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Foto de Marketa


Foto de Marketa
Nombre: Marketa
País: República Checa
Peso: 52kg
Altura: 170cm
Edad: 22
Ocupación: Estudiante, Modelo

Inteligente y Atlética

Marketa es 100% profesional, y en las colecciones de fotos tomadas en París se la ve juguetona, sensual e impresionantemente erótica.

CUANDO MARKETA llegó a Hegre-Art.com era la temporada de cerezas, y esta femme fatale de Praga, de cuerpo bien formado y piel suave como la seda, aprovechó las cerezas para hacer ciertas cosas que no se nos olvidarán fácilmente, pues ahora cada vez que probemos esta exquista fruta de verano le encontraremos un sabor más dulce.

Marketa es una mujer nueva en una era nueva, tiene poder y es responsable de su propio destino. Con su figura de diosa griega, perfectamente simétrica, tiene una mirada desconcertante que le otorga un aire sobrehumano. Su belleza es tan perfecta que parece artificial, y nos recuerda de manera subliminal nuestra herencia genética.

Belleza checa y ucraniana mezcladas y remezcladas como nunca lo habías visto: ¡es más explosiva que un coctel Molotov!

Marketa Galerías

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Marketa Galerías COMENTARIOS

Marketa en Portugal | February 10th, 2006
Marketa en Portugal
Michael A Stone Estados Unidos de América

Marketa Ist WUNDERBAR mein Her!

Jessica Estados Unidos de América

Honestly... Marketa is the epitome of a beautiful blonde. So stunning, so perfect in the most non-generic way, and so tiny in that pic next to Petter. I really love seeing the juxtaposition. Her package is truly complete.

Marketa desnuda en la cama | April 1st, 2006
Marketa desnuda en la cama
Steve Estados Unidos de América

Mmm... Marketa Any photoshoot with her is awesome. She is still my favorite blonde in the world. And Keity is my favorite brunette. Could you imagine a photoshoot with these two beauties together? Oh my God!!! Petter, can you make this happen? :-)

I love Marketa! Estados Unidos de América

I love Marketa! Wow! Marketa, my dear, you are the most magnificently beautiful woman on earth! Absolutely perfect, everywhere!

ben Estados Unidos de América

I think there was a rock/folk singer called bob with a song I want you...... sooooo bad

Awalt Estados Unidos de América

something about that line of hair down her stomach is heavenly

Tim Canada

Marketa OK...this is just the second series into this model, and already I know I'm in for something reeeeeeal special!!! Wow!

JP Estados Unidos de América

#1 Model Marketa is like a blonde Mirta, but with slightly better breasts. "Sorry Mirta, but you're still #2." Peter, I'd love two see these two beauties together. I'll be waiting......

ardunbye Reino Unido

Marketa naked in bed When I first noticed Marketa (a previous membership), she was 'Flavour of the Month' BUT sugar and spice has never lost it's popularity and nor will Marketa. She is fabulous.

Lyvetyme Panamá

Perfection at it's best! I have to find a lady like this!!

Jennifer Holanda

More interracial Marketa is fantastic. There are not tons of girls like her, so you should realy set her up to pose with some black guys like Mike or some other african man. You have to so we got some nice interracial shots with Marketa. Would be superintense!

Marketa magia negra | March 5th, 2006
Marketa magia negra
gregory Estados Unidos de América

Marketa, what new can be said, she is stunning. I wish I could pass her sensual nature to all women, She is simply BREATH TAKING.

roberto crespo Estados Unidos de América

Marketa black magic perfection at its best!

Zeno Italia

Marketa she's hearthbreacking as ever.... A kiss.

David Estados Unidos de América

Marketa photo quality Petter, As an aspiring photgrapher about ready to purchase some new gear, I am curious what equipment (camera & lens) you used to capture such super-sharp images in this photo shoot. Thanks in advance.

Frank White Estados Unidos de América

In my opinion Marketa has to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She captivates me with her expressions. Magnificent!

GERBOU Francia

What a wonderful breathtaking girl! She do not show us too much, but the few that we see of her beauty is fantastic. Very sexy.

Erik Suecia

Classic! Classic series for displaying off the models form. Really nice!

Marketa crepúsculo | December 17th, 2005
Marketa crepúsculo
Alan Estados Unidos de América

Marketa Anatomically Marketa probably has the most perfect body of your already fabulous collection. Achieving the near perfection as in "Wild Cherries" and "Pumping Iron" will never be easily matched but you have the model for it.

Andrew Estados Unidos de América

Your photo sessions with Marketa are always magical. The light worships her wonderful body and your simple compositions are stellar. Please do keep up the fabulous work.

Allen Craig Estados Unidos de América

all coming together Interesting lighting, focused/well exposed images, interesting poses, perfect model... NOW you're getting it, Petter! (bless you)

Les Francia

In my opinion Marketa is simply perfection. My admiration goes to Marketa for her beauty and my respects to you Petter for capturing her so perfectly.

Awalt Estados Unidos de América

perhaps the perfect woman, the lighting in this shoot seems geared towards hiliting the fact Marketa has the fuzziest stomach on the site , I love it

GERBOU Francia

Wonderful and perfect girl. Can' you ask Marketa to show us more?

russ Estados Unidos de América

Light Blonde Hair on her belly is amazing.. indeed

eckhart Estados Unidos de América

Athletic Perfection I couldn't find anywhere that told which sport Marketa plays. I assume it must be/have been tennis. What a wonderfully fit figure. An interesting contrast when placed side by side against Luba, the difference in where the thigh bones are, versus a near similar height is.... very curious. Beautiful!

Marketa deportiva | October 23rd, 2005
Marketa deportiva
Adam Reino Unido

Best Job in the World ? Petter - could there be a better job in the world? You take a pretty blonde with a body like a statue, ask her to put a tiny little skirt on and then climb over a hurdle while you take photographs ?

Olivier Francia

Splendid ! She is very sexy ! Marketa I'm found of you ! Congratulations Petter ! Do you have the addrees of Marketa ? ;) Olivier

mike Irlanda

upskirt magic magic!

Charles Judge Estados Unidos de América

Marketa You never cease to amaze me, Peter. Marketa is an absolute goddess. Thank You.

