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Foto de Ekaterina


Foto de Ekaterina
Nombre: Ekaterina
País: Ucrania
Peso: 52kg
Altura: 164cm
Edad: 19
Ocupación: Estudiante

Joven y Tímida

Cuando Ekaterina acudió a una sesión fotográfica con Petter Hegre, era la primera vez que trabajaba como modelo.

LA VERDAD es que nadie lo habría sospechado. A sus 19 años, Ekaterina personifica todo aquello que nos gusta mirar en una mujer. Su cabello brillante como el oro cuelga un poco por debajo de unos hombros perfectamente torneados. Sus pechos grandes y naturales te invitan a que los toques y aturden tus sentidos.

Y no nos olvidemos de su sonrisa, pues cuando un hombre la mira es capaz de perder la cabeza y ponerse de rodillas para rogarle que le dé más. Lo sorprendente es que Ekaterina es muy tímida y no parece darse cuenta del dominio que ejerce sobre los hombres. Si le haces un cumplido, Ekaterina se limita a apartar la mirada y responder con un “gracias”, que susurra como si nunca antes hubiese escuchado algo así.

Todo en esta mujer es cien por ciento genuino, y eso es algo que nos complace en verdad.

Ekaterina Galerías COMENTARIOS

Ekaterina rojo rojo | December 17th, 2006
Ekaterina rojo rojo
Nick Francia

Ekaterina Good fun!

chris Estados Unidos de América

ekaterina What a beautiful smile,quite something. Show us more please.........

Ekaterina en exhibición | June 16th, 2006
Ekaterina en exhibición
Sean Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina You are such a tease Petter.

Larry Japón

More Ekaterina ! This model is really one of your most beautiful. I hope you will have the chance to shoot her again next time you go to Ukraine !

Matt Estados Unidos de América

this gallery--ekaterina This shoot is the best I have ever seen on this site; this model has something that most don't. Her playfulness plays through the camera like no other, I want more ekaterina.

cyril Reino Unido

Ekaterina - of the twin 'blessed sirens' Yes indeed Petter,you ARE a tease!

sirstefanofb Australia

Ekaterina has 'value-added' by shaving herself so clean and smooth.

sirstefanofb Australia

I am aroused in the knowledge that Ekaterina has 'de-nuded' her lower body, since her last shoot, no doubt to enhance the viewing leasure of her worldwide audience....including me!

Eric Reino Unido

Ekatrina I'm not "normally" a breast man, but these are a treat, with nipples to match. I look forward to Petter getting some Yanna style clos-ups of her genital area now it has been shaved for us to admire. E does seem a little shy in that area!

russ Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina - The Total Package on Display The amazing boobs actually detract from everything else, she really is perfect in every way. Definitely will have to download 3000px.

Ekaterina tras las cámaras en Kiev | July 4th, 2006
Ekaterina tras las cámaras en Kiev
kris Alemania

Dear Petter, these series are so natural and of pure, real beauty! I prefer your "Snapshots" to your normal galleries! Great, and Ekaterina is THE angel made for those natural shootings!

ben Estados Unidos de América

EkaterinaBackstageInKiev_036.jpg perfect lighting for her

salvador rios México

congratulations it´s excelent your gallery and it´s better than i thought

David Grecia

ekaterina backstage Ekaterina is such a beautiful model, and these natural photos without any additional lighting show her perfection. She is my one reason to join up!

MORTICIAN Estados Unidos de América

sexy What a beautiful sexy body I love it nice breast and very nice pink nipples on Ekaterina beautiful lovey breast, I would like to massages her body.

chris Estados Unidos de América

delicious what a sexy young lady.perfectly proportioned and a warm smile.what a combination. would love to meet this sweetheart.

steve Corea, República de

she's perfect she got beautiful face, great breasts, perfect body. I really love her.

