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Cocomi | Japan Galleries: 5
Photo of Cocomi


Photo of Cocomi
Name: Cocomi
Country: Japan
Weight: 49kg
Height: 155cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Bright Eastern Star

This sultry Asian blossom has the most unique set of measurements we’ve ever seen!

An exotically beautiful model, she was a famous Japanese pinup idol and popular motor sports pit girl before making her debut in adult cinema. With proportions like hers - and big, deep brown eyes like that - it’s easy to see why she became such a huge celebrity while still so young.

If you looked you would probably find her photograph on garage walls all over Tokyo prefecture, but it’s easier to see them right here, and right now.

In inches she’s 34-21-34. With those kinds of numbers, Cocomi truly stands out in a crowd.

Cocomi Galleries COMMENTS

Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko double trouble | September 6th, 2011
Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko double trouble
wheeler United States

my kinda trouble!

stever United Kingdom

nice I love that jet black, straight, spiky pubic hair that Japanese girls have. Wish they had gone all the way with the tribbing though. Anyway, how about a good tribbing session on video?!!

Sledge Germany

Hair I sure don't like the hair style .... rest is quite delicous.

Laurie United Kingdom

Stylishly Chic The decadence is breathtaking and my cock is achingly robust, my juices, sticky sweet and pleasantly exquisite...

Laurie United Kingdom

A Work of Arse The aesthetic curves of Mayuko's arse are indescribably ravishing and stir irresistible sexual feelings. Extraordinary girls...

don United States

2 hairy that i never saw??????

Wolf-Martin Germany

Sakura and Mayumi I find it sexier, when the two models not look constantlyto the camera(man), but to eachother!

Cocomi Sakura cartoon body | May 17th, 2011
Cocomi Sakura cartoon body
Nav United States

Again with the bush (sorry); if Cocomi shaved that she would be perfect.

wheeler United States

sexy as ever!!! with more sexy acrobatics!!! hehehe

B United States

She is hot. Perfect bush.

Roger United States

I'm with B: perfect bush!

James Michaels United States

Cocomi Cocomi is clearly one of the most beautiful women on this site and with one of the most sensational bodies. I look forward to the day when she teases us by being a bit nasty.

jeff Bell United States

RE: shave it!!! I know theres been a push to bring "bush" back. Theres a reason it went in the first place. Nothing more beautiful than the bare skin of beautiful fruits staring you in the face :))

CRAZYOWL United States

Love the bush! I don't understand the obsession of shaved, the bush completes the woman, shaved is a turn off.

Laurie United Kingdom

Brilliant by any Definition These stunning oriental girls enhanced this site to new levels of female beauty and eroticism, They make most of the regular models look wan and quite ordinary, Valerie, being a striking exception. Cocomi is just astonishing, absolutely breathtaking, the imagery exceptional...

Rez United States

beauty at it's best I love the occidental women. Cocomi is the example of a perfect face and body and starting with clothes then to naked except for boots works for me. What a wonderful sexy presentation. I want to see more of her.

Cocomi Sakura alien proportions | April 8th, 2011
Cocomi Sakura alien proportions
wheeler United States

I'm LOVIN' all the acrobatics of late! Of course, Cocomi is stunning in any way, shape, or form!

Chaz United States

Beautiful girl...has more curves than the Pacific Coast Highway. It would have been nice to see more of them closer up...but then again, it would probably be hazardous to my health.

KOMET United States

COCOMI AU NATUREL = YUMMY! Even with the short, black boots on, COCOMI is the kind of woman who'll inspire a well-spring of the hottest, most explosive erotic fantasies.

B United States

GREAT GREAT set. She is so hot my computer fogged up.

tintero United States

what a beautiful body!!! HOT HOT HOT!

James Michaels United States

Yummy If Luba's breasts, the most sensational of my lifetime, are an 11, then Cocomi's breasts are a 9 for sure. And that long waist, awesome ribcage and tummy just add to the package. Yummy is an understatement.

S United States

I wish this Japanese girls would shave.

Laurie United Kingdom

Sublime Where are these magnificent oriental creatures now Hegre. Cocomi is simply astonishing, her breasts and nipples are utterly irresistible, the imagery a compliment to this achingly gorgeous girl. There are no caucasian girls on this site who are in the same class as this stunner...

Farnorth2 Australia

Love the bush Love the natural look, no shaving, so much more interesting

Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko Tokyo twins | March 27th, 2011
Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko Tokyo twins
Rob United Kingdom

"Hegre-Art is brought to you by a generous grant from the Japanese Tourism Agency" he he - just kidding. I love it Petter. keep it up!

Zeppelin Germany

Just two shaves short of 'I love it'.

KOMET United States

COCOMI & MAYUKO: BEAUTY PERSONIFIED This is a delightful photo series. Both women are blessed with lovely curves, seductive eyes, pert breasts, and luxuriant thatches of pubic fur. (Some members of the site, it is clear, have an aversion to pubic fur on women, no matter are sparse it may be. They can't be content with the fact that a vast majority of the women on this site are always shaved.) COCOMI et MAYUKO ARE SOOO SEXY WITH THEIR PUBIC FUR. VIVA!!!

