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Photo of Konata


Photo of Konata
Name: Konata
Country: Japan
Weight: 46kg
Height: 152cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Model and student

Made in Japan

Konata has come to us from what could be almost another world. We know of the Japanese tradition. The girl-woman seems so quiet and almost timid. Very eager to please and very submissive.

Get ready for a big surprise. Konata is all this but much more. This giggling girl with a fondness for fizzy sodas has her big secret and it's just come out.

Konata thinks about nothing but sex. Whatever way, whenever is her style. Most of all being in front of the camera - to show off her perfect breasts and milky skin - is what turns her on.

Right now she has a glorious black bush. Catch it now before she tries something new with that as well.

Konata Galleries

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Konata Galleries COMMENTS

Konata table show part2 | December 30th, 2011
Konata table show part2
wheeler United States

well, it was a LOOOOONG year!!!but worth the wait!

KOMET United States

KONATA AU NATUREL - SUR LA TABLE KONATA avidly and unabashedly pleasures herself sans vetements et chaussures. Que delicia!

Laurie United Kingdom

Fushsia Natures bloom in breathtaking flush, breathtakingly exquisite...

panzer969 United States

Nice What a wonderful display of female beauty.

Roger United States

Outstanding series! From the first photo, seeing gorgeous 18 year old Konata fully nude, her full tits proudly displayed and her legs spread wide like a good girl, we know we are in for the Joy of Female Nude Beauty! And oh my, as she always does, Konata delivers! All the photos are excellent. Very appropriate totally nude set. Of course, it is fitting that she penetrates her cunt with her finger. Anything less would be restricting her exploring her own erotic joys. Last four photos are simply stunning nude beauty. Thank you so much Konata!

robbie United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 1 What a beautiful brings back happy memories of my RAF days !!!-.nough said ???? Thanks for the memory

Roger United States

Topless Calling Cards Before plunging in to the Gallery, take a moment to admire and acknowledge the "Featured Models" calling cards of Hegre-Art. The girls are almost invariably topless, as if to say: "Here is my beautiful face, and here are my tits." What a greeting! I love it! And Konata's is certainly a prime example: beautiful raven-haired, coal-eyed 18 year old beauty with her full plump tits bared for all to see! (A bonus is knowing that she is obviously nude when the photo was taken!) Thank you Petter! A most fitting way to introduce your girls.

Pitty Germany

Konata's Pussy Never, never ever I've seen a beautiful pussy like Konata's! It is in a wonderful shape, everything is on the right place and in perfect size. Oh Lord: Give me, at any time, the chance to see, to touch, to smell, to taste and to penetrate a wonderful pussy as hers!

Earthian South Africa

Beautiful So naturally... Beautiful!

United States

RE: Photo number 59 Lovely girl...

Konata bondage part2 | December 12th, 2011
Konata bondage part2
wheeler United States

more than a YEAR since part one???are you TRYING to kill me, Petter???

angelika Netherlands

great. more like this.

Roger United States

Use that Cunt! Konata is such a doll! Such a pretty face, such full plump tits! A girl who poses nude, spreads her legs and allows herself to be tied up should be fucked and it is great to see a cunt like Konata's put to good use. Love photos 22-26. Look at her face in 22 through 25. She is waiting waiting waiting, then finally in photo 26 she breaks into a delightful open girl smile as her wanting needful cunt is once again, as it should be, full. Thank you Konata!

tdonna5 United States

I strongly DISAGREE with Angelika! I think these bondage series are NOT sexual and a put down to the women.

Voyeur United States

Tho' not a fan of bondage I found these erotic, especially since it was quite obvious Konata was enjoying herself.

intoit12345 United States

Crazy HOT! Terrific shoot! Love to see more.

Sandy United Kingdom

more insertions Absolutely superb and erotic set especially the slow insertion of the ball and her obvious growing enjoyment. I have always been a fan of explicit japanese rope bondage so this spread is brilliant. More of the same with other models please with the same hook!! Brill!!!

Roger United States

RE: more insertions I concur Sandy as is evidenced by my comment below! Your thoughts?

Roger United States

Konata's Filled Cunt So wonderfully erotic to revisit this gem. How I miss lovely Konata. She has girl written all over her face yet she has the plump tits and wanting cunt of a woman. As I have said before: great to see Konata's cunt filled and put to good use. Thank you dear.

Konata and Lulu Tokyo pleasure | November 15th, 2011
Konata and Lulu Tokyo pleasure
wheeler United States

two lovely ladies...not much happening.maybe it will get my attention better in a video.

KOMET United States

LULU & KONATA - Back Together Again LULU + KONATA = ECSTACY.

Roger United States

RE: I agree Wheeler. Although it is great these two beautiful girls pose totally nude, and although I am a huge Konata fan, this shoot does beat around the bush.

Pete United Kingdom

Lulu What a great slender body Lulu has, shame we dont see more of her

panzer969 United States

Look again... This set is more naughty than I first realized. From about shot 51 to about 60 Konata has her fingers on Lulu's anus. A pleasant discovery... The look on her face as she's doing it... The look of pleasure from Lulu... I'm checking these sets out in anticipation of tomorrow's Konata set. The past couple of days have been rather dry around here. I'm sure tomorrow will be a turn for the more exciting!

Laurie United Kingdom

Extraordinary ~ a compelling performance Deliciously nuanced images that tease the senses. The girls are persuasively exotic and utterly exquisite, the eroticism hauntingly beautiful...

Roger United States

RE: Look again...Happy Anus! Good eye Panzer! And thank you! I had misjudged this as a tame set. Now have changed my appraisal! Indeed a thrill to see lovely Lulu's anus made happy by the ever so wow Konata! Thanks again!

Wolf-Martin Germany

Konata and Lulu I find it not so sexy when the models look constantly at the camera(man) instead of looking to eachother!

Konata Tokyo massage part2 | October 19th, 2011
Konata Tokyo massage part2
KOMET United States

KONATA & Mike - Together Again What an incredibly HOT & EROTIC photo tableau! I trust that we will be treated to more photo series/videos of this type. Suggestions for future pairings (fully nude): SILVIE & Mike, KIKI & Mike; MURIEL & Mike, MAYA & Mike, NIKOLA & Mike, BRIGI & Mike, TEREZA & Mike.

Robert Uganda

Sick of Mike! I agree with Komet, below, with maybe just a few changes. How about Silvie & Doug, Kiki & Sam, Muriel & Todd, Maya & Richard, Nikola & Henry, Brigi & Michael, Tereza & Arthur. I mean, seriously? The only guy you can get to pose with these women is Mike? He's a good enough looking guy, but please, give us some variation!

ssalbo United States

tokyo massage part 2 !st, seriously hot pictorial. if this man is heterosexual he is one lucky dude. How his cock ever gets soft in these pictures is beyond me. Now, if we, the viewer, are supposed to identify with this man, he should be hard as steel and he should get to orgasm. I can't imagine a female model going as far as these pictorials go would object to finishing the male model off. Other than that, like I said, seriously hot.

solo United Kingdom

tokyo massage most erotic coupling - so far! keep up the good work

Simon Switzerland

There must be a part 3

Groblet Australia

Brilliant series. Sensual, broodingly sexual. Konata is the essence of a sexually charged woman. Love all her series. Would love to see more massage series of Konata

Jeff D United States

Balance Please Too much dick, not enough pussy. I don't mind the dude but I could use a bit more of Konata. Maybe part 3 will balance it better.

juanc Spain

Should have got dick into pussy

Tutti United States

Tantalizing Eroitic Konata and Peter you've done it again. Wow. Mike I wish I were you man. Konata you're playness and looks to camera are so arousing if only you were stroking my cock. It's hot seeing you with Mike. Very erotic. I can really feel the energy of the moment in the interaction. Give us more of these!

Chinaski United States

Konata Tokyo Massage pt2 Oh my! This has the potential to be something great! Please take this to the next logical step - for part 3 perhaps - Petter, and remember we're all adults here. We can take it!

Bing K Netherlands

More? Wonderful shoot, but why stop when it gets interesting? Little bit more Konata would be great.

Pete United Kingdom

RE: Konata Tokyo Massage pt2 Petter ther seems to be a demand for the natural conclusion to this set, would love to see Nikki with Mike as well

Pete United Kingdom

Kiki not Nikki Previoius comment menat to say Kiki, also when do we get to see Justyna from live cams she looks really hot?



Heywood United States

Konata Oh, baby, kiss it... lick it... put it in your mouth!

United States

Poor Mike. Seems like this guy is always being tortured.

Konata massaging Chiaki | September 12th, 2011
Konata massaging Chiaki
wheeler United States

Another super sexy,but super SHORT set! I DO hope there will be a video of this!!!

Martin Germany

I hope, this is only part one. I am keen to see part two.

jim United States

Konata massage that would make a great video

Danden Canada

RE: Photo number 9 Love Konata face on this one!

Dan da man United States

massage video Wasn't this supposed to become a massage video??....hope it does!

fpr5505 Mexico

Movie ?????? Where is the Movie ??????????????

Mike United States

I wish Konata would shave. she soo sexy nonetheless

Konata and Lulu Tokyo sex dolls | June 27th, 2011
Konata and Lulu Tokyo sex dolls
wheeler United States

definately video worthy!

alex United Kingdom

duo two amazing women.

jpsontheroad France

Konata & Lulu what can i say ? just that i hope to discover one of these days the evident sensuality of such amazing asian ladies...

Jewel United Kingdom

Tongues A great set and for one moment there I thought we were going to be treated to our first Hegré tongue shots! Tongue on pussy that is :-)

Roger United States

Art of Total Nudity Love the purity of the Total Nudity. It is all here: two lovely young Japanese girls fully nude, showing their natural glorious beauty. I simply cannot get enough of Konata's full tits. Love the way they are out in front leading off this magnificent series! Also love how the girls spread their legs to show proudly their full-bushed beauty!

Mark United States

Konata and Lulu Fabulous totally nude set of Konata and Lulu. They look amazing together. Love the series of shots of them kissing. Really hot!

Laurie United Kingdom

Sensual Drama I love the visual narrative as the suspense leads to the headily sensual finale from image 52. Teasingly observed...

Wolf-Martin Germany

Konata and Lulu Sex Dolls Great shot. Tongue kissung an showing the black bushes.

Konata studio nudes | June 20th, 2011
Konata studio nudes
wheeler United States

still in love/lust!

anubis666 Germany

what a wonderful woman! i am still a fan of her!!!! more, more, more PLEASE!!!!!!

alex United Kingdom

konata one incredibly beautiul woman

paul United States

Konata I can never get enough of this woman.

Mark United States

Konata: Studio Nudes Love this totally nude study! The way it should be done! Very beautiful nudes of Konata.

Roger United States

RE: Konata: Studio Nudes I heartily agree. I love simplicity in nudity: totally nude girl, only 18, joyfully showing her all. And what beauty nude Konata can show: gorgeous face, big eyes, surprisingly full plump tits (bonus!), perfect nipples, exquisite-full bushed cunt. Such beauty! The Joy of the Nude! Favorite photos: 61, 85 through end of series. 101-103 wonderful close.

KOMET Brazil

KONATA in Repose and EN CALOR I write this review from BRAZIL, where I am enjoying a short holiday on the Atlantic Coast. KONATA, as ever, is a sexy feast for the senses. I especially love the photos in which she is avidly pleasuring herself. Hegre, are there plans for a photo series featuring KONATA, VALERIE, MURIEL, and ANNA S fully nude together in a beach setting?

Roger United States

RE: KONATA in Repose and EN CALOR I second the motion! A fully nude beach series with Konata, Muriel, Anna S,! Great idea! Or a film? In fact any series with Konata or with Muriel!

Punzell United States

More Konata please!

Laurie United Kingdom

Exotic Pleasures of the Flesh Konata's beautifully sculpted body defines a feminine perfection that leaves one breathless with desire. The imagery, simple, sharp and intimate is outstanding...

Konata and Lulu geisha girls | June 6th, 2011
Konata and Lulu geisha girls
wheeler United States

super hot! (especially the almost kiss!lol)

Roger United States

Love these girls! Love their bushes!

Laurie United Kingdom

The Kiss To kiss or not to kiss, so intensely sensuous, the faint brush of lips, a sudden tingle of excitement. Touches the source of sexual desire...

Konata serving sushi | July 11th, 2011
Konata serving sushi
Steve United States

I like sushi. I like attractive women. Together, it's just yucky.

wheeler United States

Sushi in the raw! YUMMY!!!

Voyeur United States

I guess I just don't get the Japanese desire to take away from the beauty of the woman with some distracting make-up or other acrutrament.

Zeppelin Germany

Seafood Garnished with Pubes... Would you pass me the vegetarian menu, please!

