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Photo of Clover


Photo of Clover
Name: Clover
Country: Russia
Weight: 45kg
Height: 164cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

She’s a honey

Clover is following up her sensational LiveCam appearances with her boyfriend. She is fulfilling her ambition to be an erotic model.

It’s a natural development. This student from Moscow, Russia just loves nudism. From Russia to the warmer climes of Spain and Croatia you can find her sunning herself. If it can be done nude that’s the way Clover will do it. Swimming and diving are two of her favourite pastimes. Nude of course. Now she has plunged into erotic modelling with the same enthusiasm.

Dancing and handicrafts are part of her creativity as well. She might keep her clothes on for them. Her big blue eyes and flawless complexion are still there to be seen. Combine them with breast-length flowing hair and you have the outstanding beauty that is Clover.

Click here to meet her in person!

Clover Galleries

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Clover Galleries COMMENTS

Clover erotic tantra massage part2 | October 22nd, 2012
Clover erotic tantra massage part2
wheeler United States

pic27 I think she's enjoying that a little too much!lol

skywatch Canada

Clover.... Wow!!!! This is fantastic...Love it! Hope there is a movie..... Well done Peter! Clover is a really open minded gal!

Schleckermaul Germany

I think I might have got something that should fit perfectly into the rear entrance of heaven.

juanita123 Canada

Clover With every touch, one sees a glorious smile erupt on Clover's face.

boner United States

ific I clicked through these photos as fast as possible and was rock hard half-way through. Show me the video ASAP. Phoot Gallery Scores 15/10

CaptailnMarvel Australia

Clover Massage This is the most erotic massage yet! And what is in the plastic syringe that the masseuse is so sensitively administering to Clover? It is opening up a whole new journey...

Roger United States

Two Hole Girl Clover delivers, that's all I can say! What a girl, what an erotic erotic girl. Love the way she arches her back. Part of the erotic maturation of Hegre Art over the years has been first vaginal and then anal penetration. I find anal penetration extremely erotic and support fully Hegre-Art and Clover expanding the boundaries of tasteful eroticism. Thank you.

JLAS France

clover clover is the best!!!

Pinniped United States

Clover/oil Nothing but spectacular, I have recently purchased a massage table and have watched several of the Tantra Massage films and many of the galleries and would like to know what type of oil is used especially when it is used inside the body for lubrication?

PAT33X France

j'admire j'admire tout simplement se laisser aller, faire confiance c'est vraiment super l'huile les doigts j'aime j'espère qu'elle à vraiment eu du plaisir

Dave United States

Clover !! It is great to see Clover again. She is Hot !! She has a perfect body, a great pleasure to behold !! She has had great photo sessions, and totally hot Massage and film sessions previously. You can tell she has a good attitude and is confident with her own sexuality. Let's see more of Clover !! I would love to see her in more films !! Thank you Clover !!

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 9 Just can't get enough of Clover's sublime Pussy.

Clover the girl in the window | October 7th, 2012
Clover the girl in the window
wheeler United States

another lovely view!Mr Fiance is a lucky dude!

owen scott Australia

ha ha lara bingle eat your heart out ,you've been surpased by a better looking woman and a much better photographer , thanks clover, thanks petter.

Roger United States

Voyeuristic Joy Hegre you hit the voyeuristic jackpot with this "Naked Girl in the Window" series! Clover is fantastic as always. What a thrill to her undress in front of a window. The gradual revealing of the butt is the most erotic way for a girl to undress, and love the way you have her raise her short dress over her butt in photos 8-15. Favorite photos: 6, 14 and 16-17. Thank you Hegre and Thank You Clover!

PrimeNerdity United States

I love me some Clover! She is so exuberant, beautiful and fantastic.

wheeler United States

RE: ha ha lara who???

Dave United States

Those Eyes !! There is something very special about Clover. She has an exquisite body, perfection. However, her eyes are stunning !! When you look into those eyes, it seems as if she is looking into your soul. There is something very attractive going on behind those eyes. They draw you in. I would love to meet her in person, to feel that magic first hand !! I am a great fan of Clover !! I would like to see more photo spreads and movies of her. Her fiancé is one lucky guy !! Thank you Clover !!

Clover Russian bath | September 24th, 2012
Clover Russian bath

thank you for turning on the water...with SOAP, no less! clover is lovely,as always! now, I must ask for a video!!!

Voyeur United States

Clover, you've got it all, from the very first photo to the last.

Roger United States

Clover and Clover's Butt What a girl! What beauty! and What a butt! Photo 15 fantastic! Great to see girls in the shower, kind a voyeuristic thrill. Thank you Clover!

archcon212 United States

Clover Either her boyfriend or me needs to be in the shower with her.

Uwe Germany

Dakota When is Dakota to be seen here as a model? She is pretty and perfect!

Clover fiance fellatio | September 12th, 2012
Clover fiance fellatio
MojoMa Switzerland

Mystery Man Mystery man identifiable at last. Thank you Hegre-Art. Now, how to get his clothes off when he's with a nude Clover?. Fair's fair, and bare's bare!.

Zeppelin Germany

Clothed or not I can't stand him.

George Sweden

I agree with those who want see tem both naked. Petteer I.m waiting for an film when they make love togethher-both nude. I know that you can do this film in an artiscic way and not pornograhy.

MojoMa Switzerland

Mystery Man Well then, Zeppelin, it's a good thing you're not his fiancée. I just think it is only fair that, if one of a pair is naked, then the other should also be. Otherwise, the clothed one is effectively 'dominating' -- or in a superior position -- relative to the other. Mutual nudity tends to equalise relationships. That's what my 'Fair's fair, and bare's bare' comment meant.

MojoMa Switzerland

Mystery Man -Clothed or Not Well then, Zeppelin, it's a good thing you're not her fiancée!. I just think that in such contexts when one of a couple is naked, then the other should also be. Otherwise the clothed one appears to be in a position of dominance -- or superiority -- over the other. Mutual nudity tends to equalise the relationship between them. That's what my 'Fair's fair, and bare's bare!' comment meant.

Roger United States

Strong work! Brava Clover!

Voyeur United States

It would have been good to see his tongue inside her.

old timer Nicaragua

fellatio I would prefer to see her looking at his man's penis instead of looking at the camera;the name for this work should be "pre-fellatio". Anyway, she is beautiful.

slickwilly United States

fella(tio) Someone as to say it: "Clover sure knows how to do a fella."

Sean United States

Have to agree with old timer. In most of her sets she doesn't appear to be that interested in her fiance.

Honey Eater United States

Love Clover's eyes Petter does a tremendous job capturing Clover. Her beautiful eyes and beguiling smile grab my attention every time, and I love that she's looking at the camera in most of her images. Her "penis play" sets are some of the most erotic on the site and I would love to see more of her and her fiancé. Unfortunately, it seems she has taken a leave from us. Here's hoping the Clover will blossom again here!

irenastevo Australia

clover fiance fellatio Extreme good!

Clover booty delicious | September 1st, 2012
Clover booty delicious

delicious booty, among other things!

Roger United States

Bottoms Up Thank you Clover! Great series with shots 45-50 a sort of "Grand Finale!"

PrimeNerdity United States

I love me some Clover. She is so beautiful and well built.

simon Switzerland

Pic 50 is about as legendary as the butterfly. Nice.

yulki Chile

please come back to livecams!! please cloo, come back to live cams!!!!!

phil France

very nice but to much soft

gator United States

Clover's Booty The greatest final photos in any gallery I have ever seen. Legendary woof woof bath tub photos. Excellent !

Benno Belgium

Excellent The final images of this set are awesome! Would love to see more images/sets like this. And not only with Clover ;)

Clover and fiancé part 2 | August 11th, 2012
Clover and fiancé part 2

more of lovely Clover, and still no schlong! I can live with that!lol

RAMI Israel

CLOVER I love you You have a perfect body Beautiful pussy I want to meet you

MojoMa Switzerland

Clover and Fiancé He could have better shewn her his love and respect for her by being as undressed as Clover. Why is he so bashful, when she is so overt?. Does he have something to hide?.

KOMET United States


variable-43 United States

No more of this stuff, please. Her "fiance" is a HUGE turn-off.

MojoMa Switzerland

Clover and Fiancé He could have shewn more love and respect to Clover by being as undressed as she is. Of what is he afraid?. If she can be so generous with her body, why can't he?. It was the same with the first video of them; he hid himself whilst she pleasured him. It looks like a rather one-sided affair. If he's going to take part he should do so completely, as she does, not in such a half-hearted way.

abby United States

so pretty Clover is so beautiful--face, skin and that little pink pussy! She's a living doll. The last few in the series were terrific!

kidstone Canada

There's something fundamentally unbelievable about all these photo sets, where a beautiful, naked woman climbs all over the body of a supposedly straight male--and he DOESN'T do what comes naturally. Really?

machado70 Belgium

clover is amazing! one of the BEST body and pussy I ve seen on of the best pussy ever!!!!!

archcon212 United States

Clover I agree with MojoMa, Lets see a love making session between both of them, both naked and some oral sex both ways, without intercourse. Please make it happen. If any of the other girls want to do what Clover does in her photos with their boyfriends, bring it on.

tdonna5 United States

Please do this again with both naked and INVOLVED. Your site can handle it!!!

pnlart France

Orgasm The clover Orgasm is great. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest United States

Re: Clover Just my personal experience...Clover (Kate) and her boyfriend (Vlad) started in the webcam services. Both naked and making love beautifully in live private sessions. It's extremely sexy to see Kate's tight tiny pussy being penetrated by her lover. Kate has graduated to be a teacher now and decided to leave the webcam services. It's my deeply honor having met and known them...

Herminator67 Germany

The lucky man. He can taste and smell her wonderfull pussy.

Sandy United Kingdom

feast or famine? As a follow on from Ryonen where there's no pussy to this midblowing excess of pussy is like chalk and cheese. Brilliant gallery but a little staged but Clover is sooooo sexy with her tight little pussy. Love it!!!!! Just upset that I have a slow internet connection which spoils a lot of sites. Pity I missed her getting off on webcam

Anonymous United States

Love seeing the super closeup of her asshole. We need more like this. We need to see Alya like this. Who's with me, let's petition

Dave United States

Clover ! I would love to give Clover a Mustache Ride any day !! Such a delectable pussy !!

Clover solo sex | August 2nd, 2012
Clover solo sex
Truth2012 Germany

Amazing Once again Clover never fails to amaze! Pretty, awesome body, and such a beautiful and tight vagina. Is it just me or does her pretty little pussy lips remind you of a blossoming flower?

Perfect Pussy United States

Yummy Looking She is so wonderful and youthful! I want her sooo bad.

negro Mexico

besutifill I like her but i preffer to see haired girls

miguel Canada

wow What a glorious woman. I love her pussy.

RAMI Israel

CLOVER All your photos perfect!I love your vigina

Bertie Dugger United Kingdom

I love Clover, and she always has that cheeky smile. Great set; now can we have a set with the same lighting and poses with Yana?

Smee United States

Video This needed to be a video. She is obviously a VERY naughty girl!