Schwei_s5qmv Alemania

Marketa Nice face,nice body.Mother Earth congratalation.

Marketa resplandor | October 3rd, 2005
Marketa resplandor
GERBOU Francia

Marketa is always so nice looking. Marketa: Number one blondinette of this site.

Luba y Marketa juntas | September 11th, 2005
Luba y Marketa juntas
Irwin Estados Unidos de América

simply...wow I know I'm behind the times here, but this is the hottest shoot I've seen, yet! Its short and simple, but the poses are so sensual. And of course, you couldn't have picked two better models to use! Excellent set!

Karl Irlanda

What provocative and sensual bodies.

Jhamil Marquez Venezuela

GODDESSES HI Lube and Petter This is one of the most incredible groups of pictures I have seen They are so beautiful that is hard to continue seen clearly after enjoy them We deserve another group with these two goddesses. Think about it.

Jhamil China

Where is it I know that it is hidden somewhere, Petter, where is the video of this pictures? Please show it to us.

Marketa moderna | September 5th, 2005
Marketa moderna
GERBOU Francia

Marketa is really wonderful. Whilst this set is not the best one she has given us, she remains a very attractive young blondinette.

Marketa humor negro | August 18th, 2005
Marketa humor negro
jimmyjamslam Estados Unidos de América

can not get any hotter than that... wow

farinata Italia

marketa feels well in her strong, luscious body.

Kalonphile Francia

This web site This shot is exactly what is expected to be found at this site. This IS Hegré Art !

Marketa vista furtiva | August 6th, 2005
Marketa vista furtiva
russ Estados Unidos de América

Marketa..... what a peep!

Marketa en almohadas | July 23rd, 2005
Marketa en almohadas
Jan Erik Noruega

Marketa Wow! That picture no. 012 is one of the best ass shots I have seen! It's my wallpaper now!

jeanlouis Canada

the most fascinating beauty i have ever seen cant keep my eyes off her. what a beauty

GERBOU Francia

Marketa spreads are always magnificent.That cuty do know how to keep our attention, offering us nice shots of her wonderful body.

Marketa sillón blanco | June 10th, 2005
Marketa sillón blanco
GERBOU Francia

Wonderful Marketa. She always spreads wide open for the pleasure of our eyes.

Marketa junto a la piscina | April 12th, 2005
Marketa junto a la piscina
John Estados Unidos de América

Marketa I love how she looks all around, She is a 10. I love the fact that she aint shy about any of her body and looks like she has fun in front of the camara.

projo1 Estados Unidos de América

Marketa pool side She looks like she is really enjoying it ! Wonderful images.

E. Alan Paulk, Jr., MD Estados Unidos de América

Marketa Movies with Marketa with "Cherries" and "Pumping Iron" were superb. Most of her still shot series were great despite some decline in recent "shoots". She will probable be a "10" for at least ten more years. Thanks, eap

ben Estados Unidos de América

what a delicious succulent lil tart just makes your mouth water yahooooo

Snoopy Alemania

Photos from another Galaxy !!!

Snoopy Alemania

Marketa pool side The shots, the woman - unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!

robin Estados Unidos de América

Marketa - Poolside yummy.. nice shoot!

mike Irlanda

juicy and rounded pussy so sweet

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Jeeeesusss!!!! Is this girl HOT or what??

russ Estados Unidos de América

Could be........ the BEST POOL PARTY ever! get it girl.......

will Estados Unidos de América

marketa Thanks for showing what you have... nice pussy!

duff Estados Unidos de América

Marketa i love Marketa's blond pubes and how the blond pubic hair extends all the way from her pussy up to, around and above her navel and what appears to go all the way to just below her breasts...soooooooooooooo sexy

Marjeta húmeda y salvaje | March 12th, 2005
Marjeta húmeda y salvaje
Laurence Estados Unidos de América

Marketa The bottom left photo of the set shows a smile no man could ever forget and would forever dream of.

Marketa caliente y pegajosa | February 26th, 2005
Marketa caliente y pegajosa
ardunbye Reino Unido

Marketa hot and sticky 'Hot and sticky', precisely the effect she has on me. Was she burying that treasure in the sand or had she just salvaged it? If she requires assistance dusting and polishing it, please call me.

Marketa en jardín secreto | January 30th, 2005
Marketa en jardín secreto
ardunbye Reino Unido

Marketa in secret garden THAT must be the 'Garden of Eden'. Eve could not have been more tempting, apple or no apple.

Marketa con velo | January 20th, 2005
Marketa con velo
awlhlm03 Estados Unidos de América

Marketa in veil I am surprised that I may be the first to comment on this gallery. There are a handful of models on this site, Amandine, Caro, Hanna, Marketa, Mirta, Linda L, Caro, Yanna, Jennipher, Naomi..., for whom shame appears not to be part of their framework. But this shoot, dear sir, is brilliant in that it still gives Marketa the opportunity to hide and show at the same time; and something still more comes through than in the other, more direct, galleries. Conceptually beautiful, and executed, by both photographer and model, exquisitely. Well done that man, and that woman. Luba, Angelica, Anna S, and so many others, should look again, and open their eyes, IMHO. There used to be an expression, "sock it to me!" Marketa can sock it to me, or you, and never touch us, or vice versa. But we have been used, for *her* pleasure. If they gave Olympic medals for this kind of thing, Marketa would get the gold with a perfect 10 from every judge.

Marketa en la arena | January 2nd, 2005
Marketa en la arena
russ Estados Unidos de América

Sand in the crack! Get down in the sand Marketa

Marketa en bikini | December 25th, 2004
Marketa en bikini
Nidaros Estados Unidos de América

BEST ON SITE I really think this is the best pictorial. Not because of the model, but the fact she has a complete outfit on. The Models can be fully clothed, and I think they are just as beautiful as unclothed. I would really like to see more with complete outfits. This is a really good example of what a complete photoshoot is. Thanks for a job well done.

Glenn Estados Unidos de América

Marketa in Bikini what a babe ! what a tease ! !

Marketa baile de la palma | December 6th, 2004
Marketa baile de la palma
Glenn Estados Unidos de América

Marketa palm dance What a wacky girl ! She is the very best palm dancer I have ever seen ! ! Great lighting !

