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Photo de Caro


Photo de Caro
Nom: Caro
Pays: Argentine
Poids: 42kg
Taille: 163cm
Age: 19
Profession: Étudiante

Menue et charmante

Pour une jeune fille de 19 ans, Caro a déjà accompli de nombreuses choses dans sa vie qui ne fait que commencer.

ELLE EST l’ancienne mannequin principale de l’Oréal pour l’Amérique du Sud et a étudié pendant trois ans dans une école d’acteurs. Dotée d’un tel esprit aventureux et adorant être le centre de l’attention, faire du nu fut une évolution naturelle pour Caro ; mais avec qui, telle est la question ?

Caro vit à Buenos Aires avec sa mère. Malgré le fait que travailler avec Petter fut le premier voyage de Caro dans l’univers du nu, elle a agi telle une vraie pro devant l’appareil, prenant toutes sortes de poses, ayant très peu besoin de directives de la part du photographe.

Alors que d’autres filles de son âge parcouraient les rues de Buenos Aires afin d’essayer d’attirer l’attention de jeunes garçons, Caro prouvait qu’elle était en effet destinée à sortir du lot.


Caro bas déchirés | June 25th, 2007
Caro bas déchirés
FastEddie Etats Uni

i have checked arefully and i cannot find a blemish on caro's skin anywhere wow thars kinda unique isnt it

Igor Royame Uni

aww. Luv the model - but this set doesn't rock like the lovely "fishnet stockings" or "little black dress" sets.

Lucababy Canada

Caro Jee... what a beauty this Caro, and what a lucky guy this photograph... and they call it a job !

Pete Royame Uni

Yum Yum I want to eat Caro she looks tso ood her, but hwy after 31st July 2007 does she disappear, more from Caro please as she has a perfect body

Caro monumental | July 31st, 2007
Caro monumental
sirstefanofb Australie

Oh such a Beautiful Girl, spoilt by the pubic 'fuzz'.... Otherwise Purrrrrrfect!

tdonna Etats Uni

Lose her Hands, I wouldn't believe she is shy so what is with the Hands??? Get them out of the way!

FastEddie Etats Uni

bubba says "bubba likes"

cancun Etats Uni

too skinny this girl

David Etats Uni

Caro monumental Caro is such a sweetie, and a perfect woman. I didn't like the gimmicky black shoes, but I still adore Caro. Thanks!

baudolino73 Allemagne

why not completly shaved ? I must agree sirstefanofb! Completly bald she would look much better! Maybe on the session!

phil Suisse

she is perfect.

Perfectionist Espagne

To cancun Young girls should be skinny...they will become fat when they get older...

Sadie Royame Uni

To Perfectionist Not all women get fat when they get older

Pete Royame Uni

International Model Petter what happened to Caro, she is such a n attractive person who could easily grace Vogue, great body, fantastic tits and she always seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Get her back she adds a new dimension to your site.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro monumental Yes, that sums it up. The impression this delightful little girl has made on me is, indeed, MONUMENTAL.

corpsecorps Etats Uni

Spectacular. No new pics since 2007? 8^( Get her back!

Caro haut en couleur | July 20th, 2007
Caro haut en couleur
David Etats Uni

Caro colorful I give up. I don't have the words to describe how much I adore Caro. She is my dream woman.

Lucababy Canada

Caro colorful I must admit that Caro is one of my five fantasms, the other ones being Yanna, Alya, Evi and Olga. Happy to see Caro back. She's is really a beauty.

alex Royame Uni

caro caro is just an elegant beauty.

Fifty 50 Royame Uni

caro Caro has one of the best bodies I have ever seen. I am a huge fan of these tight petit bodies and her arse is to die for.

akis13 Grèce

caro just excellent...need more

btrhea_PPxrn Etats Uni

CARO!! Always a delight to see the lovely Caro. We need more films from her, Petter! I also think I have the exact same taste in women as "Lucababy" below. Those five are also my favorties. Gotta add Vika and Mirta to that list, as well.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro colorful Or in my case, 'Colour Fool'. Colour for my cheeks as I blush at the thoughts Caro invokes and fool for having them.

