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Mirta | Czech Republic Galleries: 23 Films: 12
Photo of Mirta


Photo of Mirta
Name: Mirta
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 52kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Bartender

Adventurous Beauty

Mirta is one of those girls who feeds off attention.

GOOD THING for her because she also knows how and when to get it. Born from an Italian father and a Czech mother, Mirta is an exotic 21 year old who is unafraid of the camera and has the kind of body that turns heads wherever she goes. She is well traveled for a girl of such a young age and works at night in a bar owned by her family.

It is very rare for any photographer to find a more photogenic model who takes as much pleasure being in front of the camera as Mirta does. After a while of shooting Petter had to give up telling her to keep her legs together and ended up doing things her way. The results of course are stunning. Mirta is a woman whose veins are full of passion, energy, and beauty.

Luckily Petter was there to document these qualities to their fullest.

Mirta Galleries COMMENTS

Mirta Portuguese ruin | June 26th, 2007
Mirta Portuguese ruin
Justin Observer United States

Ruin? Mirta AT the Portugues ruin. Maybe Mirta is the "portugues wonder" - She is such a timeless beauty!

Dan from Texas United States

Mirta I am convinced that Mirta becomes more beautiful with each passing day. Beautiful photos; beautiful woman.

Gus Brazil

Mirta is gorgeous as always. Too bad this set is so small. Too few pictures. Sad, sad.

Ralph United States

Too much ruin Too much ruin in the photos and not enough Mirta. She deserves better.

Phil Sweden

Beautiful ruin!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta portugese ruin Why the 'travelogue'?

Mirta extreme exposure | February 9th, 2007
Mirta extreme exposure
Colin United Kingdom

Mirta - Extreme Exposure Great stuff ! Would have given a 10 rating if we'd got the 6000 option !

alex United Kingdom

mirta fantastic,just fantastic.

Sven United States

please more like this!!! That is quality ...and a woman!!! Thanks

Dan United States

Mirta extreme Oh my! Where do I start? Mirta is so hot and slick and fully exposed! And still she has that little sly wicked smile that I just love! Great set of photos!

Hawkeye United States

Mirta EE A naturally beautiful woman. Remarkable, actually.

Jake United States

Mirta Mirta rocks. Her poses are always revealing, provacative, and she seems to have some fun with the shoot - letting her personality come through. She never seems stiff and uneasy. The oiled pussy shots are great and her entire body is perfect. That's why she's one of Hegre's best models!

Chillaxenator India

Awesome Mirta Probably the best Mirta set... Awesome truesome exposure.... its really getting hot and art at hegre-art Thanks to you Peter.

alexx Czech Republic


Julian United States

Another awesome photo shoot. Mirta is as stunning as ever. Galleries like this will keep your site at #1. Keep up the good work.

Greg Blalock United States

Mirta Mirta's photo-shoots are just outstanding.The most recent 'Mirta Extreme Exposure" may be the best one yet. Such a beautiful model. Her "Hottie" factor is off the charts. May we have many, many more photo-shoots and films of Mirta. Request..Mirta naked on a golf course (no clothes or shoes, just golf clubs. Thanks Peter

trailer1976 United Kingdom

mirta extreme fantastic, don't stop photographing this girl!

Ralph United States

Wow! Wow! Awesome gallery. Mirta is a phenomonal woman. Thanks.

gareth United States

wawa WEEwa! Oh, YEAH! Mirta's the! Oil - not necessary. Striking the pose - jaw-dropping! :)~

Coach United States

Mirta Extreme MIRTA is EXTREME-ly stunning. Not only is she drop dead beautiful, but she projects enormous sensuality. MORE MIRTA!

jimmy United States

4000 pixels and Mirta's HOT bottom - Sweet!


Fantastic, may be the best set of the whole site. Wonderful girl fully exposed. Boobs are fantastic and look at her pussy lips: Simply fantastic! I think I will download a 4000 serie to benefit of all wiews of these wide spread pics. More, we want more. 10 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

David Laurence United States

YUMMY Mirta shows more of what guys are really looking for.

Miguel United States

Mirta This is possibly the best. Love that is shows her whole body, head-to-toe.

Kevin from London United Kingdom

Mirta. I wonder if Petter will let these comments appear on this Mirta gallery comments?? All you Mirta worshipers, have you you seen her appear on the lesbian website. Just thought you should know that she's not just the gorgeous Hegre model you thought. She's a "lesbian" model.

Laurie United Kingdom

Magnetic Mirta A very erotic gallery. With an arousal factor of 10+.

Laurie United Kingdom

Identical twin Oh gosh Kevin and I always thought Mirta had a sister called Jackie.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta extreme exposure A MAGNIFICENT set of a MAGNIFICENT model.

Norm United Kingdom

Mirta extreme Wow, these are arousing photos! I love shots of girls with plenty of oil. This really emphasises the curves abd the light and 'feels' so good - yes, one can 'feel' these pictures as well as see them! Kevin, I don't care what her orientation is, she know how to please a man!

sonclub2001 Mexico

m! just perfect!!!! mirta

Mirta bedroom doors | April 14th, 2007
Mirta bedroom doors
Ralph United States

Mirta Mirta is awesome as always. Yanna and Mirta back-to-back - WOW!!

Bruce United States

Mitra She is number 2 in your top twenty!!!

gareth United States

Mirta is one of your best allies! Her dark hair, olive skin, and PERFECT body are the strongest ammunition around! Never too much of Mirta 8)~

Ulrike Switzerland

Mirta Mirta is marvelous. She is one of your topmodels. She knows how to pose...Why not taking Yanna and Mirta for one photoshooting? That what be outstanding, wonderful and AWESOME!

Laurie United Kingdom

One hot totty Be my sex slave and touch me all over babe.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta bedroom doors What an absolute darling. Where can I get one?

Mirta Algarve cliffs | March 17th, 2007
Mirta Algarve cliffs
Dan from Texas United States

Mirta Algarve These are beautiful! Mirta is at her best and most beautiful! I would have removed the shoes and then the photos would have been timeless.

thomas Hutereau Belgium


Blake Krosse United Kingdom

Sirens Hilarious, I am sure there will be a lot more ships sailing that way.

Ralph United States

Wonderful Any gallery with Mirta is wonderful, but some beautiful scenery (besides Mirta) in these photos as well. Some absolutely stunning photos.