Marketa banca romana | November 28th, 2004
Marketa banca romana
Mario Estados Unidos de América

Goddess Marketa looks like a Greek Goddess. (Athena maybe..) Great photo shoot!

Luba y Marketa desnudas | November 24th, 2004
Luba y Marketa desnudas
Mario Estados Unidos de América

Super Beauties Possibly the two most beautiful woman on the planet together and there are no other comments... I will just say thank you Petter!

Les Francia

Even though November 2004 makes this "old", I keep coming back to this series. For me this really represents what makes Petter's Art stand out from the rest. How he manages to capture the beauty of his models in way that is pure and direct without becoming overly academic is quite unique. This is a veritable study of the beauty of the female form - and who can imagine more beautiful than Luba and Marketa!

John Estados Unidos de América

face to face Like to see girls face to face

russ Estados Unidos de América

what a twosome.... cant get any better than that, well unless...hmmmm

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Luba and Marketa What could be better than Luba and Marketa nude? An absolutely gorgeous set! A true look at the perfect beauty of the naked female form!

Marketa instantáneas | October 17th, 2004
Marketa instantáneas
luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Although she has been photographed by others, their results all fall far short when compared to Petter Hegre's work with Marketa. Only Hegre has captured on film the "girl" in this woman. All others make her haughty and aloof. I almost didn't even look at Marketa's page here, glad I did, certainly much better than I expected and far better than anything else I've seen with her.

robert Estados Unidos de América

her face Marketa always turns red in face (blush). I find that attractive for a model.

Marketa en la piscina | October 10th, 2004
Marketa en la piscina
JACK Canada


I love Marketa! Estados Unidos de América

I love Marketa This woman is more beautiful than anything in the universe! Insane!

GERBOU Francia

Probably the most biautifil girl of this site. She is marvellous!

melim Estados Unidos de América

What an amazing ass shot when she is diving!

russ Estados Unidos de América

Yep. that ass shot Diving in is out of this world, what a Dive!

Marketa en el jardín | October 9th, 2004
Marketa en el jardín
GERBOU Francia

A beauty! Pretty face, nice long blond hair, long legs, tiny breast, perfect ass, cute pussy: Everuthing in Marketa is perfect.

Marketa en la ducha | October 8th, 2004
Marketa en la ducha
Karl Irlanda

marketa in shower what pleasure as marketa massages her softie; I love being so aroused. Muchas gracias.

GERBOU Francia

Wonderful young girl!

Marketa trasero playero | October 7th, 2004
Marketa trasero playero
melim Estados Unidos de América

She is so gorgeous and sweet!

Marketa y su gato | October 6th, 2004
Marketa y su gato
Frank White Estados Unidos de América

I wish I could vote for more than three pictures. Marketa is incredibly beautiful.

Marketa en la cama | October 4th, 2004
Marketa en la cama
bthrea Estados Unidos de América

VERY NICE! Marketa is among the finest models on your site. This is among her finest galleries. Keep up the good work, Petter!

Philip Estados Unidos de América

Damn! Marketa is, well too much for words. Great set!

Frank White Estados Unidos de América

Marketa, You are lovely beyond description.

melim Estados Unidos de América

Great close ups! You feel like you are there with her!

russ Estados Unidos de América

Marketa in Bed make room for me, wow Marketa.......

ardunbye Reino Unido

Marketa in bed In life, you know when you've witnessed 'Something Special' and Marketa is my such moment. Sorry russ, the little one said 'Roll over' and I said "On yer bike mate"

dan Estados Unidos de América

marketa this women is irresistably beautiful

Marketa fashion | October 3rd, 2004
Marketa fashion
SageArcher Estados Unidos de América

Fashionably...Marketa Tastefully...Exquisite.

Luba y Marketa intimidad | September 29th, 2004
Luba y Marketa intimidad
Frank White Estados Unidos de América

The two most beautiful women on your site, together. Nothing can compare with this. Fabulous!

sentino Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 3 You can see how Luba's proportions are more extended than Marketa's here. They are both the same height, yet Luba's waist and pelvis is up higher making her legs longer. She has the wider breasts too which is very sexy. Don't get me wrong Marketa is a goddess too. LOL.

Marketa desnudos | September 12th, 2004
Marketa desnudos
Mario Estados Unidos de América

The Natural Luba may be the ultimate but Marketa is the classic natural beauty. Just pure beauty. Maybe the most desirable girl in the world.

Philip Estados Unidos de América

All photos so far of Maketa have been beyond spectactular! She is a wonderous subject and your work plus the high res. are remarkable. Thank you both.

mike Irlanda

legs and labia are great

btrhea_PPxrn Estados Unidos de América

FANTASTIC!!! Such a beautiful girl, showing us everything. Marketa is a rare find, indeed.

Marketa escaleras de metal | August 12th, 2004
Marketa escaleras de metal
Mark Estados Unidos de América

Marketa Marketa looks fabulous butt naked! What other way would you want to see her? Awesome nudes!

Marketa al rojo vivo | July 10th, 2004
Marketa al rojo vivo
puntadeleste Reino Unido

marketa Pussy Close Ups Marketa, your Pussy close ups are just incredible. I cannot find any better anywhere. Keep it Up or keep them Up. Tony

Robert Reino Unido

Marketa Marketa is simply something else! Everything about her exudes pleasure ... her head, hair, body ... right down to her feet! Absolutely magnificent!

Snoopy Alemania

Marketa in red These are the best photo-shots I`ve ever seen

mike Canada

wow this is an angle, keep up great work

Walt Estados Unidos de América

Shes the best Need more photos of her in a park or nature

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Yikes. The first page is just spectacular.

Marqueta medias negras | July 7th, 2004
Marqueta medias negras
David Estados Unidos de América

With a whisper not a roar I glanced sideways at your picture and felt as though I was home again. Why do I like a whisper rather than a roar, softness and tenderness than the loud clamor of a child in heat. Frankly I don't know. All I truly know for certain is that Marketa arrives with the quietness of a still summer day. Stay as long as you like -- please. I want you like the a bee craves a flower, like a man his maid.

Jerome Francia

Marketa in black stocking World class modele in a very good set. The best of erotic photography.

