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Jennipher | Venezuela Galerien: 14
Foto von Jennipher


Foto von Jennipher
Name: Jennipher
Land: Venezuela
Gewicht: 58Kg
Größe: 181cm
Alter: 24
Beruf: Miss Venezuela

Heißblütiges Cowgirl

Jennipher war kürzlich im Finale um den heißumkämpften Miss Venezuela Titel.

NORMALERWEISE IN Caracas lebend machte sie auf Petter Hegre einen tiefen Eindruck, als sie bei einem Shooting in der Toskana auftauchte, nur mit einem Minirock, Cowboystiefeln und enganliegendem Top bekleidet, wie jemand der gerade von einer Ranch kommt. Mit einem solchen Outfit mitten in der Italienischen Provinz ist es nur zu klar, dass sich die Leute nach einem umdrehen, aber Jennipher tat einfach so als ob sie nichts bemerkte.

Wie eines anmutiges Reh an einem dunstigen Morgen bewegt sie sich durch das Sucherbild der Kamera in ihrer eigenen Geschwindigkeit, stoppt hier und da gerade lange genug um das perfekte Bild einzufangen. Ihre tiefen grünen Augen bilden einen faszinierenden Kontrast zu ihrer olivfarbenen Haut und dem braunen Haar, sie geben ihrem feingeformten Körper ein strahlendes Aussehen.

Einfach zu sagen, Jennipher sei exotisch, ist eine totale Untertreibung und das Wort ist irgendwie unpassend. Es ist vielmehr so, dass Jennipher eine ganz eigene Vokabel für sich ist.

Jennipher Galerien KOMMENTARE

Jennipher Cianti Classico | March 8th, 2007
Jennipher Cianti Classico
Michael Vereinigte Staaten

Woman as Art While I find little or no eroticism in this series, I think that as art, Jennipher's voluptuosness complements the setting remarkably, and the mood of the water gives a wonderful painterly feeling so rare in contemporary photography. Image 27 could hang just about anywhere with pride. Well done, Petter!

geroki Deutschland

hard job ...sometimes a model's job can be a hard one ;-)

gareth Vereinigte Staaten

beautiful Woman... less water, closer up, please!

Jake Kanada

cianti classico An interesting effect! Most beautiful model as always.

GERBOU Frankreich

Nice setting, nice girl, nice shots, interesting atmosphere, but ... More close up please of this nice girl.

hp Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

Voluptuous Best set of March 2007. These photos are creative. Jennipher is good at posing and showing her voluptuous figure!

Jennipher Körperbau | February 12th, 2007
Jennipher Körperbau
jake Kanada

body structure I have said it before and I'll say it again;this is A most extraordinary model. Its really good to see this mature and very beautiful lady here again. Very good poses in interesting places. Have you ever considered black and white photos of her? I think they would be amazing.

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

jennipher a naturally beautiful woman.

salvador rios Mexiko

a model couldn´t be in best conditions for a photo than you give, escelent quality, thanks and she´s allmost perfect

Tom Vereinigte Staaten

Jennipher is very, very beautiful. It would be nice to see her in fewer long distance shots and more sets that just concentrate on her beauty.

gareth Vereinigte Staaten

ALL woman many of the models in Hegre's Archives are beautiful young women. Jennipher, on the other hand, embodies the 'mature' woman. Her developed figure is AMAZING. Statuesque, the true definition of a photographed or artistic model with her stunning beauty and physique. I always enjoy her layouts... just wish for more of her striking smiles :)

Joseph Thorpe Vereinigte Staaten

Jennipher and Dasha Jennipher and favorite two models on this website! Both have classic, lovely bodies. The ultimate evolution of God's creativity!

Joseph Thorpe Vereinigte Staaten

another classic the archetypal perfect greek body...the kind sculptors envision for the perfect model.....rare genetic perfection.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Jennipher Jennipher is a pure goddess!!! Her body is absolutely perfect!!! Paintings and sculptures should be done to pay homage to this perfect nude woman. Just the most perfectly sculpted and proportioned body. I don't think I have seen a woman who looks any better naked than Jennipher! She is quite simply the perfect female nude!

David Yu Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

Venus She's Venus...

Jennipher Weinregen | October 1st, 2006
Jennipher Weinregen
Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Wine Rain A really voluptuous model, and not my usual choice, more the Yanna type figure, but must admitt Jennipher looks very sexy with wine rain cascading over her body. Page 1 is great!

Jennipher Schloss der Leidenschaft | November 21st, 2006
Jennipher Schloss der Leidenschaft
Ralph Vereinigte Staaten

More Jennipher Where in the world have you been hiding Jennipher? Goodness, we need to include her in the rotation with a LOT more frequency. Classic beauty with an incredible figure. However, how come only 16 photos. Jennipher is worthy of a lot more.

Jake Kanada

wow Amazing!!! This is a most extraordinarily beautiful woman. Perfect body, best age to photograph.(my opinion) Nice work on that by the way.

