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Photo of Tereza


Photo of Tereza
Name: Tereza
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 55kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Czech her out

Tereza is a drama student from the Czech Republic who is looking for a bigger stage to perform on. Her first love was the theatre. That was where she made her first shy moves into the limelight.

From there this fresh faced young girl has just begun to branch out into some modelling for carefully selected fine art studios. She is a natural for the camera with a perfectly proportioned body. Her pale, smooth skin contrasts stunningly with her sleek wavy hair. It tumbles down to her pert breasts as though it is embracing her. Her voluptuous looks have a suggestion of Italy, the country she is in love with.

Tereza has an air of youthful innocence. But remember the old phrase, “Dimple on the chin, devil within.” Like the budding actress she is, Tereza is keeping us guessing what’s next. We are sure it will be a show stopper.

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Tereza Galleries COMMENTS

Tereza pure nudes | August 27th, 2012
Tereza pure nudes

tereza is lovely in any way, shape, or form! but, I must agree that SOMETIMES it's nice to see these ladies without background distractions. just in their pure and natural form! (translation:I like this!lol)

KOMET United States

TEREZA AU NATURAL Me gusta asi. Completamente sin ropa. Sin zapatos. TEREZA DESNUDA y LIBRE.

Roger United States

Pure Joy Pure Joy it is to see Tereza purely simply totally nude! Angelic face, full tits, soft pouty cunt lips and crack, sexy bare round buns, lovely butt crack....Pure Joy! Thank you Tereza for sharing your nude beauty!

paul United States

Tereza Her sets are always a special treat for me.

French Polynesia

I'm very dispointing about the last hegre art pics, that is more like david hamilton, I want to see pussies, didn't pay to see erotic pics

Mark United States

Tereza: A Work of Art Bravo! I absolutely love pure nude sets like this! They are my favorites! Tereza looks soooooooo beautiful in this wonderfully done set. It perfectly captures her amazing beauty with no encumbrances, props, wardrobe or distractions. Just pure Tereza captured at her most honest and beautiful. More, more great pure nude sets!


RE: then I suspect you joined the wronge site. hence the name "Hegre-ART"!

Guildenstern United States

Response to Wheeler Wheeler said: "Then I suspect you joined the wronge (sic!) site. hence the name 'Hegre-ART!" I believe that Wheeler is the one making the mistake here. This site is noted for displaying erotic and artistic photos and films. There are plenty of sites that do what Wheeler refers to as "Art"--nudes that are not overly intimate and revealing. There are plenty of sites that do outright porn, with or without the least bit of finesse. Hegre-Art is distinguished for its ability to walk a fine line--the photos and films are revealing, extremely intimate, but never crass. He has managed to accomplish this while showing men and women having orgasms, cunnilingus and fellatio in a fashion that both men and women are comfortable observing the site. So yes, it is art, but it is also extremely erotic. On the personal side, I wish he would extend a bit to show actual intercourse, something he could do in keeping with the general tenor of this site. e.g., Imagine, if you will, Valerie sitting astride Mike, taking him inside her. I have only one complaint,and it is my perennial one that sparked this entire discussion: there are three models who do not oblige the overall tenor of this site, and my feeling, and apparently it is shared by many on this site, is that they really do need to go further than they have because that is what this site is about--not simple nudes, but nudes with an erotic and intimate component not found elsewhere. So, Wheeler, that is a somewhat lengthy response to your criticism of another writer but I believe it is on target.

Rogercrantz (aka Roger) United States

RE: Response to Wheeler I don't know that Wheeler made a mistake. He merely said that if a member is expecting explicit photos with every series or from every model, then maybe that member should seek out a new site. A lot of what you say I agree with Guildenstern, and sure, I would like to see Tereza show more. But I am also thrilled (and very fortunate) to have seen her nudes as they are. And just because I may want more, in no way does that mean that Tereza, or any other model who presents with simple nudes "need to go further." The manner in which they display their beauty should of their own choosing, and we should be thankful to them for it. Intimate Nudes and Simple Nudes: there is room for everyone at the table.


RE: Response to Wheeler Wheeler said: "Then I suspect you joined the wronge (sic!) site. hence the name 'Hegre-ART!" (sorry for the typo.we all make for this site being "distinguished for its ability to walk a fine line--the photos and films are revealing, extremely intimate, but never crass. ...showing men and women having orgasms, cunnilingus and fellatio in a fashion that both men and women are comfortable observing the site". I have been a member a long time. it never used to cross that line. as I said a few times, it has gotten less artistic and more pornographic since adding "art" to it's name!"I have only one complaint,and it is my perennial one that sparked this entire discussion: there are three models who do not oblige the overall tenor of this site, and my feeling, and apparently it is shared by many on this site, is that they really do need to go further than they have because that is what this site is about--not simple nudes, but nudes with an erotic and intimate component not found elsewhere". it did just fine for a decade without all that. but, to each their I said before, the day this becomes a typical porn site, is most likely the day I cancel. I can look past it, once in a, if Mr Hegre wants to try in vain to satisfy all, I wish him they say: "some of the people, some of the time". but, if this site switches totally over to the dark side, I'm gone. peace out.

