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Simona S | République Tchèque Galeries : 7 Films : 1
Photo de Simona S


Photo de Simona S
Nom: Simona S
Pays: République Tchèque
Poids: 47kg
Taille: 171cm
Age: 23
Profession: Mannequin/Étudiante

Camarade tchèque

Simona, disons les choses comme elles sont, est une belle Praguoise parmi tant d’autres.

Dotée d’un corps svelte et roulé à souhait Simona est une mannequin très ‘physique’ ornée de fesses et de seins fantastiques ! Elle a fait du mannequinat quelques années durant, mais la séance photos avec Petter Hegre fut la toute première fois où elle posait totalement nue.

Dévoiler son corps l’a rendue légèrement nerveuse et Simona nous a même avoué qu’elle n’a pas dormi de la nuit la veille de la séance photos à cause de l’angoisse. Et malgré son allure de ‘blonde pulpeuse’, Simona est une femme réfléchie et a une forte personnalité.

Le physique hallucinant de Simona se prête à merveille à l’art du nu.

Simona S Galeries COMMENTAIRES

Simona lingerie noire | March 16th, 2009
Simona lingerie noire
Laurie Royame Uni

Simona Sophisticated and so Sexy Georgeous natural blonde with beautiful downy skin, enchanting in black.

wheeler Etats Uni

not bad... would've liked to see her loose the panties a bit earlier,but...

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Oh yeah, that works for me. Simona S. is so beautiful. That big sexy ass up in the air and the little black thong just barely covering her plump pussy; very good stuff. I'm having a "hard" time keeping it clean here.

Jeff Daniels Etats Uni

Overdressed Very nice, very sexy, awesome poses, but too much cloth!

Robt Etats Uni

hot, hot, hot.....

dee Nouvelle Zélande

More of Simona please!!!

russ Etats Uni

Simona.......................... Wow, that ass sticking up in the air like that!!!! Amazing. it's like you are almost there. Dang, almost.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Simona black lingerie This is NOT a sob story:- I am recovering from a stroke and therefore have lost some dexterity. Quite by accident, I selected Simona from the index. Now, there's a young lady who would cure all my ills if I could have her on my lap to STROKE.

Simona violet partie 2 | February 24th, 2009
Simona violet partie 2
Damian Allemagne

Fantastic, finally more of the best model on site - Simona. Thx for new update, greatly appreciated

JP Etats Uni

Fantastic body Simona reminds me the other legendary Czech beauty from several years ago, Marketa. Same perfect body and symmetry and same cute smile. Simona is one of the few models on the site that actually looks like she is enjoying the photo shoot, kind of like Olena O during her "pale skin days." The fact that she looks happy showing off her body makes her sexier in my opinion.

JR Allemagne

bring her back! some of these shots were amazing. for me, Simona is on a whole different level than most other models. you hast HAVE to invite her again. - JR

steven kanor Etats Uni

simona more and turn her slightly steve

magoo4 Etats Uni

Simona, beautiful just beautiful. One of the best. magoo4

mark Allemagne

Simona = Favourite Simonas sets keep getting better and better which is great to see. I hope this will go on for a long time and you can shoot more with her. She seems to have a nice, little shy, personality which shines through some of her pictures. Makes her a very sexy model.

Lanc Allemagne

Another stunning set Great work, after purple part 1, i thought it could not get better, but then part 2 came and BAM... great sensual poses and perfect looking model with great expression. She sure is one of your best, Hegre! - Lanc

rudi Allemagne

from down under very hot pics, but I would like to see her more from down under...

howard Etats Uni

simona purple part 2 Simona is a very beauitiful girl . I think who ever posed her for these images did an injustice.' She looks like a frog. Pose her like the pretty woman she is.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Simona purple Pt.2 Howard, you've got some 'very tasty' frogs in your part of the world. I'd love to take up the invitation offered by these ever so inviting poses.

Jerry Suisse

Simona purple Pt.2 Simona is, at last, one natural cute model here at Hegre. A normal woman DOES have bodyhairs like her, not waxed or shaved like the other wax dolls shown at this website. She's the only reason why I pay membership here ! So PLZ dont hesitate posting more of her ! Cheers

Rich Etats Uni

Body Simona s body is very beautiful and greasefull smooth very lovely her pussy is very nice clean shaving beautiful to look at her pink nipples are so lovely what a beautiful lady.