Clover medical fetish | July 28th, 2012
Clover medical fetish
rami Israel

CLOVER I love you The very beautiful


clover is lovely, as always!but, I'm still itching to see that chair ussed forr the purpose for which it was intended!:P

Rick United States

Clover has such a cute tiny lickable

pas' Belgium

clothed boyfriend Plese call back her clothed boyfriend and shoot this couple together again

brainmapeeg France

medical fetish Thank you for Clover medical fetish. it's possible a next medical fetish with stethoscope and electrods ? Inside Clover life...

Laurie United Kingdom

Hot as Fuck The sequence of images, 37-47, are exquisitely explicite and utterly ravishing...

Clover portraits | July 20th, 2012
Clover portraits

lovely!must say I prefer clover sans bf!but, that's just me :)

Rainer Germany

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Gooz United States

Very beautiful. Nice to see Clover has teeth...normally all we get is that tight lipped smile. The sexiest among the current group of far.

docwally United States

Clover in the morning What a way to start the day, Clover in all her glory!

bobbob United States

Clover is supper! I always love Clover's shoots; all Clover no bush!

Ebenezer United Kingdom

Cute! Hello Clover. You know, you just have to be the cutest thing on the planet!

Ignacio Mexico

Hermosa bebita very tender

Jeff United States

Clover's smiles Clover, you're a stunningly beautiful girl. Smiles showing teeth are better, I think.

pascalou Belgium

I prefer when she is with her clothed boyfriend... That was a real different style of pics...we rarely see on the net. So please Peter go on with "nude model/clothed boyfriend" style...

purplescarf Canada

OMG She's the most beautiful girl on HEGRE. ;_; im having tears of hapiness so much!! Thx Hegre!

Martin Germany

Shaving or waxing? Her pussy look so perfect! Does she shave or wax it?

Peter from germany Germany

you are PERFECT Clover, you are absolutly PERFECT ! I love your long brown hair your blue eyes are e dream your face and your smile is so nice your breast is absolutly PERFECT your pussy is a dream your hands/fingers and your nails are so natural pretty, I love it so much your legs and your feet are a dream you are from head to the feet absolutly PERFECT you are a dream, a dream of being true ! you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen !!!!! Many thanks for your work, you do so many men happy, and you can make me even happier, if you would produce a couple video ! That would be my biggest wish ;-)

Clover and boyfriend | July 8th, 2012
Clover and boyfriend

lucky guy! and I, for one am glad he waited to rip his clothesoff until the shooting was done!(although, I shouldnt speak so soon!)

star Japan

Oh. So jelausi

Flesharrower Australia

Drape any number of hot naked women on a guy wearing socks and it STILL won't be sexy...

intoit United States

One lucky SOB Clover may just be the sexiest woman on the planet!!! Great stuff!

Jacky Germany

Nice but why does he keep his clothes on?

Victor Double Canada

Clover is so delightful. She exudes pure sexuality.

Smooth1001 United States

Nice, but If the models are not both nude, so what?

Penetrator Germany

Beautiful series! That's a beautiful series, Clover's sweet, and I like the contrast of her being naked and him being clothed.

Voyeur United States

Clover has the most beautiful pussy here and her cute personality makes seeing her all the more enjoyable.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Clover and Boyfriend As a supporter of the principle of 'naked reciprocity', I feel it is a unfairly exploitative when one of a pair -- usually the woman -- in an erotic or sexual situation is naked but the other -- usually the man -- remains dressed; especially when they are supposed to be intimate friends. We're all consenting adults on this site and we know what male and female genitalia look like, so why not shew both?. If the man has a problem maintaining an erection, this can be remedied between individual shots.

Clover erotic tantra massage part1 | June 15th, 2012
Clover erotic tantra massage part1
wheeler United States

the suspense is killing me!:P

blackflash Australia

Clover i am in lust with Clover. her smile, her eyes, her body, her eveerything... i trust there is a video of this to cum...

docwally United States

Never get tired of looking at Clover's pussy!

Voyeur United States

Thst was great. Clovers most perfect pussy attended to by a great lookin masseuse.

Fishman United States

I'm totally ready for the masseuse to show us the goods!

Kevin from Hertfordshire in England United Kingdom

By picture 57 should we expect to see some cum as Clover has been massaged for so long.

osmosis Canada

RE: Photo number 61 How can the intensity of pleasure be determined before it becomes pain? There must be a threshold at some point that varies for each individual? I would imagine the "threshold" can be increased the more each partner practices or is massaged. I felt my mind and genitalia being aroused the longer I dwelled on some images more than others. I am not explaining myself as well as I want to, the intensity of some events completely fucks up my mind and carries me away - and I am a male.

MarcusA Netherlands

great Can't wait for part 12!

Clover a doctors dream | June 7th, 2012
Clover a doctors dream
Bix96 United States

Wow The most delicious looking pussy on the planet!

Mikestromike United States

Genuine Smile Not only is Clover blessed with a beautiful body that I seem to never get tired of adoring..... she also has the most inviting genuine and wholesome smile that in my opinion makes her the COMPLETE package! Peter, you should encourage all the models to smile more to bring out a whole new dimension of their personality.

Guest United States

Beautiful and delicious cute, smooth, clean, tight & wet pussy...

blackflash63 Australia

Clover mmm Amazing, stunning, beautiful. Clover's smile lights up the room, what else can i say? Her bf in the shoot was different, lucky man eating her sweet pussy and making Clover smile more so beautiful. Clover is one of my fav models, her eyes and smile won me over, not forgetting her stunning body.

cb51 Canada

where's the sign-up sheet for volunteers for the next kiss and tell session?

Fract Netherlands

Mmmmm... sexy thoughts leave the maiden moist, and wanting...

Pedro United States

Stunning Stunning woman, brilliant photography

Clover and fiance part 1 | May 20th, 2012
Clover and fiance part 1
blackflash Australia

Clover & fiance i wont say anything till i see part 2. so far not bad

Smooth1001 United States

Don't Understand.... ....why aren't both models nude? Don't get it.

SageArcherIV United States

Clover...Harvested! Sweet...Succulent, Sensually exquisite Honey! Any chance that one could obtain a 'Summer Internship' Clover's bee-keeper? RSVP,...Petter? Hopefully, not long before Part2!

Indianajozef United Kingdom

Glad he kept his clothes on.

farnorth Australia

great to have two Great to see two so happy but the blue jersery is out of character, why not just a singlet?

Roger United States

Looks like this gent has found the Proverbial Four Leaf Clover. May they have many happy years together.

Ohnoe United States

Fiance part1 This explains a lot Clover is an awesome and beyond daring model. She has a likewise daring boyfriend. We all enjoy the results. He has a great slow hand and control. Bring on the second half.

intoit United States

Super Very intimate. Anxious to see the rest. Clover may just be the sexiest woman on the planet!

Snowpig United States

Sweet. You make my teeth ache.

Peter Italy

Clover and fiance I really hope that in part 2 the man will undress and do what any normal fiance would do with such a gorgeous girl ! I would like to see a film also for this "meeting"

rami Israel

Perfect girl Beautiful eye Beautiful breasts Beautiful pussy Beautiful body I want you very much

Twobe1 United States

avert eyes Clover shouldn't be gazing into the camera. Once is fine but never more than that. It makes the scene contrived, a bit of performance art rather than a voyeuristic peak at bodies in heat.

shortie Germany

hmmm simple question. If this is real, why isn't she wet.... or at least getting wet towards the end of part1???

Rob Germany

Clover & Finance I'm waiting for part 2 - maybe we will see some penetration. This would be nice!

cardHE1234 Spain

should be a real fuck on second part

Guest United States

Clover's pussy just perfect and tight :) oh, my!

bbm United States

boring. to repetitive.

Mondo United States

It is a bit staged, but she's such a fuckbunny. More parts coming I hope and certainly a must-see video

JerseyJoe1 United States

Clover is hug-able cute and this is a beautiful set of photos. Hope to see much, much more in future part(s). A film, too, perhaps?

Pete United Kingdom

RE: Perfect girl Yep.. you summed it up perfectly

wheeler United States

clover is super cute and sexy, as always....but, somehow, I'm not looking forward to part 2! glad I got to see her before mr fiance got naked!

maggie and Pete United States

About Time We've been waiting for a set like this for a LONG time. This is just delicious!! More please!!

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: hmmm Quite agree but a smoking hot set. Maybe she needs to feel dick to get the juices flowing!! Possibilities for part 2 are endless, Petter please don't let us down. Feel a milestone coming up hopefully! I want to see a mindblowing film as well. Hard in anticipation!!

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 75 Oh, what a beautiful pussy!

Clover gyno chair | May 4th, 2012
Clover gyno chair
wheeler United States

wonder if I'm the only one who'd like to see that chair used for what it was intended for? clover is lovely, as always

EGON-1 Mexico

beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful face, beautiful tits, beautiful nipples, beautiful ass, awesome vagina.... this girls has it all!!!! enough to say that im in love with clover :)

largeformat Germany

gyno chair Clover is awesome as always. But as I said before, Iwould like to see other girls on that chair as well. And try to make it look realistic, as if she'd have a real examination.

Ebenezer United Kingdom

Vagina. Clover's vagina is, without doubt, the most beautiful vagina I have ever seen. Lovely and light in colour, not too large, small inner lips peaking about between the outer lips, cute clitoral hood, slightly moist, and perfectly shaved clear of hair. Gorgeous! I could keep describing it for pages. And could keep gazing longingly at it for hours.

rami Israel

clover I love you Will you marry me. Please ???

Clover petite panties | April 21st, 2012
Clover petite panties
Tom Germany

Wicked Weasel I love Wicked Weasel panties and bikinis. More pics of girls wearing this brand, please.

wheeler United States

lovely! I'm lovin clover in the natural light, and the hint of shadow!

32hour United States

Truly Lovely Kate My perfect world would be to wake up every Saturday morning -- and not just this one -- and see this beautiful, natural, erotic and sensuous young woman. There is something about her that is completely unique and delicious. Thank you.

Snowpig United States

Lovely. The sun and shadow on Clover's skin is stunning and VERY sexy.

Voyeur United States

What a delicious young lady and fun photo shoot.

Francisco Mexico

Sexiest girl. Beautiful!!!!, Clover: thank you for being in this world and these picture.

Hengst United States

RE: Photo number 17 Normally, I'm interested in my favorite color (pink) but photo 17 is just so artful, I need to make my first comment in adulation of the photographer's art!

Clover penis play | April 9th, 2012
Clover penis play
Rob Germany

Totally different! Thanks! Clover is sweet doing that! I think picture no. 46 sows some vaginal penetration. I Want more if Clover will agree! It is totally different to the other sets of Hegre Art.

Jonathan Switzerland

Lucky bastard... :-)

Sinus500 Germany

Super Bilder... Könnt ruhig ein Film draus machen... Weiter so

Canchahel France

Easter Monday Happy Easter, Clover! You've got two eggs with one big bell tongue, and you know how to savour them. This year, they are made of white chocolate but, next time, they could be made of black chocolate, who knows?

blackflash63 Australia

Clover Penis Play Mmm im enjoying this set. Clover is a wonderfully sexy young lady with a sweet smile and great body. This has been the best set so far with all the lovely ladies and the fun they have had i happy to be able to watch them all.

smarty United States

Lovely Kate girl in love...

