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Mayuko | Japan Galleries: 16
Photo of Mayuko


Photo of Mayuko
Name: Mayuko
Country: Japan
Weight: 44kg
Height: 159cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model and dancer

Hip-Hop Flexi Girl

She is the perfect example of a fresh and delicious Japanese girl in a school uniform.

Stunningly beautiful, Mayuko can also be so incredibly cute! Famous as a hip-hop dancer, she has a background in classical dance and performs striptease at VIP events when not acting at a local theatre. Did we mention how flexible she is?

Despite a petite frame, she has gorgeous puffy nipples, which she doesn’t mind showing off for our camera, and for you.

Mayuko from Tokyo, a unique treasure discovered in an exotic land – and a perfect Hegre-Girl.

Mayuko Galleries COMMENTS

Mayuko and Saki dragon hot spring part2 | December 18th, 2011
Mayuko and Saki dragon hot spring part2
wheeler United States

hmmm...was hopin they'd get deeper into it this time around.any room for a third in there?

jee Norway

Highly erotic series :) Love her nipple just protruding from the water. And the girls' skin looks sooo soft :)

KOMET United States

MAYAKO & SAKI: SIZZLIN' HOT If only I could have been there beside them both. Sigh! MAYUKO and SAKI make for a perfect pairing in this photo series. (Hegre, a video is forthcoming, no?)

Roger United States

Mayuko's Buoyant Tits Mayuko is such a goddess! Beautiful doe eyes and such wonderful big full tits! Love photos 2 and 3. What a beauty! Here Mayuko is: totally nude, her bare tits out in the open and lovely natural hairy cunt shown proudly for all to see! What a wonder nude photography is that we get to see such beauty! Also love the "buoyant tit shots" 27-30 and others where we see Mayuko's beautiful tits buoyed up in all their plump full glory! I am glad to hear she is a stripper in a VIP club: nude beauty like Mayuko's should be shown and enjoyed as much as possible.

Rick Australia

Can you please bring back Mayuko and have her in shots with some if the European women? She's a world class beauty!

Rick Australia

Beautiful Bring back Mayuko!

Mayuko red scarf part2 | November 6th, 2011
Mayuko red scarf part2
wheeler United States

very nice!(who was the lucky dude at #9?)

paradygma Spain

That erect clit and such a high resolution make for a great combination...

Shadow United Kingdom

Mayuko I adore seeing a lovely girl's exposed clitoris. It's the most personal and erotic sight possible to me and guaranteed to make me instantly hard. Mayuko's clitoris is beautiful and a wonder to behold. Thank you for showing it to us Mayuko!!

Roger United States

Great series! Especially love shots 90-96! Thank you Mayuko! Such a dow-eyed beauty!

kamaloka Japan

subarashii !!! wonderful, lickable both pussy and ass...

United States

beautiful, love that pose looking back while exposing your intimate parts. Your bottom is to die for-

panos Greece

comments nice,the body a bit over exposed to light

Bell Curve United Kingdom

Delightful girl but some of the posing is a tad too gynecological for my taste

Nicolas France

Mayuko such a wonderful photo shooting with Mayuko! She's very cute!

Tutti United States

Mayuko Owning Her Gorgeous Vagina Mayuko thank you for owning and sharing with us your amazingly gorgeous and steaming hot vagina. I must say the moment I say your first spread wide open photo my cock stiffened. And your the way you look at the camera makes me want to your pussy wrapped on my cock in a big way, and suck on your hard clit. (I want that guys job). Keep feeling your sexiness Mayuko and allowing Peter to snap your beauty. You and your body is sooooo pleasurable to see.!

Rick Australia

Beautiful Can we please see her in videos and massages?

Roger United States

Moons Over Japan Love the moon shots 89-96! Mayuko is such a sex goddess! What a face and what a butt! Tis comforting to know that when she is not posing nude she is stripping naked in a VIP club! Naughty beautiful girls like Mayuko should be showing themselves naked as much as possible--it is only right and proper!

Penetrator Germany

Beautiful! This set is much about Mayukos Vulva, and it is a pleasure to see her spread wide and open. However, usually much of her sexyness comes from her face, her way of making eye contact with the camera. Couldn't we see more of it (like in the schoolgirl sets) and combine it with the openness of this shot? That would be sooooo hot!