Caro sur un tabouret | May 21st, 2007
Caro sur un tabouret
Badga Royame Uni

Caro Gorgeous model, stunning face, sparkling images, as always, for me, caro delivers, luv her. badga X

WilliamQ Pays Bas

Excellent! This set of photographs really deserve the qualification 'excellence in nudes'. Everything is perfect: beautiful model with occasionally pretty smiles, fine poses and nice gimmick with the cigarette and lighter. And of course photographed perfectly with no bodyparts unnecessarily out of frame like in other sets.

cookin Etats Uni

Caro On a Stool I simply do not care whether a woman is naked, alluring, beautiful. When she has a cigarette in her hand - or worse, in her mouth - she is simply disgusting. I'm appalled that you promote smoking in young women as if it were desirable.

Igor Royame Uni

Yep - one or two shoots have centred on women smoking. Maybe some guys like it but to me it looks horrible. Pity as Caro is lovely.

Raymond Etats Uni

Just isn't sexy photography to me and does nothing for me. Sorry.

Lucababy Canada

Caro One of my top 5 models on the Web. Unfortunately, the photograph did not think very far by using a cigarette with a so cute girl. Fire the photograph on this one.

1970coach Etats Uni

Caro It all worked until she had the cancer might as well have her licking a trash can

Ralph Etats Uni

Say it ain't so Caro, Caro, Caro, why did you do it? You were my favorite Hegre model until you lit up the cigarette. Your sultry look (sans cigarette) still gets me, and you could win a "prettiest eyes" contest amongst the Hegre models, but the smoking does not cut it. You will drop out of my rankings.

Perfectionist Espagne

Hahaha, you make me laugh, HAHA, so for example you like Angelina Jolie, and then you see her smoking in a movie, and then youwill scream "What the hell are you doing Angelinaaaa!!" HAHAHA!!! Posing in front of camera is also acting!!! I am so privileged to be able to respond to you angels, who never smoke, drink, cheat and go to church every Sunday. It's easy to condemn...remember we don't know her story... SO SHUT UP ABOUT THIS SMOKING AND EAT YOUR BROCCOLI.

David Etats Uni

I love Caro so much. What a privilege to see her using her incredibly beautiful lips to smoke. If you notice her filter, you'll see that Caro is an addicted smoker, so why not watch what she does for pleasure? What a shame that no pictures of Caro exhaling her smoke were included. I wish she had not used fake fingernails on such beautiful hands. If these archives were all Caro every day, that would be fine with me.

headtat Etats Uni

Caro smoking I think you are beautiful with a cigarrete in your mouth. Just need several pictures of exalling. Very pretty!!

Caro vert | April 4th, 2007
Caro vert
jimmy Etats Uni

That's all I need. Caro, and a chair. What a gorgeous young lady.

Ralph Etats Uni

Beautiful Pictures 14 and 42 were phenomonal. Caro is stunning, and once again delivers a great gallery.

Pete Royame Uni

Delicate The gorgeously delicate Caro never disappoints with a top of the range behind, fullsome tits on a slender frame and such a cute, cute look. Mmm


Cute teen, nice pics, what else can we ask for! Next time please focus a little bit more on the wonderful assets of Caro.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro green Please be patient and indulge an 'old man's' fancy. One of my most favourite sets of all time 'Gislane balance' was against a green backdrop. If Caro could replicate that, shot for shot (alongside Gislane)WOW!Can you picture that? Perhaps in these times of electronic wizardry, Petter could 'mock' something up.

Caro captive | March 19th, 2007
Caro captive
Dan from Texas Etats Uni

Caro Captured Wow! Caro just keeps getting better & better!

Ted Canada

Caro Caro is definitely one of my favourite models. I just love it when she smiles such as the second last photo in this set, and the older series with the beer. Petter, thanks for more Caro and the clear, crisp interestingly varied poses.

Ralph Etats Uni

Beautiful Caro is beautiful. Her galleries are always some of the best. This gallery was excellent.

Pete Royame Uni

Stunning A very simple set, but stunning pictures of a really sexy Caro. She continues to get better and better and yet another example of a slender but really attractive model. Thanks to Caro

Raglanlad Australie

Caro is simply gold

Caro bain | February 20th, 2007
Caro bain
Ralph Etats Uni

Lovely I always enjoy the galleries with Caro. Very sexy girl.