Laurie United Kingdom

Ride the Cock Girl And then give it a fucking good slavering!

Inseminator France

So hot !!! Wonderful !

penguin United States

RE: Photo number 46 There we go!!

Rock41 Italy

penis play At last we are near to real sexual intercourse with complete penetration. I hope that we will see a complete sexual act with ejaculation photographed with your high level artistic quality, if possible better in a movie. Most of websites showing sexual photos and movies are vulgar and are only dirty pornography. You show sex as art and poetry. Go on always in this way. Thanks Rock41

sa Japan

I want to watch this on movie...

Farnorth2 Australia

Horny Horny and with perfect breasts, phew, hope he got to go the whole way?

HARRY4 United States




Xtgee United States

That's seriously one lucky bastard... I think! I mean, i hope he didn't have to leave the set with blue balls?

stever United Kingdom

love it Yup, great. Gonna upset the ones who get there kicks via an acceptable 'arty shield' though. Any site has to progress - including HA - and this is just the beginning I sense. Can't wait for the follow up set that shows how she makes that penis totally disappear - and I don't mean shrink!

coreysurfer United States

Wonderful very nice set, wish it was me there with her

Guildenstern United States

Penis play--more! Beautiful and erotic set. there's nothing wrong with scenes of sexual activity when tastefully done. The oral sex is beautiful and delightful, and should be continued. We're hoping and waiting that what started in 46 & 47 will be carried further.

David United States

This is rare for Hegre really have a sex scenes, I'm more happier than to say surprising, I just hope you guys can have more hard-core and ultra groundbreaking visions, like very close or even see-through .....

Grllvr001 United States

Wonderful What a wonderful way to start the week :-) This is an awesome set and I like how Clover teases him by letting him penetrate ever so slightly. I am sure this session went on and hopefully the camera stayed on!

Kevin from Hertfordshire in England. United Kingdom

Clover. You have absolutely got to let us know. Did you let him cum in your mouth. Petter. I hope to fuck you have got a video of this. Regards. Kevin.

bb United States

great stuff! would still luv to see her with the other model that has the 10 inch cock.

D.L. United States

YES More of that, please.

alterwolf Germany

Clover penis play OK, what are you waiting for the real fuck?

Pibahpii United States

Clovis Great looking lady-lovely smile/expressions. Great photography, capturing the moment(s). Perhaps the next one will be in video or her "taking a drink"

rfox820 United States

Overwhelms Clover absolutely overwhelms with her erotic joy and delightful sense of mischievous delight.

rami Israel

OMG Amazing I am shocked....... I'm in love I want to marry with you please

jim United States

clover Very very stimulating. Wow. Nice.

Power Mike Taiwan, Province of China

Is there any movie of this series of photos? Could you post it please! , Taiwan, Province of China, Posted 04.04.2012

Power Mike Taiwan, Province of China

Please post the movie Is there any movie of this series of photos? Could you post it please!

Maggie and Pete United States


Biggy United States

Penis play Wow!! Love Clover. I can't wait for the video. They are perfect for each other and I love her beautiful eyes. More, more, more.

Snowpig United States

WOW, sexy, sexy, sexy.

Mazungu United Kingdom

Clover Clover you are one lady who knows how to play with that lolly and keep yourself smiling .thenprovider must have a lot of energy to keep it going just for you .loved it every minute of it when is the next episode

Wow United States

We need more of this! Perhaps even venture into artistic hardcore? This is amazing!

Gareth United Kingdom

I wish he'd gone further inside her but very good!!

Biggy United States

Penis Play w/Clover Wow, I am in love with Clover and can't wait for the video..hint. They are perfect together and her eyes are so beautiful when she is being naughty. Thanks for this set.

filmguy United States

Very good. Would have liked to see more saliva on the cock and a spurting finish on her face.

Lafoopsie Belgium

Wow!! That was the greatest set ever on Hegre, very very sexy. Artistic penetration should be the next step for Hegre.

finderweb Italy

Clover VIDEO She is ..... WONDERFUL & SEXY. We want a video!!!!

Fishman United States

YES best set ever, just great stuff!!

Balmain United States

Love this. Very happy to see Hegre moving more in this direction...if this becomes more consistent I will extend my membership another year.

benjomy Italy

they are great! she gives fantastic blow jobs!!

Jewel Belgium

Flippin' brilliant

J.A. United States

Clover wow !!!This is not porn, this is artistic and well done. Where is the film, please? How about the man going down on Clover and see her have an orgasm and also see the man have an orgasm. I can't stop watching this. More of this, this is so extremely sexy .

intoit United States

Best yet! Just awesome! You have to go the next step.

Kevin from Hertfordshire in England. United Kingdom

My girlfriend keeps asking me. Is that guy circumsised or is his foreskin simply pulled back. ????

rick United States

clover I'm awestruck She is so hott!!!! keep them cumming

Pete United Kingdom

Awesome Well Petter as a long standing member never thought Hegre would extend to this level but I'm very pleased to see that you have. More on this theme please

United States

THAT's how it should be done!!!! Is there a video of this session???? Clover is AWESOME. Now that you have evolved....It's Dominica's turn to shoot the sames B/G sets. Man's Hands, mouth and parts with her lips. JUST SHOOT me now.

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: penis play My sentiments entirely, That's why I stay with this site for it's groundbreaking content without the characteristic sleaze of other sites, along with the phoney moaning. There has been nothing on this site which is other than artistic beauty. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pillager999 United States

Great set! To the owners of the website...this set demonstrates the oneness of two adults who enjoy each other. Is there any way we can get a photos series...if not a video of this same scenario, only with Flora and Mike?

Peter from germany Germany

I need a Video !!! This photoshoot is so hot, but the same as a video would be even hotter !!! And the hottest would be a couple video !!! Please produce a couple video !!!!!!!!!! Clover you´r the most beautiful and sweetest girl in the wolrd !

Byron1820 Australia

Loving She really does love that cock; the affection as well as the sex comes through strongly. For the viewer, she's more of a cock-tease than anything else, and until and if the site ever shows penetration we have to deal with it! Incidentally it's a very pretty cock that's poised over that very pretty pussy, and nice to see a normal sized one rather than giving us all an inferiority complex!

J8 United States

RE: Photo number 9 Great Set , I love to see Clover's body, always. I also very much enjoy seeing this dick as well, Im kind of jealous. I'd like to lick it too !

windmill Netherlands

tastefull Clover is a great model for the explicit views in this series.Of course for many of us Clover playing with her boyfriend is highly attractive. we can even recognize the artistic perspective to these images. It also shows pictures focusing on single body parts rather then the whole of their beautiful naked bodies. In my opinion manual and oral touch can bring most attractive and artistic pictures when you allow for the whole of both their bodies to be seen. Any chance for feature length films?

abelard Brazil

Sugestion Great job! What about a 'penis play set' with Valerie?

Dave United States

Clover !! Great set !! I was hoping that she would take her fiancé in fully. Came very close. I don't think that Clover would hesitate to go for it, if given a chance. Will have to wait for future photos and films. She is a perfect doll !! Thank you Clover !!

Piotr Poland

Extraodinary! I'm still having an erection... Perfect girl!

Clover metal stool | March 30th, 2012
Clover metal stool
wheeler United States

goddess on a pedestal, once again!!

Jubee United States

Clover Would love to lick that sweet, milky juice on your pussy...

blackflash63 Australia

Clover Clover you are one sweet sexy lady. your smile is so inticing and captavating and your body is amazingly stunning.

Voyeur United States

I don't mean to be vulgar, but, what a marvelously fuckable young lady.

wheeler United States

RE: voyeur there ya have it!lol

Ted United Kingdom

She looks so innocent............................

Soles Master Singapore

Beautiful soles ...

Clover summertime | March 21st, 2012
Clover summertime
wheeler United States

another lovely view!

benjomy Italy

i love this girl

Roger United States

Naked Girls in Sunlight Something so exhilirating and naturally erotic in seeing a girl naked in sunlight. The light brings out all her beauty in such clear definition

finderweb Italy

Clover - Lover .... I love her, she's sweet and very nice!

sugar1 United States

Clover That body !! Those eyes !! I love to stare into those eyes !! There is a lot going on behind those eyes. Very attractive woman.

sugar1 United States

Interesting Thought Team up Clover with the gentleman from 'Lingam Longing'. This might make for a very interesting video. I think Clover would come up with some great ideas. Vlad permiting of course.

rsmitty Australia

Vlad Permitting?? "Vlad permitting of course?!?!?" Would you, if you were him???

brandon United States

Beautiful so stunning

Mondofudd United States

What a pussy Images 3-5 had me creaming in a hurry. Then when she's leaning over the rails in 43-45... Oh! what sweet agony.

Roger United States

Cunt Out Front I love the cover shot of this series, photo 10, I believe. So well lit in sunlight, Clover proudly has her cunt out front and center for all to see, with that demurre look of: "Well, do you like my cunt?" Great shot! Thank you Hegre and Clover.

Jamesrjs United States

Clover's Beautiful Pussy It's been noted before, but it's well worth emphasizing, Clover's pussy is among the most beautiful objects of worship on earth.

Clover vaginal speculum exam | March 11th, 2012
Clover vaginal speculum exam
wheeler United States

get another girl to do that to her, and I'm a happy guy!

Coreysurfer United States

Whats it feel like Does any girl find this erotic, I always heard from GFs that was cold and hurts...looks like fun from our side though....Thank you for the unique conceptand pictures, she has a definately great looking body as we all know

penguin United States

cool! Very cool! I like the concept! Now if we can only get Mirabell to do this!! Mmmm ....

SirFrancis United States

Wow! Ok, now I'm going to have to renew my membership. This girl is stunning and rude too. Love it.

Stretchnu United States

Nice and wet--wonderful closeups...great photo shoot Peter!

rami Israel

O.M.G CLOVER Amazing I want this job

Philippe Belgium

To be clear: there is nothing artistic about these pictures

Simon Switzerland

Nice surprise.

Zeppelin Germany

Looking at that reminds me of vaginal yeast infestation. I just don't share the gyn-chair-fetish. She's got adorable nether regions, though.

Grllvr001 United States

Picture 68 Oh no...on pic 68 that almost looks like the speculum goes into the rear :) Nice gallery - like it a lot.

largeformat Germany

MORE!!! Thank you! Great! one of the best galleries ever. I'd like to see other girls on this chair beeing examined as well. Maybe Mercedes or Caprice could move from the waiting room to the medical office too.

wdegeest Belgium

Speculum Fine picture of medical interest.

EGON-1 Mexico

lucky guy and photographer!!!, clover is perfect!!! angel face, hot voice, perfect body and awesome an beautiful pussy.... just love her

Laurie United Kingdom

RE: MORE!!! Or even Luba!

Nav United States

Either he's new to this gynecology thing or her cervix has been removed. Interesting and beautiful.

intoit United States

Sweet set Wow, that was fun.

Master Penetrator Germany

Clover spread wide and opened up on the gyno chair This set is so ultra-hot! I especially like Clover's expression on photo 8,9,13, where she seems to feel the speculum intensely. I also like the wide-spread shots, but these would be even better if Clover's face _and_ vagina would be sharp and in focus, so I could switch between looking into her eyes and into her cervix. _Please_ do more of this kind of stuff with the other girls!