Jake Canada

Mirta Algarve Cliffs This gallery is profoundly beautiful. There is something magical in the contrasts between the timeless beauty of the seacliffs and the transient, incredible beauty that is Mirta which deepens the appreciation of life.

pat United States

Amazing The photos are amazing. Mirta is my fav model, but for goodness sake, standing that close to the edge without protection is very dangerous... I climb, trust me, it just takes one slip. Catching yourself like Tom Cruise in MI2 is impossible. That said, the scenery, and lighting work wonderfully with Mirta's skin tone and soft curves.

Dragon India

Mirta Brave & Beautiful This is no doubt the best gallery of Mirta till date. The gal is hot, beautiful and brave. By the way, the guys in the ship definitely got more than they paid for :) Thank You Petter

Jake United States

Mirta on the cliffs Mirta is the perfect model - tan, perfect body from head to toe, beautiful tits, uninhibited poses. Would Hegre be liable if the ship ran ashore while admiring Mirta? This girl has hypnotic beauty and she's not afraid to show it!


Unusual set but wonderful pics.

Mirta more metal | January 2nd, 2007
Mirta more metal
alex United Kingdom

mirta mirta is incredible,she is a visual delight,magnificent.

Bruce United States

Mirta She is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PhotoBob United Kingdom

Mirta Mirta is a goddess!

btrhea United States

MIRTA!!!!! She just keeps getting hotter and hotter!!!!! Thank you, Petter!

alex Czech Republic

Piece of art ...she is just piece of art....unbelievable what nature(and Peter!)can create! I will always vote double 10 for Mirta!

paul anderson United States

Mirta Pure perfection in face and body. Love that jet black hair, beautiful light brown skin and those amazing green eyes. There is none better.

Wayne-USA United States

Mirta All i can say is wow Petter, what an awesome set of Mirta. What an incredible body she possess's! And this set shows off every inch of it to perfection. Love shots 44+46! two of your best poses ever. Especially appreciate how these poses showoff every last inch and wrinkle on her extremely pretty bare feet! She is in the top five of the sexist bare soles of any of your models!!!! A job well done and most appreciated!!! Keep up the great work.

Bruce United States


gareth United States

Never enough What the gods aspire to be... Pure beauty is what Mirta exudes. Amazing skin tone, perfect physique - the exact definition of sexy!

Darkroom United States

Mirta This girl knows how to pose! Love the action and expression of her positions.


Wonderful gallery! Mirta wide spread and close shots pics are breathtaking. Pefect, all what we want and like: Nice looking girl offering us all of her including intimate views in very sexy and erotic, if not sometime obscene, posture.

Jozua Hattingh Canada


Jose Lopez Honduras

She's a living angel I have been astounded by her beauty! Her face is angelical and her body to die for.

Laurie United Kingdom

Mirta is so ravishing and a little tease because she knows what turns the boys on.

russ United States

I like Mirta a lot, thats hot.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta more metal Petter, you really must give this SUPERB girl more prominence. I very nearly missed her.

steve United States

RE: Photo number 16 wonderful picture!! Hot, hot, sexy girl!! Why no recent photo shoots of Mirta?

Mirta in pink | October 29th, 2006
Mirta in pink
Philippe Belgium

Congrats One of your best sets in a long time. Simple, tasteful to the point !

Gareth United States

magnificent Mirta WOW! Mirta has the smoothest skin... and the absolute best curves, physique! Always an amazing layout when Mirta's involved. The things I'd do to be at one of her photoshoots ;)

Dan United States

Mirta in Pink! Pure art! Pure beauty. I love the whole set!

alex United Kingdom

mirta mirta is just incredible,i just can`t take my eyes of her,she`s beautiful.

Tony Montana United Kingdom


Dave France

Mirta is the best! I'm sure she knows the devastating effect she has on us. Petter: You have a job any sane man would envy!

Ted Canada

PERFECT Mirta Fantastic body from hair to toes. Captivating green eyes and freckles, a most kissable mouth, especially her unique,upper lip, AND her beautiful peach fuzz hair on her body which is SO SEXY.

JP United States

Total package Mirta is beautiful at every level. She's got the cutest face and tightest little body on the site. She is a real gem!!!

robert penning Luxembourg

mirta just beautilul,she is perfect rob

robert penning Luxembourg

mirta The more i see you the more i love you ,says the song, Mirta has sensual lips,beautiful eyes,two perfect globes combined to long slim legs with a perfect ass in ideal dimensions what a gem of a girl rob

Laurie United Kingdom

Stunning-she looks gorgeous in that lovely outfit.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta in pink I don't know what 'IT' is but this girl's got IT by the bucket-full.

Mirta burning red | September 3rd, 2006
Mirta burning red
al United Kingdom

sizzling mirta mirta is the perfect woman,she is just too hot!!!

Ralph United States

Wow The female form in all its glory. Wow. Great photo series, although a couple of booty photos would have made it absolutely perfect. Bring back Mirta any time.

Bernie Germany

Mirta She was burning! Wonderful! 100 Points! Your bernie

John Hannaford United Kingdom

Mirta smashing girl but she does'nt need all those open crotch shots to prove it.


It's really very very erotic. These young girls do like to provocate us, the voyeur.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta burning red ****************D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S********************

Mirta lickin hot | June 18th, 2006
Mirta lickin hot
scott United States

terrific all that thick black hair awesome body fantastic

alex United Kingdom

hot! hot! hot! mirta just gets better and better,she has to be the undisputed erotic/sexy goddess on this website.

btrhea United States

MIRTA Mirta is, without a doubt, the most erotic model on this site. Damn, she gets SO HOT during the sessions. She knows exactly how to position her body for maximum heat. Thank You, Mirta!!

thomas Dwyer United States

mirita next shoot add some think about in the water

Brett United States

Soooo HOT!!! The best model on the site. Not shy at all. Keep her busy in front of the camera.

rcpatoking United States

the sexiest of them all!

Bernie Germany

Modell The best ivè ever seen! Wonderful and agreat Photgraf!!

Jake United States

MIrta sizzles! This whole set is hot from start to finish - stripping out of the white dress,licking her leg, exploring fingers, legs spread, butt in the air - everything works - erotic but tasteful at the same time.

ARUN United States

10 Nothing Less Most Erotic model of all, no doubt. Everything about her is so sexy..Even there is something about hair too, that makes her so exotic looking...

