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Joyce | Nigeria Galerías: 8
Foto de Joyce


Foto de Joyce
Nombre: Joyce
País: Nigeria
Peso: 49kg
Altura: 168cm
Edad: 21
Ocupación: Modelo

Curvada y Sensual

Joyce tiene sus orígenes en Nigeria, pero fue criada en Italia debido a la ascendencia italiana de su padre.

POR FORTUNA ella ha heredado las mejores cualidades de ambos mundos; tiene una piel lozana y oscura y unos ojos que miran al mundo como si descubrieran por primera vez lo que tiene que ofrecer. Siempre hay algo mágico en una mujer que se empeña en ver el lado positivo de todas las cosas.

Petter trabajó con Joyce durante la producción del calendario de Villa Mangiacane en Florencia, y aunque al principio de la sesión ella se mostró un poco tímida, no tardó en encontrarle el gusto a la libertad de estar desnuda. Tal vez incluso se le subió un poquito a la cabeza, pues quiso sacar el mejor provecho a los grandes olivos jugando con su cuerpo entre las ramas bajo el sol del verano. Fue entonces cuando Joyce nos confesó que algún día le gustaría irse a vivir a Miami.

Ten cuidado Miami, algo nos dice que un día ella llegará hasta allí.

Joyce Galerías COMENTARIOS

Joyce aceite de oliva | February 27th, 2007
Joyce aceite de oliva
Scott Salbo Estados Unidos de América

Joyce Olive Oil Your most perfect model. Further shots from your best set, I'm guessing.

Pete Reino Unido

Great Great scenery, great setting, great lighting, great model, and great use of olive oil. More olive oil with other models would be great too

SeptemberBug Noruega

Déja vu Joyce is absolutely stunning, and watching her rolling around in oil on top of a table is just breathtaking. But... we've seen this before, haven't we?

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Joyce Wonderful pictures, great setting! Please make this a film. I've been wanting to see her in a film.

Mark Reino Unido

More art This is a beautiful set. It shows Joyce as a sculpture and brings a 3D look to the photographs. I think all your oiled sets are great.

Heinrick Irlanda

joyce oiled up The shining breasts and pointed tits are just amazing; thanks petter for the view

Heinrick Irlanda

Joyce you have a wonderful body; such lovely breasts and arousing bottom; I'd love to tickle it.

Will Estados Unidos de América

Perfect teats!

Joyce junto a la piscina | May 1st, 2007
Joyce junto a la piscina
snowhounds Estados Unidos de América

Holy Smokesssssss

Scott Salbo Estados Unidos de América

Joyce poolside I long ago decided that Joyce is simply the most naturally beautiful woman alive. My only complaint is that too many of her photo shoots are too short!

sahr sukutamba Estados Unidos de América

wish she was a little more liberal like evi if i could only see her lovely petals

ardunbye Reino Unido

Joyce poolside BROTHERS!This is a 'Class Act'. Let us Re-Joyce.

Splendor Francia

Toujours remarquablement belle.

Joyce arte viviente | December 26th, 2006
Joyce arte viviente
Scott Salbo Estados Unidos de América

joyce living art your most beautiful model

Julian Parsons Islas Caimán

Joyce Flawlessly graceful. Beautiful. Gorgeous.

PhotoBob Reino Unido

Living Art I agree with Julian these are elegant, graceful photos. Joyce is beautiful with a truly feminine figure.

ben Estados Unidos de América

nice hedge row

L.J. Dinamarca

Joyce I wounder why she is not a supermodel?? Will we see a video soon?? Pls.

GERBOU Francia

What a wonderful black ass. Next time, please show us also the front.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

That is a very strange piece of statuary. Beautiful model though.

Joyce cosecha de uvas | November 15th, 2006
Joyce cosecha de uvas
thomas Hutereau Bélgica


Scott Salbo Estados Unidos de América

Jorce grape harvest your most wonderfully beautiful model. Period.

tom Irlanda

The leaves kissing the tits; the lovely pubic softness, wine at its best

Waulter Estados Unidos de América

need more full length photos Shes a wonderful model,however,you need to take more full length photos of her,not all of those cutoff ones.Also when when this model appear in a video or two???????????