Fred N. United States

Very Hot but still no close-ups of Bearded Clam Suschi! These women are beautiful! The pubic hair of Asian (oriental) women is spectacular and sets them apart from the shaven european masses. Get over it those who want everything shaved. I still wish that there were at least three or four close-up pictures of the womens vulva (labia) too.

Penthe Switzerland

Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko Tokyo twins Very nice pictures of awesome Girls. But, no photos in full view? Why do they have this nice boots on, when you don`t show them. Too cold in the studio for the models? ;-) Keep up your excellent work, but also with a variety of angels...

wheeler United States

Smokin hot!! A nice couple of little kissy teases in here! those last five pics looked dangerous!

JuiceAssessor United States

Are those... are those mirkens?

d1mobetaman United States

Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko Tokyo twins It sure would be more gratifying if you'd take pictures of your Lez shoots with one on the other from the rear legs wide open. Or front on Breast to Breast.

Rick Australia

Wow Mauuko has to be one of the best on the site!

Laurie United Kingdom

Achingly Sensual Dream like scenes which have the radiance of Murakami's eloquent prose. These beautiful girls are irresistibly fascinating, emotionally engaging and leave me weak-kneed with desire. Caucasian girls pale in comparison...

Cocomi Sakura Japanese goddess | January 1st, 2011
Cocomi Sakura Japanese goddess
charles_71 Germany

cocomi Wunderfull - a nice girl ...!

Little 15 United Kingdom

All these Asian girls are sexy apart from the bush. Lose the undergrowth & they look much sexier.

wheeler United States

This week has been made for me!!!Always had a "thing" for asian girls!Although, I'm kinda hoping for a part two to this one! kinda seems unfinished! Happy New Year, Petter!

Pete United Kingdom

Cocomi Great addition to the Hegre family but like all far eastern models the challenge Petter is to get them to shave!

Rob United Kingdom

Love the current Asian theme. Really excellent. But what is it with all these anti-pubic hair types!?? A bit of bush is extremely erotic. After all, it is how God made these lovely ladies...

Bleucat United States

Cocomi's Asian Paradise Petter, your tour of Japan has certainly yeilded a variety of very delectable treats! Thus far, most have been 'appetizers',...offered to acquaint a traveler's palate to the pungent tastes and spices of the Far East. COCOMI's pubic hair (and its unique features) is one such example of the erotic indulgence in 'foreplay'...and oral stimulation depicted in classical Japanese art.- The GEISHA, the SCHOOL-GIRL, the GODDESS, and yes...the PORNSTAR- all have their place in the erotic palaces, temples, schools, and offices of Japan. KUDOS to you Petter, for taking us on an extended tour thru "the rooms behind" the pop-culture of Japan...I'm 'licking-my-whiskers' for more - Happy New Year!!!

Bleucat United States

Classic Models I must agree with Rob...just as every American 'classic' car (Chrysler, Chevy, or Ford) exhibits its own unique grille...I'd much prefer Hegre's Japanese models (Geisha, Goddess, School-Girl, or Pornstar) to display their grille's own exquisitely unique ~orientation~..."Vivre la difference!"

wheeler United States

RE: Rob agreed!!!

KOMET United States

Enter COCOMI SAKURA I am delighted to see another lovely Asian woman on this site. Unlike some whom subscribe to this site, I am not in favor of the European fashion which dictates that women should shave their pubic hair. Au contraire, it is very sexy indeed to behold women with a FULL & LUXURIANT PATCH OF FUR between their legs. My hope is that in 2011, more models with furry pubic hair are featured on this site.

Zeppelin Germany

Dear Rob God makes lovely ladies grow leg-hair, get pregnant at 13 and loose their teeth at age 20. Everything else is man-made.

Martin H United Kingdom

Agree with Rob and others about the hair. Wonderful to see a natural thatch. But oh my, what a fabulous figure she has!! Man, that hip-to-waist ratio is astonishing. Please let's see MUCH more of her! Adorable.

alterwolf Germany

BETR:Rob/ Cocomi Sakura Fully agreed to the statement "a bit of bush is extremely erotic . . .". Could be plenty of bush, too!

RodgerBadger United Kingdom

Very Nice! Very nice! Thank you :)

DanDen Canada

Respect!!! Fully satisfy with the japan connection. I'm a big japan AV fan and I'm so surprised to see thoses models here after I signed up for the first time less than one month ago! What a showcase for the most beautiful women on earth!!!

John Spain

I want to see those nipples closer...

drew United Kingdom

speechless........ Well done Peter and Cocomi as well of course. I have just found the reason that I joined your site! She is beautiful, exquisite, delightful - edible! Your camera work, as ever, amplifies all those features!

ESE United States

WOW Great look, sexy and hot! More!

dgt99x United States

Cocomi Sakura Lovely indeed! Please show us more, including lower legs and feet.

SE Austria

桜ここみ What a beautiful woman. Please more of her

Mickymouse United States

great nipples Please spend more time with the nipples. Especially if they are such a wonderful feature of the breast. Why not give them some emphasis?