Pete Royame Uni

Recognition I dont think Caro gets the recogntion she deserves. She has wonderful features a great body and one of the cutest arses around. Definately a 10 in my book. Pic 5 page 2. Out of this world. Why doesn't she feature in the top 20 models?

carlos Royame Uni

Caro I agree Caro is great. But some of her attraction is in her humour, which is endearing. So my best on page 2 is Pic.2

Foo Etats Uni

Heels... The nudes are beautiful, but I'd love to see her in heels or a sexy outfit.

btrhea_PPxrn Etats Uni


ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro bath At the end of a 'Cream' album, there's a song called 'Mother's lament' that says her baby was so skinny & thin, it went down the plug-'ole.Should I sit in her bath, just in case? PLEASE.

Caro escalier | October 11th, 2006
Caro escalier
btrhea Etats Uni

CARO! Ah, the lovely Caro! Still my favorite of all Hegre models. I simply adore her tight little body. The last picture in this series (#31) is absolutely stunning. We need more (and bigger) Caro galleries, Petter. And there are still only two Caro films. Please consider releasing another film of this beautiful girl. Thank you!!

Ralph Etats Uni

Sexy A little too short a photo series, but very sexy. Loved photo 3 on the second page. Keep up the great work.

Pete Royame Uni

Pretty Caro, you are an absolute beauty and I think the prettiest on the site with a delicate slender body. Agree Pic 3 page 2 is wicked, but would love to see some more intimate pictures of Caro. Come on Petter you did an excellent series with Yanna, what about the same with Caro?

Caro royauté | June 17th, 2006
Caro royauté
btrhea Etats Uni

YES!!!!! So nice to see my favorite Hegre model return twice within a couple of weeks! I always cherish Caro's galleries and can't wait for the next one. Perhaps a new film featuring the lovely Caro? Keep 'em coming Petter - great job!!

Tony Montana Royame Uni

Caro at Faena Hotel & Universe would have loved to be there too. great girl, great location. TM

david Royame Uni

caro royalty just where gorgeous caro should be!

ben Etats Uni

caro very nice ! Sexy ! you see words cannot do this models or "The Photographer" justice ! Man do i love those lipsand of course other things

Pete Royame Uni

Very Regal Caro is one of my favourites and these pictures do her beutiful body real justice. Caro, you have the most gorgeous arse and such a pleasant soft skin tone. I love you!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro royalty I knew that if I studied every girl in every set, one day I would spot a Hegre girl who is not outstandingly lovely. TODAY is not that day. A Hegre masterpiece. Thank you for her.

Caro délassement chez soi | August 9th, 2006
Caro délassement chez soi
btrhea Etats Uni

CARO Yes indeed! The more Caro, the better!!

timatits Etats Uni

Naturally soft Breasts Although we like to see a woman’s natural breasts exhibiting their size, one of the lovely things about breasts is the way in which that gravity moves them about a woman’s chest as she lies down, constantly reshaping them. It is almost as if this natural force is refining the details of a female sculpture to fit the position she is in. Because Caro’s legs remain crossed throughout this set, her face and breasts take over. And only natural breasts can put on a show like this when a girl is lying down! They flatten this way and that; the aureole and nipples changes position relative to the rest of here torso. Her breasts are relaxing against her body, conveying the theme of the photo series. And in doing so the incredible softness of even her modest-sized pair of tits comes through and makes her so inviting. Caro’s near-perfect total figure provides a great canvas for the many poses. While Caro’s body language in the first page does not suggest relaxing, by the middle of the series we have the sense that we have come across this nude just daydreaming. We then just setting in for some lovely voyeuristic pleasers as she unwinds from a long day.

Pete Royame Uni

Caro Caro has truly stunning features, although Im not sure the bright red lipstick does her justice. I love her delicate, porcelain figure and her cheeky inviting smile. I'm glad we are seeing much more of her now after a gap of a couple of months.


Nice boobs, lovely tittties, wonderful ass, a girl which teases us, nice shots, what else can we ask for!

Caro intimité | January 23rd, 2007
Caro intimité
Ralph Etats Uni

Caro delivers Caro always delivers a sexy and sensual gallery. You should find a way to get Caro in the rotation more often.

Raymond Royame Uni

Caro Caro is exquisite, real delicate looking and just beautiful - what's more to be said?