Laurie United Kingdom

A Different Class This gallery and the Nikola feature on Sunday are so brilliant they shade most of the other stuff. Creative presentation, variety and lush vibrancy is extraordinary. The sexual intensity is breathtaking, alluring and ultimately beyond reach. Beautiful eroticism that haunts the mind...

Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko double trouble | September 6th, 2011
Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko double trouble
wheeler United States

my kinda trouble!

stever United Kingdom

nice I love that jet black, straight, spiky pubic hair that Japanese girls have. Wish they had gone all the way with the tribbing though. Anyway, how about a good tribbing session on video?!!

Sledge Germany

Hair I sure don't like the hair style .... rest is quite delicous.

Laurie United Kingdom

Stylishly Chic The decadence is breathtaking and my cock is achingly robust, my juices, sticky sweet and pleasantly exquisite...

Laurie United Kingdom

A Work of Arse The aesthetic curves of Mayuko's arse are indescribably ravishing and stir irresistible sexual feelings. Extraordinary girls...

don United States

2 hairy that i never saw??????

Wolf-Martin Germany

Sakura and Mayumi I find it sexier, when the two models not look constantlyto the camera(man), but to eachother!

Mayuko and Saki Japanese calligraphy part2 | July 15th, 2011
Mayuko and Saki Japanese calligraphy part2
wheeler United States

part two??? did she wash off and start over??? (and we missed it!!! boo hoo!!!)

gert Germany

calligraphie part2 Wer Kann die Japanischen Schriftzeichen übersetzen- besonders auf ihrer Muschi?

Canchahel France

Calligraphy II Nice and captivating again. Translation, please?..

Pete United Kingdom

Translation Does it translate as "Shaved Japanese girls are much cuter" ?

Mayuko Tokyo flexi doll | July 17th, 2011
Mayuko Tokyo flexi doll
wheeler United States

flexi indeed! (she could be lots of fun!)

Roger United States

An Homage to Strippers A perfect part II to Mayuko Tokyo Nightclub. I have always loved strip clubs and strippers. That a girl would be willing to take off all her clothes in front of men is such a turn-on. The fact that Mayuko is in real life a stripper just adds to the fun! I love the opening shot and her smile. When looking at a girl nude, a lot of the joy for me comes in the girl also enjoying posing. I love it when a nude girl smiles. It is a miracle: here she is, all nude, with her tits hanging out and cunt shown fully...and yet she smiles! Love it! Thank you Mayuko! Such a pretty girl. Were I in the club, I could not stop myself from getting lots of dances from you. P.S. Love the hairy cunt!

tooterooter Nigeria

Those... Nipples are very "chewable".

paul United States

Mayuko She always leaves me wanting more.

zmaj Greece

Mayuko She is damn beautiful woman..

Rick Australia

So underrated Mayuko is amazing. She must be in more galleries and some videos!

sandorsoso United States

Boots made for Walkin'... Yes, those boots and Mayuko bring to mind Nancy Sinatra's one-hit claim to fame...

Rick United States

I am the President of the bring back Mayuko club

Laurie United Kingdom

A Different Class Mayuka and the other Oriental girls are so sensually graceful, Caucasian girls appear clumsy by comparison. Exquisite images, the rich tones create a decadent ambience, the perfect canvas for this bewitching creature. Utterly inspirational...

Mayuko Tokyo nightclub | July 6th, 2011
Mayuko Tokyo nightclub
wheeler United States

if this is typical Japanese nightclub attire, I must visit, some time!

B United States

Smokin hot

Nate United States

Gorgeous! She is GORGEOUS! I am glad that we finally got a couple of smiles out of her. : )

Canchahel France

Lenses of infamy This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into your eyes...again.

Roger United States

Night Club Stripper Oh the joys of watching gorgeous Mayuko strip! Take it all off baby! Makes me fantasize about her being a stripper in a night club giving a private show! A cognac, a cigar, and Mayuko. What heaven that would be!! Only criticism is we do not get to enjoy her superb round buns in this series! Such a pity!

