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Eva S

Eva S Profile

Eva S
Name: Eva S
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 55kg
Height: 180cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Model

Spontaneous and Fun

Eva is an upcoming model who has been modeling since the tender age of 13. However her photo session with Petter Hegre marked her first time posing nude.

Tall and with the distinctive kind of beauty required in the fashion world, Eva has what it takes to make it huge as a model. She already has a contract with a modeling agency in Milan and was preparing to head to Italy when we first met her.

Eva has a lively, vibrant personality - she’s a little bit wild and very funny. Not the shy and retiring type, she likes to drink, smoke and generally have a good time! Her favorite body part has to be her tits as she could not stop playing with them for a minute during her 5h shoot with Petter!

Look out for Eva later this year you might just catch her on the cover of Vogue!

Eva S. sensuality April 15th, 2008
C'mon Guys.... the delectable Eva S appeared a couple of days ago and so far has received comments, praise, congratulations, criticism from only 2 viewers... Surely this delightful, wonderful, desirable creature deserves more... So lets here it for Eva S.... be it good, bad or indifferent!
Eva beauty
Oh well... what can I say : Cute model, perfect armpit shaving, perfect perky breast, moist lips, great poses = super model. Simple pics, nice close view pics = super photograph. Thanks Peter. Kisses to Eva.
Oh Eva... surely the 'S' is for scrumptious!
Eva S. turtle panties March 22nd, 2008
or just mail them off to me?
Eva just seduces me with her eyes...every time... and what a 'tease' she was today... playing for so long before eventually getting her panties off... Petter, I reckon, with the good working she gave them, you could now auction Eva's panties on E-bay
Eva S beauty
If ever someone ask you a definition of beauty, just show him this set of pics.
Eva is truly having fun with this shoot. It brought out her perfect smile and was sexy as hell.
One of the best
One of the most genuine, fun, and sexy shoots in a good while and with a stunning top fashion quality model. Kudos to both photographer and model. Beautiful work.
Every girl in this site is absolutely goregous..everone agrees with that...but this perfect blonde beauty is number one. Every square inch of her body is flawlessly perfect.
Very nice, sexy and light! Nudity like this has nothing to do with porn. Its the joy of beeing free.
Eva S. red hot March 13th, 2008
God... Eva S is a most 'captivating' woman... and oh how much do I long to be her 'captive for a nite'...
Upon 'awakening' from my 'private fantasy of Eva.S'.... I was drawn, like 'a moth to flame' to feast once more upon the beauty of this delightful creature... to discover her nipples to be a pure delight... So prominent and 'attentive' so resplendent of her youth.
It's red, but where is the hot???
Those 'come to bed' eyes, just draw me in, every time.... then I adjust my focus, to realise this beautiful creature is, in fact, Naked!... Then I feast my eager eyes on all of Eva S's attributes... before drifting off into my private fantasy... !
eva s
fresh,delicate,beautiful,eva is indeed red hot.
Eva S. scarf February 24th, 2008
I agree, she is very hot. Her eyes burn right into me- real 'come to bed ' eyes.
No comments for Eva?
I can't believe that people aren't talking about this girl. She is incredibly hot and a natural in front of the camera.
Eva S. sweet blue February 5th, 2008
a girl that interacts with the camera, what a treat!
Eva S
Eva S seems to come from the fashion world and is a stunning rare treat to see. Its nice to see some of a model's personality come across in the images and I would imagine seeing more of her personality say on location would be even better. Cheers to the Model and the Photographer.
Squeeze those breasts
Love it when the models perform the "squeeze the breasts" pose. Enhances the eroticism. Eva S has beatiful flawless porecelain white skin which contrasts nicely with the blue background.