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名前: アナイス
国: フランス
体重: 49kg
身長: 173cm
年齢: 19
職業: 学生





アナイスギャラリー コメント

アナイス ベッドで | December 16th, 2006
アナイス ベッドで
Andrew ケイマン諸島

This is a beautiful set of shots. I love the gentle light, texture of the wall and drapery of the bedsheets.

PhotoBob 英国

Anais is a model who knows how to pose for the camera. Exquisite and elegant a superb series in my humble opinion!

Mathias ドイツ

Anais is sooo sweet. Hope we can see more shots of her soon.


Wonderful Anais. Very erotic set.

Luclaf カナダ

Anais beauty Cute girl. If her armpits shaving and nails painting would have been done properly, I would have given her a higher score. What made me give her an 8, is her great poses.

Ken Simpson オーストラリア

anais_in_bed She could be the school mistress of your dreams - so serious yet sensuous, who would teach you all you wanted to know about sex and more without saying a word. Her lessons would be intimate and heavenly.

waldorf カナダ

Anais Have we seen the last of this lovely model? I hope not! Whwn might we see her lovely face and body again? Please/ Waldorf

Marty アメリカ

Anais in Bed Something about this gallerie, The beautifull Anais the lighting ect., it's very artistic. It is erotic art.

アナイス ストライプ | November 8th, 2006
アナイス ストライプ
MrQuick フランス

A NAÏS what a strip !

william アメリカ

anais-angel or devil these shots won't tell me for sure. but it can go either way!

steve 英国

very nice shaved pussy and lips


Anais Classy, very classy; but where is she now?

Frederico21 英国

Pretty girl - beautifully composed and lighted pictures - but, is this what one pays good money to view?

アナイスフィルム コメント

アナイス フォトセッション | August 21st, 2007
アナイス フォトセッション
Bob 英国

I under-estimated this model from her galleries - she is absolutely beautiful and SO sensual. And it's true about those eyes.

Dan from Texas アメリカ

Anais .... Anais reminds me of Anais Nin. It is not just her name but her style. This short film captures and woman confident in herself, her body, and her sexuality. I really enjoyed this film and I hope to see more of this Anais.


PARISIAN HEAT ANAIS; You have an amazing gorgeous body!!!. when you turned around and showed your hot sexy butt, I knew that and there, I was under your spell. Your sexy eyes melted my heart. You are truly a great model. I need to see more of your sexy body, please make more video's soon. Thank you.