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Kasia | Canada Galleries: 2
Photo of Kasia


Photo of Kasia
Name: Kasia
Country: Canada
Weight: 54kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

A perfect mix of genetic material

If God and Mother Nature competed to design the perfect creature, they would struggle to beat Kasia.

She’s the perfect mix of genes, the ultimate combination of parts making up a world-class beauty. Somehow timeless, yet at the same time modern.

With a Canadian and Egyptian heritage, Kasia’s beauty spans the Atlantic Ocean. She is the product of a globalised world, with the most beautiful elements of each country coming to the surface in a stunning mixture of good looks.

Just 18 years old, Kasia is a freshman at university, studying psychology. She’s vegetarian, teetotal and loves long walks in nature – so you can be sure she’s in tiptop condition.

She had ambitions of a career as a fashion model, but her gorgeous ass and big bust put those plans on hold. Amazingly, she’s considered too sexy for the Canadian fashion market!

Well, this genetic masterpiece is their loss and our gain. So enjoy every last stunning curve!

Kasia Galleries COMMENTS

Kasia sunset | September 11th, 2014
Kasia sunset
KOMET United States

KASIA - FREE FROM THE TYRANNY OF CLOTHING Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, when, like the layers of an onion unpeeled, stood KASIA fully nude and majestic in the midday summer sun.

United States


Slickwilly United States

Komet, thou art a poet

Kasia introduction | September 1st, 2014
Kasia introduction
RadiusDark United States

Wow I won't be mad if you shoot this girl again soon!

Roger United States

Welcome Kasia! Ah yes! Just what we needed! First quality Nude! New girl, gorgeous, and only 18! A statuesque nude, which the opening photo emphasizes. 16 and onward are lovely intros for her curves of her butt but photos 40-42 really show what Hegre was talking about her wondrous sexy Ass! What buns! So round and full! 42 is the best with her on her tip toes elevating her butt and better showing her lovely cunt lips peeking in from below! Love also the lying shots. She looks so pretty in 46 and oh-so-sexy in 59-61! And Love the smile at the end! Thank Kasia!! What a beauty you are! You are a very good girl to share your nude beauty to the world!

Roger United States

The Thrill of a first time Nude Not only is Kasia gorgeous, but I must admit the undeniable thrill of seeing the first time nudes of an only 18 year old girl! There is something so special in capturing the moment when a girl crosses that threshold, takes off all her clothes, shows her all, gives her all and says "look at me!" And trust me Kasia, we are!!

KOMET United States

BIENVENUE KASIA!!! What a delight it was this morning to behold such exquisite beauty from north of the border! (If only all Mondays could begin this way.) LOVELY WOMAN.

nightrider22 Canada

A nice way to start September! Very nice features for this hot young women! Excellent photo work, and I hope we will see more of her to help with the cost of University!

Jan Canada

A nic way to start September! Just love the look of this young women, very nice features and excellent photo work. I hope we see more in the future to help her through University!

mobetaman United States

KASIA is EXQUISITE Beautiful beyond compare, queen of the Nile, just EXQUISITE! I hope to see much more of here in the VERY near future! I would love to hear her voice if possible in a movie or two.

Doc United Kingdom

Kasia Fine looking girl, but looked ungainly in many of the standing shots, which seems not unusual in tall girls. In reclining poses, she looks tremendous, partly because it hides the fact that someone shaved her pubic hair thus rendering her rather prepubescent in appearance and sexually immature, which is not my cup of tea. Adult women need adult pubic hair, otherwise it all looks unbalanced and gynaecological. Heidi, Charlotta and now Kasia, let their lady gardens grow and restore harmony in the Nudiverse!

NakedTravel Canada

WOW Enough said...


The comeback of Valerie, then Rose and Simone in August, September starts with the gorgeous Kasia - it's a nice Summer at Hegre. Now bring back Muriel and/or Patricia and I'm seriously thinking about a lifetime-membership. ;-)

CarterG United States

gorgeous buttucks, sexy feet

pacoeco Mexico

Need to smile Except for the last picture, Kasia does not smile in any other, may be she is shame for her first set, but in the very last she show a very nice smile, keep smiling

adfomf Reunion

Duet with Simone A duet with Simone both wearing high heels shoes would be terribly sexy !

Roger United States

RE: Yes Kasia is gorgeous, and what buns! And yes, I totally agree totally in bringing back Muriel!

Slickwilly United States

RE: Kasia Good words, Doc