Guildenstern United States

dark side? I haven't been a member here for the decade that Wheeler has, but just to check things out, i went back into the archives ten years ago and discovered that Wheeler is mistaken--the photographs then were just as explicit. (cf. Katya clutching the stem of a wine glass with her lips, or examining herself in a mirror.) Many examples abound. My point is that this is not a "typical" porn site--even when Petter shows explicit sexual acts, he does so with a delicacy and grace that validate the word "art" in the site's title. I would agree with Wheeler that if Petter were to switch totally to the dark side, then I, too, would leave, but I don't categorize sexual acts, tastefully displayed as falling into that category. If I read the comments on this site correctly, our women viewers feel the same way. I feel that Wheeler and I are probably closer in thought than this exchange might indicate, except that I feel that it is acceptable to display explicit and intimate photographs, provided that they are done with appropriate taste--something Petter has a knack for, and my other feeling--which Wheeler probably does not share--that models who pose for Hegre know and understand the norms of this site. For my part, simply viewing another beautiful nude is not why I chose this site over others that have an abundance of beautiful nude women. I was drawn here by the explicit nature of the photographs, which maintained their explicit nature without going over to the dark side.

Basia Poland

RE: RE: Response to Wheeler I agree with Wheeler. I have been a member for more than 3 years and with pleasure looked at photos made 4-9 years ago. I liked the fact that not all girls showed all they had. I liked that Peter has pohotraphed them in a way that showed they are funny, happy, free and very feminine. And only some of them "went further" and showed their intimate places. I truly do not understand the idea of "three girls on this site" who do not follow the "rule" - and what if they do not follow the rule of being totaly naked and explicit - should they be ordered to do explicit photos? I liked to read Peter's blog and look at the photos of the life behind the camera - I was happy to know how it is all made, what are they joys of the work of Peter and what could be the troubles - with model, with hotel etc. I had a pleasure to know the thoughts of an artist - Peter and it was so nice to see how strong influence on the site had Luba. Now... it is nice to see beautiful girls... on the other hand... I fully agree with Wheeler tha after adding the word "art" to this site it seems that there is less and less art and more... quick photos with great camera of beautiful girls. Yes, satisfying all and relying on statistics could lead to a dead end. I wish the site with influence of Luba get back, the one with playful fresh girls who sometimes dress in bra and put ribbons in the hair... there were some mistery about them in the old photos. And of course when Luba was more often here - it was much more elegant. That is a brutal truth. Funny thing that when someone asked in the comments of Jula "wy is she not showing the explicit poses", it was Peter who answered "oh, do you think she is like other girls, she is a lady, she will not show explicit photos". Did it change now so much Peter? It was a very specific and individual character of works of Peter and this site. Maybe it will get back?

Roger United States

RE: Tereza: A Work of Art Mark, Excellent comments as always. Good to hear your thoughts after some time. Let's get the dialogue going again. As a student of Nude Female Beauty, I enjoy not only looking at the girls but also sharing thoughtful impressions with fellow aficionados. A dialogue helps all of us better understand the wonder and mystery of the female nude. Just left a long comment on Muriel Nude Beach film. Would welcome your and any other interested members comments and would be happy to respond to some of your favorites.

AM United States

RE: Tereza: A Work of Art Well said. This is the best set by far in this collection.

AM United States

RE: RE: Tereza: A Work of Art Roger, great comments as well. This is a great set.

Sephir France

This girl is perfect. The best. Please add more and video. could be very nice

Tereza fantasy figure | August 17th, 2012
Tereza fantasy figure

someone lost a shoe!lol

John United Kingdom

Gorgeous I love the fact that she has one shoe on and one shoe off! I prefer the sets when the girls are completely nude, but Tereza is beautiful, can't wait for more!

Fishman United States

Perfect, totally perfect, Tereza, masturbation fantasy

FanofTereza Germany

I am back, 'cause of Tereza Since a year ago I leave hegre-art. Now, after I have seen some new pictures of Tereza, I am be back and what could I say Tereza is simply the best I have seen last time - so my new nick- name ist FanofTereza! Please Petter, some more photos with Tereza.

Tereza body blessed | July 19th, 2012
Tereza body blessed
Fishman United States


Laurie United Kingdom

The Girl has Style The imagery is seductively soft on the eye...

AM United States

What an introduction Absolutely stunning

Mark United States

Tereza Absolutely gorgeous! Tereza's body is a work of art! I love her nudes!

paul United States

Tereza Its just nuts how crazy beautiful, sweet and sexy Tereza is. Her sets are always the bomb.

paradygma Spain

This girl deserves a complete set focused on her delicious booty...

gator United States

Are you kidding me ?

Rez United States

Czech Women! What a lovely woman you are Tereza. Met a waitress in Prague years ago and I asked her if she was a model. She wasn't but should have been. I need to go back there again. Thank you Tereza for your grace and beauty!

Tereza blue med | June 12th, 2012
Tereza blue med
wheeler United States

yet another WWWAAAYYY too short!!!hope there's a part two! lovely otherwise!

KOMET United States

TEREZA RETURNS WELCOME BACK, TEREZA! Yet, as Wheeler pointed out, there are far too, too few photos here. TEREZA merits a 100 photo FULLY NUDE SET. Would luv to see her paired on a beach with MURIEL - BOTH WOMEN FULLY NUDE & OILED DOWN.

Roger United States

Is She Back? Great to see more nudes of Tereza. Let us hope this is only the beginning and there will more revealing frontal lying and rear kneeling shots.

paradygma Spain

Too short Don't panic guys. I'm shure there's a second part. By the way, Tereza looks delicious as usual, and pic number 15 is cloud number 9.

