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Hana Profile

Name: Hana
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 52kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Dancer

Humorous and Playful

If you ever hear us call Hana crazy, rest assured we mean it with the utmost affection.

HANA HAS a playful spirit and loves to act out and perform like a stand up comic in front of the camera. With a rubber face that would make even Jim Carrey jealous it can be quite difficult to stay on task when doing a photo shoot with her. In the end however that is part of her charm, and the reason people always come back for more.

Hana works as a dancer in a cabaret show and has perfected quite a set of startling and fantastic moves. It’s easy to see that she loves to show off her attributes which include a long slender body, tan skin, and a smile as sensual as it is humorous. A true artist in the field of teasing and flirting, Hana is quick to tell you she has had enough of boyfriends.

After all, a girl like this was born to be free!

Hana Lingerie Party April 8th, 2008
Great body
Wicked. Sinfully Wicked. Laurie
Have yet to see the film but this model is a work of art. I would love to see her with another lass.
I had missed Hana so much thank you for this video Peter give her some more camera time she is such a pleasent view to be seen.
stunning body,fantastic woman,hana is always a pleasure.
Pure 10
I allways wonder, why she isn´t in the poll list. Has she ever been at the top 20 Modell section? She is my personal Nr.3 behind Orsi and Lezhan. What a perfect female entity. She is pure eroticism.
Hana is under-rated , this is very hot. What a tease!
Hana again delights and graces us with her pure femininty. Her awesome body and movements define what a truly beautiful woman is. Hana sets a new benchmark again.
Hana quad bike November 21st, 2007
This is one of few galleries that caused a model to flex some muscles, I like it.
In Australia we use girls to ride quad bikes around the thousands of kilometres of fence lines, on our huge farming properties, inspecting the gates, fences, animals and water troughs, we call them 'Jillaroos'... They wear boots, just like Hana, they ride quad bikes, just like Hana and the're young, just like Hana.... but if they look anything like Hana, with their clothes off then I'm going out here to marry one...right away!
Hana in Italy November 4th, 2007
Best set of November 2007. Hana's stunning, sexy body is so unforgettable, just like her playful facial expression.
Dolce Vita, Fare niente! Where can on buy such an exotic growth for my gardenpot?? Straordinaria...! The one and only thing is a bit of a shame: Why did she dye her hair? And that white parasol is disturbing for my illusion!
Oh what thoughts pervade my mind as I imagine Hana, upon the alter, as the sacrificial virgin.
Thank you! You finally found a model with legs and feet showing. No butchery in this past 2 sets.
The best model on the site. I hope every member have checked out her video "Dancing Queen". A true masterpiece!! More Hana Please.
Hana In Italy
Petter, Hana is one of your sexiest models... She just oozes sexuality. Definitely need to see more of her... Is she single? I am a very attractive, young, wealthy male that would just love to make funny faces with her! Seriously. Jason
Hana in italy
52-56 remind me very much of the work of Ferdinand Preiss. Google him if you dare
She is absolute beauty. want more of her
Wonderful... Hana stands like a Godess!
Hana truck driver September 29th, 2007
Can't agree with Mike. This is a welcome return to the outdoors shoots Hegre does so well. Hana is as awesome as always.
I like her figure, and I like the pictures, nothing wrong with a bit of mud.
This girl has character. Almost comical. Champion boots! Good fun!
Dirty Truck
Being a truck driver myself, I got a good chuckle out of this series. However, I think this girl would look much better in a shiny show truck, instead of this old muddy thing.
Very interesting!
As a new user of hegre-art, I must comment on this wonderful gallerie. A beautiful girl, and this time in an exciting surrounding! Not that studio sessions are not nice, but you have just created so many of those allready. This is nicely different. Furthermore good detail with the muddy boots.
gorgeous women, beautiful pussy
Not the best Hana series... but good to see her fabulous body once more.
Since a long time I really enjoy Hegre-art for its high-quality art photography, but frequently Petter Hegre seems to have a bad day. It's not that Hana isn't a beautiful girl, but a series of a naked girl as a truck driver is simply what you can expect on any adult site in the internet. The photo arrangement is simple, boring, and seems to be made just for very basic sexual amusement. Very disappointing, and I am looking forward to the next series with a much higher standard, which will soon come for sure. And that's why I really enjoy Hegre's photography.
Hana heaven September 13th, 2007
WOW... Where has she been my whole subscription?
it just can't be possible that such beauty exists on Earth...., she is masterpiece of life!!!
Hana Heaven
creme de la creme, si vous comprenez
Hana Hana
Everytime I see a Hana gallery my heart skip a beat!
THE 1200 are massive
Hana has a Heavenly body the 1200 are like jupiter the 6000 must be the sun
Hana is simply stunning... sensational brest profile with a hint of puffieness, long luxurious hair, balanced limbs and an absolutely mouth-watering 'shaven-haven'...
Hana Heaven
Dear Petter; Sometimes you produce erotica. Sometimes you produce photos of naked women. Sometimes you produce beautiful photos. Sometimes you produce art. With these photos of Hana you have produced all of the above. Every photo in this gallery can stand on it's own as classic photographic art. The scene is simple and beautiful; Hana is spectacular; the lighting is superb, and the images hit hard with great lines, seething sex, and emotion. These photo are not just great; they are high Art.
Hana Heaven
Beautiful setting, beautiful poses, super hot model, but a bit too much shadow.
absolute heaven.