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Laren | Czech Republic Galleries: 4
Photo of Laren


Photo of Laren
Name: Laren
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 53kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Confident and Delicate

Laren is a classic blonde beauty in all the best possible ways.

LIVING IN the Czech Republic she looks like an expensive porcelain doll with fragile white ‘northern’ skin that burns easily and remains wrapped in heavy clothing ten months out of the year due to the cold climate of her home. As a result, her physical appearance bares no outward sign of aging.

Very cheerful and outgoing, Laren has a lot of confidence in her looks but remains a little embarrassed about the size of what she considers to be a “full Latino ass.” A bright smile that can pierce through any storm cloud will always appear on her face if you bring up her grandmother’s home cooking or hit her up with an invitation to a good party.

A lover of any and all activities related to pleasure, one of Laren’s biggest dreams is to live in a country with a warmer climate.

Laren Galleries COMMENTS

Laren last shoot | January 13th, 2009
Laren last shoot
wheeler United States

"LAST shoot"???!!! Is this pretty lady retiring from modeling???!!! said the same thing about thea!You seem to have alot of her stuff tucked away! well...once again...thank you for sharing your beauty with us,Dear Laren!!!

Dan from Texas United States

wow, Laren!!! This beautiful woman reminds me of the legendary beauty Lady Guinevere; flawless beauty with a fire and passion in her eyes. Wonderful photos!

Magoo4 United States

Laren, don't go please stay. Nice job Petter.magoo4

Laren on the corner | May 22nd, 2006
Laren on the corner
ben United States

i am wonder what words to use describing what i think here about loren? beautiful body yes. riveting face yes blonde yes well here goes Bellissimo!!!!!! I want one hahaha

ben United States

laren pleasantly intrudes into the debths of a mans physical and emotional security and lights a rumbling that is both sexual and emotionals simply put shes beautiful and i like her !

Laren ivory | July 7th, 2006
Laren ivory
Jason Portugal

LarenIvory.. Beautiful blond babe rolling in extase to every single corner in the bed, shot from every corner, great close-ups.. luv it! Wish i could join you Laren.. Thanx, Jason - Holland

Pete United Kingdom

Page 5 Petter, the pose on page 5 would be a perfect pose for Yanna and Caro. Together would be even bettter? Can you fix it?

ben United States

laren LarenIvory_070506_003.jpg this picture is a 10+ nice


Wonderful young blonde girl. She reveals quite some of her assets but, unfortunately for us, some remains hiden.

Laren on display | April 24th, 2006
Laren on display
greg lamb United States

this girl is beautiful!


This girl is a fallen Angel!

Edu Argentina

I do need this girl in an iPod movie! She is Fantastic, and the Gallery is superb!

ben United States

is there a song call "Help me Laren' no ? well then how about " you light my fire " oh well anyway this model is amazing!