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Mia Profile

Name: Mia
Country: Hungary
Weight: 44kg
Height: 160cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Loveable Little Lady

Meeting Mia for her first ever full frontal nude sessions proved to be a happy experience for both model and photographer.

At the photo session in Paris, Mia proved herself to be perfect model material. Not only does this playful and sexy young woman have a superb body – with a particularly amazing ass - she also has the brains too.

Mia recently moved to Budapest and is studying Public Management. She has plans to open her own model agency and experience in front of the camera is certain to help this ambitious girl on her way.

Mia is gorgeous, polite and full of personality. She is the kind of girl you could easily fall in love with. She has the tiniest of appetites... but like many girls Mia just loves chocolate!

With brains and beauty this girl is definitely headed for the top!

Mia party dress July 2nd, 2011
why is this a hand cover set????
Big Scew
The stool Mia is sitting on reminds of a really big screw. Wonder why!
Mia is a goddess. Mora Mia!
Raised Dress Bare Butt
Something so particularly arousing about a raised short skirt in a no panties on girl. There is that delightful "oops!" quality that makes the viewer fell he has stolen a peek, and feel all the richer because it was stolen. And it helps that Mia certainly has a butt worth showing off! Again another series with an innovative theme. One of the reasons Hegre-Art is the best. Thank you Mia and Petter!
Nice to see you again Mia. You're lovely.
Can't wait to see more of mia
super sexy!!!
WAY to long since I've seen lovely Mia! (Seems kinda unfinished,though! Hope there's a part 2!)
Mia blonde bondage June 1st, 2011
Mia et al
Hello Mr. Hegre... Mia is unbelievably beautiful as are many of your other models. My congratulations on your aesthetic eye and your skills as a photographer.
Mia is a really pretty girl, gentlemen perhaps we should be satisfied with whatever she chooses to show to us
Hooray for more Mia! I don't care if her sets are too 'soft' - in my book she's one of the prettiest models on the site, up there with Luba.
Oddball Feminist shoutout
@Wheeler - nothing wrong with what I said no matter how you try and spin it. Across the world's internet the really pretty faced models are far less explicit than any normal woman. Ten years of nude women photos and flat out porn that's the way it works. I think the woman's rights movement of the 1970's and beyond is AGAINST naked photos of women. There would be no nude photos if they had their way. There were six months ago several names that were against the explicit quality of Christiana's pictures and they had woman's names at the time. No couple pictures then or men. I thought at the time that lesbians that I know like porn. So it was confusing. That's not you is it?
Ah, the lovely Mia returns, and what a beautiful woman she is.
RE: RE:stever and ted
I'm here because of the sexier stuff; revealing, massages, masturbation etc COMBINED with great, well produced stills and vids. A great, almost unique combination. Coy Playboy style stuff I can see anywhere - and yes i do like and appreciate 'arty' female photography. But I am on subscribed 'sex sites' to get my rocks off, not to simply 'admire' the female. I'm paying to see girlie bits (and more) in their full glory!
RE:stever and ted
@Stever: I dont mind saying tha I found these artsy sites by accident. while looking for hard stuff.But, I'm still here because I like it! it is possible for a man to think of a beautiful woman as more than just a piece of meat!!! @Ted: they ALL tell the photog what they are willing to do! it's HER body...it's HER business how far she will go with it!!! Kudos to you Ms Mia!!!
ok but they are all the same position from the same distance. I think what I've always thought about this model. Because she is so pretty she tells the Photographer what she will do. Maybe that's life.
momma Mia, come to Daddy
too coy
Mia's work is always too coy, never revealing enough. Yes, I know this is an 'arty' site, but that's just an umbrella title for those amongst us who are in denial or ashamed about looking at sexual or even soft porn images and videos. There's lots of stuff on here that is VERY revealing. I guess Mia has just decided she is not gonna open those legs!
The face that launched a thousand dicks...
well, it definately worked for me! although, it would have been a bit better with somone else there to dominate!
Mia Petite temptress May 23rd, 2011
perfect hands
photo 47 is perfectly positioned. Her hands are delicately open to the energy of heaven and also to a voluntary submission, but her eyes say otherwise, confident and in control. A perfect balance
Mia is absolute pinnacle beauty....
Mia: Magnificent
Photo sets like this get back to the essence of what Hegre-Art is about. Mia is captured in a pure and artistic nude study at her most honest and beautiful. Get back to pure nude studies and more of Mia!
I want more!
I only subscribed again because of Mia's new gallery.
Mia, welcome back, and what a great set to return with, love the shots of your great derriere. Gives me hope that Caro, Thea and even Antonina might return. Petter?
pure art
art is back on hegre
Missed Mia
It's certainly good to see Mia again. Too bad this set seems to be old, so it's not an indication that she's back in business. I'd love to see a massage with her.
So good to see Mia again. LOved those shots of her fabulous fanny, and her face, one of the most beautiful ever.
Lovely Mia
Such pure beauty. She's just an old fashioned stunner. No props. I missed her. Honestly, I'd like to see more of this type, and less of the more bizarre stuff. Especially the bondage pics. I don't even bother.
Butt Lover's Paradise!
So good to be back to the purity of total nudity! As you said Petter, what an ass this girl's got! Love shots 10, 69-74 and 91 through end of series. Love her smile in 21. Thank you Mia!
Surprisingly artistic, considering sets of late!
lovely Mia
Ah, so nice to see Mia again. I've missed her. I just love her purity. Thanks for bringing her back.
Mia green dress part 2 December 21st, 2009
please more pink
Mia is one of the most beautiful girls on the site. How come this girl has the most unimaginative galeries? They seem all the same. Please more Mia and in different poses and angles.
Halo Effect
Her shadow cast on the wall rocks. She really is an angel.
Excellent! I love it with your hair up. Great photo shoot!
A very sweet, lovely and sexy set from one of my favorites. Thanks Mia. Can`t wait for part 3.
The lovely Mia, always one of my favorites, never disappoints.
This really is a nice early christmas present for me! Mia is so and so beautiful. Thanks for this great set. Happy holidays ;-)
Does it get any better then Mia, I don't think so. She has the cutest ass. This was nice thanks gang. Paul Mcg
Mia white chair part2 November 17th, 2009
I love white chairs and all it bares I love mia
Mia, please put you hair up like in your earlier sets.
Pretty but uninspired
Mia is very pretty but this set is as uninspired as the Brigi set is dramatic and artistic. Why does Mia not get the exotic locations Petter?
More from the Bijou Lookalike
Makes me a happy chap. Yay Mia!
Wow! What a beauty! I'm going to look at these photos all day. I'd like to take Mia home to meet my parents, then marry her in Paris and live happily ever after.
She truly is an absolute doll.
Mia white chair part2
a shoot of mia's facial shots would be most erotic...n i think that is her best feature
Mia I think is the most beautiful woman on the net. She has it all, just love that body. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg
Mia white chair Pt2
Mia is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I were sitting in that chair.
Alabaster Babe
Images 8 ~ 17 are gorgeous.