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Kasia Profile

Name: Kasia
Country: Canada
Weight: 54kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

A perfect mix of genetic material

If God and Mother Nature competed to design the perfect creature, they would struggle to beat Kasia.

She’s the perfect mix of genes, the ultimate combination of parts making up a world-class beauty. Somehow timeless, yet at the same time modern.

With a Canadian and Egyptian heritage, Kasia’s beauty spans the Atlantic Ocean. She is the product of a globalised world, with the most beautiful elements of each country coming to the surface in a stunning mixture of good looks.

Just 18 years old, Kasia is a freshman at university, studying psychology. She’s vegetarian, teetotal and loves long walks in nature – so you can be sure she’s in tiptop condition.

She had ambitions of a career as a fashion model, but her gorgeous ass and big bust put those plans on hold. Amazingly, she’s considered too sexy for the Canadian fashion market!

Well, this genetic masterpiece is their loss and our gain. So enjoy every last stunning curve!

Kasia Vanilla and Chocolate July 23rd, 2015
KASIA AU NATUREL - the woman who fuels men's dreams and fires up fantasies. Seeing her savoring a scoop of ice cream makes summer so much sweeter.
kasia could melt a lake of ice cream in 2 seconds, with the heat she produces!
Kasia photo perfect July 5th, 2015
Katia ...perfect
So happy to see this slideshow. Thank you so much.
lovely study of a lovely body!
Those legs are mindblowing
Mattress Maneuvers
I would love to throw a horizontal hold on this lovely long limbed lass. To "pin" Kasia to the mat would be a fantasy fulfilled! One can dream!
the place to be
This white bed is clearly the place where each and every model must pass by ! Once again, I am impressed by the quality of this set !
I miss the type of work this site had 3-5 years ago
While Kasia is undoubtedly a beautiful young woman, her sets have a lot of repetition and studio-sterility about them. I missed the more raw, explicit, work that Petter did a few years ago - Kiki, Engelie, and above all - Dominika. I have noticed that all the top rated models were from that era. None of the models new in the past 2-3 years have made much of an impression, and that is not because they are not beautiful, but that the photo shoots have lost their edge.
KASIA - Princesa & Sereia
KASIA au naturel, inspirer of dreams. Love this photo series. Would love to see Kasia au naturel featured on this site for 1 solid Week. (What's more: would love to her paired au naturel with MARISA one day -- and MURIEL on another day.)
Kasia shiny sunset June 27th, 2015
kasia is lovely! especially in natural light!
She is so beautiful. I love everything about this woman.
Kasia sunshine
It was a great pleasure to see this slideshow. Merci.
I absolutely LOVE this photo series featuring KASIA. She's stands radiantly like a nymph of nature emerging into the brightness of a new day after having been in the depths of a darkly forested valley for ages. (My only question is: How long must we wait til we are treated to the sight of KASIA au naturel in a video??? Better yet, how about placing both KASIA & MARISA together --- fully au naturel --- in a beach video?)
two words
no. just one: perfect!
Kasia dark goddess June 5th, 2015
RE: too coy
nothing "coy" about this young goddess! this is called "art"!
too coy
Lovely girl, too coy a gallery. Would have been nice to see her vulva in detail to agree to her a 100% goddess
Kasia's Killer Curves
Plump luscious lips north and south begging to be parted, the ultimate up-turned bountiful breasts straining for attention, and the most amazing ample ass arched in ardent anticipation - how can mere mortals resist worshipping this divine dark side? We are all doomed!
THIS woman is SO RAWLY INNOCENTLY BEAUTIFUL it is so HARD to define. PURELY EXOTIC and SIMPLY VOLUPTUOUS to t he SECOND Power! I Love HER HUGE presence on the floor and (hopefully) in a video to come soon! Even yet, there is still one more vital step left in the blossoming of her career, that being the unveiling of her vagina! Please make it soon!
I really love it when the girl is naked and her body is wet....the glow on her naked skin is superb!!!
A shining star that lights up my dreams, triggering my deepest fantasies. You are sweeter than ambrosia, KASIA. Sleek, oiled-down, and au naturel. What joy you have given me today, KASIA. Bisous.

Gallery Tags

Kasia crazy beauty May 28th, 2015
my only gripe about this is that it went way too fast!
Love her
Kasia is such a beautiful, elegant and feminine young woman. I could look at her beautiful face and naked body for hours. Top to bottom, front to back, she is perfect all over.
Crazy Curves
Curvaceous Kasia possesses an insanely sexy frame. Certifiably sensational!
This is a flawless photo series highlighting KASIA's breathtaking beauty. Would love to behold both KASIA and MARISA together fully nude and oiled-down in a future video and photo series.
The other models are very pretty. But Kasia is epic. Please......can we see her interacting with a male of her choice.....
Kasia crazy beauty
"Crazy Kasia is cute and woderfull. Congratulation Peter
Simply Divine Anytime
I just can't wait till this Divine Flower Unfolds HER pedals and reveals the beauty that resides between those Voluptuous Thighs, and Bodacious Beef Cakes! THAT, my friends will be the day of Blossoming!