Jennifer Holanda

Nice but.. Marketa is very nice. But she has to get some interracial scenes done. Several of the best looking females already did interracial scenes. I hope Marketa realizes this and that she realy likes black men too so she can do some scenes and dont get behind. She can start with Mike but there are several others to you can bring in too. Some scenes with Marketa and a black man could bring up the intensity on this site ALOT! More interracial with white females black man please! Thank you for the good work Herge-art!

Darren Estados Unidos de América

RE: Nice but.. I hate to dash your hopes Jennifer, but Marketa retired from nude modeling in 2011.

Marketa rayos de luz | July 11th, 2004
Marketa rayos de luz
Jim Estados Unidos de América

Speechless What incredible skin. Great poser.

NYblackman Suecia

White pussy She has white hair on her belly and pussy. Thats amazing. She sould def pose with a black man, what a lovley contrast!

Marketa sillón rojo | July 8th, 2004
Marketa sillón rojo
Snoopy Alemania

Marketa (all shots) The most beautiful girl in the most beautiful photos !!!

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Spectacular She is just gorgeous....simple as that.

russ Estados Unidos de América

Marketa is definitely one of the smoking-assed hottest women on the planet.. Thinking bout getting a red chair!

ardunbye Reino Unido

Marketa red chair It is very easy to go 'overboard' about Marketa but impossible to be bored by Marketa. This set is fabulous, one of your best even to date. She rates up there comfortably with Gislane and Evi. A REAL STUNNER.

Marqueta azul celeste | July 9th, 2004
Marqueta azul celeste
Jim Estados Unidos de América

Where are the comments?? I can't believe I'm the first. She is so beautiful, I am surprised there isn't a long list of comments. This is a great pictorial.

Marketa se derrite | July 12th, 2004
Marketa se derrite
Mario Estados Unidos de América

Amazing It is awesome that such a beauty is so uninhibited. Not afraid to show her entire body unlike alot of the girls here. Marketa is great. Pure beauty!

CrazyPierre Canada

Wow Marketa is sizzling in this one, the sensuality is dripping off her...stunning woman.

Marketa Películas COMENTARIOS

Marketa Loción | July 18th, 2006
Marketa Loción
Stephen Estados Unidos de América

too mild for a Marketta film..she needs to open up a little like in her amazing photos

Les Francia

A charming film. Marketa is as beautiful as ever. What a pity she needed to go to the trouble of putting on the lotion herself. I'm sure there were thousands of men who if asked would instantly have offered their assistance!

btrhea_PPxrn Estados Unidos de América

Marketa is stunningly beautiful!

Chris Canada

Beautiful Marketa! Marketa is beautiful and sexy and when she smiles well... it is like nothing in this life can go wrong when you are around her!

Marketa - Piscina | December 6th, 2005
Marketa - Piscina
Nidaros Estados Unidos de América

Speechless. Just wondering if there is anything to say, that can sum it all up... hmmm. WOW!!!

John Noruega

wow I have to say...Marketa is the most sexy girl i have ever seen!!!!

George Noruega

I been waiting for this! After Peter put the pictures up earlier this year, I've been waiting for the film to show up. I have to say it’s worth the wait. Marketa is unbelievable in this as always. You can only think of what is going on in her mind as she plays with her perfect breasts. I personally can never get enough Marketa.

Poetry Man Noruega

Marketa the Minx Very sexy girl, good setting, great video. The new Quicktime is awesome in its resolution. Nice job Petter, Marketa. Now how about a naughty video of your latest knockout, Juliya? The girl is smoking hot!

jean Bélgica

marketa Very, very attractive! I yet want to see her walking ... or maid in a pub ? I dream or is it possible ?!

GenoReno Estados Unidos de América

Marketa-pool Fantastic! The film reminded me of my experiences at the pool of a woman I used to date. Dumbass am I? Marketa is gorgeous. Thanks.

Bill Estados Unidos de América

Marketa-pool Marketa is beautiful a complete knock out although Keity has her beat by yards. These two women are hands down the hottest women that you have posted within this site.

ben Estados Unidos de América

okay the pool chair is way too small for the both of us ! Good grief the perfect swimming buddy

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

marketa I have to say, I usually don't go for blondes. BUT GOD IS SHE HOT!!!

Marketa - Fluorescente | July 19th, 2005
Marketa - Fluorescente
Wade Estados Unidos de América

Absolutely fabulous! No words to describe this beauty! Marketa is wonderful.

George Estados Unidos de América

GREAT!! Great work Petter! Great work Marketa! This video is the most sexy video ever!

Joseph Estados Unidos de América

She's beautiful! Thank you Petter for doing this piece with Marketa. She's just wonderful the way she follows your eyes with hers. Her dancing is sexy and beautiful and, your finesse with capturing her is fantastic, as usual!

Patrik República Checa

Marketa is dream for men Hi I am totally fallen in love with this girl! She has incredible body and face. This video Petter is marvellous! Marketa is one of the best model in the world.

Julian Estados Unidos de América

Wow! The soft lighting really paid off with this one. Her body looks so lovely and the music is perfect for the way she is dancing. Great!

qarl Estados Unidos de América

move Marketa knows how to move. nice.

MAGOO4 Estados Unidos de América

MARKETA Marketa is one beautiful woman. Please, Petter give us more of her. She is one of the most beautiful girls on the site. Thanks so much. Magoo4

Chris Canada

Marketa Beautiful! Marketa is a beautiful and sensual lady! She is so sexy in the fluorescent light! Thank you!

Marketa en el Jardín | March 29th, 2005
Marketa en el Jardín
Jack Estados Unidos de América

Best model and best movie Simply the best of all!

Didier Europa

incredibly sexy & seductive Marketa inspires us pure feelings and sublime sensations...Simply the best of all!!!

Gray España

Sweet and sexy movie It`s always a pleasure to find such Beauty. An exceptionally wonderful and sexy young woman. :o) I Look forward to see more films and pictures of this amazingly hot girl! Congratulations Petter! You did a great job!

Allan Estados Unidos de América

Marketa my dream This movie is really very sweet and very sexy. I am crazy about Marketa.