RayNZ New Zealand

Should have been my 10 inch cock inside her instead of the speculum...

Ron Switzerland

Spread... ...the other girls in this way too! It's SO hot!

Clover oral love | March 3rd, 2012
Clover oral love
Pete United Kingdom

Wow Lucky bloke, presume the video is on its way. Clover seemssomething of an expert in oral love. More please

Australian fan Australia

Finally Finally a beautiful women performing oral sex on a man captured artfully by Mr Hegre. From all the men in the world - More please! There just isn't anywhere to view artful sex like this. Clover you are magnificent. Thank you

Cosmo Switzerland

Hot, hot, hot! So beautyfull!

rami Israel

WOW Amazing, I also want to also

blackflash63 Australia

mmm such a sweet lady

Rob Germany

Thanks Thank you Clover for doing that, it’s very sexy. It seems a change because “Oral Love” shows real sexual interaction between two models. But I like it. Maybe the next set could show some pictures showing vaginal penetration.

blackflash63 Australia

classy Clover i am impressed with Clover, her sweet young did i do that? look is priceless. a total charmer. and im sure many will enjoy this set as i know i have. Clovers youth and cheeky smile totally turns me on my head. thank you Clover you are my new fav lady on this site.

kevin United States

Hegre makes the quantum leap! Love it, very tastefully done too (pun intended ;-)

ejaculateur France

Wonderful Clover, you're so hot ! I like this series, but when do you make him cum ?

visual_42 Netherlands

movie please please make a movie like this.......would be great....thnx _O_

roderick202 United Kingdom

Well, that's new to Hegre!

patricedu78 France

super When the film ?

blackflash63 Australia

Clover Clover is one amazing lady, with the smile of youth and a cheeky grin at that. she is very handy and this set is delightful. i have just found my new fav lady on this site. Maybe it could have started with a soft penis and showing Clover's skills at arousing and waking the sleeper, and the guy returning the favor.

Bob521 United States

Fantastic photo shoot, Hope you do more like this one

KOMET United States

CLOVER ESFORMEADA CLOVER certainly knows how to get to the center of things! How much longer now til we see her fully nude "riding the rod" and being mounted like a she-wolf in heat??? Wouldn't that be a revolutionary step for!

finderweb Italy

Hot and Exciting I like that hot set. I love for associate beautiful lines from her very nice body, to soft oral sex. Yes ... maybe it's porn, but this is sex ... and sex is nature for woman and man! My complements Hegre. (sorry for my english) Ciao

sugar1 United States

Very Nice Gallery !! The very high quality photography and this beautiful couple combine to make some very high quality erotic art. This couple is doing what comes naturally. It's beautiful. Clover is a very sexy and attractive woman, she has a fantastic body. My compliments to Peter Hegre, Clover,and her boyfriend. I look forward to more of this in the future. Very well done !! Thank you !!

Canchahel France

Go on! Better and better; maybe butter and butter soon? Photos 67 to 83 are the best. As for the rest, I’d want Clover not to look at the camera: it’s better if she is focused on her work. Besides, I think this is generally true for that kind of photos.

wheeler-1 United States

RE: Wow I presume part 2 is on the way first! kinda seems unfinished

Egrise United States

Clover oral love Yawn... some things are just better DONE than watched. Give me two ladies any time!

Smarty United States

Real deal... Kate and Vlad show me their matching clover tattoos...brings back my first love memories...

coreysurfer United States

Nice Set Very nice set....beautiful girl and realistic guy... hope video to with cum finish is on the way......

Guildenstern United States

Masterful! Truly masterful! Thank you, Petter, for--once again--exploring the frontiers of erotic photography in a beautiful and sensitive fashion. May we see more of this in the future--both oral sex and intercourse are appropriate subjects for photography when done appropriately. Perhaps a set with Valerie and Mike? One comment--please ask the models not to look at the camera--it does detract from the overall effect.

Pyrone United States

Not seeing the love I think a better title would be "Penis Reluctant Interest." I mean really now, you have given us one good film of "Penis Worship" that really looks like worship that set the bar for really getting in to a penis. She didn't convince me that she liked the penis or that she enjoyed anything she was doing to the penis. Maybe she is just used to having her needs met and doesn't know how to give in return.

Mikestromike United States

A New Level of Erotica With this gallery Peter you have achieved a new level of erotica. Clover is probably the best model for this "Virgin" photo essay.Looks as though there was climaxing during this shoot as the evidence is on the massage table. Those shiny oily spots seem to appear as the action heats up. Maybe in a follow yup gallery we will see the actual climax and not just the remnants. Great Job !! Waiting for the Movie!.

Cmills4164 United States

Please tell me this is a film we are going to see how friggin hot !!!

archcon United States

photos This is erotic ! Porn turns me off because, generally, the women look like porn stars. When you see someone as beautiful as Clover play with a penis, it is the ultimate in erotic photography. Please. please more of these.

Fishman United States

Clover worked that cock like a pro!

RFox820 United States

Stunning!!! Thank you Petter, thank you Clover. The one of the finest examples of true erotic art I have ever seen on the web.

samein United States

Cripes, when does this video come out :D

Grllvr001 United States

You made my day! This is fantastic, thank you, Clover. You seem a bit shy about doing this but that makes it even better. Looking at these pictures is almost as good as actually getting a blowjob myself =)

Lars United States

This is the best thing I've seen on here...besides Luba.

Yeayyyy United States

Please start making more an more like this! Hardcore would be welcomed too. I love your artistic mastery of this.

jimbo United States

WOW Peter you are running a slippery slope with a genre you said you would never enter. My applause to you for going where you have so far! YOU will destroy your competition, when you take the next small step. What a pro this male model had to be! unless, she left no evidence? When is this video due? DON'T STOP NOW!

Laurie United Kingdom

Beauty and the Beast The throb occupies the centre stage and a beautiful girl is cast in a supporting role. Its her quim I signed up to consume with my eyes, deliciously moist, engorged, and full of her fingers, or better still, and another girl licking her clitoris until she orgasms. What do you say Egrise?

intoit United States

Maybe best of all time Spectacular. Erotica at its best, for sure. Don't get the comment about not wanting the models to look at the camera. What could be hotter than Clover when she has that dick in her mouth and looks straight into the camera???

Koudou68 France

Beautiful ! Beautiful ! I hope there will be the same in video, until the man comes ! Thank you !

keesj Netherlands

Yes, this is fantastic.Those eyes and the erotic pleasure....

Rodolfo Lavandino Italy

Clover oral love Meraviglioso, fantastico, incredibile! Now i desire that other models follow the Clover teacher. Thanks.

1dalphamand United States

NOW YA TALKIN' The only thing missing is the CUM ~ HOW'S ABOUT SOME SEEN MALE SATISFACTION NEXT TIME! Your getting there!

tdonna5 United States

More Like This!!!! This could be the beginning of a whole new chapter for Hegre. YEA!!!!!!!

Rovi United States

Porn?! Not sure about this, I mean it's a nice gallery , tasteful no doubt , but still , I'm not sure I would carry on paying the aces to this site if it goes porno. Think twice before you cross that line , Peter

Voyeur United States


wheeler United States

RE: Clover oral love agreed

pyalive Australia

dislike The photo with cock in her mouth is really going to ruined my collection. I prefered the old day Hegre which photo with nature sort of Art. Maybe its good idea to have different section.

Fiki2 South Africa

Clover A good reason to renew my subscription

John Test United States

Fine Line I'm inclined to agree with Rovi. Once you slip over the line into pure porn, this site becomes no different than the hundreds of other sites offering pure porn, and many of them are free... I'm not saying that there isn't a place for that, but that is not what this site was about (I thought...)

70s Guy United States

RE: Porn?! That's not "sex". Bill Clinton said so!

duf69 United States

clover oral love outstanding Peter!! It would be even better if Dominika or Patricia were giving oral pleasure to Clover while she was pleasuring the lucky guy's penis

Jewel South Africa

My new favorite!

fiki South Africa

Clover oral love More of this and you will double your subscriptions. Petter is a great director and this new direction can only be good for Hegre. Perhaps a harder core section (included in the subscription) for those in favour could be good and those who want the traditional will not be offended

D.L. United States

Breakthrough! Making me into a LIFE-LONG member of this site. Wow.

Oli Germany

Sensual More of this sensual photos. I agree tha it slips over the traditional border of Hegre, but times are changing and with this sensual and extraordenary scenes it fits absolutely the high requirements to this site. Please more of this exquisite and awsome photos. Those who have a problem with this must not open the sequence...Its really simple.

kidstone Canada

RE: Finally Absolutely beautiful.

Forzz Sweden

Like the new Hegre style. More of this please.

dmire United States

Clover Great work Peter. Would love to see the video. It is beautiful and intimate. Hope you do more.

docdub United States

Breakthrough indeed Petter, if you can add more of your tasteful vision to explicit images like these, I will sign on for a lifetime membership. I'm sure others feel the same way.

rasputin United States

Clover is lovely and her man is more "normal" and realistic. She seems admiring, but at the end he should come

SleeplessinSeattle United States

Clover you make me cum! Wow. Very very arousing. No need to see the dude cum as I enjoy my own. Clover honey you are special. Naughty, innocent, sexy all wrapped in one. I'd like to see you tease us by putting his cock near your precious pussy. I stroke my cock just thinking about you doing that!! Keep posing for us Clover. You are the innovating model of this site!

geohami United States

Clover Clover, where have you been all my life. I was alone, but now I have you. So well done, Petter we want more.

geohami United States

RE: Clover you make me cum! I agree with you - who needs a blue pill with Clover around to excite us.

grllvr001 United States

Petter can pull it off If there's anybody who can pull off explicit pictures like this without being pornographic in a bad way then that is Petter. Let's move on to the last frontier that hasn't been crossed on this beautiful website - vaginal and anal penetration other than with a finger. Sex is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with showing it so tastefully.

BB Mexico

Beautiful. Hope you hav similar work in the near future. Would be great to have a massage video with her where she gives the dude a blowjob although it would be better to use a model with a bigger dick (no offense intended to the model but she would look great with the other model that has the 9 inch dick)

finderweb Italy

RE: Clover oral love Sono daccordo con Rodolfo .... forza per questa strada!

misterwolf Belgium

male model I very much approve of this new evolution : tastefully done sexual intercourse that is in no way cheap or tacky. Am I the only one though who doesn't like the male model? He has a fantastic looking girlfriend, but he himself for sure isn't. Why does he have to be in all of her pictures? Is it a jealousy thing?

moonpig Ireland

Please show the video, this is super soft hard porn, nothing else like it, oh and Clover, aaaaaahhhhh just passed out, magnificent..................

dutch New Zealand

Clover you are Beautiful wow what a set of photo's very very erotic and warm ,I could look at them all day but I could not contain myself all day ,,CLOVER YOU SURE DID MAKE ME CUM ,,

Scorpio United States

Indeed I love the art aspect of this site, it is what I signed on for. But, I also am a fan of hardcore (the harder the better) porn. I think that this site, even with hardcore aspects, including if there was some penetration, it can be done artfully and tastefully. Judging from the reactions on this post, there are a few that don't like it, but the majority does. I think, again if anyone can do it, Petter can do it. I have enjoyed that he is allowing the males to "finish." I am not into men at all, but I feel it completes the scene, and isn't that the point of erotica? To feel excited? I think it's a great job and a good experimental direction for Petter. I hope the site, for the most part remains the artful gem it has been, but also allows for some realistic (and natural) aspects like actual contact and interaction. Thanks again, Petter!