Guildenstern United States

Tereza, more of the same Yet another set of Tereza, incredibly beautiful, but still essentially one pose with different angles. We keep hoping for more action from Tereza, and certainly more revealing shots, but Tereza always stands, mute and still, uninvolved, always more of the same.

Roger United States

RE: TEREZA RETURNS Komet, I second that motion! I'd even bring the oil. My how I miss Muriel!

Tereza body rock | May 11th, 2012
Tereza body rock
Du2 Denmark

Beautifull girl but a wee bit overdressed for the occation

Laurie United Kingdom

A Classy Touch A breathtaking sojourn on a perfumed cloud of bewitching sensuousness. Love the fucking frippery. Exquisite...

Roger United States

Could it be Tereza"s Back? What an unexpected pleasure! Beautiful (nearly) nude Tereza returns! Hope this the first of many shoots! Such exquisite nude beauty, soft face and sculptured tits.

wheeler United States

Tereza the roc ker chick! lol very sexy!

Fishman United States

Still my favorite Hegre model!

Tereza full figure | January 30th, 2012
Tereza full figure
Sledge Germany

what an awesome ass!

KOMET United States

TEREZA TRIUMPHANT TEREZA doth bestride the world as a nude Colossus, whose charms and bewitching beauty no-one can resist.

wheeler United States

what komet said! lol

Fishman United States

I'm with Komet!

Lizbeth United States

Nice and tan. Great ass and looks vey mature!

paul United States

Tereza Her perfect ass gets me every time. So plump, round and full.

Mark United States

Tereza Absolutely fabulous! Tereza in a complete nude study. She is a treasure to behold! Just an amazingly sculpted body that is wonderfully captured in a variety of poses and images. A terrific set in which to appreciate Tereza's work of art body.

Roger United States

Nude Tereza Another study of Nude Beauty in an appropriately totally nude set from gorgeous Tereza. Favorite frontal Nudes are shots 48-50. Here we see the full beauty of the Nude Tereza: Angelic face, full plump tits well shown for all to see, and, of course, Tereza's lovely soft cunt lips. Exquisite! Thank you Tereza!

Tereza pine green | January 17th, 2012
Tereza pine green
KOMET United States

TEREZA - MULHER DA NATUREZA TEREZA strides forth, in bold majesty, from the forest like a present-day Afrodite blessed with a firm, shapely derriere. What a joy to behold her fully nude!

wheeler United States

5ereza the forest nymph it is her ancient duty to satisfy every man before they continue on their journey...

Fishman United States

Totally perfect and awesome!!

Mark United States

Tereza Absolutely gorgeous! Tereza is my current favorite model on Hegre. Her body is a sculpted work of art! Fabulous!

Tom Germany

to brave Tereza is nice, but the pics on hegre with her are much to brave.

Roger United States

Pure Nude Beauty Excellent comments from Komet and Mark. Tereza embodies Pure Nude Beauty. How appropriate to display her nude beauty in nature. While 'tis always a joy to see Tereza's glorious butt bare-naked, with straight-on butt photos 12-15, it is also always a treat to gaze upon her soft full cunt lips, so well displayed in photo 26.

Tereza forest elf | January 7th, 2012
Tereza forest elf
KOMET United States

SEXY TEREZA SANS THE POINTY EARS Albeit without elfin ears, TEREZA is a feast for the senses. (ARRROOO!!!) I'd luv to see her juxtaposed with MURIEL in a future photo series and erotic video.

wheeler United States

gorgeous lady...gorgeous set!(one of the more ARTISTIC ones of late!)

Mark United States

Tereza I love Tereza! Her nudes are so beautiful! Her body is a sculpted work of artistic female beauty. She has become a true favorite of mine. More, more of fabulous Tereza!

paul United States

Tereza Love this nude in nature set. Tereza body and face are so beautiful its unbelievable. Loved especially those ass shots and close ups of her pretty little feet.

KOMET United States

TEREZA SANS VULCAN EARS Even without the elfin ears, TEREZA FULLY NUDE IM NATUR is as hot and sexy as ever.

Roger United States

Now is the time... I love Tereza too! Photos 23-27 are absolute stunners, with #24 being my favorite of the whole series. Also always a joy to see Tereza's gorgeous bare butt. (What buns she has!) I look forward to her galleries and take the time to do meticulous close-ups of her soft delicate gorgeous cunt lips in many a photo of hers, 68 and 74 being examples from this series. And yet, perhaps now is the time for lovely Tereza to open her legs and show her open cunt and then turn over, arch her back, and show her glorious asshole... Any thoughts?

Tereza before massage | December 29th, 2011
Tereza before massage
KOMET United States

TEREZA - Feline, Seductive, Sexy Here's to a woman who can command the world stage.

Roger United States

Slap Her Bare Behind Bare Naked Beauty Tereza in another appropriately fully nude set. See the layed out Naked Goddess of photo 19, tits and cunt on full display for our joy. stay to savor and marvel over her round milky white buns of photos 20-21. And yet somehow the very appropriateness of this series makes me want to shake it up and give her plump full tits a healthy squeeze and slap her bare behind!

Fishman United States

Just love her perfect body!

Mark United States

Tereza Just gorgeous! Tereza's body is a sculpted work of art. She is my new favorite on Hegre.

Pete United Kingdom

Bush art Fro those models who don't quite know how to shave here is the perfect study in bush art.

Guildenstern United States

Tereza--beautiful, but... Tereza is indeed lovely, with a perfect figure, but entirely too guarded. Before massage is wonderful, but during massage would be better. Something much more intimate would be appreciated.