Pete Royame Uni

Exquisite Couldn't agree with Raymond more and I too would like to see more of Caro. She is extremely pretty

baudolino73 Allemagne

Why isn´t she shaved completly? That would be great!

craig riglin Etats Uni

Hotiest of the Hot!! Nickel is one the most beautiful women I have ever seen

graham Nouvelle Zélande

caro Caro is one of your loveliest models. I'd like to series called ecstacy, focussing mostly on her face and some upper body as she stimulates herself off screen and her face projects what she feels Same could be done with Yanna

Caro chaude et mouillée | July 2nd, 2006
Caro chaude et mouillée
Pete Royame Uni

Pure perfection Yanna yesterday, and Caro today, true proof that a slender body really is pure perfection. I love Caro's slender body, pale tones, engaging eyes and pert arse. Would love to see her crouched down with arse prouldly displayed in the air. Perhaps one for next time Petter as I don't think we get to see enough of Caro

ibtallguy Etats Uni

MMMM-Good!! Caro is for sure a HOTTIE,,her tight body, dark sensous eyes, and long hair gets me all hot and bothered. I gave this one a 10,, but I would have loved a few shots of her lovely legs and feet coming out of the tub, or standing on the edge of the tub with a wide stance would have looked great. Not really a complaint just something to keep in mind.

David Etats Uni

Caro hot wet Caro is wonderful. She is truly a genetic masterpiece. How could anyone be so beautiful? I am moving to Argentina.

david Royame Uni

caro hot wet pure beauty, she is adorable

Sean Etats Uni

Caro is perfect but I gave this set a 1.

btrhea Etats Uni

CARO!! Caro is a goddess. I could never tire of looking at her beautiful body! I'm still holding out for a "Caro In Bed" series. Please consider it, Petter! Until then, thanks again for sharing the lovely Caro with us.

ben Etats Uni

refreshingly erotic

Bobby Etats Uni

Caro Caro has a face of a goddess, but if I was given a choice , I would love to see more ass, I couldn't lose. She's my all-time favorite.

Jimmy Etats Uni

What an incredible photo shoot. Caro looks so sexy and vulnerable here all wet. Great close ups of her face and breasts. What a treat to look at this beauty!

John Hannaford Royame Uni

Caro Stunning, and what about those come to bed eyes. Breathtaking

ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro hot wet Another masterpiece and I sure would (along with a million others)like to be the one to master this piece.She is so achingly lovely that it can sometimes be physically painful to look at her(internally, get your minds out of the gutter). WONDERFUL.

Caro cuisine de campagne | July 22nd, 2006
Caro cuisine de campagne

Caro country kitchen Caro is so beautiful! In all ways, physically, but I love her legs. It's always a treat when you show them (and I'm disappointed when you don't). I especially like images 44-50. I'd love to see a full-frame (4-6K) shot of of her bare legs with her standing legs togther on her toes or in stiletto sandals -- classic cheesecake poses a la Marilyn Monroe. The quality and detail of your images, Petter, is unsurpassed!

timatits Etats Uni

Backside Fan This series had a nice surprise. After teasing us on page one Caro turns around to moon us. But instead of just a few shots of her derrière as she takes off that apron, Petter has her press her hips against the counter to give us a view of her labia that is awesome. The minor and majora labia unfold like a Chinese fan between the cheeks of her ass. This is about as erotic a backside view that you can have with out the girl using her hands. And I think it is that passive nature of Caro in her kitchen gives the photos a nice voyeuristic touch—and the stolen views exceed expectations. The rest of the series then is just working us back to that butt shot sans the apron. This series really made me smile.

Drooler Etats Uni

Caro Country Kitchen The quality is absolutely superb! Bravo Petter!

Caro country kitchen Etats Uni

David Unfortunately there are no words in English to properly describe how much I adore this woman. I like pictures like #45 and #46, with Caro standing straight and her legs slightly apart, that best show the exquisite perfection of her slender legs and her lovely pussy. Yum.

btrhea Etats Uni

The Lovely Caro What a way to wake up! Caro making breakfast! This series is rather well done. I'm glad to see numerous head-to-toe shots here. The next to last one on Page 4 is fantastic! She's is still my favorite. So delicate...almost fragile. Caro melts my heart!