Mike Canada

Nice Chest Sitting Nice video, I wish videos of this were done, and her sitting on his chest was very nice. Too bad you couldn't see his face.

colimeads New Zealand

great photo set. more with men please. yes, penetration would be perfect. let the poor guy cum!

criton United States

RE: Photo number 1 If looks could make one cum Clover invite me over.... what a cock lover is and should be

Cockncunt Australia

Awesome!!!! More please, maybe with some penetration.. Would love to see Dominika with a large cock- particularly in a video with the music quieter so we can better hear her sweet moans...

Cockncunt Australia

Clover made this very erotic!!! Hot hot hot!!!!

Asslover Sweden

RE: RE: Porn?! Haha...

Heywood United States

Clover with cock This is very beautiful! I hope we'll begin to see more of your gorgeous models licking and sucking cock. Penetration and ejaculation would be nice, too -- all done in the artful Hegre style.

Roger United States

The Maturation of Hegre-Art Really this series is another step in the maturation of Hegre-Art. A process of liberating Hegre from infantile male voyeuristic fantasy into feminine mature eroticism. In a sense, Hegre is now allowing the girls to have fun...and girls definitely want to have fun, fun without restrictions. It is men who restrict, not girls. I first noticed this at stripclubs. There the girls, and by this I mean not older jaded hardened professional strippers, but young wide-eyed new girls for whom stripping was a thrill and a liberation from years of repressed sexuality, would want to do more,but the rules of the male owners would impose artificial limits on joy. Bravo Hegre!

Danieldick Germany

Next time with Cum! In the next Clover-Gallerie i want to see some cum on her!

rasputin United States

clover oral love beautiful, adoring woman. perfect penis. he needs to come at the end

Power Mike Taiwan, Province of China

Is there any movie of this series of photos? Could you post it please!

markiefun Brazil

what a photo set. the best. I think picture 69 is one of the most stimulating I have ever seen on any site - porn or non-porn. Clover has gone to the top for me on Hegre. I add my voice to the male orgasm topic. I think some photo sets benefit, some do not. This one would hav ebeen good to see...

rami Israel

The day I met an Angel 1. beautiful 2. lovely 3. cute 4. perfect 5. sexy

Kevin from Hertfortshire United Kingdom

Clover, you are a very naughty girl.

MojoMajor Switzerland

Clover Oral Love There really should be a video-film of this performance. Perhaps she and her partner can be persuaded to give a repeat performance in front of vidoe cameras.

herveda France

RE: Indeed I completely agree that this is tasteful. I actually want it to go further, all the way. Only Peter can do it the way I would love it. I have become an unconditional fan. I wish there were more competition actually, another site like this one.

herveda France

Mind exploding. I love it Peter. Clover is an amazing model, reading for anything. Such a teasing and open personality. So beautiful and hot it hurts! How about going all the way? I'll pay for it.

windmill Netherlands

tastefull it shows clearly Clover & lover and Petter in close cooperation know best how to create an art- and tasteful photo shoot. Still it would be a great improvement to see the whole of the male person rather then just this one body part. Knowing the other series of Clover indeed it was pushed further. In my view sex contact is not unnecessary, but when done artistic and tasteful rather then just explicit it may bring new good contributions on this site. Please do allow for the whole of the bodies to be visible in the images. There is more to the persons modelling then just their body parts.

byron1820 Australia

oral A really beautiful set. The oral shots are amazingly erotic, with the lips just caressing the head of the cock. I agree that a matching video would be unstoppable!

Gil123 France

Clover Ô Clover... Ô my God... Ô my god (in french!)... You are the most "erectile cock" all Hegre-Art ... Hum...Thank you for this mischievous smile!!! Naughty smile... Nasty smile... Saucy smile... Ô my gods !!!

Barndini United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 25 Now that's a picture I'd take to the grave. Clover is making her man extremely lucky xx

marcopolo65 Canada

But there is a matching video - beautiful. Massage number 63, April 24, 2012.

Blatch_wg8 Australia

Him Great: luscious lips doing just what lips are good at. But I would love to see the guy's face and reactions . . .

windmill Netherlands

suductions The obvious and clear female attention for the naked male body is caught well in this set. Ever considered to put Brendon on a low sofa, Emily standing over him in pure seduction? surely this is highly erotic with both beautiful naked aroused bodies challenging each other.

Kalonphile France

Majority give the law I am aware that this set is the most viewed.And,for me that is deplorable.I joined Hegré - Art to satisfy my voyeurism , thanks to the skill and genius of Peter Hegré , and not to watch dream models stuffing their mouth and throat with te cock of another man than me.Such pictures can be found by the ton on the net.On this site don't miss "Chandelier":erotic and artistic. Amen brothers !

wheeler United States

RE: Majority give the law seems like that's right! I agree. but, this stuff seems to be loved by most.

Hardhead Singapore

RE: RE: Majority give the law Because you are afraid of seeing a penis and a homophobic?

essenje Nigeria

Clover Oral Love. It a bit too tame. With a classy girl like that, one would like to see bit more penetration and more action till the end.

ajax United States

Are people allowed to express their opinions, Hardhead, without being called names? You may not agree with him, but seriously? I don't mind the pics, but everyone has their preference. He wasn't calling people who like the pics deplorable, just the fact that it's the most viewed in his opinion.

Maik Germany

most viewed Funny to see this discussion is still going on here. On a side-note, it's great to see the comment-section is not over-moderated and allows critics. When i joined i did this because of the most beautiful girls, photographed by the master of his genre and i did not want to see boys. So when the first b/g-shoots appeared i was a bit sad "oh no he is going porn" but i looked closer and changed my mind. I think this photo-set is a nice example of the difference between b/g-setups on hegre-art and everywhere else. The girl is in focus, her beauty, her fun, her pleasure, her excitement to play with a male partner and of course all that with the real and clean atmosphere we can only find here. The balance got even better since this shoot with Clover. So for me, this is not going too far, it still stays to the topic of this site, just extends it a bit and brings more variety into the game. This site is about the natural beauty of girls and about their sexuality, and beleve it or not, the latter part involves a boy from time to time. ;) Come on, compared to some other things we have seen lately this set with gorgeous Clover is even harmless, don't you think? That being said, i can easily do without the content where only a male model is in the center of focus. Speaking about Clover, is there a chance for more shoots of her? And last but not least, about the most viewed part, i seriously think there is a little flaw in regards of the counting. Because if you link just one photoset on the update-page with the title "most viewed" this set gets a huge advantage over everything else. It will probably stay as "most viewed" forever, and while its good and might even mark a change on Hegre-Art i don't think thats fair.

mikala Germany

clover It's so wunderful! I would be the guy!!

bpatty United States

RE: RE: Majority give the law ... and we should understand/recognize that the comments are from people all over the world. Are we sure that the French use the word "deplorable" the same as the English. I'm not sure. Yet, Hardhead plays the homophobic card. Perhaps he is smarter than me. BTW, "deplorable" is a french word.

Clover gyno fantasy | February 18th, 2012
Clover gyno fantasy
finderweb Italy

Original Original and nice shooting, I like. She's a sexy angel!

gyno lover Germany

Really great. Want to see more sets with other models on this exam chair (maybe solo would also be nice) here are my suggestions: Dominika C. Anna S. Kiki EN Nicola Engelie Stasha and Alona

gt Switzerland

a perfect........ fantasy :) When do we get the film?

rami Israel

WOW.WOW.WOW Gorgeous photos I want also!Vigina perfect I want to marry with you CLOVER I'm in love

rami Israel

clover my dear The girl is very beautiful (they are beautiful your pussy)

stever United Kingdom

and video too? Great stills set! I presume you didn't waste the occasion by not having a video photographer on hand to record it?!

Coreysurfer United States

Please tell me... Please tell me this was shot as a film too, I love Clovers look, sweet girl next door sexiness...looks as though she enjoyed it as much as I did... and the doctor too I would say loved it..lucky guy

Laurie United Kingdom

RE: Freedom of Choice Based on the democratic principle that everyone in society is equal, my choice would be Luba...

lars United States

lucky This guy is SO lucky! I'd give almost anything to be in his position.

Luv69 United States

Lost... Lost my mind seeing the closeup photo of Kate's pussy :) she is super nice in her vip chat...miss her so much...

EG_Hunk Egypt

Speechless Perfect. Her facial expressions are priceless.

wheeler United States

do hope you do a similar set with two girls!

Mikestromike United States

Very original & unique photo setting, Clover seems to really be in a trance and enjoying this examination. I would like to see a session with a female Gyno Doctor and where that session might end up.

archcon United States

Clover WOW, that is awesome, WOW

Laurie United Kingdom

RE: clover my dear Clover is really very beautiful, shame about that silly arse's head blocking the view.

bobbob United States

I must be dreaming This is too good to be true, so I must be dreaming. I poked myself in the eye with a pin to wake me up, but alas, I was awake and now I can only watch this beauty with one eye. She is truly amazing and so are the photos. On top of that, Clover is proud of her body and in touch with her pussy and all the pleasure it can bring her and my sore eyes.Wow, more please! P,S.where do I get one of those chairs?

intoit United States

One of the best Totally fun & sexy as hell. Loved it. Would love to see more fun fantasies with a man involved.

LuvKate United States

RE: I must be dreaming you are not alone...i now have one eye left too :) let's get together and enjoy the photo set with our eyes (1+1)...

wheeler United States

RE: RE: clover my dear agreed Laurie! some more close-up shots of the actual gyno subject would be nice!

70s Guy Nigeria

This should be called... eating at the "y"!

Linda United Kingdom

Just wanted to say that your Gyno fantasy gallery was very very enjoyable. It made me swell up the instant I saw it. It was fun touching myself while I lived vicariously through Clover's experience

Igor United States

I have news for you Clover That guy is not really the doctor, he's the janitor.

Grllvr001 United States

Dining at the "Y" Awesome, when I look at these pics I can literally smell and taste her! I am offering my services as a male Hegre model for future shoots for free...

Pipo Switzerland

The most perfectly shaved pussy I ever seen!

Laurie United Kingdom

RE: Linda Bravo Linda, I admire your courage for commenting so openly about your arousal.

bobbob United States

little gold ring WOW! In the early shots of this session, I thought a numbing gel was being applied to Clover getting her ready for a piercing or two for some pussy jewelry; perhaps a small gold ring for her lips, clit or hood.While I was wrong, it still was a super session, she's great! Also though, this is a great idea for a future shoot or video and I bet Cloverwould be up for it! P.S. don't forget the chair/table.

largeformat Germany

Clover's gyno session Thank you so much fpr this session. I have been waiting fpr years to have a gyno-shot, I proposed it several times. The girl is fantastic. I like the details. Let us have mor of it. I hope we will have gyno-sessions with other girls as well. An I am locking forward to see the film. Finally I must admit that I would like to see a little piercing-session in film or fotos as well.