Basia Poland

number 55... perfect...

Roger United States

RE: number 55... And 56 and 58, 103 and 104...

sandorsoso United States

Mayuko She may be the Tokyo Hip-Hop Queen, but she would equally shine in the Murasaki novel Genji; where the line, "my dear, you eclipse all the competition," comes immediately to mind...

Laurie United Kingdom

Simply Sublime Everything else pales by comparison to Mayuka in these beautiful images, I'm spoilt and find no joy in other galleries. The sense of excitment and ecstasy is beguiling, inspirational and achingly seductive. Compelling and obsessively irresistible, so evocative of Murakami's exquisite creatures...

Laurie United Kingdom

A Surge of Covetousness All these Oriental girls are quite simply exquisite, Mayuka is truly exceptional and is probably the most stunning girl I have seen on this site. Love her sexy tongue in image six...

Mayuko Japanese restaurant | June 15th, 2011
Mayuko Japanese restaurant
wheeler United States

my imagination??? or is this a prequil to "Made in Japan"? hot, either way!just wondring if my eyes are deceiving me!

Roger United States

What Joy! Gotta love it when an oh-so-pretty Japanese girl lMayuko lifts her oh-too-short skirt to show her bush! Lovely bush series, and great pair of surprisingly full tits! Ah nudity! What Joy! Thank you Mayuko!

sandorsoso United States

Mayuko All of the aspects of Eros for those of you who profess to be such experts in Tantra

Laurie United Kingdom

A Souffle of Sensuous Delights A stunning fusion of eroticism and mouthwateringly rich visual textures that seduces the eye. The comparison with some of the recent galleries is embarrassingly stark and suggests Hegre should revisit these oriental beauties for inspiration. Wicked nipples, an obsession, so fucking what!

cunnilingusjones United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 71 wow i,m off to a japanese restaurant for service like that

Mayuko and Saki Japanese silk | May 28th, 2011
Mayuko and Saki Japanese silk
wheeler United States

some nice cuddling...would have loved to see them lock lips!

Roger United States

Wish I could stand-in for Saki! Especially photos 44-55!

ssalbo United States

Mayuko and Saki Both models are lovely, but I fail to see the point of putting two models together in sexually suggestive positions if there is no attempt at capturing a "sense" of intimacy between the models. There is absolutely no appearance of intimacy, either in this set or the previous two model set, so why bother with the positions? Shoot the models as models, or shoot them as lovers at least faking it.

KOMET United States

MAYUKO & SAKI: INCREDIBLY SEXY Two sexy Sirens who were washed ashore.

Vespuccio Netherlands

I don't like the light

Laurie United Kingdom

Silky Seductiveness The imagery of these exotic creatures is quite delightful and I would echo "ssalbo's" sentiments whilst acknowledging their cultural reserve. Having said that I am captivated by their sublime sensuousness. Utterly stunning...

Rick Australia

Bring back Mayuko! Please

Mayuko made in Japan | May 13th, 2011
Mayuko made in Japan
wheeler United States

DAMN!!! those first 30 pics look dangerous!!! don't kill yourself on our account! please, sweetie!!!

B United States

Great lookin girl, with great tits, nipples to die for, and really cute body. Thanks for sharing this fun shoot.

jax United States

too much crap in background

Canchahel France

Harmonia Mundi « ♫ Ooh, she’s here again, The girl with the world in her eyes ♫ » (Tribute to Kate Bush) I think Mayuko deserves a song, sung by Mai Kuraki, of course. Excellent set, indeed: good light, rich in colours with all kinds of visual surprises and japanese icons. The strange position of Mayuko in this intimate place gives to the first pics an unusual, almost surrealist, appearance. Moreover, “breacan” suits her compass fine, specially in weightlessNESS. And, in pic number 54, we can more than ever gaze down right into Mayuko’s pupils… to travel beyond the infinite. Thank you, Master.