Scoot Estados Unidos de América

Gorgeous.Out of this earth! Just the kind of girl I would like to love, care and make her happy. More, more, more I want to see more of her!

Greg Estados Unidos de América

she`a princess this wonderful girl in a movie is the best thing I have ever seen.. Marketa is the sexiest friggin' chick on the planet. Petter very good choice to shoot Marketa...

David Reino Unido

Super Beauty First of all we must thank your parents for creating such a marvelous human being... Marketa is super beauty..it is almost impossible to find another such wonderful model like she is.. This movie is so inocent!!

Martin República Checa

Marketa is best model ever. I understand why Marketa is a star on hegre-archives.. She is wonderful and very sexy..

Tom República Checa

Love this fantastic-sensual&artistic movie.. Marketa is the reason for us to exist.. Marketa is as refreshing as the early morning breeze..Marketa is an angel that spills her captivations generous, on us... Thank you Marketa for your captivating appearence..Thank you Marketa for bathing us with your beauty... God bless you....

George Filipinas

Best of best Marketa in the garden is so sweet..Wooow. I am in love with her.

David República Checa

Pleasure for the eyes! There are plenty of beautiful girls on this web sites.. But Marketa is utterly breathtaking..

Bill Estados Unidos de América

And people wonder why Adam took a bite of the apple, This beauty is as colse to eve as I could imagine, just perfect

Eddie Estados Unidos de América

sensational I would without hesitation risk death for a single night with this beautiful woman.

Marketa Haciendo pesas | January 11th, 2005
Marketa Haciendo pesas
JoJo Estados Unidos de América

Marketa rises above the rest Thank you Peter, great movie. However, whatever Marketa does is terrific. I'd love to see Peter make a movie out of Marketa's black nylon set.

Tomas República Checa

Absolutely great-Marketa pumping iron Hi, I study university with this beautiful babe and she is really lovely person. She is very good model and very good student. I love her. :-) I saw a lot of models, but Marketa is in my opinion model number one.

Andy República Checa

Yeah Marketa is the most beautiful girl!! Petter you have so big talent!!I dont understand Elfie review, I think it wrote some jealous model, which jealous to Marketa's success. She is the most beautiful girl. And I am sure, this movie is great!! This movie is immaculate!! And I really like the close ups which are in this movie. Marketa has really beautiful and perfect body, so it is comprehensible that Petter did many close ups.. Wow more please.

Nick República Checa

the best movie ever Hi this movie, music and Marketa together is so sensual thing, that I can not to think about what I must to do and about my work. I only think about this super movie and this super girl. It would be great to make some interview with Marketa. She is very sweet. Her smile is amazing, and her body is perfect.. I love when she smile, it is so natural..She has one of the most beautiful face I have seen in my life. More of this please..

pipo pachu España

eres una belleza, de mujer hacia muchos que no veia una mujer tan hermosa, como tú, a pesar de mis muchos años de correrias por este dichoso mundo y por muy increible que parezca, me estoy enamorando de tí.

Ino República Checa

Marketa true angel I thought, I had seen the most beautiful woman on the Internet until I came across Marketa. Very beautiful, very intelligent (law-student), very nice, a perfect girl!!

elfie Estados Unidos de América

more full view shots great vid wish i could have seen more full body views of her standing and facing camera; why do you do the close ups of her top half when she is standing?? you are wasting great things by not expanding your view loved the Luba pool full body shots walking along the pool - please do more like this

Eyup Cetin Estados Unidos de América

absolutely perfect She is gorgeous and the film is very sexy

Rob Estados Unidos de América

Perfect body Close-up shots from behind Marketa while she does leg lifts? Why are you still reading *this*??

Robert Moody Estados Unidos de América

Sweet Marketa What I love about this video, beyond the obvious lusting for this absolutely beautiful young woman, is seeing Marketa's personality shine through. I realize that she is an aspiring professional and as such tries to present a certain image. But her little smiles and motions and reactions and how she plays with the camera is awesome. It would be great to know this young woman in real life and I envy Petter for his chance to share these smiles with these ladies. Salute, Petter...and salute to Marketa.

Steve Estados Unidos de América

Marketa is so HOT Wow!!! What a beauty. Petter I know you think Luba is the most beautiful woman, and she is beautiful. But Marketa is smokin!! I have never seen a more beautiful model. If there ever was a perfect 10 then she is it. I have found pictures of Marketa from a few different photographers but yours are the best. And this film is the hottest thing I have ever seen. I am in love with this woman. Keep up the great work.

Beano Estados Unidos de América

Best. Video. Ever. Best model ever. More,please.

xativa Alemania

Its great! I love it!!

Beny República Checa

Hey guys, isn't she beautiful??? Yes yes Marketa!!!! Petter I agree with JRA. We want more of this beauty...This movie is really special, and Marketa is really especial model. I never see such beauty in my life before!

JRA Portugal

Hmmmm.., Mistress Marketa A Beautiful Blonde Babe! The close ups in this film makes you go wiiiild!! It's just like if you are there.. very sensual and very personal! Please Petter make this babe sweat more and more! She is my favorite blond on your site and here captured in a great genuine relaxed movie. Gorgeous model, Good music, Great editing! 5+ i would say. More Marketa Wanted!!! Thanks..

Alfred Leuenberger Suiza

Einfach sehr schön Ich finde es sehr schön, wenn sich ein nacktes Mädchen in einem Fitnesscenter bewegt. Man kann in diesem Film die Reize der Frau aus verschiedenen Blickwinkel geniessen.

Jan República Checa

Wow Amazing film Petter!!! Your best I think!!

Philipp República Checa

Marketa pumping iron- great movie!!!! I know Marketa for a long time and I must tell you that she is HOT HOT and HOT!! This film is amazing. Marketa is wonderful babe! I want to be there like her trainer! She drive me crazy :-)

Khemanand Estados Unidos de América

Motivation galore! Marketa makes me want to get up off the couch and workout. In fact she makes me want to just get up, in more ways than one! Wow!!!

mstbl Estados Unidos de América

Workout Incentive At 78, it was getting tough to show up at the gym every Mon,Wed & Fri, but with an incentive like this, I'll make it to 80 for sure. Thanks

Jacky Hong Kong

Great Movie It is a great movie!!!

