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Photo of Saki


Photo of Saki
Name: Saki
Country: Japan
Weight: 47kg
Height: 169cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Student

Spirit of the East

Prepare to be intoxicated by the loveliness of this graceful and elegant young woman. Just as the high-quality rice wine of the same name is at the heart of Japanese life and ceremonies, so this entrancing model embodies the calm beauty of the Japanese.

Saki is tall at 1m 69cm (5 feet 6 inches) and has the well-toned figure of a Western fashion model that so suits her 47kg ( 103 pounds) form. Her study of yoga and Pilates has certainly given her poise and confidence for her very first nude modelling shoot. She approached this with her usual serious attention and the result is a kind of intensity not often seen in modelling sessions, whether she is the sole focus or paired with another girl.

This art student from Tokyo has already passed our close examination with top marks.

Saki Galleries COMMENTS

Mayuko and Saki dragon hot spring part2 | December 18th, 2011
Mayuko and Saki dragon hot spring part2
wheeler United States

hmmm...was hopin they'd get deeper into it this time around.any room for a third in there?

jee Norway

Highly erotic series :) Love her nipple just protruding from the water. And the girls' skin looks sooo soft :)

KOMET United States

MAYAKO & SAKI: SIZZLIN' HOT If only I could have been there beside them both. Sigh! MAYUKO and SAKI make for a perfect pairing in this photo series. (Hegre, a video is forthcoming, no?)

Roger United States

Mayuko's Buoyant Tits Mayuko is such a goddess! Beautiful doe eyes and such wonderful big full tits! Love photos 2 and 3. What a beauty! Here Mayuko is: totally nude, her bare tits out in the open and lovely natural hairy cunt shown proudly for all to see! What a wonder nude photography is that we get to see such beauty! Also love the "buoyant tit shots" 27-30 and others where we see Mayuko's beautiful tits buoyed up in all their plump full glory! I am glad to hear she is a stripper in a VIP club: nude beauty like Mayuko's should be shown and enjoyed as much as possible.

Rick Australia

Can you please bring back Mayuko and have her in shots with some if the European women? She's a world class beauty!

Rick Australia

Beautiful Bring back Mayuko!

Mayuko and Saki Japanese calligraphy part2 | July 15th, 2011
Mayuko and Saki Japanese calligraphy part2
wheeler United States

part two??? did she wash off and start over??? (and we missed it!!! boo hoo!!!)

gert Germany

calligraphie part2 Wer Kann die Japanischen Schriftzeichen übersetzen- besonders auf ihrer Muschi?

Canchahel France

Calligraphy II Nice and captivating again. Translation, please?..

Pete United Kingdom

Translation Does it translate as "Shaved Japanese girls are much cuter" ?

Mayuko and Saki Japanese silk | May 28th, 2011
Mayuko and Saki Japanese silk
wheeler United States

some nice cuddling...would have loved to see them lock lips!

Roger United States

Wish I could stand-in for Saki! Especially photos 44-55!

ssalbo United States

Mayuko and Saki Both models are lovely, but I fail to see the point of putting two models together in sexually suggestive positions if there is no attempt at capturing a "sense" of intimacy between the models. There is absolutely no appearance of intimacy, either in this set or the previous two model set, so why bother with the positions? Shoot the models as models, or shoot them as lovers at least faking it.

KOMET United States

MAYUKO & SAKI: INCREDIBLY SEXY Two sexy Sirens who were washed ashore.

Vespuccio Netherlands

I don't like the light

Laurie United Kingdom

Silky Seductiveness The imagery of these exotic creatures is quite delightful and I would echo "ssalbo's" sentiments whilst acknowledging their cultural reserve. Having said that I am captivated by their sublime sensuousness. Utterly stunning...

Rick Australia

Bring back Mayuko! Please

Saki nude on a bench | May 7th, 2011
Saki nude on a bench
wheeler United States

LOVELY!!! I epsecially love the "mermaid" poses in pics 27-32 and 61-66!

alex United Kingdom

saki very sexy

Egrise United States

Saki The horizontal poses are particularly lovely.

B United States

Nice model, with a good body and really nice pussy. Gorgeous soft long hair. Would love to stroke her hair and pussy.

