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Foto de Klara


Foto de Klara
Nombre: Klara
País: República Checa
Peso: 52kg
Altura: 176cm
Edad: 22
Ocupación: Modelo

Espiritual y Atlética

Dicen que para tener éxito lo más importante es mantener un espíritu positivo.

SI ESO es verdad, entonces Klara lo conseguirá en un tiempo récord. Con una amplia experiencia como modelo de moda, ha pisado las pasarelas de Praga desde los 15 años y comenzó a posar desnuda hace unos seis meses. A fin de cuentas una persona sólo llega a conocerse a sí misma cuando se desprende de las cosas accesorias de la vida.

A pesar de su experiencia previa como modelo de desnudo, trabajar con Petter Hegre supuso para Klara un reto nuevo y atractivo. No sólo era su debut en la Web, sino que además era la primera vez que alguien la animaba a sacar su verdadera personalidad frente a la cámara. Hay quienes piensan que una modelo no hace más que actuar, pero en el caso de Klara lo que hizo fue más bien ser ella misma.

Para nuestra suerte, todo indica que le ha gustado tanto desnudarse que seguirá haciéndolo durante mucho tiempo.

Klara Galerías COMENTARIOS

Klara bañándose | September 12th, 2006
Klara bañándose
John from Canada Canada

Klara! She is definitely my kind of woman!

E. Alan Paulk, Jr., MD Estados Unidos de América

Klara Better

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Klara bathing .... After viewing this series I needed a cooling bath! This series was HOT! Thanks, Petter & Klara.

al Reino Unido

klara klara looks fab in these pictures.

ben Estados Unidos de América

that sweet patially submerged tart !

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

Incredible Very, very nice! Extremely sexy and erotic. Thanks.

69Camaro307 Estados Unidos de América

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm A nice set with lots of pink. Thx.

Davek Estados Unidos de América

More provocative than most--I liked it! :-)

GERBOU Francia

I wish I cold be bathing with Klara. No doubt that I will not stay to her beauty and assets. Wonderful set.

Dave Canada

Klara Please, MORE!!! She is drop dead gorgeous!!

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Lovely Yummy. So personal, so feminine, so......delicate. I'm so horny.

ardunbye Reino Unido

Klara bathing Please add my name to Dave's petition. The trouble though, with 'dropping dead' is you're no longer around to enjoy Klara.

Klara en la cama | March 9th, 2006
Klara en la cama
Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Klara in bed Klara is a total babe! I viewed each frame and I enjoyed every frame. The whole gallery looked like fun!

Tony Montana III Reino Unido

Klara in bed......with me? honcho honcho honcho, what a woman!!! this is incredible. beautiful, just absolutely beautiful. more more more of this. Tony

janbanan Suecia

anorexia please avoid models with anorectic issues!!""

xian01 Alemania

Best! She is my absolute favorite model on this wensite! MORE!

btrhea Estados Unidos de América

KLARA She doesn't look anorexic to me. She looks very healthy and sexy as hell. There's nothing wrong with skinny, y'know.

GERBOU Francia

Wonderful Klara. It's a pity that she teases us durig seven or eight pages before revealing at least her intimate assets. Please, tell Klara to stop teasing us and to show us all from the first beginning.

Peterpan Alemania

Wonderful sexy feet Hello my darling, looking at you and your sexy posing is woinderful after a hard days your selden pics with sexy stockings!

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Tiny Breasts are HOT Another sexy, slender model from Hegre-Art. Great set, I guess us old guys like a little foreplay.

Klara desnuda en silla Aeron | September 11th, 2007
Klara desnuda en silla Aeron
alex Reino Unido

klara klara is so hot,we need to see galleries with her more often.

Andrew Islas Caimán

I agree with Alex, Klara is extremely hot and needs more play

goober Estados Unidos de América

klara Such a delight to see Klara pose in such a manner. She's always been one of your top models. And she is simply so damn sexy! She's been gone too long. Please bring her back much more often.

tdonna Estados Unidos de América

Great Gallery and great body -- Nice to see that the hands don't get in the way too much! "A" grade on this one!!!

Chris Alemania

I have a dream... .... to find Klara in the Mr. Right department one day... she is just the best model of your website...

Dave Canada

Klara Wow!! I agree with Chris - she is the best model on your website!

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Come back! Wow. Klara is just starting to get real comfy in front of the camera. Don't stop now. She's a real beauty.

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Wpw Verrrry hot. Sweet.

Klara technogym | February 17th, 2006
Klara technogym
Zeno Italia

a modern beauty I love her, she's unusual but attractive

Dan G Estados Unidos de América

Klara Technogym Great series! I am inspired to begin working out again on my own home gym! Beautiful woman!

helveti Estados Unidos de América

Klara makes me want to work out every day...

Dave Grenada

Klara Wow - she is perfect!!! Please let us see more of her!!!

Jack Estados Unidos de América

Klara Klara is a strong sensous girl. She needs to be worked on the Techno-Gym for many hours a day to maintain her perfect shape. She would become sculpted if worked on the gym until sweat drips down her wonderful chest, across her sensual tummy and down her long lean legs.

GERBOU Francia

Wonderful girl, nice setting. I only regret that she has not offered a wide spread withot her panty as she does on page 1 and 2!

Klara blanco mojado | April 4th, 2006
Klara blanco mojado
yeah Lituania

Great model, amazing and still teenage private part..

Andreas Alemania


Jim Estados Unidos de América

Yup Verrrrry nice.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Strong chin and chiseled jaw line, beautiful hair and eyes, very sexy woman. Any model with such a pretty anus gets a 10 from me.

russ Estados Unidos de América

Klara wet white and..... incredibly hot

ardunbye Reino Unido

Klara wet white Are these on general release to the public or do I need a requisition from the 'maker of dreams'?

Klara Películas COMENTARIOS

Klara Fitness | May 29th, 2007
Klara Fitness
Dragon India

Nice film , Hot girl There is nothing hotter than watching a Hegre Girl work out. But .... I would prefer Hegre girls doing free-hand exercises or aerobics because the multi gym ( techno gym ) is obstructing my view ( camera's view ). The bulky Techno Gym is hiding Klara's perfectly toned and honed body ( most of the time ). A film like "Marketa Pumping Iron" or "Jana Work out" would have been better.

Jack Estados Unidos de América

Dragon is right on the money, I'm not going to get turned on looking at fitness equipment. I often find erotic film makers choices as to what they are going to spend most of their time showing to be baffling.

Klara Húmeda Húmeda | July 4th, 2006
Klara Húmeda Húmeda
alex Reino Unido

klara magic klara looks fantastic in this movie.

ron Estados Unidos de América

about your website in general, i've never come across anything as equally arousing and inspiring at the same time. since music is a big part of my life it makes such a big difference that you include it in your films. you capture the moments perfectly with just the right music. great job and keep up the good work!

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Quality A1 Hottie I love a naturally sexy women, this woman is hot.

Klara - Silla de oficina | March 21st, 2006
Klara - Silla de oficina
MAGOO4 Estados Unidos de América

May we have more of Klara please? Thanks. magoo4