Quaim Estados Unidos de América

great Great movie, need more models doing stuff like this

Oscar Estados Unidos de América

Marketa Pumping Iron Watching Marketa in this film is like having a very pleasant workout myself!!

Steve Estados Unidos de América

Yes, Marketa is beautiful, and it is great to see her working out. I would have preferred to see her working out with greater weight and/or more repetitions. As it is, the movie makes it seem like she's just playing at working out. I also wonder at your description of her as "totally uninhibited", because she frequently seems embarrassed at being filmed doing this. I don't mean to be critical, since we all have our psychological vulnerabilities -- but for me, at least, her embarrassment distracts from the film. But despite these drawbacks, I think the basic idea is very good.

Marketa Sesión de noche | November 16th, 2004
Marketa Sesión de noche
Sin República Checa

Yes!! Best of best, Marketa and Petter together great = combination!!!!

Pete Estados Unidos de América

an erotic experience This is the best movie you have done to date.... erotic and seemingly not acted... now bring your other movies up this level.... especially Henrietta..

Timo Francia

Marketa you are beautiful!!! Marketa is the most sexy girl on this web site!!

George Byron Reino Unido

She walks in beauty like the night ........ On a warm Iberian night did the heavens witness the ethereal vision that is Marketa naked, magnificent and proud, captivator of hearts, rival to an envious sun. Marketa, my muse .........

Manu Francia

the sexy girl!!! Wow Marketa is sexy sexy girl which appear one time in a long time!!Petter I like your style of shooting.It is very inocent and Marketa is the best choice for it!!I want to be a photographer! Can you help me with it? :-)

David República Checa

Marketa is the most beautiful woman ... Oh my god...She is SUPERSTAR.Thanx for best session in your web :)

Hans República Checa

and I Love Her... Peter you are genius...!Beutiful model in the great video.Thank you for it

Pascal Francia

Marketa is an angel Simply: Marketa is an angel!!!

Zanif República Checa

Gorgeous Marketa Marketa could be a movie star! She is wonderful and she has strong sex appeal...

Mac Alemania

Just ... wow! Marketa is simply breathtakingly beautiful and you, Petter, have a very good eye. What a great combination! Thanks for making me smile each time I visit your site!

Saulius República Checa

Marketa best movie Here are lots of great looking girls. But Marketa is really incredible beautiful model. This movie is like from Hollywood :-) I would like to be in this film with her. Yeah, it's my dream...

Chris República Checa

Petter this film is amazing!! Hi Petter, Marketa is your best model! I love her .. This film is very amazing. Go on in this super work!

Denny República Checa

Sweet Marketa Marketa you are the most sexy girl of this web sites. Can you marry me??

Otta República Checa

Hit to the black!! Wow Petter you are master of art. Go on in this perfect work. Say to Marketa that she is model number one!!

Sleepless in Seattle Estados Unidos de América

Outstanding Work Superb use of light and shadows highlighting a simple color contrast of fleshtone and green grass. Zero background distraction. Marketa is an absolutely stunning model. Best of the best.

Mex República Checa

Absolutely FABULOUS!!! This film is totally different from another hegre's films. I think that Marketa night sesion is the best movie ever.

Lukas Francia

Yes Marketa is the best Marketa you are very wonderful model. Don't change anything on you!!Everything is perfect.

Heeny Francia

Kiss to Marketa Hi, This movie is best of best!!

Jack República Checa

The most lovely person on net...It's Marketa When I saw this film I was very excited. Marketa together with this background and the music from Martin Stock is absolutely great. For sure it is the best movie from Petter Hegre. Look it and you will agree with me. Marketa has perfect body. Nothing change on you, Marketa. I am non-professional photographer and I would love to make the same style like Petter, but it is impossible :-) His talent is incredible and her look too.

Zafi República Checa

Mmm sexy Marketa The best of best!! Amazing model,amazing background and amazing photographer!!

Tom Erik, Tromsoe Norway Noruega

Marketa is my dream Marketa is my dreamgirl ;) -do I've to say more ?? Thanks for the movie and all the pictures of her kisses & more from her norwegian fan

Mark República Checa

Great work Petter! I every day look to this movie, because so sensual and natural movie is hard to make. I know it, because I try to make movies too..

Biggest fan.. República Checa

Wow, babes like Marketa it's hard to find!!! Petter I saw your new christmas e-card and I would be very happy, if you can make some e-card with Marketa!! She is wonderful and very very sexy. I have a lot of friends and they love most Marketa, she is incredible sweet!! What about to shoot with her somewhere in winter time, it would be amazing!!

willysp Estados Unidos de América

Outstanding ambience! One of my favorite models and a really incredible atmosphere - love the lighting!

Ken Canada

Beautiful Marketa! The stillness of the night is broken by the light of a beautiful lady Marketa! From her beautiful smile, to her lovely breasts, to every curve you just want more of her. She is a dream!

Marketa Cavernícola | September 11th, 2004
Marketa Cavernícola
Dakota7 Estados Unidos de América

Holy Moly what is she up to these days? Amazing, Marketa has looked fabulous in everything, but this is almost too much. She has got to be breaking mens hearts everywhere she goes.

Jake República Checa

Marketa is sweet Marketa is incredible beautiful and sweet model!! We want more pictures of her!!

philipp República Checa

Marketa Marketa i love you!!!

Tom República Checa

Marketa Marketa is very very beautiful model. She is sexy with big sex appeal. I enjoyed to see her in this movie so much. I love her!!!

lucciano República Checa

fantastic movie!!!!! This movie is fantastic! Model Marketa is really wonderful, her movement is sensual and at the same time so natural. I have a big dream to be with her on an abandoned island. Petter can you facilitate it for me??

James República Checa

magic Marketa This film has really magic atmosphere, Marketa is your best choice Petter. She is simply fascinating girl!! I love her breasts, because they are very firm and exactly to the hand.. Her body is athletic and her face is like an angel.

Eric Estados Unidos de América

stunning Another one of Marketa's wonderful films. She is so sexy and so gorgeous and the surroundings in this film so eroticly beautiful that, it makes you wish you were stranded on an island with her.