DrTutti United States

RED HOT!! Now lets see the film! What can I say. Clover your such a hottie my cock gets instantly hard as a witness you lean back and get pleasured. I fantasize being that dam lucky man who is tasting you, touching your pretty pussy and giving you his tongue. Peter this is amazing. Cannot wait to see and hear the film version. RED HOT!

Jeffrey United States

Clover gyno fantasy Maybe that should have been a female instead of a male

John United States

The chair Where can I bye the chair?

Master Penetrator Germany

Hot Gyno setting This gyno setting is so hot! Not just playing around on the chair, but really lying down in it, with her legs spread wide as in a real examination....I would really like to see more girls in such a setting! Also with a man examining them! It was a great choice to have Clover for the first of these sessions, now, please!, let us see more girls...

Clover sun kissed | February 27th, 2012
Clover sun kissed
wheeler United States

lucky sun!

Mark United States

Clover Absolutely love this set! In particular, love the shots of the sunlight shining on Clover's beautiful open butthole and delicious soles!

Walter Belgium

Voluptuous is delicious Mercedes, and now Clover.Glad to see Hegre Models becoming voluptuous again :)

Roger United States

RE: Clover Indeed Mark. Lovely new girl is Clover. Always a pleasure to see a new girl nude. I agree, the head-down-butt-in-the-air pose is one of my favorites. Photo 25, in particular, is extraordinary. A full butt shot with lovely tight butthole and full pouty adorable cunt lips shown so well for our pleasure in the best light of all: nature's sun.

Mark United States

RE: RE: Clover Well said Roger. I agree, photo 25 is absolutely fabulous. I love shots like that. I wish I could have that shot framed and hang it on my wall.

Clover first session | February 12th, 2012
Clover first session
finderweb Italy

Clover ... WoW! Nice shooting, wonderful model! She's very very nice. I like her sensual young curves, and expression from her sweet face. I wait for more set! Excellent, Hegre

wheeler United States

another stunner!!! cant wait to see more!!!

LuvKate United States

Sweet and tight... Kate is amazing in her chat room...beautiful big blue eyes and the tightest pussy :) Can't wait to see her again in VIP...

BB Mexico

Beatiful pussy and asshole. No visible hair even with extreme closeup

rfox820 United States

Stunning photo set, what a delightful combination of innocence and eroticism she projects. More of Clover please.

jimmyjamslam Thailand

welcome clover....... wow... i would like to clover some of that !! beautiful

KlausK-2 Italy

Fantastic! Wow, you are the best of hegre art models! Please more photo of this beautiful girl!

Lars United States

Perfect pussy!! Thanks for adding her to the lineup. Well done, petter

steve United States

RE: Photo number 80 She's a beauty!! Love the smile. Great poses and photos to show every gorgeous feature of her face and body!!

steve United States

RE: Photo number 100 A very, very gorgeous girl!!!

fxwalter70 Hong Kong

I missed her so much. I wish she will come back Live Cam very soon

rami Israel

clover O.M.G Very pretty pussy

denisb_laro France

about soft clover I found you so wonderful that i've captured your pussy do make my desktop screen

Rabs United Kingdom

Gorgeous and the most delicious pussy I have seen in a long time.

PrimeNerdity United States

Clover you are the best!

Roger United States

Nude Beauty Fantastic opening series! Thank you Clover! Wow!

Venkat India

NUDE WOW!!! No words to define.

Clover Massage COMMENTS

Erotic Physio Massage | June 5th, 2012
Erotic Physio Massage
Tayfen United Kingdom

Lucky girl She is a lucky girl alright. She gets the best of both worlds. First a genuine physio workout then she gets to have an orgasm or two as well. That is a perfect day.

Jen United States

Feel better My guy had this brilliant idea after he saw this movie. I have a really tiring job and when I get home I am exhausted. So he gave me a massage exactly like this one move for move following what was on-screen. Now we do it most nights. I feel so much better now.

Christine United States

Shivers Did you catch that bit near the end at about 26 minutes when the masseur rotates her fingers inside? Sends shivers right through me.

Lui Hong Kong

Likes feet I can tell from her smiles that she likes her feet and her toes getting lots of attention. For me there is nothing better than seeing a beautiful woman’s feet and touching them like in this massage. I want to see lot more like this.

Brett United States

Re: Likes feet I agree with you Lui. It’s a shame there wasn’t more with the feet instead of just a little bit which was a start but stopped too soon.

Philip United Kingdom

Great masseuse Who is the masseuse in this one? She´s beautiful and in great physical shape. Can we have more of her, please!

baldeagle United Kingdom

Models Name Hi Petter,when you upload a new massage video.Could you please also include the Models Name. The same way you do when you upload your other videos. Cheers


RE: Models Name Hi baldeagle! the model in this film is "Clover". Thanks for the input. We will find a way to mark the massage movies with the models name like you suggest.

rsgmail United States

RE: RE: Models Name Would Clover be her "stage name"? She posted in the live cam section her name was Kate (and her diance is Vlad).

baldeagle United Kingdom

RE: RE: Models Name Hi,thank you for your speedy and helpful response

slavefour United States

a finger in the ass would have been nice

Micky Germany

Well that is a Great massage but i would love to see a balance between female and male pleasuring. I love the vids where also a Male orgasm was "allowed" . But it looks like this is not become regular. So please please some more male pleasuring including a happy end !

John Test United States

Clover Anything with Clover in it is always a treat. This was an awesome video. Perhaps not the best massage video on the site, but still awesome...

MojoMa_cs7b Switzerland

Aesthetics There is no doubt that the aesthetic of these massages is intentionally -- and intensely -- erotic. It might enhance the ambiance, therefore, if more of those giving the massages were as undressed as those receiving them. This is not to suggest that these beautiful events should morph, or degenerate, into the sort of crude pornography so common on other sites.

maxhoff United States

she is shaved SO smooth!!!

Brandon United States

clover wow Clover has maybe one of the best bodies I have ever seen she is so beautiful head to toe cant wait for more from her

Vashti Australia

Another fine video. Clover’s facial expression is especially great – the slightly parted lips and the look in the eyes . . .. Interesting that the masseuse seemed to be tickling, or almost tickling, the anus while pleasuring the cunt – something we don’t see much of, but which I find gives most women considerable pleasure. She actually has an interesting technique, especially with the clit. I’m not specially arguing for showing it in detail, but I’m surprised not to see it more often. By the way, can I join the chorus of those who find the whole scene more interesting if the masseuse is also naked – or at the very least topless? – and those who find the music irritating? Just natural sound would be much better.

Massage Lover Italy

More Male/Female Massages Great video...but my preference is to see alot more women massaging men...Nude or other wise...

Jim United States

Just wanted to compliment you on the great video! The Close Ups of Clover's extremely sexy wrinkly bare soles getting massaged had me hard instantly! I can't believe how many of your models have incredible pretty lickable bare feet. Nikola,Clover,Mercedes,Coxy,Kiki,Caprice, all have super sexy bare soles! Keep up the great work.

EM United States

message I would prefer to hear the girls body being stroked and her moans of pleasure as opposed to the music! It would be much more erotic that way.

Christian Romania

the masseuse is great here By far the best masseuse I've seen on this site (except Fabi - she is different). She elevates more subtle inner erotic energy compared to others maseuse who focus on rough rude sexual pleasure. Subtle but more powerful emotional sensations of fulfillment in the whole body Just great. Including her outfit

cunnilingusjones United Kingdom

sports physio massage oh my god if I get to give a sports massage like that on lady clients I am going to book my self on a course right now.i woud be in heaven with job like that

Rob United States

GREAT Wonderful video, who gets the masseuse off after - she must have soaked her panties

schwabpm0250 United States

What a Wonderful Surprise This wonderful and tender film was such a surprise to me. I was expecting something more like my own experience with sports massages and, yes, some of it was. However, most of it was so gentle that it had me mesmerized. I enjoyed so much the contrast between the strong athletic beauty of the masseuse and Clover's delicate curves and softness. I would bet that Clover was surprised, as well, and delighted by how this massage was performed. As time progressed Clover realized that she was in the hands of someone special and her increasing degree of sensual surrender was so obvious. The beautiful yoni massage at the end was performed so gently and tenderly that Clover's resulting climax was deep and languid and was only noticeable by the soft contractions of the muscles of her torso. The masseuse also used several imaginative and unique caresses that I know greatly heightened Clover's pleasure. I was impressed with how the masseuse continually connected Clover's yoni with her heart and the other parts of her body as she so very gently stimulated the clitoris. Congratulations on a beautiful, beautiful film.

Oral Love Massage | April 24th, 2012
Oral Love Massage
LuvKate United States

Cute very cute...the slower version of Sasha Grey's :)

hardy450 Germany

Sinnliche Massage Sehr sinnlich dieser Film. Habe genau hingeschaut und bei ihm was entdeckt. Ein kleines Loch in der Mitte unter seine Eichel. Ist er Prinz-Albert.Träger? Bei ihr haben mir ihre schönen Fingernägel gefallen. Ein schönes langes Nagelbett mit normal geschnittenen Fingernägeln statt langer Krallen. Sie trug kein Zungenpiercing, was doch heute viele Frauen haben. Mir hat der Film gefallen.

Kelvin United States

If only If only she would pass my way. I have been looking for a girl like this it seems like all my life

Lucky Australia

Mal This is a woman who knows what she is doing OK. I hope he realises what a lucky guy he is.

Jennifer United Kingdom

Waiting It’s obvious how strongly they feel about each other and it’s good to see that come across in this movie

Piet South Africa

How to I watched this with my partner and it got her turned on. Even better she picked up on all the variations on how to go about it instead of just sucking.

Andy United States

Too much cock There was too much cock here for my liking. Somehow the girl got kinda lost in a way and it was all about him.

wheeler United States

hmmm...well, I wouldn't exactly call a girl giving a guy a blowjob a "massage"! but, hey...that's just my opinion, I could be wrong!

ev4 Australia

sensational That is the best by far anywhere on the web. Top class. Beautiful work.

coreysurfer United States

Oral Love Wonderful to see her looking at camera, glad I wasn't the camera man....I couldn't have stood it, and looking at her back and butt as she was carrassing him in that position was magnificent, I love the small of a womans back,nice to see something diffrent as much as I love girls and their bodies and seeing them massaged to orgasm it was nice to see her smiling face as she caressed his cock to orgasm and while I would have liked to see him explode in her mouth it was nice to see her expression when he came.....I would however have liked to see wha he was doing back there while she was laying on him...I think he was having some fun too!

arch5577 United States

Clover This will be the most watched film you have ever done. The music, the light kisses and licks shows that she is making love to him and his penis. You can see that are actions are what she really feels for him. WOW, so much better than porn.

ScorpioNC1 United States

RE: Too much cock You're a homophobe. It's about the act and technique. I never found myself looking at his penis and wondering for less than a second, "wonder what she'd look like on mine!?" You have issues. Go watch Disney movies if you're afraid of penises. This site has been needing this but the homophobes that creep on it complain too much. Grow up.