Macx United Kingdom

Bad taste :) Reminds me of an old joke.... One mortuary attendant, Dan, is shouting to his buddy... "Jim, Jim, I've found a giant prawn in the lady's pubic hair!" Jim comes running to observe his buddy standing over the deceased. "Don't be stupid, Dan. It's not a prawn, its a clitoris!" "Funny", says Dan. "It tastes like prawn!"

Kevin from Hertfordshire United Kingdom

Oh dear! What a waste of a days subscription fee. Hey, Wheeler, tell me that you don't really like this sort of thing. I know that people used to post on here saying things like ''Give Yanna a hambuger'' but nobody has posted ''Give that Konata a prawn''.

paul United States

Konata What I want to eat here has nothing to do with food.

wheeler United States

RE: kevin to each their own!I always loveed the wet and messy stuff!Yanna needed to eat a this case, I'll do the eating!

Master Penetrator Germany

No. 37 is my favorite, but... ...all the others need much more light between her legs. No. 37 is very erotic because of the way Konata looks at us.

Laurie United Kingdom

Frivolous Contrived and pretentious, these beautiful oriental creatures don't need distractions...

Konata and Lulu Kyoto Geikos | May 9th, 2011
Konata and Lulu Kyoto Geikos
wheeler United States

was kinda hopin to see these ladies smear their lipstick a bit! lol... super sexy, anyway!

egrise United States

Konata and Lulu Beautiful certainly but it looks forced and tense. They certainly don't seem to be enjoying one another.

Canchahel France

Ishtar's Hand On some fifteen pics, Konata makes a sign with her right hand, very clear on pics 33-1 and 33. That sign is most frequent in some Japanese mangas (by Shirow Masamune, Satoshi Urushihara…) and, here or there, in the (He)X-Files, into The abYss or even in the droll dreams. Now, what’s its meaning for geikos? By the way, is there any relation to Kannon’s eye-in-hand?

Pete United Kingdom

Lulu Definately Lulu's best set to date, she looks very sexy, still think the challenge though Petter is to get her to pose shaved, she would look fantastic.

Laurie United Kingdom

Hauntingly Exquisite The landscape of my mind is haunted by these achingly beautiful girls in dream-like scenes which glow with the radiant eroticism of these exotic creatures. Pure indulgence, a delicious extravagance of femininity, a breathtakingly sensuous presentation lush with fragrant desire. Stunning...

Konata masturbation | April 29th, 2011
Konata masturbation
wheeler United States

PLEASE tell me this is gonna be a video!!!

alex United Kingdom

konata awesome set,konata is spectacular,i hope there is a film of this session.

Voyeur United States


Fred N. United States

Spectacular!!!!!! Konata is awesome; such a beautiful body and seems to be uninhibited. Love the photo set. I hope more of this type will follow for all of the women. I also hope that there is a video of this particular session.

Roger United States

Outstanding! Thank you Petter and Konata! Film?

paul United States

Konata That was amazing. No inhibitions at all, loved it. Those shots of her perfect ass were beyond belief. Loved her sweet little anus too.

intoit United States

SUPER! Absolutely stunning. Konata is beautiful and incredibly sexy.

Pete United Kingdom

Perfect pink What a great little pussy and I too would echo the Fred's comments, more of the same from other models including the fantastic Valerie and the totally unihibited Thea

Jewel United Kingdom

Superb And she looks almost demure as she plays with herself - the inscrutable Japanese!

Jasmine Canada

Looks like she has taken some huge members from the size of that hole of hers.

TuttiBoston United States

Konata you are soooo sexy! Konata you are a special sexy honey. Your openess and pinkness is such a turn on. The way you stretch your lips. You have such an sweetness about you and such an eatable pussy that makes my mouth water. What I would do to be one of your fingers. Keep loving yourself and sharing these moments with us. So much pleasure to witness. Thank you Peter and Konata

lizbeth United States

I'd like to jack off and cum all over her pretty feet!

Laurie United Kingdom

Ravishingly Raw I would love to slip four fingers deep into to her exquisite pink, my thumb performing a pirouette on her luscious bud. Her ecstasy as waves of pleasure shimmered like the sea at sunset, her essence shared on our tongues. A delicious communion...

Laurie United Kingdom

An absolute Pearler I really don't mind repetion when the imagery is this breathtaking and so wickedly explicite. Beautiful eroticism, so achingly arousing...

Konata and Lulu sushi and soya | April 20th, 2011
Konata and Lulu sushi and soya
geRRy United Kingdom

Ladies who lunch I may be a messy eater but I would have consumed that delicacy with fingers and mouth not chopstix.

wheeler United States

I would be picking that up with my teeth!

Canchahel France

Tasty, as the previous series. All this reminds me of a scene in Andrew Blake's "Blond and Brunettes" movie (Chapter 2 : "Sushi Girls"). Here, Konata replaces Anita Blond and yet we are not disappointed. Which only goes to show this subject inspires more the masters than the chefs... for the moment.

wheeler United States

RE: canchahel unfortunately, (where I come from,anyway) this would be deemd unsanitary, and the place would be shut down, promptly!

Canchahel France

RE: wheeler Yes, you're certainly right. But if all the public health services suddenly (and miraculously) made a raid in the kitchens of all the restaurants on earth, I wonder how many of them would stay open.

Konata kimono | April 13th, 2011
Konata kimono
Chaz United States

I like it all....the muff, the breasts, the nipples, the eyes, the make-up, the hair, the kimono.

wheeler United States

Lovely!!! nice to see some ART back at Hegre-"art"!

Steve United States

What is the history of the truncated lipstick look?

Roger United States

Konata is such a doll! Great pair of tits this girl has! So full and plump! Just outstanding! Would love some butt shots of her! Thank you Hegre and Konata!

wheeler United States

I second the "butt shot" comment!

JustMe South Africa

Konata and lipstick Agree with every compliment made to Konata - absolutely beautiful girl ..... BUT: she also has a beautiful mouth, if only it weren't spoilt by the lipstick .....

Konata and Lulu sensual Sushi | March 26th, 2011
Konata and Lulu sensual Sushi
Rob United Kingdom

Absolutely wonderful. Supremely erotic. These girls are just so perfect. Adorable. Thank you!

Johnnie G. United States

Enough orientals

Fred N. United States

Beautiful Girls but where is the Bearded Clam Sushi? I love all of the women on this site are beautiful. I applaud the ethnic diversity especially the most recent inclusion of Asian (oriental) women and the one black (Valerie). What bothers me is that the beautiful straight pubic hair of the Asian women, and their equally magnificent labia were not included in artistically done close-ups as a form of human suschi!!!! What a nice counterpoint to have close-ups of both forms of edible sushi!!!!

The Guy United States

Mildly erotic. I Like the orientals. More Lulu, Yoko, Miri, & Mayuko less Rie & Konata. Maria is beautiful but everything I've seen of her here is extremely tame given her "credentials"

wheeler United States

I'll never look at sushi the same way again!!! (and, I already loved it!)

JEANLUC60 France

beautés de ravissantes et sensuelles beautés de l'orient

Konata geisha | March 14th, 2011
Konata geisha
serafin Spain

gracias gracias peter por estas fotografias de konata creo que hoy alos que nos gusta la fotografia erotica nos has hecho muy felices sigue asi un saludo a ti y a tu equipo.

Dante-Hicks Australia

This woman is beautiful.

Konata and Lulu Japanese naturists | March 1st, 2011
Konata and Lulu Japanese naturists
wheeler United States

super cute and sexy!

The Guy United States

I can see bushes in my back yard. I only like pubic hair if I get to shave it myself.

Sebastiano Italy

KONATA AND LULU Hello! I am extraordinirily enchanted by these two worderful girls, who appear chaste and clean. My type is not the Japanese girl, but these two creatures make me mad. I should like so much to meet them and to have the possibility to speak, joke and laugh together with these beauties, sweet like the honey. I realize it is a dream, and therefore I entrust you to bring them my hot greetings. From Sicily Sebastiano Stella

Roger United States

What a joy it is in the morning to turn on Hegre-Art and see two lovely cunts staring at me! Such a joy! Love the opening photo: two totally naked young Japanese beautys, their tits hanging free and unencumbered, spreading their legs oh-so-wide, cunts wide open for us to enjoy, with natural cunt hair and lips shown in nature's light. You can't beat that! Let us stop the carping about their cunt hair. It is beautiful! Enjoy and give thanks to these girls for showing all!

KOMET United States

KONATA et LULU - NATURISTS It's always a pleasure to behold these 2 lovely women au naturel with their bushes prominently displayed. (What man wouldn't love to be sandwiched between them on a warm, sunny beach?) WHAT A TURN-ON!!!

Pete United Kingdom

Loving Lulu Loving Lulu but I'm afraid Konata does not work for me, does Lulu deserve a solo set or as I have said before with Yoko

Pete United Kingdom

Konata & Lulu Two very beautiful girls, excellent figures and it is nice to see beautiful girls with pubic hair. Pubic hair enhances a girls beauty.

Greggor1 United States

So Nice! I enjoy seeing beautiful women together. Konata and Lulu make a great pair. I like the posing and the nature setting. I'd love to share some time at a nude beach with these girls.

Konata Japanese spa | February 11th, 2011
Konata Japanese spa
samurao Japan

???? N-E-X-T !!

wheeler United States

well, it was ...interesting! She kinda looked like the living dead! was a bit better when the kabuki makeup washed off

vintage 47 United States

RE: Photo number 56 Avant garde art I can pass on. Give me a beautifully made up woman, or natural.

tdonna4 United States

I am sorry but I am getting tired about the recent influx of all these Asain models. Please let them drop for awhile. Thanks

Satansfist Australia

Konata Time for Konata to try a bald pussy methinks...a change is as good as a holiday as they say.

Fred N. United States

I think Konata is beautiful despite the make-up. For you who don't like Bush or Asian Women; check out the majority of the rest of the women on this site and get over it! There are some of us who appreciate the diversity.

George8892 Canada

MORE ASIANS PLEASE Asian women are awesome. Please put more of them: alone or together. And more different types of asian women: Cambodian, Thai, Korean, etc...

Konata and Lulu sun oil | February 4th, 2011
Konata and Lulu sun oil
wheeler United States

well, most of it was very nice!(although, I could have done without the tattoo princess in pics 90-92!)They even smiled, a bit! would love to see a video of this!

Stromboli421 France

Molto carine, ma esagerare con l'oriente stanca...

The Guy United States

Nice set If the girls were shaved. Enough bush already! At a minimum trim them to a reasonable length.

alex United Kingdom

duo two heavenly women.

Nav United States

Hear Hear!

ianj United Kingdom

More of the "tattoo princess" please. Who was she?

Jf United States

Yes!! Who is the tattoo princess? more please:) Nice shoot everybody.

Roger United States

Wonderfully done! Showing nudes in nature, with the exquisite Lulu and, even more so, Konata, brings forth the natural joy of the female nude. The delight intensifies starting from photo 76 on as the girls proudly open their lovely cunts for our viewing pleasure. Truly a simple natural joy of a photo series. Much thanks to Petter and the girls.

Shaq United States

Hair Hair Hair For anyone here who complains about the length or simple existence of genital hair on the lovely female models of this site I suggest you do a bit of research. Heck, I'll even do it for you... For example, according to the book "Skin Flutes and Velvet Gloves", the author states that "in Japan, a woman with no pubic hair may...find herself without a husband, as the condition [having no pubic hair] is considered grounds for divorce. A naked pubis is so unappealing [in Japanese culture], in fact, it is the focus of a Japanese insult, kawarage, which loosely translates to "with a vulva as bald and hard as a brick."" NOw I'm not saying that this is why some of the models have genital hair, but it begs the thought. Hegre-Art has a vast worldwide audience. If you don't like vaginal hair, or blondes, or shoes, or stockings, or whatever, just deal with it. In a few hours there will be a new posting of pictures for all of us to enjoy. This constant complaining about genital hair is getting old and makes me feel in poor/distasteful company as a customer here. So please save your .42 cents per day and go elsewhere. The majority of us here enjoy Hegre-Art for its variety and are willing to pay more just to get rid of poor customers such as yourself.

Pete United Kingdom

Lulu Lulu is a top model, I would love to see her in a joint set with Valerie

Greggor1 United States

Variety Is The Spice Of Life Lovey girls, great posing. I enjoy the variety offerred on this sight.

Konata nipple clamps | January 11th, 2011
Konata nipple clamps
geRRy United Kingdom

sorry please set up a sub site for this stuff. It it is not what Hegre-art got its reputation for.

wheeler United States

one more reason to move to Japan!!!

egrise United States

Konata nipple clamps I suppose these instruments of torture must be a turn on to somebody, but they do nothing for me. Waste of an opportunity with a lovely model.

wheeler United States

RE: sorry massaging guys shlongs isn't what it got it's reputation for, either!to each his own, I guess!

