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Erica Profile

Name: Erica
Country: Poland
Weight: 45kg
Height: 164cm
Age: 19

Teen Queen

Erica is what you could call a perfect ‘natural beauty’ and what’s more - she has that wonderful air of natural shyness about her.

An extremely sweet person Erica is typically girlish and has a very young personality - this was her first time ever posing fully nude.

In-keeping with her sweet nature Erica loves cakes and candy. But don’t be fooled – this very innocent looking young girl is a big fan of horror movies and tells us that she needs "it" very often...

Petite, cute and gloriously photogenic – Erica is one young girl to watch!

Erica white sheets part 3 October 12th, 2010
With each set Erica seems to be getting more beautiful and sexy. She is way over the top perfection.
Absolutely beautiful. a 10 vote to the model and a 10++ to the photographer
Oh Erica!
Erica you are bloody lovely! I wish you were mine I can always dream can't I.
She's Amazing looking
Erica is amazing looking. Great Job Petter.
part THREE???
is there more???the suspemse is killing me!!!super sexy!!!
Erica white sheets part 2 September 23rd, 2010
seems like Erica has been m.i.a. forever. Would love full week of her just to make up for all that lost time. Hope this set has a part 3, it`s really starting to get way hot.
Impressive as always. What an uberbabe Erica is...
worth the wait!
Erica is stunningly gorgeous, as always!
Erica white sheets part 1 July 2nd, 2010
A (very) late comment
Almost four years after the release of this set I want to claim how I was happy to meet this young and seductive young lady : Erica
What a cotton candy-color delight!
wide open
i love those pussy lips i cant wait for see it wide open!!!! she is just awesome!!
Finally we get to see Erica the way we've been waiting to see her - doing something other than standing - and oh my she does not disappoint. Very arousing! Can't wait to see part 2.
part 1???
ooohhh...you do enjoy torturing us. Don't you Petter???I can't wait to see the grand fanale!!!Stunning young lady!
A Stunning Vision!
Ah, the exotic, erotic Ericia! The wonderful sight of a beautiful young naked woman in bed brings to mind many enjoyable fantasies! It will be difficult to get any work done today with these beautiful images in my head! :)
Forest fire!
Erica you are a forest fire! So hot I like the sky blue stockings & the yellow pants. Another very nice set of photographs.
Erica classic nudes June 4th, 2010
A stunning naturally beautiful girl who could be elevated if she spent a little time working on her thighs and glutes. Just sayin!
In my opinion, the best girl on hegre-art ;) She is just perfect!
Erica: classic
When it comes down to it for me, this is the way I love to see Erica best: in a classic pure nude figure study where you can appreciate her beautiful body completely unobstructed and in which she is the focus. Totally nude in every photo, this is the way she should be captured. A wonderfully beautiful and natural body that is great to appreciate and study. I would love to see her next in a set in which she is buck naked wearing only a pair of sexy stiletto pumps.
A truely lovely young lady. I second Paul's comment.
I`ve never seen her look more beautiful and sexy as she is in this set. Simply stunning.
Erica is the best!
Many thanks for this beautiful photos.
Hot stuff!
Just perfect beautiful as always!
"classic" beauty, indeed!
Erica got balls May 19th, 2010
Erica got balls
Erica looks fabulous! What great shots of her holding that soccer ball butt naked! With the upcoming World Cup, she should be the poster girl of the event with these pictures!
I'm gonna start watchin more soccer!!!
Erica nude playing football now there's an idea I'm with you on that one JP!
Fantasy football!
A cheeky photo set of the lovely Erica very nice as always! But I am a bit puzzled by Car's comment who the hell is monica & why is she on Erica's photo page! If he misses her send her the message. Car mate you got the wrong girl!
Big Sexy Cajones
I'd love to see a film with Erica nude playing soccer.
Where is you?
Finally again. I miss you Monica. You are the most beautiful girl. Please post more Monica pics.