Tereza hood ornament | December 15th, 2011
Tereza hood ornament
wheeler United States

tereza is very ornamental indeed!but, uuummm... didnt we already see this a couple times?

KOMET United States

TEREZA SPELLS P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N Here is what you do best, Hegre, showcasing the beauty of the nude woman from head to foot, unencumbered by shoes and traces of clothing. TEREZA exudes a smoldering, beguiling sensuality. What a yummy backside!!!

Nick United States

Tereza Beautiful & elegant.

jee Norway

That ass! Can never get enough of it. So arousing!

Mark United States

Tereza Absolutely exquisite! A gorgeous naked woman and a cool car, what could be better? Tereza is just fabulous! Her body is a sculpted work of art. This is the perfect way to exhibit her beauty. She is my favorite model on Hegre (other than Luba, who is in a class by herself). I love studying her beautiful nudes. I would love to see a set of Tereza butt naked in a pair of killer black stiletto pumps.

Roger United States

It Girl After the most regrettable disappearance of Muriel, Tereza is becoming the "It" girl for me on Hegre: the Girl I jump for joy about when I see there is a new gallery of her. I agree with Mark: Tereza is a sculpted work of Art. As such, it is right and proper that her series should be a totally nude set where the purity of her nude beauty is not polluted by clothes. Such a pretty face, great full plump tits, such round "out there" buns (exactly Jee!), and a lovely velvety soft cunt, lovingly shown in photos 35-38. Thank you Tereza! Can't wait til your next series!

Fishman United States

Could her body be any more perfect?

Tereza perfect ten | December 4th, 2011
Tereza perfect ten
Jered Germany

Perfect, indeed, but more like eleven ... And when will the overwhelming Tereza show us her pussy?

KOMET United States

TEREZA - A SIREN IN REPOSE TEREZA is ABSOLUTELY YUMMY here in this photo series. This series is representative of how best to highlight the attributes of the nude woman. That is, without the encumbrance of shoes.

KOMET United States

TEREZA - Chained Siren Ahhh, I mis-spoke. Just saw the shoes!!! Yeech! They spoil an otherwise perfect photo series. SET TEREZA FREE FROM THE TYRANNY OF SHOES.

Roger United States

Another appropriately fully nude series of stunning Tereza! Love how she casually shows her soft cunt lips....I could stare at those all day. I am thankful she poses nude, but it would be great to see her showing even more front AND back...

Mark United States

Tereza Tereza is absolutely beautiful. What a fabulous nude study of her. Her body is naturally sculpted perfection. She is such a joy to behold when she is nude. She has become my new favorite model on Hegre. Bravo!

VTB United States

Flirting With the Audience A beautiful woman's smile. Nothing can grace even a perfect body more. Wonderful shoot! Thank you.

Fishman United States

Amazing perfect body!

Roger United States

RE: Tereza Mark, Tereza has become something of the "it" girl these days for me on Hegre, followed by Nikola and Konata. My two favorites are still Muriel and Mona. Would very much like to get your thoughts on my comments on the "Mona in bed" photo 34 if you can. Thanks.

Tereza sensual oil massage | November 25th, 2011
Tereza sensual oil massage
KOMET United States


jee Norway

Oh wow, what a beautiful, succulent pussy. I get hard thinking about the tender embrace of her pink walls :)

Pete United Kingdom

RE: Pussy Fantastic pussy

Roger United States

RE: RE: Pussy Good girl Tereza! An appropriately fully nude series. Tereza looks so sexy oiled. Excellent cunt shots! What lovely soft lips...looking at her cunt puts me in a trance. She is becoming the "it" girl of Hegre.

JB United States

Tereza Please feature Tereza in more girl/ girl and or massage galleries / Films / massages. Lovely model, quite beautiful.

Tereza fitness part2 | November 11th, 2011
Tereza fitness part2
jee Norway

I think I found my new dreamgirl to fantasize about in bed. She's got a body to die for and she seems very fit and athletic. And my God just look at those fine buns. I bet she's great in bed :)

KOMET United States

TEREZA RETURNS! TEREZA is a veritable feast for the senses. She's ABSOLUTELY YUMMY!

Roger United States

Bare-Naked Girl One of the joys of Hegre-Art is the abundance of fully nude shoots. Tereza is a classic nude: athletic with chiseled full tits, big round behind ready to be slapped and squeezed, yet feminine with soft cunt lips and an angelic face. It is only right and proper that a girl like that should be posed fully nude, and thankfully she is. Viewers,myself included, may wish for more open legged shots from Tereza, but that is not what this series is about. It is a celebration of the female nude. Even so there are many excellent looks at her delightful cunt lips in this series, and a bonus peek at her asshole in 72. A simple joy to see Tereza so casually display her cunt while exercizing. Favorite shots are 90-91 where we see what a truly beautiful girl she is: Such a face and could stare at her tits all day. 92 an excellent butt shot. Must say, love to see those tits-a-bouncin' in 67-69. Makes one want a video! Thank you Tereza and Petter for another delighful series.

Canchahel France

To the ring! Tereza is always a delight. Now, since she is in form, after this workout with the « BBE Britannia boxing » medecine ball, she could put her hands into the boxing gloves and stir the punchbag. After that, I’ll leave Petter to find out and expose her opponent into the ring.