Edward República Checa

another week please!! Yes!! We want another week!! She is so sensual and so beautiful.. I love her. She is my favourite model.

dominique Bélgica

marketa give us another marketa week please. like the movie with the cherry you give us another dream movie. thanks

Conrad República Checa

absolutely stunning!! Film Marketa cave woman is your best film Petter! She is extremely wonderful, every inch of her body is absolutely stunning, her face look like angel and the place you chose is magic. Marketa is dream for me!!!! I want to be a photographer :-)

Alan República Checa

She is GODDESS Marketa is gorgeous model..This film is too hot, that I need to have a shower :) Great work!!!!

Steve República Checa

Wow Marketa again!! Films about Marketa are the best, and this film Marketa cave woman is the best film I have seen!! Is so sensual and so natural, that I must tell you, you are the best Petter.

spar Reino Unido

Wow!!! What a film of an amazing girl! I'm not sure how they are going to top this one... Words fail me...

Deny República Checa

THE BEST Marketa cave woman is the best movie ever!! Petter I am your big big fan, and Marketa is your the best model! She is very beautiful and she has so strong sex appeal that I am crazy about this girl!! I would be happy to see her new pictures every day! Bye

Adam Estados Unidos de América

Perfect I have yet to see a better video.

Andreas República Checa

Marketa movie I love this movie. So incredible background and atmosphere and Marketa together is the best combination.

anonymous writer :-) República Checa

Pure beauty!!! Great work Petter!!!!! She is very sexy model. Marketa has incredible beautiful body and face. From every model of this web sites I prefer her!! Angel like her is very very difficult to find.

Chris República Checa

best Super!! Best of all!! We want more of this super girl!

Jaap República Checa

Absolutely fabulous! Oh my God!! I must say: really fantastic Petter!! Marketa is the best model I have ever seen on any web sites and magazines. She looks so sweet and natural, that I am starting to be crazy about her! I will look here every day and wish to see more of her pictures or films.

Juergen República Checa

Marketa movie Marketa cave woman is the best movie ever!!

Nino República Checa

big fan Hi I am a big fan of model Marketa. I love her naturalness. She can do what she want and everytime she look sweet and sexy.

Menito República Checa

Sexy Marketa Marketa is stunning girl, pure beauty!!!

Karl República Checa

Marketa dream... Marketa you are very sexy girl. Your body is perfect, your face is perfect and your movement is perfect. What more?? You are the star of this web sites!!!

Tom Alemania

Hard to find words What an athmosphere, what a light, what an environment, what a girl !!!! Petter is a magician of feelings.

John Canada

High Art They say filmmaking is the highest artform. Put gorgeous women in your films and you have achieved Nirvana. Peter, you make Hef look like he's snoozing! You have a great eye. Keep shooting and I'll keep watching, there's no doubt. From a happy Baby Boomer.

alex Reino Unido

marketa perfect 12/10


Genuine Gorgious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE MOST H O R N Y FILM I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!! From NOW one I wish I was A Caveman!! Oh MY God!! Drewling all over the floor!!


Its toooooo much for a man to look at this!!! Ooooooooh, my! Its almost cruel that films like these are made...! I mean for us men! If I see this too much I really get MAD and over-horny!! X

Marketa al Rojo Vivo | August 14th, 2004
Marketa al Rojo Vivo
Fabio República Checa

I am fall in love with Marketa !! Marketa is incredible beautiful model who appear one time in ten years...I can spend the whole day in front of my PC and looking to Marketa. So Marketa is the most sexy girl on your web sites..Bye, Fabio

Martin República Checa

Marketa is pure goddes Marketa is gorgeous model with beautiful body and beautiful face. Every man must think and dream about this girl. She is goddes of sex!!

Tom República Checa

super HOT Marketa is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life!! I want to marry her!!

Tim República Checa

Wow sweet Marketa Marketa is sweet and inocent girl, when I look to her I am immediately ten years younger!! Petter I envy to you. I want to be a photographer and to shoot pure beauty Marketa...mmmm

Kurt Italia

Marketa is lucky... Marketa is a lucky girl, I've seen a lot of vulgar pics of her on the net. Petter is revealing her beauty...

Peter Alemania

Ein Traum Dieser Film ist fantastisch. Ich bekomme Herzklopfen und meine Fantasien gehen mit mir durch. Marketa ist ein Wahnsinn.:-)

Steph República Checa

Sweet Marketa Marketa red hot and Marketa wild cherry are amazing films. Petter do you have some more films of this incredible model? I love her pussy! So sweet pussy has no other girl.. And of course her breasts,whole body and face are beautiful!!

Kamil República Checa

angel Marketa Model like Marketa doesn't appear one time in ten years, but one time in fifty years!! Every night when I go to sleep I think about her and I hope, that I will have sweet dream about her. Marketa I am crazy about you..

xxx República Checa

Sexy Marketa Marketa I love you!!!

Klaus Alemania

Schlank und Rank Sie ist ein wunderbares Model und hat alles, was ein bezaubernde Frau braucht - schlank, herrrliche Beine und einen nicht zu üppigen boddy

Tony República Checa

masterpiece!!!!! I could watch Marketa for hours!! She is incredible beautiful model, so innocent and so sweet. I would like to write here something different from these reviews, but I can not. She is simply stunning and I hope she will have here much more films and pictures then she has it now.. Petter you are master of art!! Thank you and bye

Nano República Checa

goddes Marketa is so natural and at the same time so sensual!! I love her..

Matous República Checa

Marketa is an angel Petter I love Marketa and I can not imagine day without looking to Marketa's pictures. She is really incredible model. I am crazy about her..

Bo República Checa

Marketa is the best Marketa is gorgeous girl. This film and Marketa wild cherry are amazing films, which give me every day energy to stand to my legs. I enjoy Marketa's movements and her body so much.. She is simply goddes..

Pick República Checa

dream come truth She is extremely beautiful! I love her body, nobody can imagine how much..I put her picture to my desktop to see her every day. Petter you are professional photographer, thank you for her pictures!

Julian República Checa

Marketa STAR Marketa is so accomplished!! She is my big star!! I love her..If it would be possible to make clone from her, be sure I would do it. I want to have her at my home.

David República Checa

No 1 Marketa is number 1!! She is so gorgeous!! I love her..

