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Photo de Miri


Photo de Miri
Nom: Miri
Pays: Japon
Poids: 45kg
Taille: 163cm
Age: 25
Profession: Infirmière

Exotique et Charmeuse

Elle s'est pointée au casting dans un accoutrement d'hôtesse et un grand sourire aux lèvres, et a laissé tout le monde pantois !

Bien qu'excitante en hôtesse, lorsqu'elle a dit qu'infirmière était son métier, on fut convaincu de vouloir travailler avec elle. Elle a accepté avec engouement d'être prise en photo avec et sans son uniforme. Elle adore l'impacte que l'uniforme a sur les gens - ses patients en particulier - et prend très au sérieux son rôle d'infirmière.

Elle avait peu d'expérience dans le mannequinat, dans la mode et la pub, mais c'était la toute première fois qu'elle posait pour des photos érotiques. Sa performance fut impressionnate. Alors qu'elle faisait mumuse dans un lit, son excitation est devenue évidente et son minou a fait des siennes.

Elle ne put dissimuler combien elle prenait son pied en se mettant nue pour Hegre-Art. Pourrez-vous dissimuler votre réjouissance ?


Miri mouillée au lit | August 2nd, 2011
Miri mouillée au lit
wheeler Etats Uni

another one for which I don't quite understand the tittle...super hot, anyway!

Mike Etats Uni

I'm not digging the hair

etx Espagne

Like it !!! Awesome hairy ass !!!

Shaq Etats Uni

The title is in obvious reference to the fact that Miri is quite wet (vaginal secretions) while in a bed (that object upon which she lays), thus creating the title: "Miri wet in bed." And I agree: super hot!

DeviantD Royame Uni

RE: "wet" The wet relates to the ice cube i suppose...

Brian Royame Uni

Miri Just the perfectr, natural look with just the right amount of hair for Miri to be delicious.

sehlat Etats Uni

What a beautiful smile! She comes across as enjoying the camera, not just posing for it. This is a very erotic set, as a result.

Geehrt Allemagne

Miri perfekt diese herrliche Landschaft-zeige dich doch auch mal rasiert?!Danke

Miri lèvres roses | July 5th, 2011
Miri lèvres roses
Stever Royame Uni

from the word go.. That first shot took me by surprise with its glorious 'openess', and I wasn't to be disappointed. Just an amazing set. These lovely Japanese girls have gorgeous hairy pussies that are just so interesting, sexy and inviting!

Panzer969 Etats Uni

Impressive What a joy to see this lovely woman so open and alive. Her beautiful smile and the laughter and warmth as she gives herself to us completely. Amazing, Petter. Very nice work. Thank you, Miri, for sharing yourself with us so wonderfully!

Roger Etats Uni

Pure Nudity Ah pure Nudity! Love it: the simplicity the purity of the naked girl freely displaying herself. Excellent cunt series! A celebration of the beauty of cunt! And of course, love the fantastic asshole looks as well! Great series! Thank you Miri!

tooterooter Nigeria

There certainly was no... Beating around the bush getting started with the "main event" for this spread (all puns intended).

Variable-43 Etats Uni

Miri One of my favorite sets ever! I love the look of those coarse, black pubic hairs around her very tight anus. Very special!

B Etats Uni


bobbob Etats Uni

opps I hope she didn't forget to brush her teeth as well!

alex Royame Uni

miri cute/sexy

Jewel Royame Uni

Miri, you are simply stunning! What a beautiful face and a winning smile. And how do you do that thing with dilating your ass?!

wheeler Etats Uni

lovely indeed! another one begging for a video!!!

wheeler Etats Uni

lovely!!! I love that it focusses on the one area,and yet, doesn't totally neglect the rest of Miri's lovely body!

Pete Royame Uni

Hairy Hair on a woman (apart from the head) is never good, this does not work for me.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: Hairy I can't help but wonder, when I see comments like this, do the guys shave their crotch? lol

D.L. Etats Uni

Wow I'm sorry but I would absolutely slide deep inside of her, very slowly, and take my time feeling that wet, amazing pussy.

Roger Etats Uni

RE: RE: Hairy Very funny Wheeler! Viva Miri!

Etats Uni

WOW, Miri your beautiful ,all over, your lovely!!!!!!

ffnloveruk Royame Uni

Miri indeed Absolutely spiffing set of a beautiful girl ..............

Miri rose | May 29th, 2011
Miri rose
wheeler Etats Uni


simon Suisse

Wow. I like her expression in the face and she's very 'open' for a Japanese girl.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: simon indeed...nice to see that lovely smile!

Pete Royame Uni

Pitty about the bush Really nice set from Miri but would be ten times beter if she was shaved

Nicolas France

Miri lovely bush! I prefer all natural like Miri!

Laurie Royame Uni

Perfectly Natural ~ Naturally Perfect Her feminine delicacy floats in the landscape of my mind like the light fragrance of cherry blossom...

Miri épile Anri | April 18th, 2011
Miri épile Anri
geRRy Royame Uni

A good logical follow on from the medical examination I hope the video will follow soon.

wheeler Etats Uni

O...M...G!!! what I wouldnt give to do that!!!I love how you zoomd to hr crotch just as the water came down on it! (was that your way of hiding her "OMG THAT'S FUCKING COLD!!" look?lol)

Voyeur Etats Uni

What a gorgeous little pussy.

stardiver Suisse

Very erotic - to be repeated wirh other models, best, when unshaven before!

paul Etats Uni

Anri That is one sweet little pussy. love to see Miri get shaved next.