70sGuy Nigeria

The only thing... I'm interested in exercising is my 'joint'...

wheeler United States

someone asked for a smile on pt 1. well, there ya go! (still hoping hard for a video)

Mark United States

Tereza Beautiful, just beautiful! Tereza fully nude as she should be exercising that fabulous body to perfection. She is one of my favorite models. Gorgeous!

Roger United States

RE: Tereza "Fully nude as she should be." Exactly, Mark! I couldn't agree more. My favorite photos in this series are 90-91-92. Yours?

sallly123 Australia

RE: Photo number 1 love to be like you

sally123 Australia

you have nice body i love your body it nice & fresh clean lines

halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Body exhibition Best set of November 2011. Topics as introduction, studio or fitness are usually worth collecting because the body curve, shape and proportion could be wholly exhibited. Beautiful works, Tereza!

Lars Switzerland

68 Tereza ist eine wundervolle Frau. Es ist herrlich ihr zuzuschauen, wie sie total nackt Turnübungen macht, wie sich ihre wunderschönen Brüste bewegen, wie geschmeidig ihr Körper ist.

Tereza sleeping beauty | October 24th, 2011
Tereza sleeping beauty
wheeler United States

sleeping with eyes open...useful talent, I would imagine!lol

SARCIA_uy France

TEREZA Tereza is very nice. Nice woman.

KOMET United States

TEREZA IM NATUR TEREZA walks in beauty, day and night, unencumbered by clothing and shoes.

Roger United States

Ah Tereza nude in nature! So many appropriate qualities to this series: Tereza is fully nude, out in nature and bathed in nature's sunlight. There is no better light to bring out the lovely soft delicate line of her cunt lips in shot 8 or her bare butt in 34. Thank you Tereza and Petter!

paradygma Spain

Caution! Her perfect beauty can hurt your eyes.

Roger United States

Paradox of Submission Photo #33 has the magical Eros of Submission: lovely Tereza, wearing not a stitch of clothing, offers her fully nude self up for our inspection and approval. Rolled on her front, head down, she arches her lower back, to elevate and better display her barenaked butt for our pleasure. (And just look at those soft milk-white round buns and lovely curved butt-crack between!) Yet here is the paradox of submission: Tereza knows that when she puts her head down and elevates and offers up her butt to men she is in fact driving them wild, and making them lose their self-control. And so, by submitting, she now has the power over men. The Paradox!

Sandy United Kingdom

if only She is beautiful and teasing but please give us more erotic and revealing poses to get the juices flowing. if only she would pose like Maya

d1dalphamand United States

sleeping beauty As beautiful as you are please relax, and open up a bit, spin over and allow us to view your awesome behind! You really are gorgeous! I, for one, would just like to see a whole lot more of you. Thanks in advance!

jbruins156! United States

Tereza What a beautiful young woman!

Tereza and the black beast | October 3rd, 2011
Tereza and the black beast
KOMET United States

TEREZA - Ready to Run Very nice photo series. TEREZA has a delectably sexy body. Her derriere is so shapely and juicy-looking like the ones characteristic of many Latin American women. Speaking further of America Latina, I would love to see TEREZA in a photo series and/or video with MURIEL (both fully nude & oiled-down).

BleuKat9 United States

Tereza...Derriere PERFECTION...personified!

DoubleDealer United States

Tereza y Muriel I agree with Komet. Tereza is delicious. And so is Muriel. The two together would be . . . hard to describe.

Canchahel France

Tereza : the new Orsi Nice bodywork. As a matter of fact, Tereza offers one of the greatest anatomical figures we can find in Her physical type reminds me Orsi's : both of them are Celtic beauties.

Mark United States

Gorgeous Tereza Tereza is so damn beautiful! Her bod is a sculpted work of art! There is nothing better than her modeling the black beast nude. She is one of my loves on Hegre!

paul United States

Tereza The last five shots are just out of this world.

Tereza rebel teen | September 18th, 2011
Tereza rebel teen
wheeler United States

rebel with a sexy cause! :P

jp United States

so fukin sexy! perfectly shaped breasts

Laurie United Kingdom

Articulates the Sensuous Aesthetic Brooding shades of noir and luscious body tones in these thought-provoking images...

Roger United States

Tereza! Ah Tereza!

Tereza denim hot pants | September 8th, 2011
Tereza denim hot pants
wheeler United States

so hot she cant keep em on!lol super sexy!

simon Switzerland

Awesome. You can shoot many more series.

Danden Canada

This is nude photography Nice shooting. 12, 16 and 43 kick ass...

Mark United States

Tereza Tereza is one of my favorites! The best shots of her are the last few when she is nude in her heels.

Fishman United States

Fucking awesome!!!!!!!!

AM United States

Just the best set I seen so far The first picture really set off a wonderful array of pictures that would be worthy of something. Job well done

Tereza naturist | August 28th, 2011
Tereza naturist
wheeler United States

lovely Czech forest nymph!

hhp United States

Tereza Tereza is a wonderful nude model, and is one of my favorites. The location is perfect. The DOF on many of these images is magical. The DOF and location almost upstage Tereza, but in the end, her beauty was only enhanced by the scenery.

Jered Germany

Tereza Great set with a stunning woman! Tereza is definitely one of the best additions to this website in the last months: beautiful face, absolutely perfect breasts, great figure... and the forest location is very fitting for her natural beauty which doesn't need any accesoires to shine. I hope in future galleries she'll show a little bit more of her pussy (like she already did in her very impressive massage video).

