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名前: リン
国: モーリシャス
体重: 46kg
身長: 170cm
年齢: 24
職業: ツアーガイド



彼女はバレリーと一緒にプロダクションに含めた時に突如出現した。 今回ははじめてのプロ撮影で、アマチュア経験のある彼女はモデルとしての度胸を証明した。彼女は自分の将来性を把握した。僕らはモーリシャスを超える視野が広がることに間違いないと思う。



リンギャラリー コメント

リンとバレリーのマッサージ パート2 | July 13th, 2011
リンとバレリーのマッサージ パート2
wheeler アメリカ

lovely!!! hanks for no making us wait a year and a half for part two!!!

Pete 英国

Helping hand Does Lynn need a helping hand by any chance? Looking forward to the video

peterpan ドイツ

wow.. these two apirs of always hard nippels....these wonderful shiny body's....and teh frank way to show anything.. great!

Laurie 英国

I'm Touched Now this is sexy, even though its not a video, unlike the dispassionate clinical stuff. There was a point at which I thought Lynn was going to straddle Valerie's face, I had to curb my disappointment...

Marie オランダ

nipples Do you think her nipples are sensitive?

リンとバレリーのマッサージ パート1 | June 26th, 2011
リンとバレリーのマッサージ パート1
B アメリカ

Love to be between these two

Jewel 英国

Good enough to eat! Black and pink - my favourite colours. I want to go to Mauritius. Now! Brilliant.

wheeler アメリカ

anxiously anticipating July 5th!

Roger アメリカ

Wow! Two lovely slender nudes. Love the penetration!

Pete 英国

Roasting Hot 52- 54 certainly suggest Valerie is having a great time, this has to be a video so we can get the full effect.

Fred N. アメリカ

Both women are beautiful! Lynn is more to my liking (Valarie is to thin). Please have have more photos and videos of Lynn.

wheeler アメリカ

RE: Roasting Hot it's coming July 5th!

wheeler アメリカ

RE: Fred N VALERIE is to thin??? looks to me that Lynn is thinner!

Laurie 英国

Takes Two I prefare the moving pictures of this genre but I prefare this over todays 27/6/12 gallery which is too clinical. This presentation, featuring these stunning girls, sizzles with a sensuous intensity and compelling intimacy...

バレリーとリンのマッサージ | June 2nd, 2011
wheeler アメリカ

here's hopin they get to trade places!

jwjeffrey アメリカ

Valerie massaging Lynn Very good set,Can't wait for the video.Hopefully there will be one.

KOMET アメリカ

VALERIE et LYNN: EXTASE I ABSOLUTELY LUV THIS PHOTO SERIES! Unabashedly sensual, smoldering, with an undercurrent of sapphic eroticism. Delightful.

Voyeur アメリカ

Ok, I will have to admit - that was hot!

joaca アメリカ

Valerie always knew these 2 are special. Wonderful set. A video is a must.

3 year Herge member アメリカ

WOW BEAUTIFUL. Peter if I can sugest Melissa would be a great choice for a photo shoot similar to this. I have been growing more and more fond of Czech models. They are so beautiful and these two are stunning also.

wheeler アメリカ

RE: Valerie massaging Lynn there is one! check out the current massage video :)

Pete 英国

Massage Hegre doing what Hegre does best. Two of the sites best models covered in oil and clearly enjoyiong exploring each other. Would have been great to have seen Olena and Thea doing a similar set. Thanks all.

Eastwood アメリカ

RE: Photo number 12 To me, there's nothing sexier than two beautiful nubian women giving each other pleasure.

Laurie 英国

Intimate Emotions I prefare the moving versions of these massages but what really appeals is the intimacy of these two naked girls. They create a frisson, a sensuous dimension that a professional masseuse cannot influence. Small breasts with fantastic nipples are such a turn on, believe me...

peterpan ドイツ

good to see that teh clit is exposed as much as possible.. as often as possible.. like that, not often teh case... great set!

