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Foto von Tatiana


Foto von Tatiana
Name: Tatiana
Land: Rumänien
Gewicht: 50Kg
Größe: 175cm
Alter: 20
Beruf: Angehende Pilotin

Schwarzer Rabe

Schaut man in Tatianas Augen, dann verfällt man einem Zauber: Es sind dunkle, durchdringliche Opale.

Hört man ihre Stimme, so tief und verführerisch, glaubt man fast, sie käme aus der Tiefe der Erde. Als Petter Hegre Tatiana in einem Nachtclub in Bukarest tanzen sah, hatte er eine Vision, in der sie sich mit ausholenden Bewegungen majestätisch in die Lüfte emporhob, wie ein schwarzer Rabe; Und er hatte das Gefühl, mit ihr zu fliegen.

Das Ergebnis, könnte man sagen, ist Schicksal: Provozierende, gefühlvolle Aufnahmen, die Tatianas Seele als zutiefst erotisch entlarven. Wenn Sie einmal gesehen haben, wie Tatiana an einem blauen Pool einen Pfirsich isst, wird Ihnen fortan jeder Pfirsich anders schmecken. Und wenn Sie in einem Pool liegen, achten Sie auf den dunklen Schatten eines Rabens, der über die Wasseroberfläche gleitet.

Tatiana hat die mystische Seele eines Vogels und Petter war wenig überrascht, von ihr zu erfahren, dass eine ihrer größten Ambitionen ist, Pilotin zu werden und einfach davonzufliegen

Tatiana Galerien KOMMENTARE

Tatiana in der Hängematte Teil 2 | July 6th, 2003
Tatiana in der Hängematte Teil 2
Walter Vereinigte Staaten

You're right about her eyes, and the rest of her is awesome also. A very nice butt!!!

Tatiana weiblicher Rabe | October 11th, 2002
Tatiana weiblicher Rabe
Teddy Noback Vereinigte Staaten

Tatiana female raven She is a beautiful woman with stunning eyes. I'm not a photographer but something doesn't seem right with the photos. Is it the lighting? They don't do her justice. Don't get me wrong, I like them. It would be great to see her in a setting other than outdoors or in a studio. Please shoot more of her with higher resolution.

CRH Vereinigte Staaten

Tatiana female raven Truly uncommon eyes. They draw attention away from this very attractive woman. The lightness of the background seems to wash out their full potential. A genuine beauty from those hypnotic eyes all the way to her delightful toes.

FastEddie Vereinigte Staaten

ditto on the eyes she can have my pear any old time

Mike Ruffner Vereinigte Staaten

Best Photo Set Tatiana certainly rates as one of the most beautiful women to grace Hegre. With Peter's majic eye and Tatiana's captivating eyes they have managed to transform an empty swimming pool into a totally perfect series of photos. I wish Peter would visit her again for another set of photos and videos. She deserves it and I would relish it.

G. Wright Vereinigte Staaten

Tatiana She has very beautiful Long Dark Hair.

Tatiana dunkle Verführung Teil 1 | November 6th, 2002
Tatiana dunkle Verführung Teil 1
tobasco777 Kanada

wow FANTASTIC!! Mesmerising eyes, lovely breasts, and perfectly shaped butt!!

Tatiana schwarze Verführerin Teil 2 | January 22nd, 2003
Tatiana schwarze Verführerin Teil 2
Adam Vereinigtes Königreich

Very Special Looking back through some of the older pages I came across this little lady - one of the reasons I first joined this website years ago ! I'd forgotten how stunning she was :)

Karl Irland

A lovely face and wonderful hair.

Mike Ruffner Vereinigte Staaten

More Tatiana has the "face". The "face" is the one I would be most happy to wake up next to. Soft, natural beauty, faint sprinkle of freckles, eyes of a feline and lips waiting for a kiss. She is so refreshing against the overabundance of haute fashion models buried under cosmetics. Please revisit Romania and have her pose again.