GT Hutchison United States

Mirta is absolutely amazing!!! Her long dark hair, her tan, dark skin is lickin hot. Her cute little toes, the sparkle in her eyes, and the look on her face is to Die for. I love everything about mirta!!

heinrich Ireland

attractive face makes the open pussy so exciting; what a lovely model

Laurie United Kingdom

Mound of Pleasure What a succulent treat for a seafood lover.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta lickin hot Oh! I'm fed up with this ugly, shapeless, old hag. Can't I please have a beautiful, young & shapely goddess like MIRTA. "Only in your dreams,mate".

Mirta black oil | May 27th, 2006
Mirta black oil
Toronto Joe Canada

Thank you Thank you for another wonderful collection of photos of the amazing Mirta. She is certainly a delight!

Jairo Brazil

Mirta Hi, guys! When we'll get Mirta at 6000px?

alex United States

mirta beautiful girl-can't wait for a shaved foto session !

projo1 United States

black oil ! woooo ! ! what a treasure . Mirta you are gorgeous !

Les France

Mirta is wonderful. All the same I would have preferred her without the oil - I'm sure others like her with. I guess this is just a case of personal preference.

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

MIRTA Who ever was the person who applied the oil can die one day a long time from now knowing that they have lived a full and rich life.....

Florian Germany

MIRTA i love i love i love i love i love i love - you are so amazing...:-)

Laurie United Kingdom

Sultry Mirta Simply Stunning

Karl United States

Athletic and compelling I enjoy the healthy beautiful woman with an attitude. Mira must be very happy with this set, as Petter must be. Thank-you

Rob United States

Sultry Underarms Mirta is drop dead gorgeous and the shots here with her arms raised high and proudly showing her dark underarm stubble are just about the sexiest I have ever seen. I am just about to cum just looking at them.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta black oil Every once in a while you come across a girl set apart from others for no apparent reason. Examples include, Gislane, Marketa, Evi and Dominika. Mirta is such a girl. Truly lovely.

seovat United States

RE: Photo number 26 Nice shot of a hot model... just as soon as her panties are down, her cheeks are spread open and her anus is exposed...

Mirta on a bench | May 12th, 2006
Mirta on a bench
Eddie Switzerland

Mitra A fascinating beautiful and sexy young lady - you just have to look at her face and in her eyes (if you can!), and you know exactly how open and sexy she is showing off the rest of her lovely body. You can see that she is enjoying her job very much. I hope we can see many more pictures and films of her. Thanks for the great job. Eddie

Daniel United States

Mirta on a bench Mirta makes me weak in the knees and speeds up my heartbeat! I love her smile.

Gigi Canada

Greatest 100% sure, she's one of the "greatest" I've ever seen. She's cute, natural, funny and so on. She's the most "all you can dream of".

Walt United States

Mirta Series Petter and Mirta, The photos of Mirta enter the realm of perfection, particularly when she most obviously is smiling for cause. I am lost in her green eyes....

Sean United States

Clear, sexy, and shadow free. Excellent.

John United States

Mirta is unbelievable This shoot-Mirta on a bench-is exquisite. It is candid and unstudied and Mirta's breathtaking beauty and sexiness is emphasized more because of it. If I was sharing morning coffee with Mirta, this would be the fantasy!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta on a bench On a bench, on a bed, up against a wall, a tree, a side-board. Yes please, she is so exquisitely lovely that I wish I could resign my position as a Eunoch.

steve United States

RE: Photo number 44 God, Mirta is so beautiful and sexy!! Petter's photographic talent and Mirta's natural beauty, sexuality and flirtatiousness working together perfectly arouse the emotions of those who look at her photos. They certainly have mine! I would love to take Mirta to some beautiful, scenic location and spend a thousand years making love to her... She is grand!!

Mirta two palms | April 27th, 2006
Mirta two palms
Dan in Texas United States

Mirta two lucky palms Mirta makes me hot all over.

Tony Montana United Kingdom

Mirta 2 Palms...... Mirta from behind is absolutely incredible!! where were those fotos taken?. Tony

Joe Canada

Mirta I am always excited to see more images of the delightful Mirta. She is truly lovely

Jan Erik Norway

Mirta Wow! Mirta's got an incredible ass!

david United Kingdom

mirta 2 palms what a great contrast between mirta's curves and the straight lines on the trees


'Pas mal' as we say in French! Th end result of the combination of these two straigh palm trees with Mirta wonderful curves gives a set very erotic.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta two palms Two palms? I'm not greedy, I just want her in the palm of one hand.

Jeff D United States

Mirta "3" palms! Viewing this set I managed to find 3 palms!

Mirta pool party | March 31st, 2006
Mirta pool party
Pete United Kingdom

Stunning Mirta Gorgeous body, great arse, super summer setting Thanks Petter and Mirta

mike cliffe United Kingdom

photo gallaries I really enjoy your site, but do get frustrated at the lack of nice open leg shots or shots to see vagaina, and also inside the vagaina, not forgeting more camel toe. Also sometimes you do show the vagaina a bit more, you hide it with lighting (so you cn make it out just)

Adam United Kingdom

I love Aqua I love aqua-themed shoots and this really works for me. Mirta has it all, she's pretty, has a totally awesome body and she really doesn't seem to care what angle the camera is pointing. The expression on her face seems to dare you to look at her !

luciano United States

congratulations I have just become a member, it is the first "porn" site I have ever joined and this are the first pictures I have seen so far, they are simply breathtaking, amazing, I love them, I love the details, I love Mirta. Keep up the good work dudes....

armin Germany

Mirta pool party fantastic this girl (Nella), please more pics outdoor with Mirta !!!!

Martin Canada

Ahhhh... Mirta!!! She is one of the few truly perfect women alive: Dark hair, eyes and complexion, bod of a goddess and that mischievous tomboy air... She has everything going for her! Petter, any chance you would take Mirta to Calgary for a photo shoot (so that I can have dinner with her)? Remember, it is just 45 minutes away from the Canadian Rockies, which offer breathtaking scenery, even without Mirta in it... Just imagine the pictures...! ;o)

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta pool party I can't swim but I'd grow gills to share that pool. And a special thank you to Martin, who confirms I'm not turning gay in thinking that should she be so cruel as to wear panties, Mirta will still be exceedingly lovely.