Laurie United Kingdom

Beautiful and Engaging Imagery I love the ambience, a hint of Murakami, whose narrative is so evocative. Mayuko's stunning beauty is intimately presented in these breathtaking images. Her sculpted breasts, featuring such irresistibly pert nipples are achingly exquisite. Another quite extraordinary Oriental girl whose presence has raised the aesthetic eroticism of this site.

sandorsoso United States

Mayuko Mayuko, Mayuko - Without peer or comparison, the most beautiful model; her face, her hands, her body...and unlike the majority of models here and elsewhere, her flexibility is disciplined, correctly aligned and magesterial; yes evocative of the very shakti that is referred to and touched upon - superficially at best - elsewhere on this site. Yogini Supreme

Penetrator Germany

Magnificient! This is one hot series, and no. 71 is the hottest picture of all...Mayuko really has a way of posing erotically...

Mayuko and Saki Dragon hot spring | April 23rd, 2011
Mayuko and Saki Dragon hot spring
Mauro Italy

That's why... .. I love onsens...

wheeler United States

TEASE!!! I would LOVE to see them actually lock lips!

Ramonr Brazil

Spectacular !!!!!!!!!!

alex United Kingdom

duo two incredibly hot women

Daedae Canada

Omg I love those butt shots, nicely done Peter, did u enjoy some hot spring as well?

Pascalito Japan

Mermaids in onsen Congratulations! Beautiful sirens in hot water in a lovely garden. The mix of colours is really a pleasure for the eye and the poses they take make also beautiful geometric figures. Japanese nature love. Great art. Thanks Petter!

wheeler United States

re: Daedae indeed! wonderful to finally get a good look at these ladies lovely rear ends! (and I would love to HEAR their reaction to the jets on their lovely vulva!lol)

Jacko United States

The ass shots are nice

Roger United States

I'm in heaven! This Mayuko is something else! Her doe eyes, her round buns, her asshole! Love it! Her butt shots knock me out. Agree with Wheeler! Great to finally see these girls lovely rear ends!

Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko Tokyo twins | March 27th, 2011
Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko Tokyo twins
Rob United Kingdom

"Hegre-Art is brought to you by a generous grant from the Japanese Tourism Agency" he he - just kidding. I love it Petter. keep it up!

Zeppelin Germany

Just two shaves short of 'I love it'.

KOMET United States

COCOMI & MAYUKO: BEAUTY PERSONIFIED This is a delightful photo series. Both women are blessed with lovely curves, seductive eyes, pert breasts, and luxuriant thatches of pubic fur. (Some members of the site, it is clear, have an aversion to pubic fur on women, no matter are sparse it may be. They can't be content with the fact that a vast majority of the women on this site are always shaved.) COCOMI et MAYUKO ARE SOOO SEXY WITH THEIR PUBIC FUR. VIVA!!!

Fred N. United States

Very Hot but still no close-ups of Bearded Clam Suschi! These women are beautiful! The pubic hair of Asian (oriental) women is spectacular and sets them apart from the shaven european masses. Get over it those who want everything shaved. I still wish that there were at least three or four close-up pictures of the womens vulva (labia) too.

Penthe Switzerland

Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko Tokyo twins Very nice pictures of awesome Girls. But, no photos in full view? Why do they have this nice boots on, when you don`t show them. Too cold in the studio for the models? ;-) Keep up your excellent work, but also with a variety of angels...

wheeler United States

Smokin hot!! A nice couple of little kissy teases in here! those last five pics looked dangerous!

JuiceAssessor United States

Are those... are those mirkens?

d1mobetaman United States

Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko Tokyo twins It sure would be more gratifying if you'd take pictures of your Lez shoots with one on the other from the rear legs wide open. Or front on Breast to Breast.

Rick Australia

Wow Mauuko has to be one of the best on the site!

Laurie United Kingdom

Achingly Sensual Dream like scenes which have the radiance of Murakami's eloquent prose. These beautiful girls are irresistibly fascinating, emotionally engaging and leave me weak-kneed with desire. Caucasian girls pale in comparison...

Mayuko red scarf part1 | March 20th, 2011
Mayuko red scarf part1
Chaz United States

Good to finally see an erotic picture set of Mayuko. Not a fan of all the shadows though, as she is so amazingly beautiful and artful enough by herself.

alex United Kingdom

mayuko delicious

B United States

Nice.. Stunning girl, stunning camera work, great!!

tdonna4 United States

Enough and a smile would be nice!

