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Helena Profile

Name: Helena
Country: France
Weight: 50kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Model

Confident and Boyish

In creating a body of work, Petter Hegre terms the New Nude, his quest has been to find natural, sensual girls and present them in everyday situations.

THROUGH THIS modus operandi, without make-up, hair design or artifice, he reveals something of the inner nature of his models. Picasso famously described art as "the lie that reveals the truth," and in these studies of Helena Karel we see in her features a gentle innocence the silicone implants and sadomasochistic props are unable to conceal.

Helena Karel has just turned 20, is new to modeling, fanatical about fitness and plans to open her own site. She brims with confidence and that, she admits, is due to her enhanced breasts. She hated her boyish figure, it killed her confidence, and now she has stepped out with a super new look she adores showing her body.

Helena Karel is a true beauty and for us at Hegre-Art a true Hegre Girl.

Helena Karel purple haze January 15th, 2008
Strange word to use in her profile! If she's boyish, then I must be into boys!! Amazing. Perfect. Beautiful.
I hope shy comes back!!!
I hope there is a comeback with her
helena Karel purple haze
She is such a travesty of natural beauty, that I don't see 'purple haze' I see 'RED MIST'.
I agree with some of the others - implants, tattoos, and really tan skin don't do anything for me. At least her hair is its natural color. =D
What a potentially stunning model. I agree 100% with 'Ralph 15 Jan' - fake breasts, spray on tan & very unsubtle tattoos are a complete turn off for me.
You the best Model . Du bist super gut. p.s
Helena is a real 'Hornbag'.......... Arrrrrgggghhhhh.
Unfortunately, on many of the photos Helena looks more tired and annoyed than sensual and sexy....
She is built like a brick ......well, you know what I mean. Yahoo, tomorrow is Yanna.
Helena is a goddess... Hedgre is a photographic god!
For me, Helene is the sexiest women of the side and in the web! She is sex pure
I don't find fake breasts, spray on tans, or monster tattoo's attractive. Sorry.
Lucky Stool ...
Helena is still the sexiest babe on Hegre-Art.com. Regardless of the tattooes and silicone breasts, she has an amazing presence in front of the camera. By the way, I actually love the belly tattoo.
if you like tats in weird places and torpedoes to get your freak on. she is smokin' hot with a great look! thanks! :-)
ooooh!!! wouldn't I love to be that stool !! What else, oh yes, I envy the photographer.
aiways fantastic.
Helena Karel
Beautiful work, Love seeing her naked (Head-to-Toe).
Helena Karel Christmas stockings December 12th, 2007
No thanks!
Fake boobs are gross.
Helena's photos even when photographed acting silly are oozing with her sex appeal. Photos of her on this site are beautiful, love the simplicity of just a naked woman.
No more fake boobs! The real thing is much better!
I don't think I would take her home to meet mother, but she has a beautiful pussy
Very sexy indeed. For those who don't know, Helena is a hard core porn star.
Helena is obviously attractive but to me it is a shame to see breasts that are unnaturally firm and round from artificial enhancement. I would much rather see the natural alternative.
Think of the tatoo as something to look at while you are having breakfast in bed! I rather like picture 41-very engaging smile.
Not one of my favorites, short on picture quantity, and the subject is not in very interesting poses. I also find Helena tattoo unappealing. Sorry- just my opinion.
Well i'm 'GobSmacked' all i can say is a very 'cunning stunt'
Helena just oozes with sex appeal. Love that belly tattoo, which gives her a dark and dangerous look. Her body is tight!!
Helena Karel she Conan September 18th, 2007
Helena Karel she Conan
DOES anybody really like those RIDICULOUS TITS or are they all swayed by her beautiful face and gorgeous pussy? I shan't bother with her further, there are plenty of natural girls on this site to enjoy.
Helena beauty
Two things : she has very attractive face lips. Second, the softness of her armpits skin area teels me that she must have absolute satin skin all over her body.
This person is simply the most beautiful girl in the world. I am a body snob with an ultra fit/lean body. She is without a doubt the sexiest thing I've ever seen, man, woman or creature.
Helena, your lovely face, your ample breasts, your thrusting clit;arousing to say the least
For me, Helena is the best of all!! I whish, that threr are comming an Oilset oneday
nice body
Helena body is very beautiful I love the tattoo on her belly, beautiful breast WOW she is very sexy lady.
Rey.... they are a creation of a very kind and considerate nature.... who creates such Godesses for our hedonistic pleasure.... for which I am eternally grateful.
Agree with sirstefanofb. She is one step larger than life. How do beings like this happen on this planet?
always a pleasure to see the incredible helena.
Helena is ALL Woman.... At the risk of being censured may I say she is simply 'Boobalacious-Cuntacious-Fantacious'
Helena Karel actress August 28th, 2007
love helena hope you can bring her back again. she is awesome and hot!!!
Are they such obvious implants i see no scars there i prefer to think they are just that perfect
I'm not really sure what this site is going for.
Helena is attractive, but I prefer to see real breasts, and real women.
Helena Karel actress
Helena is, without doubt, the sexist girl Petter has ever photographed!!!
I have to agree with Dan regarding the perception of hardness with Helena. I'm surprised that Petter would feature such obvious implants, and Helena's tatoo is another turnoff for me. But this portfolio spotlights Helena's softer more playful side. As a result this is probably my favorite set of Helena pictures.
Helena Karel is so sexy. Always a pleasure to see her. Can't wait to see more.
Helena Karel actress
In the beginning I thought Helena looked too "hard" for my tastes. But alas, when she smiles the whole world seems brighter! What a beautiful woman! Bravo.
Helena Karel at home June 4th, 2007
The debate about Helena's silicon tendencies has been largely aired. I also happen to be of the opinion that she would have been better natural. All the same a decision made is a decision made so let's give the girl a break. This gallery concentrates on the rest - a beautiful face and a magnificent body.
re: sorry
man whatever u say, she is special, which other model (except of Luba or Mona) can beat her ? She's one of my favourites, these boobs makes her body very special, so if mother nature doesn't want, we have to help sometimes, I don't realy mind :)
I like the feminine wardrobe on Helena in this one, and the activity is not bad either!
I'm so sorry, but I feel that a tattooed porn actress with unnatural looking breasts is somewhat like a foreign body under all this ravishing beauties at hegre-art. Sorry, sorry, sorry...
Helena Karel at home
"... and now she has stepped out with a super new look she adores showing her body" I simply adore her body as well - but her face is truely wonderful!!! She is my favorite girl - 11/10!!
always a treat to see the fantastic helena karel.