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Caro Profile

Name: Caro
Country: Argentina
Weight: 42kg
Height: 163cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Petite and Charming

For only being a young girl of 19, Caro has already accomplished a great deal in her short lifespan.

SHE HAS three years worth of acting school under her belt. With such an adventurous spirit and a love for being the center of attention it was a natural progression for Caro to give nude modeling a try; the only question was with whom?

Despite the fact that working with Petter was Caro’s native voyage into nude modeling, she performed like a true pro in front of the camera, jumping into poses with very little prompting or direction from the photographer.

While other girls her age where romping through the streets of Buenos Aires trying to attract the attention of young boys, Caro was proving that she is indeed destined to one day stand out in the crowd.

Caro monumental July 31st, 2007
Spectacular. No new pics since 2007? 8^( Get her back!
Caro monumental
Yes, that sums it up. The impression this delightful little girl has made on me is, indeed, MONUMENTAL.
International Model
Petter what happened to Caro, she is such a n attractive person who could easily grace Vogue, great body, fantastic tits and she always seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Get her back she adds a new dimension to your site.
To Perfectionist
Not all women get fat when they get older
To cancun
Young girls should be skinny...they will become fat when they get older...
she is perfect.
why not completly shaved ?
I must agree sirstefanofb! Completly bald she would look much better! Maybe on the session!
Caro monumental
Caro is such a sweetie, and a perfect woman. I didn't like the gimmicky black shoes, but I still adore Caro. Thanks!
too skinny this girl
bubba says "bubba likes"
Lose her Hands, I wouldn't believe she is shy so what is with the Hands??? Get them out of the way!
Oh such a Beautiful Girl, spoilt by the pubic 'fuzz'.... Otherwise Purrrrrrfect!
Caro colorful July 20th, 2007
Caro colorful
Or in my case, 'Colour Fool'. Colour for my cheeks as I blush at the thoughts Caro invokes and fool for having them.
Always a delight to see the lovely Caro. We need more films from her, Petter! I also think I have the exact same taste in women as "Lucababy" below. Those five are also my favorties. Gotta add Vika and Mirta to that list, as well.
just excellent...need more
Caro has one of the best bodies I have ever seen. I am a huge fan of these tight petit bodies and her arse is to die for.
caro is just an elegant beauty.
Caro colorful
I must admit that Caro is one of my five fantasms, the other ones being Yanna, Alya, Evi and Olga. Happy to see Caro back. She's is really a beauty.
Caro colorful
I give up. I don't have the words to describe how much I adore Caro. She is my dream woman.
Caro ripped stockings June 25th, 2007
Yum Yum
I want to eat Caro she looks tso ood her, but hwy after 31st July 2007 does she disappear, more from Caro please as she has a perfect body
Jee... what a beauty this Caro, and what a lucky guy this photograph... and they call it a job !
aww. Luv the model - but this set doesn't rock like the lovely "fishnet stockings" or "little black dress" sets.
i have checked arefully and i cannot find a blemish on caro's skin anywhere wow thars kinda unique isnt it
Caro on a stool May 21st, 2007
Caro smoking
I think you are beautiful with a cigarrete in your mouth. Just need several pictures of exalling. Very pretty!!
I love Caro so much. What a privilege to see her using her incredibly beautiful lips to smoke. If you notice her filter, you'll see that Caro is an addicted smoker, so why not watch what she does for pleasure? What a shame that no pictures of Caro exhaling her smoke were included. I wish she had not used fake fingernails on such beautiful hands. If these archives were all Caro every day, that would be fine with me.
Hahaha, you make me laugh, HAHA, so for example you like Angelina Jolie, and then you see her smoking in a movie, and then youwill scream "What the hell are you doing Angelinaaaa!!" HAHAHA!!! Posing in front of camera is also acting!!! I am so privileged to be able to respond to you angels, who never smoke, drink, cheat and go to church every Sunday. It's easy to condemn...remember we don't know her story... SO SHUT UP ABOUT THIS SMOKING AND EAT YOUR BROCCOLI.
Say it ain't so
Caro, Caro, Caro, why did you do it? You were my favorite Hegre model until you lit up the cigarette. Your sultry look (sans cigarette) still gets me, and you could win a "prettiest eyes" contest amongst the Hegre models, but the smoking does not cut it. You will drop out of my rankings.
It all worked until she had the cancer stick..you might as well have her licking a trash can
One of my top 5 models on the Web. Unfortunately, the photograph did not think very far by using a cigarette with a so cute girl. Fire the photograph on this one.
Just isn't sexy photography to me and does nothing for me. Sorry.
Yep - one or two shoots have centred on women smoking. Maybe some guys like it but to me it looks horrible. Pity as Caro is lovely.
Caro On a Stool
I simply do not care whether a woman is naked, alluring, beautiful. When she has a cigarette in her hand - or worse, in her mouth - she is simply disgusting. I'm appalled that you promote smoking in young women as if it were desirable.
This set of photographs really deserve the qualification 'excellence in nudes'. Everything is perfect: beautiful model with occasionally pretty smiles, fine poses and nice gimmick with the cigarette and lighter. And of course photographed perfectly with no bodyparts unnecessarily out of frame like in other sets.
Gorgeous model, stunning face, sparkling images, as always, for me, caro delivers, luv her. badga X
Caro green April 4th, 2007
Caro green
Please be patient and indulge an 'old man's' fancy. One of my most favourite sets of all time 'Gislane balance' was against a green backdrop. If Caro could replicate that, shot for shot (alongside Gislane)WOW!Can you picture that? Perhaps in these times of electronic wizardry, Petter could 'mock' something up.
Cute teen, nice pics, what else can we ask for! Next time please focus a little bit more on the wonderful assets of Caro.
The gorgeously delicate Caro never disappoints with a top of the range behind, fullsome tits on a slender frame and such a cute, cute look. Mmm
Pictures 14 and 42 were phenomonal. Caro is stunning, and once again delivers a great gallery.
That's all I need. Caro, and a chair. What a gorgeous young lady.