Ekaterina toma de prueba en Kiev | April 18th, 2006
Ekaterina toma de prueba en Kiev
Dan Guerra Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina test shoot in Kiev This was cool feature. Thanks.

ben Estados Unidos de América

EkaterinatestshootinKiev_041806_033.jpg oh boy!!!!

Ekaterina rubia y bendita | May 1st, 2006
Ekaterina rubia y bendita
paul Estados Unidos de América

help how do I play these pics as a slide show so I don't have to keep clicking?

laming Reino Unido

Ekaterina Adorable!

laming Reino Unido

Ekaterina Still adorable! If ONLY I were 40 years younger!

russ Estados Unidos de América

what an amazing set of boobs! you rock Ekaterina.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina Great, great nudes! This is the essence of a perfect nude study! This is the way you capture the beauty of a woman!

Ekaterina dulces sueños | April 7th, 2006
Ekaterina dulces sueños
Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Sweet sexy dreams OMFG, she's incredibly sexy!

Ekaterina al descubierto | March 18th, 2006
Ekaterina al descubierto
michael Estados Unidos de América

I have more of a question ...rather than a comment ... in all of your travels of taking pictuers of women... most of them i'm guessing have not given birth to children .... do women who have given birth have bigger nipples than your very beautiful models .... have you ever pondered this though ... i very much like your web... and my guess is you will not respond to my thoughts ... however i hope i may have given you some food for thought ... large nipples are very sensuous ... whish is what i like so mush about your photographs... so what do you think... Mike

Ron Moede Estados Unidos de América

Ekatrina What happened to the stills of her video in Bed?

Ekaterina belleza rubia | February 26th, 2006
Ekaterina belleza rubia
brocas Estados Unidos de América

would love to see her leaning forward, full breasts dangling down...

David Grecia

Ekaterina blonde beauty Ekaterina is amazing, the best on the site.

laming Reino Unido

Ekaterina My body speaks but I am dumbfounded

Ekaterina bañándose | February 11th, 2006
Ekaterina bañándose
jimmy Estados Unidos de América

Most of the shoots of Katerina focus on her gorgeous breasts, and rightfully so, but this set shows how great her ass is too.

Heinrick Irlanda

Ekaterina, you have an adorable bottom and such a snatching pussy in ruffled waters

russ Estados Unidos de América

Dive in Looks like there is plenty of room in the tub for me! YES.

Ekaterina botas | January 25th, 2006
Ekaterina botas
Bjørn Noruega

Wonderful Ekaterina is one of my favorite models at Hegre-art. At ease with her nudity and confident in her posing. It's almost a religious experience! I enjoy the wide spectre of models you present! Stå på, Petter, Luba, Øyvind! Keep up the good work! Love from Bjørn

miguel gomez Ecuador

this gallery 8 this model 7

Eric Reino Unido

Ekaterina Lovely breasts

russ Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina Nice Boots, Incredible Boobs!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina: Black Boots I usually love only high heel pumps but Ekaterina looks awesome rocking these black boots naked!

Ekaterina jeans y botas | January 1st, 2006
Ekaterina jeans y botas
croguennoc Francia

Ekaterina Super ,adorable !!!!

stapperr Holanda

Ekaterina Ekaterina is one of my favorite models. Still better: her breast are PERFECT and absolutely number 1 of all Herge's models. I like studio series like this one! If it was a bit more explicit a would vote a 10 (my 3rd ever)

ben Estados Unidos de América

well not an affectionado of full breasted women but ekaterina's are so nicely formed and fits the rest of her body deliciously... hey nice

David Grecia

An amazing photo-set, Ekaterina is the best for me.

drum boy Estados Unidos de América

Hate to break it to you guys. But the boobs aren't real. Luba=Perfect=Luba Hey drum boy, I hate to break it to you, but I can ensure you they are. Petter Hegre

drum boy Estados Unidos de América

I'll take your word for it. I stand corrected. Her boobs were unbelievably perfect.

russ Estados Unidos de América

Jeans and Boots and BOOBS!