Vashti オーストラリア

Magnificent women! Two wonderful women! - Lynn has the most perfect body perhaps - those breasts are really luscious; but Valerie is equally magnificent - now if this were only a film! (Hey, though, Valerie must be careful of those long fingernails - one of those could give the inside of Lynn's delightful cunt a nasty shock).

リン トロピキャルキャビン | May 20th, 2011
リン トロピキャルキャビン
alex 英国

lynn one incredibly sexy woman.

Luis/Lou バージン諸島

Lynn Very enjoyable to watch

d1mobetaman アメリカ

Lynn tropical cabana This Woman is such a Beautiful Specimen! Her eyes, her Lips (both sets), her breast! Is there any way possible to get MORE of her and her kind! EFFIN SPOT ON!

Pete 英国

Rising Star First set was a quiet start from Lynn but I have realised not only does she have a great body but a really sexy attitude. Could be your next big star.

YaYico フランス

call me Beautiful...girl....

andy 英国

spend a day with me she is just amazing. just want to keep looking at her those lips and her eyes say it all

Laurie 英国

Bold Black & Beautiful And thats just Lynn's exquisite nipples, her smouldering sensuousness and lusciously engorged pudendum arouse wild desires too. Wicked...

リン モーリシャス島から | May 1st, 2011
リン モーリシャス島から
wheeler アメリカ

nice introduction...pretty girl

Jim アメリカ

Lynn Hot girl. Nice.

alex 英国

lynn very hot new model,look forward to seeing alot more of her.

KOMET アメリカ

LYNN - Uma Sereia de Mauritius Ah, Hegre, you honor us with another beguiling, erotic, sensual, exotic, and alluringly beautiful woman from Mauritius. I look forward to seeing more of LYNN in the offing. SHE'S HOT!!!

Voyeur アメリカ

A delightful new addition to the Hegre models. Lovely lady, nicely proportioned and certainly sexy as hell.

Newtown81 英国

Eureka What an exciting find. I hope you do some more work with Lynn.

Zeppelin ドイツ

Does anybody know how you get an unlimited working permit for mauritius? Any particular qualification needed? What language do I have to speak fluently? I want to be there. As much as I can!

Pete 英国

With Valerie In Lynn's introduction you mention some work she did with Valerie, where is this work and when do we get to see it?

sad144396 アメリカ

More Women From Mauritius Beautiful, sexy and confident...I hope to see some more photo sets and video (travel and message). Good work.

Jewel 英国

Wow! Lynn is stunning... She looks like lots of fun too

joaca アメリカ

Lynn WOW another Valerie. These girls are hot. I know her film is coming so let's see more. Great shots.

CucinaMan Satellite Provider

LynnsNipples Delicious...Chocolate...covered...Cherries.

d1mobetaman アメリカ

Lynn from Mauritius She is SO Beautiful, her and Valerie - TOGETHER - done deal! First time I've seen two Beautiful Black Women on the front advertisement! I had to come back. Hands Down - A WINNER!

paul アメリカ

Lynn This set is sweet, sexy, sweaty hot. God I love it.

Jim 英国

Wonderful. So beautiful. We want more of her and Valerie. And more of girls like them.

D.L. アメリカ

I love it when your models get physically wet during photography sessions.

Laurie 英国

Luscious Blackberries This where slim girls with small breasts win out, mental nipples. They are so fucking wicked, and Lynn has one hell of a gorgeous pudendum, darkly ripe and utterly ravishing. I bet she's a shit hot shag...

リン マッサージ コメント

チョコレートオルガズムマッサージ | July 5th, 2011
Whitney アメリカ

Soft centres This is the kind of chocolate I could gorge myself on all day and night

Fingal アイルランド

Delicious combination These two work so well together. A perfect blend you might call them.

Bobby アメリカ

A new direction Valerie is full of surprises. She’s a very talented girl and could do very well for herself massaging. She’s got some neat techniques.