Mirta Calippo | April 11th, 2006
Mirta Calippo
skanor United States

mirta april 11 06 the best pictures i love your photos today!!!!!

Froehling Georg Germany

Mirta Callippo That`s the best Gallerie of all

Dan from Texas United States

Mirta Calippo Mirta looks "Hot & tasty." She is a sweet snack for a hot summer Texas day, or night.

Jonas United Kingdom

Mitra Calippo Absolutely incredible, you have captured this wonderful sexy girl perfectly; I can feel the sticky ice pop on my lips and almost taste it on her. Great job well done, oh and she is just so beautiful what a lovely girl’s

JD United States

Mirta Enjoyed this gallery very much, its nice to see the vagina is back in vogue which lends a lot more interest to all series.

alex United Kingdom

magnificent mirta mirta is a goddess,what else can i say wow!!

don United States

Oh My God - Mirta is Back I have always believed that Mirta is one of most beautiful and sensual women I have ever seen. There are no words that can express what these pictures do. God broke the mold when she was born.

Larry United States

Yeah Baby Now this is an awsome series. More series like this. A little edgier, but with the Hegre touch that only he can bring.

Joe United States

Mirta Callipo This is the best series on this site so far! Keep up this type of photos please. I would love to clean all that sticky mess off of her with my tongue.

Joe Canada

Mirta I am always pleased to find new pictures of Mirta on your site. She is certainly one of your sexiest and endearing models. More films of her would be most welcome

al United Kingdom

mirta mia these images of mirta are fantastic.

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

I'm ruined speechless! awesome!

Sandy United Kingdom

Mirta the conquerer Awesome, mindblowing nearly gave me a heart attack! What a beautiful woman. What life's about

Artsexnut United States

gude lawd! Hell of a job Peter!

btrhea United States

MIRTA Mirta is an absolute goddess. She is among my favorites on this site. And this is the best gallery I've seen of her. Please tell me there's a film of this shoot! My favorite Hegre girls are Mirta, Caro, Vika and Marketa. I would have no need to even look at any other girls if you keep those four coming. Thanks again!

Who's your Daddy? United States

Dirty Girl Mirta, shame on you! You dirty, nasty, naughty girl. I think you are in need of a good deal of discipline. I know just what you need to keep you in line. I am willing to administer the punishment personally, I think you know you need it. And Mirta, keep up the good work! Frickin' schwing er what?

Ralph United States

Incredible If this gallery is not the definition of the word "erotic", I don't what is. Incredible work by both model and photographer.

andrew. United Kingdom

top drawer stuff. great set of photos. i cant wait for the next set of photos in the sun with an ice cube

Jimme Wiggins United States

WOW This is awesome, more wet girls, with water, soap, ice cream or baby oil. That is erotic !!!!

russ United States

Mitra I would like to Calyppo that. uh huh

tontonyvan France

Mirta calippo This one needs a 20, not a ten. what a pussy! I'd love to lick it and suck it for hours! and without candy! paradise!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta Calippo I don't know what 'Calippo' is but I'd hate (love) to see the result if she had two of them.

Greg United Kingdom

Calippo Absolutely sensational. Now this is what I call erotic photography at its best. Thank you! More like this, please!

Mirta green orange | February 4th, 2006
Mirta green orange
Sean United States

Mirta, lovely Mirta Mirta is so sexy and gorgeous she should be considered a controlled substance. She is positively addictive. Thank you Mirta for sharing yourself with us, and thank you Petter for photographing this beautiful creature.

Gareth United States

landscape Mirta is gorgeous - we all know that! She's got an amazing physqiue and a lovely smile. I really like the estate/background of this shoot... the manicured/well-groomed grounds add a nice touch of elegance!

Kenny United States

Mirta This woman has the sexiest mouth, not to mention her many other body parts. She drives me crazy! Thanks

Grgn United States

So real! beauty in all it's splendor. Nothing fake

Dave Grenada

Mirta green orange Mirta makes me sooo glad I'm a man!!


This set is not very erotic, but Mirta is so nice looking that I still vote 10!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta green orange "God didn't make the little green apples" but he sure as hell made the bearer of the little green orange. Well done God.

steve United States

RE: Photo number 16 A very nice picture of gorgeous Mirta

Mirta sucker | January 19th, 2006
Mirta sucker
Dan G United States

Mirta Mirta, like Keity, have joined the ranks of my all time favorites, right next to Luba. They all seem so happy to be in front of your camera and the photos actually seem to sizzle with the warm heat from the smiles and their bodies!

NY United States

Mirta I love mirta's can do attitude, she has to be one of the funnest models on the site.

JW United States

Mirta's ass is very near to perfection!

j3rry Switzerland

Mirta What a gurl ! I've never been so much excited watching a lady on a screen ;-) What a body, what a cute ass ! Please bring on more of the tanned beauty ! Cheers

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Peter's lens' must have been going to full zoom. I bought ten pounds of suckers, not sure why. GREAT set!

miguel gomez Ecuador

this gallery 9 this model 10

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta sucker Oh! Decisions, Decisions. Which 'sweetie' would I most like to get my lips around. Any suggestions?

KiwiGuy New Zealand

Would love to take her for a "test drive"

Mirta explicit | December 23rd, 2005
Mirta explicit
Don United States

Mirta Explicit This is by far one of the best galleries I have seen you post. Mirta is breath taking and is unbelievable. I did not know that there was anyone this beautiful and sexy.

martin Poland


Alan United States

Mirta Breakfast treat!

Greg United States

Mirta Explicit Sorry to be picky, but could you have a little less shadow, even at the places where the sun don't shine?

Mark Duffin United States

Mirta Explicit Love to see this gallery with a more light. The endzone is a little dark and hard to see. I love the model and the poses.

jerry Switzerland

Mirta Hi there ! What an extraordinary Mirta photoshoot again ! You managed to capture the true beauty of hers, catching light over her body to make it shine and look so delicate at touch ... I must say I adore that slight lower back and butt fuzz ;-) Thanks for making it real !

DaveR United States

Mirta is incomparable. She is the most beautiful, uninhibited, photogenic and sensual model I've seen. You also are an awesome photographer - what a team!!

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Mirta How many hearts has Mirts broken? Great set!

