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Foto de Jaqui


Foto de Jaqui
Nombre: Jaqui
País: Argentina
Peso: 52kg
Altura: 174cm
Edad: 18

Suave y Esbelta

Siendo una modelo con un futuro prometedor en Argentina, Jaqui sabe lo importante que es saber hacer un poco de todo.

VIVE EN un apartamento con muchas otras chicas que se ganan la vida trabajando para pintores y escultores. Hace poco realizó su primera actuación en la pasarela, y algunas revistas de moda le han dedicado artículos enteros. No está nada mal para ser una chica proviniente de un pequeño poblado de Sudamérica. Cuando Jaqui se presentó a un cásting abierto, Petter Hegre supo enseguida que se vería estupenda en las fotos.

¿Será esa chispa que Jaqui lleva en los ojos? ¿O tal vez sea su cuerpo esbelto que combina tan bien con su piel blanca como la leche? Sea cual fuere la razón, Petter estaba en lo cierto: Jaqui se desempeñó como una auténtica modelo; se sentía orgullosa de mostrar su cuerpo desnudo ante la cámara y aguantó alegremente un largo día de fotografías en las calles de Buenos Aires.

Cuenta con ello: muy pronto Jaqui se dejará ver nuevamente en muchas partes del mundo.

Jaqui Galerías COMENTARIOS

Jaqui no a bush | August 7th, 2007
Jaqui no a bush
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

LMAO!!! That's an insult to Mickey Mouse!!!Smokin hot girl though!!!

Lee Aitken Estados Unidos de América

Politics Come on, let's leave politics out of the session. Please!

Nigel España

BUSH ...and clearly she has no bush :-) This is not politics, it's a fact.

Justin Abserver Estados Unidos de América

bush or not would like to see more of her bush or where it isnt

gareth Estados Unidos de América


sirstefanofb Australia

I thought 'Jaqui no bush' (note the spelling of bush is with a lower case 'b') Was a very polite way of drawing attention to the fact that the lovely jaqui was 'smooth'... But apart form that just check out her magnificent breast side profile... Wow!

Durham Estados Unidos de América

WTF?????/ I am not here to learn about your political views, so how about leaving it out of the photographs......

Marty Estados Unidos de América

It could be worse... (photo, not the man lol) Oh lighten up, he should have been depicted in a clown suit or with puppet strings attached to him and held by Cheney...

ardunbye Reino Unido

Jaqui no bush Surprisingly, I managed to grab a look at her face and Jaqui is very, very pretty. Where is she now?

Jaqui top model | April 16th, 2007
Jaqui top model
alex Reino Unido

jaqui jaqui is so natural,and in these shots she`s on fire.

Hawkeye Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui top model Much too thin for my rapt interest but I will say that jaqui projects a soft sweetness of character through her eyes and facial expressions. She appears genuinely comfortable which is the mark of a good photographer and set crew.

gozo Estados Unidos de América

jaqui has so much character a real card need more work !!! get closer nice gallery

Jaqui blanco y negro | March 12th, 2007
Jaqui blanco y negro
Julian Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui is very beautiful and sexy. Has a great smile which she displays in most of her photos. Love the black on white background.

Joe Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui she would be as beautiful unshaven in her natural state as she is shaven. I would love to photograph her in her natural state.

alex Reino Unido

jaqui very natural,very beautiful.

Geo Estados Unidos de América

Awesome set... especially on those last couple pages! ;)

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Heaven I am in heaven with this set and you know why!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Jacqui's Pumps Jacqui rocks these awesome black pumps buck naked!

Jaqui tras las rejas | May 22nd, 2007
Jaqui tras las rejas
sirstefanofb Australia

Petter, In THIS series you have depicted what I have devoted my life to... keeping beautiful girls, naked, shaven and behind bars!.... Well done.. Sir Stefan

sirstefanofb Australia

Oh Petter, have you any idea what delight I enjoy in seeing those 'puffed-up' nipples, pressing against those prison bars... and me, the only man in this world with the KEY!... SirStefan

Jaqui loft en Buenos Aires | June 5th, 2007
Jaqui loft en Buenos Aires
sirstefanofb Australia

Lovely Girl... with exquisite nipples and delightful pussy.... more, more, more... PLEASE!

Jaqui espejo | July 3rd, 2007
Jaqui espejo
geroki Alemania

stunning Once more Jacqui proves that she knows how to pose and how to flirt with the camera, it's stunning. Petter, please keep this model on your list for more shootings!

FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

cute lil round rosy butt

alex Reino Unido

jaqui jaqui is just an incredibly sexy/playful/erotic woman,she is so natural in front of the camera,excellent.

Dragon India

Jaqui Mirror Mirror Mirror on the wall ! Ain't Jaqui hottest of all !!