Geoff United Kingdom

Oh dear! What a beautiful girl. Wouldn’t you just love to take her home. That body, that sultry look and those lips. oooooh!

dgt99x United States

Mayuko - best girl! A new set of Mayuko's pictures always makes my day! In my humble opinion she is the sexiest of all the beautiful Hegre girls, and however many more sets there may be in store for the future, they will never be enough. PS: Best wishes and sympathy for Mayuko and all the rest of our Japanese models, hoping they and their families and friends have survived the recent disasters unharmed.

D.L. United States

SO pretty Unreal. That hair. That face. Those tits. Just an amazing, amazing sight in the beauty of a natural setting.

Roger United States

You are beautiful Mayuko! Thank you so much for showing your naked beauty to us! There is something most special when a pretty Japanese girl shows her asshole, as Mayuko does so openly and well in shots 80-85. Love these shots! Wow! Great cunt shots as well! I share dgt99x wishes and sympathy for all the Japanese Hegre girls and their families. Hope all are safe.

wheeler United States

Lovely! And, with you behind the bushes at the start, it would almost have a voyeuristic quality to it (were she not staring straight at the camera!lol)

doc United States

beautiful...well done..would really like video of this girl

GuidoJ United States

top 5 Mayuko is definitely among the top 5 (IMHO) as far as best breasts on the sight, pretty much perfect!

Laurie United Kingdom

Inspirational Luscious imagery and variety, Hegre's compulsion for repetition in the last 13 images can be forgiven. For this is a stunning volumn of erotica, the aesthetic theme breathtakingly nuanced. Mayuko is simply stunning, where is she now...

sandorsoso United States

Red Scarf Part I Mayuko: however she is attired (or not) is simply the most beautiful Japanese model ever to grace the photographs of either magazines or the Internet...

Mayuko Japanese school uniform part2 | February 18th, 2011
Mayuko Japanese school uniform part2
Nav United States

Pretty girl, nice flexibility, and classic appeal of the uniform; however I still don't care for the bush.

Mark11 United States

mayuko school uniform sure like some of the other models routines better.

D.L. United States

Absolutely fantastic There is not ONE inch of her that isn't juicy and sexy. I just absolutely love this girl.

etx Spain

Painties that appear suddenly...

wheeler United States

magic APPEARING panties... lol...isn't that supposed to happen the other way around?cute girl, though!

Pete United Kingdom

RE: Nav Agree with Nav's comments, the set slso seems to be shown i na curious order. Mayuko probably has the best tits on the site and she smiles. Mickey Mouse has never had it so good!!

dgt99x United States

Mayuko the limber schoolgirl Well Petter and Mayuko, I guess you can't please everybody all the time, but as far as I'm concerned, it just doesn't get any better than this! I hope you shot at least a hundred rolls of film with Mayuko before you left Japan, and I hope we will be seeing more of her for years to come!

Canchahel France

Mayuko's gaze Mayuko embodies the woman-child model which is so valued in Japan (but not only in Japan): a child face over a woman body. Lilith Herself. Of course, Mickey Mouse symbolizes childhood too (with some ambiguity, yet, because of its dress), while the pair of naked anthropomorphic statues represents the sex polarity, so adulthood. There certainly are other polarities: West-East, monotheism-paganism, and so on. Mayuko sometimes seems to dance, like Dakini, in the middle of these symbols. But, above all, she has this gaze, incredibly intense in the last pics, which seems to fathom a reality not accessible to the voyeurs. It reminds me, at the end of Shirow Masamune’s Ghost In the shell 2 – Man-Machine Interface (as in the beginning of the third part), a woman, Tamai Tamaki, who has more or less the same gaze: she accedes to the ultimate reality in the universe because she is inhabited by it.

vector-4216 Japan

Mayuko Her yellow panties is so cute!!!!

onomaz United States

Petter and Mayuko, thank you! You've provided what no other site (especially significant, even those in Japan!) have succeeded in doing: honoring a woman as woman... and, secondarily, as a model... and given her the chance to softly explore her sensuality & sexuality (recorded for us!), as well as given us a hint of something deeper and universal. These sets of Mayuko are extraordinary. She's extraordinary.

sandorsoso United States

Mayuko Without a Doubt: Mayuko is not only the most beautiful model on the site; her flexibility (for those who do not pay attention to detail) is disciplined and presented with the correct alignment far and beyond any others [case in point: when she extends her leg above her head to the side, her hip is "sunk" -which is to say, not thrown out and up - and this is the true principle of all arts that require flexibility]. She is superb...

gerardo juarez United States

models Mayuko model is so beautiful .I like to see her superb flex in full beautiful nude.