Jeff Australia Papua New Guinea

You! Mirta, the other girls should just surrender! How can anyone look so amazing inside and out! To the other Gallery Girls, take note you are all seeing the tailights of this woman!

rick United States


Nigel United Kingdom

Mirta Amazing! That hair. That face, [she curls her lip sometimes like Gina Gershon!]. That body. The hue of that skin. Even when she's not particularly posing she leaves a lot for many, many models to take note of!!

Dave Grenada

Mirta explicit Wow - Mirta rules!!! These pics (especially the high kicks) are amazing!!

Rob United States

AMAZING..that is all I have to say!

MARSHALL United States


Laurie United Kingdom

You Sexy Minx A stunningly explicit gallery. Mirta is just so naturally provocative.

pierangelo Italy

Mirta explicit A short comment because my time is few. The images are a few dark, but the pussy is wonderfull. The next time i will make a more deep considerations

pierangelo Italy

Mirta explicit- As I had promised, I have returned.Here are my deepened comments Gallery 1: photo 12-13-14-15-16 right leg that gets up upward exposing the pussy to the outside. Good satisfation in to look at her. Gallery 2°: photo 1-2-3-4 - Good photos. Equal satisfaction in to look her. Next to last and last photo: good shot of the pussy. Very beautiful.Gallery n°3: photo 1-2-3-4-5-6 - beautiful vision of the pussy. The great lips of the pussy are well open and the vision of the pussy is very pleasant.Last 4 photos of the gallery: sinned that the pussy is partially covered by the hand. Perhaps an action of masturbation? Gallery n° 4: I jump her.Gallery n°5: wonderfulls the photos n° 4 and 5 where the model opens with the fingers his pussy: exciting. The pussy is seen really well.Perfect also the photo n°7: the pussy seems long live and throbbing. The 6 is too much dark.Photo n° 8 and 9. Here is thing means to end in beauty.The photo n°9 is a masterpiece of carnal eroticism.

pierangelo Italy

Request judgment Make me know Your judgment to my comments on Mirta explicit

Laurie United Kingdom

Nymph This very naughty girl sends me crazy with desire. I would love to smell and taste her delicious sensual femininity.

russ United States

Mirta call me she can really get down with the amazing coochie.

tontonyvan France

MIRTA EXPLICIT What a body! she is more than beautiful! must look like paradise to make love to her!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta explicit If this is her 'ex-plicit' I'd love to see her 'plicit'

Mirta red velvet | December 12th, 2005
Mirta red velvet
Ruud van Essen Netherlands

Mirta red velvet Excellent and enjoyable lady who is not worried to share her beautiful body with people who appreciate this. Thanks.

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Mirta Fabulous Mirta, the smile, the body, excellant!

al United Kingdom

mirta mirta mirta ooh la la

Snoopy Germany

Mirta red velvet Mirta gives all , super !!!

Dave Grenada

Mirta Unlike some models - Mirta shows all and enjoys it!!

Jim United States

Perfect body. Wicked hot pictorial. Her poses are very sexy and revealing without looking cheap. Yeeha! More of this type.

Laurie United Kingdom

Wicked Mirta The last image is pure Mirta. With an alluring expression she displays her exquisite feminine charms.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta red velvet Simply put:- FABULOUS!

Mirta make up mirror | November 28th, 2005
Mirta make up mirror
Tra United States

Mirta Mirta is not only very physically attractive but her smile and expressions make her look like she really enjoys modeling.

Keith United States

Mirta If I was to share a cup of coffee with this work of art, well my life would be complete. Peter your have excellent taste in women!!

Jake United States

Mirta the best Mirta is a shameless exhibitionist alway willing to show off her ass and nicely shaved Pussy - I love it and also love her willingless to pose provacatively.

8quart United States

I`m awe,she is gorgeous!


Wonderful Mirta. A nice spread! The views of her ass and pussy are excellent.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta make up mirror Fuck It. That is NOT just a hearts felt desire, it is genuine frustration that I've run out of adjectives for this Beautiful, Adorable, Sexy, Delicious, Stunning girl so I won't say anything at all.

Mirta posing on a chair | October 29th, 2005
Mirta posing on a chair
John United States

More I would like to see ALOT more of Mirta, She is a 10. I love her smile it must light up every room she walks into.

paul United States

Mirta I love the sly smile that Mirta has on her beautiful face as she shows off her incredibly sexy body. Hope she is always on your site.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta posing on a chair Is there no end to the joy this girl can bring? I love every visible inch of her and every invisible one too.

Mirta white lingerie | July 31st, 2005
Mirta white lingerie

"The Body" She has a body to go mad, one of the cutest model on earth :-)I hope that you may release more sets of her. Thanks :-)

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta white lingerie WOW, 'Agent Provocateur' missed the boat there. I would buy it, even though it would look silly on me.

Mirta standing on steel | July 20th, 2005
Mirta standing on steel
Chris Conrath United States

Mirta This girl is heaven on girl. I loved all of her sets.

henirich Ireland

no comment for so long, Mirtha, you have a friendly face, lovely breasts, flowing body, attractive pussy and just wonderful rear deserve more interest

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta standing on steel I hope that's 'tempered' steel for it must be very near melting point. I know I am.

Mirta showering | June 7th, 2005
Mirta showering
boyer123 United States

RE: Photo number 47 love the wet hairs on her back.........mmmmmmm sexy

Mirta living doll | May 21st, 2005
Mirta living doll
ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta living doll Maybe that mannequin is not such a dummy after all. I too have 'lost my head' over Mirta.

Mirta Films COMMENTS

Mirta Moments | January 26th, 2010
Mirta Moments
Dave United States

Outstanding compilation of one of my favorite Hegre girls! Loved the ending - I knew she had it in her! =)

ed Switzerland

Mirta's Magic She is really one of the best. She has that come on touch me body. When can we see more of her by Hegre - it's been a long time.

wheeler United States

never wanted to be a zuchini so bad in my life!!!

Alex Wilhelm United States

Mirta It is a Hegre first, and I for one hope it won't be a Hegre last. I loved Calippo, and now I can love Cucombrro (or whatever).

Laurie United Kingdom

Sexy Minx The real surprise was the object of desire, I was so sure most of her fingers, in fact most of her hand was going to slide into her moist pink cunt. Mirta has a very wicked reputation for fist fucking other girls. Her silky sensuous skills are eagerly sought by girls who seek the ultimate sexual thrill. This girl has an insatiable appetite for sex and has expanded her repertoire beyond the confines of this site. Explicite eroticism perfectly, but oh so briefly, performed by this gorgeous little Minx. Bravo!