B United States

Different Different is OK, like the varity. Varity is the spice of life.

Kevin United Kingdom

I bet that by photo 29 her nipples were hurting. My girlfriend says that Petter should have captured her facial expression as they were unclipped.

wheeler United States

RE: Different agreed!

Man United States

Damn, Pete, that's dark. Nice work.

Sean United States

Any woman that is willing to wear nipple clamps and then be photographed is cool in my book!

tdonna4 United States

Enough Asians and drop the clamps!!!!

Jeff D United States

No Thanks Include every shot of this gorgeous creature, but without the clamps. Why mess with perfection?

largeformat Germany

Give me a wake-up-call when you have finished with these series. I simply doesn't turn me on at all.

rob United Kingdom

love it!! Pussy clamps next time please :D

kantundcunt United States

dark asian nips Dark asian nipples and areola on firm young breasts are always welcome. This is a very nice series: special thanks to Konata!

Sandy United Kingdom

kinky! Now labia clamps, that would be a whole diferent ball game!! Must be getting perverted in my old age! Love the japanese models just need to loosen up a bit and show something. Sandy

Konata hemp ropes | January 25th, 2011
Konata hemp ropes
wheeler United States

What is it with these people and bondage, anyway? (me likey!)

KOMET United States

KONATA COLOSSUS What a delightful tableau! KONATA, whether standing tall or in repose, is soo sexy with her beautiful little bush.

B United States

Light Need some light on the bush. Had to squint.

WilliamQ Netherlands

inscrutable Although I like these Japanese girls with a bit of bush, it seems, non of them like what they do. Or is it the inscrutable oriental expression. An occasional smile could improve the pictures, i.m.o.. Also, some interaction with the rope would give this gallery a bit more variation. Now, it's a bit dull.

wheeler United States

RE: inscrutable well, I don't expect her to smile in a bondage type gallery. But, I agree that some interaction with the rope would imporve on his set immensely!(I also agree that I hope to see these girls smile eventually)

Zeppelin Germany

I don't mind a little bush in the first picture IF it has gone by the last one.

Roger United States

Oh Konata!

Konata and Lulu Tokyo calling | January 20th, 2011
Konata and Lulu Tokyo calling
wheeler United States

would love to be the meat in that sandwich!!!

Steve United States

It would be nice to see these girls sans bush

alex United Kingdom

duo two awesome women.

roundEye United States

Yawn I love asian ladies but I've been wholey unimpressed with these japanese shoots. They all look as if they just don't enjoy what they are doing.

Mark United States

Konata and Lulu Absolutely beautiful. A totally nude presentation of Konata and Lulu that is very lovely. Total nudes are the essence of capturing the beauty of a model and I truly enjoy them. This is a wonderful set that exhibits both ladies in an intimate and erotic way. Excellent!

Pete United Kingdom

Lulu and Yoko Would have been a better set if Yoko had joined Lulu and they were both shaved!

Roger United States

Mark, as always, puts it so well. Total nudity is so essential to the joy of watching the female nude. Konata is such a doll! Wish for many more butt shots of her....a totally bare butt!

gerardo juarez United States

models I love all the models,and the asian models are my favorite. please ,can you ad more asian models

Konata table show | December 21st, 2010
Konata table show
Wise Netherlands

Real Awesam body and beautiful hairy pussy:) I hope to see more of this trend here:-)

wheeler United States

Did I mention that I LOVE Konata???

Jason Netherlands

Beautiful Konata Konata is beautiful and she has a nice pussy. I love the shots which I find erotic and displays the complete beauty of a woman.

alex United Kingdom

konata cute,sexy,awesome.i just love kpnata.

Eddie United States

Hot And On The Table There's just something very sexy about a naked girl on a table and you always capture some great shots.

Setuss Turkey

k0nata Very nice modelling...

finderweb Italy

Konata Sweet face, very nice body.

Rob United Kingdom

WONDERFUL!! What dreams are made of!

dauphine Belgium

Konata beautiful model. Her Pussy hair shot in profile is very erotic. please more like that

Sam C United States

Konata I'm not a fan of pubic hair, but I subscribe to Hegre-art because I like the wilder side of nude lady photography. In #37-41 Konata shows us EVERYTHING, and in #77-78 she touches herself in exactly her most sensitive spot. These are some of my favorite pictures in all of Hegre-art. Wonderful wild gallery!

don United States


Konata and Lulu nude beach | December 15th, 2010
Konata and Lulu nude beach
wheeler United States

LOVELY!!! two asian gorgeous pearls sleeping in the sun! lovely! Much better that Gloria and Nicole's FAKE sex session a while back!

KOMET United States

LULU & KONATA - En la Playa What a true delight to behold two beautiful women --- each sporting a lovely bush betwixt their legs --- on a nude beach.

Egrise United States

Konata and Lulu Stunningly beautiful. A little more touching would be nice.

Dan United States

Trim that bush.

Alex DeLarge United States

konata/lulu My wife has that much bush and I sure as heck don't pay to see the like! Show them shaved or not at all!

mac United Kingdom

RE: rim that tush

Tom Germany

Rear view Great pictures of two gorgeous girls. But show a bit of their rear side as well, please. Would have loved to see them both lying on their tummies.

alterwolf Germany

Lulu and Konata on the beach lovelyn these 2 girls! fantastic bushes; much better than those boring shaved pussys which we get to se far too often.

Pete United Kingdom

Bush I am firmly in the shaven pussy camp, but still love the shots of Lulu, she has a great body and gorgeous pert tits and nipples. Sure she would look great in a joint set with Yoko

sexyfish France

2 beautiful girls shaving ? for what ? they are perfect like that !!! totally sexy they have nothing to change

Roger United States

Nude on the Beach How exquisite. Having the girls nude on the beach only intensifies the erotic joy and wonder that these two Japanese lovelies would show all for our viewing pleasure. Photo #4 is an excellent straight-on cunt shot with two cunts and butt cracks underneath shown so gracefully by the girls in nature's light. Also erotic to see their skimpy sexy bikinis and short shorts of Konota next to them and imagining the girls taking them off to get fully nude. So glad that Konata's outstanding round butt and delightful asshole have finally been shown. Strongly agree with Tom that the girls' butts need to be shown more, especially Konata's.

Konata Japanese Yoni massage | December 11th, 2010
Konata Japanese Yoni massage
wheeler United States

very nice!!! I DO hope we get a video of this one!!!

patrice_78 France

Konata Massage When the film of Konata massage with her orgasm ?

Sean United States

Not sure I get all the redundancy. If there is going to be a video, why do we need a picture set? If someone wants to see a still, then just pause the video and do a screen capture, and boom, you have the same still.

Rob United Kingdom

This is incredibly delicious! Thank you Konata and Petter. BRAVO!

Roger United States

Excellent! Thank you Konota! Look forward to the video!

Avon Australia


wheeler United States

RE: Sean sure! Anyone can take a screenshot.Not everyone can be a master photographer!we are here (at least I am) to see what I am incapable of doing, myself!Although,granted, a video is worth a thousand pictures!

D.L. United States

Konata is such a pleasure to watch. She looks so wonderful so it is especially nice to see her take a gentle penetration. Just such a delicious sight to behold. So beautiful.

Moose United States

Yes! That was AWESOME! Did she come? Konata; thanks for sharing with us. Ah, Sean... there are plenty of low quality sites around that post crappy screen shots for their members.

Sam C United States

Reply to Sean Sean inquires why have a gallery of single images when we can get a video and get a screen shot. The video screen capture has less than 2000 pixels, where as every image in this gallery has much better resolution at 8000 pixels. Video screen captures are fine when the desired scene is not in the gallery, but otherwise do not sustain as much zooming as the gallery scene.

Konata beaver on beaver | December 3rd, 2010
Konata beaver on beaver
samurai Japan

Eh,,,,!! Turned on eyes and thick creamy juiced pussy, very good !! I bet she can fist her pussy in not too long. Without bush would be much better. But why most of pic are similar ones ??

wheeler United States

RE: Eh,,,,!!'s a bit monotonous.would look much better in a video than still pics

KOMET United States

KONATA - A Sexy & Natural Woman A delightful photo series. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KONATA'S BUSH!!!! Always a pleasure to see a woman with pubic hair (fur).

wheeler United States

RE: KONATA - A Sexy & Natural Woman also agreed

tooterooter United States

Interesting, but.. Now I know what her gynocologist feels like - not complaining mind you!

Jim United States

konata Gulp.

Rob United Kingdom

Inredibly delicious shots of this sext young girl. Bravo!! Adore her.

Paul A United Kingdom

LOVE the shots like no. 66 of her pulling back on her clit hood to expose the little clit itself. I wish we could see more girls do this.

D.L. United States

Ah, my weakness. There is nothing on this Earth more desirable than Japanese pussy; even THEY know that. It's why their home-grown erotica blurs any visual of it. I am so glad Hegre was able to find this tasty model and get lots of incredible photographs in Hi-Resolution. I wrote a song about Japanese girls being my weakness and I couldn't wait to see this gallery once I knew it was coming.

Mark United States

Konata Konata is absolutely mouthwatering in this set. Her pussy is so beautiful and juicy. Photos 1 through 24 are excellent as you get a terrific appreciation of how beautiful her pussy is.

simbasa United States

From massaging guys with large penises to shoving her hand up her cooch, it seems that Konata is quite the bad girl. I would like to see her in another massage video stroking a bigger penis. I love naughty girls.

James Michaels United States

Konata Is Konata the new "bad girl" of the Hegre stable? Wow, it would seem so. Perhaps we should have a mixed set with her nearest competitors so we could make a direct comparison. Excuse me while I go to the bathroom for a tug.

etx Spain

I think that she plays with her pussy, it is a degree more through porn. Its behaviour does not like me at all...

Pete United Kingdom

Plus and minus Ok, first the good news, some great pussy shots and as other have commented Konata does seem like a real naughty girl who would happily fist. The bad news, not keen on the pussy fur at all and I know this will irritate other members but as a lover of slim girls Konata looks a bit chubby here. Petter, love the theme and would make a great video, is Lulu up for a similar set?

Moose United States

Konata Agreed that she seems like a kinky girl and I do love the models masturbating. Her bush looks great as is and she is NOT chubby. Thanks for letting her do what she wants (it seems so anyway).

damasta Germany

inviting WIDE open and inviting - just the way i like 'em. makes me feel welcome. ;-) nice!

Alex DeLarge United States

Konata Konata's heart (or in this case, fingers) is in the right place, but really, can someone buy this girl a razor?!

Jewel United Kingdom

Out of this world...!

Roger United States

Konota Looking to the left as I was about to type my adoration of these extraordinary cunt penetration shots, I saw Konota's "Featured Models" photo and was struck by her wondrous full tits and her beauty and the miracle that this oh so beautful only eighteen year old Japanese girl has decided to pose nude for us. Thank you Konata and thank you Hegre: strong work! P.S. Keep the cunt fur! Love it!

lele United States

Konata is the bomb Thanks Konata. I wish there were more wide open cunts like yours.Petter, give us more. Daniel. U.S.A

pierart1 Italy

Konata: beaver on beaver I am not are not liked too much never the Asian women but this gallery of Konata beaver on beaver, it removes all the nieis prejudices.Sat on his armchair, Konata opens, show, widens its pussy as me I have always asked that the other models did, especially Dominika c that should open so its pussy in his photos. This gallery is stupendous. You sees really well the whole pussy, understood the vagina. As make Nicole in his gallery "Nicole pink."For a judgment on these photos of Nicole, rhyming to the comment to his gallery. For Konata all of my most alive compliments for the naturalness with which it opens, widen and show its pussy.

Greggor! United States

Konata Love this girl for her looks and all she does in front of the camera. What a delight!

pussy mania Japan

lovely Lovely pussy

Laurie United Kingdom

I'm Cunt Struck Wickedly explicite ~ I celebrated with an astonishingly hot orgasm and a fist full of tasty spawn. Exquisite...

Konata and Lulu made in Japan | November 24th, 2010
Konata and Lulu made in Japan
kanata4216 Japan

I live this set!!!

kanata4216 Japan

I love this set!!!

kanata4216 Japan


wheeler United States

here's hoping for a part two (and, a video)!!!

samurai Japan

SO,,,,? Peter, what are you trying to tell us,,,your image didn`t delivered us.

Egrise United States

Konata and Lulu Lusciously beautiful models, but remarkably tame stuff.........

Pete United Kingdom

Lulu Lulu is your cutest model I would love to see her in a joint set with Yoko. Any chance Petter?

