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Olivie | Czech Republic Galleries: 8 Films: 1
Photo of Olivie


Photo of Olivie
Name: Olivie
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 59kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 21

Fun Loving Hippie Girl

You name it, and Olivie has probably done it.

A SELF proclaimed hippie, anarchist, and believer of underground cultures, Olivie is very intellectual and extremely involved in international politics. She loves to sing and play the guitar and is looking forward to the next series of Big Brother to take place in the Czech Republic. In her own words she has agreed to appear on the show to, “stir it up with some intellectual humor.”

Since she was very young Olivie has long had a natural attitude toward nudity. In true sixties spirit she believes in ‘free sex’; preferring the loving and intimate touch of petting and stroking. When asked about her body she will readily profess a love for her hair and lips but admits she wishes her nipples were smaller.

Luckily it doesn’t seem anyone else shares that opinion.

Olivie Galleries COMMENTS

Olivie artist soul | January 13th, 2008
Olivie artist soul
Gianni Italy

Olivie Fantastic model, great photos. Any chance Olivie to shave completely ?

alex United Kingdom

olivie beautiful girl,terrific curves,olivie is delicious.

JP United States

Natural Beauty Always nice to see a beautiful girl in her "natural state" ie. unshaven and without extras like oil or grease. Althouth seeing Olivie "greased" would also be nice, then that brown couch might be ruined. It's just like seeing your girlfriend laying around your apartment naked, assuming one had a girlfriend as hot as Olivie.

Michael United States

Natural Welcome Here She is so beautiful and natural, and refreshing. There is so much 'shaved' on this site, and it amazes me how some folks want 'everyone' to get 'shaved'. There are loads of us out here who love a nice bush, so don't forget us! Keep Olivie natural!

Dan from Texas United States

Olivie I just love staring at photos of Olivie! She has the most beautiful eyes and lips of any of your wonderful models. Great series of photos, they rock!

gaspare Norway

Truly a great model, a body reminding some of Rubens and some of the girl next door, great colors and great pose.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Olivie artist soul Not the most statuesque figure in the 'classical' sense but a delightfully natural body topped by the MOST GORGEOUS of faces. By the way, good thinking to have 'artist' singular in the title because artists'oul could be construed near the knuckle.

Mal C Canada

Beautiful natural girl. In my mind I'm between those breasts and thighs....but me the money...

Olivie time | September 20th, 2007
Olivie time
Dan from Texas United States

Olivie time This doe eyed beauty had captured my heart and my imagination! In the photos where she is smiling ... I'm in heaven. Bravo Petter and thanks Olivie.

goober United States

Great to see Olivie back with us. She is a marvelously sexy model. Where has she been gone for such a long time. She needs to visit much more often.

Dan from Texas United States

Olivie time This doe eyed beauty has captured my heart and my imagination! In the photos where she is smiling I'm in heaven. Bravo Petter and thanks Olivie.

Dave United States

Olivie Olivie looks like Katie Holmes, without the Tom Thumb hanging on. That's a very good thing!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Olivie time #!" Hey girl,I want,to be with you, Oli vie time, all day and Oli vie night"# (If you're old enough to remember that song, like me,then shame on you for ogling this divine beauty.

Olivie on display | October 6th, 2007
Olivie on display
alex United Kingdom

olivie cute/fresh/sexy.

Norm United States

Olivie A beautiful young lady. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Dan from Texas United States

Olivie on Display I have just seen the Most beautiful woman that has ever walked on the earth. I were to able to chose just one woman to spend eternity with it would Olivie.

salvador rios bucio Mexico

great¡¡¡¡ sensuality and graceful togeter, best photos, i want to congratulate you

Pierre Dugard France Excellent!!!! Please more.....

Dave Canada

Olivie Wow - please - MUCH MORE!!

Mal C Canada

Olivie has a beautiful labia...I would LOVE some close-ups...more please Petter

Olivie on a stool | October 29th, 2007
Olivie on a stool
Dave United States

Nice... What a beautiful girl.

Dan from Texas United States

Olivie on a Stool I believe that Olivie has the most beautiful face and eyes of all your wonderful models.