Pete Royame Uni

Caro v Yanna Petter you keep doing this to me! Caro followed by Yanna, both have sunningly toned bodies, perfect arses and beautiful skin tones, and I have too say Caro is just so cute. So Caro or Yanna, I need to see a lot more of both before I can decide

ben Etats Uni

very nice model just curious though her pussy shows nicely from the back but is barely defined from the frontal shots anyway nice model any way nver tire of seeing her galleries over n over


I wish I could have a house maid like Caro in my kitchen. A nice looking young girl with a wonderful ass. The pics where she stands in her small apron showing us the back of her body are very erotic. We would have appreciated having some closed shots of her ass ass pussy, which we think is also worth lookinf at. Next time may be?

ArtSavor Etats Uni

Delicious! I've revisited Caro's COUNTRY KITCHEN specifically to savor her "head-to-toe" shots revealing her exquisitely erotic ass and pussy! Any chance Caro will return to the HEGRE-Art kitchen anytime soon?

Caro désinvolte | December 7th, 2006
Caro désinvolte
Joe Spalone Etats Uni

Caro Peter Take Caro to the beach and shoot candid style / She has the hip structure to make some very interesting "bikini bridges".

Ralph Etats Uni

Caro delivers Caro never fails to deliver a sexy gallery. All she did was sit in a chair, but what a sexy photo shoot. I liked this series a lot.

Pete Royame Uni

Pretty and Sexy I think Caro is probably the prettiest model you shoot. She has stunning facial features and couple this with a superb slender and sexy body and Caro is undoubedly one of your best. Think her extraordinarly beauty demands a stunning location so where will you take her next Petter

Oliver Grenade

Choice of backfround? I'm curious as to the choice of background for this shoot

btrhea Etats Uni

YES!!! The amazing Caro does it again!! This girl breaks my heart with every series...don't ya think it's high time we get another Caro film???

Caro bière | March 17th, 2006
Caro bière
ben Etats Uni

beer models dont drink beer! man law hahaha caro cute little coguettte... like to see another move of her

btrhea Etats Uni

CARO!! BEER!!! Perhaps my two favorite things in the world! Caro and beer!! The next round's on me, my dear...

PM Etats Uni

We could have done without the bottle - C-

Pete Royame Uni

Super Cute Excellent pictures of the super cute Caro, and I think less is more here with no scenery you can really focus on Caro's intoxicating beauty. Sure I can think of a better use for the bottle!

Ted Canada

Smiling Caro I just adore her eyes, and what a perfect slim, petite body, especially her PERFECT, firm breasts. If it takes beer to make her smile in photos #10 and 14, more beer, please , Petter!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro beer AS a rule, I do not drink but if you show me where to get hold of this 'Caro Beer' I will quickly need to join AA. She gives me 'tingles'.

Yanka aux nues | May 17th, 2006
Yanka aux nues
Pete Royame Uni

Caro so pretty Ive been a big fan of Caro for a long time and dont think we see enough of her on this site. These are charming pictures, she is such a pretty girl with gorgeous eyes and her smile alone scores 10 on some of the pictures. Caro has a wonderful toned body, great tits and a wicked arse. My only complaint Petter is I dont think these pictures are intimate enough. Much more of Caro please, and why not a joint set with Antononia, again she is a beauty who does not get enough exposure.

david Royame Uni

caro stripping am i allowed to ask for house calls?

David Etats Uni

Caro stripping What a sweetie! Caro has the world's best body, and I love her breasts so much! Every woman in the world must be jealous of her lips. I love her hair color, too. This is a beautifully composed set of pictures.

Another David! Etats Uni

Devastating beauty Lovely Caro, usted tiene una flor tan hermosa, please share more with us? The fire in your eyes, the mystery in your smile are enough to melt any man's heart, so beguiling, so dangerous. You should be the next "Bond Girl." And then there's your fabulous slender figure, faggedabowdit! Perfection to me. Thank you for taking such great care of it. So, you've been blessed...but you're also so talented! Your shots are so engaging and always so different, from frame to frame, each pose, every expression just puts me further under your spell. Thanks again, and Petter, once more I thank you! Great job. I wonder, Luba, how can you let him near these sirens?

btrhea Etats Uni


btrhea Etats Uni

CARO I'm glad to see the return of Caro to your site. It's been too long! Thanks so much, and please let us see more of this wonderful woman.

timatits Etats Uni

Coy Caro This is a very erotic series. Caro illustrates the ability of a woman to be a sexual creature by pure personality…and this is captured by Petter's camera. The shyness and the eventual shock she has at the realization on the third page that she has exposed her pubis betrays an innocence and a seductiveness that she simultaneously possesses. The final photos, with her leg raised to block her pubis, leaves us wondering which personality it is, and wanting more. This is the mark of erotica. A great tease it is. This woman is so accessibly real that the seductive play in the photo series should seem real to most viewers. You know her.