Mayuko and Saki Japanese calligraphy | January 30th, 2011
Mayuko and Saki Japanese calligraphy
wheeler United States

I, personally, am obsessed with asian womn! So,I don't think I could EVER "overload" on them! But,I can understand why one would! You might wanna spread them out a bit more!That said...I would LOVE to see a video of this (minus the surprise on pic # 16)!!!

WilliamQ Netherlands

Lines Seems like writing lines of punishment, gathering from their faces ;-) But otherwise it's a good set of pictures, minus the last obligatory spread pink. It is totally out of sinc with the others and i.m.o. unnecessary.

Canchahel France

Japanese calligraphy Good, picturesque. Translation, please? I like Mayuko; she has a face and an “inhabited” gaze. But by what?

samurai Japan

RE: Lines Lines translation : The one on her back says :Wild cherry blossom, please join me thinking my loved one The one on her leg is a passage from novel written more than 1000 years ago, says : No one can remain aggressive all one`s life. Anyway, I don`t understand why these lines on her at all. Boring !!

Bruno United States

Mayuko Mayuko is so incredibly hot. Love the nipples!

Sean United States

Yellow fever is running rampant here at Hegre-Asian

KOMET United States

Mayuko & Saki: LIVING ART I LOVE "ARTE AO VIVO". Long live the EXOTIC & SEXY!

Canchahel France

RE: RE: Lines Thank you for this information. Could you please give us the title and/or the author of the "novel written more than 1000 years ago"? Thank you in advance.

D.L. United States

This is freaking flawless. I absolutely cannot get enough of this set. It is so beautiful, so elegant. I love it entirely. Great work. Terrific job.

Pete United Kingdom

Saki shine s through Saki shines through in this set demonstrating her fantastic body but unfortunatley we dont get to see enough of her face.

samurai Japan

RE: RE: RE: Lines Novel title : HEIKE MONOGATARI There are no Clear and definite data, however, the most reliable author is said SINANONOZENJI YUKINAGA(sir name /first name) written sometime between 1240-1300. I think you can find French translated book in France(I lived in Paris before). Good luck to find one.

Canchahel France

RE: RE: RE: RE: Lines Thank you very much. Best regards.

samurai Japan

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Lines You are welcome. Do let me know if you could find the book, or I can find it for you here in Japan(in French or English). We need other communication way,f you want me to get it and I have idea to exchange our e-mail address. I don`t think it is good idea to do on this site.

Canchahel France

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Lines Thank you again. I am honoured. You are right but, first, I am going to see at Paris Junku's bookshop and, if I don't find what I want, I will take the liberty of contacting you again. Best regards.

Mayuko romantic | January 19th, 2011
Mayuko romantic
Lars Denmark

A smile now and then would make wonders to this sweet girl.

KOMET United States

MAYUKO AU NATUREL What a delight to behold MAYUKO wholly nude! Delicious, sexy woman.

wheeler United States

ok...I am officially in LOVE (read: "lust")

Fred N. United States

Wow! More Mayuko! More from Japan! Great Set of Photos. I too agree that an occasional smile would be nice.

david Taiwan, Province of China

perfect nothing, just want to say, perfect、face、body、stature、nice japanese girl,i very like。

chessnutrob United States

I've been waiting eagerly for Mayuko's next set. I am not disappointed.. She is beyond fine!! The total esscence of beauty!!!! I'm in love!!!! (lust). Keep those cards and letters coming!!!!!

D.L. United States

I didn't even make it through the entire set. Makes me want to take a yoga class. This is unbelievable. She's obviously pretty; what a face--those eyes, those lips... And just the tastiest looking pussy and asshole you could imagine. But it's beautifully photographed; great lighting, and terrific poses. Sometimes I see poses on here and think, "Hrm." But these inspire more of a "Oh yeah!" 5-stars!