Canchahel France

Weird This movie is excellent (very good shots, good light, nice music, tenderness and elegance) and Clover is – as usual – gorgeous. But the man has something anatomically strange, even unnatural, while Clover persists in looking at the camera. If that is the way it is, it’s impossible to identify oneself to him.

buzaed United States

Greate One word prefect

Pedro Australia

Aaah It's so great to see something like this that actually shows sex (massage? Come on!) the way I experience it- with tenderness, humour, playfulness and intimacy instead of the usual hideous display with the girl choking herself and the whole thing appearing to be geared around domination. Clover looks utterly relaxed and the warmth between the two is palpable. As for "anatomically unnatural", don't freak, I'm pretty sure that's just a piercing.

Francisco Mexico

Good! Excellent: that is the way a guy should appear on a film, no face or close-up on him. It all focused on Clover's beautiful and sexy face, such a good blowjob, that is the way it should be, good!

finderweb Italy

Sexy Clover I'm very happy for see finally that video! She's very very nice & sexy. I like her blowjob, and I hope for see more gallery of Clover, gallery and video. Sweet emotions from her eyes ...

stever United Kingdom

So natural What I love about this video is how natural and 'un-pornographic' it seems. Yet no less exciting or sexy for it. That girl seems so cute and sincere in the way she pleasures her man.

Mike Germany

Thank you !! Many thanks for that ! It was just perfect. Especilly that you showed the orgasm thats how its supposed to be! I realy look forward to See more like this !

Clover me Crazy United States

more please I agree! This is the best kind of porn. Real female generosity, and beauty, she was just having fun and being sweet while thinking like a photographer, and for that we thank you. I like the orgasm part, for sure!

wheeler United States

RE: RE: Too much cock he's a homophobe because he, like me, would rather see more female nudity than male? I personally prefer the multiple girl stuff.That's not homophobic. that's heterosexual!

Daniel Germany

Prince Albert Piercing Many thanks for this wonderful Video including the "final shot". Please make more of this kind of videos, such as someone already posted, "not cheap-pornographical" but "sensitiv-erotical". As I see, the male model has normally a Prince Albert piercing as I can see because of his second hole (I have one too :) ). Please let his piercing next time "weared", that would be awesome... More of this please.

Visalgado Colombia

Placer sin igual Espectacular este masaje, sensaciones sin igual, preciosa nena con una elegancia maravillosa, de lo mejor que he visto. Felicidades.

Paul Puerto Rico

Otra vez excelente! Muy bien logrado, ella muy simpatica. Eres un artista con la cámara! Very well done, she is very sweet . you are an artist!

shinyribs United States

amazing That was amazing! And her eyes...stunning eyes.Just a lovely girl all around! I absolutely loved this scene.My life would be complete if only I could see Patricia in a scene like this!!

MojoMa_cs7b Switzerland

Oral Love Massage What a pity that her partner couldn't be bothered to undress in order to receive such a superb fellation.

Divine_Form United States

We've waited a long time for Hegre-Art to move in this direction. It was worth the wait. I hope to see more of this kind of content on the site, and hope this video marks the beginning of a trend.

Audiophile Finland

The sound I myself prefer to listen to oral sex and I felt as tho' the music did not fit this video at all. The music in the start was from a fantasy film of some sort. It would have been perfect if it had only the natural sounds of her kissing and licking.

Sydb55 United States

Beautiful model but... I'm obviously in the minority but to me this was about as interesting as watching her eat a bowl of cereal.

Starguy United States

Well Done So impressed with this work...such intimacy and eroticism...shown to us in a very new and so hot way. Gratitude to all involved for making this a very special, special viewing for us to enjoy. Bravo.

Bren United States

Geat ending That is one of the most sensual massages I have seen. I definitely liked the ending - more please.

kimkimgo Taiwan, Province of China

brilliant Brilliant, moderate speed and sensational. What's her name?

Mike Chang Taiwan, Province of China

Great! Our request is finally answered! More like this please!

avidsatin Australia

RE: Too much cock This was about a girl generously and lovingly pleasuring a penis. Her smile showed her delight in giving the estacy of ejaculation to her man. Such a beautiful, satisified, giving smile at the end when she gets him to the point of cumming. For me this was a natural and beautiful eroticism celebrating the giving of sexual pleasure. No artifical and false pretence of sexual excitement by girl. Just honest enjoyment of pleasing and teasing. What man wouldn't want a girl like this? I just don't see how you can have this without as much cock as girl. Peter, very glad you are finally showing ejaculation and semen! I would dearly like to see more girls teasing and playing with penises.

BBM Mexico

Great Job This was an excellent shoot. A couple of comments.....First, the site is exceptional because of the perfect lighting, exposure etc. The filming of this scene was too much with backlighting from the window. Would have been even more exceptional with the perfect studio lighting you normally use. Second, it would be create to see Clover with the other male models instead of the with the same boyfriend - no offense to the boyfriend. Keep it cuming!

Guildenstern United States

two comments on a beautiful set Without question a beautiful set, sensitively done, beautiful lighting, and explicit without being vulgar. That, of course, is the trick. I would add only two comments, the first to reiterate what has already been said--that the male should also have been nude, and second, my own preference, that she had kept him in her mouth. It's far more loving and exciting that way. We don't need to seem him ejaculating in order to know what has occurred. By their mutual actions we will understand precisely what is going on--that he has had a superlative orgasm, and that she wants him with full intensity, and all this without seeing a drop of semen.

Peter from Italy Italy

Oral love massage It's a pleasure to follow such video showing sex and eroticism as a clean play with nothing to be ashamed of. For this reason i don't understand why the girl is showing everything of her beautiful body while the man is completely covered and only the cock is seen. It seems as if he were ashamed to show off, while it would be absolutely natural and beautiful to see both the girl and the man playing with sex. I think it would be beautiful to see a complete sexual intercourse and I hope that Peter in the next future will be able to do so with his fantastic style.

Robert United States

Beautiful This is simply a gorgeous film. It's obvious that they love each other by the way he touches her hair and shoulder, and by the way she looks at him when he's holding the camera, not to mention how tender she is with his penis throughout. Well done! By far my favorite erotic film and I would love to see more of Clover and her boyfriend. In fact I'd like to see a whole website section featuring real couples. Thanks for this beautiful film!

kdcunt United States

RE: Beautiful this contribution succeeded in getting me to renew my membership. what a gorgeous attention to the circumcised cock. this is awsome, as i watch it writing this. the tits lying on his chest are an added bonus. the last minute of tease, ejaculation and then massage are superb.

pcedv Germany

GREAT Wonderful massage ! More of this films and u get me as lifetime member. thank you !

Smooth1001 United States

This is what I referred to earlier In a post of last year I said there was no reason why these videos should go just a bit further. Now, this was what I meant. This was very erotic and tasteful. This isn't porn, it's beautiful eroticism. However, as I said before, all models should be nude. There were no shots of the man's face, so there was no reason for complete nudity for both models. Next, I hope -- mutual oral sex. I volunteer for the job....

ElDangerDave Canada

Perfect girl for this, it shows how much she's loving what she's doing and she has such a good talent at oral, it makes you wish you were on the receiving end !

Jako Italy

Great Film Perfect mix of art and eroticism. It was a pleasure to watch their pleasure. Please, more films like this . . .

Philip Germany

Man´s face Why couldn´t we see the guys face to see how he was enjoying it?

intoit United States

Incredible Just spectacular from begining to end!!!

kantundcunt United States

more of these great. please add intercourse

Casanova9 Bulgaria

Sensual Massage The life is short.The for ever!

Tantrazza Netherlands

Cheap A cheap POV blowjob. Not up to standard.

Eric Lee Taiwan, Province of China

RE: more of these please add intercourse +1

Mike United States

RE: RE: more of these please add intercourse +2

embas United Kingdom

u lot! so many complaints. can u not see how beautiful this is? if u cant, i aint gonna explain it to u

JK Denmark

oral love massage Beautiful,slow and sensual penis teasing bj,I love it. Clover is so sexy,she's my favourite.

Pixie United Kingdom

Clover oral love Really beautiful, gentle and strangely moving - would love to see more of this kind of thing, esp. with Clover - perhaps giving a foot job massage?

Vashti Australia

Unnatural? A beautiful film of a young woman who seems to be thoroughly enjoying what she is doing; she really appears to love sucking, and does it most lovingly. The problem I have with the film is the unreality of the situation – the total lack of interaction between the girl and the man. Really, is it to be believed that lying with her crouching over him with her beautiful bottom six inches from his face, he wasn’t going to even stroke her behind? Indeed, since the site is full of young women enjoying cunnilingus, why shouldn’t he be returning her favour? We now have at least two shots on this site where a guy ejaculates – but again this is the result of his being masturbated without making any kind of gesture towards the beautiful woman standing over him. We seem to be approaching the situation where, to quote Mr Clinton, if there’s no penetration there’s no sex – and if that’s so why not show a man and woman enjoying each other in the same way as two women? I’m just arguing for a little reality – a masseuse fully dressed is believable because masseuses often do remain dressed – though of course I prefer it when they are nude (cf The Naked Masseur, still one of the best things on the site). Surely something to consider, Peter?

Frank United States

I liked it! A cute perky girl giving a blowjob/handjob in the morning on awakening. What's not to like? She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it, and I have to believe the recipient did, although we do not see his face. I know I would have!

d3s1r3u2 United States

A moment well presented What guy hasn't been woken up by his frisky mate intent on giving him a morning surprise -- or dreamed of it... The focus here is actually not on the guy. The focus is on the girl and what is going through her mischievous and delightfully sharing mind. This could have gotten all twisted up in mutual stimulation, but I believe there was instead mutual satisfaction...

maggie United States

Piercing First of all, I found this totally sexy. It is great to see real sex, photographed by a real artist. It is obvious she loves him and loves being photographed as well. Please give us MORE PLEASE! Also did anyone notice that he has a piercing hole in the V of the head of his penis. I think the place is called the frenulum when the penis has a foreskin. You can see it when she is sucking him. When he ejaculates, some of the sperm comes up through the piercing hole, as well as out the normal way. She is touching it with her fingers. I wonder if he has second thoughts about getting that done. It could be inconvenient.

daytonamike United States

Vive Hegre-Art Finally. Please now shoot this same scene with Flora and Mike. Then shoot every female model you have with Mike. Then I will buy a lifetime membership!!!!

Charleson United States

lovely copule I found this to be a very sensual interchange between the recipient, the lovely lady, and the photographer. We can't deny that there are at least 3 people present. Everyone seems happy with the situation. And, I'd like to be the recipient. What a lovely lady. Do more of these. Well, frankly, given the quality of the work here, I'd love to see intercourse too.

englebert United States

Oral Love Massage Very nicely done. It is obvious this young lady likes cock.

Byron1820 Australia

The fillm Stretching the definition of 'massage' just a bit, I think! - but a splendid film. As almost everyone has said, it's really ludicrous that the man has simply unbuckled his trousers (which I suppose he has worn in bed all night!). There is no reason I can think of that he shouldn't be naked. Similarly, while the concentration on the girl and the cock is of course the main theme, it would have been good just to ave the occasional shot of him giving her just a little attention back there . . . presumably he wasn't just lying supine. What makes the whole film so enjoyable is thew fact that she really does seem to love what she is doing - and we have all (haven't we?) known girls who love sucking a cock. Five stars!