Caro rose rouge | January 2nd, 2006
Caro rose rouge
Franco Italie

Nice to see you! Caro, it always is very nice to see an your new series! Thank you and Petter for it.

DLed Allemagne

Caro Caro is so extremely charming and poweful! I can't stop seeking her features in other women. Magic...magic... Thanks, Petter! D

btrhea Etats Uni

CARO!!! Caro is incredibly cute and downright sexy all at once. She is second to none on this site, in my opinion. There are many, many extremely beautiful women at, but Caro is "where it's at" for me!

btrhea Etats Uni

If I may make a humble request Petter, please do a series of "Caro In Bed" sometime - those are my favorite galleries of your other beautiful models..."Yanna In Bed" and "Olga In Bed", in particular, are incredibly sexy. Thank You.

Bobby Etats Uni

Caro Caro is blessed with the most beautiful facial features along with the hottest little ass. I could never tire of her. Great job, you are the best at what you do!

Caro robe blanche | December 2nd, 2005
Caro robe blanche
Philippe Canada

For me it's the greatest model of this site, you can continue with her forever :)

gozo Etats Uni

wow her body is built for posing

Inamaru Chine

White dress Very good, joyful and beautiful

Caro petite robe noire | November 13th, 2005
Caro petite robe noire
Dieter Allemagne

caro I am sure, this is the most beautyful girl I have ever seen. The photos are perfect. Is it possible to get more photos or videos from that girl? Thanks a lot.

btrhea Etats Uni

CARO I'm with Dieter. Caro is my favorite on this site. MORE CARO PLEASE!!

Stephen Etats Uni

Caro I LOVE Caro! She is one of the most attractive models you have! She is so slender and so innocent looking. However I rather dislike pubic hair. Is it possible she could shave it off for future photo shoots? In my opinion it would make her much sexier.

Caro jean | October 30th, 2005
Caro jean
Franco Italie

I love denim. Great series! As far as I'm concerned Caro is one of the best model of the site, and this series is very hot. Thank you.

btrhea Etats Uni

CARO RULES!!! She is in a league of her own. Please do as many shoots as possible with my new favorite girl in the world!! Thank you Petter.

Oz Etats Uni

Abosutely stunning woman!

Zman Etats Uni

My ultimate fantasy shoot, a beautiful girl in just blue jeans! Thank you Petter!


Sexy and interesting pics of Caro which teases us. We would have appreciated to see more of her, but the smile of the girl is enough to get us happy.

toesucker Allemagne

skinny girls topless in a tight jeans....and in addition bare feet....well what else is needed to have a nice afternoon:-)

Caro veste en jean | October 15th, 2005
Caro veste en jean
David Etats Uni

Caro demin jacket Caro has the best body ever. I love her! Please, please have more pictures of her smoking!

Caro chat de sofa | September 18th, 2005
Caro chat de sofa
Tra Etats Uni

My Vote Definitely 10. My first vote was registered by mistake I think. Don't know what was registered.

david Royame Uni

caro sofa what more do you need but a girl and a sofa?

Jim Etats Uni

Geeeez This girl is the type that would cause a room full of people to stop whatever they were doing and just stare.

Caro nue au studio | September 17th, 2005
Caro nue au studio
btrhea Etats Uni

WOW! Caro is amazing!!! Alot of folks might say she is too skinny, but that's exactly how I like 'em!

Dieter Allemagne

Caro this is the best model i have ever seen. Caro has a very nice figure and fantastic face. Isn´t it possible to see more about here?

ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro nude in studio Dear Santa, Please see attached my Xmas wish list:- Caro, Caro, Caro, Caro and if you got one to spare, Caro. Thank you.