KOMET United States

Aus der Natur: TEREZA TEREZA has been transformed into what may perhaps be considered as the feminine equivalent of the Missing Link. She is sensuous and blends perfectly into the environment.

simon Switzerland

A sunshine Amazing outdoor pictures also from a technical perspective.

Mark United States

Tereza Tereza is my new favorite model on Hegre. She has such a gorgeous, sculpted, natural and beautifully defined body. This set is a wonderful way to appreciate her beauty.

JP United States

Czech breasts Seems like Czech girls have the best breasts. Tereza's got breasts to rival those of another Czech goddess from the past, Marketa.

Fishman United States

Her body is perfect!

forest_gump Switzerland

I love Tereza Fantastic birthday present!

Tereza pool side | August 14th, 2011
Tereza pool side
paul United States

Tereza God she looks amazing in that natural light. Beautiful face, ass and legs, and very pretty feet.

Pete United Kingdom

Great body Tereza has a great body best shown by the last 5 pictures

KOMET United States

TEREZA EN EL AIRE LIBRE Absolutely beautiful photo series. TEREZA lies in repose like a Siren exiled to Terra Firma who pines for the sea.

wheeler United States

nice to see lovely tereza just lounging around and displaying her incrdible beauty for all to see!

Simon Denmark

Summer they way it should be I like the last few pictures most, were she becomes 'alive'. She increddibly beautiful.

Mark United States

Tereza Great nudes of beautiful Tereza! She has such an amazing body, especially like the last 5 shots. She has become one of my favorites.

anubis666 Germany

Perfect10! She is so beautiful! My Favourite with Konata!

Fishman United States

Awesome body, what a babe!

bo United States

Tereza One of the most beautiful models ever.......keep it coming.

Sam C United States

I just adore Tereza showing off her well shaved armpits, especially in #65-68. I ask Petter to please photograph all his models in these luscious poses.

Tereza table top | July 31st, 2011
Tereza table top
wheeler United States

still gorgeous!

Czech fan 4 life United States

Tereza {^.^} xxx ooo xxx Were dying for a video of Tereza Peter! Please do one soon, and don't give us one just a few minutes long, she deserves one at least ten minutes if not twenty minutes long.

Dave Switzerland

Congratulation ! Another wonderful woman in your collection Peter ! Perfect shooting from a perfect body ! I like the form of Tereza breasts and her quite impressive nipples ! She's a real beauty. I hope we will see her also laughing once.

bandots Indonesia

sexy Tereza its beautiful and sexy curve , petter how about to make video of her with mike with tittle japanese penis honoring Thx before

Amanjunkie Germany

Shy? Tereza is beautiful - but she seems shy and the the set is a bit too tame.

KOMET United States

TEREZA SUPREMA I love this type of photo series in which the woman is featured FULLY NUDE THROUGHOUT. TEREZA IS SUPREME HERE. She's so incredibly sexy without the encumbrance of clothes and shoes.

adorer Switzerland

nice shape - beautiful face very nice shape and beautiful face. perfect pussy. more of here - please

Mark United States

Tereza: Table Top What an exquisite nude study of gorgeous Tereza! No better way to photograph her than completely nude. Her body is naturally sculpted perfection. The first seven photos are tremendous as you really get a chance to study her beautiful body. She is one of my favorites!

Fishman United States

Awesome body!

bandots Indonesia

luv u Tereza i love u , those curve and beautiful eyes love it

bandots Indonesia

RE: nice shape - beautiful face me too bro , love her curve goddes body from euro

mike65 Germany

Tereza ist nach Anna S. die sinnlichste und sexerotischste Frau von all den außergewöhnlich wohlgeformten und gutaussehenden Models die bisher vorstellig waren ! Ein unerschöpflicher Genuß sie sehen zu dürfen... Regards

Tereza muscle car girl | July 24th, 2011
Tereza muscle car girl
wheeler United States

Tereza... Born to be wild!!!

tooterooter Nigeria

A wonderfully.. Slim and lissome body. I love the slight belly bump...very feminine.

Voyeur United States

Another true beauty. Lovely model.

tweetwoo United States

damn, when that high heel hits that hood. just, damn...

Simon Switzerland

Beautiful muscles The best muscle car set on Hegre I've seen so far. Tereza is really an eye candy.

Roger United States

Revealing Tereza's Butt A fine series. Tereza is in her own class. As a butt and butt-crack fanatic, I always prefer to watch a girl slowly pull down her panties from behind. Especially when a girl has a behind like Tereza! Loved the hint of butt-crack in shots 10-14 but would have loved the series even more if 10-14 could have been placed later and combined with photos 48-53 and 97-99 as part of an extended panty-pull down, climaxing in perhaps some straight on and more revealing butt shots. All in all, a great series and look forward to the next from Tereza! Thank you Tereza and Petter. Comments?

Mark United States

Tereza Good lord is Tereza's body absolutely smoking in this set! So tight, sculpted, silky smooth and perfectly tanned, she could not look any more beautiful. The only exception would be to have her butt naked in a pair of killer kick ass pointy toed pumps!

Pete United Kingdom

Beautiful Beautiful and fulsome tits on a beatiful body

Tom Germany

The car is hot.

Fishman United States

Awesome, what a great body!!!!