Jay United States

This is very intimate. Made me feel as though I was there closely watching my lover give and receive pleasure from a stranger. A very enlightening and delightful experience to say the least.

rigobert Canada

Oral love massage Awsome absolutely;never seen something so nicely performed with a beautiful model. We would like more of the kind.

DJ Netherlands

What a video of this gorgeous Russian girl!! Clover is so beautyfull!!!!


great, show more of Clover

sonku United States

great potential this kind of video has great potential. more please!

Countless Orgasms Massage | March 13th, 2012
Countless Orgasms Massage
Blair United States

Syringe I wonder what was in the syringe that she gets at about 9:40? Whatever it was it got me going as well as her.

Paige United States

Done properly Way to go Clover! Us girls need to show our fellas how it’s done properly. You certainly make it clear in this movie. I told my guy to watch and learn. To his credit he has. Thanks!

Dean Canada

Finger clenching It’s great to see Clover enjoying her work so much. She shows it the way her fingers keep clenching with pleasure of it all.

Judy United Kingdom

Arse action It all proves what I have always said. Plenty of arse action is a major part of giving women like me pleasure. I’m always surprised how many men just do not realise that.

Dieter Germany

Shriek and moan I like to hear girls shriek and moan real loud when they are cumming. How about some models like that?

Smarty United States

Must do so... for my girls...start learning...

finderweb Italy

Exciting Clover Clover is very natural beauty, ... I love her perfect body, but I love also her sweet face ... her eyes. Great to view her orgasm, very exciting. After seen the pictures ... I hope for view video with her boyfriend! Ciao

Pyrone United States

Extraordinary Clover is a very natural beauty with an extraordinary body. The masseuse is very talented and proves that a woman knows how to please a woman...including the anal stimulation. I find that most women enjoy that level of anal but very few "really" enjoy a large penis in the rear. And guys, if you think it is so much fun, try it yourself...your rectum is the same as a woman's. More importantly, I think Peter could display male/female sexual pleasure with the same level of erotic taste as he does female/female eroticism. What is the problem with that? It doesn't have to be "nasty sex" to be good sex. But then again, nasty sex is nice now and then. Beautiful woman, hot massage, great photography. Thank you.

JB United States

Clover's countless orgasm video What a magnificently beautiful massage video. You captured all of the REAL expressions of pleasure that Clover experienced in this epic session. The subtle movements of the pelvis, shaking of the legs, movement of the feet and clenching of the fists telgraphed exactly where she was at every second. It is refreshing NOT to have the contrived loud moans & shrieks that so typify the run of the mill porno movies mass produced by people who act like they think they should act. You captured this girls experiences incredably. Cudos. A big fan. MORE,MORE JB

sugar1 United States

Clover !! Clover is totally sexual. She enjoys sex and is not afraid to relax and enjoy it with us. Thank You Clover for sharing your beautiful film. I hope you make more.

joe Germany

wow. I like these orgasms!

abby United States

Wow--so good Absolutely beautiful massage video. Mesmerizing to see Clover's delicate pussy swell after such a tremendous amount of fingering. This kind of content is why I joined the site and I have not been disappointed! The models are gorgeous and *natural* no big fake tits or overdone makeup, just beautiful sexual women. The quality of the photos and videos is outstanding. And that you show the models being stimulated like this is the delicious icing on the cake. Absolutely genuine orgasms that you can practically feel through the screen. My only complaint (if you can call it that)? When I am lucky enough to enjoy this much fingering, my pussy gushes like a fountain when I come. Petter, do you have any girls who squirt? Show us!

Brisha Israel


Laurie United Kingdom

Intimacy I have now seen a few of these massage films, in part or whole and I am left with the impression that those featuring a professional masseuse are mainly impersonal and lack intimacy. Whilst Mauritanian Tropical, Chocolate Orgasm, Lesbian Tokyo and Girl Girl have an interactive touch conveyed in feeling and intimacy, a certain frisson. A couple of earlier comments by American girls referred to possible frustrations and I would refer them to the web site " the desire project" about what women want. Its fair to say we still struggle with female sexual autonomy in the west. Just a thought girls, sex and creativity go together. Artists, as creatives, possess the secret of love and is visible to women as an instinctive faculty. The fire of love in artists is why women pursue them and surrender their charms. As a creative man I can definately endorse that theory, so I suggest you drop your partners and seek out artists, sculptors, poets and writers, they have the imagination and creativety to fire girls...

Fract Netherlands

I must admid.. ...that Clover getting a massage arouses me more that I thought it would have. Just the poster for the movie is breathtakingly erotic. Her own arousal shines through in the movie. And to think... I didn't care much for her as a model before. Just keep those deep emotions flowing and shine, girl!

Thytte Denmark

Abby My only complaint (if you can call it that)? When I am lucky enough to enjoy this much fingering, my pussy gushes like a fountain when I come. Abby, why not become a model??

abby United States

RE: Abby Alas, I had *no* idea I was capable of such a full sexual response until my late 30s. Now I'm far too plump and middle aged to compete with these nymphs. If I had become more comfortable with my body 20 years ago, it would have been possible. I'll trade youth for wisdom, though. I have much better sex now than I did then and I can vicariously enjoy the beauty of youth here!

fowlintent United States

Wow I want to learn how to give a massage like that! My wife of 30 years is kind of prudish, and doesn't understand that I want to give her this kind of pleasure. I don't even care whether I get "my turn".

James Michaels United States

Clover No doubt this was extraordinary. I thought Silvie had the best body on the site, but now I think it may be a tie. Clover is just about flawless for my taste. Now about the masseuse we all keep talking about. This therapist clearly has a beautiful body. I hope one day she relents and shows it to us while working because this film would be out of this world were both women nude. Since we never see her face, I fail to see the harm.

Lupo Switzerland

Countless Orgasms Massage Wunderbar ! Das ist vermutlich das beste Massage-Video dass ich je gesehen habe. Einerseits würden die einfühlsamen Hände der Masseurin meinem gestressten Körper auch gut tun, andererseits reizt es mich, eine so wunderbare Lady massieren zu dürfen. Kompliment an das gesamte Hegre Art-Team sowie an alle die Leute men und Herren die sich für solche Filmszenen zur Verfügung stellen. Ich bin vollauf begeistert! Liebe Grüsse an Alle aus der schönen Schweiz. Lupo

Massage Lover United States

I am of mixed feelings. I do sense that some people are pushing towards ever more explicit and 'porn like' scenarios here at Hegre. Hence the desire to see women screaming and having exaggerated motions and reactions like typical hard core pornography. Count me as one of the dissenting opinions. I much prefer the slow, but at times intense, massage of the ladies focusing on the labia region. Not so much the insertion of fingers and banging away vigorously like in other porn. This is why I like Hegre compared to others because of the sensuality and intimacy. Take for example Yoko's massages. I find it even more erotic that clearly the woman is very aroused and twitching uncontrollably at the pleasurable sensations. Yet, the fact that they seem to 'fight' such urges I find even more arousing. Much more so than loud screaming and exaggerated expressions. So I hope Hegre doesn't abandon this slow sensuality in favor of more typical hardcore porn with all the unnecessary screaming and body motions. I do not find that erotic at all.

super8 United States

Clover is my new fave on Hegre. Not only is she beautiful, adorable and has amazingly perfect body...she has the most perfect pussy I have ever seen! Its great to watch he squirm in pleasure.

Toro2000 United States

a blessing in the form of art. It is my perception that this masseurs the lady administering the massage does has a remarkable body, and her posture throught the process that she kept all the time, it would be a delight to actual see her body as well. that would make an instant elevated success. seeing both of these ladies nude, I will love to see the therapist muscles contraction during the process of this massage it must be an angel's ballet performance. Sort to speak This would be a blessing in the form of ART H.

Francisco Mexico

Best video ever. Best video ever, Clover is perfect, and thanks to the masseuse, you can say that she is enjoying fingering a gorgeous girl like Clover, lucky girl!, both are beautiful!

Hashim South Africa

Clover [s] massage Clover is a complete athlete in eroticsm, her every crevise expounds her beauty, would really like to view a session with her oneday.I also massage, so if ever given the most rare oppotunity, I would document my every move on her. please show us more on Clover,if she made any movies, then bring it on.

Master Penetrator Germany

Gyno massage The whole film is _so_ erotic and arousing, and what's really the top of it is that Clover is lying in that gyno chair with her legs spread wide. So hot!

niceguyp7i New Zealand

Perfect Vagina This is the most beautiful display of feminine sexuality ... and Clover's vagina is true perfection such beautiful labia, such a lovely clitoris ... omg, how I would so love to penetrate her ...

niceguyp7i New Zealand

Beautiful sexuality Every time I look at this video, I am soooo highly aroused by both this pretty girl and her lovely sexuality ... amd I just want to insert my rock-hard penis into that perfect vagina ... every time I watch her beautiful orgasms my own sexual excitement leads me through to an inevitable conclusion, and I experience the most incredibly intense ejaculation ... every single time!

b100dr00t United States

My Second Amazing Video When I first saw what I thought was a hypodermic needle on the tray beside the table, I was alarmed. But once I realized the white plastic "cap" on the needle was simply a long narrow nozzle I was relieved. I was especially delighted with the way that the masseuse lubricated the model's anus in such a gentle, teasing way. The way the masseuse coordinated her finger movements in both openings made me think this was an extended training session for a double penetration video. I was amazed not only by the number of orgasms the lovely young girl had, but also by the apparent lack of recovery time between orgasms. I feared the constant stimulation following an orgasm would eventually become irritating or even painful, but it appears the masseuse knew exactly what she was doing. This was, again, a video worth the entire month's membership.

Vashti Australia

An Education! Well, to start with, Clover certainly has one of the most beautiful and luscious cunts to be seen on this site, and it’s a pleasure to watch it being skilfully manipulated. The wonderful globes of that succulent backside are also a pleasure! But this is also the only masseuse on the site who pays proper attention to the anus; I don’t understand why most men don’t seem to have much of an idea about how erotic this is – both manually and in oral sex – and from that point of view this is a very educative movie! Apart from which Clover‘s reactions are wonderful: the rippling tensions of the beautiful body, and also the completely honest and believable facial expressions make up for what is rather a repetitious film, and the lack of a frontal view. Well done again, Peter.

Simonas United Kingdom

Countless Orgasmas massage Wow, this must be one of the most beatifully erotic videos on the internet. This it truly real sexiness displayed by an obviously sexy and beautiful girl. Great photography, so natural and real. Great video.

schwabpm0250 United States

Eroticisim at its Very Best This beautiful film left me mesmerized and so happy for the tenderness and pleasure that lovely Clover experienced. I so enjoyed watching the undulations of her beautiful body to the masseuse's expert and gentle caresses. Also, I must agree with others that Clover's yoni is, without a doubt, a beautiful flower. Every time that you thought she was going to come back from paradise she was transported back there for more intense ecstasy. Clover, watching you endure this exquisite experience was a joy for which there are no adequate words. Thank you so much for sharing your pleasure with us.

slave to women United States

Clover Absolutely erotic. Clover is the one reason why i joined the site. All the women should be treasured this way. Would have been over the top is the masseuse would have kissed Clover at the end, so as to bond.