CucinaMan Satellite Provider

Saki Exquisite...Classic...Nudes.

Fmichael Switzerland

saki what a fascinating lady, SUPER labia

Laurie United Kingdom

Sensuous Chic From image 74 we are treated to an exquisite delicacy, delicious and achingly arousing, a taste of the orient. Caucasian girls look dull and uninteresting in comparison to these stunning creatures from the far east. Utterly breathtaking...

Saki sensual | April 27th, 2011
Saki sensual
wheeler United States

got room on that chair for two?

Nav United States

Excellent set, yes very inviting poses/expression.

paul United States

Saki Good god, she`s like a dream.

Laurie United Kingdom

Hauntingly Exquisite I love the pink/red tones of her luscious quim and her proud nipples. Delightful images of this exotic oriental, her beauty haunts the mind long after...

Barney Germany

Just get rid of the gun. That girl ist hot. Guns aren´t.

Mayuko and Saki Dragon hot spring | April 23rd, 2011
Mayuko and Saki Dragon hot spring
Mauro Italy

That's why... .. I love onsens...

wheeler United States

TEASE!!! I would LOVE to see them actually lock lips!

Ramonr Brazil

Spectacular !!!!!!!!!!

alex United Kingdom

duo two incredibly hot women

Daedae Canada

Omg I love those butt shots, nicely done Peter, did u enjoy some hot spring as well?

Pascalito Japan

Mermaids in onsen Congratulations! Beautiful sirens in hot water in a lovely garden. The mix of colours is really a pleasure for the eye and the poses they take make also beautiful geometric figures. Japanese nature love. Great art. Thanks Petter!

wheeler United States

re: Daedae indeed! wonderful to finally get a good look at these ladies lovely rear ends! (and I would love to HEAR their reaction to the jets on their lovely vulva!lol)

Jacko United States

The ass shots are nice

Roger United States

I'm in heaven! This Mayuko is something else! Her doe eyes, her round buns, her asshole! Love it! Her butt shots knock me out. Agree with Wheeler! Great to finally see these girls lovely rear ends!

Saki blue on blue | March 3rd, 2011
Saki blue on blue
wheeler United States

trouble getting paint off? super cute and sexy!But, am I still seeing the paint from a previous gallery on her? lol... maybe a day in the tub? (and, perhaps, a video of it?)

samurai Japan

I think,,,, i think we already have enjoyed enough Japanese,,,,,What you think guys ?

B United States

Like the white on blue. I too prefer variety of girls. Eastern European have that stunning sexy look that says fuck me.

joaca United States

Saki I agree. Let's go latin. May be I will enjoy this more with a lot of sake in me.

Roger United States

Response to Samurai Overall, I think I am most fortunate I get to see a beautiful girl nude and that Hegre brings these images to us. True, I too have my favorites: I would love more films or galleries with Argentina's Muriel, and would simply die for more archival films or photos of the Czech Republic's Mona. But Konata and Maria Ozawa are both knockouts I could see more of. In sum, Japan, Argentina, Czechoslovakia: It's all fantastic! In this series Shots 64 through 79 are an excellent slow pull down of clothes to reveal Saki's bare butt. I like that Samurai is getting a dialogue going. Something I have long advocated as it is indeed good to share thoughts with fellow admirers of nude feminine beauty.

ronny99 Cyprus

Saki I agree with you Samurai. Or they have to change this website to HegreSan.Art.

bigcat Hong Kong

RE: I think,,,, Disagree

Pete United Kingdom

Eastern models I am enjoying the collection of Japanese and far eastern models and Saki is probably amongst the best of those recently introduced. Hegre has long neglected Afro Carribean models and the arrival of Valerie proves that there are gems out there. More diversity I say, and Petter you very rarely feature models from UK, infact can I remember one in over 6 years of membership?

The Guy United States

@ Roger I agree with everything except your choice of models. I perfer the long, lean, and shaved look. I would enjoy being able to have a dialog with my fellow members. When do you think the forums will be up?

adorer Switzerland

picture 7 the pussy on picture 7 is really hot.