Andreas Alemania

beauty I like her smile, her eyes and everything else she shows us

Lucababy Canada

Jaqui Unfortunately, shaving is awfull !

sirstefanofb Australia

On the contrary lucababy, I personally prefer a smooth FULLY shaven woman in my bed, othewise they are not invited!... Each to his/her own I guess?... SirStefan

Gary Estados Unidos de América

excellent bootie!! nicely lit ps: I prefer mine shaved but will take any way they come....Gary

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui What a great pair of black pumps! Exactly the kind to wear when you're nude! Jaqui looks so beautiful!

Jaqui hogar dulce hogar | June 26th, 2006
Jaqui hogar dulce hogar
gregory Estados Unidos de América

props Peter is the only photographer I've ever seen where the prop becomes more important than the subject. No matter how awkward the pose, keep that chair. Yawn again!

jason chang Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Jaqui is very beautiful and cute. I like the upclose pictures.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Great smile and superb puffy nipples. I like this model.

Jaqui azul | October 17th, 2006
Jaqui azul
adiamchi Estados Unidos de América

fur Entirely lovely, but I wish Jaqui weren't completely shaved.

ardunbye Reino Unido

Jaqui blue I think she is lovely but what did Jaqui blow?

Jaqui y Mickey-Bush | May 6th, 2006
Jaqui y Mickey-Bush
Scott Estados Unidos de América

Mickey-Bush? As an American who supports his President, I am quite confused by "Mickey-Bush." I work very hard and do not have much free time. One of the few things that I enjoy is to see your site's daily updates, with pretty models and fantastic photography. I do not pay you my hard earned money for Anti-American or Anti-Bush statements, and if I see something like this again, I will cancell my membership immediatetly.

James Barton Estados Unidos de América

aaagh skin and bones + terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perry de Havilland Reino Unido

Do you seriously think people sign up for this site to see political opinions aired? Not a very good idea at all.

sam Estados Unidos de América

mickey bush you should stay out of political statements attached to your photoes

Robert Moody Corea, República de

Nice Presentation I'm not photographic art expert, I am a musician. I just wanted to comment though that I appreciate the time you took to use a background through the window that was well lit and contrasted Jaqui's dark hair against the blue sky. I think the presentation really works because of the adequate, but not overdone, fill light from the right. Nice job! If I were to offer one suggestion (and I realize the ideas in your site are bigger than my passing fancy) it is that you avoid the pictures that exploit the less than "perfect" aspects of your model. I apologize for not recalling the photo number in sequence, but there is a photo or two where the lighting causes shadows under Jaqui's eyes that leave the impression of a "just woke up, average girl" rather than the impressive young lady she is. Very nice shoot though. I think your work provides many great examples that artist photographers who teach could use in college classes. Keep it up!

gangman Japón

it's good idea i guess

Jan Holanda

GWB No Petter, we don't want guys in the pictures and certainly not this one. He's an utter turn-off and an insult to your finest model of all. Thankfully, you've made it up to her and your fans with that breathtaking series of 22nd may!

Sean Estados Unidos de América

I think it's great, way to mix it up. I'm not a 28 percenter so I don't care anyway. The sooner 2008 rolls around the better.

Jaqui cebra | May 21st, 2006
Jaqui cebra
8quart Estados Unidos de América

hmmmm.....what would I do if I where there?

Alya Lover Estados Unidos de América

WAX Typically a razor is fine, but for some, wax may be a better alternative. Otherwise, she is hot.

alex Reino Unido

jaqui absolute beauty,absolute knockout.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui has a great ass and a beautiful pussy. Very good set. Image #61 is stellar.

Jaqui silla blanca | November 7th, 2006
Jaqui silla blanca
james quinn Estados Unidos de América

jaqui Never knew a pixie could be so sexy!

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

Not Bad Jaqui is not afraid to show her body, which was nice. The crossed-leg photos were great; shame that never happens in real life. I found the shoes to be very distracting, though. Lose the footwear.

Jan Holanda

You have made more becoming series of this lovely girl. The lighting is harsh, as are the poses. Of course it's all we want to see, but with a little more love.

GERBOU Francia

The views of the pussy lips of Jaqui when she crosses her legs are fantastic. A very erotic sets. We should like to have more of these.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui in pumps Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Jacqui totally nude in black stiletto pumps! I am so happy! This is exactly what I want and want to see much more of. Jacqui looks so beautiful wearing nothing but her great pumps! I love the first shot of her sitting on the chair with her legs crossed with those pumps in full display. Always love a shot like that of a beautiful naked woman in pumps sitting confidently with her legs crossed. Judt beautiful! Bravo! Keep it up!

Arse Reino Unido

More high heels - please

Jaqui primavera | August 11th, 2006
Jaqui primavera
Dan Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui Jaqui's photos are excellent! I love her looks. Thanks.

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

Impressive Very nice photo shoot. You can bring back Jaqui any time - very pretty girl, and not the least bit inhibited.

GERBOU Francia

I wish I could be with Jaqui when she is bathing at the sun! This legs wide open which reveals a wonderful pussy and some incredible pussy lips do not leave me indifferent.