Konata showergasm | November 15th, 2010
Konata showergasm
wheeler United States

Boy! I'm likin' this girl more and more!!! SUUUUPER SEXY!!!

samurai Japan

I like Konaka very much, but what`s this make up !! Many non-Japanese love this kind make-ups for Japanize, but let me tell ya, Make up is no good and destroys image.

wheeler United States

RE: samurai true...I wouldn't make a habbit of it (kinda like the S&M stuff)...But, I think it's a very hot change of pace!

Bavarian Gipsy Germany

;-) To avoid red eye, use the camera's red eye reduction feature.

Voyeur United States

Make up distracted from an otherwise very erotic shoot.

Yellow Magic Japan

What a strange make up! :-(

samurai Japan

RE: ;-) That`s a good one !!

simbasa United States

Can't get into the funky makeup. She's beautiful girl. I hope she is in more massage videos

Moose United States

Different Great set; way to set up a different fantasy scene! Konata can seem demure then come out very sexual.

Konata bondage part1 | November 12th, 2010
Konata bondage part1
Steve United States

This bondage theme is just not my cup of tea.

Chamkun United States

I like it. I want to see more Japanese girls. They manifest so naturally their inner eroticism without overdoing it.

geRRy United Kingdom

konaka beyond the bounds of eroticism and into dangerous teritory

Rob United Kingdom

WOW!! This is incredible! Exactly what I have been waiting for. The artistry of Japanese bondage on a beautiful Japanese girl. Perfect!

KOMET United States

KONATA in Bondage This theme would be much more intriguing if the man were left out completely, and in his place another woman (either scantily clad or fully nude) placing Konata in bondage.

Eddie United States

Pushing the Limits Well we certainly are getting more controversial with the bondage and male themes. The bondage is creative, tasteful and pretty tame, the male nudity is too, but I am, I'm sure, one of many, who came to your site for the creative, female themes. Today is good, yesterday not what I came for.

sunbook France

Please stop that I don't like, make me feel bad. Please get back to art and erotism ! This is too painful...

nat_pavitt United States

RE: Pushing the Limits I must agree, this is pushing the limit. I love the site but I hope that the "bondage" themes won't common. But that's just me. =)

Alex Wilhelm United States

Konata tied May I say again, "Brilliant!" I am not at all sure that your subscribers appreciate how far you've come as a photographer over the years that you've had this site up and running. The lighting for this study, as for the last, are perfect and yet different. To get this right while maintaining the "flow" for the model under these circumstances is masterly. This sequence, rendered in B&W would be exceptional. And OBTW, Konata herself is stunning.

wheeler United States

O...M...G!!! Well, I must sat that that was EXTREME, to say the least!!!But, if the lovely Konata is game, then so am I!I wouldn't mind more. (certainly more of the lovely "exotic" models that you have introduced, lately)

D.L. United States

Wow! This is a pretty interesting set; I suppose we should have expected it considering this was shot in Japan. They do it different there, heh. Um, boy I love seeing the penetration by the way. Turns me on so much. She needs to go back to that model she worked with during Penis Honoring and try that out with him. Yeah?

Dante-Hicks Australia

Amazing Great set of photographs. Amazing subject. Beautiful model. I'd like to se more. Thank you Hegre-Art.

Bavarian Gipsy Germany

Time to say: Byebye ...

xtra Australia

I'm Not hooked A bit of mild bondage once in a while might be OK, especially if it features a model as appealing as Konata, but the cold steel hook thing is too S&M for my taste. There remains plenty of scope for creative erotic photography featuring beautiful women without venturing into the realm of the psycho.

intoit1234 United States

Wonderful shoot Absolutely spellbinding! Konata is beautiful and the whole scene was spectacularly done. Love to see more like it.

Mark H United Kingdom

Wonderful!! Truly superb and erotic. I love the slightly "harder" feel to this with the penetration of this adorable young woman. More please! the Japanese aesthetic is just awesome! BRAVO!!

edouard1964 France

Horrible! I hate that! That kind belongs to another world, not eroticism. I really hope this is not to become a new trend in here.

HerveD France

Disturbing, beautiful, superb photography, incredibly erotic to me.

bomomo France

nice shoot splendid pictures beautifull model I like this ,think you Konata

RB United States

Hook-UP This shoot gives a whole new meaning to "Hook That Pussy"

barbablu India

top erotic Go ahead!

Moose United States

Bondage Great set! Is this guy her bondage "expert", since he helped her on the last one. I should have remembered those knots from Boy Scouts. Peter; I appreciate when you do different thing and experiment. It looked like Konata had control of the g-spot hook the whole time, I hope she enjoyed it. I like the different image of fantasy with this shoot; keep up the verity.

jocobean United States

viewer comments I was sincerely shocked by the numerous negative comments to this gallery. Not only is Konata beautiful, she seems totally at ease in this bondage set. She controls the level of intensity and because of that, the images are extremely erotic. If she were not in control, the images might move into the bizarre or outright illegal.

Konata and Lulu human sushi plate | November 8th, 2010
Konata and Lulu human sushi plate
samurai Japan

I, personally, don`t like this kind of situation, as Japanese point of view. They make me laugh. Not sexy at all,,,,

KOMET United States

KONATA & LULU TOGETHER A gourmand's delight.

woohoo111 United States

I love thier beautiful bushes. Don't dare make them make shave. I am soooooo tired of shaved pussies!

Rob United Kingdom

I wholeheartedly approve of the inclusion of these delicious Asian ladies. Quite superb! (and can we have more beautiful Japanese bondage please?)

Mike United Kingdom

Look back at the sets of Konata and Lulu I can't help observing that we have seen nothing of their vulvas yet. Indeed the model profile pic of Konata promises this, but the pic doesn't exist in any of her sets. The oriental vulva is an exquisite thing. Can I please request that we get to explore both girls in the most intimate manner in future? Thanks

Bruno United States

Sushi Incredible... my favorite food, mixed with very hot models! Thank you, Petter!

snowpig United States


wheeler United States

I will NEVER look at sushi the same way again (And, I already loved it!)!!!

xtra Australia

Art? Is it artful? Yes, but a bit silly with it. Are the models appealing? Yes, but they they are immersed too much in the theme. Is it erotic? Secondary consideration apparently - a couple of shots are, but I can think of more erotic treatments with these two models.

gentin Hong Kong

I share the view of Samurai. I do not find this sexy at all.

Pete United Kingdom

Sushi Original idea but the pictures are limited by the theme, despite other comments below would love to see them both shaved and look forward to more Japanese/Oriental models on your site. Is it also time to look at the number of afro -carribean models which seems to reduced significantly of late.

RoundEYe United States

Nice I don't totally agree with a lot of the comments. I think this is rather erotic, just not well executed. It could have been so much more but it seems like it's the same picture on every frame.

Konata Tokyo massage Part1 | November 1st, 2010
Konata Tokyo massage Part1
wheeler United States

uuummm...well, finally have a naked masseuse...but, you eclipse her with a male recipient!... eh!

diesel United Kingdom

Fantastic set! We (my wife and I) cant wait for part 2! Please keep pushing the boundaries like this.

KOMET United States

KONATA avec STRONG MAN I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS THEME. A perfect juxtaposition of WOMAN and MAN. C'est magnifique!!! (By the way, Wheeler, "masseuse" refers to a woman who gives massages. The male equivalent is "Masseur.")

geRRy United Kingdom

I fear you are loosing you way. I thought this site was for exploring the female body. If I want to study a penis I look down.

Ulfgeir United States

Extremely Hot An extremely hot set. Konata's nimble fingers and gorgeous figure are a joy to watch in action.

wheeler United States

RE: KONATA avec STRONG MAN I know...notice I said "male recipient".several members have been asking for a naked masseuse (not just the recipient).well, we got it here. but, now the recipient is MALE!!!

Egrise United States

Konata Tokyo massage Part1 I certainly didn't pay the significant subscription to this site to look at other men's equipment. Boarding school satisfied any curiosity I might ever have had, forty or so years ago!

3Mullberry Germany

Konata part 1 Now that is what I call erotic art. More like this please.

CM United States

Got 2 Finish I find this very erotic, but give the poor guy a break as I hope she finished what she started . . .

emacs Canada

@geRRy: yes, this site is for exploring the female body. we can see tens of thousands of images of beautiful women. anyways, thanks for the gallery Petter; well done and i look forward to the film and part two of the gallery

tdonna4 United States


Chinaski United States

Konatoa Tokyo Massage pt1 Stunning! Simply stunning! I cannot WAIT for part 2! Anxious to see how this finishes up! I'm glad you're introducing more men into the mise en scenes! Seeing a hunky dude interact with a naked beauty makes her all that much more sexy!

Ted United States

I gotta agree with Egrise. Do not get bored with your original mission Hegre-art. Naked women that are very very pretty.

Oedipus United States

Konato Incredible. You're on the right track. High quality eroticism....please containue with f/f, f/'s awesome.

Cours Norway

One of your best so far. Extremely erotic, and beautiful colours and contrasts. I like the way this site is expanding its vision.

swframe United States

I guess I'm firmly in the camp of more girl less penis. If you have a put a guy in the picture then more pixels for the girl.

Bojo United States

High contrast There are none of the aesthetic or formal elemnts that distinguish most PH shoots,I cant imagibe he was behind the camera.Models being Black&Asian allows for contrast in skin value but thats it.The couple appear to be cooperating but expressing very little thrill.They have the body politic of participating in a lab experiment.

daniel United States


emacs Canada

@Ted: there are hundreds of photo galleries of women and one, currently, that includes a male. that shouldn't threaten you. from the comments, however, the very large majority welcome and appreciate what Petter published on his site.

Nav United States

I just wish Konata would shave her pussy.

Rob United Kingdom

Daniel, If you are from the United States, you should know how to spell "oppose" :)

intoit1234 United States

Very powerful shoot. Can't wait for next act. Keep pushing the envelop.

D.L. United States

What can I say? I want to see more like this! Absolutely, positively fantastic photography here.

Pete United Kingdom

Erotic Art I have to agree with the comments below applauding this set as high quality erotic art, I love the juxtaposition of skin tones although agree with the comment that Konata would look better shaven. This is exactly why I have subscribed to Hegre for over 4 years, Petter keeps pushing boundaries, maybe we wont like it all but until its tried you will never know. Great work.

simbasa United States

Well, I joined this site because of these vids, so more of this would be appreciated. For all the politically correct talk about tolerance these days, homophobia is stringer than ever. It's just a naked man getting a massage and people are freaking out. What a shame some of you never gained any sexual maturity and acceptance of your sexuality. Hegre has the guts to go places that apparently many of you have never gone. Keep up the great work.

Steve Australia

Beautiful Images These Pictures are really sensual stuff. I hope there are more like these in the pipeline.

Palios Singapore

Mahogany wood and marble table top ;-) !

Heywood United States

Konata This is gorgeous! But I do hope you will return to this theme and let Konata take that big dick in her mouth at least.

B United States

just blow it already

Konata introduction | October 13th, 2010
Konata introduction
KOMET United States

KONATA AUS JAPAN What joy to behold a sexy & exotic woman with A BUSH BETWIXT HER LEGS! YES!!!

wheeler United States

STUNNING!!! can't wait to see more of her!!!(hopefully more butt next time!)

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 55 A wonderful debut from a beautiful model, thank you! I look forward to seeing what am sure will be a beautiful bottom, too! :)

Fred N. United States

Beautiful Beautiful girl! Keep the bush!

Bart United States

Exotic, gorgous, great landing strip bush. She is a turn on for sure.

nat_pavitt United States

She is Just Perfect... She is Just Perfect looking. I'd love to see more of her. Great job Petter, just great.

Ulfgeir United States

Outstanding! Beautiful, sensual Asian model. I'd love to see more of her in future updates. And please, please - always keep that delightful bush! Heck, even let her grow the sides in a little. I've always thought those landing strips were just an appetizer for the real thing.

tosh Japan

love konata real asian beauty!!

tosh9999 Japan

real asian beauty!!

paradygma Spain

Another great addition I think it's worth noting once again, how all these new additions are helping to keep the quality standard of this site sooo very high. Congratulations to the boss for the new girls, and for that unique and personal way of taking advantage of each of them's beauty. In other words, I'm a proud member.

Zeppelin Germany

Landing strip? Guys, it's a wig. And I'm really looking forward to seeing it fall!

dosh Hong Kong

Nice breast, yummy Keep the bush please!

daniel United States

konata is sweet and sexy konata is sweet and sexy

Mark United States

Konata Bravo, Bravo to lovely Konata! What a wonderful debut! She looks so beautiful! Such beautiful nudes! I love when a new model is presented totally nude as you get a true sense of her confidence and it truly is the best way to appreciate every amazing quality that makes her beautiful. Sensational! I hope to see much more of wonderful Konata!

