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Foto de Isabella


Foto de Isabella
Nombre: Isabella
País: Perú
Peso: 46kg
Altura: 155cm
Edad: 20
Ocupación: Au pair

Encanto Femenino

Hegre-Art.com se enorgullece de presentarles a su primera modelo proviniente del Perú. Y por cierto, Isabella es una representante arrolladora de la belleza sudamericana.

Mientras trabajaba como au pair en Alemania, Isabella envió sus fotos y su perfil para participar en uno de esos cástings abiertos y continuos que caracterizan a Hegre-art.com. Las fotos de su primera sesión se tomaron en Barcelona.

Como nunca había posado desnuda, al principio de la sesión se la veía un poquito nerviosa y desmañada. Pero cuando finalmente entró en calor sus raíces latinas tomaron las riendas, y entonces Isabella nos regaló una bellísima actuación para la cámara, en la que hizo gala de todos sus atributos femeninos con una sorprendente seguridad.

Esta chica es tan especial que querrás conocerla más a fondo, ¡su hermosa piel del olivo, sus ojos expresivos y su cuerpo lleno de curvas te harán perder la cabeza sin remedio!

Isabella Galerías COMENTARIOS

Isabella latina | March 23rd, 2008
Isabella latina
Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

hot hot hot! Isabella is so hot & erotic! I love the variety on this site! Please Petter, don't ever stop!

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Isabella Very nice. A different style of beauty. She should smile more. It's a beautiful smile.

mc Estados Unidos de América

Delicious This girl is so beautiful.

sirstefanofb Australia

This series is a bit reminiscent of my early days at University

Dave Francia

What a beautiful face Isabella has - especially when she smiles!

Paul Estados Unidos de América

Isabella This girl is lovely and erotic. I especially love her ass and that beautiful smile of hers.

km Estados Unidos de América

This girl has very hairy arms. Please have her wax them for her next shoot.

soevat Estados Unidos de América

Isabella Great views of a beautiful pussy.

scrapiron Estados Unidos de América

where is she now? Some of the best knockers ever. Where is she now? Can you get her to come back?

Isabella close ups | November 3rd, 2007
Isabella close ups
ofrex Reino Unido

close ups very nice. would love to see more like these from the likes of yanna, dasha, gislane etc. my only thing i can say that was wrong was they were not very sharp, but otherwise please do more

alex Reino Unido

delicious fantastic,provocative set of pictures,pink and perfect.

geroki Alemania

is it that...? Petter, okay so far... anyway, I'm not sure if it's just THAT what I want to see on your site ;)

peter Jansen Alemania

so beautiful !!

Roy Reino Unido

Beautiful vagina. These are excellent photographs. To me, a shaven vagina is a lovely thing to look at. Please would you take more of this type of picture, with as many as possible of your models who are prepared for such close-up attention, to show the wonderful natural variation in what I think is a woman's single most beautiful part of her body? Also, please could you include more and longer close-ups of your models' vaginas in your films? Some of us prefer vaginas to breasts!(Your film "Evi Creamed" was very good.)

specimens Estados Unidos de América

wowow...very erotic Isabella...this will be one of the top galleries.

Ken Reino Unido

Yes, beautiful. Would like to see with Amandine. Another thought is that a few of these close ups could be included in the regular photo sets - just a thought. More please.

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Where's her face? I would have loved it even more if towards the end, you pulled back, and we saw her face. Very nice, though. I'd love to see Yanna do something like that (but show her face, too!)

Bruce Estados Unidos de América

Close ups Please do some close ups of Yana

Mark Reino Unido

close ups Ofrex, the pictures here are very sharp but close ups have a limited depth of field so only part of a picture can be in focus. I like close ups but even better would be as part of a series so when a model is shot beautifully as a whole, as you (Petter) do best, we could see some close ups as part of the set. It could then include eyes, nipples, lips as well as the intimate shots here.

David Estados Unidos de América


stephey Alemania

close-ups absolutely great! If you could get Linda L or Yanna to do this...

FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

wheeeee cute fingers in a nice place pretty pussy and away we go!!!

steven kanor Estados Unidos de América


Andreas Suiza

how close do we need to go ? Certainly, in its way, it’s perfectly done. I'm only asking my self, if this kind of photo art is really the way, of how HEGRE.ART want’s to be working? I think there are thousands of other sites in the WEB, who are already enough advertising the same kind of content. Don't understand me wrong, one ore two shots of this kind, within a "normal" photo shooting - yes always welcome, but this way - I just don't know. I only hope that Isabelle was not under such a financial pressure to become willing to do such a kind of photo session.