Czech Fan 4 Life United States

Tereza, the prettiest Czech woman ever born Wow, thank you Tereza! Peter words can't describe how pretty she is. Picture 70, 76, 82, and all the rest with her wonderfully slight smile absoulutely jumped out at me. With stunning poses, a perfectly trimmed landing strip, tight but, toned body, beautiuful breasts and that devilshly confident smile, have made you my favorite Czech model ever born Tereza. Please do a video or two. {^.^} xoxox

Tereza sweet shower | July 16th, 2011
Tereza sweet shower
Mike United States

I love her butt! Would like to see some videos.

wheeler United States

oh pleeease tell me there's gonna be a video of this!!!

paul United States

Tereza What a perfect pair of honey buns she has.

Mark United States

Tereza Outstanding, absolutely outstanding! Totally and completely nude in every sense of the word, Tereza is captured at her most honest and beautiful in her bathing ritual. Everything is stripped away and you get to truly appreciate Tereza's natural beauty. She has a perfectly sculpted and naturally wonderful body with such a great butt! This is really a grade A nude set. Excellent! I hope there will be a video.

Schwei_s5qmv Germany

Tereza My dream's are save.Nice body and lust.

Schwei_s5qmv Germany

My Dream is save and 'wet'.Thanks.

simon Switzerland


Czech Republic United States

Perfect Landing Strip What a perfect Landing Strip in pictures 124-127 and also a fantastic cute bum. Please don't shave the strip Tereza, I love it! {=^.^=}

wheeler United States

what mark said!lol

Roger United States

RE: Tereza I agree with all the comments. Mark, as usual, so well expresses the joy of beholding the nude. Simplicity is so crucial to visual eros: the simplicity of unadorned total nudity. It is right proper and consistent that a girl with the uncomplicated beauty of Tereza should be shown totally nude and in the shower. Showing her this way complements her uncomplicated beauty. I also appreciate that as we see more series of Tereza, we are also seeing "more of her." Specifically we are now treated in this series to many excellent looks at her lovely soft cunt lips and, as has already been mentioned, an excellent butt series as well. The butt crack has always been a favorite of mine. And so I love straight-on or nearly straight-on butt shots 20-21,23, 25, 39, and 41-42, 72, 106-110, and 159. The series gives us many excellent frontal nudes, hard to pick just one, but #30 is a fine example. Such a beautiful girl: gentle expression, ample tits, soft cunt lips. All bare for our enjoyment. Indeed a miracle! Thank you Tereza!

Fishman United States

RE: Perfect Landing Strip Just nude, just beauty, just the way it should be. Tereza is a stunning beautiful babe. I just love the perfectly trimmed pussy and would really enjoy seeing much more of Tereza.

Pete United Kingdom

RE: RE: Perfect Landing Strip Coudn't agree more 10/10 from me

Tereza fitness part1 | July 7th, 2011
Tereza fitness part1
wheeler United States

yet another on BEGGING for a video!!!

Fishman United States

What great body on this babe!

Simon Switzerland

When did you say she will start at the gym next door? I need to get a membership ASAP.

Mark United States

Tereza: Fitness Now this is the way I wanted to see Tereza, totally nude so I could get a real perspective and appreciation of her beautiful body. Great full nudes of her wonderful form. This photo set is the essence of what Hegre is about and more sets such as these need to be done. Next time I would love to see Tereza pose totally nude wearing a pair of killer, pointy-toed black stiletto pumps!

Pete United Kingdom

Why so sad Such a great body, fantastic cute face, deliciously trimmed bush but oh so very sad with only one smile in the whole set and at times she looks scared. Petter work your charm here she has the potential to be your next superstar. By the way I am still missing Thea and Olena and you dont really have a nice tiny nymph for me to appreciate at the moment.

Roger United States

RE: Tereza: Fitness Agree Mark, a totally nude series is the finest, purest way to convey a model's beauty, and lovely Tereza is no exception. Love the gentleness of her countenance, a complement to the vulnerability of nudity, in shots 42 and 43, and the superb straight-on butt shots (finally!) in 44 though 46. What a joy to see her perfect round buns bare and butt-crack in photo 44. Wow!

Czech Republic Fan United States

Tereza more and more beautiful Amazing! Just when I think she can't look any better she has a set with no or very little makeup and she has a completly different more beautiful look then before. I'm not sure if I love her more with light makeup or without showing her natural beauty. I love Czech women more and more every time you put another one the site Peter.

wheeler United States

RE: Why so sad do you smile when you're out of breath from working out???lol

palonazo Spain

RE: RE: Why so sad Exactly. Website full of women who, if they wanted, could become high-end fashion international supermodels instantly... and some point out little things like if they smile? Please let the models be. These women are gorgeous even when they sneeze.

jee Norway

That ass! This girl has incredibly sexy bums,

Penetrator Germany

One of the hottest series! This series is exceptionally arousing: Terezas total nudity, with even her pussy lips fully visible, and the revealing poses she has to take, and above all: That she's looking into the camera all the time -- GREAT!

halopalm Taiwan, Province of China

Fascinating works Best set of July 2011. Fitness is only fit for the body showing beautiful curve, shape, and proportion. Obviously, Tereza has completed so fascinating art works.

Tereza rock chick | June 29th, 2011
Tereza rock chick
wheeler United States

Rock on Tereza!!!

rami Israel

WOW I'm in love . I want to see her move

Simon Switzerland


Buck_Rogers Germany

The rock! Tereza and this rock looks very well. I love this rock. Please, more of this.