Ekaterina patrón | December 22nd, 2005
Ekaterina patrón
bluegray Estados Unidos de América

shape Ekaterina is certainly one of your loveliest models. She is one of the few with a true waist and shaped hips. Thank you for your excellent photos. Please give us more of her standing so that we may admire her stunning shape.

william Estados Unidos de América

ekatrina: pattern warm, soft, and pleasant to the eye. gorgeous beauty!

Gary Estados Unidos de América

ekaterina What an amazing gal. I find myself reluctant to leave....I think I'm in love!!

GERBOU Francia

Nice 'blonde shell'. Pleasant shape, gorgeous girl,wonderful boobs, long legs...

mike Irlanda

easy face, lovely body and what

laming Reino Unido

Ekaterina I am so glad that others see her as I do--but how could it be otherwise? My hearfelt sympathies are with William and Gary, but she is MINE, I tell you!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina Ekaterina is a godess! She looks perfect without her clothes on!

Ekaterina sesión en la cama | December 4th, 2005
Ekaterina sesión en la cama
Jan Delmard Suecia

Ekaterina Very beautiful model but no "pussyshots" =dissapointment" janbanan

shane Estados Unidos de América

4000px big fan of the crisp and clear 4000px btw...thanks

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

She seems to be incapable of keeping her hands off of her breasts. Can't say that I blame her, I imagine they feel as good as they look.

russ Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina - Incredible Boobs As Petter says in Ekaterina' intro, "Full natural breasts that beckon to be touched and mesmerize the senses." yes you are very right Mr. Hegre. You can almost touch them incredible puppies from here!

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

I want to take her to bed I need a bed session with this girl!

Ekaterina retratos | November 18th, 2005
Ekaterina retratos
Eric Reino Unido

Ekaterina What lovely breasts and nipples!! Would long to see more of her pretty vagina!

joe Irlanda

ekaterina lovely eyes,great pose;remarkable tits and such a touchable pussy;why are you forgotten?

Ekaterina mosaico | November 2nd, 2005
Ekaterina mosaico
BaX Estados Unidos de América

Not shaven How about photographing Ekaterina in all her full unshaven glory. That would be beautiful. Seeing all the shaved women is getting to be more of the same.

olivier Francia

Ekaterina is so perfect : I have never seen that. Ekaterina you are the most beautiful woman on Earth.

Rob Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I absolutely adore this set, especially the close ups showing her dark underarm stubble and incredibly soft and sensual nipples. Extreme womanhood -- Uh oh, I think I'd better go grab a towel!

Ekaterina Películas COMENTARIOS

Ekaterina Striptease | September 18th, 2007
Ekaterina Striptease
alex Reino Unido

ekaterina ekaterina is just so beautiful,what a wonderful body.

elciel Reino Unido

Ekaterina Apart from wondering if her real name is Sarah Smith, this girl is the tops, and I say 'tops' advisedly! Beautiful, knows it, and has humour and charm.

SE Estados Unidos de América

Great. Too bad it couldn't have been in HDV.

Ekaterina Fantasía Roja | February 20th, 2007
Ekaterina Fantasía Roja
Dragon India

Ekaterina The Beautiful Be it her image-sets, films or snapshots, there is absolutely nothing which you won't like about her. She is the very essence of beauty. Many, many thanks to Petter and the Hegre Team for presenting her.

alex Reino Unido

ekaterina ekaterina is a woman of incredible natural beauty,everything about her is just perfect,she is a vision you could not possibly get tired of watching.

baudolino73 Alemania

Very sexy! More photos of this set please!!! The one you published yet is to little! More Ekaterina!