Neil 英国

All my favourite ones Putting Valerie and Lynn together again is a great idea. It could be a long-running partnership. Hope so.

Stevie カナダ

Can’t get enough They are exactly like the way I am when I get into chocolate. I don’t want to stop either until the very end.

James 英国

Fantastic. Both girls have superb nipples. And I love the way Valerie plays with the other girl's anus, just running her finger over it. The whole massage was just so, so sensuous. More!

Jade アメリカ

Wonderful! More nipples massage please......so EROTIC. It really turns me on. It is really hot when the girl has sensitive large/long nipples being rubbed and stroked again and again.

Jeweldaddy アメリカ

Chocolate Orgasm Massage This is definitely one of the hottest, most sensual massage videos I've ever seen. It is art! Both women are stunning, and the interplay between them is delicious to watch. Congratulations!

Aklop74 デンマーク

great massage This girly team we have to see more of.. THey fit perfect together. I wonder if she can take a full fist.. seems like Valerie really like to try dig deeper... That would be hot to see... Hope to see more from them.

Klassler イタリア

pair Valerie is so hot! Any chance to see Valerie giving a massage to Dominika in future? What a pair would be!

hgfgh カナダ

Dominika Her inner labias are just huge like her clitoral erections....amazing

suaveliso アメリカ

One of the best Wow! These must be the most spectacular pairs of nipples ever to come in close proximity. A beautiful video. Some anal penetration with the fingers would have made it even nicer.

slavefour アメリカ

please why not a little anal play

nicky オランダ

Chocolate orgasm massage Very erotic movie of 2 very pretty women. Both have a superb body with beautiful breasts and lovely nipples. A rare exception compared to the vulgar movies on most porn sites My compliments.

Dawger アメリカ

RE: SUPERB nut brown women r the best, i could love them all. what part of the world was this filmed? ps: i would love to lick the girl goo off valeries fingers, yummy!

MjoMa_55 スイス

RE: Chocolate Massage I'm sure she could!. And Valerie too. I expect they've already done so privately. It only needed a little more pressure. But I expect the 'rules' of the shoot were that they shouldn't go that far.

licktheslit カナダ

To me there is nothing hotter then two women giving each other a sensual massages using their tongue, lips, fingers or all three during the massage.

erica カナダ

beauty I am jalous and I envy black color is so beautiful powerful and sexy I wish I can change my dull white color for that color black is just beautiful natural and strong

モーリシャストロピカルマッサージ | May 10th, 2011
VYNumberOne アメリカ

I’m coming, Mauritius Book me a ticket – I’ve gotta get out there right now.

TimothyR フランス

Good friends Great to see two girls getting along together so well. Obviously they enjoy each other’s company.

Vinny アメリカ

On location Beautiful. The setting is absolutely perfect and creates a real good atmosphere.

Monty 英国

Flight confirmation This will do wonders for the Mauritius travel trade. It’s definitely on my list now.

Bart アメリカ

The main attraction She sure has a sensational pussy. It deserves all the attention it gets.

Olli ドイツ

Das ist eine der besten Massagen. Wie wäre es wohl, hätten beide anschließend die Rollen getauscht? Einfach wundervoll, erotisch und inspirierend. Vielen Dank dafür und bitte bitte davon viel mehr.

jwjeffrey アメリカ

Are you going to have a part 2 where Lyn gets a message from Valerie?

Shamrockman アイルランド

Great Video I am a new member and really enjoyed this video. Everything was perfect about it. I was also wondering how often new massage videos were updated as I will become a life member if it is quite often.