Mark United States

Beautiful Nudes of Konata Konata is so adorable! She looks so beautiful naked! She should be so proud of herself! I love pure nude figure studies such as this as lovely Konata is the sole subject and focus of the photos and you get to appreciate every wonderful detail of her beautiful bare form. These truly make the best photos. Pure nude studies are the essence of nude photography and Konata is introduced perfectly and could not look more beautiful.

Jeff D United States

Asian Invasion I'm all for it. Hot Asian pooha. Bring it on!

Antoon, Belgium Belgium

Konata Great idea to bring photoshoots with Japanese girls. On one detail I would like to give a comment, suggestion. I'm quite sure that she wears contact lenses. I would rather like to see her own eyes. With contact lenses the edge of the iris is so sharp (a little bit unnatural). Looking forward to see more.

paul United States

Konata So hot, so sexy. Am ready for more of the lovely Konata.

Roger United States

Konata Nude I echo and most strongly endorse what Mark has so eloquently and rightly expressed. What a lovely treat Konata is. She has the many features that make her irressitable and a wonder to behold nude: big dark doe eyes, luscious hair, perfect breasts, sharp bordered nipples, slender figure, and full natural pubic hair, and a mere girl of 18 to boot, the wonder and joy of a girl newly showing herself nude! You are truly a good girl Konata for showing your nude beauty! Thank you dear and well done! Please be most proud of yourself! And as always: Thank you Petter!

Roger United States

Message for Konata Dear Konata, Thank you for posing nude and I hope you keep your bush!! It is lovely to look at! Roger

Rebar United States

Quite nice but smoothies are Angels

Konata Films COMMENTS

Konata and Lulu The Sushi Shoot | April 2nd, 2013
Konata and Lulu The Sushi Shoot
Chet United States

Back again Great to see these two back again. They have been missing too long.

Ryan United Kingdom

Wanted more The best bits are when the eating is happening. I wanted to see a lot more of that than there was.

Rene Canada

Slow down When all the sushi is laid out like it is the effect is great. But we do not see enough of that because it goes too fast. Why not slow down a bit?

Eric United States

Mixed feelings I have got mixed feelings about seeing all the chopping, slicing etc. that goes on. Is it all that erotic?

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Sushi Weird!.

wheeler United States

it's not often you make me hungry, petter! so, are they gonna trade places?

franklinws United States

You should be a photographer for the Food Network. I appreciate your attempts at eclectic art but this one is pretty far out there. Go back to what made you great.

anonymous United States

Lovely bushes, especially Konata.

gvmffx Belgium

beautiful girls...finally hairy pussy

Jacky Germany

I like Sushi and I like both girls but the combination was kinda weird.

flashblack Australia

my two fav ladies are back

Roger United States

So so great to see Konata and Lulu again! Great to again see their beautiful hairy cunts. Wonderful looks at Lulu's cunt. I can't get enough of Konata. What a beauty! And what tits she has! Love how they hang down, plump full and perfect, as she leans over Lulu. Love the peeks at Konata's bare buns and butt crack too! Please Hegre, bring these girls back!

Byron1820 Australia

Very odd! There's no getting away from it, the Japanese have some very strange customs! I can't say I found this even slightly erotic - but it's certainly comic. I was waiting for a few little curls of pubic hair to make part of the banquet - it wouldn't have surprised me at all. I'm afraid those thick bushes do anything for me, either - nicely trimmed public hair can enhance a cunt; but the Japanese girls usually manage to make the space between their thighs look like unkempt hedges!

king_penis Germany

Great Awesome video and photoset, but I'd love to see something love that by a beautiful shaved Japanese girl, too!!!

Konata And Lulu A Day On The Beach | August 21st, 2012
Konata And Lulu A Day On The Beach

nice to see the japanese girls again!thought we lost them!

Tor-1 Norway

A bit boring, maybe...

Chen. Taiwan, Province of China

missed you I am glad to see you both back again. I have missed you Konata and Lulu.

Andreas South Africa

Pussy hair What beautiful pussy hair you both have. I want to see lots more of that.

Sam. United States

Re: Pussy hair You are right about that. They say Japanese girls take a lot of pride in their pussy hair. You can see why.

Delroy United States

Fat old guys The girls are great. What are the fat old guys doing there though?

Rick United Kingdom

Re: Fat old guys I guess it is an ironic contrast. Beauty and the beast sort of thing.

Laurie United Kingdom

Eastern Promise I hope this is a return of these exquisite creatures and not a film from the past. Delightfully feminine, and how I've missed them...

Canchahel France

Okaeri nasai It's good to see our two sweet geikos again. The morning light is marvellous. Moreover, this movie is full of freshness and, at the same time, often focuses on the two "burning bushes"; the result is a very well temperate film.


RE: Re: Fat old guys it's called a nude beach!ufortunately, most people that frequent them are those you dont want to see naked!

Herminator67 Germany

Pussyhair Wondefull Pussys. I would like to shave both pussys. The pussyhair is to long. I like it totaly shaved.

B Taurus United States

Thanks for bringing these two back!! These two girls are perfect examples of what I luv about Japanese girls. Perfect bodies, not too petite or thick. Just right. I gotta agree with the other comments. They have perfect pussy hair! Beautiful!!

Guest United States

RE: Pussyhair apply your fav get the perfect smell and lick the sweet lips...speaking from many exciting experiences :)

Vashti Australia

Haircut? Certainly two beautiful young ladies on whose bodies anyone would be pleased to graze; especially, for my money, the one with the smaller and more exquisitely-shaped breasts. Who wouldn’t have been delighted to help with applying the sun-oil? But I must confess the thickets of hair put me of, personally – for one thing they are a deterrent to oral sex – all those hairs between the teeth! Interestingly, they had clearly shaved around the edges of the forest, and taken great care with the rest – but though it may delight some men, not I’m afraid for me. Incidentally, am I wrong, or did they have a hair-trim halfway through the film?

Flesharrower Australia

I'd like to see Konata return... This IS old stuff! The photoshoot of this is from 2010 and my guess is this was shot at the same time. I think it's high time to see the return of some of the old time girls, Konata in particular along with Anna S...

KOMET United States

KONATA & LULU - A DELICIOUS DUO Unlike a sizeable number of members of this site, who have a fear or dislike of pubic hair/fur on women, I LOVE PUBIC HAIR/FUR ON WOMEN. It enhances a woman's sexiness. That is one of the reasons I love seeing KONATA and LULU here. FULLY NUDE & NATURAL.

Roger United States

The Beauty of Cunt Simplicity Gentleness Naturalness Nudity and Laughter. The simple pure joy of the unadorned female nude, not a stitch on, bathed in nature's light. Naked on the beach for all the world to see, relaxed, smiling, laughing, jumping, skipping, tits bouncing free, paired dark hairy cunts (cunts do look better in pairs!) set off against lovely porcelain white skin. What joy! And what joy to see Konata again! Such incredible tits. 2:14 a high point with the full beauty of Konata's cunt on display. Thank you Konata Lulu and Hegre!

Doc United Kingdom

Konata and Lulu Thank God, proper pubic hair at last! They look like real women! I would change their dentist, though.... The oil application was the best idea here, so it was a shame it was relatively brief and in short bursts, with both models a little camera-conscious too. Maybe try re-working that? It was apparently a nudist beach, so for extra impact, a similar tableau in an area not obviously nudity-allowed, non? Oui!!

Konata Bondage | August 23rd, 2011
Konata Bondage
Sebastian United Kingdom

Knots Just look at those knots. That was a real master who put them together

Fran United States

Unnerving It’s all a bit unnerving all that with the hook.

Hendrik Netherlands

Get together Konata is a girl after my own heart. I would love to get it on with her

Bluebeard United States

More kink Lets have much more of the kink films. There is a whole world of it just waiting to be explored. Konata is just the start.

Vladimir United States

Nipples I would like to see a movie all about those nipple clamps that Konata has.

duffman United Kingdom

part 2 Mr hegre, Isn't it about time for part 2 of the konata bondage photo session?

stever United Kingdom

Just a record This is just a video record of a photo session. Didn't entertain me. Sorry.

intoit United States

Holy shit was that HOT! Great shoot. Would love to see more like this.

Roger United States

Konata's Cunt Realizing its Potential The more times I get to see things going in Konata's cunt the better! I regret any moment that such a cunt is not being put to good work! How it gladdens me to know that for at least some of the time it is being used properly! Good girl Konata!

jeff d United States

bondage no thanks I'm not into this at all.

Jewel United Kingdom


DrSeymour Australia

Dear lordy.. ..what an amazing video. I did not expect to like that but it was just wonderful. I thank you.

slavefour United States

bondage great!!! love it!!!

wtierney United States

Amazing Absolutely amazing; provocative, erotic, stimulating and it gave me a much greater appreciation for the photo set that went along with it.

BondageLover Germany

Perfect! I'd like to see Valerie in Bondage with a white rope!

fred United Kingdom

hooked The men who did this to a woman should be locked up.Get to it

blackflash63 Australia

RE: i enjoyed this vid. the thing i didnt like was the guy(s) cummin in all the time to change position and help her with the ropes etc, i realise it had to be done but not with the guys in there all the time. i enjoy watching all types of sex vids etc however, the guys ruined this vid for me. the model Konata is very sexy lady with hair. ive read a lot of comments that guys dont like hair, come on guys hair is sexy as is smooth but either is fine with me. ps. the hook very interesting....

Master Penetrator Germany

Great Film! I really liked this one. Although I'm generally more into photo sets, this film was so hot! I loved to watch those guys touch her, bind her, bring her into position... Much better than the photo set!

king_penis Germany

Creative Good idea with that thing in her pussy. Interesting kind of Bondage!!!

Konata and Lulu The Kiss | December 21st, 2010
Konata and Lulu The Kiss
wheeler United States

O...M...G!!! well, that was nice! Kinda looked like they were just gettin started, hough! Kinda makes me hope for a part two...and maybe three...and maybe...

Will Canada

Always Amazing Lesbian erotica can be so hard to keep from going into the typical porn scenario you see everywhere, but even though your films can often be very explicit, the combination of lighting, photography, and yes even realism, keep that from happening. This is no exception. Petter, my hat is off to you again.

Haliski Australia

This Is Art There is a sub-fetish among Japanese films that shows woman kissing, and I had been sceptical about this one at first because of that. I shouldn’t have been. Even though it is on the surface typical of that genre, it goes so much deeper and you can see how they really seem to be into it. There are few of your films I have not liked, and I should’ve known better than to doubt this one!

Japanese Fan United States

I loved It No offense to Japanese women, but I have always found myself more attracted to caucasians. Dunno why, maybe something deep and dark from when I was growing up. But I absolutely loved this, and watched it over and over...and over.

Manchester1978 United Kingdom

1:40 Its at about 1:40 when I had to shift my package or rip my pants. When Lulus tongue comes out and Konata sucks on it...WOW!!!

Chad Canada

A Bit Too Arty It’s hot, but sometimes a girl with some clothes on – that eventually come off – can be hotter.

wheeler United States

RE: I loved It A caucasian guy here that has found out that, for some reason, he likes looking at ANY OTHER race better than his own (asians in particular)!And, if my Confederate grand parents could live to hear that, they would croak from hearing it!!!

bondiau Australia

Katakana vs Hiragana The Japanese characters used in the posters are katakana and reserved for foreign words/names. As the artists are Japanese it's more correct to use the Hiragana equivalents. You would use these chracters for names like Mary or Susan. Possibly for Lulu (given it's both Eastern/Western) but certainly not Konata.

Jewel United Kingdom

To be continued... Great stuff, but I agree with Wheeler, it looks like it was only just getting started!

jeffersk Singapore

Konata & Lulu It is exquisite & thought provoking - more please...

D.L. United States

It is pretty crazy how hot this is. Konata had me hooked from way back during the Penis Honoring film. She is the kind of girl you want to see doing everything and anything you can think of. I'm very glad Hegre was able to secure this model for their work in Japan. I sincerely hope to see more of her over the coming months.

Daniel United States

Konata Please!!!! The very first Konata spread ( the Geisha,i think) was AWSOME.Can we PLEASE HAVE A VIDEO OF THAT,LORD HEGRE?That would be a very sweet Christmas present for all of us Konata fans.What say you, sir Hegre? Dan, U.S.A

Daniel United States

RE: To be continued... I also agree!!!!! Dan U.S.A.

Man United States

Perfect Perfect in every way. Pedro, don't leave us hanging, though. Please show us the good parts. Nice work, mate.

kaka China

I like this。。。。

gareth United States

totally hot yea, that was um HOT! Can we see more of this with other girls like Melissa, Stasha, Dominika? Oh man....... well done, P!

donkey2010 Germany

First authentical movie where you can actually feel visualized real emotion. Very nice!