Curtis Dorman Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina-Red Fantasy Ekaterina is simply one of the most beautiful women in the Hegre line-up! This film goes far to prove thst. It is a lovely and sensual depiction of her beauty and sensuality. Thank You, Petter.

morne Sudáfrica

awsome amazing body she is lovely i dont usely like blondes but i was plesantly surprised!!!!!

winston taylor Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina Red Fantasy Not enough superlatives to do her justice.

Erwin Holanda

This film is great! Incredible, what a woman, what a body. Te way her hands are caressing her extremely beautiful breasts... I can't resist this woman.

David Reino Unido

Beautiful, sensuous exploration Thanks for this calming, arousing, sensuous video of a beautiful woman enjoying gently caressing her body. Life can be hectic, but what's the need to rush when Ekaterina takes all the time she needs? Thanks Petter and Ekaterina

fullstream1 Australia

Couldn't we have some larger higher resolution movies. She is gorgeous.

Daniel3987 Alemania

Fuck! When I see this Video, I wish I could take her and fuck her all night long! Her body is just perfect!

spunky Reino Unido

beautiful i would love to lick between her butt cheeks

Ekaterina - Un día en su vida | April 25th, 2006
Ekaterina - Un día en su vida
Eddie Suiza

Beautiful Film, and beautiful Model with great background music. Too bad the lighting was sometimes not perfect.

alex Reino Unido

ekaterina no doubt about it ekaterina is a beautiful woman.

Alan Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina Ekaterina is beautiful BUT the movie you presented in February of her was THE BEST you have ever done. Please include close-ups like that when you have another movie of this beautiful model...SOON!! Thanks, eap

pmYSih3sCH Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina You should do a shoot where you interview her naked!

pmYSih3sCH Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina This video was not as good as the last one. you should do an interview with her naked.

Curtis Dorman Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina-A Day in Her Life Excellent depiction of what goes on in a model's life. This woman is a charmer! I applaud Mr. Hegre for his diligent work in bringing the beauty of this woman to the internet.

arnie Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina Ekaterina is absolutely beautiful.

Chuck Goodwin Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina Beautiful woman, harsh lighting

Daniel3987 Alemania

Fucking hot She has very nice, big Tits! When I see these tits, I wish I could hold my dick between them an fuck them until I cum on 'em. She has also an very nice ass and a really beautiful pussy.

bandots Indonesia

nice body i wanna wife body like you

Ekaterina - Rubia en la cama | February 14th, 2006
Ekaterina - Rubia en la cama
seven warlocks Estados Unidos de América

Simply Amazing Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Ekaterina is a great model and this has got to be one of the hottest films of all time. What an incredible body, and what an incredible eyeful!

major Reino Unido

did wait so long to see her, worth it.

Robert Panamá

Beautiful girl She´s such a beautiful girl, i just can´t belive it, she´s almost an angel

Fourier Alanis Reino Unido

exercise If I do these excercises can i get a body like that, Ekaterina has a enchanting face and a Voluptuous body.

wow Estados Unidos de América

holy shit. that's all i need to say.

TERRY J. HORNE Estados Unidos de América

ekaterina awesome... beautiful lady... best film i've seen....

dee Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina film Perfect..Everything about her is natural and simply beautiful. Wish she was my exercise instructor !

Ivo Luxemburgo

Ekaterina's clip Ekaterina is georgeous, sensuous and young. I love that girl, she is exceptional.

alex Reino Unido

ekaterina beautiful just beautiful

alex Reino Unido

ekaterina fantastic,sexy,beautiful girl

Curtis Dorman Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina-Blonde in Bed This, by far is definately the HOTTEST Hegre film in the archive. Ekaterina comes as close to describing the term "Goddess" as there can be. She is warm, sensual, and beautiful. Definately my most watched Hegre film by far!

Mark Grebler Estados Unidos de América

Ekaterina - Comforts of Home She's a very beautiful woman. Has a great body from every angle. She is every man's dream!

al Reino Unido

ekaterina vaginal perfection,ekaterina has a piece of heaven between her legs.