Michael Canada

Isabella closeups Very nice! It is the variety of different photoshoots that makes your site interesting and I for one really liked this shoot. The pictures seemed crisp enough to me. One can always see more of Isabella in other shoots.

robert Alemania

Nice! A litle bit different, but very sexy. Just mix your sets with such kind of delicate pics!

karl Venezuela

You always are bringing us gorgeus faces, splendid bodies and figures, surrounded by speechless landscapes...usually you don't leave ANYTHING for our own imagination -what a powerful tool- and with Isabella's Close Ups you simply allowed us just that...IMAGINATION at its best...no faces, no body, no landscape, simply closeups and our own imagination...In my opinion it was a nice touch for a chance...It's INTERACTION...Thanks

Towner Hawkins Estados Unidos de América

Quality of photography Learn how to focus

alex México

close ups are here to stay! please give us closeups of luba, hana, mona, yanka... great set!

sirstefanofb Australia

Isabella Blossoms Fantastic!... Superb!.... Excellent! Isabells's naked, shaven genitalia reminds me so much of the wonders of nature... Her labia are like the very petals of a flower, opening to allow the Bee's to sample her nectar... which makes me question natures logic in covering something so perfect and beautiful in hair... Thank god man invented the razor and that isabella had the courage to use it so well.

BobNY Estados Unidos de América

Isabella Close Ups Fantastic shoot! But I think it would have been even more excellent if it had been mixed with closeups of breasts and nipples. Maybe next time...

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Very sexy, very erotic.

Rob Reino Unido

WONDERFUL! This is superb! Please can we have similar shots of other models? Esp Yanna and Gislane? Thanks!

Jose Luis Estados Unidos de América

Close-ups. !Good! but I still would like to see better close-ups. Sincerelly Luis.

Fahad Estados Unidos de América

More please Bravo! excellently done, Petter. Would love to see another gallery with the same theme, but with a model of lighter skin complexion. Don't get me wrong, Isabella has an amazing rose, but a bit of contrast is always welcome.

Joe spalone Estados Unidos de América

close-ups Love these close-ups. I like when you know the model is excited by the natural lubrication. A model that is turned on is so exciting. Again More of these Peter.

Girl Lover Estados Unidos de América

Perfect Female Form Thanks, Petter! I would love to see more of this...how about the perfect labia of my favorite Sian?

largeformat Alemania

close ups THANK YOOOUUU!!! Let us have more of this, please. I would like to see close ups of this kind of Yana or Sian. This is the best Gallerie I have seen for a long time

[revo] Silent Estados Unidos de América

THANK YOU! wow i feel a little redundant by posting that but there is nothing else to say! Please shoot more of this genre with hana and evi. AMAZING

[revo] Silent Estados Unidos de América

Furthermore, please make galleries of these type with the model in different positions accentuating every part of their body close up

beachboy Japón

Excellent, excellent, excellent !!!!!

Olivier Francia

Surprise ! hot ! hot ! hot ! very pleasant !

Mike W Reino Unido

This is just wonderful! "The part of her that is most girl" in delicious close-up. Really, really beautiful. Please let us have your other models photographed in this glorious way?

Jeff Estados Unidos de América

Close Ups This makes it all worth while. The potential for a Naomi close up has me drooling already!

MT Canada

Finally! More of this with every model. Without being turned on a naked woman is just a prop. Close-ups, touching, probing, loving.

Paul Reino Unido

Isabella close-ups Hmmm, well I guess we are all different! Nicely done Petter, but leaves me cold, sorry. Go to Katheryn Zebra or Katheryn Esthetical.......the light and shade over the hip bones and pubus......all so brilliant especially with that womanly crop of fine hairs. At the end of the day Petter, you make wonderful shots for us all....but I really think we are overdue a bumper crop of collective un-shaven series.....PLEASE!!

Andrew Islas Caimán

Gone is the nervous Au pair! I like the way this collection documents her genuine cycle of arousal -to me that is what separates this from more clinical series. That is hot and beautiful to see.

toni Italia

best best Thisis very best the best first genuine show

Jose Luis Estados Unidos de América

Close-ups. I would like to see more Close-ups of the Vulva. Just like Isabbel. Thank you.

dp Estados Unidos de América

wow!!!! I just keep coming back for more, can't get enough . This is real intimacy, would like to see of this, eyes, lips, breast ect.

Chief Thunder Alemania

Wow! Her face is not my type, but her pussy is one of the most beautiful ones, I have ever seen on the internet! There should be more shots like this, with Marketa or Jana!!!

