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Erica F

Erica F Profile

Erica F
Name: Erica F
Country: Portugal
Weight: 45kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Pretty and Perky

Say hello to Erica F, the very first Portuguese girl to join Team Hegre!

Erica is what you would describe as a natural blond bombshell. She’s super tight, toned and perky - almost like she has been chiseled out of marble. Erica also has the marvelous quality of being petite but curvy, and it has to be said she has the most incredible ass.

Erica just loved strutting her stuff in front of the camera and is a natural born poser. Erica is new to erotic modeling but says that she loves the job. Erica also loves dressing in sexy clothes and high heels. She enjoys turning heads wherever she goes. But we are sorry to have to break the bad news to you - this gorgeous girl is already married.

She may just be starting out but Erica F is sure to go far!

Self Massage May 14th, 2013
Now I understand the joy of breastfeeding. Yummy
Happier ending?
I love Erika - she's so sexy. Great short film but, like most men, was hoping for a "happy ending".
Beautiful woman.... video to short and needs to spread those lips! Pussy closeups is where it's at!
the eyes have it to look at you
RE: RE: Spanking
same here! although, I must say, it would work better with someone else doing it, IMHO
Beautiful looking girl. sexy areolas.. Would like to see this girls dressed then get undressed.. make them more realistic.. tight pants, dresses, mini's ... yoga pants.. that is all part of it..tights, shotrs, long dresses, panties, bras.. tease us.. get us worked up versus just show us the girls.. even talking .. draw us in... don't like the tattoos..
Erika...are the eyes on your back modeled after the eyes of Buddha like on the Stupas in Nepal? I love your body and its proportions. Very enjoyable session.
Short & Sweet
Very nice! Waiting for part 2, part 3, to infinity and beyond! There's a lot of potential with these short viginettes. Keep it up Peter, you're the best!
RE: Your tattoo
When Baubo introduces herself to you like that, it's not necessarily a laughing matter.
RE: Spanking
I agree with Bobby. There is a whole lot of possibilities in that direction.
I would say it is more like spanking than massage. No complaints from me about that. Let’s have more.
Aren’t these the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen? What does is it is that lovely colouring around Erika’ nipples.
Your tattoo
I just love your tattoo Erika. I mean the one above your ass. Hilarious!
Great body
Erika always delivers with that great body of hers!
EricaF Nude Beach April 3rd, 2012
nice video of a nudist beach,
Nice video of a nudist beach, there should be more videos like this one and more nudist beaches around the world..
Amazing Video, Love your work Petter.. just one question, where do these beaches exist? only nude beach we haave in South Africa, just has old fat gay men looking to score.... not a beautiful women like Erica in sight... :(
RE: why
that was great, we dont have girls like that at our beach.only old fat ones. Boy was she good, thank you.chuck
Another beautiful lady on the beach, shows very well how beauty and sexiness come naturally !
not enough:(
Beautiful girl, she could do with some food though.
Hegre find the door to outside
wonderful Petter Hegre has find the door to outside... no softboxes outside ... natural lights...wonderful
RE: Amazing..
Such a cute behind. It would be such a delight to dine out on that. Yum.
It's just amazing how natural beauty shines through. If this video had been of lots of other girls, I probably would have turned it off halfway through as being too 'plain'. However, Erica's beautiful butt just leads you on in awe and excitement..
Mmmm... this beach has met the most beautiful women in the world. Too bad if I anyone gets there will only find tons of men. Nice video. I have lots of fun watching naked girls walking by the sea shore, life's good then. And Erica's body looks so fit... nice smile too. I really appreciate all this recent beach stuff, pics and vids.
RE: Natural
agreed! thanks for another nice "just hanging around" video! (and, only one old, fat, naked guy!LOL)
Re: Needs action
I do not see why she needs to give more action as you say. What more do you want besides a pretty woman in the nude? What more decoration do you need?
Needs action
Not a bad movie but Erika needs to give us a bit more action than she does here.
Trim ass
I’m glad to see that Erika’s ass is as trim and pert as ever.
I like to see films which show how a beautiful woman can be so attractive when she is just herself. She does not need anything artificial just natural.
Thank you.
You are so beautiful Erika. I want to thank you for the pleasure you give me when I look at you
EricaF Red Sheets April 19th, 2011
too bad she didnt have a little hair down in her nether regions
Work it
Beautiful clit! Way to work it, love it!
Simply orgasmic! I had mine while watching you ... thanks Erika!!!
Beautiful girl, beautiful masturbation........ Beautiful!!
Erica de Portugal
In a word: dull.
ok...I must say, that was super smokin hot!!!
Nice touch
Thanks Erika. You really handled that well.
Take it easy
Real relaxed. But opposite effect on me.
In my dreams
Erika is in a world of her own. I'd really love to join her there.
Looks good sounds good
Cool movie and the sound track was right for it too. The bird song was neat.
Doing her own thing
It's always great to see Erika. Whenever she appears she's always so cool and in control. Maybe not so much in this film though.
Erica F muscle car February 19th, 2011
I'm charged up.
Sorry, what are we doing back at the car? Haven't we been here (and with much more exciting pictures) before?
Erica is really one of several models here that can do no wrong.
Anyone know where I can get my hands on one of those :))
Erica F
Hottest of the hot. This girl smolders. How about another bed session?
Dodge Charger of second generation (1968-1970), Master Hegre generation, if I'm not mistaken. This one is black, moreover. Is Erica F such a dark monster ?
Erica v Anna S
Petter every thought of puitting Erica and Anna S together in a joint set, I think it would be a great mix?
Back seat, Petter!Back seat!!!
Erica F erotic massage January 24th, 2011
erica f
In my humble opinion the massage scene is her best because unlike stand alone shots someone is experiencing her. Someone is doing what we want to do, touching her. She needs more time with Valerie and other playmates. She has an incredible body that would appeal to anyone any sex. But when someone touches her, her skin moves and makes different shapes which are pleasing.
I like the idea of both; a naked masseuse for more of a lesbian feel (pun intended), or the fantasy of a clothed, paid masseuse, making her cum, maybe for an extra tip. See! It makes the mind race. Thank you Erica.
Erica = perfection, lucky man who is sharing this perfection
naked masseuse
We've seen this masseuse naked, and yeh, it was better that way. I have no problem being part of the "barrage." And yeh, Erica is truly sensational!
nice work
wow i just wanted to fall in love with this girl, felt like i was in heaven
Erica erotic massage
Thank you for this one. Learned a lot: sure my girlfriend will like it.
The Thing Is...
It's not only a nice looking pussy that counts, but who its owner is. In this case, I approve of both!
Can't get enough of her ass. Perfection.
This is so what I came to this site for. Thanks. Erica is very sweet and sexy as usual.
Peter....this goes into your Hall of Fame. Exceptional.
RE: Photo number 17
Thanks for so many images of Erica's glorious bottom! But why isn't the masseuse naked?! Only joking! ;)
Get ready for a barrage of comments about the masseuse geting naked!