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Marina | Latvia Galleries: 8
Photo of Marina


Photo of Marina
Name: Marina
Country: Latvia
Weight: 48kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

Innocent Sensuality

Finding new Hegre Girls isn't easy.

EVERY GIRL posted on Hegre-Art is special; they all have the slim curvaceous body and fine looks required for nude modeling, but the best models bring an individuality to the photo shoot, their own personality, a unique, hard-to-define sparkle. Marina is the perfect Hegre Girl and it is a genuinely a miracle that she is here at all.

Petter Hegre was on one of his expeditions, this time to Latvia, and had spent a long day shooting applicants, none of whom were going to make the grade. There are days like that. A lot of days like that. He was already packing away his equipment when there was a diffident knock on the door and, when Marina walked in, he thought he'd found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Marina was shy, but her combination of innocence and natural sensuality is awfully seductive and provides a glimpse of heaven.

Marina Galleries COMMENTS

Marina - Casting in Riga Part 3 | July 30th, 2002
Marina - Casting in Riga  Part 3
HK Norway

What a beautiful girl! Where did she go?????

Michael Canada

Marina There are some really nice pictures here-so why are there not more?

Andreas Belgium

Marina She is of outstanding natural beauty. It is a pity that she doesn't work for hegre any more...

Marina on the sofa | August 22nd, 2002
Marina on the sofa

Wonderful Marina!

foudevous Germany

belle de lituanie Hi Marina, je te souhaite une bonne journee quand tu liras ce mot.Tu es super belle.Felicitations. bonne chance pour la traduction....

Marina in bed | October 30th, 2002
Marina in bed

Wonderful model! Very sexy, lascivious and erotic pics. Wish that she shows us more of the intimate parts of her wonderful body!

Kevin United Kingdom

Marina in bed Petter, I sometimes wonder why you take up room on your website with things like this. Petter, just stop to think for one minute. If your website was full of photos like these, how many subscribers would you have. Definitely not me. However, you do have me because of Patricia, Yanna, Anna S etc. Petter, by now you know exactly what we want, so keep up the good work. Regards as always. Kevin.

Laurie United Kingdom

Flights of Fantasy You would have to be soul-less not to fall in love with Marina ~ such beautiful eyes and mouth.

Marina | February 20th, 2003
Steve Schad United States

Need More!! Marina is hot. And these photos of yours prove it. I hope you have more of her or can take some more \m/

Marc Austria

beautiful Marina Marina was one of the first models I saw in the archives and she impressed me right from the beginning! Unfortunately we have not seen new pictures of her for quite some time. She really has personality and is one of my favourite models from this site!

Bleukat United States

EYES...have it! "SO THRU THE EYES...LOVE FINDS THE HEART!" What a truly extraordinary series of photographs this young woman has left for posterity. Another example of your superlative work...captured for all time...AHEAD of its TIME!