Johny República Checa

Marketa What I think about Marketa is that she look like angel, but I think she must be inside her mind little devil :-) I would like to be her boyfriend.. She must be perfect mistress!!!

Jan República Checa

gigantic SEX APPEAL Marketa is the best model I have ever seen on any web sites, really!! She is gorgeous..She is very unstudied, elegant and she has gigantic sex appeal!! Marketa is my preferred model.. Thanks Petter for her pictures and films.

All República Checa

I love MARKETA Marketa has so beautiful breasts. I love it. I think that they are exactly the size, that every man must like it. I dont like too big and not so small. Her breasts are excellent!

SIMON Polonia

Incredible Feet!! Marketa's feet are great!! She is very beautiful, but her feet... I love Marketa's feet!! :P

sharkymark Reino Unido

marketa yes, she is lovely, but will yous guys get a grip! she is a person first, and desireable second. Good luck with your coursework, Marketa - and thanks for the time you've shared with us. If you want to stay in touch, Petter will be able to provide the contact details, Best wishes, MarkV

William Estados Unidos de América

Sheer Beauty from Head to Toes Marketa is a rare woman indeed. She possesses incredible beauty in every aspect of her physical self. But her eyes are tell all, and they scream out of a woman who is extremely comfortable with her sexuality and is playful with it as the little girl inside of her shows through. I have never seen such stunning photos of a woman before, which are a tribute to her personality, beauty, sexuality and spirit which shine through throughout all of her shots. And of course to the intangibles and photography which Mr. Hegre possess. If we could all be as lucky as he to capture such a stunning lady on film. Perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to cross paths with her in my photography. Best of luck to you both and thank you. William

Robert Reino Unido

Agree with Simon ... beautiful model, but her feet leave me speechless!!!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Where Have You Gone Miss Marketa? Marketa was the reason that I joined this site in the first place. She has perfect symmetry and shapely features along with refined touches such as well-maintained hands and feet, which some other models neglect.

steven Estados Unidos de América

MARKETA, B U FOREVER ive been wathching 100,s of site,s for 3 years online and as soon as I came across marketa and I believe it was this sight I was mezmerized, I started looking everwhere for things about her. The most of any woman I,ve seen on line your the hottest. Thank you MARKETA don,t stop

alpha Alemania

This is the most beautiful girl and the best film on the whole site. A high resolution version would be a real treat

Marketa Cereza Salvaje | June 6th, 2004
Marketa Cereza Salvaje
Ed Estados Unidos de América

Marketa-yes Marketa and the photos are some of the best I have ever seen on any web site. Can't we have a second week. Surely there are more wonderful photos to share !!!!!!!!!

Andre República Checa

Oh, absolutely beautiful!!! This is the best model I have ever seen in my life!! I want to see more pictures of this beauty!!

Drwill Estados Unidos de América

Marketa wild cherry This girl drives me crazy. Her still photos drove me crazy. Then I saw this film. Much better than the films where a photo shoot is being filmed. She is fun, flirtatious and playful. Good for you Petter for bringing out her playfull side.

Anonymous Estados Unidos de América

Sizzling - best of the best Killer camera work on and off video, but her interaction was the icing on the best cake in town

Traveler Estados Unidos de América

Czech cherries Whew! Cherry Baby my favorite fruit...I've spent many summers in Czechoslovakia (where my wife is from) sitting in cherry trees and picking them clean. Yum. Marketa and cherries is the ultimate double fantasy in the world. Mmm - mmm...!!

Lucky cherries Canada

Stunning! I wish I'd be those cherries! Absolutely stunning!

Anonymous Brasil

Thumbs up The best film that I have seen so far. It is a great improvement from those static films seen so often up to now and which were a poor by-product of the photos. Keep it going! Thanks to Marketa for this most sexy few minutes and, please, keep this hair...

LC Estados Unidos de América

Sexy Marketa I must say she takes the cake. What a natural beauty! I'd like to hear her speak on the next video. I have a fetish for peach fuzz. She drives me crazy! Keep up the nice work. I'm lookng forward to more of Marketa and your other beautiful models.

Bill República Checa

The most beautiful girl in the world!! Oooh Marketa is so sexy,and she has big big sex appeal. I want more of her pictures here..

Martijn and Saskia Holanda

TALENT What a pleasure to see such a beauty!! She knows how to handle this fruit. Her next video and her forto's would even look better if she would shave her pussy completely!

Rick Canada

About time! You finally got it right, Petter! A film for the sake of a film and not coverage of your photo shoot. This one is the best you've done... now keep it up!

Anonymous Estados Unidos de América

cherries jubilee what a sexy film....lately the films have been less static/tripod and more closeup/creative and this one is the best yet. I particularly liked the closeups of her belly as the cherries were being drawn upward. (I am a fan of those tiny baby hairs on women's bellies)

qarl Estados Unidos de América

incredible. incredible. encore!

$erebu$ Bélgica

Devine Beauty Devine !!!

Nosurprises España

Without words... Extraordinary film. Marketa is a dream girl. The way she smiles is so delicious! Very good job Petter, your site's the best!

Francisco México

Simply GREAT! Marketa is, in essence, a perfection... a goddess...and the master-skill of Petter with the camera, made an exceptional work. One of the best. Congratulations! Frank

major Reino Unido

EXOTIC CHERRIES!!!! did she enjoy "eating" the cherries as much we enjoyed watchin her "eat" them? a treat n an appetiser!

Alan Estados Unidos de América

wild cherries I've been a member for years but this film and Marketa rate a 10+ by which everything else has to be judged.

Oscar Estados Unidos de América

Marketa Wild Cherry Marketa's films are all so hot..nice movements..no inhibitions..

Eddie Suiza

Marketa - Wild Cherry - No. 1 Why is this film not No. 1? Come on guys, have you ever seen anything mor erotic than Marketa eating cherries? It just blws my mind. I give this film a double 10. Eddie - March 3. 2005

MAGOO4 Estados Unidos de América

CHERRIES Wow, I will never look at cherries the same again. Thanks Petter. Marketa sure is a beautiful woman. Magoo4

fred Reino Unido

Marketa wild cherry An exellent film.Most enjoyable,I loved every minute of it