B United States

Wow Can't wait for Part 2

SMygel Norway

My GOD! That was arousing. Petter, one of your greatest movies!! And the BEST part was, they ACTUALLY touched each other

alterwolf Germany

Konata & Lulu Fantastic! I do hope there will be a part two??

George United States

film of the week there must be a part two, three, four or five?

ssalbo United States

wow I believe them, which makes this very erotic. would love to see some "real" kissing.

mindphaser United States

Too much editing. Need more scene with just pussy licking only.

miomio_yp United States

RE: O...M...G!!! nice kiss

Foxton Australia

Film Yes, very beautiful and very tender, but I agree - one waits anxiously for part two, with a little more - er - familiarity; I guess most people want more explicit material, which in no ways means that the filming isn't always very beautiful; and it's great to have tender and living material as opposed to sheer porn with violence. And boy, are these girls really beautiful!

Greggor1 United States

Upscale and classy. Slow and easy. Beautiful and erotic. Much to my liking.

e8bravo United States

Pubic hair The bushes of those Japanese beauties are awesome!

Qoo Taiwan, Province of China

Asian girls are the best. Not the poseur, tasteful natually Thx Hegre!

kiwid Denmark

extatic It is so sensual and a joy to watch. Absolute what a wet dream should be.

Chinaski United States

This would have been oh so much more sexy if they weren't so damn hairy!

hm... United States

I want some more I paid for Konatas' films. ....

Knightd10 United States

Great pubic hair .... Oriental women have those most sensual pubic hair of all, in my opinion. Loved it. I know these movies are supposed to be sensual, and they are. But how could occasionally showing mouth/tongue contact with genitals take away from the beauty and sensuality of these films? I don`t think it would at all. Just my opinion.

spaz-1 United States

I have never seen something so teasing, so perfect, so sensual and arousing. Everything here was exceptional save for one element. Intimacy, both actors were forced to hold back when it came to touching, or kissing, or genitals. It really ruined this film. From what I have seen, female on female is fine for this site correct? So why the hesitation? It would have completed the sense of eroticism given. But the lack thereof ruined the film. Just consider it please in your upcoming films. Also, these two are extraordinary together, please make films of them in the near future

grunt United States

tender beautiful...but need climax

Laurie United Kingdom

Pure Bliss Imagine a glistening snowflake Gliding silently To settle on the tip of my tongue A sensuous tingle An ephemeral moment of pure bliss. Laurie The kissing was so breathtakingly sensuous. Brilliant

Doc United Kingdom

The Kiss I am lost for words, almost! What an erotic piece of work, well done! But only 6-7 minutes long?! Mind you, much more of that and paramedics might be needed for mere mortals like me! And, as has been said elsewhere, proper pubic hair rules!! Much more, please!

Konata Choking Orgasm | June 14th, 2011
Konata Choking Orgasm
Peter United States

Coming up for air Konata left me panting for breath too. I’m only just getting over it.

Russel United Kingdom

Her choice She had me spellbound watching all this. Looked to me like it was something she asked to do.

Vernon United States

After the party That’s quite a twist at the end. I mean how long we have just looking at her afterwards. It works really well.

Marcus France

Updated I suppose you could call it a black and white movie but it’s come a long, long way since the original black and whites.

Damien Mexico

Ready from the get go I think the start is fantastic. The way she curls up like that makes it look so much more intense for her.

Sven Germany

Seems to me, ... ... like she is addicted to breath control, an advanced BDSM technique.

wheeler United States

Quietest orgasm I've ever heard!lol super hot, though! What is it wih these people and bondage/domination, anyway??? they all seem to love it!!!

Wasabi Belgium

My opinion as a Japanese I'm a great Hegre art fan, especially of Luba , Anna and Nika. Though as a Japanese guy , I must say that most Japanese models mister Hegre chooses doesn't reflect the true cute "kawaii" japanese girls you can meet in every day life in Japan. They look too much "Geisha", too much " exotic, fake-japanese, TOO MUCH ASIATIC WITHOUT BEING JAPANESE ", maybe that's the way western guys see the japanese girls... The only exception is Mayuko ! She is really "kawaii", cute, NATURAL japanese ;) You may think I'm arrogant, but that's my honest opinion as a true japanese Hegre Art fan. Arigato !

anubis666 Germany

breathless!!! KONATA is the best! I love her very much!!!! :o) Please more models without piercings but with little hair on there pussy! ;o) Anerkennende Grüße aus Deutschland!

Tiderace United States

Extreme Danger Is this irresponsible to show this without a real disclaimer and warning? Breath control is the one activity most BDSMers would unhesitatingly place in the otherwise controversial category of 'edge play'. And with good reason: a constant supply of fresh oxygen and the ability to dispose of carbon dioxide are both vital to the functioning of the body. Deprive the brain of oxygen for as little as twelve minutes and you have a human vegetable on your hands, not to mention the irreparable damage to brain and heart that will already have been done. So those who play with breath are literally only minutes away from playing with death.

wheeler United States

RE: My opinion as a Japanese Most of the models are not the kind of girls you would find "Next door" (always hated that term! "Girl-next-door" my fat ass!!! We should all be so lucky!!!). This is why they're MODELS! They are a fantasy for us guys who could never in a million milenia have such a girl!!! (crying!!!)

3 year Hegre member United States

RE: My opinion as a Japanese I disagree with your oppinion a little. Miri, Anri, Anna T, and many other asian models are all very kawaii in the cute/innocent/pure kind of way, it just depends on the kind of makeup the asian model wears in the shoot or video. Search through Peters Japanese models and look for the three I mentioned and go through some of their photo shoots. In some their makeup is over done giving them that geisha look you mentioned, but look through them and you'll see many that arn't. Please give us more Japanese models Peter with natural makeup that isn't over done. As a westerner I agree with Wasabi's oppinion that most Japanese girls are kawaii very much like Konata is.

Victor Canada

Her pussy looks like Bert from Sesame Street at the end.

wheeler United States

RE: victor lol you sure you're old enugh to be here???

dnbro Canada

dominike c Dominika C has the largest longest most prominent gorgeous lips I have ever seen. Just incredible!

B United States

Being on the edge is the only way to go-- otherwise your just in the middle. Liked the close up of the pussy trying to catch its breath at the end.

Roger United States

Simplicity is Eros. Fully nude girl, white soft sheets, pale soft skin, playing and penetrating her pussy...without complications or adornment.

paul United States

Konata One of the best films ever. Besides having a beautiful face and perfect body, I love how uninhibited she is with her sexuality. I couldn`t stop watching this one. I especially loved the natural lighting, that`s the way it should be.

Roger United States

The "P" Club I heartily applaud all the Hegre girls who have and are taking the "plunge" and joining the Penetration Club! Recall members how it started with Mirta? We should all give Mirta thanks for being the groundbreaker, and thank all the other girls, like lovely young Konata who have proudly joined in! Nudity alone is wonderful in its own right, but how artificial it was to keep the girls for so long from pleasuring themselves. I feel it is us men who impose such restrictions, not the girls. Girls, if left to themselves, would happily partake. Thank you Hegre for allowing it to be so.

Robert Uganda

No no no no no Choking during sex is one of the most dangerous sexual practices there is. I, and many other people, have lost friends to this when it went wrong. The films/photos here are usually quite erotic, but this is just irresponsible. Shame on you!

TripleEye France

RE: No no no no no It's dangerous when done by someone else or with a rope. Death my self choking with one hand cannot happen. Syncop at "best" !

wheeler United States

RE: No no no no no it's her life! She hs the option to do it, or not!

EricS United States

Orgasm I enjoyed seeing the abdominal contractions of her orgasm and how she was not in a rush to remove her fingers after she came. Thanks for the after effects close up once she did take her fingers out to see the inner contractions too. Nice work on this one!! Beautifully done!

peter United States

Fantastic The only gesture that would improve this is if the model would have tastedher own juices from her fingers after she looked at them. I did like the way she took in the scent of her left underarm at the finish though, hot!

Zack_tang China

Perfect! Perfect! I love her!!

papy_michou France

LOVELY Cette fille est magnifique et l'orgasme a bien l'air d'être reél !

Laurie United Kingdom

Sublime Ecstasy The breathtaking beauty of her engorged pudendum was magic. Utterly wicked...

lovejill22 United States

pubic hair why is it oriental women do not shave . is it a culture thing.she is a pretty women but would be more sexual in my eyes if she was completly shaved . i know that is not the opion of every man, and i respect your opion.

nightcal United States

RE: pubic hair she does shave, just not bear

daniel United States

RE: pubic hair I do not quite understand you people's obsession with shaved pussy. There is nothing more sexual than hairy pussy.Get with it for Pete's sake.

United States

Wowee!!! Thank you God for beautiful girls!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you....Grateful for the beauty.

pilot United States

RE: RE: pubic hair The reason to shave is to enjoy the Mons Venus. All Greek Statues show no hair on females and usually pubic hair on Males. This shows the romans enjoyed the unobstructed view of the Mons To say "Get over it" is one sided. To Each his own. You like the hair, others don't. Some Asians do shave. look online.

pilot United States

RE: pubic hair Oriental is for rugs and food. People are asians. To see a beautiful shaved asian look at this site's Yoko from Vietnam.

coffeemann United States

Pubic hair There's nothing wrong with pubic hair. It's natural; what I don't get are these women who want to be clean shaven down there

dude United States

my god i love bush its so natural and such a turn on....please have more girls with bush on here:)

Doc United Kingdom

Konata Oh boy! A fine, fine film, with proper pubic hair, no obvious camera-awareness, a near-perfect figure, and am I the only one wanting to lick her middle and ring fingers of her right hand? I thought not! But please, get the poor girl to a good dentist! Ten out of ten!

Konata Massage COMMENTS

Tokyo Lesbian Massage | October 25th, 2011
Tokyo Lesbian Massage
Party Guy United States

Spectacular OMG what a show these babes put on!

Groblet Australia

Let Konata loose Wonderful film of a passionate encounter between these two beautiful women. Hopefully there will be many more naked massages to come. Now we can ask for Petter to let Konata be let loose particularly in a video with Valerie or also with Mike. From her previous massages we know she will enjoy it immensely.

Taffy Sweden

They rock When they get it on they really rock. It was like something took them over in the second half and it all took off from there.

Mitch Brennan United States

More nipples All that with the breasts and nipples did it for me. Let’s have lots more of this g on g action and lots more nipple pinching please.

Polydor. Norway

Good reaction These Japanese girls have such a calm air about them so sometimes it is hard to work out what they are thinking. The end of the film showed that that clear enough though when they were really reacting.

Zak Norway

More ass Let’s have more of this ass stroking they do. I want!

wheeler United States

Best yet!Ironic that if this film were made under Japanese jurisdiction, their crotches would have to be blurred out! :(

newfinder Italy

RE: Spectacular Very spectacular, yes .... sweet and exciting

melly56 United States

mmmm... Its about damn time Peter! thanku for this unforgettable video. I love to see to women exploring each other, especially when it involves the tongue!

robbie Singapore


Nick United States

Wow; your best massage video to date. Very erotic!

intoit United States

WOW Are you kidding me! If this didn't turn you on you have no pulse! Wonderful film. Love to see more like it.

mikeisit86 United States

my saint bernard is less! bring a gps unit before going into that

United States

Is there a part 2? If yes please upload. Thanks.

willmore Canada

about time its about time. We need to seem more of this type of interaction. Great work girls would like to see more of this

Robert Lee United States

number one Why can't you get the American girls to do like the Japanese girls?

Burner69 United States

Long Waited AWESOME!!! I've been waiting for this video, since the BTS clip in travel. WELL WORTH the wait and 1 year renewal. Keep up the AWESOME WORK.

kay Switzerland

lesbians more, more, more - es ist ein Fest für alle Sinne!!!

another fan United States

beautiful Yes, I'd like more of the same. This is absolutely beautiful.

Thytte Denmark

It is Konata, but who is the other beauty? By the way, I would like to be her. Konata is fantastic, although her stomach could need a few hours of work out.

Rick Australia

Dream team Konata and Engelie. Please. Or eiither one with CaPrice or Dominique.

FresnoMikey United States

So good this was the soonest and So good this was the soonest and longest I've orgasmed in years.

Dynamo02 United States

Very beautiful! I loved the intimacy. Also I liked the fact that the girl receiving the massage didn't sound like she was being xx, she sounded like she enjoyed it. A lot of the Japanese porn sounds like the girl is in pain and it totally turns me off even though I think Asian women are very beautiful. But this was great! That nuru gel sure is something : P

Hangdog Ireland

So sensual This was a georgeous, erotic scene, such a gentle slow build up to the climax; at fitst the slow and deliberate oiling and carressing of the legs, one by one...... then the constant electrical connection of touching the sex while licking the nipple reminded me of the last time I had a tantric massage and that is a happy memory. I shall revisit this often. Thanks to you and these two beautiful women.