Caro après le bain | September 16th, 2005
Caro après le bain
christopher boyer Etats Uni

model WOW! I love this model. Great photos I like all her sets. I would like to see a set of her in 4000 pixels. Thanks ane keep up the great work!

David Wise Etats Uni

Caro Caro is just beautiful and I look forward to seeing her everyday. I dream of meeting a woman like Caro someday. Give Caro my best wishes for a happy and safe future.

Caro pouf rouge | September 15th, 2005
Caro pouf rouge
Jim Etats Uni

Wow Beautiful pussy lips.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro red sack. In the English House of Lords, the Speaker sits on a red sack (The Wool-sack). Caro would not be out of place in such distinguished company, quite the reverse, in fact.

Caro bas résille | September 13th, 2005
Caro bas résille
btrhea Etats Uni

I can't believe my eyes! Caro is my favorite model on this site! She is perfectly cute AND perfectly sexy...WOW

Jim Etats Uni

Yummy What a cute little bum.



Caro ange argentin | September 12th, 2005
Caro ange argentin
roberto Etats Uni

Caro Breathtaking perfection!

ben Etats Uni

caro This model is sick ! Just perfection An perfect model coupled with great photography brings a work of beauty, grace.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Caro Argentinian angel The White house, Statue of Liberty, The Kremlin, Big Ben. Tower Bridge and the Eiffel Tower. Can anybody tell me of a more memorable shape than Caro?

Caro chez elle | September 7th, 2005
Caro chez elle
Luke Etats Uni

I wanna see Caro spread her legs and show some more vagina. She is the sweetest girl!!

david Royame Uni

caro home I like the simplicity of these shots, and the setting. And I love her little breasts


Caro Huile pour bébé | November 22nd, 2005
Caro Huile pour bébé
Bud Etats Uni

Baby Oil is my Friend I love it! Nothing sexier then a woman slicking herself up.

Robby Etats Uni

Caro is Devine! I wouldn't mind if Caro came to my house for the afternoon. Lovely girl!

Amy Etats Uni

Lovely... Very sensual without be overly slutty. This is the kind of adult content I like!

mogenskr Danemark

I wonna like to see Caro, and show some more, che is the sweete girl.

Jeff Etats Uni

Caro The most absolutely PERFECT woman I have EVER seen. PERIOD!!!!!! Would like to see more serie's

Ray Etats Uni

Amazing! Un-freaking believable! One of the most incredible women I have ever seen! That body, that face, the perfect package.

Scott Etats Uni

Speechless Beeeautiful!

Caro Un jean bleu | September 13th, 2005
Caro Un jean bleu
Franco Italie

A stunning actress! Caro really is amazing: in these last days she has been showing her great skill in modeling and in this film she reveals to be a stunning actress, too. I'm overcome by her fineness and sexiness.

Joe F. Argentine

Not Usual! As a Petter´s colleague I was impressed by this pics. She is so fresh and beautiful. She has a special angel and a great charisma. I was really surprised by her even being from her same country. WHERE ARE U CARO???? I Will like to contact her for my own work.

chet Italie

Sensual, sensual, sensual She is sensual and funny at the same time. I like this video a lot, more than the photos that are, anyway, one of my favourites. Caro you are great ! Continue this way !!!!

:::CAROLINA::: Argentine


btrhea Etats Uni

CARO - BLUE JEANS This film is amazing! Caro is completely at home in front of the camera, and her charisma makes her even sexier. She is very playful and funny, yet at the same time, she is incredibly hot. The only thing I don't like about this film is it's way too short. At just over 2 minutes, it leaves me wanting more and more of her. I would love to see a 15-minute feature on Caro some day! Keep up the great work. Thank you Caro and Petter!

Ray Etats Uni

Very Nice Caro is unbelievably hot! She is the reason why I joined this site. More of her please! I beg of you!

Scott Etats Uni

Highpoint of my week! Wow! Um... WOW! After first seeing a few images of her floating around the web quite a while back and thinking she might possibly be the most beautiful woman i'd ever seen, i had no idea who she was or where to find more images. What fantastic luck to be downloading images one day here and find not only a bunch of great image sets, but video, too! Fantastic! Larger doses of that smile would be very theraputic! 8^D



terminus_h Slovénie

a great movie, a great model, but why does she need to smoke?