Czech fan United States

Hands down Tereze is the most beautiful new model on Hegre-art.

bonus90 Turkey

Tereza I want her movies pls

Tereza introduction | June 24th, 2011
Tereza introduction
john United Kingdom

Lots more of her please Wow...

Voyeur United States

Can't wait to see more of Tereza

wheeler United States

slow start...lovely lady! cant wait to see more!!!

tooterooter United States

Well... I prefer a slight build woman, but can't tell much about this one.

guidoj United States

Tereza I can only echo john's comment... WoW!! This girl is stunning!

clqrvy United States

She's super cute. The outfit only adds to the erotic appeal of the set. Nicely done.

B United States

A dream come true. What a gorgeous sexy girl. WOW! Thanks for sharing Tereza. Made my week.

rami Israel

welcome WOW WOW WOW Can't wait to see more

Torquatus United States

Really beautiful Tereza is really one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

serafin Spain

tereza ESPECTACULAR como he dicho la modelo es increible pero las fotos pero las fotos ,las que esta la modelo de pie no son buenas la cara no tiene nitidez como en las que estan agachadas que por cierto la postura y la foto estan icreibles en fin queremos ver mas a tereza y un frontal totalmente nitido .

visper United States

WOW Really looking forward to more of her... perfection!

3 year subscriber United States

I Love Czech Women! I love Czech Women! From the moment I saw her I knew she was from the Czech Republic! Tereza is the most beautiful Czech model on Hegre-Art yet if not Hegre-Arts most beautiful model period. And she also has the most pretty private parts landscaping I have ever seen on your site Peter, it's exactly how I like it the most! Just between a small to medium sized landing strip but trimmed very close. What a wonderful beauty you found Peter.

Mark United States

Tereza Welcome to gorgeous Tereza! She is fantastic! Please have her totally nude in the next set.

Roger United States

Thrill of the New Girl The artistry of this series really comes across in slideshow format. The stunning new girl, great figure, wonderful shapely butt, great legs dressed in short shorts and halter, wanting to see her take them off, to see the new girl nude. I felt instinctually for her to take the jeans down first, that somehow this was the thing to do, and indeed this is what Hegre did. Great series! Welcome to Hegre Tereza, thank you and congratulations!

Pete United Kingdom

Hello Welcome Tereza, great body,looking forward to alot more.

Jewel United Kingdom

Tease! The slow-reveal is very erotic and hugely sexy. Can't wait for more!

romy India

Tereza Wow!!Wow!!!Wow!!!!!!

rowdy Thailand

ridiculously hot body what a super freak Brunette....... and what a freaking perfect body !!! wow ... sign me up.... Call ME.... LOL

Tereza Films COMMENTS

Tereza A Walk On The Pier | November 25th, 2014
Tereza A Walk On The Pier
wheeler United States

would love to take a walk with my place!

Sephir France

Tereza is back ? One of the most beautiful natural model of site. hope to see more.

Tereza Massage COMMENTS

Soft Sensual Massage | August 16th, 2011
Soft Sensual Massage
Chas United Kingdom

Classic Classic stuff. All Tereza has to do is just be there and that’s enough for me.

Dezzy51 Ireland

More pussy I agree that Tereza is looking just as good as ever. Would have been good to see more of her pussy being oiled and stroked. Next time

Nina United States

Perfect She’s just perfect.

Guitarman United States

A babe Great action, no frills, just one superb babe

Frederick. Germany

Workout She looks very happy about her workout.

John H Sweden

Beautiful A very beautiful woman she is, and fantastic footage as usual! A soft massage, nice to look at. Bit I still long for seeing a woman like that (preferrably naturally hairy as well, just for once) bound on the massage table, receiving a teasingly performed massage which, finally, leads to an orgasm. Is it doanbe? :-) Ropes and massage are definitly possible to combine... :-)

sddd Canada

labias? I wish she had much larger labias all engorged and pouty

wheeler United States

RE: labias? Labia is plural (just an observation lol)

Greg United States

Perfection Tereza has a perfect body, and pussy since there are comments on it. I agree with your other videos showcasing anna s perfect pussy but tererza and anna and your Luba are as good as it gets as far as nude models. The massage was very sensual, this tantra massage therapist is very good and it was amazing watching tereza's body. I hope there are more massage videos of tereza soon.

optmist New Zealand

re: labias have to say my preference is for neat & tidy pussy like Tereza/Gloria & Nichole etc...Dominique on the other hand is a turn-off to me - but then each to their own ; )

Amigdalia Greece

Perfect. This is a very nice vid, I love it. One of my favorite. Vids like this are really amazing.

ghghhh Canada

RE: re: labias I am amazed you don't like Dominik's gorgeous long labias which are even longer than my girl friends lips. When we make love even after I am completely out of her sweet belly her lips amazingly cling to my glans....mmmmm

Smeegle United States

orgasm I LOVE this video. I would love it even more if Tereza were brought to orgasm, as many other models have been. I hope that she well allow it some time in the future. Let's hope that it's sooner rather than later. ;)

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Massage Locations Why are the locations for massages sometimes so grottily unpreposessing?. A massage is more likely to be satisfying when the surrounds are attractively welcoming.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

RE: orgasm It isn't always necessary to have an orgasm in order to enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of a therapeutic massage. It's a different matter, of course, if one has a sexual massage because then, the expectation is of a 'happy ending' and the recipient would be more than disappointed if that didn't occur.

Tomcat United States

Sensual Massage Nicely done. Liked the pussy work even though there was no attempt to get the young lady off.