Greggor1 Etats Uni

Delightful So nice to see Anri getting shaved. Especially nice to take the time to admire her freshly shaved cunt at the conclusion of the picture series. Anri is a delightfully beautiful girl and Miri was the right girl to do the shaving.

zaubade Etats Uni

absolutely incredible! i love how Anri displays her freshly shaven cunt from pic 89 to 108 for us to inspect. downloading the 8000px set for a extreme close up inspection.

Roger Etats Uni

Celebration of Cunt Outstanding! A cunt lovers paradise. The pure simple beauty of cunt, naked for all to see. Great clinical erotic duality at play. I agree with Greggori that Miri was the right girl to do the shaving. Maybe another girl could shave Miri in turn? Video would be fantastic. Outstanding finale with Anri's newly shaven cunt shown off repeatedly in all its glory. Excellent work Petter Miri and, of course, Anri!

Miri infirmière perverse | February 6th, 2011
Miri infirmière perverse
wheeler Etats Uni

Miri is quite the acrobat! and has a lovely smile!

geRRy Royame Uni

Happy Nurse A great continuation of the nurse theme .It is also good to see a Japanese girl who smiles and looks happy to be naked.

variable-43 Etats Uni

I love those wiry black pubes surrounding that delicious puckered ass. What a treat. I have found most of your Japenese models to keep that tasty bit well hidden, much to my dismay.

jeff ny Etats Uni

shave Do I have to bring my razor!!!

Edward Bear Etats Uni

She's smiling! A recent Hegre model is actually smiling and giving the impression she likes where she is and what she's doing. Run! The world is coming to an end!

jeff Etats Uni

Miri Wow, she is beautiful, my kind of medical provider.

Snowpig Etats Uni

Miri, you are really a cutie.

KOMET Etats Uni

MIRI AS PHOENIX Deliciously sexy.

alex Royame Uni

miri cute,sexy,delicious

The Guy Etats Uni

Dazzling! Miri is gorgeous! and smiling! Perfect in every other way but if I wanted to see a hairy rectum I'd look at dudes. Shave, wax, pluck, something!

utamaro Japon

She seems to be excited by being took photo. Her wet says so.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: shave have to move on, if it bother's you that much!

gareth Etats Uni

sultry Miri is so sexy with her hair pulled back, such an innocent grin! Super cute physique, too!

BobS2940 Etats Uni

Miri Miri is really, naturally beautiful. No tattoos, no piercings, no breast enhancements, just gorgeous!

Nicolas France

Miri Please keep your natural look Miri: you are wonderful! Thank you Peter!

Anri et Miri examen médical | January 23rd, 2011
Anri et Miri examen médical
wheeler Etats Uni

lol well, it took the WHOLE gallery to get her clothes off!!! I sure hope there's a part two!!! (and there MUST be a video of it!!!)

geRRy Royame Uni

video Interesting concept. I hope this will be released as a video as this looks like stills from it. I also hope there will be part 2 (and 3).

rob Royame Uni

I was hoping for a gynecologic examination table. Could we please have this in part 2? I would like to see her being intimately examined. Thanks. Great set!

variable-43 Sénégal

I would love to see an anal exam incorporated into this theme. Quite captivating.

Bavarian gipsy Allemagne

suspense-packed ...

Jewel Royame Uni

Could have been perfect But then the continuity went all pear shaped and it progressed at a snail's pace... Good effort though.

wheeler Etats Uni

nice to know that I'm not the only one that had high hopes for this gallery!

Pete Royame Uni

Shaved Japanese and shaved is a great start

Kevin in England Royame Uni

OMG. Japanese and shaved is definitely a step in the right direction.

sandy Royame Uni

Rob's comment I agree with Rob title promised a lot but didn't deliver. I also was thinking of a chair & stirrups!! Sandy

Kirt Etats Uni

Interesting set. I hope theres at least a part 2 to this and when will we see Anri's pics come out. As for Miri she can give me a check up or a physical exam ANYTIME. All I can say about her is HELLO NURSE.

Doc Sexaday Etats Uni

Exams Please do more medical exams. Wonderful! Also, an erotic strip search video would be cool.

Miri Infirmière japonaise | January 5th, 2011
Miri Infirmière japonaise
wheeler Etats Uni

why don't my nurses ever look that good???!!!

Hebridean Royame Uni

Wow Peter. A new star is born! Miri is gorgeous. Well done for finding her.

Fred N. Etats Uni

I love all of the Japanese and Asian women with their natural bushes!! Nice, erotic contrast to the completely shaved Western models. Do wish that Peter would show more close-ups of Pussy (can see tits at the topless beaches). Also hope that there will be films of the following statement in Miri's introduction page: "Her performance was amazing. At one point as she played on the bed, her excitement became obvious as the wetness escaped from her natural bush."

samurai Japon

coincidence !!!!!! Wow, Wow, Wow !! I personally met this girl several months ago, but didn`t know that she has many curves like this. So much surprised for coincidence.

B Etats Uni

Awake now Great way to wake up in the states. Type of girl you could snuggle and make love to for hours. Gorgeous.

The Guy Etats Uni

Sweet! Gorgeous woman! Way cool that we get to see the beginning of her career as a nude model. I would really like to see that bush get trimmed in the next set!

Man Etats Uni are really firing on all cylinders right now. Just when I thought I was getting a little board with the Asian portfolios, you spring Miri on us. she is an absolute Goddess! Can't wait to see more. MUCH more.

Pete Royame Uni

Miri & Yoko A joint set with Yoko is a must? Lovely girl, great tits and the bush here is not out of control, probably the best think to come out of Japan since the walkman. Excellent work Petter!

Jewel Royame Uni

RE: Photo number 18 Such beautiful eyes...

Roger Etats Uni

A pretty Japanese girl with a oh-so-nice round bare butt is such a treasure! Love photos 5-9: Innocence uncovered! Strong work Petter and thank you Miri! Good girl for showing all to us!