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Marjana Profile

Name: Marjana
Country: Russia
Weight: 46kg
Height: 162cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

Radiant as the Northern Lights

Marjana is a girl from the far North. From Siberia the land of snow, forests and lakes. But the warmth of her personality is more like its hot springs.

We love her melting smile. It goes perfectly with her eyes that are as blue as ice. Her snow white skin and her voluptuous breasts complete the picture.

She has headed south like an exotic migrating bird to the warmth of the Mediterranean. Her arrival in Barcelona was the first glimpse she has ever had of the sea. Everything is new and exciting to this child of nature. This is her first experience of nude modelling.

She is as passionate about embracing this as she is about taking her sensuous pleasures. Two things that delight her are dancing and drawing. We know that there are more. And from now on they will be our pleasure too.

Marjana crazy sexy August 20th, 2012
Great and awfully sexy. Magnifique et terriblement sexy.Thanks a lot. Merci beaucoup.Kisses. Bisous. JP.
I Miss Marjana...and seeing her again in this gallery reminds me why! Simply put,...She gets me 'off'!!!
What a deliciously looking pussy.
Marjana gets me so hot!
Thank you for more photos of Marjana. I love this girl!!
She is...
Still my No.1 lady. Beautiful woman who's not afraid to demonstrate her sexuality.
What an invite.
Shades of Pink
Wake up and smell the fragrance...
How sexy can a pair of eyes be? Very! And it's impossible to forget the rest. Fabulous
What an ass this girl has! Great to see Marjana totally nude again. Photos 39,40 and 50 are my favs.
crazy sexy
yes she is!!!
I am without speech.
Marjana pink body July 18th, 2012
RE: Número de foto39
como toda la serie es preciosa,un gran fotografo y uha bella modelo
RE: Número de foto40
me encanta el pelo encima del pecho desnudo
Marjana vs. Yara
The boobs of Marjana are much more beautiful then Yara's. And Marjana shows us also her pussy in other sets of her.
one of the best hegre art.com
one of my favorite great great icone here in hegre art !!!!!
She certainly has more to show! Why not?
Marjana formations June 11th, 2012
Well put Marcus: A Glorious Rump. Marjana's tits are overwhelming butt they don't obscure the fact that she has an equally overwhelming ass!
wow that is the word which came out of my mouth when finish watch this gallery...
Her formations
are brilliant
Marjana. Another model with good assets and so much to give. She's absolutely cute, so expressive... but maybe not the best booty around here. But this is the way for a top photographer to take advantage of his model and impress all of us. Once again.
Fully Formed and Fucking Gorgeous
Deep in the mists of time I was on familiar terms with a student who was as beautifully formed as Marjana. Late in the evenings as I lay reading, a light tap on my door would announce her arrival begging a light for her cigarette which we would share. She always wore just a coat to cover her ample charms which always crumpled to the floor as she tripped the light fandango to embrace my fully vigorous cock with her lips between drawing on her cigarette and french kissing me. The sex was crude, explosive and utterly fabulous. Curiously I never ever saw her beyond the confines of my room, we had no social life whatever, just pure unprotected deliciously messy sex...
Beautiful girl with stupendous breasts. She has such a glorious rump it seems a shame not to grease her up and let her fingers go wandering. Anyone remember Oleana?
lovely as ever!
Marjana blue eyes May 19th, 2012
This lady is something else best on your site .dont loose her for viewers sake.her eyes are amazingly teasing showing her hunger with passion
Marjana's Blue Eyes
Thank you so much for these gorgeous photos of Marjana! I can never get enough of this incredible beauty.
RE: RE: Marjana is Back?
Great minds think alike Patrick! I always welcome intelligent dialogue on the models and their beauty. Perhaps you would be willing to respond to my comments on Muriel's elliptical cross trainer video (or other shoots)? One of my favs. Would be great to get a dialogue going.
Des yeux magnifiques!
RE: Marjana is Back?
This young thing is absolutely stunning, but what I wouldn't give to see Muriel again :-)
Blue Eyes
I love her blues eyes, and beautiful body. I could watch Marjana videos all day long, and never get tired of her.
Marjana is Back?
Certainly hope so...now can the same happen for Muriel?
Marjana Nude
Fantastic series. From the first photo, appropriately totally nude, with Marjana's wondrous big tits out bared for all to see and her legs spread wide revealing so well her labia, we know that we are in for series that will deliver. I like the variety of camera angles and close-ups interspersed with full body shots. Great butt shots 48 and 51 made even better by the follow up photos of her face in 49 and 52. The best is the incredibly erotic photo 56 followed by Marjana smiling at us in 57, as if to say "Did you like it?" Great to see you back Marjana! Thank you. Hope there will be many more.
Amazing blue eyes so clear and just amazing. your big soft boobs and your body is so beautiful. thank you so much for sharing your beauty and classy looks
so nice to ee marjana's striking saphire eyes and full curvy body again! it's been too long!
Marjana the med April 2nd, 2012
Marjana proves that you don't have to be anorexic to be super HOT!
She's so exciting to look at! Thank you... and more Marjana please!
Must be cold at the beach right now! Always lovely to see Marjana. Is there a part III?
what a babe, first time I have ever felt the need to comment. perfect setting, perfect woman, wonderful tits. good job photographer and good job marjana
This is...
simply an exquisite woman!
Frustratingly Brief
So few images demand an emphasis on visual impact, each image expressing intimacy and graphic eroticism. Marjana is all woman, whose voluptuous beauty should be of intense focus. I feel cheated...
I'm still in love/lust! marjana is truly stunning!!!
FINALLY - a photo series that shows MARJANA to best effect. That is, FULLY NUDE and in the outdoors.