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Federica | Italie Galeries : 6
Photo de Federica


Photo de Federica
Nom: Federica
Pays: Italie
Poids: 57kg
Taille: 178cm
Age: 28
Profession: Mannequin

Jeunesse éternelle

Federica a le style typique des mannequins. Elle est grande, mince aux cheveux blonds de conte de fée et aux yeux étincelants tels des bassins d’eau réfléchissant le coucher de soleil.

À 29 ans, Federica n’a pas peur d’admettre qu’elle est encore une fille à maman. Originaire d’une petite ville au sud de Milan, elle vit avec sa mère dans un appartement et revendique son dédain pour les hommes immatures. Que pourraient-ils lui apporter ?

Le petit ami actuel de Federica a 49 ans et elle sort avec des hommes de plus de 40 ans depuis qu’elle se sent adulte elle aussi. Elle adore faire des emplettes et aime bien travailler dans des salons avec des stylistes italiens connus.

Fille unique, Federica est sûre de ne pas vouloir d’enfants – ils n’iraient pas avec son style de vie.

Federica Galeries COMMENTAIRES

Federica olivier | April 3rd, 2007
Federica olivier
snowhounds Etats Uni

Federika hmm, nice intro. she seems mysterious enough. i like the goose bumps. was it cold out or was she simply xcited? she reminds me of the venezuelan princess but prhaps she has a wee bit more pizzaz. i like it.

SeptemberBug Norvège

Federica Yet an attractive woman in a nice outdoor setting. Great series! I was going to complain about the number of images, but looking at her goose bumps, I'm going to give it a rest..! And thanks again for bringing a bit of maturity into the line-up. More pictures of ladies in their late twenties/early thirties wanted.

Ralph Etats Uni

Pretty A little light on the number of photos, but a pretty photo gallery. I love the galleries photographed outdoors.

Federica au lit | January 26th, 2007
Federica au lit
Andrew îles Caïman

Petter, great room for a shoot - in fact, your room selections are consistantly groovy. I would be genuinely interested in a list of your recommended funky hotels around the world, or the name of your travel agent!

Ralph Etats Uni

More robe More photos with the robe, please. The photos could be incredibly sensual with the robe slightly open and a hint of what lay beneath. Nice gallery otherwise, though.

Federica dégustation de raisins | May 29th, 2007
Federica dégustation de raisins
Dave Etats Uni

Beautiful setting!

Daniel Allemagne

Yes, beautiful setting, but Federica's a good example why a pussy should be clean-shaven.

Eric Jeffries Royame Uni

Frederica An attractive model but does she know that she's allowed to have more than one facial expression?

Federica baignoire en marbre | November 26th, 2006
Federica baignoire en marbre
PM Etats Uni

Nice model, nice ass, nice work...

alex Royame Uni

federica terrific girl,great set.

Matt Allemagne

Frederica She looks like my boys Firstclass schoolteacher!

Marlon Brando's Helper Monkey Australie

She has a hairy back like my Uncle Vito

Federica derrière les barreaux | September 26th, 2006
Federica derrière les barreaux
Ralph Etats Uni

Jail Nice touch with the jail-like theme, but too short a photo series. Should have done more with the robe. Beautiful model wearing a robe with nothing underneath ... a lot of potential.

PM Etats Uni

The model is great; the prop or theme is stupid

joe Irelande

I love the face and the pussy framed.Imagination

Federica baignoire | September 2nd, 2006
Federica baignoire
Dan Etats Uni

Frederica Lovely woman. Not my favorite series of photos. I would love to see more Frederica though.

jason chang Etats Uni

I can see every detail of her back. Terrific.


Very nice blonde cuty and wondeful ass. Send us more a little bit more intimate.