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Linda L

Linda L Profile

Linda L
Name: Linda L
Country: Hungary
Weight: 55kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Model

Veteran Model

An experienced model from Hungary, Linda L has been walking the fashion catwalks since the tender age of thirteen.

Linda holds a university degree in History and Literature. She tells us her interests include house music and clubbing and describes herself as a high-maintenance kind of girl. You've been warned!

In addition to her career as a fashion model Linda has also been posing nude since she was eighteen and is a former winner of the Miss Internet title. She tells us she is most well-known for her fabulous breasts!

Linda told Petter that she intends to stop posing nude and go back to her fashion work so this could your last opportunity to appreciate her fine form!

Thai Oil Massage January 1st, 2010
RE: Hi there are a beautiful place in thailand !!
hi, i would love to visit those nice exotic places in thailand which are better than the normal places ...to avail,endure, mutually offer & enjoy similar massages.please guide me . i strongly believe that the purpose of attaining adulthood is to be sensualized by opposite sex leading towards tantra,bliss,enlightenment.
Hi there are a beautiful place in thailand !!
Hi I live in thailand and need to show you that there more than a beautiful place to combine your shoot and the model !!!
Thai Oil
I love that the models are all natural women. No fake anything. Just beauty of all kinds for all people.
The girls are : 1st : Angelica 2nd : Paulina 3rd : Anna S 4th : Linda L
RE: RE: Can I join In?
Angelica Anna S Linda L Paulina
RE: Can I join In?
four stunning models. <= Who are they ? :)
Cool Film Hot Models
Awesome stuff these girls are so sexy!
Great film
Good stuff. Can almost feel the sun on my skin and smell the jasmine flowers. Can’t beat an outdoors massage in exotic surroundings, it’s the ultimate in relaxation.
Can I join In?
Thailand? Four hot models? Naked massage session. It’s a no brainer, how do I join in?
Linda L dripping wet December 13th, 2008
Linda L
this is an awesome... girl fantastic body with big labia !!! would like to see her photographed more aggressively... more shots in bed with better view of that incredible labia.
Linda L dripping wet
Extraordinarily SEXY. How does Laurie know she drives a 'Vulva'?
Linda's breasts
definitely crazy about her breats: love to come all over them!
Que Linda!
"What Beauty'...Indeed! This photo set,..."MIRROR", and "NAUGHTY" are three examples of why I'm a MEMBER: LINDA...LINDA,...LINDA! She demonstrates everything of what I look for in a woman...a sense of ART TASTE, and BEAUTY, and the desire to be EROTIC. THANK YOU Petter, for presenting the essence of 'Eve' thru your lens!
Fantasy island DVD
Very enjoyable viewing. Magic moment, Linda on the verandah in the rain. Beautiful. I think I have overlooked her galleries, quite remiss, because she is sensational with her exquisite bone structure and delicious vulva. Stunning girl.
The Sexiest
Beautiful body, great boobs, nice ass. One of the nicest pussies on the site, and not afraid to show it. Thanks Linda!
What a woman. I salivate every time I see a Linda set.
One of LInda's Best
Luscious wet breasts and juicy soaked pussy hair. Unbelievable!! I want a part 2!
I love Linda's slender waist...and in these pictures, I feel like I could reach out and touch it. She comes across in these pictures as a strong, "real" woman.
Linda L
How can one girl be sooo hot! Nice to see the extra hair.
Lovely Linda
Linda is so nice to have with us. Such beauty and grace for all of us. Thank you so much Petter. Magoo4
Always great to see Linda!
Linda has a magnificent figure. The smooth look which see presents in some shoots is preferred however!
The lovely Linda L is the one I wait patiently for. Her classic beauty and perfect body make the wait worthwhile.
Perfect Pussy
Thank God for Linda and her perfect unshaved pussy. SO much sexier than the "baby butts." Please give us more like her.
This girl has the most beautiful vulva
Linda L - dripping wet
Petter - I have been subscribing to your site for quite a while now. I am not so keen on the way it is going towards the all-shaven 'faceless' looking pussies, even though they are stunning models.....I guess the younger guys prefer it all. But I tell you what - if you keep photographing Linda and to this quality, then I will keep my membership up just for her.....especially the last shot. Magic. Thank you........and a Happy Christmas to you, Luba, the girls and all the team.
Here comes Linda L,again!! Always gorgeous! Always sexy! She is worth paying for this site. Lots more of her,please!
Linda L mirror November 9th, 2008
Do you know, dear Peter you have made a great work!!!
lost your steam
I remember a very erotic series with you. Please arouse me again with your exquisite shaved pussy, preferably aroused.
Petter I know some of your members complain when the girls aren't posing explicitly but please once in a while can we have a gallery like this. Beautiful composition, colours and beautiful model. Really beautiful.
sad linda
Please smile! You are beautiful!
Que Linda
Luminous! Fantastic tits too
Petter, you are getting better at this good stuff. Linda is sooo beautiful and so graceful to look at. I think she could have smiles a little bit more, but that's me. Thanks so much. magoo4
Lovely Linda L!!!
This is as artistic as I have seen here in a while!Very nicely done!
Linda L thai home October 25th, 2008
Linda L thai home
Can't spot a bad angle to this lovely lady but give me a couple of days alone with her for close inspection and I will see what I can find. (in the interest of research, you understand).
Great body!
Unbelievable ~ just unbelievably beautiful. Where to start, exquisite cheek bones, delightful ears and the body of a divine goddess.Perfect plus. And just to be naughty, quite the most deliciously fleshy pudendum.
Linda L
Linda is so stunningly gorgeous - a perfect 10!
What a sexy model! Please give me more Linda's photoes in whole figure.
Love Linda
More of Linda, she is the best!
Site without Linda
If she is not on this site it would be for me like a life without a wine....... Thanks for this amazining galery. I love her body and Petter's style of her portraits.
A beautiful, sensual, sexual woman that always has a great shoot.
I love how playful Linda L. is in this gallery. Loved the image of her smiling showing her braces and covering her pussy with the napkin. Just wish we had some shots of her big delicious pussy meat.
Beautiful Linda
Linda is by far one of the top five on the site. It is so nice to see such a beautiful and graceful woman is she. Guys, thanks so much. magoo4
Linda L
Awesome body-delicious.
linda l
linda l thai home is an absolutely unbelieveable gallery! captures her amazing beauty and her alluring smile. words cannot describe her beauty!! thanks for doing such a great job photographing her!
Wow! Linda L shaved! Please a whole week with that look!
Linda L sunset October 10th, 2008
The second best of this month. Please give me more Linda's photoes in whole body!
Linda L
Pure classic beauty and L is for lovely...
Linda L - sunset
So so good to see Linda again.......but Petter, please......not shaven! There have been no wonderful tufts, no fabulous furriness for days and days now. There is a limit to 'pre-pubescant girls' .......isn't there?! There are many of us who like to see a woman look like a woman. Great pics, as ever.
Linda's week
Please Linda's WEEK or at least twice in a month, please, please. Her tits are middle of the Universe.
Lovely Linda
Linda is quite lovely and very beautiful. She is a big hit. Thanks guys. magoo4
Linda has to be one of the best, amazing features!
Linda's classic beauty and fabulous body are always a treat. It is nice to see her shaved again.
Very nice to see her bald again. Now she really looks divine.
Linda Sunset
Magnificent. What fantastic photography and light. Linda looks as sultry as ever, she is all woman. Divine. Happy Friday!