Csure1234 Canada

Dl Download possible of any massage vids? wow so good

Laurie United Kingdom

Sapphic Harmony Breathtakingly nuanced with acute sensory touches. Passages of aesthetics that captures the common ache of desire and lingering arousal. The symbiosis is tender, deliciously sensitive, without course to explicite narrative, an eloquent dream-like quality that haunts the landscape of my mind. So evocative of Murakami's emotionally engaging novels, especially "Norwegian Wood" ...

lovenuru Australia

one of the best this is one of the best and most erotic massage videos I've seen ... the cunnilingus was magic ... I loved that you could hear the wetness of the kissing, interspersed with such beautiful moans - fantastic!

Gary Australia

May God What a beautiful clip, I have never been so turned on in my life. I only wish it had ended with an explosive orgasm.

Matthew United Kingdom

RE: about time Totally agree. I always find lesbian content far more erotic than boy-girl, especially in cases such as this video. My ideal choice would be Thea and Valerie: any chance of this being arranged?

geminial Australia

RE: one of the best It really was great. I loved the sound from the cunnilingus part. Two beautiful and very sexy bodies to produce a very erotic vid. I am new here and love it, I did not know if I should reply to you or not, you are the first. Allan from Sydney

Vashti Australia

My view Yes, one of the most erotic scenes on the site. I'm not a fan of pubic hair, but happily there was not a real forest on either lady - and in any case their enjoyment of each other was so transparent and thorough that nobody could have objected! The lesbians scenes on the site are very often among the most delightful, and make up for those massage scenes which would be so much more erotic if both ladies were naked. Scenes like this do however beg the question: what is the difference between seeing a woman licking another woman's cunt or a woman sucking (with great enjoyment) a man's cock, when we are not allowed to see man licking a lady's cunt? Think on, Peter! - and thanks, again.

love_3 United States

one of the best everything on this great is grade-a material, but this one is definitely head of the pack. perfect transitioning

b Australia

Girls, girls I'm not in love with the bodies of either of these girls (given their sexual orientation, it's just as well, I guess); but the pleasure they give each other and the way they really give into each other's pleasure zones is great and a real turn-on. No, the public hair doesn't do it for me, but there wasn't a great deal of it, and the whole erotic thrill of the thing carried it forward.

nudist281 United States

love that movie The two ladies, even though they are not shaved bare, do a great movie, and I would have wanted to be part of it when it was made.

United States

RE: love that movie Although they are not shaved bare? they are women....not girls

Japanese Yoni Massage | April 26th, 2011
Japanese Yoni Massage
Gail United States

Women only Right on, sisters! This is how we want it.

AlvisHoney Canada

A helping hand When my GF starts getting real interested in these movies then I know I'm on to something good.

Birdman Canada

Hair piece Neat little bush. Makes it more real than too much shaving.

GeeWhiz United States

Slow hand Is this the tantric sex they talk about? If it is, put me down for some.

Paul Masters United Kingdom

Panting Just loved the way that heavy breathing made it seem she's in my room.

rick1501 United States

Erotic-- Sexy- Lust I loved the natural sound, the woman enjoying all that she was given just wonderful. I have never been so hard, the shots of her pussy, the touching, and her lust for more, including her sexy moans. Peter bring on more of these type of massages, music low and the natural sounds of sexual pleasure.

wheeler United States

who is this? which model? Just curious. dont see a name, anywhere. super smokin hot, at any rate!

Jack United Kingdom

RE: who is this? its Konata :) yummyyyyyyyy

Falco Austria

Nice shot, but the bush is just disgusting! Not even trimmed these long black hairs are the antidotes not to get exited when watching this video.

student of pleasure Australia

orgasmic bliss peter, can i just say your inclusion of the massage component of your site has taken my personal sex life to an unprecedented level. my girl is an absolutely stunning blonde shaven pussied eastern european beauty who would not look out of place on your site, and our sex has always been raw, hard and explosive. but after watching oriental pearl, and many of the other 'tantric' massages, my girls ( and mine) orgasms have been so powerful and explosive, that i have never ejaculated so much cum, and she now for the first time in our 8 yrs together, squirts and multiple orgasms, sometimes to the point of hyperventilating, and she sees flashes of brilliant colour as she climaxes. we have both dedicated ourselves to studying and learning the techniques used by your masseuses, and have enjoyed many explosive orgasms when watching them, and can i say to all the guys out there, learn these techniques! THEY WORK AWESOMELY WELL! your site has transformed our sex life peter. i now take all the time my girl needs, if that means hours, then its hours. i have learnt to understand a woman and exactly what brings her ultimate pleasure. so thank you peter very much. can i also ask, that just once, as a treat to us all, that you add penile penetration and visible ejaculation by the male. the mutual magic massage would have been perfect for this. i know that is not the aim of your site, and i love the site just the way it is, but to see close up HD filming of oily rythmical penetration and subsequent ejaculation over the back or stomach would send this site into hyperspace!!!!!

Dandaman United States

hairy I'm just the opposite...I fine the hairy pussy on her very erotic n sensual...also like how it is shaved below too!

MaxPeter2 United States

Bravo! So sensual watching this woman be taken to the height of excitement. Maybe in the future Petter you can have one massuse working the top half while another works on the bottom half.

xrayclay United States

RE: Get over it! It natural and beautiful!

Nighti United States

Great but... ...great sensual viewing but earphones and their background music/noise are distracting...

sonny Australia

RE: orgasmic bliss i agree with the student of pleasure. watching and studying your massage videos has taken fuking to new heights for me also. my babe and i oil up everytime we copulate now, and we both fully shave. we fuk, suk and come to your videos all the time. keep bringing them on peter! they send my baby into overdrive!!!!!

CucinaMan United States

YoniMassage Quite simply...DELICIOUS!

peterswiftt United States

neverland What is wrong with the anal experience? Even if the models are not quite up to it, in these throws of passion it would add real authenticity if the misuse just worked it in. It would bring a great unsuspected pleasur for both the model and the viewer.

Nadyort United States

Very educational massage tutorial. Really teaches one to appreciate more, that which makes life.

lovejill222 United States

pretty model you really don,t know if she had an orgasm or not like to see models be more verbal if they have an orgasm

Bekki United Kingdom

Devine This is absolutely stunning. It's unclear as to whether she orgasms, but she doesn't really need to. As far as I know the whole point of proper yoni massage is that the receiver doesn't cum. As a woman though, I can say that I can't imagine not exploding if someone was doing this to me. I think I'd squirt several times!

MojoMa_cs7b Switzerland

Yoni Massage Some women are not very demonstrative during orgasm. One shouldn't be misled by vocal porn stars who are demonstrably performing (acting) for the camera. Often, the best orgasmic clues are laboured breathing and contractions of the lower abdomen. For these reasons it is relatively easy for women to fake orgasms. Men, however, usually have to ejaculate visibly to 'prove' they've had an orgasm.

The Art Of Japanese Penis Honoring | October 1st, 2010
The Art Of Japanese Penis Honoring
Eddy United States

Perfect! Perfect casting. This guy is really equipped and you can just see her thinking “I wonder?”

Marco Italy

nice contrast Cool movie. These 2 are great with each other, so different yet both together what they want.

Daniel United States

wow!!! She really knows how to handle herself and him but how can he last out so long?

Gina Canada

more more!! I'm really getting off on this kind of movie. Let's have plenty more.

Genzol Hong Kong

Great, great movie She is like a doll and yet very seductive More of these movies please

Henrico Switzerland

So long! How can he last so long?

Lily United States

Honoring massage Peter, this is one of your most artistic and gorgeous works as of yet. On the side of improvement, do us a few favors... -The man's finish should be included. On her skin would do. -Let this amazing women use her mouth on his skin. That would be astonishing to watch. -Someday have a man do this same massage. Yes, you've done some thing like it...but duplicate this and women will indulge in it. -Explain the massage before hand so we don't see her looking to you for ruins the moment very quickly. -Have the women use more of her body to tease the man. She came close, but she needs to be attentive to his mouth. Konata the masseuse is world's above the other competition...she actually enjoys touching her man. She shows how women should treat men. This far outdoes the other male massages you have had. Keep exactly this theme going...You rock!!!!!!!!

dave Canada

ending Beautiful but anti climax at the end... Should have seen the happy ending and her mouth to better use....

Abashai United States

Great film. As to Lily's comments, the day you have a man message another man like this is the day my 5+ years of membership ends.

John Sweden

Nice! A very nice movie, as always. Some small suggestions though: Yes, I agree that one likes to see the man come after such an edging session. As well as a woman of course. And, please make the men and women who receive all this wonderful treatment writhe, sound out loud and really show their appreciation! Not just stillness and completely quite, just breathing harder. But not exaggorated sounds and movements of course, that really can destroy a good movie, but just natural moaning and writhing. I could guess what I would sound and look like anyway, under that girl's hands... :-) And I have this wish for seeing massage combined with bondage. maybe one day...? :-) And, but maybe that's just me, when it comes to women, please more bushy girls receiving massage!!! :-) The video "Yoni massage" is my absolutely favourite so far, as both the masseuse and the customer sound and react just perfectly to the situation.

alex United Kingdom

massage awesome

D.L. United States

Well, this one broke my mind. I have never driven off of a cliff before, but that was the sensation I felt when I watched the video end and this guy didn't cum. How he didn't with what she was doing to this man was beyond me. That said, oh my GOD she is hot. I could have used a few more views of her delicious pussy and asshole, but her face was so gorgeous I honestly didn't mind. Just having her tease this dick with her little fingers and the insides of her thighs was so good. I sincerely hope we keep seeing videos like this as time goes on. I just love the way it starts, her reaching between his legs, and touch his smoothness--I can almost feel her fingers when she starts the massage. So good. Just, so good. Thank you, Hegre Art!!

jenesais United States

Penis Honoring Just a HJ, but couldn't have been filmed or performed better.

Shaq United States

I haven't even finished watching the entire video yet and this is easily already one of my top three favorite videos from this site. I notice a lot of people posting suggestions on what to add to the videos such as climaxes, oral sex, etc. My only comment on this is that Peter is the artist, the models from this website are his paint, and the computer screen/camera lens is the canvas. While it is entirely within reason to hope and wish for more "hard-core" sexual activity, I think we should leave the final product in Peter's more than capable hands. I am a new member here and I can already tell that the focus of this website is more artistic than it is sexual; more sensual than it is carnally provocative. If I want to see a man climaxing upon a woman's face I will go to another site. If I want to see the beauty of mutually beneficial eroticism and shared respect I will come and stay here--where I find myself spending many, many hours.

Jay United States

Great... Great video, but I agree that his finish should have been shown just as a climax to all of her work.

finderweb Italy

The Art of Japanese Penis Wonderfoul and exiting, the contrast for black & white are excellent. Very nice babe, but I prefere to see the end with cumshot how in other show "penis massage". My compliments Hegre ... don't stop! Regards

Ugot Germany

it is amazing how he can resist so long. And I had in some area the feeling that she felt uncomfortable just to pleasure him without getting him. Perfect movie! Thanks!

coreysurfer United States

Well, I did hard to believe he didn't finish, maybe edited out for art sake and make us wonder? brilliant if so...leaves us gussing and feeling so many things as you watch it the second time knowing he didn't cum, and makes you feel as a man or woman how such a tingling massage would feel ( i've had a massage) nothing like this un fortunatley....but exciting to watch I must say and well, I did..

Will Taiwan, Province of China

This is really turning me on! I am hard to feel exited after 35. But your web wake me up. I like the series of massage. Keep walking,massaging!

simbasa United States

best massage vid ever. very erotic. Keep going. more asian gals please.

shapro88 United States

more penis massage videos please

Patrick Germany

The best massage video I have ever seen! Even better, it would have been if you had seen the cum shot. If the aspect of art is not harmed

Sigma1 Germany

Was wären wir Menschen ohne Sex? Wir sollten Gott jeden Morgen auf Knien danken das er uns den Sex geschenkt hat!!! Ohne Sex wäre wir Menschen verlorene Wesen im Universum! Wir danken Gott, dass er Mann und Frau und den Sextrieb seiner Schöpfung geben hat! P.S. Der schwarze Hengst kann nur so lange wiederstehen weil er die Augen geschlossen hält! Würde er den Anblick dieser sinnlichen asiatischen Sexgöttin erleben, würde er sich schon längst in geiler Wonne ergossen haben!

terahtocan United Kingdom

sensual interracial Being a black male and having a former thai girlfriend this brings back some lovely memories. The female model is perfectly formed and so playful. This is probably my favourite movie on the site and i would love to see more interracial movies.

charlied Ethiopia

4 hands tantric massage wonderfully erotic massage videos. Truly lovely. I hope that Hegre will expand his repertoire to the 4 hands sensual erotic massage.

jonnie United States

Awesome Totally awesome! I think its about time we stop living a double standard where women only can be showing off their bodies! Its about time us guys are doing so and Petter it is so great that you are featuring this now! Lets hope you continue this and bring us more male models getting massaged or even just plain nude! I am not gay, but enjoyed this film tremendously! I am very quite comfortable with the male body especially my own! So it is most welcome to see this! I love how this man came out first to pose being flacid! Then the part when the lady reached down between his legs and did a circle rub on his shaft was so wonderful! Then when he turned over to see his beautiful penis was a sight as much as seeing the pleasure on his face as she massaged his shaft! More Petter Please!