Paul Mcg United States

All I can say is wonderful just wonderful. I would very much like to see Mirta come back to us. Very nice indeed, thanks. Paul Mcg

Rob Germany

cucumber The scene with the cucumber is nice idea. Hope there is coming more!

CGC United Kingdom

Mirta, Mirta, Mirta It just had to happen and like Alex W I hope we see a lot more of it - the exquisite Hegré takes it to another level and who better to lead from the front but the divine Mirta. Fabulously done...

Carne Asana United States

Mirta fascinates me and I'll tell you why. I've yet to meet a woman who isn't drawn to her somehow. From lesbian to admittedly "just curious," there's something about this woman that gets a reaction. Personally I don't think that much of her yet I can't ignore her aura and acknowledge she is hotter than the sun. I also smile every time I think of the creative person that came up with changing the lyrics to Rihanna's "Umbrella" as a tribute to Mirta's alias.

Laurie United Kingdom

Little Miss Fist Changing places for 24 hours is a fantasy that haunts me. I would love to experience the heights of feminine erotic pleasures Mirta's tongue and finger would induce. To be fist fucked by this sensuous creature is a fantasy beyond imagination.

Al United States

Sensuous Mirta Mirta always gets my undivided attention. Her facial expressions and physical actions are the most sensuous I have seen. Petter brings this out more. Nothing Mechanical, all smooth right to the end. I enjoyed the ending.

Roger United States

Hegre First Bravo Hegre and Mirta! I heartily applaud this tasteful and erotic first and can only hope there will be more!

Nigehug United Kingdom

Mirta Absolutely superb the best nude around and that ending out of this world. When will we see more of her? Nigehug.

Big d United States

Mirta is tops I love Kiki. I love Flora, but Mirta makes me truly regret canceling. This girl makes every girl on this website look like an amatuer. Mirta could turn me on in a burka. There is no hiding how incredibly talented she is.

Mirta Red Velvet | September 2nd, 2008
Mirta Red Velvet
alex United Kingdom

mirta delicious

Bob United Kingdom

So good to see Mirta back she is so very sexy

Mitra France

I... I Mitra love Mirta

Greggor1 United States

Delightful Veiwing Mirta is a very sexy girl. Cute face and wonderfully hot body. I like the way she moves in this film. I like how she reveals her lovely cunt and asshole for the vewer's pleasure. The way she touches her body and especially her cunt are very erotic. I watched in the nude while enjoying my own self pleasure. The sensations were delightful.

Mirta Orange Grove | January 1st, 2008
Mirta Orange Grove

Mirta Orange Groove The Ribcache is far too visible!! Almost anorexic! The rest of her is very nice!

alex United Kingdom

mirta great to see mirta again,sensational as ever.

wheeler United States

YO! Stephan! Thats because shes stretched out!She looks as wonderful as ever!And the word you're looking for is "ribcage"!

craig hepburn New Zealand

mirta she is one good looking chic and i would love to be in the trees when mirta is on the grounds. just to watch as she walks around the place

Mirta Whip Cream | September 11th, 2007
Mirta Whip Cream
alex United Kingdom

mirta sexy,erotic,magnificent,mirta ia a true beauty.

Florian Germany

...well:-) ...her performance is amazing as allways! and i would do definitely a lot to meet her personaly(!!!) but if she considers "gilette" shaving foam as whipped cream what would be on top of her cappuchino?!:-) kindest&with love, Florian

Christopher France

So… so… perfect ! Oh gosh, just so deeply hypnotizing… Mirta, it isn't the fact that you're naked, you could mesmerize people only with your beautiful eyes & expression you have… if mermaids did exist, we have a direct descendant here ;)

Anthony United Kingdom

Snapshots I saw this and thought it was so wonderful. Then I stumbled across the Snapshot photos and saw the behind the scenes stuff and now I love it even more! Please keep doing the 'behind the scenes' stuff - it's brilliant! And - more Mirta!

Mirta Shower | April 10th, 2007
Mirta Shower
J. W. Kelly United States

Mirta Shower Film Mirta is stunningly beautiful. I believe she is the most gorgeous woman featured on this website. Thank you so much for all of her galleries and films--especially this new one.

Julian United States

Awesome video. Mirta is as beautiful and sexy as they come.

alex United Kingdom

mirta mirta is just magic,an awesome beauty with and incredible body,she is just perfect.

Bob United Kingdom

Hot, hot, hot. Mirta never disapoints!

al United Kingdom

mirta my goodness she is beautiful.

hans Canada

mirta shower very nice

SeptemberBug Norway

Sexy Mirta Mirta is as sexy as ever. She is one of my favourites. I just love shower scenes! Yummy! On a technical note: The hard light and the exposure adjustments during shooting drags down the overall impression of the movie.

rock Australia

i can not believe how amazing mirta is, why arnt there more girls like that in life!

zoubaierbaya Germany

Mirta ist klasse wie immer, aber das Licht ist gräßlich! :-(((

Mirta Peach | January 30th, 2007
Mirta Peach
alexx Czech Republic

Eat her and die! No doubt I would eat you - IN THIS CASE IT WOULD BE : EAT HER AND DIE!!! Bravo Petter, she takes me to straight to paradise.

jon United States

Mirta Why does such a doll need a pierced tongue? Is she happy with it?

Paul United States

Mirta Always enjoy anything from Mirta. Very erotic and seductive. Cucumber scenes blew my mind. I will never grow tired of this ravenhaired, green eyed beauty

jiminator49 United States

Mirta film Wow one of your best films, but it looked more like a plum than a peach

Ralph United States

Nice! Mirta is definitely a woman that knows how to tease. Those cucmber scenes were something else. Thank you for allowing Mirta to be herself.

Steve United States

What a glorious vid! Mirta and her fruits and veggies look like the makings of a totally nutritious meal - so fresh, so succulent, so tempting - makes me salivate!

Graham United States

Nice, very nice... That was a very erotic film. Very tastefully done...

