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Oksana M

Oksana M Profile

Oksana M
Name: Oksana M
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 56kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Young and Experienced

Oksana knows that her goods looks can take her places; provided of course she plays all her cards right.

At only 19 years of age she as already acquired modeling gigs in Japan, Korea, and soon China for a three month long assignment. It’s certainly safe to say that she is living a model’s dream. A wild and uninhibited girl, it is easy to see why she is so popular. Her body is tall and slender, her blonde hair golden and beautiful, her personality playful and naughty in all the right ways.

A self proclaimed party girl, Oksana plans to study international tourism, dreaming that one day she’ll settle on the shores of Italy. So far she is right on track.

Oksana M. blue beauty February 12th, 2008
This is my favorite photo set of Oksana. It is my favorite as it is a true nude study with her standing in a studio fully nude in every shot and giving you a variety of perspectives of her body. It really gives you an opportunity to study her nudes and enjoy her lovely features. Very beautiful Oksana!
Hot poser
Glad to see Oksana adopt the "clutching breast" pose I love so much.
Not bad, but far away from Yanna set. Just my opinion.
Oksana M.
Stunning Beauty, but happened to the skin on her thighs. Maybe she should workout a bit to get rid of that reddish skin. Then she'll be (more) PERFECT!!! But THANKS anyway for this visual pleasure!!
Oksana M. bed spreads September 14th, 2007
Oksama M bed spreads
Oksama is:- Very pretty, very shapely, very sexy and very good value for this massive set.
texture and oksana m
your models are more interesting to me when they exhibit texture. by that i mean skin that is not alabaster smooth but slight imperfections are evident. body hair, whether under arm or pelvic also make for more interesting pics. oksana m has these features. thank you
Gee ! Nice face and body but please ask her to shave before the pics session.
Long and Luscious
Wow. I didn't think it would ever end.....not that I wanted it to. Beautiful girl. One thing; she should smile more. In the middle of page 8 she broke through with a huge smile in one picture, and it was like a ray of light. Gorgeous smile.....and then that was it, back to the pouting......which is also gorgeous!
Oksana M
I love Oksana's stubble in just the right places. Even her pit stubble is sexy. She is one exceptionally pretty woman.
bed spreads
oksana unabridged beauty after viewing this photo gallery my though was oh no is it over? oaksana has a beautiful face and lips and she bekons one to look deep into her eyes where you will find the source of femine beauty. Her body so beautiful could satisfy the wants of a 1000 men. she graces the bed as if she and the bed were one. Her skin looks soft and the color of the finest of roses. It says caress me and let my beauty electrify your senses. okay so i am waxing on let me put it uh more bubba terms nice face, nice tits, great body, smooth skin, and boy she looks nude,naked,and exposed love it!!! Theres leerjets, mercedes , Rolls, yatchs and to this we can add oksana... nice model work
Oksana M.
Oksana is such a sultry sexy Siren! But alas, she has a Siren's feet too. Otherwise, a perfect beauty.
oksana is such a fresh/beautiful young woman.
Oksana M. metal chair August 13th, 2007
Oksana is lovely in this set. She is so beautiful and elegant nude. This set reminds me of a classic nude study. Gorgeous!
the word for oksana: her skin is like the finest of pearl colored rose pedals.. she looks through the ages and pierces the jaded reality with a with an untouchable innocense she is an innoculation against the trite and unseemly... she is here captured, by petre, as "forever young" So nice so beautiful!!!
Very possibly the most beautiful face in the world.
poetic glare
Oksana has some magic in her eyes. and the rest aint bad either.
lovely girl but shots a little tame compared to her other galleries
Oksana M. mirror image April 23rd, 2007
Oksana M.
Mirrors are awesome!! One beautiful woman.Very satisfying!!
Very sexy, pouty look. She looks like the American actress, Mena Suvari.
These set of pictures in this gallery with the mirror image is one of the best because the amount of pics showing her butt.
Oksana M. brooming April 12th, 2007
...even if there are (too) many girls with a talent for riding the broom, Oksana does it the nice way ;-) Great shooting!