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Valia Profile

Name: Valia
Country: Belarus
Weight: 52kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Model

Veteran Runway Queen

Since the age of 16 Vilia has been in a whirlwind of glamour and fame that most women only dream of.

At just 18 years old she became Miss Belarus and since that time has lived in London, Paris, New York; the list goes on and on. Like all people however, full of energy in our younger years, Valia has begun to settle down at the age of 24 in Milan, getting her feet wet in the world of real estate. Still, that old model spirit shines through every now and again. “A day without red wine,” she says, “is a day without meaning.”

Photographed at the world renowned winery Castello di Bossi in Tuscany, Valia proves that you just can’t keep a good model down.

Valia graceful March 17th, 2008
What a great room to put a beautiful naked woman in the middle of! She is the perfect addition to all the pieces of art because she is a work of art herself. Valia looks fabulous!
valia graceful
Wasn't she immortalised by Jacqueline Susann in 'Valia of the Dolls'? Well, it's close enough for me.
JP, Dan and others... Thanks for your comments... each to his own, you to yours, me to mine... I pay the same 'rent to view' as you, but I must admit I do enjoy others reactions and comments and I would never deter freedom of thought... wouldn't life be so boring if each of us kept our thoughts to ourselves and never shared our personal preferences with others.... having said that I'm happy to 'butt out' if the proprietor of this site should ever determine that he no longer want's my business.
Fabulous, simply simply fabulous. Great atmosphere. Great poses. Give us more. The elder gentleman was a nice touch. Great tease.
Well... I definitely prefer closer pic sets. These pics are taken from too far. It is just more difficult to appreciate her beauty.
This can't be an accident. Today is the day Heather Mills takes Sir Paul for 48mill for the work of being married to a revered genius and this looks like Heather’s prettier sister in a Billionaire's estate! Good timing. Of course this beautiful woman has both legs... Probably a lot kinder too!
Boy, am I glad we've got Yanna because if the site was all like this I wouldn't be subscribing. Yes Petter, to use one of your previous answers, 'not every model will put her ankles behind her ears'. However, this series of pictures is so so tame. Having read the comments below, the only photo I was interested in was the 'old bloke one'. Yes, who was he. Please, can I simply walk in on a Yanna set.
Creepy Dude
Hey, I think that creepy-looking dude who wandered in on photo #16 was Dustin Hoffman. He and Valia must have been rehearsing the scene from "The Graduate" where he asks, "Are you seducing me?" Valia probably replied, "........." What do you other guys think she said?
Valia ....
Thanks JP. I thought I was the only one tired of his same boring rant. I wonder how he would like it if we graded him on some unknown scale and found him wanting in every catagory? After all, these are real live beautiful women not participants at a Westminster Kennel Club dog show!
Hey Sir stephanie, Give these woman a break. All you do is complain about them not shaving their bush. Appreciate them for what they are. Every comment from you goes like this "(insert name) is hot, BUT she'd be even hotter if she shaved her 'steel wool' or 'ugly tuft' etc" Dude, you need to get over your "clean shaven" fetish or just go to one of these "barely-legal websites."
Grading the stunning Valia like so much meat? How rude. She is a beautiful woman and the photos are wonderful. Thanks Petter and Valia.
Beautiful work Petter, I've loved the recent sets of Valia and Lune.
Wow Petter....Valia much MORE than just 'Graceful'.... She is 'wonderful'... and I loved the setting, so reminiscent of the 'arrival room' at Roissy.... Hope you don't mind but I did a 'report card' on Valia (as we do on all new arrivals at Roissy)... here it is... Hair 9 Eyes 10 Nose 9 Lips 10 Shoulders 8 Breasts 7 Nipples 8 Arms 8 Waist 7 Hips 7 Mans-Best-Friend 8 (deducted 2 for the 'tuft') Hands 8 Thighs 8 Legs 8 Feet 7 Overall rating 123/150 = 82%
peeping Tom???
LOL who's that old dude in the shot on image 16???!!! Nice work!
Valia chandelier December 10th, 2007
nothing beats sexy tits
I wouldn't mind to have a dinnertable like that EVERY night!!!!!! The aesthetic level is omni-present! Mouth-Watering, indeed!
Baby, come and light my fire...
Petter, you continue to top yourself with each gallery. Do you have something special planned for the 100,000th image?
This shoot seems to be more about the setting than the very attractive model.
i care more about the models than i do the interior decorating... catch my drift?
Why so far away???
Simply Scrumptious...
Valia hot shower May 3rd, 2007
Valia is among the most beautiful of women! I enjoy all of her gallerys.
The best showershoot I've seen so far, very, very sexy and still classy and one of the best looking girls too. Thanks Valia !
awesome waist line on Valia! I really like that more and more of Petter's models are going completely smooth in the 'wax' department 8)~ The water falling down her face is pretty sexy, without the use of any make up - pure eyes.
I didn't find this gallery to be very exciting.
valia showering
I like the way the water forms beads on her lovely body.
Valia Tuscan light April 17th, 2007
A nice piece of work for a photograph, but too dark for the ones which watch the pics.
Wonderful work...
Valia is perfect for this setting. The composure and use of natural light is beautifully artistic.
I prefer the Tuscan regular
simple wonderful
it´s excelente the way you mix the ilumination, the color and the girl( really sensual)
Valia royal suite February 22nd, 2007
Valia royal suite
As 'suites' are bad for my teeth, I'll take them out and just 'suck' her silly.
She's a sweety but she always looks so serious. She smiles in photo 30 and covers her face with the pillow.
Valia... how much I long to look into your sultry eyes and ask 'how deep is your valley'... as I admire your pert breasts and lithe body
Wonderful Valia. Next time, please focus more on the girl. She must have wonderful assets that we wish to discover in some close up.
BEAUTIFUL girl, more pictures, please! :)
valia is a very sexy woman