shifty オーストラリア

divine ebony black is beautiful. so is any skin colour, but black shimmers, it has a glorious sateen look, and brings out the muscularity on athletes such as these. the only european model to even come close to these tigers, in my opinion, was olena o, for sheer sculptured perfection. she had a six-pack and an ass like no other! and on the bodies of these leopard-esses, the ass and abs are a sight to behold! my god, what an ass valerie has! how i would love to slip my member inbetween those cheeks! what warriors those two panthers look like. ripped, chiseled, and primed for orgasmic pleasure! my little fella wouldnt last 2 minutes inside those taut pussies, no matter how much i tried to think of my grandma! big raps again peter, for giving us one stunning stunning model after another. after another, after another, after another.... you have gotta have the best job on this planet, and a constant boner day in, and day out! the temptation to service the models yourself must be excruciating! haha! and whatever did happen to olena o? i miss her terribly. surely she would love a massage too?? now that would be a video and a half! olena o and valerie getting it on....oh yeah!

labialicker アメリカ

Very lovely... i wish the honeys in my neighborhood looked this beautiful. instead, we are stuck with a bunch of McDonalds stuffed refugees from Katrina. its scary how fat a recipient of welfare can get. These to are a refreshing break from the terror that has befallen this city. Thanks ladies!!

Satansfist オーストラリア

RE: divine ebony Mate...put down the beer and back away from the keyboard...lol

Tommy アメリカ

Girl/Girl Massage - Suggestion WOW, this video clip and massage is the ultimate in a girl/girl massage. Al I can say is WOW, HOT HOT, her white juices make this video so very erotic. Now after reading many of the other comments about the videos, wouldn't it be great if once the girl finished mastrubating, that a guy cam onto the bed and inserted himself inside her? This would make for a very exciting finish when he climaxes all over her oily stomach. Wow, that would be the best ever. Hope you can pull this off. Thank You Tommy

486DX カナダ

This is exactly the kind of amazing videos that I want to see and why I joined here. I really really really want to see more work like this. I particulary like the erotic aspect of the lady giving the massage being nude and enjoying the beauty of the lady she is giving the massage to. This was so beautiful and erotic. More more please.

intoit アメリカ

Stunning, but a question The film is just terrific. So intimate. You feel like you're right there (wouldn't that be nice!). Question though: How can it possibly take 40 min. to get her off? You'd be scraping my wife off the ceiling in half that time.

YaYico フランス

WHAouuuuuu very good movie ... beyond 10 minutes for me they are professionals

jimmy アメリカ

i love the massage, but i wish the dolphin in the tree would shut up lol

jimmy アメリカ

tree dolphins tree dolphins are way too noisy

Thecarguy カナダ

The white stuff What is that white creamy stuff that comes out of her pussy? It is a little strange unless that is normal.

cg アメリカ

RE: The white stuff This means the women is excited beyond belief. Very normal if things are being done right. Women cum too.

philthembi スペイン

sensual massage First video we have watched beautiful is the only way to describe this film both girls look so good & it is obvious that her orgasm was authentic Valerie,s nipples were fully erect & she was creaming her girlfriends fingers before she came.

wooljuice 英国

beauty defined beautiful setting, beautiful models and so natural. Whether or not these girls were paid to do this is immaterial - we're paying to watch so they hopefully get remunerated fairly Someone please tell me how I can become a beautiful dark sexy masseuse - it would be a life worth living ;-)) kisses all round!!

Fan アメリカ

Valerie is so beautiful. Hegre needs to put up more dark skinned beauties =)

Zip アメリカ

Dark skinned models I agree that the site should have more dark skinned, brown eyed models!

Justin アメリカ

RE: Dark skinned models Definitely needs to be more dark skinned models and I love the message series!!!

sensualgent 英国

Dark Beauties This was a great Massage film--Let's see more 'dark and black beauties'--possibly with a white girl/guy--Ebony & Ivory!

Daniel アメリカ

Thing of Beauty Absolutely marvelous. Give us more of this chocolate heaven.Thank you Petter.

fistak デンマーク

wow, that is near perfect, if only she had try full fist, damn

licktheslit カナダ

It would be interesting if women who wanted to learn how to massage another woman, watched these two, then had the opportunity to do the same to another woman in the same setting!

luvlips アメリカ

Damn!!! Would love to see more of the masseuse! She has such a beautiful and juicey pussy!!!! Want more than a peak!