Florian Geiger Germany

Mirta.. ...mirta you are so amazing..breathless! instantly felt in love!!:-) regards, florian

Bill United States

Uzasne! Mirta, you are perhaps the most beautiful Czech woman ever. This film is mind-blowing. So very, very sexy and seductive! Your biggest fan in the USA. Velmi ta lubim!

anderson United Kingdom

Mirta still gorgeous and naughty, its not love its lust and still there not enough of you.. Ill guess ill have to wait for more

Waldo United States

Mirta Maybe the best film on this site. So sensual. What a extraoridinary woman. The moves, the looks with that mouth and those eyes. I could watch her forever

Mirta Oily | November 7th, 2006
Mirta Oily
alex United Kingdom

mirta mirta is majestic,a sensual goddess encased in oil.

jj United States

MIrta Mirta is a knockout model - ininhibited, she moves well and appears to emjoy what she's doing! The oil highlights her assets.

DCR United States

Mirta A true work of art, left by GOD for those with the eye to notice the finer aspects of beauty. Graceful, and Captivating. I wish I could have captured her with my own Camera.

Leefey United Kingdom

Film 184 Stupendous what a wonderful short film to excite even the oldest bones.

wheeler United States

Mirta/Nella I just saw her in American Penthouse!!!Personally, I like YOUR work better!!!LOL

Paulinho Brazil

simplismente sensuaL,BELLA

Laurie United Kingdom

Mercurial Mirta This gorgeous girl is immodest, extravagant and extraordinarily sexy and I love her.

tontonyvan France

Silky smooth what a body, so sensual, so sexy, makes me so hard!

Mirta - Callippo | June 27th, 2006
Mirta - Callippo
alex United Kingdom

sizzling mirta mirta takes my breath away,wow! what a woman.

btrhea United States

CALIPPO This video is very hot, and Mirta is incredibly sexy, but I can't help thinking this could have been so much more. The lack of any kind of active camera work really hurts the overall product, in my opinion. The camera work seems like a first take with no editing whatsoever. There should be many more close-ups of her wonderful body. Anyway like I said, it's great, but I think it could have been alot better. I'd still give it an 8.5 because of Mirta's natural hotness, but after viewing the accompanying photo series, the film was a bit of a letdown.

Martin Germany

Stock Market Newsbreak Wall Street, NY. Stock prices of german icecream manufacturer Langnese tripled their value when the company announced surprizing record sales of its product "Calippo", mainly to male adult customers. Indiders claim that the phenomenon is related to an "extremely hot and sensual video" at the award-winning nude site Hegre-art. "After viewing this film, eating a Calippo will never again be the same", says a member of Hegre-art. German icecream competitor Nestlé-Schöller now demands an equally hot film with Hegre-model Marketa eating their icecream product "Brausespaß".

Michael United States

Mirta Defines Desire I must agree with "btrhea" below. Taken with two video cameras and edited with closeups would have been a great improvement. Mirta's expressions and eye contact beg for close ups to capture her majic and her roaming hands beg the lense to follow her fingertips. She is naturally arousing to the viewer through her own arousal. She controls the scene, the viewer and as such her actions demand she controls the camera.

barry Ireland

Mirta I am very disappointed with the content of this film. The photo session with the red calippo is the one we wanted to see not this soft version! That is the best photo series on the site!!!

zoubaierbaya Germany

M-I-R-T-A S-e-n-s-a-t-i-o-n-e-l-l

Laurie United Kingdom

Phew your so hot She definately touches all the right bottons.

Mirta visitor | November 8th, 2005
Mirta visitor
Jenipher Norway

i love mirta what can i in love!!!!! :)

Clive United States

I miss summer... This film makes me wish for warmer weather again. I wouldn't mind swimming in the pool with Mirta under the blazing sun.

Russell United States

Glorious I love this girls hair. Black like a raven which really brings out those beautiful eyes!!!

Joe W. United States

Mirta Mirta is one of the most erotic women I have had the pleasure to look upon. I love the way she isn't embarassed about showing off her perfect asshole. The female ass is the object of my desire. So when I see a model with a great shaped ass, the only thing better is if she realy shows it off. Ask her for me if she enjoys anal sex, please? Anal is a real turn on for me. Anyway, I love Mirta! She has everything that turns me on in a female body. And the way she responds to the camera is very sexy.

walt2020 United States

What a little freak She is one of the most desired women on this site.She does nice things with her mouth,that only i can imagine....

Mirta Mannequin | September 6th, 2005
Mirta Mannequin
Kurt Italy

Great I would like to see more of this kind of videos ... ;-)

Bob United States

Imagine If only Marketa would have stepped in for the manaquin. I can only imagine

Catana Germany

beautiful mirta yes, i have to say that this film truly is a masterpiece. i am imagining my favorite hegre models in place of the mannequin, like luba or gislane or yanna. too many to mention. keep up the great work providing magnificent content. :)

FEDIL RAMOS United States


Dan Daviz Germany

Mirta Im speachless, this has to be one of the best movies you have done. Thank you.

brandon United States

beautiful beyond belief....she's the reason for joining.

paul litersky United States

mirta mannequin She is very sexy. The tongue action is erotic. I especially love her beautiful ass but this time she had marks that distracted from her beauty. I would also like to see you use more light. thank you.Paul

Mirta - Baby Oil | July 12th, 2005
Mirta - Baby Oil
Niqusio Poland

Beautiful girlsssss Girls really hot... I loves this babes..!! Heh!

Aaron Roberts United States

Dream girl. very little to say except that Mirta is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. No one has ever made my heart beat as strong from pictures and videos. I can only wish that she is as exceptional in person as she portrays on my comptuer...aa

Jeff United States

WOW!!!!! Perfect!!!!

Soofi Saudi Arabia

Wow Very nice. I wish that Luba does the same thing!!!

d United States

great boogly woogly wow, girlfriend is quite fit. could her stomach be any flatter? i'm not sure if it was the floydesc jam but it sure had me in a trance.

andy United States

mirta, mirta, mirta beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and once again beautiful

joe United States

very very nice Very nice... Mirta is very very beautiful She looks great wearing baby oil or nothing at all... very hot hot hot I want to marry her! Peter hook me up! joe

Howard United States

gotta love it Baby oil still remains one of the best props a photographer can use to creat a sexy image or film. Bravo on this lovely piece of work!

experience Turkey

One Word: Perfect I couldn't find right word to say something about Mirta.She is ADORABLE ! She is in my dreams.

Peter United States

My Favorite Film Mirta is my favorite model. Beautiful face and great body. She is just too sexy.

doug United States

had to turn on the A/C OH MY!!

Ray Canada

Mirta In my mind,Mirta is one of your most perfect models.Just gorgeous!