Sandy Reino Unido

Wow I like these shots. More of the same please, with different models.

Crispin Nueva Zelanda

At last A beautiful pussy and a clitoris. More please more clitoris please...Yanna, Mirta, Anna S........

Ray Estados Unidos de América

More Sets Like This Please! This set is great! More like this from all the girls, please!

JoeDoe Canada

3 thumbs up !! mmmmmmore close-up pics please. (Isabella and other Hegre babes) mmmmmm.... paradise.

Chefe Alemania

It would be nicer if I could see the whole girl and her face on the first pics and then the closeups.

laurie goodison Reino Unido

Isabella This beautiful fragrant flower inspires wild lascivious feelings.

tontonyvan Francia

Isabella The Pussy! what is more beautiful than this? Nothing: this is the most wonderful thing in the world! I'd love to lick her fingers!

Jeff Estados Unidos de América

Close Up Candidates Okay, same set with these additional models: Gislane, Dominka C, Anna S, Linda L, Naomi, Gabriella. Bring on the punnany!

Martin Alemania

Close ups A must have from every hegre model!

undertaker1 Estados Unidos de América

vagina Isabella have a very beautiful vagina I see lots in the place where I work very nice and beautiful on you Isabella

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Isabella What an excellent set of photos! A magnificent pussy!

Isabella al aire libre | December 22nd, 2007
Isabella al aire libre
Tre Reino Unido

Isabella A gorgeous girl with an awesome figure.

Dave56 Francia

What a beautiful face! See photo n° 5 especially. Some (thousands!) may call call me a hypocrite but really I am drawn to Isabella's face in this series.

patrick Canada

exotic models more exotic models, would be a great addition to the collection of beautifull models

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Isabella She has a beautiful face, but this is a great collection featuring her big tits, many great views of them. Outstanding!

Isabella perla de peru | January 8th, 2008
Isabella perla de peru
SE Estados Unidos de América

I Love You Isabella Wow, wow, and wow. There aren't many women who can turn me on to the point of losing my mind, but Isabella could make me drop to my knees and make my heart stop beating. Her beautiful body and sweet and kind soul were sculpted by the hand of God himself. Too bad we were only allowed 2 pages of her. I guess we haven't been good enough.

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Isabella Very nice. Such diversity on your site.

Ted Reino Unido

Isabella What a gorgeous model. Beautiful face, curves, skin and hair.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Isabella has a voluptuous body and beautiful hair. The only thing missing would be equally lustrous hair down there.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Isabella This set is red hot. Isabella is so sexy I cant believe it. Her sets get better all the time, I just wish it could have had more pics. Her breasts are perfection, and I would like to thank her for showing her lovely, gorgeous ass.

Michael Canada

Very nice indeed.

alex Reino Unido

isabella hot very very hot.

Kevin Reino Unido

Isabella's Clit. Look at photo 16. She has got a hell of a clitoris. Petter, have you not noticed this. Like Ira this should be used for us blokes (sorry girl subscribers). Kevin.

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Isabella At last... Isabella reveals her anus!

Isabella magnum | November 18th, 2007
Isabella magnum
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

uuummm...WOW!!! I'm suddenly in the mood for ice cream!!!

sirstefanofb Australia


Luclaf Canada

Isabelle mess The shower following this mess would have been a lot better ! Sorry, not my type.

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Isabella I adore Isabella, but scenes where women smear themselves with food have never done a thing for me. Can I offer a suggestion? Dress her in just a white cotton shirt (could be a men's dress shirt, or a T-shirt) and a pair of blue jeans. Have her take off the shirt first, then the jeans, g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y. I love that scenario anyway, but Isabella's skin color against the white cotton and blue denim will look fantastic.

freerd4 Estados Unidos de América

Magnum I always make a mess of myself when I eat those too. It kinda sucks!

Isabella balcón en Barcelona | September 6th, 2007
Isabella balcón en Barcelona
Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Isabella .... Isabella is a Spanish beauty with beautiful Spanish eyes!Please, more Isabella.

jk Estados Unidos de América

Considering that you make your home base in Portugal, I am surprised that we haven't seen more Iberian beauties. Bravo for Isabella. I look forward to additional photo sets with Isabella and other Spanish and Portugese angels.

Rob Reino Unido

I absolutely adore this girl's pussy. The dark pigmentation of her lips is so sexy. But we only ever get tiny gllimpses. Can she try to be a bit braver next time?

prasad India

Her tits are too good

Terry Reino Unido

These breasts, are insanly nice

ChrisDany Alemania

BETR: Foto Nummer1 Einfach zauberhaft

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Isabella Delightful set with a nice look at her pussylips.

