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Saki Profile

Name: Saki
Country: Japan
Weight: 47kg
Height: 169cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Student

Spirit of the East

Prepare to be intoxicated by the loveliness of this graceful and elegant young woman. Just as the high-quality rice wine of the same name is at the heart of Japanese life and ceremonies, so this entrancing model embodies the calm beauty of the Japanese.

Saki is tall at 1m 69cm (5 feet 6 inches) and has the well-toned figure of a Western fashion model that so suits her 47kg ( 103 pounds) form. Her study of yoga and Pilates has certainly given her poise and confidence for her very first nude modelling shoot. She approached this with her usual serious attention and the result is a kind of intensity not often seen in modelling sessions, whether she is the sole focus or paired with another girl.

This art student from Tokyo has already passed our close examination with top marks.

Tokyo Total Madness March 3rd, 2015
I just joined the website as a life member, wonderful stuff.
Wonderfull job you did Peter! Very nice to have a look behind the scenes, and seeing the final results which are true masterpieces!! Please show us more of stuff like this!
Excellent film. I love these travel docus. Awesome ladies, great story. Thanks Peter. BTW what is your shirt size? I need to send you some new T-Shirts, you appear to only have the one ;-) Beo
Simply a masterpiece, I am convinced that Japanese women are some of the most beautiful in the world
I'd love to see that nuru gel in use in a massage! (Mr Tina Turner there is kinda scary! lol)
Tokyo Madness
Hurrah, unshaved models!! (Well, mostly....) I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the balance of adult female sexual characteristics from head to toe is so much better to behold when they are all there. Please leave them in place more often!! Particularly Heidi....
ooooohhhhh!!! I miss these ladies!!! so nice to see them again!!! yes I do envy you petter! thanks for another wonderful bts peek! and I do hope this is a hint about things to come!
Tokyo total madness
Nice, very nice, Peter you did damn good ! Thank-you...
Mayuko and Saki dragon hot spring part2 December 18th, 2011
Bring back Mayuko!
Can you please bring back Mayuko and have her in shots with some if the European women? She's a world class beauty!
Mayuko's Buoyant Tits
Mayuko is such a goddess! Beautiful doe eyes and such wonderful big full tits! Love photos 2 and 3. What a beauty! Here Mayuko is: totally nude, her bare tits out in the open and lovely natural hairy cunt shown proudly for all to see! What a wonder nude photography is that we get to see such beauty! Also love the "buoyant tit shots" 27-30 and others where we see Mayuko's beautiful tits buoyed up in all their plump full glory! I am glad to hear she is a stripper in a VIP club: nude beauty like Mayuko's should be shown and enjoyed as much as possible.
If only I could have been there beside them both. Sigh! MAYUKO and SAKI make for a perfect pairing in this photo series. (Hegre, a video is forthcoming, no?)
Highly erotic series :) Love her nipple just protruding from the water. And the girls' skin looks sooo soft :)
hmmm...was hopin they'd get deeper into it this time around.any room for a third in there?
Mayuko and Saki Japanese calligraphy part2 July 15th, 2011
Does it translate as "Shaved Japanese girls are much cuter" ?
Calligraphy II
Nice and captivating again. Translation, please?..
calligraphie part2
Wer Kann die Japanischen Schriftzeichen übersetzen- besonders auf ihrer Muschi?
part two???
did she wash off and start over??? (and we missed it!!! boo hoo!!!)
Mayuko and Saki Japanese silk May 28th, 2011
Bring back Mayuko! Please
Silky Seductiveness
The imagery of these exotic creatures is quite delightful and I would echo "ssalbo's" sentiments whilst acknowledging their cultural reserve. Having said that I am captivated by their sublime sensuousness. Utterly stunning...
I don't like the light
Two sexy Sirens who were washed ashore.
Mayuko and Saki
Both models are lovely, but I fail to see the point of putting two models together in sexually suggestive positions if there is no attempt at capturing a "sense" of intimacy between the models. There is absolutely no appearance of intimacy, either in this set or the previous two model set, so why bother with the positions? Shoot the models as models, or shoot them as lovers at least faking it.
Wish I could stand-in for Saki! Especially photos 44-55!
some nice cuddling...would have loved to see them lock lips!
Saki nude on a bench May 7th, 2011
Sensuous Chic
From image 74 we are treated to an exquisite delicacy, delicious and achingly arousing, a taste of the orient. Caucasian girls look dull and uninteresting in comparison to these stunning creatures from the far east. Utterly breathtaking...
what a fascinating lady, SUPER labia
Nice model, with a good body and really nice pussy. Gorgeous soft long hair. Would love to stroke her hair and pussy.
The horizontal poses are particularly lovely.
very sexy
LOVELY!!! I epsecially love the "mermaid" poses in pics 27-32 and 61-66!