Simona bas jarretières | January 23rd, 2009
Simona bas jarretières
Damian Allemagne

her best set so far i stayed up all night just to see simonas new set as one of the first, and i must say it did not dissapoint me. she really sets a new standard for the site with her newest set, incredible erotic photography

wheeler Etats Uni

Lovely Simona nothin sexier than a girl in thigh highs and heals and nothin else!

Eddy Etats Uni

Simona for ever How beautiful and how sexy you are ! Thank you, thank you for sharing sight of you wonderful body. Thank you too to Hegre for these wonderful pictures, indeed !

mark Allemagne

Simona 4 President Gorgeous set of her, im sure: If it had been published earlier, Obama could not win so easily :D Great slim body, Shes your best Petter!

Billy Pays Bas

gorgeous photosession, devine model Simona, perfect photographer. Very sharp pictures. Thanks both of you. Please come back very soon!

chris Etats Uni

simona What an expressive, gorgeous young lady. Thanks to you.

JR Allemagne

Simona is a goddess! Nothing more to say

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Gorgeous woman!

Gary Allemagne

sexy - sexyer - simona Simonas natural body belongs to the best of the site. And with her cute looks she quickly became my favourite model. Would be nice to see her working again with you hegre, hope she will become successfull as model, she definitely has the looks. - Gary

magoo4 Etats Uni

A very beautiful woman indeed. Thanks to you Petter. magoo4

Schinji Allemagne

nice body and great expressions of her, simona is a talented model

JP Etats Uni

Unlike most models.... ...Simona actually looks like she's having a good time being nude and showing off her body, which is one of the single most important reasons why some galleries are better than others.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Simona stay ups Petter, are there ANY lovely girls left in the world that you haven't set your 'wicked' lens upon? Just when I think it safe to come up for air you set another 'BREATH-TAKER' upon me. Stating the obvious. I know but she is very, very BEAUTIFUL.

Simona rose | January 7th, 2009
Simona rose
mike Allemagne

little critics I agree with ra and like Simona too, but maybe it would be nice to see a little more variety in her sets. For example a shooting outside, in shower, in a pool or on a chair or something. But to avoid missunderstandings: EVERY set with Simona is absolutely gorgeous, she has a wonderfull toned body and very cute face. Hope to see lot more of her, looking forward to her film.

Ra Allemagne

Fantastic Simona Another stunning gallery of this incredible beauty. Seeing her smile in some of the pictures is melting my heart away. To me, shes currently the best model around.

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Take a look at image #20. Simona's knees are almost touching and there is an ever-widening gap from there up to her crotch, INCREDIBLE! I'm not even going try to describe that ass.

alex Royame Uni

simona fantastic

JP Etats Uni

Fantastic body Simona has such a great natural body and amazing ass. I love her natural breasts and hope she doesn't even think about implants. She's got a cute face too. She's got such a great overall look that future models will be compared to her instead of her to others.

Blake Canada

Simona Muriel,Luba,Linda L,and now Simona...excellent choices...thxs...keep up the great work!

chris Etats Uni

simona lovely curves and smile. what a treat to look at this lovely woman...........

Mango Royame Uni

Stunning body!!!

mark Allemagne

simona simona is a super sweet girl and sexy as hell at the same time. she quickly became my favourite, thx for the great set

Magoo4 Etats Uni

Simona is a joy to behold. Well done.magoo4

nicola Allemagne

pure erotic simona has the kind of body i always dreamed of, keep updating her and i will stay a member forever peter!

JR Allemagne

stunning body, shes your best Petter!

mstar Turquie

hımm superb,delicious...!!! thanks hegre

patrice Allemagne

she has incredible physiques for sure she looks sexy as hell in each of her sets, hope for more to come

russ Etats Uni

The gorgeous Simona tell her to call me.. yippee :)

ardunbye Royame Uni

Simona pink I swear this magnificent 'specimen' is NOT naturally born but hand crafted by the creator himself.

Andi Allemagne

bring her back If theres any chance to hire her for another Shoot, please take it! Simona is absolutely gorgeous

Dave Finlande

Beautiful girl, photo number 4 is a good one, shame we don't get to see any Anus.