Surag Estados Unidos de América

Joyce is the epitomy of perfection She is perfect in every way from her figure to her beautifully shaped lips to her wonderful innocent eyes and her perfect breasts. I couldn't imagine anyone looking this beautiful, until now. Please please provide more sets of her. There are many sets of other beautiful women on this site but Joyce is wonderful, can't you put more sets with more pictures like 60 pictures a set? We would all appreciate this I think.

zimbo2 Estados Unidos de América

nice I can see some great creative idea out of these. would love tribal wear.

Joyce acero | July 11th, 2006
Joyce acero
Scott Salbo Estados Unidos de América

Joyce steel most beautiful woman you've ever photographed; every time

Jimmy Estados Unidos de América

So HOT! That hair is pretty wild, and that body is smoking HOT!

shoomeee Alemania

joyce! I agree to Scott Salbo!

Joyce tocador | March 29th, 2006
Joyce tocador
Jan Erik Noruega

Joyce! WOW! What an amazing body! This has to be one of the sexiest girls to appear in Hegre yet! Pic 14 is going straight to my desktop as wallpaper :) Congrats and kudos to you Petter, for disocovering such a beauty!

colin willetts Reino Unido

Joyce Well what a lovely Ebony babe. Class,style and a beautifull body, keep up the good work Hagre i think I'm in love.

DAVID Estados Unidos de América

hello im in love

Tony Estados Unidos de América

Joyce She is just a most extraordinarly beautiful woman.

Umesh Dattatray India

Joyce Boudoir A poem in ebony

Walt Estados Unidos de América

excellent model you should have more photos of her,in nature or the water would be nice...

Estados Unidos de América

More of Joyce please

Splendor Francia


Joyce aceitada | February 24th, 2006
Joyce aceitada
Pete Reino Unido

Joyce Oh my god indeed. Petter you have excelled. Joyce has a fantastic body totally enhanced by some wonderful photography. The shots where the rising sun is cascading across her body are out of this world and pure art. I wanted to score them 15/10. Great work Petter and regards to Joyce as she really gives a sculptured performance.

Scott Salbo Estados Unidos de América

Joyce oiled up Oh my God...

Benoit Bélgica

black beauty So splendid and perfect black beauty. Oil gives amazing effects.

Reza Francia

Superbe et élégant

Adam Reino Unido

Oh my word.... This is stunning stuff - it's so rude you feel like you shouldn't really be looking at it !!!

Juerg Suiza

Oil looks good on all of your models! More please...

thomas Hutereau Bélgica


Nigel Reino Unido

Joyce I am white, but when a black girl is beautiful she is more so than any other girl for me. Combine oil with that beauty, that skin, that sexiness and you have to have a 10!

L.J. Dinamarca

Joyce oiled up Hi, its such a shame that this photo series has not been caught on video. I really hope that you will make some videos with Joyce. She is so hot. Don't forget oil. Best regards L.J.

shoomeee Alemania

joyce Surely your best work ever. I love Joyce. She's pure sex!

joe Irlanda

joyce how the pussy is magnificent.One of your great sites for the sheer pleasure of the sexual body. Truly arousing!! The oiled body is so exciting and raises more than expectations.

Walt Estados Unidos de América

most excellent model This is a excellent model,would like to see more of her...

GERBOU Francia

Why are the pics of this black beauty so dark. You hardly see her magnificent assets that she is willing to show us!

seduction Alemania

Absolute gorgeous!!! Like a living sculpure...

dennis Estados Unidos de América

Joyce Splendid. I think it would be nice to find more black women to model

wenwilifind Estados Unidos de América

Joyce Abolutely Gorgious! That is all I know to say or think or feel...

Joyce leopardo | October 25th, 2005
Joyce leopardo
Marc Austria

fantastic Joyce WOW!! Please give us more Joyce! This is such a beautiful woman!

Walt Estados Unidos de América

Nice model Need more photos,and there should be less sheet and more nude Joyce..

steve Corea, República de

she's so beautiful

Splendor Francia