Mal C Canada

Olivie tells me girls do not have to be skinny to be sexy:-)

Olivie exhibitionist | June 5th, 2006
Olivie exhibitionist
Jason Chang United States

Picture 48 I love Picture 48, because it has sharp focus of the arm. There's also many pics that focuses the abdomen. Also, everyone knows she's cute.

Vishal India

Ultimate Erotica....Olivie's beauty and nyphetic allure along with her erotic play with the leather belt makes this picture set worth treasuring for its extremely eroticist charm...


Nice girl, nice pics, but do not know what, think that something went wrong that day! Eroticism,may be that's What's missing.

Olivie sun rays | May 19th, 2006
Olivie sun rays
Dan United States

Olivie sun rays Olivie is beautiful. No, she is more than that, much much more! Your photos are magnificent! They are art, pure sensual art.

Gary United States

A special moment with Olive For me all life is beautiful and practical with a purpose. Like the science of a specialized field such as astronomy mathematics and many others, it seems that until it becomes a part of us where we can explain it the challenge lingers just out of reach and whatever ‘it’ is remains in mystery. For me, when I can draw something like this the explanation is there and the challenge is met. My work becomes a part of me, a part of my knowledge and if I am aloud to share it, it becomes a part of my contribution to humanity. My drawings are the description that somehow satisfies the deep burning passion I have to understand. Olive has sweet qualities that I think bring out the best of me and for this Olive is one of my favorite models. She is the plant you see growing in the warmth of Sun. The delicate reflection off her skin represents the most precious life growing in contrast to the rusty metallic lost frozen industrialized world all outside and un-shown in the photos. Her sweet simplicity is captured here in these photographs giving hope of a bright and happy future. As I study this most wonderful figure through the photographs, my thoughts float toward those private times when the world seems shut out and the only thing that matters is that moment, and a memory develops and comes into focus which is cherished for a lifetime. All the time spent studying the bones, muscles, tissues and drawing techniques coming together for that one perfect real moment. Capturing her likeness sets free the captive words that could never adequately describe the beauty we have beheld.

Christo United States

Page two of this gallery works for me.

Jozua Hattingh Canada

Olive Some magic happens between Petter and Olive. Something special is captured, and I include all the galleries. You should work more with her.

Olivie sexy statue | November 23rd, 2006
Olivie sexy statue
Dan United States

Wow Olivie! If ever a beauty needed tobe in movies ..... it is Olivie! I'm in love!

Olivie peeping | April 22nd, 2006
Olivie peeping
andy United Kingdom

peeping can you come & peep at my door' Great photos

ab United Kingdom


Philip, Colorado, USA United States

beautiful girl!

Mal C Canada

Big nipples, soft curves...what more could a man(or woman) want?

Olivie Films COMMENTS

Olivie Sweet Hippie | May 30th, 2006
Olivie Sweet Hippie
Justin United States

Absolutely sublime! I love that this pushes forth the idea that these girls aren’t just pretty faces. That they are real, thoughtful, and intelligent: with beautiful souls as well as beautiful bodies. This is the best film yet.

Graham United Kingdom

An amazing body, very fit, beautiful features fantastic model. But a bad singing voice! ... Sorry Olivie

ben United States

Good grief ! I loved the soul that came out in her singing... pretty hard to make acapella sound great so one has to rely on what the song is about... we are not talking pavorati here couldnt catch all the words of the lyrics or dialog.. but Could listen to alot of her singing ( with a little more polish ... true the her posing nude is almost unnecessary... very interesting

Septemberbug Norway

«Finally a clip with a decent length», I thought when I read the intro. Unfortunately, this is what I call a total swing and miss! This clip is absolutely uninteresting and unsensuous. She's lying on her back for twelve minutes just talking and singing, for beep's sake! Okay, this is one crap clip amongst 178 more or less brilliant ones, which is a good rating by any standard. This one, however, is a waste of server space.

Dean United States

New Nude Evolution There is a beauty about this film that draws me to watching it again. This film embraces the 'new nude' philosophy by cutting the eurodisco background music and replacing it with the vocal energy of the model. It is a giant step in the evolution of the new nude video clips.

Virginia Alzina United States

Juliana You're like my girlfriend Juliana...simply beautiful!!

SoulBrother Luxembourg

Those who just listen to Britney Spears won't like the way she sings, but if you love Blues and Jazz, you will notice that she is an artist beside her nice ( . )( . ) and ( )( )