Peter Netherlands

waiting for tantrac massage vol. 2 !!!

Fabrice France

OMG allow her to kiss it

kantundcunt United States

all sexual activity Your site has broken some new barriers in artistic sexual context. The videos are beautiful and sensual. Please continue the video artistic exploration of ALL human sexual activity, including oral sex and sexual intercourse.

CJ United States

weird Not sure I'm following you here. I guess it's all right to show women having 'explosive' orgasms (Explosive Orgasmic Massage, Involuntary Orgasm Massage, and on and on) but for a guy it's off limits? Or does art somehow in your mind, dictate that a guy can't cum? What is that all about? It seems to me that a massage that cool should show everything as in a real world experience. Just like those lucky girls. I've been to Japan and Thailand and had similar experiences. Why are you ashamed to show it? Does showing a man cumming all of a sudden make it dirty, non-art? I'm not sure I'll still subscribe to this even though it's very well done but you hold back for some neurotic reason with the male models and I think that's just plain and simply...... Weird.

KB Denmark

RE: weird Fully agree, it is like unwrapping a fancy wrapped gift and then find discount inside...

cjrmd1 United States

RE: RE: weird One more thing, and this pertains to all but one of the male massage videos, my girlfriend gets very turned on by these and the Lingam massage but she keeps saying "let's see how great this Goddess really is and show her making the man cum to orgasm." Not only that but she would like to see if any of these women have any interesting techniques that she (I doubt it) doesn't know to make a man ejaculate fiercely.

Smee United States

so close Has any consideration been given to giving us what you are alluding to here? You've done everything but give us what this video makes us want....

lg United States

konata and lulu anyway you can have a pretty asian man blown by these two honeys? it is boring to see beautiful asian women doing everyone EXCEPT asian men! We got cocks to massage ALSO peter!

Sensual69luv United States

Truly Sensual I do find these to be the most sensual and erotic videos on the net today. I agree with most on here stating that bringing the man to climax would add a whole new dimension to the sensuality. Please leave the ones that you currently have, but add another genre with male orgasm. There are a number of women who climax on these videos, but let's add more. I applaud the quality of the work performed!!!

lawdog United States

RE: Truly Sensual Recently joined the site after seeing previews of the massage films. excellent stuff ! I agree the orgasm would be nice but I especially like the contrast of the Asian Girl and the Black Man . I am hooked on Asians anyway and this coupled with a well endowed black guy is exciting.Konata really looked as if she was getting aroused towards the end of the film.

lawdog690 United States

Japanese Penis Honoring Just joined after viewing some of the massage galleries. excellent quality and photography. highly erotic. want to see more of the Japanese / Asian girls with well endowed Black Men. the contrast and the taboo of the situation is highly erotic. It looks as if Konata was getting aroused later in the film. Orgasm would really add ...I feel, but in any event we need more interracial . I am White but the power of this film is amazing ! Thank You for this site

Foxton United Kingdom

Massage The lady's breasts are rather too generous - surprisingly so for a Japanese - for my taste, and I don't care for the rather pronounced bush of pubic hair; but the massage itself and her care for the black boy's cock are wonderful - these cross-ethnic massages are excellent. I'm a little uneasy, like several other members, at the fact that these massages of guys by girls end inconclusively; ejaculation isn't a dirty word or a dirty event, and would bring closure to what are often very beautiful episodes.

Foxton United Kingdom

RE: Massage P.S. - Apologies - on a closer look he clearly does ejaculate, though it's an ooze rather than a geezer! Great.

Foxton United Kingdom

Ingenious The more I watch this film the more teasingly erotic it becomes: WHAT a tease the last thirty minutes provides - there are moments when you are absolutely sure she is going to kill his cock, or at least place it to her cheek; others when a real 69 seems possible. How the guy manages not to cum at least four times during the session is mystery. I will be happily surprised if anything more erotic ever appears on this splendid site! Many congratulations and thanks.

John United States

RE: Awesome Nothing wrong with being gay. Be proud of it.

Lawdog United States

Konata Thoroughly enjoyed Konata in " The art of Japanese Penis Honoring " would love to see her do a massage of another black man as this film was one of the most erotic that I have seen without stepping into the hardcore arena ! The contrast of her light skinned beauty and his black toned body is remarkable and I am sure that positive response has been overwhelming. thank you again and we need to see her again with maybe Lexington Steele or Mandingo ?

Hangdog Ireland

So arousing What a delicious film, so sensual and arousing visually and sonically. Such a beautiful man with that delectable powerful penis, and how delightfully the masseuse worships it. It doesn't get much better than this for a biseaxual man who loves both masculine and feminine beauty.

bandots Indonesia

allow luba to japanese honoring mike i wonder how if luba massage mike with japanese penis honoring

Eric United States

Konata Konata is perhaps the most beautiful of all ladies on this site and I like women of all nationalities. This is amazing!!

Jacob Netherlands

Hopefully there will be coming a next episode on this beautiful erotic clip/movie

bob333 Switzerland

wow did not realize this was the most watched video

slohanseztouch United States

control all this and no visual by he. Either amazing control or well mannered for the sake of a awnsomely beautiful experience to watch. Senuosly attentive methodical attention. I am most impressed.

yaseinoseishin Singapore

Impressive Gay Man - Gorgeous Nihonjin Over 30 min before this guy got a boner? And over 50 min and he never cums? This guy is a gay as a double rainbow. Kudos to Ms Geisha. A straight guy would have only been good for a 10 min video

Lupo aus der Schweiz Switzerland

Mind Blowing Boner Massage Hegre-Art hat es einmal mehr verstanden, einen herrlichen Massage-Film zu produzieren und ins Netz zu stellen. Ich persönlich kann von einem solchen 'Hammer' nur träumen, bin aber sicher dass eine Massage dieser Art und mit einer so sinnlichen Masseuse auch bei mir Leib und Seele in Wallung bringen würden. Herzliche Gratulation ans ganze Team sowie die Darsteller und freue mich auf weitere Filme. Uebrigens: Ich habe mir alle 63 Veröffentlichungen angesehen und bin sehr begeistert!

Jozef United Kingdom

Disappointing Great girl, love her teasing. His penis is not the most enjoyable to watch, no offence, and she obviously is desperate to make him come however he is hardly responding. Disappointing end, it would have been great after 50 minutes to see him spray.

Jerry United States

How About..... ....something more, well, educational? Perhaps a tantric massage for the woman as well? Nicely done here, though.

MojoMa_cs7b Switzerland

Male Massage I not that few white (European-type) males enjoy the pleasure of a massage in your videos. I assume that this isn't a racially-motivated decision, as I'm sure there would be numerous volunteers.

Neo Korea, Republic of

RE: Impressive Gay Man - Gorgeous Nihonjin I agree I wouldve came alot in this video especially with her sitting on my dick playing with it and also with her big breasts in my face during the massage. My fantasy is her and Fabi giving me a four hand massage for 90 mins.... LAWRD!!!!

Smooth1001 United States

How beautiful it would have been... ....when the masseuse was straddling insert him inside her....breathtaking, really...and a logical conclusion rather than masturbation. Porn? No way. Gorgeous love-making, yes.

windmill Netherlands

hot radiating Mutual touching naked bodies all over is such a great pleasure to see. For both participants the heat and pleasure are so obvious. This is exactly why male female completely naked massages are thrilling to capture in your images. Using all of each others bodies rather then hands only most certainly will make heating radiance much more.

Madronas United States

Please don't change the site I've searched the web for a long time trying to find one that focused on what I liked. I didn't expect to ever find it, because so many sites are focused more on men and what they want. I finally found a site that I really love. It's the first time I've ever paid for any type of site subscription, ever, which is a testiment to how much I love it. But now I see all these suggestions on how to change it. Most of the suggestions are changes that would make it be something I don't love. I like that one person is giving and one person is receiving. I like that the giver is clothed, because its not about their body, its about the receiver's body. I don't particularly care if the giver is a man or a woman, because again, its not about their gender either. Actually, I do prefer it when the giver is a woman, because she touches exactly where and how a woman likes to be touched. I like that it doesn't include sexual intercourse or blow jobs, because that would spoil the whole "lay there and receive this gift of full body pleasure." And I hated it when she was looking into the camera, posing with his penis, rather than focusing on his pleasure. That seemed out of character for this site. There are already literally thousands of sites that include "the next level" of sexual intercourse and blow jobs, and I go there when that's what I'm in the mood for. There's only one site like this. It's like when people move to a small town to escape the city, saying they love the small town rural lifestyle, yet they immediately start making suggestions on how to "improve" it, based on their own personally tastes, and after awhile, it becomes more and more like the city they moved away from. Please keep this site as it is. My favorite aspect of it is that it's real. I'm so tired of a lifetime of watching faked orgasms. While I would love a happy ending in every video, I would rather it stay real.

NikiFree United States

Beautful I agree with Madronas, please do not change the site. I find it Beautful and so sensual. The body, sensuality and femininity all comes together to be one of the most erotic and sexually stimulating and artful experiences one can enjoy. Thank you. Niki Free

Lakeshore22 United States

Massage for 2 That was torturous. I don't understand how intercourse was avoided. I feel sorry for the both of them... I hope they hooked up off screen

BBM Mexico

Why have you not done another massage with these two? The combination is the hottest on the site. Please do another but let her give him some head. She got so close but so far....

JerseyJoe3 United States

Please add final few minutes to this This is such a hot, erotic video with two beautiful models. Petter, please edit to add the final two or three minutes where he finally achieves the release we all want to see. Don't leave us hanging!

Presto Canada

Wow What a fantastic movie - my favorite of your great site. This woman is just soooooooooooooooo hot! And its great when you have such a hot woman, naked, giving a man a massage. The fact she is hot and naked makes it fantastic viewing... But the ending was a real let down: after 50 minutes, it would have been great to see him have a release... What was going on there? With this hottie, I could have exploded a dozen times in 50 minutes!!!!!!!

Prest Canada

RE: RE: Massage No, I'm 99.9% certain that's just the light reflecting. Look at Blisterling Lingham Massage, when Mike cums, he explodes!!!

drsc11 United States

Agreed. The woman slipped through barriers and achieved closer intimacy with the man throughout the near hour long video. The mood and music fits. I agree with the above criticisms and wonder why his release wasn't included. His release would've made the 50-minute bonding complete.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Japanese Penis Honouring This was so popular, in part, because both heterosexual participants were naked and there was full body-body contact. Members will surely enjoy more like this if both participants -- whether M/F, G/G, or M/M -- are nude and visibly interact with each other.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Japanese Penis Honouring The non-penetrative genital-genital contacts were particularly well done. As for the 'cum factor'; it is possible for men to have an orgasm without ejaculation, as any Tantra therapist will confirm. His body-language near the end suggests that this may have happened here.

roger1940 Israel

RE: the girl is a dream the best I saw so far she do everything so perfect , WAOOW the last day of my life I want spend with her

line447 United States

Very Disturbing Agree w/ previous comments. Any male will find this very disturbing to watch. Failure to provide a release is constitutes torture in this situation.

Davbru United States

Hopefully Hopefully, this masseuse took him all the way to a finish after this video was filmed. I was feeling his pain. Looked like she was seriously trying to get him off, but for some reason he didn't let go. No lack of skill on her part.

windmill Netherlands

completely naked massages These completely naked male female massages are so vey exiting to see here. The clearly erotic scenes are filmed so well standing out among all others. The focus is on the sensualty of strokes and touches. The human form of both male and female is so wounderful and beautiful allowing for so much interaction in complete nakedness. I believe there is still lots to follow in complete naked male and female films and pictures.

Mega United States

He would have loved to stick something inside of her.

Maroon United States

Count me among those confused and disappointed that we didn't get to see her finish him off. I can only assume she did, since she spent the last several minutes jacking him off and was still doing so as the video faded out. Maybe she freaked out when his come got on her? Still very erotic. Her body is up there with Muriel.

Toady United States

I don't see how they could have avoided intercourse. When you have a hot, sexy chick rubbing against your genitals, I don't see how you can resist having intercourse. If I were in his shoes, I would have released during the video.