Simona string sexy | December 26th, 2008
Simona string sexy
Ra Allemagne

shes a stunner ! Another great set of Simona, who is my favourite model by now. Could be perfect, but its a pitty it only has 28 pictures. Hope she will do longer shootings in future, anyway bring her back Pete!) -Ra

wheeler Etats Uni

sexy Simona!!! This one gives new meaning to the term "butt floss"!!!LOL

Jer Etats Uni

Awesome. She's fantastic - agree with Ra, the only improvement would be a larger set!

Damian Allemagne

awesome set, especially like pics 12,13 and 14. very kinky and sexy

Magoo4 Etats Uni

beautiful Simona What a beautiful body. magoo4

kcasey Etats Uni

String is not sexy. It's dumb! I'd like to see more of Simona bebore I pass judgement.

Robt Etats Uni

String very nice. agree, could have done without the string.

DANIEL Etats Uni


jagr Allemagne

beautiful set of a very pretty woman. thats the spirit of hegre-art, more of Simona will be greatly appreciated!

Kalle Allemagne

Simona= definition of beauty Simona shows how the perfect feminine has to look like: Pretty sweet face, perfect tits, a slim body and wide hips. Combine that with her talent for posing and shes imho your best model Petter. Hope to see her back soon. Kalle

mark Allemagne

best body Simona is fantastic, my personal star of the site.

jeff Bell Etats Uni

Simona Wow, what a sexy new find. This woman has features that are so beautiful, I'm in love with this girl's curves.

Simona cotonneuse | December 12th, 2008
Simona cotonneuse
Andrew Allemagne

another fantastic shoot Great set with my favorite model again, even though it started a little slowly (who had the satanic idea to hide Simonas angelic body with clothes for so long :)), it turned out to be great with the all nude shots. Loved her profile and her shy facial expression in some of the pictures. I hope she made a lot more sets when she came for a shooting.

ST Royame Uni

She is beautiful - her body is gorgeous.

Roger Royame Uni

Simona I really like this new model. She poses well and her body is near perfect.

Vel Royame Uni

Wow! Gorgeous.

mstar Turquie

simona s body like sculpture; very beautiful...

wheeler Etats Uni

simona nice to see a girl that tales care of herself!I like the lack of ribs! Etats Uni

Shimona denim: no legs I love Petter's photography. But I find it very frustrating when he does an entire shoot of a model without showing her from the knees down. It is clear that Petter is indifferent toward that part of the female anatomy. Too bad. There are few sights that I find more erotic than long slender bare legs (top to toe) emerging from short cut-off jeans. The Simona shoot was a frustrating tease to me.

Magoo4 Etats Uni

Simona Very nice. Hope to see more of her soon. magoo4

Ra Allemagne

Simona is gorgeous, would be great to see a whole Simona-week sometime. Love her posing and well built body - Ra

Nubby Allemagne

Incredible girl! Hope to see LOTS more of her soon.

Damian Allemagne

sexy girl Simona has become one of my favourites, pictures like 31 and 32 are making me insane

Simona violet | December 2nd, 2008
Simona violet
Ed Royame Uni

Wow! Two new models in one week and another stunner. Look at her amazing ass!

Ortis Royame Uni

And December just gets better, another new girl!!!

tdonna1 Etats Uni

I could not agree with Sandy more!!!

sandy Royame Uni

another stunner Another beauty but suffering from another case of 'leg lock'. Please get Simona to loosen up, you can't be a nude model and not show your pussy. Some of the poses where great but camera angle wrong which left me disappointed in the shoot.

Dan from Texas Etats Uni

Simona Purple I really love these photos of the beauty Simona! She reminds me of an American TV actress that I see on the TV sometimes. Petter, you website is still the best! Please disregard the few critics whose tastes are so one dimensional and continue to give us the great variety of beauty that your eyes and camera captures! I'm starting to see some of your models appear on adverts and other sites. It's great!

wheeler Etats Uni

why not,Sandy??? Playboy did it for YEARS!!!The only reason they started showing pubes was because the hardcore porn mags started coming out!And,they did what they could to keep up,without getting raunchy!!!and,they still do,sometimes!Depends on the lady!BTW...She's still a bit skinny for my tastes!