Roger United States

Reply to The Guy Thanks Guy for your comments. I am all for dialogue. I have written some thoughtful comments on Mona's "Mona in Bed" series and Muriel's "Cross Trainer" film, and would welcome your or any other members response. Would also like to hear which girls are other members' favorites and why.

Saki Japanese garden | January 26th, 2011
Saki Japanese garden
OLAF France

Saki seems very sad

KOMET United States

SAKI - A Study in Sensuality Saki exudes both grace and a smoldering eroticism.

wheeler United States

lovely girl...lovely set...still waiting for a smile

chessnutrob United States

Saki Such a pretty work of art.. Too bad there was no change of expression at all. If you see one of her pics, you've basically seen them all.. Hopefully the next set will be better.

handyman Mexico

Saki Saki would look better with a little smile on her face, she seems to be unconfortable with the pictures

daniel United States


jf United States

very nice she does look sad. I hope she does well. nice figure.

Pete United Kingdom

Best of Japan Petter you have given us some great models from Japan recently but Sakis is the best, great slender figure, lovely tits and a great little arse she is a great replacement for Thea. I'm sure the smile will come as her confidence grows. Great addition to the site.

Roger United States

Simple elegant nude beauty! Bravo!

Jewel United Kingdom

Less is more Great composition but boy does it become tedious after awhile; the set is not strong enough to sustain in excess of 100 shots. Particularly given that Saki looks like she'd rather be somewhere else completely...

Laurie United Kingdom

I'm Barking about Saki Saki is utterly exquisite and I don't understand the inane clamour for her to smile. Whats with that? Yes the gallery lacks variety but she is such a delight I can just about tolerate Hegre's achilles heel.

Mayuko and Saki Japanese calligraphy | January 30th, 2011
Mayuko and Saki Japanese calligraphy
wheeler United States

I, personally, am obsessed with asian womn! So,I don't think I could EVER "overload" on them! But,I can understand why one would! You might wanna spread them out a bit more!That said...I would LOVE to see a video of this (minus the surprise on pic # 16)!!!

WilliamQ Netherlands

Lines Seems like writing lines of punishment, gathering from their faces ;-) But otherwise it's a good set of pictures, minus the last obligatory spread pink. It is totally out of sinc with the others and i.m.o. unnecessary.

Canchahel France

Japanese calligraphy Good, picturesque. Translation, please? I like Mayuko; she has a face and an “inhabited” gaze. But by what?

samurai Japan

RE: Lines Lines translation : The one on her back says :Wild cherry blossom, please join me thinking my loved one The one on her leg is a passage from novel written more than 1000 years ago, says : No one can remain aggressive all one`s life. Anyway, I don`t understand why these lines on her at all. Boring !!

Bruno United States

Mayuko Mayuko is so incredibly hot. Love the nipples!

Sean United States

Yellow fever is running rampant here at Hegre-Asian

KOMET United States

Mayuko & Saki: LIVING ART I LOVE "ARTE AO VIVO". Long live the EXOTIC & SEXY!

Canchahel France

RE: RE: Lines Thank you for this information. Could you please give us the title and/or the author of the "novel written more than 1000 years ago"? Thank you in advance.

D.L. United States

This is freaking flawless. I absolutely cannot get enough of this set. It is so beautiful, so elegant. I love it entirely. Great work. Terrific job.

Pete United Kingdom

Saki shine s through Saki shines through in this set demonstrating her fantastic body but unfortunatley we dont get to see enough of her face.

samurai Japan

RE: RE: RE: Lines Novel title : HEIKE MONOGATARI There are no Clear and definite data, however, the most reliable author is said SINANONOZENJI YUKINAGA(sir name /first name) written sometime between 1240-1300. I think you can find French translated book in France(I lived in Paris before). Good luck to find one.

Canchahel France

RE: RE: RE: RE: Lines Thank you very much. Best regards.

samurai Japan

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Lines You are welcome. Do let me know if you could find the book, or I can find it for you here in Japan(in French or English). We need other communication way,f you want me to get it and I have idea to exchange our e-mail address. I don`t think it is good idea to do on this site.

Canchahel France

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Lines Thank you again. I am honoured. You are right but, first, I am going to see at Paris Junku's bookshop and, if I don't find what I want, I will take the liberty of contacting you again. Best regards.