Snowpig United States

Models look SO MUCH better when they smile.

Tuco United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 32 Mayuko has a gorgeous lithe figure, and is so flexible! Such a sexy little bottom, too!

dgt99x United States

Mayuko - Magnifique! It is hard to name just one Hegre girl as my favorite, but so far I have to say Mayuko is the one! This picture set is even better than the first, and I am burning for more. Schoolgirl Mayuko, your grade is 'F' - which in my book means the best: Feminine, Fresh, Flawless, Fit, Flexible, and Fantastic!

Pete United Kingdom

Plaudits I know she is getting alot of plaudits but I am very undecided about this girl, she is extremely fexible and that is sexy in its own right but she looks moody. I hope she will grow on me!

Roger United States

Outstanding girl and outstanding full nudity! Love the multiple bare butt shots and the way she fully and proudly shows us her lovely asshole. So nice to see! Such nude beauty! Thank you Mayuko!

Laurie United Kingdom

Sushi Miss Hey! what have I been missing. Cute Mayuko has stepped straight out of a Murakami novel. Simply irresistible...

sandorsoso United States

Mayuko Beautiful face, wonderful smile, fantastic body, ease of flexibility, and those luscious Nipponese nipples...

Mayuko Japanese school uniform | December 30th, 2010
Mayuko Japanese school uniform
samurai Japan

?????? Is this really your work, Peter ?

wheeler United States

ooooooo...I get such naughty thoughts looking ather in that sexy little schoolgirl uniform!!!Can't wait to see more of her!!!

Pete United Kingdom

Cute Another cuty from the East. Great introduction, she seems quite shy, kept us waiting until the end but revealed a nice little body. Looking forward to see more of Mayuko. Great to see the Japanese/Chinese influence on your site Petter, we need more afro carribean models now please.

Bruno United States

Mayuko How can something so wrong, be sooooo RIGHT! Thank you Petter, and Happy New Year!

Xray United States

Boring... Not much to see here....

freecat69 United States

Mayuko A bit shy by your standards? I agree, there should be more black models.

alex United Kingdom

mayuko very sexy

ssalbo United States

mayuko I like japanese school girl photos just fine, but I think you dwell on the uniform way too much, and not enough on the hot young woman underneath it. Is this part 1?

ESE United States

Great Set Great Model! Terrific Body Language! Warm Smile!

Zeppelin Germany

Not up to your Standards! Hegre-models are strong, beautiful and self-confident godesses. The cheap japanese schoolgirl-treat doesn't fit here.

Maxxaveli United Kingdom

RE: Mayuko i agree... but this is nice as well

D.L. United States

Authentic Goodness right here. I have been a fan of Japanese erotic photography for 12 years and I gotta say, while I dig their angles better, you really know how to bring out the sexy in a model. This girl makes you want to sweat on a cool, breezy day. Nice ass, *delicious* tits, sinfully alluring face. A terrific model and a quaint setting too. I dig it!

dgt99x United States

Mayuko - schoolgirl uniform Sorry to see some other viewers were disappointed, but I LOVE this feature and cannot wait to see more of Mayuko--in and out of uniform. The schoolgirl theme is extremely arousing, so a part 2 of this series would be most welcome. I would also like to see more of her *flexible* dancing abilities as mentioned in her profile.

chessnutrob United States

Mayuko Ah, geez.. This is one fine, fine, sweet, beautiful work of art.. Her smiles melt my camera. hehe. Oh, how I would love to give her the most wonderful massage of her young life!!! You got to keep her coming. (cuming). No, seriously, she is one fine little sweetheart... She can eat crackers in my bed any time she wants!!!!

Timbaroo Australia

fresh beauty what a natural beautiful young woman.What a fresh beautiful body.

hoimon China

about japanese girl she doesn't look like a real japanese girl but more like a south asian,thai or indonisia,but anyway,she is great!

Penetrator Germany

Great! Mayuko has just the right way of posing for this school uniform, her body language and facial expression make this set so hot. Thank you!