Dave United States

Undoubtedly a Classic

Neil Jamaica

this is the best there is!

G. United States

perfect lines and curves Mirta is perfect. Every curve and line of her body is perfetly proportioned, especially the beautiful sexy edges of her smile and the laughter in her eyes. She epitomizes beauty.

btrhea United States

MIRTA WOW! Such a sexy film! Mirta is absolutely engaging, and she knows exactly how a man wants a woman to move. Simply perfect. Mirta is easily in the Top 3 of all Hegre-Art models, and for those of you familiar with this site, you know that's a pretty exclusive list.

smhaven United States

Mirta Hey I did the ED Sullivan show (Jim Morrison) 1969.So did Mirta! mezzzzzimoriza!!!! in the 21st cent.

vader3234 United States

legs Most of these videos sure are hot, but if you're trying to capture all the beauty of these girls, why don't you get the whole girl legs and all. More legs.

Mirta Stripping | May 17th, 2005
Mirta Stripping
Aaron Roberts United States

Amazing. This is the sexiest video I have ever seen. It is few and far between that a woman’s presence can capture beauty, grace and a incredible sensuality with just eyes and movement. This video will be one that I remember for the rest of my life. Thank you Mirta; you are truly one-of-a-kind. aa

Harald Norway

Great!! This is just awsome! Make more!

mat United Kingdom

can I have one bite me mirta certainly rocks the boat. My cousin inlaw is half czech and she aint half that.

ben Netherlands

review good movie

osql8me United States

Absolute Best Mirta is by far the class act of all the girls you have filmed since I joined. Amazing and I hope to see more of her soon!

Robzilla United States

Good god! Petter, I would buy a full-res DVD if it was available (put Fabi on it, too, yes?). My oh my oh my.

edwardo United States

easily the best this is easily the best new film since i began my subscription, and among the very best in the archive. kudos!

Anonymous India

Excellent Very good movie

John Russian Federation

Best ever I'm just speechless, best strip I've ever seen!

evil honey Austria

omg i just fell in love can i please gat one mirta of my own? :D this girl is just astonishing - i am glad to live only about 50km from the czech republic border.

Tomas Mexico

Nice This girl is nice, but she should move more natural..But movie is interesting. Petter is the best photographer!

Vlad Germany

Incredible Amazing shot, she dances like a queen, truely divine master piece. I highly enjoyed it!

~ Scada ~ Saudi Arabia

Good OK, something "nude" finally!! Good job girl, keep up!!!

FLOOD Mexico


Chet Italy

Best of the bests This video is by itself best of the sum of all the other ones. Never seen such a beautiful girl, sensual, divine. Really the best of everything I ever seen in every film, strip, journal, and in real life. My perfect physically ideal woman without any doubt: I would do anything for her (should she read this, please send me an email !!). BRAVA! and BRAVO to Hegre.



Robin Netherlands

She is beautiful This is one of a beautiful girl. I think i have seen her under her workname Nella before. She is honestly great. What a body. I can't wait to see series of her. Petter you're a great photographer....keep up the good work.

Jeff United States

Oh my GOD!!!! I am in Love!!!!! Will you marry me????

Farmer Pete United States

Mirta Mirta sets off earthquake in Midwestern USA... I think I enjoyed that little tease more than she did, but I think it was a close one.

Stunned Windsurfer (over 13) Germany

perfect seduction - art meets beauty What i like most about Mirta in this artwork is that it appears to me that she enjoys it. Self-confident, being sexy, feeling the rythm of the music, dancing with vibes, having charisma and a gorgeous and beautifull smile that makes her and her appearance so perfect - true art.

derik Canada

killer combo -beauty and mischief, this girl's HOT. What a look! Great song too, how 'bout some credits?

major United Kingdom


maxim Italy

Who's music is that? Hi, Hegre! First of all thank you for this great work! Words are not enough to describe it! Astonishing! I wanted to know what music is used for this movie? Can you please give us a name? Thanks, maxim P.S: Mirta you are so lovely!

Oscar United States

Mirta Stripping Mirta, like Marketa, are the hottest models; not only in their galerry shots but most of all in their films..

Bryan United States

Best Ever By far, the best video on the site, featuring the most delicious model, is right here. Mirta plays the static cam better than any actress I've seen. Brilliant art.

bruce Canada

Dawm you good:) seriously Mirta you are Niiiiiiice:) DAwm baby i love you:)

Vincent United States

Mirta Stripping Not bad. When she gets a little more confidence, look out! She's young and hasn't quite developed the style yet. Maybe a few pointers over a cup of espresso would do the trick. Call me and I'll pencil you in.

Fernando (Mex) Mexico

Perfect fusion I´m speechless, this video is a perfecct fusion of the senses, the moves, the shapes, the music, the chills, you can almost feel her breath coming out of the LCD. Congratulations Petter, Fantastic site, fantastic work, Mirta: just divine.

Vincent United States

Wow! What a babe indeed...If only America had such a darling!

mr clean Norway

that's it... the best striptease video ever made.. how can anyone ever make anything better than this? mirta you are mind-blowing. marry me, im as hot as you! ;)

dean United States

Mirta is the reason I bought the subscription. I saw her in the French playboy and couldn't wait to see more online.

thomas g berger United States

mirta The epitomy of womanhood!

Steve United States

True, Mirta has a beautiful body, and it's always a pleasure to look at it. But it seemed to me that she wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the stripping, and I'm old enough now that naked bodies alone do not it for me.

alex United Kingdom

mirta magic,10/10

Robert United States

Poetry In Motion OH MY MY MY!!!! That jet black hair, those seductive eyes, her amazing body and the perfect moves. Without question, the best model on the site. A true work of art. Mirta you are AWESOME! Petter, you made my dream come true. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Naularry Canada

Best video ever made!!!! Wow, wow and wow!!!!!

Paul United States

Agreed. Deserving of praise When she smiles her little smile a jolt of electricity flashes through me. She is definitely a pro on the seductive level. One of my favorite videos found here.

Mack United States

Mirta is the hottest girl on this web page!

Laurie United Kingdom

Saucy Mirta What a Sauce Pot. Wow!

mic Singapore

music to my eyes 10 + 4 the film 11 + 4 Mieta's moves Would some one be able to tell me the name of music Mitra is dancing to?

andrew desmond United States

freakin awsome hooah :] on behalf of the united states army, i would like to thank you for this video :]