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Suzie Carina

Suzie Carina Profile

Suzie Carina
Name: Suzie Carina
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 46kg
Height: 163cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Model

Born to be wild!

Suzie Carina is a well-known model with many fans from around the world. With her tight body, perky ass and seductive eyes it is easy to see why she is such a hit!

A biker chick, Suzie Carina is wild at heart and loves attending biker festivals. As well as motorbikes she loves leather, fast cars and fast living. Her aim in life is to take each day as it comes and to live life to the max. Suzie Carina wants to have fun, fun, fun and she loves nothing better than a nice cold beer or two at the end of the day!

Flirty and lots of fun, Suzie Carina has the ability to melt hearts with her delightful winning smile!

A true free spirit, if you want to live life in the fast lane Suzie Carina is your kind of girl!

Suzie Carina Galleries

Melissa Suzie and Suzie Carina threesome July 22nd, 2010
Summer is here!
The girls of summer are back! & in full nude delight.
once again...
video please!!!
Melissa and Suzie Carina waves June 26th, 2010
I can totally hear the crashing of the waves. It's sorta like the current Corona commercials, seated way back on the sand admiring the view. Which in this case is extra marvelous due to Melissa and Suzie Carina Asana.
Beautiful Duo
Thank you very much! It is great to see two such lovely girls enjoy the outdoors! Suzie is beautiful, but I must admit that as a lover of female bottoms, Melissa is wonderful!
Making waves!
Nice but to far away need to get in closer to the girls but nice shot of fun in the sun with the girls!
looks like fun!wish we could get a closer look!
they are so joyful!! beautiful!
Melissa Suzie and Suzie Carina kodak gold May 9th, 2010
Oh My God Petter. What a good job you have. Look at your job simply. You and georgeous girls fly away to somewhere exotic. They take their clothes off and you photgraph them. They know what is expected. You know what you expect them to do. You take the phographs and we pay to see them. It really is a win win win situation. The girls win as they get to go to great locations. Petter, you win as you get loads of money off of us blokes (let alone see great nude ladies in great locations). We win as you really are the best of these type of 'pay for' sites. It really does look as though we all win. Petter, keep up the good work.
Close to perfection
BTW: Why don't you create a pictorial of the process of removing the patches of pelt that are between this pictorial and perfection?
why do I suddenly wanna be a beach ball???!!!
Now this is summer! A rainbow of color and fun frolicking. The girls look so sporty. What a terrific shoot.
Kodak moment!
Fun in the sun!
As good as gold!
I really like the fun & playfulness that this set of photographs generates the expressions on the girls face's are really angelic. Buy more than that it is a good advert for kodak gold as there are still people out there who still use film rather in my mind the better digital format. This photo set really is as good as gold!
Anna S Brigi Melissa Suzie Suzie Carina Formation April 28th, 2010
These shots.
Very good work and so interesting at the art level. You have really a fantastic creativity. I will congratulate yourself. This site is the best.
Sea of Sex
Wow, I'd love to drown in those hot women. How about a hot tub gallery?
Photos 11 to 20 look like Frederick Hart sculptures come to oiled and suntanned life. Absolutely beautiful, each girl marvelously contributes to the whole.
Girls will be girls. Nice to see all of them again. Very nice thanks so much. Paul Mcg
Beach pics are definitely my favourite ones. Tanned bodies, lots of light, sand, water... it's just perfect. Nice group shots, Brigi's pics at the end are superb.
The famous five!
The famous five are back on the beach welcome back lady's. I want it all & I want it now! This is 100% sex on the beach!
Hegre, this is one of the best photo series you've done yet. Anna S, BRIGI AUS UNGARN, Melissa, Suzie, and Suzie Carina = las 5 Musas. MORE! MORE! MORE!
Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Suzie Carina tropical white April 8th, 2010
Just another day at the beach. What a beach. Beautiful as ever. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg
Six in the sea works for me. There was was a time when my eye couldn't immediately distinguish Suzie from Suzie Carina but now, so intimately familiar, I can tell them apart just by their calves. The group shots are terrific, especially the soft white Edwardian clothes. This gallery is a perfect prequel to the Oct 24 "Baby Seals." Individually I'd like to point out Photo 86, Anna S. It's absolutely perfect.
hot concept...
but, once again, until about pic #56 it was too far away to see anything!
Wet dream!
This is my kind of holiday on the beach with lovely young women like these but as it is not going to happen anytime soon I will have to make do with these sexy young things. It's just a shame that these girls are so unattractive te he NOT!