Yellow Fever Vereinigte Staaten

She is what other women attempt to mimic when they apply make-up. Beautiful woman. She fits the mold of what so many novelists try to describe when they mention "raven haired beauty." To mirror Mike's comments from below, this woman is stunning; long straight raven black hair, gorgeous almond shaped eyes, and natural 'kissable' bowtie lips that so many ladies try to mimic with make-up. Tatiana is definitely going in my favorites. Excellent work!

Tatiana Filme KOMMENTARE

Süße, süße Sommerzeit | May 8th, 2003
Süße, süße Sommerzeit
Doug Vereinigtes Königreich

the most gorgeous girl ever? Tatiana is possibly the most stunningly gorgeous girl on a fantastic website filled with gorgeous girls-check out those amazing eyes. How can you go wrong??

john hope Bangladesch

She is real beauty She is a real beauty . I have never seen a gorgeous girl like her .

Heptarch Vereinigte Staaten

A more lovely woman? Nevermore. There are plenty of beautiful women here on Petter's site. But Tatiana is utterly breathtaking. She's the sort of women you meet once in passing and remember for the rest of your life. Thank you, Petter, for allowing us to revel in her grace and loveliness.

bsmithhammer Chile

More Tatiana!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, please do whatever needs to be done to get Tatiana in front of the camera as often as possible. She is by far the most stunning girl I´ve ever seen. Maybe even a few more "risque" pics?

Shaman Südafrika

Tatiana Ever since 2003 I've been trying to become a member on this site, due to one particular girl; Tatiana. Today I finally became a member! I can truly say of all the woman on every site I've ever visited, Tatiana is by far the most beautiful. By far. To me, she embodies womanhood.

Foxton Australien

Spring? So this is spring, and he's wearing a heavy duffle coat, and she's bare as a needle - no wonder her nipples are standing out like hat-pegs!

Ahmynus Vereinigte Staaten

Stunning beauty! Her eyes are almost feline. Although I wish she wasn't covering her breasts so much.

Fünf Mädchen auf dem Pier | January 24th, 2003
Fünf Mädchen auf dem Pier
mehri Vereinigte Staaten


Das Apfelmädchen | November 24th, 2002
Das Apfelmädchen
Rico Suave Vereinigte Staaten

Simply, a Goddess The video itself is marginal, but the model more than makes up for it. Agree with other review--this model is the most beautiful creature on God's earth.

Paul Usselman Kanada

exotic and exquisite One of the frames in this set is my new computer background. The colors are rich and the model lovely. I am at a loss why there are no reviews. Perhaps the members were too stunned after the first viewing to scroll down, like I was.

johnhope Bangladesch

Is'nt she beautiful ? My oppinion is she is the no 1 of all models in hegre-archives . I rate the video 4star because the video includes some staff like someone pass the pool ,the lady assistant standing on the pool those should be excluded . Please go more closer to her . Let us see her better ;)

Malek Algerien

ahh Tatiana ! I didn't watch the teaser. But I agree with what was written up but just reorder it :
- She is the no 1 of all models in hegre-archives.
- This model is the most beautiful creature on God's earth.
- Isn't she beautiful ?
- Simply, a Goddess !

salvador rios Mexiko

she´s magnifiq, really beautiful and the way you show her is wonderful

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

APPLE??? Looked like a lemon to me! Anyway...You definitely have a keeper there! SHE IN GORGEOUS!!!

kevin Vereinigtes Königreich

She has got the most georgeous eyes on the whole of this site. Oh, and yes that is a lemon not an apple.

Who Vereinigte Staaten

What is her name Did some one asked this before, or is just me?? What is HERE NAME?

Barty Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: What is her name I think we know now she's called Tatiana. Such a natural isn't she with a lovely figure. Natural breasts and a hairy pussy which we like in girls, yes? Loved all the films I've seen her in. In Five Girls on a Pier, who are the other 4? I would love to know.