtful in different ways. An classic!
Tana, the model on the far right, has perhaps the most perfect body I have ever seen! What amazing curves. Her breasts are physically perfect, as is her tiny waist. I only wish there was more of her to see on this site. Bring back Tana!!
How strange that this gallery has received no comments to date. For me it is one of the most significant and typical of Petter's work. In any case it was instrumental in drawing me to this site. The simple beauty of the models is breathtaking. The frank and uncomplicated way in which they are portrayed (without the usual tedious trappings of nude "art" photography: veils, shadows, etc... ) is really refreshing.
Sveba in window light April 7th, 2003
So pretty and shy
No much photos, but the set reach a high quality. Thanks to Sveba and petter
Please bring her back; she is one of the most stunning women on Hegre; love her puffy nipples, kissable lips and those inviting eyes.
I can still remember when I first saw Sveba years ago on this website and I am still in awe of her exquisite body and stunning looks. I had to go out and sketch and paint her..truly amazing
Stunning Sveba
She melts my heart. Please bring back this beautiful girl.
Svelte Sveba
I am suffering from a severe attack of nympholepsy. Laurie
Svelte Sveba
Image 7 is a very classy photo of an incredibly beautiful girl.
I don't think I have seen a better set of buckets than Sveba's. I love puffy nipples!
Sveba in window light
After these pictures, now I accept that perfection does exist!