Roy Royame Uni

Simona She is lovely but I fear she is going to be one of these 'too shy' models

Andrew Allemagne

All i can say is WOW about Simona, to me shes one of the most sexy girls on site. And therefore i even dont mind too much that she is still a little shy, maybe with some time she will show more, and when not, its just ok for me! So i hope to see a lot more of her perfect body in future here. Great find!!

alex Royame Uni

simona very very hot

Magoo4 Etats Uni

I love the color purple. magoo4

Robt Etats Uni

Simona very nice shoot, purple background color was a great idea. simple, but tasteful.

ghlb Etats Uni

Simona purple Gorgeous! Lot's o' Legs. Love it.

Larry Royame Uni

Cute She's beautiful. What more is there to say?

Pete Royame Uni

Great ass Of course she's shy, first time infront of us. Simona has a great ass which means I want to see alot more of her.

Ra Allemagne

new top model spotted? I think Simona could easily become the next site´s most favoured model. She defintely has the body, she only needs no become a bit more selfcondifent now, and do more shootings. -Ra

russ Etats Uni

Simona I love it when that hot ass is sticking up in the Air.. woohoo, amazing


Simona Spectable privé | January 13th, 2009
Simona Spectable privé
patrice Allemagne

shes unique Simona has become my favourite model with this film... no other girl could fascinate me that much by only changing clothes. Shes perfect and the film was excellent - patrice

wheeler Etats Uni

amazing... how something so simple as a girl changing clothes can be sooooo sexy!!!

mark Allemagne

great girl what a stunning body shes has, incredible. pls bring her back soon petter!

Ortis Royame Uni

Her ass is awesome!!!

alex Royame Uni

simona one incredibly sexy woman

JR Allemagne

The idea of filming her while changing clothes was great, enjoyed it very much. Plus, Simona looks incredible here, even better than in pictures!

Bob Royame Uni

Simona She's cute, there is something a bit shy and innocent about her.

Damian Allemagne

incredibly sexy you did one hell of a job with this film pettr! Simona looked indeed a little shy, e.g. when changing her socks, which made her look even more adorable. Just hope, she will star in another film of you. Damian

Andrew Allemagne

Simona Simona has a pretty face and a nice natural appearance. Her shy personality made this film something very special, 10 points from me! Hope you bring her back Peter.

TimS Allemagne

15 minutes of joy great girl, great body, great film!

Raphael Allemagne

best girl simona where can i sign for simonas next audience? was a nicely filmed movie, very chilled and sexy. hope she will come back soon for more.

Gary Allemagne

sinful curves simonas body is perfectly shaped, every curve of her is like a little artwork. cant wait for her next set

A-J Allemagne

Simona rocks! thanks for the great movie, Simona is a very good looking model, and she seems to have a nice, shy attitude. Loved every minute!

gandalf Allemagne

simona!!! simona is a true top model, enjoyed the movie very much. thx. - gandalf

Ralph Allemagne

Simona looks incredibly pretty in this movie, i hope more of her will be released soon. She is the best model imho.

laveau Etats Uni

fun, fun, fun, smiley, smiley, smiley, yay! those were the leopard tights Jenny wore! not one of my favorite girls on the site, but Crickets, does she have an amazing physique! another poster here is correct, she does bring Marketa *droooool* (miss her!) to mind. i love it when the girls smile a lot, play, and goof off. fun video with lots of groovy Samba tunes (especially the last one), i like!

Westerling France

Simona S & Jana Now if you can't team up Jana and Patricia because they're both brunettes, how about Simona S and Jana. A sleepover, or frolic.

stefano Allemagne

I really like the vid ... very beautiful girl. Can somebody tell me where the background music is from? It's a really great song, would like to buy it. Thanks.

TasteTester Etats Uni

Mexico..."Behind the Scenes" So generous of you to share the SECRET to your success..."following your passion"! Great Video...and Commentary!

ardunbye Royame Uni

Simona Private Show A startlingly beautiful girl. I enjoyed every second of this wonderful 'Showcase'.

jeff ny Etats Uni

wow wow wow Simona Seriously Peter, I've been around for a while. Why such a short run with Simone. By far one of the most gorgeous figures on your site and one of the most provocative figures I've ever seen. Bring her back.!! An orgasm scene aka Oleana would be amazing with this woman's details!!!