Isabella desnuda y libre | August 18th, 2007
Isabella desnuda y libre
DEeM Holanda

Isabella-you're beautiful!

Paul Estados Unidos de América

Isabella That is a very hot set. Look forward to next one.

Ulrike Suiza

Isabella Isabella, a princess of the orient...Very beautiful, excellent photos. You hit another "10" with this shoot, petter. Keep up yout outstanding work.

Isabella desde Perú con amor | July 17th, 2007
Isabella desde Perú con amor
DAF Estados Unidos de América

Ahhh, yes! What beautiful curves, inviting eyes, golden skin, georgous hair...Isabella has it all!

Chief Thunder Alemania

She has fantastic tits!!!

scrapiron Estados Unidos de América

dark skin nice dark nipples and skin, superb body, face and tits. what a beautiful woman. thank you.

EF Estados Unidos de América

Yes. This is the kind of woman that we need to see more of; she looks like she just came from the Garden of Eden.

R SMITH Reino Unido

Isabella Just one word SUPERB

marc Estados Unidos de América

totally perfect beauty....

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Isabella What a fantastic looking woman! The fact that she is Peruvian, and of obvious indigenous heritage, leads me to conclude that she is the reincarnation of an Inca goddess.

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Isabella What a beauty... and what great tits she has!

Isabella Películas COMENTARIOS

Isabella Lencería Negra | June 3rd, 2008
Isabella Lencería Negra
alex Reino Unido

isabella very very sexy

John Australia

Isabella Black Lingerie Isabella is exquisite!!! Petter... you have captured her sensuality in a most beautiful way with simplicity and subtlety. Bravo... Encore...

lekbeu Estados Unidos de América

What a gorgeous woman. This film is very erotic. I love her ample breasts and voluptuous body. The scenes where she strokes her pussy are outstanding.

TIMOTHY DARULA Estados Unidos de América

ISABELLA Isabella: She Is a very sensual lady. Her voluptuous breasts took my breath away. When she was stroking her kitty and rubbing her jubblies made me want to jump Into my monitor and give her a full-body massage.

andy Reino Unido

Isabella she is one amazing beauty that one can watch over and over again and still want more of her.

Tercel Alemania

Isabella Der phänomenaler Körper einer Rassefrau, der sündige Träume gebiert

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Isabella A wonderful video, with Isabella's beautiful tits on display throughout and offering a good look at her pussylips.

Isabella en España | November 6th, 2007
Isabella en España
alex Reino Unido

isabella isabella is a very sexy woman with a great body.

Miguel Estados Unidos de América

Luscious Latina Isabella is a very beautiful. Love seeing another hot latina.

Tre Reino Unido

Isabella Stunning film, gorgeous girl with an awesome body.

kay Francia

Isabella Very beautiful woman!!!! Love seeing other films and galleries of Isabella

Chris Francia

congratulations Watching you carressing your breast and your pussy is a great pleasure. Thank you very much Isabella.

Yarpee Reino Unido

Isabella A girl with an awesome body, who is truly at ease in front of the camera and totaly ininhibited. A really beautiful girl!I hope we see more videos of her!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

The sun kinda got in the way in a few spots. But, overall, a really sexy video!!!

Eric Estados Unidos de América

Very very erotic. I like the closups on her shaven privates. It makes me wish I was there to eat her.

Alex Estados Unidos de América

Heat Quite possibly the hottest film here

JoeDoe Canada

mmmmmmm.... Love the explicit nature of this film, best I've seen here so far. I hope to see more explicit films featuring other Hegre babes.

siorno Estados Unidos de América

Have to agree with some of the other comments, this is the best film on this site. Would have loved to see more of a 360 degree perspective.

Ken Estados Unidos de América

Isabella film Wow this film is by far one of the hottest. She is beautiful. Very nice breasts and love the way she rubbed he pussy.More more more of Isabella on film.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Isabella Very sexy girl with amazing breasts, but I wish that the camera could have lingered lomger on her beautiful ass. You could have made a film on just that. Thanks

Walt7000 Estados Unidos de América

too many close ups Why didnt the man with the camera back up and take shots of her from a distance?All of those close ups take away from a nice model.What a waste.Close are fine for one or two shots,however,not a the whole video...

lekbeu Estados Unidos de América

This is great! Love all the closeups, especially when she plays with her pussy lips.

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Isabella Excellent video... really great pussy closeups.