Eric Vereinigte Staaten

Jennipher has the most beautiful breasts of all Hegre models.

elciel Vereinigtes Königreich

Jennipher I agree with Eric! [3 Jan '07] with the possible exception of Dasha in 'Palace Window'!

elciel Vereinigtes Königreich

I would like only to say that Jennipher's breasts nearly make me stand to attention — with respect, of course.

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Another hot older woman Jennipher reminds me of that other mature and refined model, Lune. Same beautiful face, shapely breasts, well-manicured hands and sexy legs/feet. I just love these "polished" mature models!

Jean-Pierre Belgien

Wrong vote Sorry, I pressed the wrong button - I wanted to vote a 10 - Can you correct it ? Thanks

Jennipher und Kathryn am Pool | March 7th, 2006
Jennipher und Kathryn am Pool
Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Jennipher and Kathryn poolside These beautiful photos are High Art! The green water and those beautiful green eyes only add to the perfect composition. I love them all.

steve underwood Vereinigte Staaten

comments Love the ladies... they are the worlds best. problem is that in this set all the pictures are the same. i might as well look at the negatives proof sheet. let see some editing and more diverse content PLEASE. Keep finding the worlds most amazing models

Scot Vereinigte Staaten

Green Eyed Goddess Non vedo lora. Always my favorite. Beuche da beaute.

Riddler Japan

Classic Photos #31 and 32 reminds me of a typical classical nude photos - hiding breast and genital.

Jennipher in Florenz | February 15th, 2006
Jennipher in Florenz
timatits Vereinigte Staaten

A Classic Series A rich and sensual photo set. The setting and the women, Stephanie, exude old European charm. Stephanie represents the ideal balance in a full figured woman in much the same way as the architecture that surrounds her does. The best photographs position her with the large tapestries, the grand front of an old building or on a distant railing. When she is relaxed and not over posing for the camera, she blends into these settings nicely. Although her size is relatively small to the objects about her in these better photos, she dominates the scene with her sensuality, which the other objects only enrich. If there is anything that seems a bit out of place it is that her pubis was shaved; a natural look here would have contributed to the old-world warmth of the entire series. All and all, however, very well done.

John Vereinigtes Königreich

Lovely photos, beautiful figure.

Jennipher von der Sonne verwöhnt | January 26th, 2006
Jennipher von der Sonne verwöhnt
"G" Vereinigte Staaten

A very sensuous looking model, but was she concerned about having her pubic region photographed?

Rob Leaver Vereinigte Staaten

General Please, no models with breast implants. Why would you promote cosmetic surgery? It's so obvious and unappealing. And, second, could you leave out the under clothes lines/impressions in the flesh of the models? I'm for the natural look. Thx, Rob

Craig Vereinigte Staaten

Very nice, as always with Jennipher. But I guess we could have used some fill lights as long as we're taking the time to do the shots...

Bruce Vereinigte Staaten

jennipher Very beautiful but it would be so much better if she opened her legs.

GERBOU Frankreich

Wonderful body, nice looking face, perfect boobs, but can't she show us more of her other assets?

ardunbye Vereinigtes Königreich

Jennipher sun blessed Not my personal fave. type of girl.Too much woman for me. Petite I can cope with.CRAIG, were you in on the shoot? I went to school with a 'Phil.Lytes' he was shot too.

Jennipher Landschaften | November 30th, 2005
Jennipher Landschaften
jeff Papua-Neuguinea

These photos at a distance! If you girls are half serious about photography, you all need to look at Mirta and take lessons!

islay Vereinigte Staaten

On the contrary, while I love Mirta's work, this is absolutely amazing photography. Jennipher is fabulously beautiful, and I would be sad to see her stop working for Hegre-art. Please continue to provide both the Mirta's and the Jenniphers! Image 4 is possibly the best artistic nude I have ever seen. The light is amazing.

Nadyort Vereinigte Staaten

nice backdrop

Jennipher auf einem Tisch | October 22nd, 2005
Jennipher auf einem Tisch
thomas Hutereau Belgien

Jennipher on table MASTERPIECE.

GERBOU Frankreich

One can understand why the photograph focus on the ass of Jennipher. Splendid pics of her wonderful ass, and also boobs!

Jennipher lebendes Monument | October 2nd, 2005
Jennipher lebendes Monument
yeah Litauen

Brilliant set!

Jennipher in den Weinbergen | September 22nd, 2005
Jennipher in den Weinbergen
EtherealShot Italien

Beauty in nature A simple photo, among the vineyards, and some flowers in the field, in a gentle way to enhance the beauty of Jennipher, nature is the best background ever.

Jennipher Springbrunnen | August 15th, 2005
Jennipher Springbrunnen
yeah Litauen

Amazing look and wonderful figure

Jennipher klassisch | August 3rd, 2005
Jennipher klassisch
carl Schweden

Technical suggestion Too far away from the subject.Get closer. Beautiful subject.

Ron Vereinigte Staaten

Jennipher If you would have shown her ass it would be a perfect 10. Please do a film with Jennipher!

suaviter Frankreich

Just art nudes please ! Many years later it's a pleasure to tell P H how we appreciate his art of shooting superb pics of young women .And that without close ups of sludge-pussies or unnecessary fingerings. To day's young public wants always more.Open asses and various insertions...