Jaqui duchándose | August 1st, 2006
Jaqui duchándose
mark Estados Unidos de América

beauty Absolutely GOREGOUS!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui showering My goodness! Is Jaqui sweet. I especially like the fine black hair all over her body. She is a Treat.

peter Reino Unido

photo galleries really nice shower photos, loved it

Jaqui anaranjado | July 10th, 2006
Jaqui anaranjado
timatits Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui vs. Orange This is one of the more original approaches to erotic photograph to go up on the site in a while. When I saw the cover “teaser” that is put up the day before the set appears, I thought that a new layout for the “Shots” cover was going to be introduced—one with a heavy orange strip on one side for the text, thereby allowing the model’s photo to be “text free.” Nope; just Petter being creative in setting off his girl’s beauty. On the first page, where the orange was the whole background for the first dozen shots, an interesting contrast emerged. There is nothing in the shots except for fully nude Jaqui for this first part of the set. But even where Petter comes in close in #11 the solid power of this single colour overwhelms the rich texture of her beauty. When the orange turns to a strip for the remainder of the set, Jaqui seems to be in a fight with it for attention. Even though the room is comparatively colourless (save the candles in the window), the orange still asserts its ability to overwhelm Jaqui’s charms for our eyes’ attention. I think that if we look at what this site is trying to as some thing more than just showing pictures of nude women (which is what countless others do) and we look at it as truly an effort to present nude women as elements in and of new and interesting artistic expressions, then you have to see this set as a great example of why the site is unique and continually interesting.

Jaqui ventana con vista | January 16th, 2006
Jaqui ventana con vista
nelson España

The inclussion of that Bush-Mickey picture doesn't seem appropiated in this context of a naked beauty. I don't pay to see your political opinions.

jason Estados Unidos de América

a room with a view Jaqui is absolutely STUNNING!!!For my money, the hottest yet on here!!!And ,I must say I like the mickey mouse in the corner!Too bad more peopke here in the states dont agree!!!

Aaron Estados Unidos de América

a room with a view I totally agree with Jason. The bush/mickey thing is hilarious, very appropriate. And I'm from the states. Political expression is protected by our constitution. Those who don't understand that don't appreciate our democratic values.

puntadeleste Reino Unido

jaqui too shaved. a little pubic hair would be much nicer. Tony

hedonate Estados Unidos de América

Nice... It appears that the window was several floors up from the ground...the shoot would have also been interesting to see people looking at her from the outside... I agree with Tony, I prefer pubic hair as well.

Kirk Estados Unidos de América

politics don't belong here Everyone is free to express their political opinions (at least in the U.S.A.) and, in fact, they should. In my opnion, this is not the correct venue for political expression. All the members are paying to see your artistic work, they are not paying to view or support anyone's political opinions. Let's keep the politics on the blogs, etc. I'm sure most people come here to escape such things for a brief respite.

Jaqui azul transparente | December 26th, 2005
Jaqui azul transparente
Joe W Estados Unidos de América


The0ne Rumanía

Absolutly gorgeouse

BEN Estados Unidos de América

probably many mor accolades that apply here to jaqui but for me in a word sensual !!!!

GERBOU Francia

The first pics of this set, when Jaqui poses and shows us her butt in her small panty are very erotic. A pitty that the rest of the set is not so erotic. Jaqui boobs are wonderful but I remain frustated that she do not exposes to us the rest of her anatomy.

Jaqui luz de mañana | November 21st, 2005
Jaqui luz de mañana
sirstefanofb Australia

Oh such delightful 'puffy' nipples

Jaqui Star Wars | November 4th, 2005
Jaqui Star Wars
shane Estados Unidos de América

reaching it looks like you were really reaching for ideas on this day.

Jaqui vistiéndose | October 12th, 2005
Jaqui vistiéndose
game India

wow one of the best gallery

Jaqui Cuero de vaca argentino | September 2nd, 2005
Jaqui Cuero de vaca argentino
Pete Reino Unido

Jaqui Cherry pink skin with a wicked arse.

ben Estados Unidos de América

tantalizing nice rug

Jaqui sesión en la cama | September 23rd, 2005
Jaqui sesión en la cama
BeanieBoy Estados Unidos de América

Jaqui... uuuhhhmm... I've... lost all... uuh... pow.. power of... uuuuuhhmmm... WOW...

Jaqui Películas COMENTARIOS

Jacqui Bailando | October 25th, 2005
Jacqui Bailando
Kristen Estados Unidos de América

What a Woman! I love that smile of hers. She really seems like she loves taking it off for the camera.

Tom Estados Unidos de América

Be still my heart I'm willing to bet many a man has melted under the gaze of this young female. A true pleasure.

Houston México

Hermosura de mujer sigo sin creerlo... como existen tantas mujeres tan hermosas en america latina... me encanta, definitivamente jaqui es una de las mejores. Hermosa sonrisa.